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Wanna Be Editin' Somethin'
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 in stock $11.52
Cat: SWR 012. Rel: 16 Oct 17
  1. Wanna Be Editin' Somethin' (4:19)
  2. Give Me The Remix (4:16)
Review: Jorun Bombay has form for breathing new life into Jackson family favourites, having previously released a fine 7" featuring a stellar revision of "It's Great To Be Here". This time he tackles a solo MJ cut, lacing the vocal and horns from "Soul Makossa"-inspired single "Got To Be Startin' Something" over a bustling, bass-heavy groove previously featured on one of the most famous hip-hop cuts of all time. Arguably even better is flipside "Give Me The Remix", a brilliant, 1980s 12" dub style revision of another Q Jones production. It's pleasingly stripped-down, making use of the original's killer synth bassline, jazz guitars and sing-along vocals, whilst jettisoning much of the musical filler. Top stuff, all told.
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Digging Beyond The Crates: Exclusives
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 in stock $10.97
  1. Ezel - "Get Down" (Ezel Funk mix) (5:14)
  2. Turbojazz & CT-HI Ensemble - "Strings Of Life" (6:54)
  3. Ossie - "I Hurt You" (7:08)
  4. Bill Laurance - "The Pines" (6:25)
I Can't Stand It Here On Quiet Nights: Singles 1981-82
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 in stock $18.95
  1. Silent Street/Silent Dub (7:54)
  2. White & Green Place (Extraterrestrial mix) (5:35)
  3. In The Air (extended version) (6:26)
  4. Building Bridges/Building Dub (6:23)
  5. Simmer Til Done (4:46)
  6. Stretch (7" mix) (3:49)
  7. Do It Today (4:43)
What You Getting High On
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out of stock $9.87
Cat: TR 237. Rel: 16 Oct 17
  1. What You Getting High On (3:09)
  2. Beautiful Day (3:27)
Review: Previously unearthed and delivered to the world by Kenny Dope on his Kay-Dee imprint, the school band-turned-funkateers Mel-O-Madnezz self-released this energetic "45 in 1977. Usually passing hands for over $1000, Tramp have now democratised it for us all. Two raw, driving cuts with full instrumentation and harmonies, you can feel the room they were recorded in and feel the momentum of the live recording. "What You Getting High On" has more of push to it that builds up to a strong horn lead while "Beautiful Day" touches on more of a jazzy tone with a big chorus and some fantastic slap bass action. It doesn't get more authentic than this.
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Bian Kou
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 in stock $10.97
Bian Kou (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: KALITA 12001. Rel: 16 Oct 17
  1. Bian Kou
  2. E Clolo
  3. Mioukouna
Review: London-based reissue label Kalita is here to take you deep into the hidden corners of African grooves, kicking things off in style with this infectious selection of cuts from Ernest Koffi, otherwise known as NST Cophie's, recorded in Paris and released on a private press LP in 1980. "Bian Kou" is a loose and limber disco funk number with impeccable slap bass, while "E Clolo" brings a more rounded, distinctly 80s flavoured production. Taking over the whole B-side, "Miokouna" takes on a more distinctly Afrobeat-minded demeanour and beams the Ivory Coast sunshine into your ears with irresistible force.
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Baby Lotion
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out of stock $14.83
Baby Lotion (cassette limited to 150 copies)
Cat: CDO 1001. Rel: 09 Oct 17
  1. Intro (1:04)
  2. Courvoisier (4:02)
  3. Reeki Reeki (3:12)
  4. Freak Nasty & Classy (3:21)
  5. Interlude (0:50)
  6. Im'a Rock Yo World (3:42)
  7. Girl U Nastee (5:02)
  8. Hennything Is Possible (feat Polyester The Saint) (3:18)
The Stars Of Salsoul
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 in stock $21.14
Cat: SALSBMG 06LP. Rel: 16 Oct 17
  1. Love Sensation (Tom Moulton mix) (6:35)
  2. We're Getting Stronger (The Longer We Stay Together) (Walter Gibbons 12" remix) (7:23)
  3. Hit & Run (Walter Gibbons 12" Jungle mix) (8:54)
  4. All About The Paper (Bobby Guttadaro 12" remix) (6:13)
  5. Seconds (Shep Pettibone club version) (8:58)
  6. Mama Don't Papa Won't (4:59)
  7. Dreamin' (12" Disco version) (6:17)
  8. The Greatest Performance Of My Life (Larry Levan remix) (6:50)
Review: You'd be hard struck to find any essential disco anthem without the unmistakeable talent of Loleatta Holloway on it. One of the most distinctive voices in dance music history, her collaborations with the legendary NYC label Salsoul are the stuff of legend - and this collection features some of the American songstress' highlights from the label's catalogue. The most sought after versions have been included here by the undisputed masters of the edit: Shep Pettibone, Walter Gibbons, Larry Levan and Tom Moulton to name a few. And the tracklisting? The hits are all on here, rest assured: "Love Sensation" (Tom Moulton mix), "Hit & Run" (Walter Gibbons 12" Jungle mix), "All about The Paper" (Bobby Guttadaro 12" remix) and more all feature.
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Time Has Made Me New (reissue)
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out of stock $23.89
Cat: EVERLAND 002. Rel: 16 Oct 17
  1. Not About That (Show Me Some Respect) (5:17)
  2. Take To The Light & Wind (3:39)
  3. Say Ow Ow Ow (4:01)
  4. Let's Go "This Go" (4:00)
  5. Shake Your Cheeks To The Beat (6:00)
  6. Time Has Made Me New (3:57)
  7. She's A FFFF (Fine Foxy Freakie & Fat) (3:46)
  8. Loving & Hugging (3:00)
Undercover Mixtape
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out of stock $11.53
Undercover Mixtape (cassette)
Cat: CCLMN 12018. Rel: 16 Oct 17
  1. The Black Five (4:48)
  2. Cynthy-Ruth (4:21)
  3. Look-A-Py Py (2:38)
  4. Think (2:11)
  5. Nobody's Fault But Mine (2:52)
  6. The Breakdown (2:48)
  7. All This Love I'm Giving (4:37)
  8. Melting Pot (8:00)
  9. It's Serious (8:13)
  10. Neither One Of Us (4:15)
  11. It Ain't No Use (7:12)
  12. Let Me Be Your Lovemaker (6:04)
  13. Cosmic Slop (7:10)
Live Rituals
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 in stock $24.15
Live Rituals (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 100LP 74. Rel: 16 Oct 17
  1. Back In The Game (4:54)
  2. Open Your Heart To The World (4:18)
  3. Street Rituals (5:05)
  4. The Limit Of A Man (6:04)
  5. Strange People (4:57)
  6. Your Baloon Is Rising (5:20)
  7. The Colour Of (6:44)
  8. A Love Uprising (6:10)
  9. These Life Stories (4:49)
  10. Pushing Your Love (4:43)
  11. What's Going On (6:08)
  12. Simplify The Situation (7:46)
First Love (reissue)
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out of stock $23.89
Cat: EVERLAND 003. Rel: 16 Oct 17
  1. Loneliness Inside Of Me (4:02)
  2. Can't Get Enough Of Your Lovin (3:41)
  3. Come Be My Lady (4:31)
  4. Licensed To Love (4:01)
  5. My First Love (4:14)
  6. Stone Crush On You (5:10)
  7. You Bring Out The Best In Me (4:00)
  8. Something's Burning (3:55)
Da'asa: The Haunting Sounds Of Yemenite Israeli Funk 1973-1984
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 in stock $28.01
Cat: FTNLP 003. Rel: 16 Oct 17
  1. The Amranim - "Shedemati" (3:37)
  2. Tsvia Abarbanel - "Im Nin'Alu" (2:56)
  3. David Dor - "Sapri Tama" (2:37)
  4. Yehezkel Matari - "Halachti Layam" (4:41)
  5. Reuma Abas - "Wa'ana Fda Leumi" (3:44)
  6. Duo Tsafri - "Eshmera Shabat" (4:22)
  7. Aharon Amram - "Ladema Eini" (5:26)
  8. Lehakat Tzliley Ha'oud - "Neimat Pop Oud" (2:44)
Played by: Dynamite Cuts
Take Me To The River
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out of stock $23.89
Take Me To The River (blue vinyl LP)
Cat: EGBA 006. Rel: 16 Oct 17
  1. Bobby Blue Bland - "Ain't No Sunshine" (feat Yo Gotti) (4:29)
  2. Mavis Staples - "Wish I Had Answered" (with North Mississippi All-Stars) (4:04)
  3. Bobby Rush - "Push & Pull" (feat Frayser Boy) (4:04)
  4. Charlie Musselwhite - "If I Should Have Bad Luck" (with The City Champs) (4:25)
  5. Otis Clay - "Trying To Live My Life Without You" (feat P-Nut) (3:46)
  6. William Bell - "I Forgot To Be Your Lover" (feat Snoop Dogg) (3:57)
  7. Bar Kays - "Be Like Me" (feat 8 Ball & MJG) (3:49)
  8. Booker T, Al Kapone, North Mississippi All-Stars - "Supposed To Be" (3:56)
  9. Terrence Howard - "Walk Away" (with Hi-Rhythm Section) (3:18)
Sunshine Super Frog
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out of stock $17.02
Cat: WH 90352. Rel: 16 Oct 17
  1. Sunshine Superman
  2. I Feel So Bad
  3. Oh Mary
  4. Blues For A Frog
  5. Somebody Help Me
  6. Mercy
  7. Hold On, I'm Coming
  8. Shook, Shimmy & Shake
  9. Incense
  10. Walking To New Orleans
  11. (Don't Fight It) Feel It
  12. Dancin' Frog
  13. I'm A Man
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