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Back Catalogue: Funk

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  1. 50 Cent vs Zito Righi - "In Da Samba Club" (DJ Tadeu remix)
  2. Planet Hemp - "Nega Do Cabelo Duro"
  3. Tim Maia - "Quer Queira Quer Nao Queira"
  4. Sergio Mendes - "Magalenha" (feat Carlinhos Brown)
  5. Ivo Meirelles - "Swing Man (Tin Man)"
  6. Jorge Ben - "O Namorado Da Viuva" (DJ Tadeu re-edit)
out of stock $10.81
Cat: HOBO 003. Rel: 15 Jul 16
  1. Space Bitch (3:29)
  2. Stimulant (3:29)
Review: It's been a few years since New Zealand soul spaceman pecked our decks on the cheek but he's back and he's packing kindred company Zackey Force Funk for a more angular, woozy cosmic funk message than before. "Space Bitch" tells a tale all self-respecting intergalactic pimp can relate to as it lollops along over loose drums, a grumpy bassline and hazy chords. "Stimulant" is a much drowsier, somnambulant affair with its warped electro-at-half-speed tones and eerie whispers and whistles. Barbed, far-out but ultimately beautiful.
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Played by: Neon Finger
out of stock $11.89
Vamos Embora Uau (7" + free poster)
Cat: JD 017. Rel: 29 Mar 08
  1. Bossa Jazz Trio - "Vamos Embora Uau"
  2. Zimbo Trio - "Zimbo Samba"
Played by: Far Out Recordings
out of stock $5.40
Cat: UND 015. Rel: 16 Jan 07
  1. The Jackson 5 - "Hum Along & Dance" (uncut original mix)
  2. Zazou, Bikaye and CY1 - "Lamuka"
out of stock $8.64
Cat: MRB 7115. Rel: 06 Feb 14
  1. Junip - "Oba, La Vem Ela"
  2. Zapattta - "A Mesa Santa"
out of stock $7.56
  1. Christine Miller - "Inner City Blues"
  2. Arnaud Fradin & Franck Bougier - "Inner City Spleen"
  3. Arnaud Fradin - "Inner City Mood"
  4. Zion Gate Players - "Inner City" (version)
out of stock $9.73
  1. Minimal Compact - "Next One Is For Real" (remix)
  2. Zazou Bikaye - "M'Pasi Ya M'Pamba" (remix)
  3. Karl Biscuit - "La Morte"
  4. The Honeymoon Killers - "Histoire A Suivre-Wait & See"
  5. Tuxedomoon - "No Tears"
  6. Karen Finley - "Tales Of Taboo"
out of stock $5.40
  1. The New Mastersounds - "Drop It Down" (B remix)
  2. Steven Perri & Zamaun - "Street Scene"
out of stock $6.22
  1. Prince Jamo - "Hercules"
  2. Arnaud Fradin - "Nemean Lion"
  3. Mark Moster Skeete - "Ceryneian Hind"
  4. Charlotte Meas - "Lernaen Hydra"
  5. Arnaud Fradin - "Erymanthian Boar"
  6. Zion Gate Players - "Hercules" (versiom)
out of stock $10.76
Everytime (7")
Cat: RAF 030. Rel: 20 Jul 07
  1. Everytime
  2. Everytime (instrumental)
Review: It's with a big smiley grin on our faces that we present "Everytime", a killer soul-funk-r&b nugget from the almighty Mr Phil Asher (aka Restless Soul). Together with UK vocalist Zansika they mash things up with a combination of raw break beats and soulful vocals which will appeal to anyone who ever got down to Amerie's "One Thing" or Beyonce's "Crazy In Love". Basically, we got a full-on floor filler that should go down with both r&b/soul heads just as well as the retro funk community. A top Raw Fusion release.
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out of stock $8.64
The Dump (7")
Cat: THE DUMP. Rel: 14 Jan 12
  1. Soul Vibrations - "The Dump"
  2. Zeke & The Soulsetters - "Take It & Get It"
out of stock $10.81
Luv N Haight Edit Series Vol 2 (clear vinyl 12" + free MP3 download code)
Cat: UBR 11305. Rel: 19 Oct 12
  1. Practice What You Preach (Zernell & Rahaan edit)
  2. Bump & Hustle Music (Zernell & Rahaan edit)
Review: The Luv N' Haight Edits series launched in style earlier this year, enlisting Nico Jaar and 78 Edits to rework two Mike James Kirkland classics to tie in with the annual Record Store Day festivities. This second volume sees Chicago duo Rahaan and Zernell tackle music from Tommy Stewart's self titled 1976 album, recently reissued by the Ubiquity sub label. If you're not familiar with Stewart's work then you need to check that LP, one of the defining releases of the pre-disco era and two of its highlights are given respectful touchdowns on this clear 12". There's an obvious deftness to the way Rahaan and Zernell loop up the intro bars of "Practice What You Preach" before dropping in those killer strings and then launching into the song itself, while the dirty funk of "Bump & Hustle Music" is only made more apparent by the duo's subtle arrangements. Big 12" for the discotheques!
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out of stock $12.71
Cat: SF 027. Rel: 22 Mar 03
  1. The Third Eye - "Children's Song"
  2. Zafari - "Addis Ababa"
out of stock $6.48
Shy (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: STH 70637. Rel: 26 Feb 18
  1. Shy (3:26)
  2. Shy (instrumental) (3:25)
 in stock $14.33
Cat: FMOFUNK 0187. Rel: 16 Jan 18
  1. Zackey Force Funk - "Slow Attack" (4:04)
  2. XL Middleton - "You're So Different" (4:20)
Review: Long time compadres spotted together on Mofunk as far back as four years ago with "Press Play", Zackey Force Funk and XL Middleton collide on the LA funk imprint again, this time sharing the 45" a side a piece. ZFF goes for the soothing touches, smooth with just subtle hints at sleaze while XL goes all out George Jetson with an upbeat juicy space bass strut, sprinkled keys and new jack vocals. Two dope label faces, two killer jams, one fly way to kick off 2018 from Mofunk.
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out of stock $11.63
Cat: COL 86028. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. In The Year 2525
  2. Mister Turnkey
out of stock $6.48
Cat: JS7S 024. Rel: 14 Jan 11
  1. Say Hi To Him
  2. Theme Of Speshaboys The World
Played by: Funkshone
out of stock $14.05
Escape (7")
Cat: JS7S 026. Rel: 29 Mar 11
  1. Escape
  2. Kyoto
out of stock $14.05
Oh Child (7")
Cat: OW 003. Rel: 17 Jun 19
  1. Oh Child (3:37)
  2. The Ace Is High (4:01)
out of stock $16.50
Cat: MI 004. Rel: 16 Jun 08
  1. ABC In Central Park
  2. WOE Is A Shame
out of stock $4.32
  1. Flamenco Freddie Aint To Proud To Beg
  2. Cloud Nine Takes Control
out of stock $4.32
  1. I Don't Know Why You Put Your Hands In The Air
  2. I Can't Get Next To Your Chains
out of stock $8.64
Cat: MI 003. Rel: 08 Jul 08
  1. Zamali & EZK - "Make 'Em Shake It Mi Morena"
  2. Zamali - "Make 'Em Shake It Mi Morena" (Freddie James Boogie mix)
  3. Zamali - "It's The Same Old Sweet Harmony"
  4. Zamali - "I Believe Was A Rolling Stone I Zaire"
out of stock $6.48
out of stock $8.64
Cat: PRD 02. Rel: 30 Jun 16
  1. So You Are (4:26)
  2. So You Are (instrumental) (5:37)
out of stock $7.56
Cat: 504672 7820. Rel: 06 Aug 04
  1. More Bounce To The Ounce (parts 1 & 2)
  2. Computer Love
out of stock $5.95
Cat: AT 020. Rel: 22 Feb 07
  1. Look In To My Eyes (Ernest Wilson vocal)
  2. My Eyes (Bammy Sax)
out of stock $3.24
Cat: DSND 001REPRESS. Rel: 27 Oct 18
  1. Yellow Fever (3:51)
  2. Papillon Rouge (4:27)
Review: Vital Italian library music from the 70s right here. Initially excavated by Strut then issued on a limited 45 last year, this is reissue is back by popular demand and highly recommended. Vital, airy jazz funk charged by the super tight breaks of renowned Italian drummer Tullio De Piscopo, Paolo Zavallone's compositions are lively and full of surprises; "Yellow Fever" is a Hammond powered long summer drive with the top down and no obstacles while "Papillon Rouge" hits with more of a Bob James feel as the keys take on a life of their own, backed up by equally mischievous horns.
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out of stock $13.52
  1. Yellow Fever (3:30)
  2. Papillon Rouge (4:27)
out of stock $16.22
Cat: PTG 7002. Rel: 23 Mar 05
  1. Feels So Good
  2. Feels So Good (club mix)
out of stock $10.81
Cat: COS 1127. Rel: 08 Feb 16
  1. Tom Ze - "Jimmy, Renda-Se" (3:38)
  2. Eduardo Araujo - "Kizumbau" (3:48)
Review: Cultures Of Soul's Brasileiro Treasure Box Of Funk & Soul unleashes two more once-rare gems on 45: recently spotted on The Man From Unkle soundtrack, tropicalia fusionist Tommy Ze gets fuzzy and frenetic with "Jimmy Renda Se". With its deep cut, loose string riff, rhythmic Q&A vocals and occasional strings, it's one of many reminders of how out there Tommy was. Flip for the equally unique and alluring "Kizumbau" where Eduardo and his troupe let us imagine what life would have been like if The Doors and Babe Ruth were Brazilian and collaborated.
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 in stock $8.92
Jimmy Renda Se (limited 7")
Cat: BRZ 45032. Rel: 16 Nov 15
  1. Tom Ze - "Jimmy Renda Se" (3:39)
  2. Jorge Ben - "Take It Easy My Brother Charlie" (2:36)
Review: Mr Bongo's Brazil 45s series gets its rock on with two hairy grooves, both of which have enjoyed the sampler's crafty knives over the years. First up, Tom Ze's "Jimmy Renda-se" rolls with an oily sleazy groove that's peppered by a playful lyrical rhythm that transcends language barriers. Ben's "Take It Easy My Brother Charlie" joins the dots between Samba and very light Rock with all the signatures that made Mr Ben the legend he remains to this day with big vocal harmonies and infectious textures of Brazilian percussion.
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out of stock $8.11
  1. Revolutionary Dreams
  2. Afro Disco
  3. Bauls Of NY
  4. No Matter What They Say
Review: This EP is just a preview of the very eclectic dub dancefloor stylings of Zeb. Although he makes every song on his own, he sounds like a full 1970s afrobeat band in 'Revolutionary Dreams,' or a Disco Funk group from Nigeria in the 80s on 'Afro Disco'. Flip over the record & you'll hear some of the more familiar gypsy, dub, funk grooves Zeb is known for from Turntables on the Hudson, IRMA Records & Codek over the years he's been producing. Again, this is just a 4 track teaser for the album which is loaded with some of his best tunes to date!
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out of stock $8.64
Cat: JM 12002. Rel: 17 Mar 05
  1. Simple Song
  2. I Forgot To Say
out of stock $6.48
Cat: ATH 047. Rel: 25 May 17
  1. Simple Song (3:16)
  2. I Forgot To Say (4:27)
Review: Stone cold classic from 1977. Zebra's self-released (and only) single has had an interesting trip in the last 15 years. First chanced upon by Ian Wright, then a hot target on the collector's merry-go-round, then a big hit for Jazzman and now, 10 years later, a potential smasher for Jazzman alumni Fryer and his consistently ace AOTN imprint. In case you don't know it, "Simple Song" is a slapping, frenzied funk groove while "I Forgot To Say" plays consummate counterpoint with a blissful honeyed ballad. It's worth jumping on this while you can...
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out of stock $10.81
Toss It Up (12")
Cat: MGE 094. Rel: 23 Oct 07
  1. Toss It Up (album version)
  2. Toss It Up (instrumental)
  3. Toss It Up (bonus beats)
  4. Toss It Up (The After Party mix)
  5. Toss It Up (The After Party instrumnetal)
  6. Drop The Beat Salaam! (extended)
out of stock $34.61
Cat: 1002. Rel: 27 Apr 12
  1. Disco Funkanoo (disco mix)
  2. Disco Funkanoo
out of stock $10.76
Suicide (7")
Cat: HS 009. Rel: 01 Aug 13
  1. Suicide (feat Cisco Tavares)
  2. The Time It Takes (feat Jess Harlen)
out of stock $5.95
Cat: TR 133. Rel: 27 Oct 11
  1. Hey Rugh Nut
  2. Don't Change On Me
out of stock $7.03
Cat: MLG 001. Rel: 29 Aug 03
  1. L'Automobile (extended version)
  2. L'Automobile (Minus 8 remix)
  3. L'Automobile (album version)
  4. L'Automobile ("Tokyo" mix)
out of stock $7.56
Soul Food (7")
Cat: SS 0015. Rel: 13 Dec 18
  1. Soul Food (3:33)
  2. Melting Pot (4:17)
Played by: Osmose, SPASIBO RECORDS
 in stock $14.33
Cat: F 5419. Rel: 28 Jun 17
  1. Funk I Tus (3:19)
  2. Let The Music Take Your Mind (2:45)
Review: Jaded ex-rapper, author and terminal realist J-Zone unleashes his new funk project The Zone Identity where more of his fizzy, frazzled outsider beats are melted down with no care for convention, or crossover. Rawness in every direction; "Funk I Tus" hits and tickles like a Booker T demo (complete with some ace percussion rolls) while "Let The Music Take Your Mind" steps back on the easy beat with more emphasis on freeform synth blasts. Undiluted funk in its purist form; get in the zone today.
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out of stock $12.44
New Directions In Funk Vol 2 (coloured vinyl 7")
Cat: SCRNDF 02. Rel: 13 Oct 16
  1. Zopelar - "Hold You (Like The Music)" (feat Serge Erege) (4:24)
  2. The Nephron! Allstars - "Ride It" (5:33)
out of stock $7.03
Control (LP)
Cat: MRBLP 199. Rel: 17 Sep 19
  1. Control (7:10)
  2. Woye De Adolfo (7:36)
  3. Don't Go (5:57)
  4. Mercy Kae Dabi (3:56)
  5. Take Am So (5:48)
  6. The Message (God Is Love) (7:49)
 in stock $18.25
  1. Tenor Conclave
  2. Just You Just Me
  3. Bob's Boys
  4. How Deep Is The Ocean
out of stock $10.81
Z Funk (LP picture disc)
Cat: QBICO 36. Rel: 09 Jan 09
  1. Purple Gang
  2. Monkey
  3. Get In
  4. Put Your Lips
out of stock $17.30
Ben Zabo (180 gram vinyl LP + CD + insert)
Cat: GRLP 763. Rel: 11 Jun 12
  1. Wari Vo
  2. Sensenbo (Hommage A Dounake Koita)
  3. Danna
  4. Bwa Iri
  5. Dimiyan
  6. Cinquantenaire
  7. Ya Be Ma'e
  8. Wari Vo
  9. Sensenbo (Hommage A Dounake Koita)
  10. Danna
  11. Dimiyan
  12. Cinquantenaire
  13. Bwa Iri
  14. Ya Be Ma'e
 in stock $19.46
Cat: BBE 496ALP. Rel: 01 Aug 19
  1. No Peace No Love (5:09)
  2. Home Is Home (5:05)
  3. My Luck Will Shine (5:30)
  4. For The Love Of Money (5:53)
  5. Take It Easy (4:56)
  6. Rock To The Music (5:00)
 in stock $19.33
Bodyrock Shotgun (cassette)
Cat: CMOFUNK 021. Rel: 20 Jul 18
  1. Bodyrock Shotgun (4:34)
  2. Glass Dick Lovin' (feat I & Ced) (4:14)
  3. Part Time Lover (3:01)
  4. Last Prayers (2:40)
  5. Satis-Fakshun (2:37)
  6. Dead On Arrival (4:04)
  7. El Mero Mero (remix) (4:34)
  8. Money Weighs A Ton (4:10)
  9. Party Fire (1:31)
  10. Sail On (4:22)
  11. Sound Advice (2:18)
  12. Get The Gun (3:49)
 in stock $11.63
Chrome Steel Tiger (cassette)
Cat: HNR 54C. Rel: 21 Dec 15
  1. Can't Buy My Love LA (4:10)
  2. Firefly (3:46)
  3. Gunman No More (3:35)
  4. On The 1 (feat Egyptian Lover & Brian Ellis) (4:43)
  5. Hearts On Fire (3:37)
  6. Flashback '92 (2:41)
  7. Lover Lane (4:16)
  8. RND1 (1:56)
  9. I Can't Breathe (1:33)
out of stock $10.55
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Back Catalogue: Funk
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