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Cat: GSC45 009. Rel: 16 May 17
  1. Can - "Vitamin C" (Blackcash & Theo Thelonious Beats Gillepsie edit) (4:09)
  2. Silver Apples - "Lovefingers" (Blackcash & Theo Thelonious Beats Gillepsie edit) (4:16)
Review: We're really loving the Galaxy Sound Co massive; the label invariably turns up with the heat required to make our heads turn. Their edits aren't just your regular edits, they're reworks of quality soul and funk gems from the creme-de-la-creme of diggers' bags. For instance, the present number nine in the series features Vitamin C's lo-fi jam reworked by Blackish and Theo Thelonious Beats Gillespie, and the result is something extra special - a driving groove to satisfy for than one sort of collector. On the flip, leftfield dance maestro Lovefingers has his "Mr Apples" tune turned into even more of an abstraction by Blackcash and TTBC himself; what you get is a singular slice of wavy psychedelia for the open-minded DJ. TIP!
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Cat: BF 008. Rel: 23 Jun 11
  1. Bloodfire (aka Daz I Q )Volume VIII (original mix)
  2. Bloodfire (aka Daz I Q )Volume VIII (dub)
Review: The Bloodfire series makes a return and it's summer vibes aplenty as Bugz In The Attic alumni Daz I Kue takes on the (original) 2-step boogie stylings of "Good Lovin' Is Good Livin" by Creative Source. The original is packed with such sing-along joy that the Bloodfire original mix doesn't mess with the template too much, merely advertising the Daz I Kue talent for percussive embellishments and beefed up bass. It's the accompanying dub mix where the Daz I Kue production skills come to the fore, extending the intro out for a delightful age before the soul flushed backing swoops through the channels and the track drops into a heavily chopped main section. A real delight of a twelve inch!
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Cat: GLAX 1757. Rel: 22 Feb 16
  1. Funktown (4:02)
  2. Have Some Of Me (3:56)
Review: The Glades label was a very fine outlet for outsider soul music, indeed. Yes, we have just made that term up, but that is exactly the sort of tip that these guys were on back in the '70s, and each one of their releases had something new and fresh about them. Nate Calhoun's "Funktown" was no different, and its chirpy disco beat is led by a delightful organ and veritably sunny, happy-go-lucky vocals. "Have Some Of Me", on the other hand, is deeper and more soulful, a sublime little ballad for the lovers.
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Cat: RK 45060. Rel: 15 Oct 15
  1. Bandits On Mars (3:18)
  2. CLBR 35 (3:37)
Review: Ahead of their new album S.P.A.C.E, Italy's funkiest movie score team Calibro get fuzzy with two brand new heaters. "Bandits On Mars" takes a slightly cosmic route with star-gazing synths before dropping into a grungy riff that's backed by the sleaziest bassline you'll hear this side of Michaelmas. "CLBR 35" is a slinkier, more soundtracky affair with some sugar-sweet wah wahs and delicate Hammond story-telling. Think Lalo Schifrin reimagined by Cookin' On 3 Burners after a tonked up gym session. Furiously funky.
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out of stock $6.17
  1. I'm In Love (part 1 - instrumental)
  2. I'm In Love (part 2 - instrumental)
Review: A lovely new 45 from Detroit funk/hip-hop label Funk Night Records .Rickey Calloway started his music career at the tender age of 13, clowning around in rest periods doing James Brown imitations. It's with the spirit of Brown's backing band The JB's that the Daptone label's house band, The Dap Kings, turn Rickey's vocal track original into a groove led funk set of instrumentals. This version is heavy on the guitar licks with smatterings of bongo percussion, smouldering Hammond organ and punchy brass stabs without the confines of vocals. Highly recommended.
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Cat: CCD 20016. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. I Just Want To Be
  2. Find My Way
Review: 'I Just Want To Be' is a classic Casablanca reissue and a must-have for all you Cameo fans. Limited quantities available.
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out of stock $9.64
Cat: DP 002. Rel: 26 Nov 13
  1. Thousand Finger Man (unreleased version)
  2. Dancin' & Prancin' (unreleased version)
Review: Pressed from rarer-than-hens-teeth acetate, these unreleased versions of Candido's genre-setting "Thousand Finger Man" and "Dancin' & Prancin'" remove the Salsoul disco gloss and present a much warmer, more authentic lo-fi vibe. Untouched in every other way, both cuts act as unique portals to a time when dancefloor science was still a mysterious alchemy... And proceed to show how forward-thinking Candido was. Limited to one per customer, this is highly limited. Grab it while you can.
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On My Way (limited white vinyl 7")
Cat: NOA 45001WHITE. Rel: 09 Jun 15
  1. Candido - "On My Way" (3:08)
  2. Edwin Starr - "Easin' In" (3:12)
Review: The label says it all... Neither of these tracks have ever been released outside the original albums they came on. Until now. The legendary Candido steps up for the A-side with an uptempo, percussion-heavy groove from his 1971 album Beautiful; with big brassy fills and a stripped back, sample-addict's dream breakdown, this still punches as hard now as it did over 40 years ago. Flip for a funk trip from the equally revered Edwin Starr. Taken from his Hell Up In Harlem soundtrack, it's quintessential Blaxploitation funk with slippery bass, sleazy guitars and Edwin's velvet vocals that can go from purring to roaring in 0.03 seconds. Limited to one per customer, jump on this as soon as you can.
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out of stock $6.70
  1. Local Government Victory (3:28)
  2. LGV (Gavel Strike) (3:19)
Review: Lugnutbrand Records hasn't put out an endless stream of music since their debut back in 2011, but we're very much into the labels who prefer to deal in quality over quantity. Moreover, the imprint has called upon the services of Capriccio, Magnant & Associates, a collective of highly experiences funk and soul musicians from America's Bay Area who have come through with 2 kick-ass versions of "Local Government Victory", the sort of funky, wayward groove that'll get the whole place nodding their heads by the second roll of the chorus. This is some funky-ass gear, for the enthusiasts...
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Played by: I Love 45's!
out of stock $9.38
Cat: GSC45 005. Rel: 04 Mar 16
  1. Captain Dax - "Dr Beezar" (BlackCash & Theo edit) (3:05)
  2. Harry Mosco - "I Feel Funky" (BlackCash & Theo edit) (4:19)
Review: Since re-launching early last year, Backcash & Theo's Galaxy Sound Company label has delivered a constant stream of killer singles, all featuring high quality re-edits of little known space funk, cosmic soul and spiraling disco-funk gems. Predictably, this fifth installment in their 7" series features two more scorching hot scalpel jobs. The A-side boasts a terrifically heavy scalpel edit of Captain Dax's wild 1975 jam "Dr Beezer", where crazed synth lines and gruff spoken vocals ride an urgent rhythm. Flip for the straight-up funk brilliance of the un-credited "I Feel Funky", which wraps righteous horns and breathless vocals around a booming, low-slung groove
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The Cardova 3 EP (hand painted 12'')
Cat: CARDOVA 001LTD. Rel: 04 Sep 07
  1. The Cocktail
  2. Monolo
  3. Jaguar
  4. Keeping On It
  5. The Heist
  6. Struttin' Fine
  7. Show Me
Review: No thrills, no fills, just heavy funk. The Cardova 3's debut EP contains some of the rawest, dirtiest recordings you'll hear this side of the 60's, laid down by the finest three-piece of strutting guitar, in-the-pocket bass and dust bin-lid drums. This is a strictly limited one off run of only 100 copies vinyl, each hand-sprayed and numbered.
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Cat: HJ 45002. Rel: 14 Aug 18
  1. Without Christ (4:40)
  2. Without Christ (instrumental) (3:01)
Review: Calvin Carr's wonderful gospel-soul has been a digger's favourite for yonks, often being cited and used by the very best selectors in the game. This 1878 single, originally out on Philadelphia United Records, is aptly named "Without Christ" and it offers listeners, dancers and lovers an opportunity for positive redemption. Much like the rest of the gospel world, this is perhaps the best way to convert people into enlightenment and keep them positive - there is absolutely no way that this disco-tinged gem cannot make you jump up with joy and excitement. The instrumental cut is pretty killer, too. BIG.
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 in stock $13.40
Alech (12" + booklet)
Cat: HABIBI 004. Rel: 08 Dec 16
  1. Alech (3:25)
  2. Hanen (4:56)
  3. Alech (instrumental) (3:24)
  4. Hanen (instrumental) (4:53)
Review: Late 70s funk fusion from Tunisia: capturing the moment leading Tunis bands Dalton and Marhaba Band joined forces for some legendary disco fusion. "Alech" ignites with a Doobie Brothers style shiny guitar, big slap bass and soaring synth work while "Hanen" is a little more introspective and soulful with its honeyed harmonies and cascading chord sequence. Complete with instrumentals.
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Cat: BGPS 033. Rel: 02 Mar 11
  1. Alvin Cash - "Twine Time"
  2. Ann Alford - "Get To Get Me A Job"
Review: Alvin Cash's 1972 funk version of his biggest hit "Twine Time" is a longstanding deep funk classic we heartily recommend you check out. On the B Side Ann Alford delivers soul sister funk masterpiece "Got To Get Me A Job".
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out of stock $6.42
Onda (12")
Cat: P 1977. Rel: 29 Aug 14
  1. Onda
  2. Central Do Brasil
Review: "Onda", the second single from Brazilian composer-turned-artist Genival Cassiano dos Santos, has long been an in-demand item for Balearic DJs. Copies of the original 1977 12" regularly fetch three figures online, so this belated reissue is long overdue. "Onda" itself is something of a lazy sunshine classic; a perfect example of laidback Brazilian jazz-funk that blends a samba sensibility with distinct soul, funk and disco influences. Flipside "Central Do Brasil" is, if anything, even more potent, with Cassiano layering vocals over a hustling disco-funk backing track. Certainly, it is the more obviously dancefloor centric of the two tracks, even if it lacks the simple beauty of the A-side.
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Cat: SALSA 12024. Rel: 23 Jan 04
  1. It's Just Begun (original Larry Levan 12" mix)
  2. E Man Boogie '83 (Jimmy Castor/Gerry Thomas 12" mix)
Review: Larry Levan remix - v.e.r.y. r.a.r.e.! 12" Import pressing of the extremely rare Larry Levan remix of 'It's Just Begun'.
On the flip is the original Jimmy Castor/Gerry Thomas 12" mix 'E Man Boogie 83'. We found these Salsoul 12"s in
a warehouse and have hardly any, once they are gone - they. are. gone.
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Cat: JM 091. Rel: 22 Nov 12
  2. Why Can't I Have You
Review: Super-rare Latin funk alert! This is one of Antonio's earlier recorded works before adopting the stage name Tony Amaro shortly after this was released in 71 on Universal International. The title track is a heart-hitting slice of soul as Antonio paints a picture of dignified poverty in a manner that's not far off Marvin Gaye. His true Latin spirit comes through more on the B as "Why Can't I Have You" as he croons with multi-lingual longing over a soft organ and light guitar arrangement. Beautiful.
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The Nasty (7")
Cat: CT 106. Rel: 10 Aug 06
  1. The Nasty
  2. Soul Vein
Review: Super-rare funk sides from Portland, Oregon.
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Cat: COS 1137. Rel: 08 Feb 16
  1. Celia - "A Hora E Essa" (3:04)
  2. Franco - "Ei, Voce, Psiu!" (2:34)
Review: Two more rare grooves purloined from Cultures Of Soul's Brasileiro Treasure Box Of Funk & Soul and delivered on a sweet 45: Celia's "A Hora E Essa" is a steamy Latin funk workout from 72; all horns, cuicas and soft, honeyed vocals. Franco's "Ei, Voce, Psiu!" takes a more US funk idea with Franco's spoken vocals giving off a strong air of bandleader as the band lock down a tight groove beneath. Watch out for samba flip towards the end. Blink and you'll miss it.
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Rocket In The Pocket (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: BAB 008. Rel: 24 Sep 18
  1. Cerrone - "Rocket In The Pocket" (extended Breaks Special edition) (3:25)
  2. James Brown - "Can I Get Some Help" (extended Breaks Special edition) (3:40)
Review: Beats & Breaks strike again. Blossoming into a highly collectable 45 series throughout the year with an exciting balance of heavy hitters and more obscure funk gems, the anonymous editors behind the label have been pulling out some seriously vital break sources and giving them a polish in the drum department throughout the year. This release is all about the heavy hitters as Cerrone's staggering, tripped out proto electro get a wry chunk up and while the clam tight groove on James Brown's "Can I Get Some Help" is given the extension it deserves. These are the breaks.
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Cat: BC 99001. Rel: 10 Nov 16
  1. Feeling Glad (3:19)
  2. Down & Wired (2:43)
Review: Bay City claim that between the 60s and 70s, the music scene "was so fertile that the speed with which tastes changed left a colossal amount of incredible music to gather dust - perhaps most famously a profusion of funk, soul and rock." This resulted in many local bands who released their music independently without a label. The rather short lived, James Brown indebted Chain were one of those bands. These impressive two tracks feature hard drums, sharp horns, raw vocals, and supercool guitar licks. And a whole lot of soul, of course!
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Played by: I Love 45's!
 in stock $6.97
Dance Freak (limited 12")
Cat: QC 70712. Rel: 28 Jul 16
  1. Dance Freak (6:00)
Review: Fresh from the Harlem hotpot, 1980: Harold Sargent's Chain Reaction teamed up with Sound Of New York's founder and producer Peter Brown for a star-lit, horn-baked, organ-licked disco creation that still funks hard 36 years down the line. With its maximal approach, disco bubbles and emphatic gutsy vocals, it could be argued that this funk even harder today due to it ticking every possible disco, boogie and funk box possible.
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Cat: SDBAN 701 . Rel: 05 Nov 14
  1. Chakachas - "Stories"
  2. Open Sky Unit - "Sunshine Star"
Review: Across two LPs and seven 7"s issued this week the Funky Chicken series looks to bring together some of the best dance music to have surfaced from Belgium throughout the early 1970s. Overall it's a compelling selection to work through, and where better to start than this inaugural seven which features tracks from Chakachas and Open Sky Unit. The label states virtually every music wave passed through Belgium in this period, and the two tracks here provide compelling evidence with "Stories" by Chakachas a perfect example of the long running group's mastery of Latin-tinged soul and funk. On the flip is the supple psyche funk of "Sunshine Star" by Open Sky Unit which has been something of a hidden compilation gem for a while (it featured on the ace Broad Casting comp by Karen P for Sonar Kollektiv a few years ago) and still sounds sublime.
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Played by: I Love 45's!
out of stock $10.46
You Can't Fight It (Soundtrack) (10" + MP3 download code)
Cat: FBNM 009. Rel: 06 Nov 14
  1. You Can't Fight (original remastered version)
  2. You Can't Fight (Riccio rerub)
Review: Fans of classic film will be all over this reissue. Jimmy Chambers' "You Can't Fight It" was written for John Carpenter's brilliant soundtrack to his classic 1976 horror flick Assault On Precinct 13. However the song only ever made it into the Italian edition of the film for some reason, despite it being a genius blend of Chambers' soulful vocals, parping funk horns, synthesizer motifs and delay-laden beats. This reissue is timely - it was only ever issued on 7" in the late 70's - and comes backed with a superb rework from Italian producer Riccio. He wisely emphasizes Carpenter's synth work and the snappy but dubwise beats, layering those horns and Chambers' brilliant vocal atop. Stellar stuff.
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out of stock $9.64
  1. Wild It's Broken (Test Pressing version)
  2. It's Broken (original 7" version)
Review: **Repress Alert! Emotional Rescue's killer Bob Chance 7" makes a welcome return sporting some new blue artwork ** With two massive reissues from Suns of Arqa and Jaki Whitren under their belts, the fledging label Emotional Rescue have come up with the goods once again, with this remastered reissue of incredibly rare 70s psyche-funk from Bob Chance. Two versions are included: the original 7" version, driven along by a razor-sharp guitar riff and sweetly lamenting lyrics, topped off with weird cosmic synths and galloping rhythm. However, the real gem is the edit entitled "Wild It's Broken" which sharpens the focus of the guitar and adds some serious kick to the drums to create a beefy counterpart to the new age original.

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out of stock $9.64
  1. Wild It's Broken (TP version) (3:57)
  2. It's Broken (original 7" version) (3:15)
Review: REPRESS ALERT: With two massive reissues from Suns of Arqa and Jaki Whitren under their belts, the fledging label Emotional Rescue have come up with the goods once again, with this remastered reissue of incredibly rare 70s psyche-funk from Bob Chance. Two versions are included: the original 7" version, driven along by a razor-sharp guitar riff and sweetly lamenting lyrics, topped off with weird cosmic synths and galloping rhythm. However, the real gem is the edit entitled "Wild It's Broken" which sharpens the focus of the guitar and adds some serious kick to the drums to create a beefy counterpart to the new age original.
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out of stock $6.70
Cat: FRY 017. Rel: 06 Dec 12
  1. There Was A Time
  2. Those Were The Good Old Days
Review: The Duke gets some repress action from Fryers and the world suddenly seems like a nicer place to be. A Chicago funk and soul legend, who was produced by Curtis Mayfield on several occasions, Gene carries his own vocal delivery that urges with the same band-mastering power of James Brown but done with a little more inward, soul-searching perspective. "There Was A Time" is turbo-charged floor-stomping funk that wouldn't have gone amiss on Wigan Pier while "Those Were The Good Old Days" is quintessential smooch-inducing b-side. Perfect.
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out of stock $9.11
Cat: OG 025. Rel: 22 Jan 15
  1. Gene Chandler - "In My Body's House"
  2. Baby Huey - "Hard Times"
Review: You can hear elements of "Hard Times" by Baby Huey in the Tribe classic "Can I Kick It?" and numerous other hip hop cuts over the years (Ghostface and Diamond D to name two) so it's little surprise to see it picked up by the Originals series. However this 45 offers a slight deviation from the label's successful formula, as instead of a hip hop banger sharing space with baby Huey we have the late '60s track that actually inspired "Hard Times". Penned by Curtis Mayfield, and sung by Gene Chandler, "In My Body's House" makes for a comparatively upbeat soul cut replete with a blinding breakbeat that will have the sample fiends out there very excited indeed.
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out of stock $7.77
Holdtight (12" promo)
Cat: SHOUT 003. Rel: 25 Aug 06
  1. Change - "Holdtight" (Danny Krivit re-edit)
  2. Stephanie Mills - "What'cha Gonna Do With My Lovin" (Danny Krivit re-edit)
Review: Mr K takes on two boogie tracks here, giving them the extended Krivit golden touch. Side A features an edit of change's "Hold Tight", taken from their 1981 Atlantic LP "Miracles" and featuring Jocelyn Brown on vocals, with a super loud pressing - mid tempo disco soul doesn't get much better. Over on the flip he re-edits the classic Mtume/Lucas-Penned track "What'cha Gonna Do With My Lovin" by Stephanie Mills, originally out on 20th Century in 1979, and delivers a handy 9 minute edit perfect for DJ use.
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out of stock $6.42
  1. Charlene & The Soul Serenaders - "Can You Win"
  2. Margie Joseph - "One More Chance"
Review: Kent Soul pay homage to two diva-level chanteuses who deserve a little more space in the soul footnotes than they currently have. Originally released on Paradox, Charlene Southern's "Can You Win" was part of a collection that was marketed to Stax. You can instantly here why; a thumping upbeat groove, slim-line instrumentation (just straight-up guitar and bass) and real belly-driven vocals, it's raw and emphatic and honest in its dynamic. Perhaps best known for her covers, Margie Joseph was a lot more prolific than Charlene and this full-bodied, big band jam was one of her earliest releases. Complementing the stripped back A-side with broad horns and lavish pianos, Margie fronts with real confidence and timeless soul-stirring vocal prowess. Two sides of the soul coin, there's something for everyone here.
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out of stock $10.61
Cat: RB 102. Rel: 08 Aug 13
  1. Mess Around
  2. I've Got A Woman
Review: What a reissue! Two of Ray Charles' most well-known, influential hits on one cheeky 45... What's not to like? From thundering piano blues of "Mess Around" to the Kanye-hyped croons of "I Got A Woman", these are unarguably formative moments in funk history. Originally released in 1953/54 respectively both tracks hold just as much weight 60 years down the line. No collection is complete without them.
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out of stock $6.97
  1. I Love To Love (But My Baby Loves To Dance)
  2. Got To Be Real
Review: Re-press of two dancefloor classics!
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out of stock $5.90
Cat: MFV 1146. Rel: 05 Jun 14
  1. The Charmels - "As Long As I've Got You"
  2. The Emotions - "As Long As I've Got You"
Review:  The Charmels made a handful of singles, none of which gained much national play. "As Long as I've Got You" originally came out in 1967 and, notably, was the an early product of a collaboration between Isaac Hayes and David Porter. It's a deceptively delicate and melancholy ballad, with its fragile-sounding opening piano melody by the Stax house band falling into a heavy backbeat that gives the sweet voices of The Charmels some rhythmic density. In 1972, The Emotions' members were recording what was supposed to be their third album -- Songs of Innocence/Experience -- but for reasons still not fully explained, Stax chose not to release most of it until years later, on the Sunshine album. Even then, one song stayed in the vault, UNTIL TODAY: a cover of The Charmels' "As Long as I've Got You" which rivals, and even threatens to exceed, the original.
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out of stock $11.53
Cat: WU 001. Rel: 26 Jun 13
  1. The Charmels - "As Long As I've Got You"
  2. Wendy Rene - "After Laughter (Comes Tears)"
Review: Only 250 units pressed of this double double classic. Don't sleep !
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out of stock $8.57
Cat: SOUL 7032. Rel: 11 Jul 13
  1. They'll Never Know Why
  2. Baby I'm Sorry
Review: A bona fide northern soul standard: Soul 7 has paid the ultimate respect to renowned bandleader Chavez with this special repress. The urgent stomper "They'll Never Know Why" utilises the same chords and emphatic delivery as The Temptations "I'll Be There" while "Please Forgive Me" struts with just a tad more melancholy and some heart-warming chorus harmonies. Two incredible finds from Soul 7 here. Plus, having unearthed the original tapes for maximum mastering muscle, the sound quality on this is better than it ever sounded blasted on the system in Wigan Casino.
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out of stock $7.24
Cat: BCAT 0996WHITE. Rel: 16 Mar 15
  1. Cheyenne's Comin' - "Come Back To Me" (3:01)
  2. Hanson - "Take Me To Your Home" (3:10)
Review: Blackcat 80 copies only for the world white vinyl repress for the world . "Come Back To Me" takes us back to 1976 as Native American soul girl Cheyenne's rich, gut-driven delivery tops a seriously tight funk cake that's flavoured with blistering horns and crisp guitars. "Take Me To Your Home" takes us even further back to 1973. Taken from their debut album Now Hear This, it's a sparkling, jazz-tinted psychedelic slice that harbours some seriously warm keys. Guaranteed to remain broad and beautiful for a long, long time to come. Grab it while you can.
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out of stock $7.77
Cat: BCAT 0996. Rel: 02 Sep 09
  1. Cheyenne's Comin' - "Come Back To Me"
  2. Hanson - "Take Me To Your Home"
Review: Blackcat repress this 2009 45" and its spread remains as broad and beautiful as it did five years ago. "Come Back To Me" takes us back to 1976 as Native American soul girl Cheyenne's rich, gut-driven delivery tops a seriously tight funk cake that's flavoured with blistering horns and crisp guitars. "Take Me To Your Home" takes us even further back to 1973. Taken from their debut album Now Hear This, it's a sparkling, jazz-tinted psychedelic slice that harbours some seriously warm keys. Guaranteed to remain broad and beautiful for a long, long time to come. Grab it while you can.
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out of stock $6.42
Are You My Woman (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: SOLID 24. Rel: 23 Oct 17
  1. Are You My Woman (3:01)
  2. Give It Away (2:47)
Review: Japan's Ultra Vybe continue their Brunswick celebrations with the Chi-Lites' iconic, love-crazy "Are You My Women". Instantly recognisable and still as hot as it was in 1970, its essential "45 status remains fully intact. "Give It Away" takes us back a year before with its scorching falsettos, dreamy backing vocal swoons and full orchestral thrust, there's a reason Eugene Record used it to name the band's debut album.
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out of stock $23.86
Gangster Boogie (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: DYNAM 7021. Rel: 16 Nov 18
  1. Gangster Boogie (4:11)
  2. Why Did You Do It (3:59)
Review: For their latest essential seven-inch single, the Dynamite Cuts crew has raided Chicago Gangsters' 1975 debut album, "Blind Over You". Neither of the two tracks on offer has been featured on a "45" before. On the A-side you'll find "Gangster Boogie", a seriously heavy, Clavinet and saxophone-laden funk wriggler whose snappy drum break has appeared on numerous hip-hop jams over the years (including LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out"). On the flip you'll find the even more riotous and life-affirming funk-rock masterpiece "Why Did You Do It". Rich in rasping horns, wild organ lines and gnarly guitar riffs, it's just crying out to be played loud over a heavy soundsystem.
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 in stock $13.40
Inflation (7")
Cat: FRY 022. Rel: 05 Sep 13
  1. Inflation
  2. A Day In The Life
Review: Gone-but-not-forgotten Midwest funk from the mid 70s, both "Inflation" and "A Day In The Life" ooze the steamy sophistication that was indicative of the soul scene of that time. The former sports some fantastically robust walking basslines and an emphatic coat of vocal sensuality while the latter tips a nod towards the Booker T legacy with towers of warm organs built on a rigid bedrock of guitars and horns. A crucial revisitation.
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out of stock $7.24
Cat: MX 010. Rel: 09 Nov 06
  1. Batman
  2. Bad Little Kitten
Review: Moxie returns to where they started (and pretty much stayed), rough 80's electronic music. This time - two edits from worlds far apart. The A-side features an edit of a late 80s NY classic, while the B-side is a re-edit of a electrified Brazilian song. They must have listened to the Sugarhill Gang before producing this song... Now who's Chow Daddy?
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Played by: Tomasz Guiddo
out of stock $8.57
  1. She's Just That Type Of Girl (3:15)
  2. Track 2 (3:18)
  3. Under Pressure (4:18)
Review: Electro Wayne's mid 80s-focused Circuitry project get busy on Peoples Potential Unlimited with two starlit synth boogie originals; "She's Just That Type Of Girl" is a playful east coast funk flex with a slight freestyle touch to it. Harmonies, light touches on the keys and exceptional drum production, it's a sassy slice that will warm-up any floor. "Under Pressure" lowers the tempo but thrusts up the sensual urgency with great percussion and come-to-bed spoken word. Authentically done.
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Played by: Manu•Archeo
 in stock $14.21
Cat: ROC 010. Rel: 10 Dec 15
  1. Aw' Ye Douba Ke (45 edit) (4:02)
  2. A Son Magni (Voodoocuts re edit) (3:50)
Review: A prize gem in Rocafort's Africa Gone Funkee crown, "Aw' Ye Douba Ke" was the final salvo of Burkina-born Cisse's debut album Les Vautours. Kudos to the Rocafort crew for this 7" reissue! With its soft build, the classic highlife guitars play the perfect subtle backdrop for Cisse's strong yearning vocals as we develop into something really funky indeed with big horn and organ solos. Flip for a special, percussion-heavy shake-up of his 1975 single "A Son Magni". Overwhelming.
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Bustin Up (7")
Cat: TR 212. Rel: 13 Oct 16
  1. Bustin Up (2:43)
  2. Chan The Man (2:39)
Review: Tramp Records is one of Germany's tiniest (in their own words!) but funkiest labels who release new bands, but also re-issue quality rare funk, soul and jazz too. This time around they present us with City News for some truly authentic porn-funk soul vibes that you would honestly be convinced were from the early seventies in the vein of Hot Chocolate or Ramp like on the tremendous A side "Bustin' Up". On the flip we've got "Chan The Man" a kung-fu fightin' hoe down aboard the soul train express.
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Excursions #1 (limited 12")
Cat: EXC 001. Rel: 16 Dec 13
  1. Mucho Chupar (edit)
  2. Dr Beezar (edit)
Review: This first release from the Excursions label drives home that disco edits are still alive and well (given the ghoulish motif embedded into the B-side). The walking keys of "Mucho Chupar" are enough to make any DJs head roll like Stevie Wonder while the Mariah Carey-like vocal screams (and sexy breathes) add an extra sultriness. "Dr Beezar", on the other hand, is a creepy, funky re-charge of Doctor Who squelches and synths that pay homage to Captain Dax's 1970 "Soul Frankenstein" original.
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Cat: MRB 7113. Rel: 09 May 13
  1. Asafo Beesuon Medley (Gruff & Grey edit)
Review: Mr Bongo continue their Classic African series with a trip to late 60s Ghana. Having re-released CK Mann & His Carousel 7's album Funky Highlife late last year, the label have now given their in-house editor (Brighton's Gareth Stephens) the honour of dicing and splicing the 14 minute original. Naturally he's done with punchy aplomb. As a result there's not a dull moment in sight as we switch and sway from swooping harmonic chorus to jaunty organ stabs with undiluted Afrobeat glee. Jump on this now... it's highly limited!
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Don't You Care (limited 7")
Cat: BGPS 046. Rel: 27 Mar 15
  1. Don't You Care (2:47)
  2. Never Did I Stop Loving You (2:32)
Review: Two powerful soul sessions from Alice Clark's eponymous debut 1972 album. "Don't You Care" is a hard-hitting soul standard (that became very popular in acid jazz scene in the early 90s) where Alice opens her heart for all to see while her incredible band ebb and flow with Clark's emotions. "Never Did I Stop Loving You", meanwhile, languishes in sentiment at a slightly lower tempo that allows her to really dig deep for those low notes. The real fun happens as we reach momentum towards the end and every band member brings out their A-game and bounces off each other - backing up Alice every step of the way. You will care about this.
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Zombie (limited 7" + 9 track album download)
Cat: ITAW 01200306/7. Rel: 28 Jan 14
  1. Zombie (feat Seun Kuti)
  2. Water No Get Enemy
Review: A 12-strong gang of classically trained Italian Afrobeat disciples, Classica Orchestra Afrobeat return to their 2011 debut album Shrine On You. A celebration of Fela Kuti's legacy, complete with Fela's son Seun, it's a rich, heavily textured take on the raw funk sound Fela helped shape in the 70s. "Zombie" oozes instant charm thanks to the sing-along vocal refrain and tight groove. "Water No Get Enemy" showcases the troupe's orchestrated skills with even more detail; firing with the instantly distinctive riff of the original, it manages to celebrate the rawness of the original while adding a whole host of textures and ideas. Complete with a special download of the original album, this is a really special release.
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Cat: ROC 019. Rel: 10 Aug 17
  1. Claude & Hank Carbo - "Fox In A Mini Skirt" (2:57)
  2. Hank Carbo - "Bad Luck" (2:25)
Review: Serious funk fire from the brothers Carbo right here. "Fox In A Mini Skirt" hits hard with a sweaty northern soul feel. Fresh from 68, it's all about the big band builds, ballsy backing vocals and sense of momentum that still kicks just has hard today. "Bad Luck" on the B sees Hank going it solo on the previously super-rare "Bad Luck" that's much sleazier and blues-based and stripped back. Both stone cold cuts, the only misfortune here would be for you to sleep on this.
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  1. Claudette & Ti Pierre - "Zanmi Camarade" (Tropical Treats edit)
  2. Ti Marcel - "Nan Point La Vie" (Siwo version)
  3. Ibo Combo - "Mateau"
  4. Les Lups Noirs - "Pile Ou Face"
Review: Killer new Sofrito 12" with hypnotic Carnival rhythms, DIY electro and vital Compas experiments from the Haitian archives! Lead in the way is a subtle edit of "Zanmi Camarade" from Claudette & Ti Pierre by Stockholm's Tropical Treats crew, this 1979 cover version of the folk song that is quite bewildering, with haunting vocals weaving a spell over a heavy polyrhythmic drum machine groove and arpeggiated synth backing. Just as impressive is the Siwo update of Ti Marcel's rugged, hypnotic Rara track "Nan Point La Vie" is dominated by the single-note 'Vaksin' bamboo flute, which Sofrito call "nature's sub-bass". Holding it down on the B Side is some untreated material, with an Ibo Combo cover of Coupe Cloue's evergreen "Mateau" complemented by a "Pile ou Face" from Les Loups Noirs which was a highlight of the Strut compilation Haiti Direct.
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