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Starting this month, the team here at Juno Download will be selecting a small range of our favourite tracks and giving them away for free. That’s right, zilch. For the August edition there are six outstanding tracks up for grabs, ranging from oven warm deep house (thanks to the Atmospheric Existence and Ornate imprints) to robust techno (Autoreply and Sect), via some disco flex from Lumberjacks In Hell and Kinfolk. Go ahead, enjoy!
Karmic Tendencies
Atmospheric Existence
UK based record label focusing on releasing futuristic electronic music with soul, on vinyl 12" and digitally. The label serves as an expression conduit, with each release a carefully curated vision with it's own positive sonic message, from Miles Sagnia and fellow sonic allies. Karmic Tendencies featured on the first release "Introspective Soul" on A.E.R. W+P by Miles Sagnia... A brief foray into the spacey depths of soul.
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10 Second Detox (Jerome Sydenham's Blacktro dub)
Since its humble incarnation in 2007, East London imprint Autoreply has climbed up through the ranks and is now a firm fixture on the international stage .The label features appearances from established artists such as Baby Ford, Claro Intelecto, Dan Curtin and Pier Bucci alongside homegrown talents such as Ed Davenport, OCH, Ben Rourke and JUG. For their free track Jerome Sydenham serves up a classic “Blacktro Dub” reworking of Confetti Bomb’s “10 Second Detox” which was the much sought after unreleased mix from the original Seconds EP.
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Underneath The Universe (Soft Rocks remix)
A new Soft Rocks imprint is upon us that's solely committed to supporting new music from other artists. The first release comes from Maurice & Charles (one half of deadly duo Cage & Aviary who have recently signed an album deal with Prins Thomas's internasjonal label). 'Moroder In Milan' is a heavy vocalled (shock...horror !) midtempo acidic bomb that has been bigged up by Andrew Weatherall on his recent 6 Mix (amongst others) The flip sees 'Underneath The Universe' take a lighter edge acidic edge that will appeal to the dance floor as well as the couch ! Soft Rocks also turn in a remix that concentrates around the Ry Cooder-esque guitars and in turn twists into an early hours future classic.
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Give Me Your Love
Lumberjacks In Hell
It was two DJs in flannel shirts sitting in a club together and realizing that tonight nobody was going to show up that the name Lumberjacks in Hell was coined. One of them ran with that name and founded a label with it. A label that is about chopping up tunes and forging them to anthems and taking anthems and forming them to groovers. At least that's how we are starting out. With Edits and Mastermixes of the things we love. Kindly stretched to fit your dancefloor needs. Em Vee spreads a special disco version of Alma Lee's late 70s Philly delight "Gimme Your Love" with an extended intro that fully displays his edit talents.
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Evil (Jonno & Tommo Axis Of Evil dub)
Ornate Music
Ornate Music was born in 2009 out of a passion for all things Deep and grooving. Now up to its 10th release it has already played host to such luminaries as Toka Project, Agnes, Fish Go Deep and Miles Sagnia with forthcoming releases scheduled from Dubbyman and Homepark. Jonno & Tommo’s Axis of Evil dub is a remix of Evil, taken from the 7th release – Ting & Ting EP by Wiggle head honcho Nathan Coles & David Coker and adds some superlative string arrangements and synth washes to the original for a truly deep moment.
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The Infiltrator (part 3)
Sect Records returns to the original principles of techno music to create and inspire future sounds for the dancefloor. Forthcoming releases come from a diverse range of artists who take the spirit of techno forward in new and unexpected directions. Sect is spectacular. Sect is respect... Sect salutes Spain’s techno history, represented on Sect by techno producer and DJ, Victor Martinez. Psychedelia-tinged tracks are the order of the day here as Victor steps up the pace and sets the standard. Voodoo beats worthy of any techno dance ritual.
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