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This Week: Experimental/Electronic

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Experimental / Electronic

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Karma & Desire
Cat: ZENCD 271. Rel: 23 Oct 20
  1. Fire & Light
  2. Angels Pharmacy (feat Zsela)
  3. Remembrance (feat Zsela)
  4. Reverend
  5. Leaves Against The Sky
  6. Save
  7. VVY (feat Sampha)
  8. XRAY
  9. Gliding Squares
  10. Many Seas, Many Rivers (feat Sampha)
  11. Loveless (feat Aura T-09)
  12. Public Life (feat Vanessa Benelli Mosell)
  13. Fret
  14. Loose (feat Christel Well)
  15. Turin (feat Aura T-09)
  16. Diamond X
  17. Walking Flames (feat Sampha)
Review: The seventh album from South London-based producer and experimental maverick Darren Cunningham and it's a beauty. The last time we heard from him, in 2018, he was collaborating with the London Contemporary Orchestra and improvising a score for a Stockhausen opera and he's taken an element of that work with him and married it to disorientating, otherworldly electronics. 'Karma & Desire' has a real feel of escapism, almost to the extent of feeling like an out of body experience, as dislocated and disembodied melodies float around in the ether. There are the first proper vocal collaborations he's undertaken here, but the two tracks are no pop bangers, songstress Zsela's efforts sounding more like some beguiling abstract poetry. Travelling further and further, creatively, from the normal environs of dancefloor culture, he's not lost any of his spellbinding musicality or sonic storytelling skills.
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Set The Weather Fair
Cat: TAO 063. Rel: 22 Oct 20
  1. Bramley
  2. The Autumn Journal
  3. Orion
  4. Gold Of The Azure
  5. The End Is Just The Beginning
  6. The Dance's Pattern
  7. Clouds Over Bohinj
  8. Sentences
  9. Set The Weather Fair
! low stock $11.04
Monument (CD)
Cat: PIASR 1195CD. Rel: 23 Oct 20
  1. Ambulance
  2. Self Portrait
  3. Ontario
  4. Career Day
  5. Prayer
  6. While I Can
  7. Bed
  8. The Grand Old Reason
  9. Husk
  10. Thesis
  11. Bygones
 in stock $10.51
Music For Violin Alone
Cat: SNAO 1. Rel: 22 Oct 20
  1. Angharad Davies - "Circular Bowing Study"
  2. Johann Sebastian Bach - "Largo From Sonata No 3 In C Major"
  3. Nicola Matteis Jr - "Alia Fantasia"
  4. Oliver Leith - "Blurry Wake Song"
  5. James Tenney - "Koan"
  6. John Cage - "Eight Whiskus"
  7. Aisha Orazbayeva - "Ring"
 in stock $9.42
To Feel Embraced
  1. You Go Girl!
  2. You Ain't Takin' My Man
  3. For Gato
  4. Oh Henry!
  5. To The Stars Major Tom
  6. Oh No You Did Not!
  7. To Feel
  8. To Feel Embraced
  9. Slappin' Yo Face
  10. Mmmmkayy I'm Goin' Out Now & I Don't Want Any Trouble From You!
  11. Queenie Got Her Blues
  12. Sparkle On Sad Sister Mother Queen
  13. No Exit
 in stock $11.84
BSRMX 01 (unmixed CD)
Cat: BS 236CD. Rel: 22 Oct 20
  1. Kohib - "So Good" (feat Dagni - Reggie Got beats remix)
  2. Flunk - "Blue Monday" (Marcapasos & Janosh rework)
  3. The Familiar - "White Poison" (Doc L Junior Poisonous dub)
  4. Vinny Villbass - "Moneymaker" (feat Ando - Sloth UK Queens Lead Hat mix)
  5. Rave-enka - "Friksjon" (Chris Massey Nordic Exposure remix)
  6. Syntaks Erik - "Midnight Express" (De Fantastiske To remix)
  7. Third Attempt - "Transit" (Henrik Villard remix)
  8. Legs 11 - "The Rhythm" (Third Attempt remix)
  9. Reggie Got Beats - "It's On Tonight" (Lakeshouse remix)
  10. Jarle Brathen - "Melk I Barten" (Kellini remix)
 in stock $9.42
Items 1 to 6 of 6 on page 1 of 1


This Week: Experimental/Electronic