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New releases last four weeks: Electro

Electro vinyl released in the last four weeks
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Inmigrante Legal
Cat: MPHS 005. Rel: 27 Jun 24
Frankfurt Flughafen (6:16)
HBF (6:16)
Auslanderamt (5:49)
Ehrenfeld (5:56)
Urlaub In Kroatien (6:18)
Review: For this fifth delivery from Mephis, label boss Alfalfa shares a nostalgic, dystopian interpretation of his migratory experience in a sonic format. In the words of the label, "imagine Franz Kafka fidgeting with a 303 in a waiting room, with a happy ending." Opener 'Frankfurt Flughafen' sets the tone with detuned saw chords and toothy acids, before harking the shuffly dub-inflected whirrs and scrapes of 'HBF'. Then there's 'Auslanderamt' and 'Ehrenfeld' on the B, two further and increasingly unstable melodic acid cuts, both of which nail the kind of curiosity and tension that connote transient new beginnings, all culminating on the euphorizer that is 'Urlaub In Kroatien'.
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 in stock $15.60
Nois D'avui
Nois D'avui (180 gram vinyl LP + insert limited to 300 copies)
Cat: OR 124. Rel: 05 Jul 24
Poisoned By Love (7:14)
Can You Feel The House India Nardone? (6:07)
Interrupted (4:14)
Mysterious Relief (6:36)
Punish (5:45)
Mysterious Relief (Ancient Methods remix) (5:19)
Review: Oraculo Records has been quietly making a name for itself as home of synth-focused darkwave and associated genres, plucking choice artists and their oeuvres, often from obscurity, and giving them a platform. The Spanish imprint seems to know few bounds in terms of intensity, and Almax Und Forte's debut is a perfect example of that. A generous six tracks range from the wonderful opener 'Poisoned By Love', which slowly gathers its stepping percussion before introducing beastly bassline and continuing to add drummy workouts until finally throwing in an eerie guitar lick. It's subtle, moody, and a little uneasy. Contrasting this, 'Interrupted' is high tempo weirdo club-goth based around complex percussive patterns, while 'Mysterious Relief' takes dubstep onto a strange factory floor where we find a haunting vocalist at work. You get the point.
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 in stock $23.68
Sarturan Vol 1
Cat: SAR 001. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Alyhas & Cogan - "Big City" (Fresh mix) (5:53)
RVR - "Les Choses Simples" (6:35)
Tim B - "50' Outside" (7:07)
Immsersif - "Purple Trip" (6:32)
 in stock $18.29
Breaker's Revenge: Original B Boy & B Girl Breakdance Classics 1970-1984
Cat: SJRLP 553. Rel: 27 Jun 24
Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band - "Scorpio" (4:03)
The Jimmy Castor Bunch - "It's Just Begun" (3:41)
BT Express - "Energy Level" (3:46)
James Brown - "Get On The Good Foot" (4:06)
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - "Planet Rock" (6:26)
Manu Dibango - "Soul Makossa" (4:24)
Esther Williams - "Last Night Changed It All" (4:23)
The Mohawks - "The Champ" (2:38)
Herman Kelly & Life - "Dance To The Drummer's Beat" (4:13)
Spanky Wilson - "Sunshine Of Your Love" (3:40)
James Brown - "Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose" (6:11)
Candido - "Soulwanco" (4:12)
Arthur Baker - "Breaker's Revenge" (4:53)
Manu Dibango - "The Panther" (2:29)
Abaco Dream - "Life And Death In G & A" (2:19)
The Jackson 5 - "Dancing Machine" (3:29)
Mongo Santamaria - "Cloud Nine" (5:42)
Edwin Starr - "I Just Wanna Do My Thing" (5:18)
Badder Than Evil - "Hot Wheels The Chase" (3:01)
Review: Curated by the legendary producer Arthur Baker, Breakers Revenge is a comprehensive compilation of original funk, soul, Latin, disco and electro tracks from 1970-1984. These tracks, ranging from well-known classics to hidden gems, have become legendary in the world of breakdancing. Featuring seminal tracks like Dennis Coffey's 'Scorpio', The Jimmy Castor Bunch's 'It's Just Begun' and Afrika Bambaataa's groundbreaking 'Planet Rock', this collection embodies the essence of breakdancing culture. The percussive breakdowns and infectious beats of these tracks have not only been the soundtrack to countless block parties and park jams but have also been sampled by numerous hip-hop artists and producers. With extensive liner notes and track-by-track breakdowns, Breakers Revenge is perfect time capsule for fans of breakdancing, hip-hop and music enthusiasts.
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 in stock $24.22
Breaker's Revenge: Original B Boy & B Girl Breakdance Classics 1970-84
Cat: SJR CD553. Rel: 27 Jun 24
Dennis Coffey And The Detroit Guitar Band - "Scorpio"
The Jimmy Castor Bunch - "It's Just Begun"
B.T. Express - "Energy Level"
James Brown - "Get On The Good Foot"
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - "Planet Rock"
Manu Dibango - "Soul Makossa"
Esther Williams - "Last Night Changed It All"
The Mohawks - "The Champ"
Herman Kelly & Life - "Dance To The Drummer's Beat"
Spanky Wilson - "Sunshine Of Your Love"
James Brown - "Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose"
Candido - "Soulwanco"
Arthur Baker - "Breaker's Revenge"
Manu Dibango - "The Panther"
Abaco Dream - "Life And Death In G & A"
The Jackson 5 - "Dancing Machine"
Mongo Santamaria - "Cloud Nine"
Edwin Starr - "I Just Wanna Do My Thing"
Badder Than Evil - "Hot Wheels"
Johnny Bristol - "Lusty Lady"
Review: With 'breaking' making its debut in the 2024 Paris Olympics, it seems an apt time to go back to where it all began and showcase some of the music that first made break-dancers move in the early years of hip-hop culture. Soul Jazz Records clearly agrees, hence this two-disc retrospective of early 'breaker' favourites curated by Arthur Baker - a man who's productions and remixes soundtracked many dancefloor battles in the early 80s. It's a suitably strong selection all told, with dusty funk, soul and funk-rock favourites (Johnny Bristol, James Brown, The Jimmy Castor Bunch, Spanky Wilson) being joined by disco-funk jams (Herman Kelly and Life), extra-percussive workouts (Manu Dibango, Mongo Santamaria, Candido) and a smattering of key Baker productions (Afrika Bambaata and Soul Sonic Force's 'Planet Rock' and his own infectious 'Breakers Revenge').
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 in stock $13.46
Luzyca Bambaataa/Graef
Luzyca Bambaataa/Graef (cassette + MP3 download code limited to 100 copies)
Cat: UVMC 05. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Luzyca Bambaataa - "Live In Nochten" (22:20)
Graef - "Gaival" (5:35)
Graef - "Haunting Voyage" (9:54)
Graef - "R0GU3 D3L4M41N" (3:01)
Graef - "Solifuge" (5:59)
 in stock $15.06
Tribeless Gathering
Tribeless Gathering (2xLP limited to 200 copies)
Cat: CIV 065. Rel: 27 Jun 24
Hop Kweng (6:17)
Change Yourself (4:52)
Music Bay (5:27)
Elevation (4:51)
Hold Tight (4:10)
Traceroute (6:02)
Turdnadoe (4:21)
Court Jester (6:17)
Chopping Block (4:14)
Pinball Marinara (3:54)
Changa Hill (5:17)
Review: Tribeless Gathering is the name of UK producer Michael Anthony Wright, whose stylistic succession has heard him segway all the way from disco-funk through to experimental music and progressive rock. A real multifaceted artist! His latest sonic moot, Tribeless Gathering, bears no resemblance to the former item on this list, instead coming as a smattering of breakbeat and electro uplifts, often polyrhythmic, always riveting. These tracks strobe with the intensity of a darkened hallucinatory chamber, holding no bars on the twin fronts of sizzling hi-tech synthwork and gut-punchy drumwork, yet concurrently recalling a sort of abstract geometrical sound, of the same kinds as we might 'see' when sensorially elated. Whether one can find one's tribe without resorting to tribalism remains to be seen, but this is the kind of music that transcends titles, bringing motifs from breakbeat hardcore and trance, to neurofunk and bubblegum, under a single banner.
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 in stock $30.41
The Wait
The Wait (limited red marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: ENF 001V. Rel: 26 Jun 24
STR & Tim Tycoon - "Second Wish" (Break 300 remix) (6:51)
Break 3000 - "The Wait" (6:24)
Break 3000 - "Electric Blue" (5:02)
Break 3000 - "Lectrolite" (#2) (5:46)
Break 3000 - "Spacemaschinenreise" (4:46)
Review: Lovers of electro clash will be hyped by this reissue of some classics of the genre from Break 3000. They come from a specific time between 1998 and 2003 on red vinyl and mark the final chapter of the label's current reissue project. The A-side features Break 3000's remix for Germany's Pocketgame label in 2003, part of the We Are He-Man EP alongside a renowned Legowelt remix. Next, the dark electro track The Wait' appeared on Pocketgame's 'Bonuslevel One - North and South' compilation in 2003. The B-side showcases earlier releases 'Electric Blue' and 'Spacemachinenreise' and 'Lectrolite #2' on Break 3000's 'Casa Nova' imprint in 1999, which marked the start of his electro journey.
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 in stock $18.03
Mechanical Dances Part 1
Mechanical Dances Part 1 (180 gram magenta vinyl LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: MEGA 07. Rel: 05 Jul 24
Mechanical Dances (5:53)
Bodies, Plants & Lacan (3:44)
Clickbait Dance (3:21)
Heroiam Slava (5:43)
Body Is Not There Anymore (5:31)
It's Fun Time (5:12)
David J (4:40)
Rim Job (4:04)
Review: Candido aka. Luis Schiebeler lays down eight darkwave / Italo numbers for Spain's Oraculo Records as part of their extended EPs series - Megabreakz. The seventh addition to the sonic saga is a hearty, circuit-bent dancefloor haunter, marking the 'inaugural chapter of a two-part epic' by Candido, which promises a journey spanning everything from EBM to new beat to rave breaks. Wherever you place 'Mechanical Dances Part 1' on this vast stylistic continuum, the fact remains that Candido's approach to the post-industrial dance form is as psyche-imprinting as it is floor-denting, often nodding to the profound (sometimes dissociative) experiences common to frequenting such a scene. Peppered throughout - if you know where to find them - are repetitive lyrical mantras, alluding to everything from OOB experiences to controversial French psychoanalysts.
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Cat: CLICKERS 001. Rel: 17 Jul 24
Mankind (Is A State Of Mind) (7:03)
The Theme (7:39)
! low stock $13.99
Call Of The Abyss
Cat: DSG 003. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Voices From The Abyss (6:49)
Stalactites (feat Valentin Henning) (5:54)
Perpetual (6:08)
Perpetual (Zee Mon remix) (6:34)
Stalactites (feat Valentin Henning - Damon Jee remix) (6:22)
Stalactites (feat Valentin Henning - Zakmina remix) (5:12)
Review: Clouzer returns to Distant Gaze for the label's third release with Call of the Abyss, a six-track EP featuring three originals and three remixes by Damon Jee, Zakmina, and Berlin's rising star, Zee Mon. At the EP's core is Clouzer's mesmerising title cut which blends extraterrestrial echoes and broken beats as it delves into uncharted depths. The haunting vocals of Valentin Henning drive the EP's second track and envelop listeners in blurred, delayed textures. 'Perpetual' pulses with rave energy, merging cosmic elements and dark disco basslines, while Zee Mon infuses it with darkwave vigour, Damon Jee delivers full-throttle dark disco in 'Stalactites,' and Zakmina crafts a sublime broken beat trip.
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 in stock $17.76
Skin Bank
Skin Bank (translucent yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: ALT 79. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Skin Bank (5:19)
Hell World (4:00)
Pixel Warfare (4:00)
Blood Libel (1:42)
Future Perfect (3:53)
SMART (4:10)
Toxic Worship (4:04)
Artificial Appeal (3:04)
 in stock $21.52
Into The Zone
Cat: NMA 001. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Visage De Femme (feat Vivien K) (4:54)
The Last Run (5:16)
Into The Zone (3:58)
Just Use Your Imagination (bonus beats) (4:15)
Review: In the Strugatsky brothers' Roadside Picnic - and its ensuing film adaptation by Andrei Tarkovsky, Stalker - "the Zone" is a forbidden area lying somewhere in a post-apocalyptic, post-Soviet wilderness, in which manifold unspeakable evils and anomalies lurk, in wait of those bold enough to brave them by riskily attempting to reach the wish-granting, power-bestowing oracle at its heart. Producer CT Kidobo channels the noxiously wish-fulfilling, but also toxic gases and atmospheres native to the Strugatskys' Zone, via four waste-scouring 4x4 electro heaters, described by the Neuma label as channelling 'highly emotional content'. A chillingly formative journey is conveyed through the opening 'The Last Run', the sticky, hands-dirty drama of 'Into The Zone' and the half-lived bonus beats of 'Just Use Your Imagination'.
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 in stock $15.06
Fingerprint Vol 1
Cat: TENAMON 002. Rel: 28 Jun 24
Enter Stuntman (5:52)
Motor (5:52)
Intergalactic (5:37)
Deeper (5:44)
AI (4:51)
 in stock $32.28
Hypnosis EP
Cat: OUT 004. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Hypno David (6:16)
Let Me Inside (5:37)
Koh Mood (6:03)
Mind Control (6:05)
Review: The enigmatic DJ Oukun is a producer who continues to impress, not least with this new four-track outing on the Outside In label. These are all unashamedly dancefloor-focused cuts starting with 'Hypno David', a lithe rhythmic workout with peppering hits and twisted vocal stabs. 'Let Me Inside' has a seductive sound with silky pads skating beneath nice lush melodic chords. 'Koh Mood' then ups the ante with more solid kicks that will rattle walls as the sprinkling of claps and hi-hats up top serves to move things onward beneath suspensory chords. 'Mind Control' closes down with a nice robotic groove and bouncy kicks that make you wanna move.
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 in stock $16.13
Fjaak The System
Fjaak The System (quadfold 4xLP + sticker)
Cat: FJAAK 010. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Unity (feat Red Eye) (0:55)
And You Feel (3:15)
Redemption (5:22)
Mechanic Love (5:17)
Horsepower (feat Modeselektor) (3:32)
Hustle (4:54)
Sandstorm (5:02)
Black Ice (feat Skee Mask) (4:52)
Scratchy (2:06)
Vertical (3:03)
Breathe Underwater (3:49)
Wind Mill Hill (feat J.manuel) (5:06)
Stargazer (4:56)
Timesqueezed (2:34)
Glove Box (2:20)
Nyx (2:31)
Ringworld (1:40)
Scoop (2:24)
Dreamweaver (2:51)
Flashback (1:22)
The Deal (3:18)
Micro Expressions (3:03)
Pentatonic Light (1:53)
 in stock $69.43
Graveyard (12")
Cat: AH 014. Rel: 02 Jul 24
Graveyard (7:08)
Amici Miei (7:47)
Colony (5:39)
Ghost Dance (6:29)
Review: The Aspecto Humano label's next outing is by a project headed up by the founders themselves under their Florida Cancer alias. It's music that combines several influences and inspirations from techno to New Beat to EBM. The opener 'Graveyard' is all squealing synths and menacing drums, and there is plenty more darkness, soot and raw texture to 'Amici Miei' which is lit up by strobe-like synths. 'Colony' has a more chugging tempo with twang synths and slapping drums. 'Ghost Dance' closes down the EP with spiralling lines and coarse drums, fragments of vocal and a general sense of dystopia.
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 in stock $16.96
Riding The Wave EP
Cat: SLVMNCR 007. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Strukku's Beat (6:53)
Riding The Wave (Hold On) (6:44)
Zown Spirit 1099 (5:52)
0X0 (Zero Times Zero) (2:55)
Over & Out (3:02)
Review: Sheffield's Hedge Maze is back with Riding The Wave EP, a great 12" that is drenched in distortion and grime. 'Strukku's Beat' kicks off with thick, slimy textures and vocals fragmented like blunt objects that evoke raw anguish. The title track intensifies with relentless beats, static-dipped drums, and haunting melodies, and as things progress, Hedge Maze refines his sound into a serrated syrup with 'Zown Spirit,' where ruffled rhythms play off with distant echoes and reverb. 'O X O (Zero Times Zero)' maintains the eerie aura with filtered textures, while 'Over and Out' closes the EP with post-punk gloom, featuring raw vocals and trademark distortion.
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State Of Emergency
Cat: EBON 003. Rel: 25 Jun 24
Huey Mnemonic - "Black Manta Corps" (6:02)
Huey Mnemonic - "Red Alert" (5:13)
D Strange - "Exoframe" (6:31)
D Strange - "Drapetomania" (6:00)
Review: D Strange & Huey Mnemonic hail from the American Mid-West and certainly bring plenty of the usual tropes of their homeland to this new EP. It's defined by a rather moody narrative with Huey kicking things off with the glistening synths and scurrying baselines of electro-funker 'Black Manta Corps'. His second cut 'Red Alert' is defined by an unsettling siren that loops up and down while the freaky pads and old-school electro drums power on. D Strange then steps up to the flip with the more fast and furious sounds of 'Exoframe' and the turbocharged dystopia of 'Drapetomania.'
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 in stock $17.76
Fake Reality EP
Cat: MIDIMODE 001. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Fake Reality (4:44)
Rabbit Hole (4:22)
I'm A Freak (5:08)
Human Squad (5:48)
Fake Reality (Nite Fleit remix) (5:21)
Review: Human Rebellion & Power's 'Fake Reality' EP on Midi Mode Records delivers five heavy electro tracks for the headstrong. Side-1 starts with the title track, a dark, brooding piece with intense vibes, followed by 'Rabbit Hole,' a nod to Detroit electro with influences from genre greats. On Side-2, 'I'm A Freak,' is a chord-driven techno track with an electric, vibrant acid line that will have listeners eyes wide open in awe. 'Human Squad' stands out as a favorite, featuring a robotic and danceable bassline. Closing the EP, the 'Fake Reality' (Nite Fleit remix) offers a powerful reimagining of the original, making this EP a solid addition to any electro enthusiast's collection.
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 in stock $14.53
Disclosure EP
Cat: FRS 028. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Klaus Schwab (4:17)
State Street (5:35)
Vanguard (5:16)
Blackrock (5:00)
 in stock $16.13
New Home EP
Cat: HYP 002. Rel: 11 Jul 24
New Home (On Acid mix) (6:15)
New Home (Liquid mix) (6:17)
Tuesday Morning (6:34)
LowePhreek (6:36)
 in stock $14.80
Modern Angels
Modern Angels (hand-numbered 7" + book limited to 300 copies)
Cat: MINUS 070. Rel: 05 Jul 24
Crown Of Thorns (Wildest Rose) (4:10)
Crown Of Thorns (Rather Bleed) (4:40)
 in stock $56.51
Intergalactic Noize Commander
Intergalactic Noize Commander (180 gram green vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: MEGA 06. Rel: 05 Jul 24
Intergalactic Noize Commander (4:19)
Exoplanet (5:05)
Virus2 (4:52)
Supernova (3:40)
Binary Parade (3:16)
Peace (4:26)
 in stock $24.22
Ready To Believe
Cat: MD 31822. Rel: 28 Jun 24
Ready To Believe (3:33)
Nonline (Fabrizio Mammarella remix) (7:02)
Dancing Therapy (Franz Scala rework) (7:00)
An English '93 (Italo Deviance Floating mix) (6:33)
Review: Italo-disco originals International Music System released a handful of singles and two albums during the early-to-mid 1980s. Many of those killer cuts have been reissued over the last few years, leaving space for unheard tracks and remixes. This EP boasts both, starting with the previously unissued 'Ready To Believe' - a delay-laden blend of electro, synth-pop and Italo-disco topped off with a sweet female lead vocal. Most DJs will likely be interested in the trio of reworks of classic catalogue cuts stretched across the rest of the EP though. Fabrizio Mammarella delivers a raw, heavy, mind-mangling and lightly dubbed-out re-fix of 'Nonline', Franz Scala subtly breathes new life into the trio's early classic 'Dancing Therapy' - a genuine neo-Italo-disco treat - and Italo Deviance adds some sweaty, acid-flecked spit and polish to 'An English '93'.
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 in stock $14.26
Split 001
Split 001 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: LUV 046. Rel: 05 Jul 24
Jakobin - "Drawan" (6:10)
Jakobin - "Skulpt" (6:46)
Jakobin - "Octagonial Tribe" (6:23)
ROTCIV - "Frenesy" (5:15)
ROTCIV - "No More Room In Hell" (5:10)
ROTCIV - "The Confidence" (5:54)
Played by: ROTCIV
 in stock $12.65
Mental Concept 151515
Mental Concept 151515 (hand-numbered hand-stamped eco vinyl LP + insert + sticker limited to 85 copies)
Cat: MECON 151515. Rel: 19 Jul 24
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6
 in stock $27.45
JS 05
JS 05 (12")
Cat: JS 05. Rel: 18 Jul 24
Balance (6:18)
Tonearm Extender (feat Sabola) (6:05)
Sad Salad (7:01)
Review: Montreal alias and label Jump Source offer up their fifth future-facing dance cut, 'JS05', to the world. Though not a motif of theirs until now, the artist describes this latest iteration of their sound as "restoring balance", as 'Balance' would at least seem to suggest with its two-phrase phrenodies, tweezy topsynths and four-note bouncy-ball-basses. The ensuing 'Tonearm Extender' and 'Sad Salad' continue to squeeze out Jump Source's impressively superdistinct sound; we can imagine them as born of a future universe in which prosthetic limbs might double up as tonearms (among other gadgets, as of a cyborgish Swiss army knife) and salads are not consumed in leafy green, but rather pill form, hence the sadness. Sadly, this isn't COVID-19 nor pill-food; on 'JS05' there's no loss of taste. In fact, it's a wonderfully whimsical release, a gleeful future vision.
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 in stock $15.87
Mental Energy EP
Cat: BLT 002. Rel: 26 Jun 24
Koloniari - "Zodiax"
Koloniari - "Mental Energy"
Komponente - "Freedom 7"
Komponente - "Global Psychodelic"
 in stock $14.26
Interdance 002
Interdance 002 (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: INTER 002. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Dani Labb - "Lilith" (5:46)
Dani Labb - "Malevo" (6:13)
Santiago Uribe - "Suavizante" (6:32)
Santiago Uribe - "Todo El Ano Es Carnaval" (7:23)
Review: Interdance's second offering is a split EP that finds Dani Labb and Santiago Uribe taking one side each of this new 12". Lamb goes first on the A-side with 'Lilith' which is all glitchy textures and screw synths over snappy tech beats. 'Malevo' rides on more pulsing synths and bass that pan about the stereo field and on the flip, Uribe keeps things fresh with 'Suavizante,' a slower cut with an industrial tech aesthetic and jacked-up drums. 'Todo El Ano Es Carnaval' closes down with a big and playful, bouncy and buoyant rhythm topped with celestial synth charm.
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 in stock $16.13
Capitulo VI Pt I
Capitulo VI Pt I (12" + insert)
Cat: 22REC 0061. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Attrazione Invisible (7:04)
Marie (7:16)
Menti Opposte (6:23)
Dialogo Perpetuo (7:01)
Review: The fourth edition in 22Recordings' Capitulo series takes the name 'SueNos y Sombras' ('Dreams And Shadows'), blessed by none other than producer Lachina. Intended as a vinyl-only release - with the digitals priced at the exorbitantly high sum of €1,000 as of this time of writing - it's clear that the artist and label intend for these dark Italodance numbers to be heard via the naturally lossy medium that is wax, in all its crispy-crackly murk and dirt. From opener 'Attrazione Invisible', which pines after the eponymous long-lost celestial object that has puzzled astronomers and cosmologists since long last, to the closing 'Dialogo Perpetuo', which bedazzles with its harmonic arps, burgeoning melodies and wind-down synth fallers, you're in for a real treat here.
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 in stock $18.83
'Till Things Ghost
Cat: SESO 002. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Disaronno Straight
Sin Ti
Something About U (feat LAINE)
 in stock $15.60
The Void EP
Cat: X2SEE 003. Rel: 11 Jul 24
Arcade (5:32)
Arcade (Luis Malon remix) (5:33)
Bass Me (6:07)
Take Off (5:31)
Odyssey 33 (5:32)
Review: Double-clapping, dystopian electro synth from Lara for Berlin and London's Lirica Archives, amounting to a five-track sonic embrace of what can only be described as a kind of divine femme cosmo-goth. Opening on 'Arcade', the EP establishes an infectious three-note bassline that continues as a motif throughout the A-side, not least since fellow producer Luis Malon's remix makes up its second half, and dream-distorts things further vis-a-vis extra echoey melodious elements and trembly breakdowns. The B-side is just as expansive and further-outreaching, with 'Bass Me' pioneering the use of 'bass' as a verb (we're all for it - surely, bass, by now, like love, is a thing you *do*), and 'Odyssey 33', with its boxy drums and text-to-speechn whispers, impelling us to revisit Kubrick's opus for the 33rd time.
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 in stock $14.80
Ruins Of Cracktopolis EP
Cat: ALT 012. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Do You Know Who You Never Be (6:30)
In A Trance Dance All Night (5:02)
Ruins Of Cracktropolis (6:18)
Like Twin Peaks (6:57)
Review: Dutch wizard Legowelt has no bounds to his musical creativity, and no limits to the amount of music he puts out. His next sonic trick comes on Altered Circuits and finds him exploring the Ruins Of Cracktopolis. As always his track titles are as good as his musical concoctions with 'Do You Know Who You Never Be' mixing up fizzy pads and sci-fi synths with bustling drums. 'In A Trance Dance All Night' is cosmic electro-tech, 'Ruins Of Cracktropolis' rides on silky arpeggios and bubbling melodies and 'Like Twin Peaks' shuts down with a more edgy techno sound.
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 in stock $18.29
Binary Echoes EP
Cat: FLOW 01. Rel: 26 Jun 24
Freaky (6:58)
Reflection (7:05)
Strip (6:48)
Insight (7:54)
 in stock $19.65
Jump Start
Jump Start (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: TEKLIFE 025. Rel: 11 Jul 24
Jump Start (5:49)
Nines (4:24)
Jump Start (Deeon's Jeep Style remix) (4:31)
Review: We'd have never guessed that the (originally) dubstep producer Loefah would land a release on the principally juke and footwork label Teklife and decide, of all things, to give them three acid techno tunes. The linkages aren't as tenuous as it sounds, though: anything more than a cursory listen will unveil the unmistakable Chicago house influences on this otherwise London-born burrer. With the 197 bus to Croydon held firmly in mind, both 'Jump Start' and 'Nines' lay down respectively riveting fidgets, and recall lost fantasies of juke competitions in deep South London community centres, that in reality never happened - though we still know, feel, that deep down there is a more primal dialogue at play between the two cities. On track 3, this dialogue is extended with an official collab with ghetto house pioneer DJ Deeon, whose overt displays of sample-vocalled sexuality put the genre on the map; here, though, he rerubs Loefah's A-side, tubing his acid line through a veritable warp-sped drive, and causing the track to take its fullest flight.
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Surf & Turf EP
Cat: OPIA 016. Rel: 24 Jun 24
7up (6:13)
Lunchbox (6:35)
Salty Context (6:41)
Surf & Turf (5:37)
Review: Longhair steps up to the London label Opia with four more fresh cuts of future-facing electro. Up first is the zippy brilliance of '7up' with its fizzing lines and splashy hi-hats. 'Lunchbox' is another cracker with burrowing synth lines and lots of percussive energy that adds to the bumping bass. 'Salty Context' gets busy with a more trippy synth style that takes you to the stars over corrugated beats and 'Surf & Turf' closes out with a mix of all of the above plus some loon bird class, shiny bells and organic drum sounds.
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Morning Relief
Cat: CNT 015. Rel: 17 Jul 24
Numero 6 - "Do It Again" (4:48)
Lungo - "I Have Some Bad News" (6:25)
Lungo - "Bem O Bom" (5:43)
Numero 6 - "Choubidou" (5:44)
Review: Five years after launching (via a fine EP from Vitess), Chat Noir Records' offshoot Chat Noir Tools - a self-styled 'club oriented experiment lab' - notches up its 15th EP. It's a split affair, with two tracks apiece from label regular Lungo and French graffiti artist/graphic designer turned producer Numero 6. The latter kicks off the EP with 'Do It Again', where woozy, pitched-down vocal samples, drowsy deep house chords and spacey electronic noises ride a crunchy, formative Chicago house beat, before returning to round off the EP with the analogue-rich nu-disco quirkiness of 'Choubidou'. Sandwiched in between you'll find Lungo's contributions - the electro/deep house hybrid 'Bem O Bom', and the synth-heavy nu-disco squelch of 'I Have Some Bad News', where Mr Oizo style electronic motifs and colourful chords catch the ear.
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Shifted Dimensions EP
Shifted Dimensions EP (limited 12")
Cat: FUN 002. Rel: 18 Jul 24
Prospect 8 (7:42)
Tilt (7:34)
Mystery House (7:17)
Cleon (6:34)
Review: Hamburg-based Rupert Marnie helped found The Press Group back in 2015, and has since been weaving a compelling strain of minimal tech house on his own terms. Now he makes it over to emergent label System Error for a suite of head-tweaking workouts which tip closer to techno, especially on the rushing arps of opening track 'Prospect 8'. 'Tilt' toys with some trance elements and 'Mystery House' locks in a sub-heavy bassline and spooky theremin-style leads up top, while 'Clean' reaches for a sweeter, synth-led mood and captures it beautifully.
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Moments EP
Moments EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MELOD 015. Rel: 05 Jul 24
Moments (5:35)
Moments (Legowelt remix) (6:35)
Dimensional Space Travel (5:10)
Analogue Being (4:52)
Review: German artist Martin Matiske's musical journey began under the mentorship of DJ Hell, who introduced him to the decks at Gigolo label nights in Munich in 1999. Inspired by pioneers like Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre, Matiske started producing for International Deejay Gigolo Records and later for Frustrated Funk, Bordello A Parigi, and the Central Processing Unit. His new EP has already had support from Dave Clarke and Helena Hauff, including for the standout track 'Moments', which blends ice-cold snares with celestial pads and retro-future synths. Legowelt's remix of 'Moments' adds an astral electro vibe, while 'Dimensional Space Travel' and 'Analogue Being' explore cinematic electro with nostalgic, playful tones.
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Luminescence VA
Cat: REAL 005. Rel: 17 Jul 24
Pete Melba - "Testing" (5:49)
Miles - "Devils Joint" (5:13)
Iro Aka - "Noorad" (6:25)
Miles - "Leaf Grinder" (6:49)
Review: Leeds label Real Interactions aim to facilitate just that - real interactions - by way of releasing just the kind of music that might spur them on, not least in the age of long-circuited digital mediation of the social. Their latest record 'Luminescence' channels four of the Northern city's best underground house hammerers, all of which ironically work in, and do not reject, digitality in their sound. Pete Melba opens with 'Testing', which pairs miragic chords with old-style-sample musings on scientific "hocus pocus" and disorientation. Miles' 'Devils Joint' takes a Mr. Fingers-esque approach to looping house-trance, impressively sating our ossicles with its descendant whirls. Things get increasingly dreamy and emotive from there on out, with Iro Aka's 'Noorad' pairing spaceship-HUD melodi-bloops with low pad-hums and Miles' 'Leaf Grinder' janking things out to brukky, fuzzy-logical effect.
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Triangle D'or 1
Cat: PARODIA 05. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Stargazing (4:33)
Undcided (6:05)
Welcome (feat Patrick Holland) (5:43)
Bblluurrryy (3:09)
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Diggers Society Vol 1
Miki, Andrea Melly, Niki IL B - "432 Birds" (7:44)
Francesco Farfa - "Fear" (5:35)
Luca Piermattei - "Magical Year" (6:13)
Lucio - "Paranoid Hills" (6:21)
Review: Diggers Society Vol 1 is the inaugural release from the underground electronic music label Diggers Society, based in Barcelona. This EP showcases the label's diverse musical philosophy, featuring two tracks from legends Francesco Farfa and Miki (with collaborators Niki IL B and Andrea Melly) and two tracks from emerging talents Luca Piermattei and Lucio. Side-1 opens with 432 Birds' by Miki, Andrea Melly, and Niki IL B, a hypnotic track perfect for setting a sci-fi atmosphere. Following is Francesco Farfa's 'Fear,' a groovy, bassline-heavy tune with a trancey melody that keeps the energy high. Side-2 features Luca Piermattei's 'Magical Year,; a track that continues the EP's entrancing vibe. The closing track, Lucio's 'Paranoid Hills,' is a wicked and ominous techno piece infused with psy trance elements, offering a dark, compelling end to the night. Diggers Society Vol 1 is a really cool take on the future of techno and trance equally.
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Played by: DJ Mau Mau
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Betaz Alphaz EP
Cat: NINJA 001. Rel: 28 Jun 24
Betaz Alphaz (6:38)
Liquidz Earth (6:34)
Solid (6:30)
Flavors (7:04)
Review: German rabbit-hole techno pushers Miroloja are on a self-described 'hot streak', evidently having found a wave and continuing to stick with it. Now kicking off the Ninja imprint with its debut 12" comes this fantastic four-tracker, designed to leave minds bent, and bodies similarly torqued. Indeed, 'funky twisted music' is the label's strapline for this one, but "funky" lands as more of a feeling than a form. The beats here are really rather straight and unswung, allowing ample room for its many breakbeat through-girds and decorative acid echoings-out. The first two track titles come peppered with whoreson zeds at their ends, playing up the zany, zinging zones of Miroloja's zhared zound; the B-siders, meanwhile, do us a 'Solid' with a brief coupling of deeper-into-the-dance 'Flavours', the latter track of which is a real head-addler to say the least.
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Jugalbandi EP
Cat: SL 012. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Innayat (6:16)
Rava Fry (5:54)
Siolim Hues (6:41)
Jugalbandi (5:13)
Played by: Queer On Acid
! low stock $15.60
Vegapunk EP
Cat: BMR 003. Rel: 05 Jul 24
Rocky (7:06)
Gecko Moria (Zombie mix) (4:58)
Japanese TeleTom (Nintendo mix) (6:21)
Nostalgic Cyborg (5:04)
Tags: Tech House
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Melodie (limited white vinyl 7")
Cat: SSCR 2024006WHITE. Rel: 25 Jun 24
Melodie (Rob Hardt vocal mix) (4:44)
Melodie (Rob Hardt dub mix) (4:43)
Review: Mousse T.'s latest album, Melodie, reaffirmed his mastery of widely appealing dance music. The title track from it now gets served up on Sedsoulciety Recordings as a remixed version. The original is a sophisticated groover that blends disco nostalgia with modern charm. Rob Hardt vocal mix features Cleah's enchanting vocals which evoke classic disco vibes while the infectious beats, funky basslines, and irresistible melodies all add a tight, strident street soul feel. Flip it over and you'll find a great dub version and what's more this one comes on nice limited white vinyl to make it extra nice.
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Pizza Tower (Soundtrack)
Pizza Tower (Soundtrack) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: MCOL 0435V. Rel: 28 Jun 24
Post Elvis - "Pizza Deluxe" (2:21)
Mr Sauceman - "It's Pizza Time!" (3:41)
Mr Sauceman - "Cold Spaghetti" (2:01)
ClascyJitto - "Put On A Show!" (3:34)
Mr Sauceman - "The Death That I Deservioli" (2:54)
ClascyJitto - "Dungeon Freakshow" (3:33)
Mr Sauceman - "Pepperman Strikes!" (1:56)
ClascyJitto - "Oregano Mirage" (2:47)
Mr Sauceman - "Tombstone Arizona" (3:09)
ClascyJitto - "Yeehaw Deliveryboy" (2:16)
ClascyJitto - "Wudpecker" (3:06)
ClascyJitto - "Good Eatin'" (3:36)
Mr Sauceman - "Extraterrestrial Wahwahs" (3:35)
Mr Sauceman - "Pumpin' Hot Stuff" (2:20)
ClascyJitto - "Don't Preheat Your Oven Because If You Do The Song Won't Play" (2:37)
Mr Sauceman - "Peppino's Sauce Machine" (2:09)
ClascyJitto - "Pizza Time Never Ends" (5:03)
Mr Sauceman - "Thousand March" (4:37)
Mr Sauceman - "Pizza Mayhem" (3:04)
Mr Sauceman - "Unexpectancy" (part 1) (5:30)
Mr Sauceman - "Unexpectancy" (part 2) (4:24)
Mr Sauceman - "Unexpectancy" (part 3) (4:33)
ClascyJitto - "Secret Hoppin' King's Mix" (1:27)
Mr Sauceman - "Bye Bye There!" (3:14)
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Split #2
Split #2 (12")
Cat: OTH 008. Rel: 01 Jul 24
NE - "Procrastination" (6:24)
NE - "Lostrack" (6:22)
Elias Sternin - "Dirty Spring" (7:24)
Elias Sternin - "Falso" (8:09)
Review: Split #2 presents a riveting showcase of techno talent from NE and Elias Sternin, delivering four tracks brimming with dynamic energy and driving beats. On Side-1, NE starts with 'Procrastination,' blending techno and electro elements seamlessly, supported by an acid line that adds a futuristic edge to the track. 'Lostrack' follows suit with its commanding presence, anchored by a strong techno foundation and bolstered by a serious acid motif. Flipping to Side2, Elias Sternin takes the reins with 'Dirty Spring,' a mysterious and atmospheric journey characterized by its building tension and expansive synth lines, creating a retro movie soundtrack of sorts. Closing the EP with 'Falso,' Sternin introduces elements of psy trance, infusing the track with pulsating rhythms and hypnotic textures that elevate it. Even though each track is of the more serious nature, there is a tongue in cheek 80's vibe that makes them come across as fun pieces of techno music.
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Yummy (CD)
Cat: PP 110. Rel: 01 Jul 24
Walk In Walk Out
My Feeling
The Start
Take A Break
Whatcha Do
Pot Red
Review: Melbourne's Nice Girl (real name Ruby Kerkhofs) has been of the Public Possession family for four years. In that time, she's released a handful of admirable singles and a pair of albums that showcase her distinctive, attractive and well-crafted take on house music. On Yummy, her third full-length, Kerkhofs continues on this theme, bouncing between autotune-sporting electronic colour (the blissful 'Walk In Walk Out'), heady and hypnotic, techno-tempo beauty ('Departure'), deep synth-pop ('My Feeling'), sun-splashed, saucer-eyed lusciousness ('Sonething'), sparkling electronic ambience ('Take a Break', '49'), cheeky nu-disco ('Watcha Do') and high-octane boundary-blurring cheeriness ('Yummy'). Best of all, though, is the techno-meets-progressive house joy of killer closing cut 'Pot Red').
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