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I Don't Want This Sort Of Thing In My House
Cat: AFT 011. Rel: 18 Jun 24
A Gentleman From London Was Very Upset (7:30)
Rock Farm Rave (6:42)
Our Survey Says (6:47)
Hellowee'n (5:56)
Review: UK electro powerhouse and general all round mainstay of the underground Radioactive Man is back with more of his singular sonic goodness, this time with Ben Pest on the Asking For Trouble label. The brilliantly entitled I Don't Want This Sort Of Thing In My House EP starts with 'A Gentleman From London Was Very Upset' and a filtered vocal sample then kicks into life with precision electro breaks and flashy acid lines. 'Rock Farm Rave' is another caustic and rave radar mix of squealing synth lines and jacked up beats, 'Our Survey Says' is hyperspeed rhythmic experimentation and 'Hello Wee'n' shuts down with spun-out cosmic grooves and bumping bass.
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 in stock $21.19
Peachland (LP limited to 150 copies)
Cat: MMS 007. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Make It Move (4:01)
Fire To Flame (3:43)
Six Inches (4:44)
Get Open (4:53)
Staring Into The Sun (4:10)
Potion (3:19)
Precious (3:57)
Falling Backwards (4:38)
 in stock $22.79
A Promise In The Cold Night
Cat: BAP 198. Rel: 17 Jun 24
Ritmo Electronico (6:27)
Tanzen (feat Alex Vincent) (6:46)
Synthesised Emotion (5:43)
Sphere Of Light (5:04)
Review: LVCA and Otis channel the sounds of their homeland into a brooding mix of addictive lines and vocoder fire in 'Ritmo Electronico'. The track opens with a steel-edged snare driving smeared synths through a neon-stained cityscape, with robotic lyrics adding menace to the scene. 'Tanzen' pulls listeners deeper into A Promise In The Cold Night, featuring Alex Vincent's glitchy words, bright burbling bars, and a clean clap that light the way. The album's true coldness emerges with 'Synthesised Emotion,' where stabbing keys and a haze of hi-hats create a smoky, electrical atmosphere. This haze thickens in 'Sphere Of Light,' as aquatic tones and static distortion blend with ghostly vocals, encapsulating listeners in a fog of bending bodies and forms. LVCA and Otis have crafted an album that is perfect for those seeking a dark, electronic escape.
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Tags: Hi-NRG | Nu Disco
 in stock $16.43
In The Wake Of Wolves
Cat: CPU 01111101. Rel: 06 Jun 24
I Need You (2:35)
Further (3:13)
GasGas (2:00)
Minds Protection (2:48)
WORKOUT (2:32)
Half Spectrum (3:14)
New Friends (1:40)
Full Spectrum (2:28)
No Self Their Own (2:10)
Mia's Dream (Mea Culpa) (3:25)
Forget Me Not (6:14)
Peter Around Town (2:08)
Mila Stands In A Meadow For The First Time Eating Strawberries (2:49)
Review: Drew Lustman's longstanding FaltyDL moniker makes a welcome return with a debut full length record for the eminent Central Processing Unit label. In The Wake Of Wolves deconstructs Lustman's usual rough dance sound for a less predictable album-length breakdown, retaining his usual arid textures while playing up the more sound-designed and maximalist ends of his craft. In the pithy words of CPU: "This could pass for Four Tet or even Hannah Diamond at points, the steady build of pulsing synths and looped vocals recalling a more mysterious version of the PC Music sound." Whether you totally agree, you'd have to agree FaltyDL has at least taken on something of their contemporary future-pop/digisonic aesthetic and incorporated it into his own; this is most evident on the glassy pirouettes and gladiate complexities of 'Minds Protection', or the tenebrous post-punk descensions of 'New Friends', or many maximized IDM trap-doors and toolroom hard-clips of 'Workout'.
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 in stock $17.75
Petit Koala
Cat: XRD 019. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Trainspotting (8:06)
Trainspotting (Otis & Paul Lution remix) (6:41)
Solo Para Adultos (6:03)
Koala (6:43)
Review: Ildec has become an increasingly vital artist in the last couple of years. His quality and tasteful output nudges at the boundaries of house and tech with unique sense of character. That's true again here on a new EP for Exarde that starts with a darker sound and snappy tech drums. Otis & Paul Lution remix with a hint of electro pop and futurism and 'Solo Para Adultos' then brings some shimmering synths to kinetic kicks and claps. 'Koala' is a textured stomper with an industrial cosmic edge.
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 in stock $14.57
Distant Signals EP
Cat: FAN 018. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Exolon (5:26)
Sytasol (4:30)
Alpha Grid (5:27)
Gekko7 (4:48)
Isotoxal Drift (5:14)
Review: Four dreamy exoplanetary electro cuts from Nullptr. With a melancholic orbit, the mood of this EP is wistful and lachrymose, as if the sonar-HUD on our spaceship's cockpit is over-bleeping at rapidfire; we've flown too close to the celestial object we sought, and have nothing left to do but bask in the bittersweet antagonism of space-faring victory and revelatory disappointment. 'Exolon' portrays some leftover remnant of trekkers' curiosity, suggesting we're still driven - motivated - on our quest to grasp said strange attractor. Yet 'Sytasol' moves sadder, locking in a grooved stasis through a mixture of fidgeting melodic acid and clappage. 'Alpha Grid' and 'Gekko7' hear spirits revive for a no less dreamy revolution about the sun.
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 in stock $15.36
Tougher (7")
Cat: SWR 031. Rel: 22 May 24
Tougher (live At Hollis Park version - Jorun Bombay remix) (2:38)
Who's House (Iive At Hollis Park version - Jorun Bombay remix) (4:03)
Review: Legendary edit king, scalpel master and studio wizard Jorun Bombay is back with more of his expertly articulated remixes. This time his latest 7" comes on Soundweight and finds him reworking a live at Holls Park version of 'Tougher.' It is super short but sweet with raw, bumping breaks, backspins, sleazy vocals and early-era electro stabs. On the flip is 'Who's House' (Iive At Hollis Park version - Jorun Bombay remix) which is a smoother, deep hip-hop roller with feel-good horns and plenty of characterful scratching. Two different but equally effective new joints from Jorun.
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 in stock $12.71
Something To Forget
Something To Forget (white vinyl 12" in hand-numbered hand-stamped sleeve limited to 300 copies)
Cat: IDI 019. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Something To Forget (5:10)
Something To Forget (Gabe Gurnsey remix) (6:25)
Flying Away (4:17)
Flying Away (Whitesquare remix) (5:36)
Review: Berlin's renowned Iptamenos Discos its back with more great musical enchant in the form of this new white vinyl 12" in hand-numbered hand-stamped sleeve from Boys' Shorts. This dynamic queer duo comes from Greece and is made up of Vangelis (formerly of LAGASTA) and London-based Tareq. Their Something To Forget EP is a dazzling mix of disco with a whole world of subtle influences from other genres. Two originals come accompanied by innovative remixes from Gabe Gurnsey and Whitesquare to make this an effective outing that will likely win Boys' Shorts many new followers.
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 in stock $20.13
De La Isla EP
Cat: ESP 101. Rel: 18 Jun 24
Obscure Entrance (5:34)
Language Of The Dead (5:16)
Bandhu (4:16)
The Island Groove (7:48)
Dream Body (Lucid mix) (6:45)
Review: De La Isla EP marks a compelling debut for Espiritu Recordings, showcasing Dojo Zone's versatile production prowess across five tracks. 'Dream Body (Exotica Mix)' kicks off with a potent blend of techno and progressive house, a dynamic journey through pulsating beats and twisted mood swings. 'Houdini Hauz' follows suit, infusing 80s-inspired sounds into a modern tech house, resulting in a groove-laden sonic landscape reminiscent of new wave aesthetics. The EP takes a detour with 'Obscure Entrance,' paying homage to Detroit's rhythmic heritage with its bubbling acid lines and 808 state-esque sounds. 'Bandu Bandu' is another goodie, that ventures deeper into the realms of futurism, with its serious and contemplative tones layered over intricate textures, offering a profound listening experience. Dojo Zone's masterful fusion of retro influences with contemporary production techniques makes this inaugural release from Espiritu Recordings a promising start for the label, setting high expectations for future endeavors.
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 in stock $15.88
Phemeral EP
Phemeral EP (cassette limited to 20 copies)
Cat: KGDA 001. Rel: 19 Jun 24
Lighter Than Air
! low stock $15.36
Whispers Of An Ancient World III
Whispers Of An Ancient World III (LP limited to 250 copies)
Cat: WAW 003. Rel: 03 Jun 24
Dog (2:40)
O Time Your Pyramids (3:50)
MCV (4:44)
Infinite Staircase Ascending (3:19)
Axaxaxas MLO (2:33)
The Combed Thunderclap (3:10)
The Plaster Cramp (2:36)
LXUM, LKWC (3:36)
Infinite Staircase Descending (3:22)
Review: Veteran electrohead and former artist on the Rephlex Records roseter DMX Krew's Ed DMX takes the well-known story by Jorge Luis Borges of The Library of Babel, said to contain all the different languages of the earth. Some deep philosophical thought has gone into the album's concept, but we'll leave that to Ed to explain. Instead, we'll tell you that from beginning to end there's plenty of the kind of trademark 80s synth playfulness in evidence, with a generally more mellow and soundtrack-related rather than frenetic and dancefloor-filling vibe in evidence, even on faster tracks like 'The Combed Thunderclap'. Still, Ed knows what he's doing when it comes to this kind of leftfield electro gear, and it's a rewarding, never boring listen.

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 in stock $19.06
NFY 005
NFY 005 (12")
Cat: NFY 005. Rel: 09 May 24
Eastside Boogie (5:12)
Vision (6:06)
 in stock $14.31
Brain Mutants
Cat: NSA 007. Rel: 18 Jun 24
Mutated Brain Process (4:05)
Electric Mutant (4:19)
Non-Euclidean Coordinates (3:25)
Tunnel Mutant (6:01)
Depressed Mutant (4:23)
Review: The one and only DMX Krew is back once again with yet another superb release, this time on the emerging and already exciting No Static/Automatic label. This time out he blends electro with bass, acid and techno and opens up with the squelchy 303s and prickly beats of 'Mutated Brain Process' before 'Electric Mutant' layers up whirring machines and jerking drum patterns. 'Non-Euclidean Coordinates' is a high-speed and physical workout with low end menace and the superb closer 'Depressed Mutant' might just be the best of the lot with its withering sci-fi motifs and alien sounds, kinetic electro beats and otherwordly vibes.
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 in stock $18.81
First Album (reissue)
First Album (reissue) (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: NBLP 001. Rel: 22 Mar 23
Life On MTV (4:24)
Frank Sinatra (3:50)
Walk On By (5:18)
1982 (5:18)
Stock Exchange (5:46)
You & Us (6:15)
Flexibility (11:00)
L'Homme Dans L'Ombre (4:17)
Slow Track (2:58)
Nurse (5:16)
Stripper (4:59)
DJ Song (3:04)
Walking In The Sunshine (5:14)
Frank Sinatra 2001 (4:57)
The Beach (bonus track) (4:39)
Review: Nobody's Business re-release Kittin's first album, 'First Album', harkening to way back when the electroclash queen (Caroline Herve) formed one part of the duo Miss Kittin & The Hacker with Michael Amato. Perhaps it's time for an electroclash comeback, as we're no less keen on this album as we were back then. We're happily reminded of the hit popcorning single '1982', while between-the-beats coldness prevails on lesser-known cuts like 'Nurse' and 'L'Homme Dans L'Ombre', showing off the pair's near-sociopathically calculated sound. Also of note: this album's original release year, 2001, is to 2022 what 1982 was to it.

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 in stock $29.94
Mydefinition Part II
Cat: OYSTER 45. Rel: 14 Jun 24
SKYnetOPENwindow (4:24)
DaREAL90'sdeal (5:13)
ShaCAT'selecTRON70's (4:47)
RimFLYgemini (7:52)
NightTRAIN29X (6:29)
DeeepFLYYyyHIgh (7:18)
GemiNIorigIN (5:00)
CUTlightDAY (4:30)
YZXY EndERGY (5:43)
 in stock $26.49
Clear (12")
Cat: FAN 216/D 216. Rel: 25 Apr 02
Clear (4:58)
Industrial Lies (6:15)
Review: There's not much that hasn't been said about this amazing electro breadance beauty from Juan Atkins and Richard Davis. Sometime last year it was ripped of by Pharrell and company for Missy Elliot's "Lose Control" and (with the notable exceptions of Kraftwerk, Brian Eno etc.) it's generally been the blueprint for everything techno from '83 onwards. Here we have the original and best version... A must have.
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 in stock $14.04
Top Of The Pyramid EP
Cat: RTTD 025. Rel: 02 Apr 24
Top Of The Pyramid (7:28)
Not Unique (4:43)
7 Days A Week (6:16)
Review: Luke Eargoggle joins forces with Dataintrang here for a seasonally appropriate ice-cold electro outing on Return to Disorder. It kick off with side-long opener 'Top Of The Pyramid' which is full of sidewinding synths and squealing analogue lines over corrugated bass. After that one comes the manic and high tempo electro-shocks of 'Not Unique' with snappy snares and darkened vocals. Last but not least is the most brutal assault of them all - '7 Days A Week', a melange of wild acid lines and liquid metal leads with turbulent bass and a general sense of intergalactic warfare.
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 in stock $12.99
Harnessed The Storm (Special Edition)
Harnessed The Storm (Special Edition) (180 gram vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: TRESOR 181LPX. Rel: 09 Nov 22
Digital Tsunami (6:22)
Soul Of The Sea (4:31)
Dr Blowfins' Black Storm Stabilizing Spheres (6:12)
Song Of The Green Whale (4:58)
Lake Haze (5:13)
Mission To Ociya Syndor & Back (5:14)
Under Sea Disturbances (8:06)
Review: Considered by some to be one of the greatest IDM albums of all time (though we'd argue that it's really an electro set), Drexciya's 2002 set 'Harnessed The Storm' has been given the 20th anniversary reissue treatment. Pressed to striking silver vinyl and housed in freshly redesigned packaging, it's certainly an alluring album. It was part of a series of conceptually linked sets the pair recorded in 12 months (most of the others were subsequently released under other aliases after the surprise death of member James Stinson), and it has a typically atmospheric, other-worldly sound - underwater sci-fi electro that twisted standard Motor City tropes into a variety of futuristic directions. Highlights include the fizzing 'Digital Tsunami', the beautiful and widescreen 'Under Sea Disturbances' (a freakishly sub-heavy affair) and the clandestine shimmer of 'Lake Haze'.
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Played by: Carlos Nilmmns
 in stock $26.24
Soup Edits 3
Cat: SOUP 3. Rel: 01 May 24
Track 1 (9:48)
Track 2 (4:17)
Track 3 (4:58)
Track 4 (5:59)
 in stock $16.43
Throwback (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: BORFT 174. Rel: 28 May 24
Throwback (9:22)
Acid Crack (6:55)
Far Out (5:12)
 in stock $14.57
Here To Stay
Cat: TRUE 12164. Rel: 21 May 24
Here To Stay (5:55)
Our Destiny (6:30)
Review: Partystarting electro master Christian Smith, known as a longtime contributor to Drumcode, now lands on Truesoul for the first time, delivering two fresh dystopia-relishing electro-techno cuts in the form of 'Here To Stay', arriving on 12". The Tronic boss and all round techno stalwart flaunts teh groovier and more melodic side of his music personality here; 'Here To Stay' is a slick slice of robot fun, underlined by an elegant melodic underbelly, rugged electro riffs and an intergalactic vocal. Its accompaniment, 'Our Destiny', is a searing chord-led production, ideal for warm-ups or silky morning sets.
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 in stock $16.43
Cat: TRUST 046. Rel: 03 Jun 24
Cataclysm (5:06)
Intrusion (7:35)
Syndicate War (7:03)
Axon Terminal (6:05)
Review: Versalife is one of the many aliases of prolific Dutch producer Versalife. It is where he explores electro in meticulous detail and this new Technofeudalism 12" is as good as it gets. 'Cataclysm' kicks off with a deft and broken beat rhythm, celestial chords and eerie little melodic details that keep you on your toes. 'Intrusion' is darker and more direct with a menacing bassline. 'Syndicate War' ups the ante once more with more energetic rhythms and jagged synths flashing across the face of the tune while 'Axon Terminal' is a moody closer with bittersweet melancholic in the pads.
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 in stock $14.31
Planeta De Roca
Cat: GB 010. Rel: 08 May 24
Planeta De Roca (3:30)
Palabras (3:56)
 in stock $12.71
Virtual Visions EP
Cat: TTP 003. Rel: 14 May 24
Virtual Visions (6:33)
Days Of Past (5:03)
Fuck All (5:05)
Panic (6:37)
In Motion (7:35)
Review: Central Intelligence is back with more of his signature techno magic on Time To Panic. The old school pixelated artwork hints at the vibe inside with throwback techno and some retro melodies opening up on the mid tempo 'Virtual Visions'. 'Days Of Past' gets more busy with zippy synth flashing about the mix next to spoken word samples and heavy kicks. 'Fuck All' amps things up further with serrated leads and flashy pads all conveying a sense of urgent intergalactic space travel and the flip side jams 'Panic' - which recalls the Blade Runner soundtrack, and 'In Motion', and elastic cosmic bumper, round out in style.
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 in stock $16.43
Cassette King
Cat: FR 059/SCH272SAMPLER. Rel: 14 May 24
Who Am I (4:00)
Cousin Bruce (4:41)
Cassette King (3:10)
Memory Event (1:32)
Stars Hold (4:11)
Review: This new drop from key Dutch label Frustrated Funk is a 12" sampler for Adapta's critically acclaimed Memory Program album. It was only a cassette and digital release the first time around so it's great to have these tracks on wax. There is a serenity to the synths of 'Who Am I' that really captivates your imagination while 'Cousin Bruce' has whipping, lashing synth lines tearing up the broken beat funk and 'Cassette King' is a sludgy, lo-fi, gritty and mutant slow motion rhythmic workout. 'Memory Event' and 'Stars Hold' add yet more variation to a superb 12" and a great reminder of the quality of the original album.
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 in stock $14.31
Liars (12")
Cat: CPU 01111100. Rel: 04 Apr 24
WAN1 (5:18)
Lola (4:31)
Mousfolk Acid (5:42)
Balm (5:06)
Review: Karsten Pflum's album Liars explores the underground sound of techno and creates a captivating and energetic soundscape. Pflum's album is a journey through the dark and enigmatic underbelly of electronic music. He skillfully blends elements of techno, electro, and acid to create a unique and immersive experience. The album's jittery rhythms and moody soundscapes are perfect for late-night listening or for energizing a dancefloor. Tracks like 'Mousfolk Acid' are raw, intense, and uncompromising. Tracks like Lola' are sure to get comparisons to AFX and Squarepusher and that's not a bad thing at all. But for those who are willing to delve into its depths, Liars offers a rewarding and transformative experience.
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Played by: Sikka
 in stock $12.71
Supermarkt Remixes
Cat: KLR 063. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Supermarkt (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) (6:57)
Supermarkt (Ost & Kjex remix) (6:13)
Supermarkt (Ana Helder remix) (4:48)
Supermarkt (Mijo remix) (6:05)
Supermarkt (dirty Acid mix) (6:42)
Supermarkt (Amount remix) (6:42)
Supermarkt (original mix) (5:24)
Review: Berlin producer Acud follows up 2023's Matjesfilet and Verbrennungsmotor with another multi-mix remix single, 'Supermarkt'. Flexing the network with a lead remix by none other than Prins Thomas - followed by versions from Ost & Kjex, Ana Helder, Dirty Acid, Mijo, and two from Amount - this remix EP makes for a comprehensive take on just how many times a track can be reinterpreted. Straying from the original's downtempo disco whimsies and supermarket-tannoy ready basslines, each producer lends their own deconstructed flair to the original, best of which in our view has to be Amount's retakes, which seize the opportunity to create something almost entirely new and singular from the stems.
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Tags: Nu Disco
 in stock $14.31
FM 005
FM 005 (12")
Cat: FM 005. Rel: 23 May 24
Innuendo - "Reise Ins Zentrum Der Zeit" (6:53)
Five Ten - "Control" (5:56)
Mono-Tone - "Night Spirits" (5:43)
SPAC - "My Galaxy Is Not Yours" (5:40)
Review: Flight Mode Records' fifth release offers a riveting exploration of futuristic techno landscapes with four distinct tracks from formidable artists. Innuendo's 'Reise Ins Zentrum Der Zeit' kicks off the first side with pulsating rhythms and a progressive build, evoking a journey through time with its driving energy. Following suit, Five Ten's 'Control' harks back to early 90s techno with a robust beat and bleepy melodies, giving listeners with its nostalgic charm. On Side-2, Mono-Tone presents 'Night Spirits,' an enthralling piece featuring a heavy acid line enveloped in ethereal echoes, accompanied by a subtle electro undertone that adds depth to the track's atmosphere. Closing the release, SPAC's 'My Galaxy Is Not Yours' injects upbeat energy with trance elements, inviting listeners on a cosmic voyage filled with pulsating rhythms and hypnotic melodies. Flight Mode Records' commitment to pushing the boundaries of techno is evident in this diverse selection of tracks, shows the label's dedication to delivering forward-thinking electronic music.
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Played by: Rave Energy
 in stock $17.49
Germ In A Population Of Buildings
Germ In A Population Of Buildings (LP + MP3 download code in embossed sleeve)
Cat: PAN 132. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Being Is A Stone (3:22)
Constructing (3:01)
Ergo Dynamic Tree (2:58)
Green Lung (3:10)
Germ In A Population Of Beings (1:30)
Patterning (3:49)
Asphalt Flows (4:19)
Soft Sand (2:39)
Square To Sphere (3:08)
Metro Shake Whispers (4:45)
Review: Upsammy's 2023 stonker Germ In A Population Of Buildings now comes to vinyl via PAN. Continuing in one very particular aspect of the Amsterdam musician's craft - her interest in architecture and environmental design, and how that plays into and informs on sound - this LP evinces ideas of a rewilded modernist edifice, avoiding static textures in favour of a 'constantly shifting' sound. An IDM record teeming with electroacoustic textures, all of which sound "alive" - wood, brick, steel, ceramic, concrete, you name the building material - it seems that Upsammy's intent is to physically model almost every possible foley impact on the planet and arrange it into a single whimsical symphony. A digital audiophile's dream.
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 in stock $24.65
Computer World (reissue)
Computer World (reissue) (heavyweight translucent yellow vinyl LP + 16 page booklet)
Cat: 019029 5272302. Rel: 09 Oct 20
Computer World (5:09)
Pocket Calculator (4:58)
Numbers (3:20)
Computer World 2 (3:12)
Computer Love (7:20)
Home Computer (6:21)
It's More Fun To Compute (4:15)
Review: You still won't find a more perfect electro album than Kraftwerk's Computer World, and it was the album that pretty much invented the style. That much is clear from this fresh 2020 reissue, which presents the iconic 1981 set on translucent yellow vinyl, accompanied by a slick booklet of fitting Kraftwerkian imagery. While 'Computer World', 'Pocket Calculator' and 'Computer Love' are near perfect electro-pop songs, it's the sheer heaviness and funkiness of the B-boy friendly beats on 'Home Computer', 'It's More Fun To Compute' and, most famously, 'Numbers' that make it such an essential. Put simply, Computer World still sounds like the future.
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 in stock $31.53
Set It Off
Cat: JB 001. Rel: 26 Apr 05
Set It Off
Set It Off (instrumental)
Review: Classic party starter by George Logions and Walter Gibbons. A hybrid of early 80s disco and electro. Feel the 808!!
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 in stock $14.31
Attention Spin! 001
Cat: ATTSPIN 01. Rel: 30 May 24
HDWIDU - "Une Nuit A Paris" (4:53)
NILS - "Mad Game" (5:35)
NUTS - "Half On A Room" (4:47)
SWEELY - "Lil' Drama" (5:05)
Review: Fresh French label Attention Spin! flaunts the talents of the Parisian underground in its freshest incarnation. Currently turning their focus towards cosmic house music with hints of Italo and new beat, as well as aiming to prioritize dance music that uses vocals as an instrument, their first release here is a four-track EP from rising star DJ Dawidu. The likes of 'Une Nuit A Paris' and 'Mad Game' detail the wilder, undergrounder ends of after-hours nightlife in the Capitale de la Mode. 'Half On A Room', meanwhile, spans dub- and hip-house, while 'Lil'Drama' is the most vocal and catwalk-worthy of the bunch.
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Played by: DJ Mau Mau
 in stock $16.16
Caged (feat Hardfloor remix)
Caged (feat Hardfloor remix) (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: VIS 324. Rel: 20 Sep 21
Caged (Hardfloor remix)
Review: 20/20 Vision present the debut release from Manchester based artists Armec. Following releases for Cultivated Electronics and Furthur Electronix, the Caged EP hits the ground running - with a record that spans heavy club-ready electro and futuristic soundscapes. Complete with a hefty remix from German acid connoisseurs Hardfloor.

'Caged' sucks us down the rabbit hole with dense textures fortified by an infectious groove, vast pads, and bubbling synth lines. The Hardfloor remix of 'Caged' submerges us into an acidic electro trip - fuelled by quirky melodic licks, a menacing low-end and body shaking drums.

On the flip side 'Curvature' is an out-and-out understated bomb. Propelled by a squelching, supercharged bassline which soars over Armec's signature textural landscape, it's reinforced by razor sharp hats and a heavy kick-drum. 'Replicants' is a side-winding, emotionally charged cut that feels truly fresh and forward-thinking. Deep, luscious pads are underpinned by a superbly engineered break-beat driven groove.

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Played by: Wes Baggaley
 in stock $6.35
Exit Planet Earth: Silicon 
Exit Planet Earth: Silicon  (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: EPE 06. Rel: 15 Nov 21
Extrawelt - "Hail The Whale" (Coexisting mix) (6:45)
Djedjotronic - "NDE" (4:45)
Ste Roberts - "The Rebirth 2.0" (6:44)
Ivna Ji - "Rescape" (6:19)
Review: 20/20 Vision are exiting planet Earth once again with the latest in their perfectly formed series of electro explorations, as Extrawelt leads the charge with an illustrious slice of braindance-tinted funk titled 'Hail The Whale (Coexisting Mix)'. Djedjotronic follows that up with a bold blast of mammoth synth work which hits pretty damn hard without being pointlessly brutal. Ste Roberts takes a break from his self-titled label run to offer up a freaky foray into acid-speckled territory, and Ivna Ji gets expressive with a rich palette of synths moving in harmony around a sharp and snappy beat.
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Club Angels EP
Cat: DANCETRAX 036. Rel: 22 Feb 22
Ride (4:34)
Ride (Dagga remix) (4:57)
Drop Your Pants (4:17)
Boy U Nasty (5:34)
Review: More hot-to-trot heaviness on Unknown To The Unknown's Dance Trax offshoot, as electro/techno heavyweight Jensen Interceptor joins forces with Berlin's foul-mouthed DJ Fuck Off for a trip into high-octane electro-tek/ghetto booty territory. The main attraction is arguably opener 'Ride', a breathless slammer full of nasty synth sounds, teak-tough beats and cut-up vocal samples that's subsequently given an even more up-tempo club electro re-fix courtesy of Bogata-based producer Dagga. Elsewhere, 'Drop Your Pants' is another seriously sleazy and pumping slab of X-rated dancefloor insanity, while 'Boy You Nasty' is a muscular, driving slab of steroid-enhanced ghetto-tek sweatiness.
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Stream Of Thoughts (feat John Shima remix)
Cat: CMD 008. Rel: 19 Apr 22
Relinquish (5:24)
Shifting (5:26)
Relinquish (John Shima remix) (7:06)
Close To Zero (5:30)
Review: Mihail P brings us a 4 tracker, including a special John Shima remix. We start with the title track "Relinquish", a nice journey through deep space at a modest tempo. It features electro breaks rhythm patterns and harmonics to send you in to orbit. Following is "Shifting", a more acid tech vibe and straight 4/4 chugger, in line with proper Detroit / UK lushness from the 90's and forward. Flip to the B side for "Reliquish John Shima remix". It's hard to say which track is the peak, but this one's a contender. John Shima is known for his signature bleepy, but danceable sound. He adds layers of synth programming intelligence and great basslines as usual. Finally the B2 "Close to Zero" is the closing tune. Similar to the opener, we find more electro breaks, synth basses and a cool pad to complete the perfect journey.

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ZMNT 006
ZMNT 006 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ZMNT 006. Rel: 28 Feb 22
Interzone (4:48)
Ignitor (4:41)
Gradient Descent (4:39)
Dartmouth Proposal (4:48)
Checksum Zero (5:00)
Bot Cmd (4:43)
Review: French electro botherer Kafkactrl came up over the past couple of years with releases on Vortex Traks, and now they've been snapped up by Kluentah's Zement label which means rubbing shoulders with the likes of LTF and Chupacabras. Fine company indeed, and this promising newcomer more than steps up to the plate with assured, moody and brooding electro gear produced with flair and precision in equal measure. Across the six tracks you get a lot of ground covered, from 'Interzone's edgy dystopian machine funk to the lurid robo-nightmares of 'Gradient Descent' and the Drexciyan body pop of 'Checksum Zero'.

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Cat: VIS 332. Rel: 25 Jul 22
Desequence (6:45)
Downstream (4:59)
Guttural (6:43)
Wavefront (6:01)
Review: Carl Finlow has produced an astonishing catalogue of music over a career spanning three decades, with his discography including hundreds of releases and remixes under a variety of monikers. 'Desequence' is the latest edition to Finlow's expansive productions and a masterclass in electronic music.

'Desequence' kicks off the record with a heavy dose of integalactic funk with interstellar beats rockin' over squelchy bass lines and razor sharp glitches. While 'Downstream' delivers a warped groove wrapped up in Finlow's intricate programming.

'Guttural' is an overwhelming assault of rapid fire elements, forming complex off kilter breaks littered with robotic licks and served over deep, low end bass. 'Wavefront' closes yet another impeccable addition to Finlow's highly accomplished works, with an off planet adventure through extraterrestrial soundscapes.

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The Mix (Special Edition)
The Mix (Special Edition) (limited white vinyl 2xLP + 20 page booklet)
Cat: 019029 5272128. Rel: 09 Oct 20
The Robots (8:53)
Computer Love (6:35)
Pocket Calculator (4:32)
Dentaku (3:27)
Autobahn (9:28)
Radioactivity (6:53)
Trans Europe Express (3:20)
Abzug (2:18)
Metal On Metal (4:59)
Home Computer (8:03)
Music Non Stop (6:38)
Review: Kraftwerk never bothered releasing a standard 'greatest hits' album. Instead, in 1991 they offered up The Mix, a set of brand-new digital recordings of some of their best-loved tracks. It received a lukewarm reception at the time, in part because it was marketed and reviewed as a remix album (which it isn't), but it's actually a thrill-a-minute romp that has formed the basis of their live shows ever since. It contains some fantastic re-arranged takes on such familiar favourites as 'Radioactivity', 'The Robots', 'Computer Love' and 'Autobahn', the latter of which is quite radically different (and, surprisingly, jazzier). This time round, it comes presented on ice-white vinyl and comes accompanied by a smart looking 20-page booklet.
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2000 & Something
2000 & Something (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: LONEWOLF 007. Rel: 10 Jan 22
2000 & Something (8:23)
Third Wave (5:23)
Ritmos Oscuros (5:57)
Review: Over the past few years Nick Gynn has been whipping up a storm with his loose and limber strain of trance-inflected club melters. Now he's landing in exactly the right spot to kick off 2022 alongside the good folk at EYA Records. Minting their Lonewolf series specifically, the 2000 & Something EP deals in maximal acid wrigglers with a playful but dark-tinted edge which should go down very well with the buoyant wave of psychedelic party people. Watch out for the electro stylings of 'Ritmos Obscuros', which closes out the 12" in body-popping fashion.
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Polyverse (2xLP)
Cat: PRTR 21. Rel: 23 Jan 23
Prelude (3:26)
Oscillating Grids (8:13)
Orion (9:03)
Cycle I (interlude) (6:04)
New Ground Galactica (6:03)
Cycle II (interlude) (3:06)
Astronomicon (6:10)
Derelict Satellites (6:02)
Postlude (6:11)
Review: Kosmogonik offers up a top debut album here packed with fresh ambient, techno, house and electronic deepness. Polyverse has nine exploratory cuts that take you on a real trip through the cosmos, right from the suspensory opening chords of the prelude. After that come the lean and elegant Detroit techno lines of 'Oscillating Grids' and the far-sighted cosmic bliss of 'Orion'. 'New Ground Galactica' is about as delightful and wondrous as electro gets and lovers of breakbeats will find plenty to get excited about on 'Astronomicon' with its smeared chords and colour alien details. A gorgeous album of well-crafted electronic escapism.
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Hekate EP
Hekate EP (blue vinyl 12")
Cat: MF 003. Rel: 03 Sep 21
Hekate (4:26)
Kimat (4:06)
Ovinnik (4:20)
Anubis (4:29)
Inugami (5:01)
Review: Following a strong start with a compilation curated by Hodge and Franklin De Costa, Berlin party promoters Mother's Finest are back with the next instalment on their label which comes from the CEO at Nasty Enterprises: Nasty King Kurl who follows up an impressive run of EPs for 777, low income $quad and Nerang. The Hekate EP opens up with the UK bass influenced title track, leading into the contorted drum'n'bass whirlwind of 'Kimat'. On the flip, 'Ovinnik' lends a change of tempo in the form of a meditative deep dubstep joint and 'Inugami' closes it out all guns blazing with a heads-down techno stomper.
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Neptune's Lair (Special Edition)
Neptune's Lair (Special Edition) (180 gram vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: TRESOR 129LPX. Rel: 15 Sep 22
Intro: Tempue Of Dos De Agua (1:02)
Andreaen Sand Dunes (6:15)
Running Out Of Space (1:55)
Universial Evement (2:00)
Habitat O' Negative (5:16)
Funk Release Valve (3:09)
Organic Hydropoly (2:09)
Draining Of The Tanks (2:44)
Surface Terrestrial Colonization (6:59)
Oxyplasmic Gyration Beam (4:22)
Triangular Hydrogen Strain (4:04)
Bottom Feeders (3:27)
C To The Power Of X+C To The Power Of X = MM = Unknown (2:37)
Review: As part of Drexciya's latest reissue campaign with Tresor, their most defining album 'Neptune's Lair' here gets a rerelease with brand new cover art from Detroit contemporary artist Matthew Angelo Harrison, not to mention a fresh remaster. Perfectly representing the DIY flair of their original deep-sea electro sound - with rough analogue electronics submerged in lo-fi, as though they're being drowned a Drexciyan merman - we're more than happy to have 'Andreaen Sand Dunes', 'Universal Evement' and 'Surface Terrestrial Colonization' grace our ears again.
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Ego Tripping (reissue)
Cat: MRB 7165. Rel: 07 Aug 20
Ego Tripping (5:15)
Funky Potion (5:31)
Review: Although they would go on to become one of New York's most iconic hip-hop crews, the Ultramagnetic MC's were fresh-faced newcomers when they first popped up on Next Plateau Records - an imprint better-known for its proto-house and post-boogie releases - in 1986 with debut single "Ego Trippin". As this first ever seven-inch edition proves, it remains a stone cold classic: a heavy, stripped-back "golden era" gem in which the group's multiple MC's aim to get the party started over an iconic beat and weighty electronic bassline. As with the original version, it comes backed by flipside "Funky Potion", a scratch-happy, similarly constructed number full to bursting with effervescent rhymes, crunchy beats and distinctive bass.
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Computerwelt (remastered)
Computerwelt (remastered) (limited translucent yellow vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: 509996 9959011. Rel: 11 Aug 21
Computerwelt (5:08)
Taschenrechner (5:03)
Nummern (3:21)
Computerwelt 2 (2:58)
Computer Liebe (7:15)
Heimcomputer (6:19)
It's More Fun To Compute (4:14)
Review: Kraftwerk has made many terrific albums over the years, but we'd argue few better than 1981's Computerwelt (or, as we'd say in English, Computer World). Hugely influential on the emerging hip-hop scene in New York City - many now standard electro rhythms are based on those found on the album - and Detroit's techno pioneers, the album offers the right balance of far-sighted futurism, melodic brilliance and synth-pop style accessibility. It's an album that should be in everyone's collection, with this translucent yellow vinyl edition being particularly alluring. It boasts warm, heavy remastered sound and is presented in the original German form rather than the more familiar international edition with English lyrics.
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Acid Avengers 021
Cat: AAR 021. Rel: 25 Mar 22
Maelstrom - "Acid Zdoch" (4:47)
Maelstrom - "Think For Yourself" (3:56)
Maelstrom - "La Nuit Est A Toi" (3:50)
Locked Club & RLGN - "Captain Industrial" (6:05)
Locked Club & RLGN - "Kill Me" (5:16)
Review: Electro monarchs Maelstrom, Locked Club and RLGN return to EP-making with a four-track array of acid bangers, happily working together on a split record to celebrate the pan-European electro scene. Their offering is unequal in quantity (2 Maelstrom and 3 Locked Club tunes) but is resolutely equal in heat; 'LA Nuit Est A Toi' is Maelstrom's standout, bleepy and suffocating in its generative, janky fright. Locked Club and RLGN follow up, 'Kill Me' being the best and most suicidally pushy techno track to soundtrack our nightmares.

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Gesamtkunstwerk (2xLP repress)
Cat: C#CC 005LP. Rel: 28 May 24
Cellular Phone (4:41)
Technic 1200 (4:32)
Scientist (4:22)
Rocket Scientist (3:22)
Superior Race (3:07)
Satellites (2:49)
Plastiphilia 2 (2:19)
Voice Activated (4:10)
Speak & Spell (4:25)
Denki No Zuno (2:52)
Sterilization (2:32)
Die Radiometre (4:23)
Pornoactress (2:26)
Infophysix (3:54)
Pornovision (2:31)
Review: **REPRESS** Another album from the amazing mind of Heinrich Mueller (aka Gerald Donald). Originally released on DJ Hell's Gigolo label and apparently only licensed after Gerald crashed Hell's BMW and had to come up with a means of paying him back. All the tracks first appeared on the very obscure Dataphysix imprint from Detroit, with some releases only reaching the 500 copy mark. Now brought back to life for 2007, "Gesamtkunstwerk" could be one of the best electro albums ever made. Yes that's right, I said it...the best ever! This is almost as important for the techno generation as Kraftwerk's "Computerworld" and "Autobahn" were for many in the 80s. The tracks are all pretty simple, made up of only two or three analogue instruments each, but they seem to hold these timeless melodies that you can never tire of. Other moments are eerie, menacing and downright strange, but still pure genius. You know how a lot of the time when you buy a new record it becomes your favourite for a while, and then it starts to lose a little life? (Of course it's still good, but just not as fresh as the first couple of weeks when you listened to it on repeat). Well guess what? That doesn't happen with this record. I must have listened to some of the tracks on here over a 1000 times and they still send shivers down my spine. It's one of those special albums that just don't seem to age.
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Void (140 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: INFILTRATE LP01. Rel: 15 Nov 21
The Source (4:53)
Reconnect (4:02)
Saturn (4:13)
Isolate (4:28)
Void (4:53)
Objective (4:29)
Stargate (4:18)
Flash (4:30)
Reflect (5:28)
Horizons (5:12)
Review: Back in 2018, previously unheard artist James Infiltrate impressed via a punchy EP of club-focused electro numbers. It later emerged that the mysterious producer was none other than Constant Sound founder Burnski. Here he dons the alias once more for a full-length excursion three years in the making. It's a fine album, too, with the long-serving producer delivering a winning combination of punchy, club-ready beats, sci-fi fired synth sounds, moody Michigan bass and the kind of authentically spacey atmosphere that has long been associated with the greatest electro records. There's also enough subtle variety in terms of tempo and style to guarantee that you'll not get bored of it any time soon. Highly impressive, but did we really expect anything less?
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Nauhuri (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: INFILTRATE 010. Rel: 29 Nov 21
Nauhuri (5:04)
Autiomaa (6:21)
Lumivyory (4:47)
Polaaritahti (4:00)
Mustikka (5:11)
Review: Sturdy electro thumpery from Konery TMI, served up in five portions across what will surely prove a highly delectable EP for fans of the genre. Opening track 'Nauhuri' and 'Automaa' are both full of grace and gorgeous, effortless glide, while 'Lumivyory' alters the mood somewhat to get down and dirty with some thoroughly filthy acid squelch filth. 'Polaaritahti' takes its cue from the more minimal 80s sounds of Egyptian Lover or Hashim, before we draw to a close with the more serene and soothing 'Mustikka'.
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Two Minutes To Midnight EP
Cat: PARTOUT 602. Rel: 14 Dec 20
Fata Morgana (5:21)
Hidden Key (5:40)
Two Minutes To Midnight (6:44)
Elephant's Toothpaste (5:46)
Review: The Partout label turns its attention back to its UK series with a fine four tracker here from Bufo Bufo. The whole thing is steeped in UK sounds with elements of rave never far away. 'Fata Morgana' has a dumpy beat that swings from one foot to the other while old school stabs light up the track from above. 'Hidden Key' ups the ante with a more hard hitting groove and more old school motifs, this time in the bass. 'Two Minutes To Midnight' is the waviest of the lot with sirens going off, rinsing breakbeats and turbo charged bass going deep. 'Elephant's Toothpaste' then cut up a more lumpy groove with bleeps and pulses making it a soothing groove for 5am.
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