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Back Catalogue: Drum And Bass

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  1. ArpXP & HLZ - "Radar" (6:22)
  2. ArpXP & Visionobi - "Somewhere Else" (5:40)
  3. ArpXP & Kiril & Was A Be - "2004" (5:03)
  4. ArpXP & Robert Manos - "Lost" (4:34)
 in stock $11.47
Hannya Red (Snake) (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: HANNYARED. Rel: 23 Jul 19
  1. Artilect - "A Message" (6:15)
  2. Presha & Homemade Weapons - "The Claw" (6:00)
  3. Homemade Weapons & Roho - "Kifuka" (5:43)
  4. Torana - "Amok" (5:06)
 in stock $11.47
  1. Bladerunner - "Sound Killer" (feat Blackout JA & Da Fuchaman) (4:54)
  2. Brian Brainstorm - "Call The Police" (feat Da Fuchaman - album mix) (6:04)
  3. Run Tingz Cru - "Go Back Home" (feat Da Fuchaman & Wippa Demus) (4:28)
  4. Serial Killaz & Run Tingz Cru - "Jungle Love" (feat Da Fuchaman) (4:48)
  5. Serial Killaz & Run Tingz Cru - "Bun Babylon" (feat Tenor Fly & Blackout JA - DJ Hybrid remix) (5:14)
  6. Run Tingz Cru - "Women Dem" (feat Top Cat) (5:05)
Review: Bristol's Run Tingz Cru look back over the last year or so of releases, precision select their bubbliest, bumpiest bangers and cut them to limited 12". Featuring the likes of Bladerunner, Serial Killaz, DJ Hybrid, Brian Brainstorm, Top Cat, Tenor Fly, Blackout JA, Da Fuchman and of course the RTC themselves, vibes are high throughout as we're schooled in breakbeat science. From the opening warped dread bass wobbles of Bladerunner's "Sound Killer" through to Run Tingz Cru and Top Cat's grand finale silky sub roller "Women Dem", this whole 12" is bulging with timeless jungle goodness. Strictly limited; grab this while you can.
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 in stock $10.91
Cat: DSSP 009. Rel: 10 Oct 18
  1. Rastaman Chat (3:47)
  2. Jungleman Chat (Fleck remix) (4:39)
 in stock $10.65
  1. Break - "Mind's Eye" (4:55)
  2. Superior Selectionz & Ben Soundscape - "Justa" (5:37)
  3. Roygreen & Protone & Ben Soundscape - "Ruffneck" (5:39)
  4. Luch & Joakuim - "Lifespan" (5:41)
Review: Since 2003, the Intrigue crew has been providing Bristol clubbers with regular doses of liquid funk and musically expansive drum and bass, first at their regular parties and, since 2008, on their offshoot label. Predictably, there's much to enjoy on this celebratory 12". Old pal Break steps up first with a veritable warm summer breeze of a roller, "Mind's Eye" - all punchy, snare-heavy beats, acoustic guitars, rumbling bass and dreamy freestyle vocals - before Superior Selectionz and Ben Soundscape join forces for the slightly more weighty but no less attractive "Justa". Over on side B, Soundscape returns to action alongside Ryogreen and Protone on the wobble bass-propelled stepper "Ruffneck", while Lurch - a lesser-known stalwart of the Bristol scene - delivers some delicious, Afro-tinged liquid funk alongside Joakuim. Rock solid.
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 in stock $8.73
Ramm200 (trifold triple 12" (side 6 etched))
Cat: RAMM 200. Rel: 15 Feb 16
  1. Culture Shock - "Piano Dark" (original dub) (5:59)
  2. Mind Vortex - "Future Fold" (4:56)
  3. June Miller - "Robots & Romans" (audio remix) (5:53)
  4. Kryptic Minds - "The Truth" (Insideinfo remix) (5:54)
  5. Rene Lavice - "The Calling VIP" (4:53)
Review: Andy C's mega-label Ram celebrates the big 200 in style: triple vinyl in trifold sleeve with etched sixth side, each of the five cuts represent Ram's dark, start extremes. The touching depths of Culture Shock's long-awaited "Piano Dark", the Noisia-level antics of Audio on his June Miller, InsideInfo's deep throat bass on "The Truth" and the add bass fluctuations on Rene's VIP. 200 singles deep and still killing it, Ram have put together a serious package here.
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 in stock $27.57
  1. Cymanite - "Black Hole" (3:07)
  2. Retouch - "Killim" (7:03)
  3. Programs In Memory - "Primitive Time" (6:44)
  4. Aftermath & Necromm - "Portly Tech" (5:40)
  5. Mshcode - "Emulations" (7:44)
  6. Cymanite - "Cryostasis" (5:16)
  7. Recall - "All About You" (5:01)
  8. Bassgrow - "Humandroid" (5:18)
 in stock $13.92
  1. DJ Vapour - "Forced Ingestion" (6:02)
  2. Eric Electric - "All We Need" (6:30)
  3. Drum Cypha - "Reflection Hologram" (5:06)
  4. Recon & Paragon - "Manhunt" (6:14)
$12.83 SAVE 25%
 in stock $9.62
  1. Greenleaf - "Seventeen" (7:48)
  2. Greenleaf & RTP - "Noise93" (8:52)
  3. Profane - "Far Side" (4:05)
  4. 6Blocc - "Lunatik" (4:54)
  5. Jaskin - "The Drag" (5:09)
 in stock $11.74
  1. Melinki & Philth - "Vespa" (5:07)
  2. Melinki - "Dancehall Sound" (Ti remix) (5:56)
  3. Tali & Malaky - "Love & Migration" (feat Georgie Fisher - State Of Mind remix) (4:10)
  4. Tali & Roygreen & Protone - "Paper Wasp" (feat DRS - Lenzman remix) (4:56)
 in stock $9.56
VA 4 (hand-stamped 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: LNEG 010. Rel: 17 Apr 19
  1. Monomorph - "Rystal" (1996) (6:30)
  2. Brainwaltzera - "Phos Harbinger" (4th CAT) (5:00)
  3. The Jaffa Kid - "Opener" (5:43)
  4. Ssiege - "Sogno In BB" (3:46)
  5. Rawmance - "Mondonotte, La Mattina Dopo" (Security re-drums) (3:30)
Review: La Beaute Du Negatif's fourth multi-artist EP arrives with little fanfare or fuss. Instead, the Rome-based label has decided to simply offer-up the EP and let us come to our own conclusions. For what it's worth, ours is that it's well worth checking - especially Monomorph's blissful, acid-flecked IDM opener "Rystal", which previously appeared on a hard-to-find CD way back in 1996. There are plenty of highlights elsewhere across the EP, though. Head first for the sparse, spacey cheeriness of Brainwaltzera's "Phos Harbinger", before getting your ears around the ambient jungle-techno brilliance of "Opener" by The Jaffa Kid. This is followed on side B by the shuffling, sun-kissed downtempo grooves of SSIEGE's "Sogno In BB" and a drowsy, mind-altering chunk of late 90s Warp Records style electronica by Rawmance.
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Played by: Tagwell Woods
 in stock $10.91
  1. Navigator & Ranking Joe - "Junglist Sound" (Serial Killaz remix) (5:13)
  2. Jamalski, Rocker T & Mr Live - "Put It On" (Liondub & Bluntskull remix) (4:51)
  3. Johnny Osbourne & Marcus Visionary - "Lend Me" (5:17)
  4. Bladerunner & DJ Westy - "Original Bad Boy" (5:57)
Review: What a ting! North America's running wild with drum & bass right now but here are two of the realest, most enduring names: Marcus Visionary and Liondub International. Four tracks taken from Marcus's recent mix album, highlights include aggy dancehall hip-hop fusion of "Put It On" and the utterly disgusting roller "Original Bad Boy" from Bladerunner and DJ Westy. Featuring the likes of Navigator and Rankin Joe, there's some of the strongest voices possible on this collection. The Atlantic gates are well and truly open.
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 in stock $10.37
Cat: DKO 17. Rel: 30 May 17
  1. En Panna Dauber (5:15)
  2. B1 Bobun (4:52)
  3. Amarou & Behzad (2:24)
  4. Aloe Vera (5:30)
  5. Electropp (3:39)
  6. Glauquemort (3:23)
Review: D.KO's very own Rag Dabons (aka label founder Gabriel and friend Sandro) get busy on the broken drums for this epic six-track EP that kicks it hardcore (the break-rifled jungle steppers "En Panna Dauber" and "Aloe Vera") kicks it old school (the icy charms of electro poppers "B1 Bobun" and "Electropop") and kicks it freestyle (the sludgy "Glauquemort" and echo chamber obliterating "Amarou & Behzad") Nothing will ever be the same again...
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 in stock $8.46
Planted (limited clear vinyl 12")
Cat: RR 02. Rel: 03 Dec 19
  1. Num (6:51)
  2. Ripli (6:46)
  3. Kella (7:11)
  4. Belly (6:37)
Review: London duo Raime return to RR with their only EP this year. Taking off where "We Can't Be That Far From The Beginning" left us, once again they lay down a series of new blueprints that are at once familiar and fully far-out. All stripped back to the essence, each track comprises minimal ingredients for maximum flavour; "Num" smelts things down to naked percussion and pads, gradually building into a heavy moody mind state, "Ripli" takes us down more of a techno tunnel with rolling beats that break up into sudden splashes of eerie ambience while "Kella" bounces us off the walls with its Detroitian funk and off-beat framework. "Belly" closes the book on the most sombre tone we've heard since their sophomore album "Tooth" in 2016.
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 in stock $14.74
Skyscraper (12")
Cat: A21040LYMP 3B. Rel: 14 Jan 19
  1. Track 1 (7:55)
  2. Track 2 (6:35)
  3. Track 3 (9:59)
  4. Track 4 (4:19)
 in stock $13.09
Lost On Purpose (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: FLTPTRN 001LP. Rel: 18 Oct 19
  1. Lost On Purpose (6:53)
  2. Somewhere Back There (6:01)
  3. Breaking The Mold (5:49)
  4. Living In A Dream (with TRAC) (4:43)
Review: Lost On Purpose takes four tracks from Random Movement's 15 track full length and offers a great cross section of his style. The title track is a philosophical journey on crisp boom bap and rolling liquid drums, while "Somewhere Back There" is defined by its exquisite piano chords, which add plenty of tenderness to the drum work. "Breaking The Mold" gets down and dirty with a spraying baseline that will screw up any face, then the good times roll thanks to the feel good vibes of closer "Living In A Dream".
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 in stock $12.00
World A Jungle Music (hand-stamped vinyl 10")
Cat: RASTA 002V. Rel: 08 Oct 14
  1. Ice Cream Sound
  2. World A Jungle Music
Review: Launched over the summer, the Rasta Vibez label looks to bridge the gap between drum and bass and classic dub and reggae that has grown somewhat since the heyday of Jungle. If you were swayed by the distinct charms of the debut drop Jungle On Broadway, it's highly likely you will be compelled to check out this second 12". There's no complex science to either "Ice Cream Sound" or "World A Jungle Music" just a well executed take on a formula that has worked perfectly well many times over; delay and fx meet classic dub strains and jungle rhythms uptown
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 in stock $8.46
Pony (12")
Cat: FOXY 3. Rel: 02 Aug 18
  1. Pony (feat Sonar's Ghost) (6:06)
  2. Fridge Magnets (6:19)
 in stock $10.65
HYCHAC (12")
Cat: HY CHAC. Rel: 29 May 19
  1. Jugdance (5:39)
  2. Slugs Penetrate (5:19)
  3. Get In The Flow (5:04)
  4. Track 4 (feat Necrotype) (6:08)
Review: Very few producers could make giddy dancefloor gold out of rip-snorting jungle breakbeats, rushing rave stabs and Homer Simpson samples, but that's exactly what prolific producer Tim Reaper has done on "Jugdance", the delightfully over the top opening cut from his last collection of nostalgic workouts. It's silly, but in truth few producers are quite as good as Reaper when it comes to crafting carefree, hardcore-era jungle workouts. That much is proven by the EP's other killer cuts, including the bleep heavy bass-weight of "Get In The Flow" and Necrotype collaboration "Track 4", a powerful roller heavy on bombastic bass, hip-hop vocal samples and loved-up synth stabs.
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 in stock $14.19
Inna Yuh Back Yard (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: MEDITATOR 006. Rel: 06 Sep 19
  1. Rebuilder - "Inna Yuh Back Yard" (5:38)
  2. Rebuilder & Msymiakos - "Again" (8:05)
  3. Rebuilder - "Follow Me" (6:59)
  4. Rebuilder & Msymiakos - "Trust Me" (6:43)
 in stock $13.09
Cat: NQ 012. Rel: 29 Oct 19
  1. Fine Again (5:42)
  2. Yesterdays (4:19)
  3. Evergreen Dub (feat FD) (4:56)
  4. The Rhythm (5:26)
 in stock $10.10
Pork Pie (12")
Cat: RFRSH 002. Rel: 16 May 19
  1. Pork Pie (5:43)
  2. Got Me Weak (4:28)
  3. Double Dip (4:23)
  4. Whizz (4:31)
 in stock $9.82
Cat: 405053 8386530. Rel: 13 Jul 18
  1. Real Reggae Music (3:44)
  2. Real Reggae Music (DJ Madd remix) (3:08)
 in stock $9.82
Gnosis (12")
Cat: SUBB 007. Rel: 06 Aug 19
  1. Gnosis (5:50)
  2. Deus (5:42)
  3. Pagan (5:05)
  4. Unsung (4:18)
 in stock $11.19
  1. Deadmans Chest & Response - "Control State" (8:15)
  2. Digital & Response - "True Story" (6:48)
  3. Response & Need For Mirrors - "Ruins" (7:07)
Review: Now THIS is how you launch a label. Response and Pliskin present Northern Front's first release and it contains three highly respected names across the game. First up is a collab with Deadman's Chest, "Control State" sets the glacial tone and some cold hard truths over a hardcore jam that stinks of 1992 before Digital joins the fray and adds a little cosmic poetry, mystical pads and hurricane breaks on "True Story". Finally, Need For Mirrors glides into the mix and brings a deeper, rolling vibe on "Ruins", a track that gets darker the deeper as we progress. Three blinders, three totally different shades. We can't wait to hear what the Northern Front deliver next.
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 in stock $12.56
We're All Disturbed: LP Sampler (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: LORELP 02S. Rel: 29 May 19
  1. Persecution (12:35)
  2. Ostrich (9:34)
Review: According to Western Lore founder Alex Eveson (arguably better known for his revivalist jungle jams as Dead Man's Chest), Response and Pliskin's forthcoming debut album, "We're All Disturbed", is full to the brim with "anarchic warehouse rave music for the 21st century". We'd certainly agree that the two tracks showcased on this taster 12" fit into that category. A-side "Persecution" is an absolute beast - a 12-minute breakbeat hardcore/techno mash-up complete with throbbing electronic motifs, star burst breakdowns, heavy sub-bass and a rush-inducing beat free outro. Ten-minute slammer "Ostrich" is even wilder, with the duo wrapping mind-mangling acid style electronics and wide-eyed trance riffs around a boshing drum track.
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 in stock $12.56
Totem EP (B-STOCK) (double 12")
Cat: AR 006 (B-STOCK). Rel: 08 Dec 17
  1. Melinki/Revaux - "Sword Play" (4:57)
  2. Melinki - "Unorthodox" (feat Ozone) (5:01)
  3. Melinki/Revaux - "Totem" (5:32)
  4. Revaux - "Overpass" (5:19)
Review: ***B-STOCK: Box damaged, product unused & in perfect condition***

- Creasing to corner of sleeve
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 in stock $15.13
Cat: TFRK 001VE. Rel: 25 Apr 15
  1. Reykjavik Kids (original radio mix) (3:08)
  2. Reykjavik Kids (Tone Cab Killaz remix) (3:46)
  3. Reykjavik Kids (Thermal Bear remix) (5:09)
  4. Reykjavik Kids (original instrumental) (3:07)
$10.10 SAVE 40%
 in stock $6.06
Ecstasy (12")
Cat: ABS 12012. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Ecstasy (5:38)
  2. Firehouse (dub) (6:20)
Played by: Soul Intent
 in stock $10.37
Illuminati Of The Deep: Volume One (limited hand-numbered clear vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: BRKN 034. Rel: 10 Oct 17
  1. Oil Drum (5:40)
  2. Pixel Demon (5:28)
$25.66 SAVE 25%
 in stock $19.25
Cat: FUNBACK 002. Rel: 24 May 19
  1. Uprising (5:42)
  2. The Knife Drawer (6:10)
 in stock $10.65
  1. Side By Slide (feat Rick Payne) (5:14)
  2. Long Time (5:59)
  3. Don't Lose It (5:13)
  4. Conclusion (5:36)
 in stock $9.28
Cat: DMNDREQ 003. Rel: 26 Jan 18
  1. RoyGreen & Protone - "Speak The Truth" (Bladerunner remix) (5:38)
  2. Mystic State - "Follow" (5:21)
  3. LSB - "Subdued" (EastColors remix) (4:34)
  4. Submarine - "Taiko" (6:09)
 in stock $9.82
Cat: LMNTR 02. Rel: 06 Nov 19
  1. RQ - "Cherry" (7:20)
  2. Silent Mind - "Farwater" (6:18)
  3. Paracusia - "I Know You've Been Hurt" (5:50)
  4. Sorse - "Night Messages" (4:46)
  5. Elusive Elements - "Wildhoney" (4:49)
Review: The Elementar crew follow up on the promise of their first split 12" with another impressive collection of breakthrough names exploring the deepest shades of shimmering D&B. The tracks here lean more towards the armchair than the dancefloor, striking a chord with the Mosaic compilations on Exit from around 2011. There's a languid 80s new wave tone to Silent Mind's "Farwater" while "Wildhoney" by Elusive Elements has a tender slow jam feel to it, but the primary sound palette across these five tracks is glacial pads and needlepoint, techy beats crafted with precision. It's a strong, cohesive statement from a label definitely worth keeping tabs on.
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 in stock $11.19
A New Day (12")
Cat: QEW 001. Rel: 08 Mar 17
  1. A New Day (8:28)
  2. Conscience (7:44)
Review: On previous outings, Toronto bass head Rumbleton has stuck to a retro-futurist script, delivering killer tributes to '93 style jungle. While it's been two years since his last single, it's quite heartening to find that he's still as obsessed with the roots of drum & bass as ever before. To be fair, A-side "A New Day" accompanies some brilliantly cut-up jungle breakbeats and pounding sub-bass with the kind of dark textures you'd find on Burial records, as well as some tech-step style electronics. B-side "Conscious", on the other hand, doesn't strive as hard for experimental acceptance: while the fearsome 'riddims' are savagely cut-up, the booming bass and rastaman vocal samples could have been taken wholesale from early jungle classics.
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 in stock $10.91
Cat: SENSI 007. Rel: 26 Nov 19
  1. Rumbleton - "Codex Indica" (5:21)
  2. Rumbleton/DJ Clear - "Ez Mi Bredda" (6:51)
Review: Sweet reggae jungle from one of Canada's sharpest selectors... "Codex Indica" takes the lead with a dynamic build up that fixes full focus around the oceanic skanks that ebb and flow across spacious breaks and humming subs before crashing into a breakbeat pay-off. "Ez Mi Bredda" on the B sees old Rumbles teaming up with DJ Clear for a pacier cut that's still just as roomy, hypnotic and dubwise but lead from the front with drums from the off. Stand firm!
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 in stock $13.92
Evergreen (double 12")
Cat: SECOPS 030. Rel: 18 Jan 19
  1. Days Of Revelation (5:29)
  2. Said & Done (5:13)
  3. Evergreen (5:59)
  4. Storm (6:18)
 in stock $19.65
  1. Triple Sickz Vs Raw Science - "Bruiserville" (5:57)
  2. DC N5S - "Emitter" (6:15)
  3. Grief - "Bishop" (8:23)
 in stock $11.19
The Future Sounds EP (transparent green vinyl 12")
Cat: RETRO 016. Rel: 18 May 18
  1. Villem & McLeod - "Burners" (5:30)
  2. Roygreen & Protone - "Arbitrary" (feat Robbe) (6:22)
  3. Macca - "What You Need" (5:38)
  4. Phase - "Subconscious Thinking" (7:15)
 in stock $10.10
Hit By A Windmill (transparent marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: CITB 004. Rel: 18 Oct 19
  1. Death Row (5:24)
  2. Cats In The Dance (6:06)
 in stock $9.28
Solid Ground (2xLP)
Cat: BMTLP 011. Rel: 04 Oct 18
  1. Circle 1 (2:49)
  2. Interplay (6:28)
  3. Roof Jumping (6:07)
  4. LMNTZ (6:10)
  5. Back To Life (6:09)
  6. Afterimage (5:50)
  7. Scarab Moon (6:59)
  8. Ride (5:33)
  9. Primary Rhythms (4:43)
  10. Union Of Spheres (8:04)
  11. Circle 2 (3:47)
$26.20 SAVE 25%
 in stock $19.65
We The Generation (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 082564 6109708. Rel: 27 Nov 15
  1. I Will For Love (feat Will Heard) (4:09)
  2. Never Let You Go (feat Foy Vance) (3:57)
  3. We The Generation (feat Mahalia) (3:36)
  4. Love Ain't Just A Word (feat Anne Marie & Dizzee Rascal) (4:02)
  5. Rumour Mill (feat Anne Marie & Will Heard) (4:06)
  6. Common Emotion (feat Mnek) (4:49)
  7. Go Far (feat Will Heard) (4:31)
  8. Foreign World (feat Anne Marie) (4:19)
  9. Too Cool (feat Ella Eyre) (3:59)
  10. Bloodstream (with Ed Sheeran) (5:10)
  11. Treading On Water (feat Sinead Harnett & Will Heard) (5:15)
  12. Needn't Speak (feat Lianne La Havas) (4:58)
  13. Lay It All On Me (feat Ed Sheeran) (4:02)
  14. New Day (feat Bobby Womack) (4:20)
Review: The second album from London's soul-loving, pop-munching, chart-bashing crew Rudimental enjoys a vinyl release. Peppered with big vocal appearances including Bobby Womack, Ella Eyre, Dizzee Rascal and Ed Sheeran, the album ranges from their signature shiny drum & bass to soulful house ("Go Far"), rare groove style funk ("Common Emotion") and all shades in between from sultry and smoochy to out-and-out festival unifiers.
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 in stock $19.38
Cat: 019029 5612450. Rel: 25 Jan 19
  1. Toast To Our Differences (feat Shungudzo, Protoje & Hak Baker) (4:14)
  2. Let Me Live (with Major Lazer - feat Anne-Marie & Mr Eazi) (3:26)
  3. Dark Clouds (feat Jess Glynne & Chronixx) (4:28)
  4. Walk Alone (feat Tom Walker) (3:25)
  5. Thula Ungakhlai (feat Ladysmith Black Mambazo) (0:50)
  6. These Days (feat Jess Glynne, Macklemore & Dan Caplen) (3:31)
  7. Sun Comes Up (feat James Arthur) (3:51)
  8. 1 By 1 (feat RAYE & Maleek Berry) (4:08)
  9. Last Time (feat Raphaella) (4:02)
  10. No Pain (feat Maverick Sabre, Kojey Radical & Kabaka Pyramid) (4:04)
  11. Scared Of Love (feat Ray Blk & Stefflon Don) (3:21)
  12. Summer Love (with Rita Ora) (4:19)
  13. They Don't Care About Us (feat Maverick Sabre & YEBBA) (4:36)
  14. Do You Remember (feat Kevin Garrett) (3:41)
  15. Leave It For Tomorrow (feat Elli Ingram) (4:25)
  16. Adrenaline (feat OLIVIA) (3:58)
Review: Rudimental's third full-length, "Toast To Our Differences", was originally slated for release back in September, but ended up being delayed. So was it worth the wait? It's certainly a colourful, vibrant and expansive affair, with the quartet drawing on a far wider palette of influences than were evident on their previous albums. Check, for example, the title track's glistening, South African style tropical pop, the piano-powered cheeriness of "These Days", the soaring power pop of previous single "Sun Comes Up" and the auto-tune heavy EDM-house stomp of "Scared of Love". Given their superstar status, it's unsurprising to see an impressive cast list of guests and collaborators - Major Lazer, Rita Ora and Ladysmith Black Mambazo included - while this "Deluxe Edition" includes a trio of extra tracks.
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 in stock $18.02
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