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New releases last four weeks: Balearic/Downtempo

Balearic/Downtempo vinyl released in the last four weeks
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Collectors Edition Vol 1
Cat: SKKB 022. Rel: 20 May 24
Chi-Town Stories (7:45)
Chillin' Woman (feat Mz Mosea) (3:59)
The Mourning Sun (7:50)
Hygge (6:15)
Review: Abacus (Austin Bascom) is a household name in the Chicago house and techno scene for over 30 years now. He has been on some of the best labels of all time like Prescription, Fragile, Balance and Guidance records. As you can imagine, Collectors Edition Vol 1 is full of classy house music to say the least. 'Chi-Town Stories' is a blend of super smooth and uplifting prime time floor business. We absolutely think you will adore this track. 'The Mourning Sun' is a stunning ambient house beauty that will have you dancing with your eyes-closed. 'Hygge' finishes things off on a sexy house vibe. There is really something for everyone on this. Abacus stands for quality for those who know.
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Tags: 90s House
 in stock $14.29
Statik (CD)
Cat: STS 2428CD. Rel: 13 Jun 24
My Ways
Cafe Del Mars
Dolphin Spray
System Verse
Doves Over Atalantis
Mellow Checx
Review: Darren Cunningham's work as Actress has always been top drawer, though you get the feeling that his relationships with record labels have sometimes been a bit testing. The good news is that he seems to have finally found a supportive home in Norwegian experimental music powerhouse Smalltown Supersound. Put simply, Statik, the tenth Actress album, is one of his most immaculate and immersive sets to date, with Cunningham shuffling between heady, slow-born electronic soundscapes, smacked-out IDM, glitchy aural collages full of minor-key melodies, blissed out dancefloor workouts (see the brilliant 'Ray'), experimental ambient dub and spacey excellence ('Cafe Del Mars').
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! low stock $16.41
Statik (LP + fold-out poster)
Cat: STS 428LP. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Hell (6:09)
Static (1:35)
My Ways (1:21)
Rainlines (3:47)
Ray (5:31)
Six (3:06)
Cafe Del Mars (6:48)
Dolphin Spray (4:45)
System Verse (4:28)
Doves Over Atlantis (5:49)
Mellow Checx (3:25)
Review: Actress fleshes out the heavy melodics on his tenth studio album Statik, a testament to the producer otherwise known as Darren Cunningham's continued preference for making full-length works born of uninterrupted flow states. Debuting for the Norwegian imprint for the first time here, Statik centres on a 'sense of stillness', as ever demonstrating the producer's signature blend of icy, hissy textures with post-club progressions. Albeit this time, he plays up an extra-monochromic found-footage sound, across which all manner of aquatic and cetaceous melodic references are heard.
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 in stock $23.03
Night Reign
Cat: 589802 8. Rel: 30 May 24
Aey Nehin
Na Gul
Autumn Leaves (feat James Francies)
Bolo Na (feat Moor Mother & Joel Ross)
Saaqi (feat Vijay Lyer)
Last Night Reprise (feat Cautious Clay, Kaki King & Maeve Gilchrist - reprise)
Raat Ki Rani
Zameen (feat Chocolate Genius)
Review: Arooj Aftab's Night Reign is a stunning trip into the depths of the night, where inspiration thrives. Departing from themes of loss in her previous work, Aftab crafts an album rich with renewal and romance. Collaborations with artists like Cautious Clay and Moor Mother add layers to the lush soundscape, creating a cinematic experience. Each track, from the haunting 'Autumn Leaves' to the soulful 'Bolo Na,' weaves together to form a narrative of surrender and transformation. Aftab's voice, accompanied by intricate instrumentation, guides listeners through the darkness, offering moments of introspection and possibility. Night Train is a chance to throw yourself into the beauty and mystery of deep music, emerging renewed and transformed.
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 in stock $14.56
Night Reign
Night Reign (limited gatefold silver vinyl LP + insert (indie exclusive))
Cat: 589803 1. Rel: 30 May 24
Aey Nehin (5:38)
Na Gul (5:21)
Autumn Leaves (feat James Francies) (4:31)
Whiskey (4:59)
Zameen (feat Marc Anthony Thompson C/O Chocolate Genuis Encorporated) (4:09)
Raat Ki Rani (6:11)
Saaqi (feat Vjay Iyer) (6:11)
Bolo Na (feat Moor Mother & Joel Ross) (6:05)
Last Night (feat Cautious Clay, Kaki King & Maeve Gilchrist - reprise) (4:50)
Review: Arooj Aftab's Night Reign is a stunning trip into the depths of the night, where inspiration thrives. Departing from themes of loss in her previous work, Aftab crafts an album rich with renewal and romance. Collaborations with artists like Cautious Clay and Moor Mother add layers to the lush soundscape, creating a cinematic experience. Each track, from the haunting 'Autumn Leaves' to the soulful 'Bolo Na,' weaves together to form a narrative of surrender and transformation. Aftab's voice, accompanied by intricate instrumentation, guides listeners through the darkness, offering moments of introspection and possibility. Night Train is a chance to throw yourself into the beauty and mystery of deep music, emerging renewed and transformed.
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 in stock $27.79
GARIES 001 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: GARIES 001. Rel: 17 Jun 24
AR - "Comin' Apart At The Edit"
BS - "More BS"
 in stock $16.41
Lights Towards The Exit
Lights Towards The Exit (limited LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: LL 1232. Rel: 04 Jun 24
Lights Towards The Exit (5:28)
Call My Name (4:49)
Miss You (3:59)
Ritual (4:53)
Metal Head (3:28)
Friday (4:19)
Talk To Her (4:35)
Honeysucker (4:29)
Sometimes I Break (4:49)
Confidant (4:16)
 in stock $24.34
Atonement Selected
Cat: TNL OCS0041. Rel: 29 May 24
Lost & Found (5:17)
Hot Knife (6:29)
Your The One (7:36)
Hope Afro (6:28)
 in stock $14.29
Time Drips On My Bed
Time Drips On My Bed (limited LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: 196922 827211. Rel: 31 May 24
What We Lost (3:31)
Like Fire (3:32)
Silent Film (2:55)
Suspended Days (3:20)
Back No More (2:40)
Solitary Moon (2:41)
Time Drips On My Bed (2:51)
Videos (2:59)
Distant Cloud (3:19)
20 Steps (2:52)
Lonely House (3:24)
 in stock $29.64
Birdsongs: Volume 1-3
Birdsongs: Volume 1-3 (limited gatefold translucent light blue clear vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: EQT 1389991. Rel: 05 Jun 24
On My Mind (Side 1: Birdsongs Volume 1) (3:21)
Heavy Eyes (3:12)
Stripes (2:53)
Taking My Own Advice (3:11)
Barcelona (2:59)
Esperame (2:19)
&&& I Feel Fine (reprise) (2:35)
Bite (Side 2: Birdsongs Volume 2) (2:34)
Chasing Deer (2:53)
Grace (interlude) (1:39)
Beluga Baby (2:35)
Cuff (1:44)
Lo Que Tuvimos (3:02)
Etude Blue (1:33)
Backboard (Side 3: Birdsongs Volume 3) (6:06)
Darkness Of The Night (2:13)
Easy On Them Turns (2:22)
Lianne (1:47)
Sunset (Prelude) (2:58)
Lightning Of July (4:02)
On My Mind (part 2) (1:10)
Amelia (Side 4: Rarities) (2:30)
Pretty (1:49)
Yellow Smile (2:15)
Bajo Vintage Sunburst (1:17)
Untitled 5 (1:26)
Come2ursenses (1:41)
See U In The Fall (1:32)
Win Column (3:26)
 in stock $40.50
MINT (7")
Cat: HR7S 311. Rel: 10 Jun 24
MINT (3:23)
MINT (instrumental) (3:24)
 in stock $19.85
Caravana Planetaria
Cat: MEASURED 001. Rel: 21 May 24
Caravana Planetaria (club mix) (5:50)
Caravana Planetaria (Guitar mix) (5:10)
Caravana Planetaria (Guitar instrumental) (5:10)
Review: Balam's new single 'Caravana Planetaria' has already been widely tested on dance floors across the world and has reportedly never failed to make a mark. First up on the 12" is 'Caravana Planetaria' (club mix) which rides on raw drums with slapping hits and has darkened vocal loops adding the character next to spangled pads. 'Caravana Planetaria' (Guitar mix) brings more freaky energy and tense textures for the dark, later nights in the club and 'Caravana Planetaria' (Guitar instrumental) then closes out with an extra edgy sense of uneasy melody.
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 in stock $16.41
Down To The Sea & Back Volume 3: The Continuing Journey Of The Balearic Beat
Cat: ZZZV 24002. Rel: 30 May 24
Josete Ordonez - "Objetos Perdidos" (Dagobert Bohm version) (3:09)
Robert Williams - "I Believe You're The One" (4:59)
Lee Ryda - "Electro Eyes" (8:30)
Francisco - "Heal Yourself" (4:36)
Vidderna - "Villfarelser" (5:13)
Meo - "Cikuana" (5:02)
The Emperor Machine - "Dying By Wits" (3:17)
Tri Atma - "Yummy Moon" (long version) (4:31)
Pressure Drop - "Unify/Rip Up" (instrumental) (4:54)
Enzo Carella - "Malamore" (3:19)
Ad Vissar & Daniel Sahuleka - "Giddyap-A-Gogo" (4:52)
Le Couleur - "Underage" (2:59)
Sunshine Jones - "Fall In Love Not In Line" (extended vocal version) (10:41)
Car Crash Set - "Fall From Grace" (6:54)
Len - "Steal My Sunshine" (Idjut version) (8:35)
Mcraft - "She Sells Sanctuary" (3:56)
Review: Balearic Mike and Kelvin Andrews are onto a good thing with their Down To The Sea & Back series, returning for a third round of Balearic dreamscapes on one of the loose-fit genre's leading outposts, Music For Dreams. It's 10 years since the last collection graced our terrazas, and in that time there's been ample opportunity for the esteemed duo to burrow even deeper into the nooks and crannies of musical ephemera to find those rarified nuggets which conjure a thousand sun-licked reveries, whether under the auspices of outsider pop, bossa nova, new wave or proto-techno. Those tags might well throw you off course - it's safer to trust in the expertly curated vibe, which will wash over you like those balmy Mediterranean waves.
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 in stock $33.87
Back To Bahia Vol 4
Cat: MCWR 018. Rel: 20 May 24
Laguna (5:39)
Just Beyond The Sun (5:32)
Review: Celebrated composer, producer, techno talent and ambient craftsman John Beltran is a real Detroit don and now he is back on one of the city's own labels, Motor City Wine, with Volume 4 of Back To Bahia on 7". This one finds him going even deeper than before, starting with 'Laguna', which will soon uplift you with its Afro-Brazilian drums and live bass from James Simonson next to lush keys. 'Just Beyond The Sun' then gets fully Balearic with its mix of sultry trumpet, shuffling and Latin-tinged rhythms and wispy cosmic chords. A real delight.
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 in stock $19.32
Other Like Me
Cat: DUSTCD 124. Rel: 03 Jun 24
She Never Wrote Back
With You I Still Feel Alone
Dressed Up Auslander
[Bolt] Golden Hour At Sisters
Just Pretend To Be Someone Else
I'm Poster Syndrome
Bubble Life
Closed Eyes
Other, Like Me
Methodology #17
Boy On A Swing
I Have A Keen Interest
In A Place Like This
Mark Up
I Am An Artist
 in stock $14.29
Love Is The Most Important Thing 1
Ellis Blake - "Projections" (3:47)
Keiran Francis - "From Morning" (DJ Squid mix) (3:24)
Dodd & Dr Calimari - "23" (6:09)
Third Planet - "Lament" (3:37)
 in stock $18.52
Remember Me (Remixes)
Remember Me (Remixes) (translucent blue vinyl 12")
Cat: MS 499B. Rel: 24 May 24
Remember Me (David Penn remix) (6:16)
Remember Me (Franky Rizardo remix) (5:05)
Remember Me (original) (7:01)
 in stock $17.73
Cat: GI 429CD. Rel: 30 May 24
A City's Never (with Panda Bear)
Rare (with Carly Rae Jepsen)
Your Father
The Flooding
World_train (with Charlotte Adigery)
Once, In A Borrowed Car
Open Hands
40 Waves
Hard To Do
 in stock $13.24
Later That Day The Day Before Or The Day Before That
Cat: GI 442LP. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Grey Gardens (3:05)
Asleep At The Wheel (3:03)
Me, I Think I Found It (4:08)
Dying 'Til I'm Born (3:08)
Is This Only Water (4:46)
See You Later (3:10)
Baby Voice (2:48)
Words For Love (2:53)
Tennisman9 (2:46)
The Make Believe (feat Oklou) (3:13)
 in stock $26.46
Later That Day The Day Before Or The Day Before That
Grey Gardens
Asleep At The Wheel
Me, I Think I Found It
Dying 'Til I'm Born
Is This Only Water
See You Later
Baby Voice
Words For Love
The Make Believe (feat Oklou)
 in stock $12.44
Choir Bounce
Cat: VLS 12. Rel: 07 Jun 24
Ciao Ciao - "Carpet Swing" (intro) (1:00)
Ciao Ciao - "Carpet Swing" (3:44)
Logidy - "The Trip" (5:23)
Fruit Distro Collective - "Inward Light" (4:11)
Logidy - "I Like (That)" (4:26)
Toby Tune - "Soft Hips" (2:49)
Pu Poo Platter - "Choir Bounce" (3:28)
Dami - "Koutoubia Gardens" (2:34)
 in stock $15.35
Futur (12")
Cat: FUNKSCAPES 007. Rel: 05 Jun 24
Colkin - "Via Marcomanni" (3:49)
Peter Seiler - "Timebend" (feat Sheryl Hackett) (4:32)
Eoism - "Ultraverse" (5:00)
Voertuig - "Cego" (5:19)
Voertuig - "808 Ambient Jazz" (3:45)
Eoism - "Even Flow" (5:45)
Review: Colkin from Raw Soul and Mauke Club sets the tone on this new FUTUR compilation, which has been curated by Benedikt Meger with a spherical acid house meditation. Peter Seiler's track, a standout from the reissue of his debut album Flying Frames, features Sheryl Hackett's soulful vocals and merges song structure with jazz improvisation. Eoism from Pulse Drift, Undersound, and Inch By Inch delivers low-swung electro flavours perfect for sunset vibes while the B-side opens with Voertuig of Tonal Oceans and Cobra Club who presents a seriously raw acid jam followed by an experimental, jazzy piece, reminiscent of the 90s downtempo era. 'Eoism' closes things with a floating, futuristic banger, going to make a well rounded (in more ways than one) and ultimately very useful piece of vinyl.
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 in stock $22.76
In Light Of That Learnt Later (Purelink remix)
Cat: BADINFO. Rel: 22 May 24
In Light Of That Learnt Later (Purelink remix) (7:04)
In The Dust And The Haze (4:44)
Review: The fables around this one are strong. To say the least. Corker & Conboy's album, In Leith of that Learnt Later was apparently recorded in a converted carpark in Battersea. Melding together cinematic post-rock, adult lullabies, dub-by folk, and new age, it's a marvel of escapist listening that transports you far from the brutality of the concrete London it was born into, out to some field in England or other, and then onwards to plains we are yet to become familiar with. On this two-tracker that sense of adventure remains very much in tact. Purelink steps up with a remix that could be the soundtrack to your next sensory depravation tank prep or cacao ceremony. All earthy bubbles and light, loose, tribalistic percussion. On the flip, find one of the originals from the LP - the lackadaisical guitar motifs of 'On The Dust and The Haze'.
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 in stock $16.93
Inspector Norse Remixes (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: FLRS 165. Rel: 20 May 24
Inspector Norse (Slowly remix) (4:47)
Inspector Norse (ET remix) (4:58)
 in stock $15.87
Bloom (reissue)
Bloom (reissue) (limited 180 gram audiophile translucent purple vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: MOVLP 3693C. Rel: 11 Jun 24
Hey (4:00)
Purple (4:23)
Close My Eyes (4:14)
Face The Waves (6:06)
Reverie (4:20)
Down Down (6:01)
Falling (4:07)
Flame (5:27)
Life As One (4:10)
Ride On (4:23)
Review: Reissued after its 1997 debut, Crustation's Bloom emerges from the shadows of trip-hop giants like Portishead and Massive Attack as a legendary gem of the genre. Comprised of Ian Dark, Stig Manley, and Mark Tayler, the Bristol-based band crafted a fantastic sonic universe with their singular LP, featuring the enchanting vocals of Bronagh Slevin, ethereal atmospheres, and hypnotic beats. The album, adorned with artwork co-designed by Stanley Donwood of Radiohead fame, immerses listeners in a dreamy landscape from the opening instrumental 'Hey' to the sublime 'Purple.' Slevin's velvety voice guides us through a nocturnal journey, evoking a sense of safety in darkness. Tracks like 'Close My Eyes' and 'Face The Waves' transport listeners to ethereal realms, while 'Reverie' shows the beauty of orchestral strings intertwined with melancholic lyrics. Yet, it's 'Flame' that stands as the album's pinnacle, a transcendent hymn to beauty and serenity. Beginning with ambient dreaminess, Slevin's whispering vocals crescendo into a breathtaking refrain, accompanied by strings that evoke a phantasmagorical atmosphere. Overall, Bloom remains a hidden masterpiece of trip hop, its nocturnal, spacey, and velvet textures embodying the genre's essence.
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 in stock $31.74
Cat: AM 018. Rel: 30 May 24
Khazna (2:02)
Layali El Shouk (feat Lella) (3:38)
Do Ko (2:53)
Kartona (feat M Adel & Ahmeddine) (3:08)
Tub (2:25)
Bahr (feat Nara) (3:15)
Sarkh (5:17)
Shitan (1:51)
Kharab (feat Sara Shedid) (1:21)
 in stock $15.35
Universal Language
Universal Language (limited 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ZZZV 24006. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Un Buen Sueno (feat Carmen Cano) (6:23)
N'Goni (feat Mikkel Nordso & Anders Pomsaing) (6:14)
Aire (feat Antonio Jimenez Munoz) (6:16)
Golden Hour (feat Jade PraiZe) (7:07)
Dance First Think Later (feat Paul Powell) (5:51)
Island In The Sun (feat Santino Surfers) (6:39)
Soul Free (feat Chilani, Walther & Olio) (5:11)
Harmonized (feat Mathias Heise) (3:54)
Let Me Show You (5:57)
Faz Favor (feat Rodrigo Sha & Pere Navarro) (5:55)
Universal Language (feat Mathias Heise) (6:43)
Anta Lika (feat Reinhard Vanbergen) (6:20)
Noche De Primavera (feat Troels Hammer & Rodrigo Sha) (6:53)
Review: Perhaps a universal language is something we can never achieve, or at least, stories such as the Tower of Babel suggest. But temporary simulacra of such fancies may be aspired to, not to mention sick Balearic records calling for them. Here Ibiza mainstays DJ Pippi and Willie Graff team up for a swell full-length record, displaying an ingenious shared ear for the combo of live instrumentation, sampling and club-ready mixing. Some 12 tracks escort us through the duo's manifold styles, honed over the course of 17 years and modulated with subtle layers of eloquent instrumentation and effervescent synths.
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 in stock $31.74
Cat: GOST 023. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Coherent Scale (1:22)
Eliseus (4:06)
Intersection (4:01)
LAFS (2:49)
Loop (3:50)
OK (3:35)
Sliding On Enamel (4:30)
Voices (3:19)
Gossip (1:49)
Interzona (1:49)
Review: Interzona is well worth getting excited about. The debut album from what the label Gost Zvuk describes as "the hidden gem of the Moscow electronic scene, Dmitry Drozdov," the record is a complete masterclass in synthesised production. One of those LPs that takes you in countless directions, all of which are great, but does this with depth and authenticity. 'Eliseus' is a dubby ambient techno workout, ghostly breath work and bleeps adding complexity to an otherwise pared back arrangement. 'OK' is a smoky, lo fi house strutter, nods to blues and hip hop more than audible. 'Sliding On Enamel' is one of those smoky, heads down breaks numbers we all wish more people made. 'Voices' goes for bouncy, percussive, floor-first tech, 'LAFS' a naively sweet and playful combination of flutters, taps, plucks and shimmers. 'Loop' is a electro-weird gone full, well, weird.
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 in stock $14.56
Jibaro (Daniele Baldelli & Dionigi version)
Jibaro (version) (5:43)
Jibaro (dub) (4:35)
Review: Daniele Baldelli's name still holds enough currency in disco circles to get real heads excited whoever they see it. The legendary DJ and forefather of the cosmic scene still knows how to lay down the jams as he proves with his new remix alongside Dionigi for Mushroom Pillow. It finds them flipping Elkin & Nelson's 'Jibaro' two ways. The first is a guitar-laced, jangling and loose groove with slow-motion drum chug and plenty of effects. The second is a dub version that is more spaced out and late-night. Both are superb.
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 in stock $12.44
Sushi Roti Reibekuchen
Sushi Roti Reibekuchen (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: LPGRON 290. Rel: 23 May 24
Sushi (16:29)
Reibekuchen (13:54)
Wein (6:56)
Review: Now here's a rarity for you. Not even many of the most committed megafans know that Brian Eno, Holger Czukay and J.Peter Schwalm, accompanied by Raoul Walton and Jern Atai, performed a secret live music show, outside the esteemed Kunst-und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, situated in the city of Bonn, in August 1998. Forming a part of the opening party of Eno's Future Light-Lounge Proposal multimedia installation, this furtively-recorded album hears an exclusive slice of incidental "high-altitude food music", of course made during Brian Eno's airborne ambient era. Now reissued via Gronland, this five-piece cut of sophisti-ambi-krauttronica makes for a welcome surprise.
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 in stock $28.85
Ettika (remixes)
Ettika (remixes) (12" + insert)
Cat: AR 01712. Rel: 23 May 24
Ettika (Hear & Now French remix) (6:04)
Ettika (The Veteran Delinquents mix) (5:30)
Ettika (Hear & Now Arab remix) (5:17)
Review: Exquisite Balearic inquisitors Archeo Recordings' one mission is to dig up the lost paleolithic fossils of pelagic yore; this time they unearth the 1984 LP stylings of Ettika, with thier self-titled debut track. This bop has gone down in time as an initial obscurio, one that flew well under the radar until, apparently, tastemaker Vidal Benjamin 'rediscovered' it in a bargain bin. Then plugging it via the ironically named 'Balearic Nightmare' mix, it became an overnight re-sensation. It's easy to see why its popularity lay dormant for so long; it was originally made for a 'back-to-work' scheme aimed at unemployed immigrant youth in Rouen, France, so its utilitarian function has since been transcended here. Now reissued on fresh 12" with three newer mixes, 'Ettika' testifies to the fact that we simply need to look harder, and in the unlikely places, for the still undiscovered species of banger out there.
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 in stock $26.73
Ettika: Originals
Ettika: Originals (7" + insert)
Cat: AR 0177. Rel: 23 May 24
Ettika (version Francaise ) (3:53)
Ettika (version Arabe) (4:35)
Review: Archeo Recordings present the best works of Ettika, who way back when laid down an interesting fusion of Italo, new beat, Arabic funk and Balearic hip-hop for a synthetic, sample-heavy chanters. Really, it's quite difficult to nail this one in words. Resurfacing after it was found in an online mix known as the 'Balearic nightmare', original copies of the record soon found itself being snapped up again; now it hears a thorough reissuing, owing to a demand that hasn't tapered since. With versions in French and Arabic respectively, it's clear that this plodding Balearic emoter more than deserves its place as a hidden classic.
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 in stock $24.62
Apres Le Paradis
Apres Le Paradis (180 gram vinyl 12" + poster)
Cat: PA 011. Rel: 24 May 24
Si Fua (4:01)
Diavolo (5:33)
Si Fua (Elado remix) (6:07)
Diavolo (Marvin & Guy Megamix) (5:27)
 in stock $17.73
Fallin EP
Fallin EP (12")
Cat: MFV 001. Rel: 17 Jun 24
Surprise Me! (3:24)
The Times We Spent Together (3:27)
Alone In The Crowd (4:10)
Boomerang (with Virag Keszthelyi) (3:53)
Fallin (with Jaidene Veda) (3:52)
When (7:22)
Review: From P60 is an alias of Zoltan Nagy who this year marks the significant milestone of a quarter of a century in the music game. He celebrates that by launching his new label Midnight Fashion Chill with his own first EP for it. Over the years, Nagy has done it all from deep house to Balearic to lounge and downtempo and here brings that touch of class to six superbly soothing sounds that fuse all that and more. The opener is pure horizontal bliss, 'The Times We Spent Together' is a slow-motion daydream, 'Fallin' (with Jaidene Veda) is pure soul-soothing magic and 'When' is a gently lilting ambient soundscape crafted to perfection.
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 in stock $14.56
Gagarin (2xLP + insert)
Cat: SOO DEUX. Rel: 30 May 24
Dopamine (6:41)
Ganymede (7:42)
Nujo (7:08)
Vostok (7:04)
Datastream Kid (6:03)
From The Sky (4:22)
Haw-Irn Bru (10:23)
Deep Space Rituals (7:09)
V Stat (5:56)
Askival (5:18)
 in stock $34.92
Cat: AKIRA 016CD. Rel: 23 May 24
There's No More Space
Keep It Real
Golden Eyes
Lonesome Hero
Calm Down
On & Off
Silver Screen
Beneath The Clouds
Review: Quebec City-based singer/songwriter Margaux Suave and collaborator/producer Louis-Etienne Santais earned plenty of praise for their first album as Ghostly Kisses, 2022's Heaven, Wait. It framed the project as a new iteration of dream-pop, with the pair drawing inspiration from melancholic synth-pop, downtempo, hazy indie-pop and lo-fi soul. Sophomore set Darkroom continues in this vein while subtly expanding the pair's sonic horizons. Throughout, they shuffle attractively between string-laden trip-hop ('There Is No More Space'), dreamy two-step pop ('Golden Eyes'), slow-motion, Balearic-tinged synth-pop ('Lonesome Hero'), twinkling deep house-pop ('Calm Down') and orchestrated ambient pop ('Silver Screen').
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Don't Forget To Have Fun
Don't Forget To Have Fun (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DM 016. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Pause (5:08)
Emerald (4:44)
All Seeds (4:19)
First Touch (6:11)
Theme For A Dream (part 1 Lullaby) (5:20)
Theme For A Dream (part 2 Swimming, Soaring) (6:28)
Theme For A Dream (part 3 Time To Wake Up) (5:53)
Review: Naarm in Melbourne, Australia seems to be driving rise to ever more musical talent that makes a mark over here in the UK. It is where producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Don Glori (aka Gordon Li) ihails from and now with 'Don't Forget To Have Fun' he follows up his acclaimed 2022 LP 'Welcome' in great style. It came amidst personal turmoil and technical setbacks and, after relocating to London in 2023, Don found fresh inspiration by simplifying his process. Working in a tiny room with minimal equipment, he redefined and re-recorded many tracks in his Whitechapel flat. The resulting album blends jazz, funk, soul, r&b and samba, with tracks like 'Pause,' 'Emerald,' and 'All Seeds' showcasing psychedelic influences, tight horn arrangements, and Brazilian street soul.
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Natural Element
Cat: TARTALB 022. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Sound Bytes (Relax) (2:58)
Zitar (2:37)
Lake Serenade (X-Flute) (2:20)
Gost (2:33)
Sports (Is Good For You) (4:40)
Gaza International Airport (3:13)
We Are The World (Test Drive) (4:05)
Birds (1:03)
Natural Element (4:51)
Reencontro Da Massa (alternate mix) (2:33)
4L (4:32)
Review: Max Graef emerged with a dusty, lo-fi and lived-in house sound that soon made him a favourite amongst the underground heads of the early 2010s. In the years since he has dropped plenty of fine tunes and a great full-length and has seemingly been working on his skills and musicality because this new full-length is a real step up in quality. It comes as always on his home label Tartelet and mixes up some lush downtempo sounds with deep house bits, Balearic moments and plenty of soulful charm.
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Sun Circles Reimagined (Alexander Flood, John Beltran mixes)
Cat: BSBF 707. Rel: 17 Jun 24
Sun Circles (Alexander Flood live rework) (4:24)
Sun Circles (John Beltran Project remix) (6:10)
Review: Australian artist Gratts wrote 'Sun Circles' as an empowerment anthem for his two sons and it dropped to plenty of acclaim last year. In its wake, Gratts DJed with Adelaide's multi-talented Alexander Flood on percussion and after some conversations he was enlisted to bring his jazz background to a remix of the original. He did so live as part of a quintet and the result is a super summery, airy rework with soulful vocals that linger long in the air. Michigan-based techno and ambient maestro John Beltran appears on the flip to bring a classy Balearic remix that will have you dreaming of longer, warmer nights and plenty of sun-kissed dancing fun
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Submerge Me (feat Gilb'r remix)
Cat: BSBF 706. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Submerge Me (original version) (5:50)
Submerge Me (Gilb'r remix) (6:19)
Review: Belgian DJ and producer Gratts have joined forces with London-based vocalist Mr. Beale to follow up on to success of their well-received 'Sun Circles' release last year. Here, on the sublime 'Submerge Me', they are in fine form once more with a brooding sound that features the uniquely mesmerising mantras of Beale and plenty of raw, compelling and percussive grooves that full lock you in and get you going. Versatile Records' own Gilb'r then steps up on the flip and manages to take things even deeper with some fine liquid dub excursions to complete a top 7"
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Timeless Lo Fi Vol 2
Timeless Lo Fi Vol 2 (limited LP with obi-strip)
Cat: PLP 7410. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Rendou (with Renz) (3:22)
Meaningless Lyrics (with Brooklyn TY) (2:37)
Mind Game On Bm9 (with Samurai Yas) (2:59)
Hibachi (with NMF) (3:44)
Far Out (with Izumi) (3:44)
Track 6 (with Grey Station) (2:33)
Raw (with OGCZ) (1:37)
Dear (with Ram-Mashine) (2:16)
Last Night (with Western River) (2:35)
Sunset (with Goodshit) (3:21)
Review: Well, would you look at that: lo-fi hip-hop has already become LP-worthy. It doesn't seem like long ago at all that the genre seemed eternally bound to its stereotyped form: ten-hour YouTube videos of endlessly looping lo-fi beats paired visually with anime characters perusing the textbooks over mugs of cocoa, cute kittens brushing against their knees, and snow-caked views outside their windows. Light In The Attic colour anyone thinking that such a style couldn't possibly make it onto vinyl LP mistaken, catching us off guard with this second edition from Grey October Sounds' Timeless LoFi project. This one hears the Japanese producer bring beautiful remixes of classic Studio Ghibili theme songs - as well as original compositions - to P-Vine recordings. Choice cuts include the eyes-down bare-bones of 'Y&A' and the muted snaps of 'Home Banter'. So, assuming you've already crammed for the test tomorrow, feel free to relax and swap out your well-worn, coffee-stained textbook for an MPC.
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Cat: DVK 701. Rel: 21 May 24
Metropolis (5:43)
Before I'm Gone (5:27)
Review: Originally part of a 1975 charity compilation LP raising money for environmental charities in California - which later became a collectors artifact changing hands for silly money (which didn't fit well with the Deja Vu Kid team) - so this Balearic nugget, the crown jewel of the album, was released on 7". More in keeping with its original spirit, not to mention its exquisite sound, there's no better way to share it again than on it's own 45 release at a fair price. 'Metropolis' and its B-side, 'Before I'm Gone', are pristine, hi-fi wilderness folk ditties, both of which evince an incredible mood of streamside Americana.
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Head Shoppe
Cat: MDWH 29.1. Rel: 31 May 24
Parque De Chapultepec (3:15)
Saunders Meadow (8:36)
Seance (5:23)
Gracias A La Vida (V Parra) (8:11)
Drive Back From Idyllwild (4:51)
Candelight Vigil (6:31)
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Winston Hytwr
Cat: KLP 292LP. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Hip Swayer (2:31)
Insubordination Rules (2:48)
Deadbeat At Dawn (2:09)
Wainbow (2:37)
Blind Pig (1:49)
ONO (2:13)
A Moment Like This (1:23)
Glitter Affair (2:23)
TF (2:29)
You & Me (2:18)
Hue Nose (1:50)
Apart Of It (1:52)
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Sun Blonde
Sun Blonde (LP + insert)
Cat: LPEL 585. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Enrosadira (3:31)
August (4:36)
Bazooka Joe (1:23)
Big Wave (2:51)
Lonely Lynx (2:03)
Maui Babe (2:49)
Elvis (4:23)
Hi Boy Dreams (2:41)
Perfect 10 (4:00)
Sun Blonde (5:24)
Almost There (5:07)
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Cat: MH 034. Rel: 22 May 24
Blood (2:20)
Could You? (2:46)
Day Moment (4:05)
Dealt Hand (2:41)
Don't Hum Without Me (2:54)
Fifty Summers (4:54)
Glanzstrasse (6) (2:23)
Organ, With Fire (1:49)
Three Of Swords (2:03)
Review: Apodelia is Hotspring's second solo release on Mood Hut; the record is partly a further exploration of song forms, studio techniques and instrumentation explored on 2020's Obit For Sunshade. This latest addition to the artistic moniker of Scott Gailey Spring explores lifting into revealing; scouring fidelities, playing with emotion, and improvising by night. A timestretched, textural nocturne is painted in sound, echoing a more contemporary incarnation of mid-'10s Mister Lies; the glassy piano refractions of 'Glanzstrasse 6', the ripply audio-pools and autotunings of 'Organ With Fire' and the beat-cracklings of 'Day Moment' are all highlights.
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Lashes (LP + insert)
Cat: MWR 001. Rel: 05 Jun 24
Miracle-Mouthed (3:09)
Boyracer (3:55)
Come 2 Me, My Baby (1:59)
Oil Slicks (Song For The Spirals) (3:23)
Heat Of A Bolting Horse (1:35)
Lavender (2:04)
Your Laugh As My Ringtone (2:27)
Sever/Strike (2:23)
See You At The (2:08)
Ionian Sea (3:53)
I Hope I See Some Of My Haters Out Tonight (4:36)
Cement (3:53)
Review: This superbly spaced-out album of guitar-shimmered downtempo odes from Hysterical Love Project is a wonderfully moody and dreamy listen. It rides on gentle 90s-inspired rhythms a la Kruder & Dorfmeister, with angelic vocals woven into the grainy pads. Some cuts are sunny firmly into the sofa while others tentatively raise their head above water. 'Oil Slicks (Song For The Spirals)' is a heartbroken late-night sound for lovelorn wallowing, 'I Hope I See Some Of My Haters Out Tonight' casts you adrift under a moon-lit sky and 'Your Laugh As My Ringtone' is laced with melancholic riffs that lodge deep in the brain.

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Decade (LP + insert)
Cat: HYCA 8070. Rel: 28 May 24
Horizon (4:02)
Sound Of Rainfall (3:57)
Catch The Love (3:46)
Karena Cinta (3:16)
Summer Love Story (3:38)
I Will Be (4:09)
Out Of Your Love (3:55)
So Real (3:06)
Lagoon (4:12)
The Man In The Mirror (4:21)
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Dedicated To The Island: Soundwalk & Music For Saunter Magazine (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: DGR 002. Rel: 29 May 24
Mizukumi (5:21)
Kokemusu (3:39)
Nagareru (5:18)
Tobitatsu (5:43)
Hoshifuru (7:09)
Mushikiki (2:10)
The Basement Duet (2:14)
Tengaku (2:04)
Kodama (7:10)
Review: As you may have picked up on from the title here, Dedicated To The Island: Soundwalk & Music For Saunter Magazine was originally produced as a CD supplement carried with Saunter Magazine for its sixth issue - Yakushima 2023. The documentary publication focuses on food and travel, and is very much part of the slow journalism movement, its goal to offer readers a bird's eye view of the world from remote islands. Now repackaged and ready to be sold as a standalone album, you may have preconceptions about what this will sound like. If you picked nine tracks of Balearic-hued, organic-feeling, electronic ambient goodness, with field recordings to boot, then congratulations, because that's exactly what's in store here. A stunning, blissful, deep listening experience vivid enough for you to get lost in.
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Played by: Kaoru Inoue
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Ruvenzori EP
Cat: RVNZVNL 01. Rel: 11 Jun 24
Izhevski - "Hawaii" (7:15)
Stan Tone & Izhevski - "Uluwatu" (6:26)
Talemates, Stan Tone & Izhevski - "Ayomi" (6:55)
Volen Sentir & Izhevski - "Altai" (6:55)
Review: Ruvenzori makes the move to vinyl with four artists breaking new ground in the field of organic, spiritual house music. There's a Balearic tint to these harmonious jams, which melt into each other like one extended blend for the terraza of your dreams. 'Uluwatu' features Stan Tone and Izhevski collaborating on a swirling masterpiece with the steady tick of minimal tech house as an undercurrent for ascendant chimes, fluttering guitar licks and vocal murmurations. On 'Ayomi' Talemates joins the pair as they match emotive piano chords with sampled vocal loops, capturing an endearing, eyes-closed vibe in the process.
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