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Turntable accessories

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Deflex Superpods Isolation Feet For Turntables Amplifiers & Audio Equipment (set of 4)
Cat: 715217 Rel: 21 Dec 18
4 x isolation pads for turntables & heavy equipment
Notes: The superpods are manufactured in the UK by the same company that brought us the Polipods and Foculpods. The superpods build on the design by offering the same isolation and resonance control as the polipods but for far heavier equipment such as power amps. Each superpod will support up to 25kg in weight so 4 together will support 100kg.

The superpods also work particularly well under many turntables.
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Project Leather IT Leather Turntable Mat (black, single)
Cat: 640573 Rel: 13 Feb 17
Turntable mat designed to enhance the sound of your turntable
Notes: Fitting over the centre spindle and sitting comfortably on a 12" platter, the mat is designed to offer a better playback surface than other felt or cork alternatives.

The mat improves performance by reducing vibration transfer to the playing surface, allowing your cartridge to deliver a more stable high-fidelity performance. The high-friction but smooth surface also allows for fluid record rotation with minimal slip.

Due to the thickness of this mat, it may reduce the possibility of using an existing record clamp.

Available in black or grey.

Please Note: The Leather-IT in black has a matte-suede effect on both sides. The Leather-IT in silver has a shiny finish on one side, and a rough leather finish on the other.
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Tonar 12 Inch Acrylic Stroboscopic Disc For Calibrating Turntable Speed (50 & 60Hz compatible)
Cat: 716978 Rel: 16 Jan 19
Turntable speed checker
Notes: 12" acrylic stroboscopic disc for all speeds: 8 1/3, 16 2/3, 33 1/3, 45, 70, 72, 73, 75, 76, 78, 80, 81, 83, 85, 87, 90 RPM.
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Tonar Vinyl Record Stabiliser Weight (nickel, 760g)
Cat: 567706 Rel: 26 Mar 15
760g brass record weight for imporoving playback of warped records, and reducing vibrations through turntable platter
Notes: Any vibrations in the record during playback will be picked by the cartridge and will be reproduced by the amplifier and speakers causing muddy sound, distortion and reduced detail. In order to avoid record vibrations you must make sure that the contact between the record and the platter is as perfecrt as possible.The tonar record clamp presses the record flat against the platter. Put the record on the turntable and then put the clamp on the spindle, press down & turn the knob to tighten. The weight of the clamp is minimal so it can be used on any record player with a fixed spindle.

Also many older manufactured records are warped to varying degrees, this causes big problems for the diamond stylus of the cartridge to track the grooves properly. The stylus pressure fluctuates as the stylus moves up and down while trying to track the warps. With bad results: muddy sound reproduction with distortions and if the turntables drive isn't really strong... audible flutter. In some cases the stylus may actually loose contact with the groove causing a hissing sound. Using the Tonarclampit will press the record onto the turntable platter, and the problematic surface will be flattened while you play the record causing a dramatic improvement of the reproduced sound on old records.

Take care that the platter bearing of your turntable is able to accept the additional weight of 760 g. If in any doubt please consult your record player instructions or your dealer before buying or using this weight.

760 grams Brass weight
Measurements: 78 mm x 25 mm

Base covered with felt to protect the record label
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Turntable accessories
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