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Synth modules

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Cat: 719663 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Dual audio & CV level attenuator
Notes: 2ATT/CV contains two units of a simple level attenuator for any kind of signal. You can also switch to voltage mode and get manually controllable CV on the outputs.
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Cat: 719670 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Dual attack/decay envelope
Notes: 2ENV is a dual attack - decay envelope; it can be switched between full sustain (the output remains at full level as long as the GATE input is on) and zero sustain (for percussive envelopes). Another switch (SLOW/FAST) allows selecting the time range.

For manual triggering there is a button for each envelope.

CV control: Both attack and decay time can be CV controlled; the CV "multiplies" the time by 1...approx. 8 times.
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Cat: 719701 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Dual hybrid oscillator
Notes: The 2OSC/d module contains two 1V/octave hybrid oscillators. Each of them features:

- One frequency knob plus a range switch +2 octaves
- CV input (1V / octave)
- PWM input
- SYNC input
- Sawtooth/Square/Sub-octave output

The pulsewith knob controls either the pulsewidth of the first oscillator (with the second one having a fixed pulsewidth), or via a switch the second oscillator is also controlled by the pulsewidth knob. Both oscillators can be pulsewidth-modulated independently by their PWM inputs.

The module is designed as a hybrid digital/analogue module; the oscillator frequencies are determined digitally and are therefore quite stable and have a good tracking; the output wavefom itself is created analogue. It's a new idea/concept that I have implemented here; the design causes the waveform to get a bit gritty at higher frequencies (but not "digital noise") - it's the character of this thing!
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Cat: 719665 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Sample & Hold module
Notes: The purpose of the SAMPLE&HOLD module is to "freeze" the input voltage with a trigger input.

Typically used for random CV patterns if a noise signal is fed to the input and triggered e.g. by an LFO.
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Cat: 719699 Rel: 03 Sep 19
Amplifier for audio signals
Notes: 2SIGNALAMP contains two amplifier stages for audio signals; the amplification can be adjusted up to 15:1.

A clip LED indicates that the amplified level exceeds the usual range of AE modular and is short before clipping.

Main purpose of this module is to boost external audio signals for further processing within AE modular, or also the triangle output of the VCO which has by design a lower signal amplitude.
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Cat: 719668 Rel: 03 Sep 19
Dual voltage controlled amplifier module
Notes: 2VCA contains two separate VCA (voltage controlled amplifiers); the classic module to shape the volume of a sound that is fed to IN by a control voltage, e.g. from an ENV to the CV input.

A switch determines the operation mode (DC/CV or audio), choosing the right position can reduce/avoid pop's with short attack envelopes.

An additional knob for each VCA attenuates the level, if necessary.
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Cat: 719689 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Versatile mixer/quadattenuator
Notes: 4ATTMIX offers four input channels which can be level controlled / attenuated by the corresponding knobs. The attenuated signals are sent to four outputs.

Additionally, each channel can be sent to an internal mixer by the switches beside the knobs. The mix signal is then sent to the mix output.

An additional switch selects the general operation mode for the mixer, for DC/CV signals or for audio signals.
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Cat: 719687 Rel: 02 Sep 19
4 minijack inputs/outputs
Notes: 4I/O offers four minijack sockets that are connected to the AE sockets for connecting external audio sources, CV's and Eurorack modules. Sockets 1 and 3 are stereo sockets; if a stereo cable is inserted here the signal is available on sockets 1/2 and 3/4. With mono cables the four sockets can be used independently.

All sockets have an overvoltage protection (as AE modular is limited to 5V) and can be switched between audio and DC/CV signals.
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Cat: 719673 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Clock divider module
Notes: The BEAT DIVIDER takes a clock signal (the BUS CLK which presents the MIDI clock from the MASTER module) and divides it to musical clock dividers, selectable from 1/2... 1/32.

Additionally, a second output provides the dotted or triplet clock of the selected divider value.
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Cat: 745620 Rel: 17 Sep 19
Basic 8-bit drum sound generator
Notes: DRUMKIT 010 consists of 11 8-bit drum sound samples; 6 of them can be triggered in parallel in any combination by the trigger inputs. With a BANK selector knob, different combinations of the 11 samples can be selected. The PITCH knob affects the pitch of all instruments together, and with the REVERSE button the sounds are played backwards - quite a nice effect to be added here and there.

Don't expect high quality from this module - it's by design a nasty, lo-fi drum sound source, but definitely with its own character. Works great together with the analogue KICK module.
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Cat: 719657 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Filter module
Notes: This filter module is a variant of the Wasp filter, a quite strange circuit used first in the EDP Wasp synth end of the seventies, which abuses digital chips in an analogue way leading to the characteristic sound of this filter type. In this module, vactrols are used for controlling the filter frequency.
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Cat: 719658 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Stereo headphone amplifier
Notes: A stereo headphone amplifier for AE modular.

It has separate left/right inputs; via a switch it can be set to mono operation (only left input is used). One common volume control for both outputs.

Two headphones can be attached via 3.5mm stereo minijack sockets.
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Cat: 745619 Rel: 17 Sep 19
Pure analogue kick drum module
Notes: KICK is a pure analogue Kick drum of raw bass power.

It has three knobs: PITCH for the overall pitch of the sound; with DECAY the length of the sound can be set and with DRIVE a nice distortion can be added to the sound.

With the pitch decay switch the pitch follows the amplitude, giving a bit different character.

And a trigger button is available to check the sound without an external trigger signal.
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Cat: 719694 Rel: 02 Sep 19
LFO module
Notes: The LFO module generates modulation voltages mostly below the audio range; this module offers:

- PWM modulation for the Pulse out
- RATE knob for controlling the frequency
- SLOW/FAST switch for two frequency ranges; with FAST the rate can go into the lower audio range
- Triangle/Sawtooth switch; changes the waveform of the output
- PULSEWIDTH knob, this sets the pulsewidth of the according output
- Control LED for sawtooth/triangle and for pulse
- Three separate output signals: Square (even duty cycle), TRIANGLE/Sawtooth, Pulse
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Cat: 719682 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Dual NAND, AND, XOR inverter
Notes: The LOGIC module combines two inputs by different logical rules (AND, NAND, XOR). This can be used either for operations on trigger/gate signals (let gate signals pass depending on other signals, invert them depending on the other input etc), or for audio signals, where you get ringmodulator-like sounds when feeding two different oscillator frequencies.
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Cat: 719685 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Lowpass gate module for AE modular
Notes: The LOPAG is the lowpass gate module for AE. It is based on a Vactrol (like all good lowpass gates) and has two inputs: IN (audio signal) and TRIG. A pulse on the TRIG input opens the signal path shortly and via the characteristics of the Vactrol the audio signal is filtered and attenuated in a plucked, percussive way. Additional GATE and CV inputs allow more control over the way the module works.
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Cat: 719648 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Master I/O module
Notes: The MASTER module is the base of every AE modular system - it contains;

- The voltage regulation (5V) for the power supply of the modules
- MIDI input (minijack; Breakout cable to DIN-5 socket is available separately)
- In/out-sockets (3.5mm minijack) for audio out and/or interfacing with a Eurorack system
- All bus signals (CV, GATE, CTRL, MIDI clock/start/stop) as patch sockets

The power supply is a 9V DC adapter; it can be connected either at the side or on the top of the module.
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quote 719648
Cat: 719678 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Audio mixer with 4 inputs
Notes: This module consists of an audio mixer with 4 inputs and their level knobs, plus an additional 4 separate inputs that are mixed at full level (especially for mixing CV signals), and a separate output.
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Cat: 719655 Rel: 03 Sep 19
High quality stereo digital FX for AE modular
Notes: Stereo effects processing for Tangible's affordable AE modular system. Offers a total of 15 digital effect programs with CV control over three parameters each. Can run in Eurorack via an optional adaptor frame.

Supplier notes:
The MULTIFX module offers 15 different stereo audio FX programs, a wide variety from common FX like reverb and delay to unique effects like Ring Crusher or Glitch delay. Also a nice shimmer effect is onboard.

Each program has 3 parameters that can be adjusted and additionally be CV-controlled.

With a switch the sample rate can be reduced to half the normal rate, resulting in doubling the effect times (with reverb, delay...) and introducing a nice portion of aliasing.

It is based on the FV-1 DSP chip that is well-known from other FX-modules in the Eurorack world; the MULTIFX module offers the 7 factory programs of the chip plus 8 new and unique ones created by Tangible Waves.
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Cat: 719676 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Noise generator
Notes: Analogue & Digital Noise Module.

- The A output generates analogue noise (technically, a fluctuating voltage between about 1...4V)
- The D output generates digital noise, which is a random changing 0V / 5V

The RATE knob controls the colour of the noise, which goes from almost white noise on A output and knob fully clockwise to a rather harsh and digital sound on D output and RATE counter-clockwise.
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Cat: 719650 Rel: 03 Sep 19
Analogue 16-step CV sequencer
Notes: The SEQ16 is a 16-step sequencer for controlling oscillator pitch and triggering envelopes.

Compared to "classic" analogue sequencers it works a bit different: Instead of setting the CV for each step independently (which means in fact "tuning" each step which can be a bit tedious), the SEQ16 has 5 knobs for pre-setting different CV's (= notes); each of the 16 step knobs selects one of these CVs, plus 0V (=base note) plus Pause (no trigger output). So some CVs have to be fine-tuned once; with the step knobs you can focus entirely on the sequence itself and you can even modify it on the fly, still remaining in tune.

An additional feature is "accent"; this can be set for each step by turning the knob fully clockwise. If a step is set to "accent", a separate trigger output is set and also a gate repeat for the regular gate output can be selected (from one to eight repeats).
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Cat: 719654 Rel: 12 Sep 19
Spring reverb module
Notes: Unique, vintage reverb sound.

The SPRINGREVERB module brings the unique sound of this quite old (introduced in the 60's) technique for creating reverbs to the AE modular.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is only the module without spring tank and connection cable; with this module alone, you get no reverb. This is for users who want to use their own spring tanks.
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Cat: 719656 Rel: 03 Sep 19
State variable filter
Notes: This module is a classic state variable filter.

It offers the control knobs cut-off frequency, resonance and CV attenuator; two signal inputs for different signal levels control the "drive" of the module. Compared to the wasp filter, this module has a significant self-resonance, and also a very quick response to cut-off frequency changes.

Three different outputs provide lowpass, bandpass and high-pass output.
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Cat: 745618 Rel: 17 Sep 19
Topographic drum sequencer
Notes: TOPOGRAF is a drum sequencer with three tracks, that works with a "topographic" principle; it contains a number of drum patterns arranged in a "virtual map"; and with two knobs MAP X and MAP Y you can set a position in this map. With one knob per channel the density is defined; and a CHAOS knob brings some randomness into the whole process. All in all, a few knobs for a lot of drum patterns you probably wouldn't make this way by yourself - a nice source of inspiration and also great for playing live.

TOPOGRAF is the AE modular version of the Grids module by Mutable Instruments. It is 100% identical to Grids.
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quote 745618
Cat: 719652 Rel: 02 Sep 19
4-track, 16-step trigger sequencer
Notes: TRIQ164 is a 4-track, 16-step trigger sequencer.

Four track buttons select the track to be edited; with 16 buttons each step of the track can be activated an is then displayed by an LED.

For each step in each track a "repeat" can be activated, resulting in repeated triggers within one step. The number of repeats can be selected from one to eight by the REPEAT knob. Additionally, the repeat count can be CV controlled by the REPEAT CV input.

The inputs MUTE 1/2 allow to mute the outputs 1 and 2 by an external signal (e.g. for muting a kick drum)

Each of the 16 steps has a separate trigger output for additional control for certain steps or limiting the sequence length by connecting one of the outputs to the RESET input.

Use it for any kind of rhythmical patterns, typically for triggering drum sounds or envelope generator!

No, it has no pattern load/save features; this will be part of a future, much more complex sequencer. TRIQ164 is designed as improved replacement for the STEP10.

Width: 2U
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quote 719652
Cat: 719700 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Three USB power output sockets
Notes: Each of the three USB-A sockets on the USBPOWER module can be used to charge your mobile phone, connect a USB lamp or supply power to any other USB device. Furthermore, the output socket provides +5V and ground to supply e.g. DIY circuits on a breadboard.

Please note: This is only a power source via USB sockets; no USB data communication is possible here.

Includes additional USB lamp!
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Cat: 719693 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Classic VCO for AE modular
Notes: The VCO module is a "classic" VCO featuring:

- Two CV inputs 1V/octave
- MODulation input with Level-knob, switchable to frequency or pulsewidth
- PWM input
- Coarse/Fine knob for frequency
- Pulsewidth knob for squarewave
- Square/Triangle/Sawtooth output

The module works well if you need an oscillator for primary musical/melodic use.
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Cat: 719686 Rel: 02 Sep 19
Classic wavefolder for the AE system
Notes: This module is based on a design used also by Ken Stone for his CGS system; the original circuit dates back to a publication from 1973.

Basically, the WAVEFOLDER clips and folds the incoming waveform; usually, waveforms with little overtones (like triangle or sinewaves) are used as input. In general, by the clipping and folding, the signal enriches the input signal with more overtones.
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Cat: 760351 Rel: 19 Dec 19
Multi-mode divider
Notes: A multi-mode divider for clock and audio signals.

It can be used either for dividing clock signals (e.g. from an LFO, BEATDIVIDER) for rhythmical purposes but also for audio signals - in this case you get subharmonics / lower octaves squarewaves at the outputs, which can be mixed or used separately.

The module has eight outputs which - depending on the selected division mode - provide different division factors of the input signal:

Beat: musical/rhythmical clocks are generated as 1/1, 1/2, 1/4... 1/16 and triplets
Binary: the outputs work as binary counter (same as the predecessor module DIVIDER)
Decimal: The outputs have decimal divisions of the input, meaning half, third, quarter, fifth... of the input clock
Prime: The outputs use the prime numbers as division factors
Fibonacci: The outputs use the numbers of the fibonacci row as division factors

The reset input resets all output signals; in case of audio signals this can get quite unique, ringmodulator-like sounds.

The Shift knob shifts/rotates the outputs; usually, the fastest output is on output 1, but with shift the entire output pattern is shifted so the fastest output can be set to any position 1...8.
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Synth modules
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