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Synth modules

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Cat: 633328 Rel: 28 Nov 16
Full-featured synth module including saw/square wave oscillator, ladder type low pass filter, decay envelope & VCA
Notes: The Domino is a redesign of its desktop synth bigger brother. Packing a full-featured synthesizer voice into 10HP, the Domino includes a saw/square wave oscillator, ladder type low pass filter, decay envelope and VCA. A plethora of patching possibilities makes this module a keen choice for portable systems, and those looking for deep sonic crafting within a tight HP space. Pair with a sequencer for instant basslines and acid lead lines, add some modulation to unlock the full sound design potential

- Cutoff - filter frequency
- Res - filter resonance
- Switch - switches between gate>VCA to envelope>VCA
- Pitch - pitch tuning
- Mix - blend saw and square waves
- P Mod - pitch modulation attenuator
- Decay - envelope decay
- Filter Envelope - modulation amount, pre-patched from envelope to filter
- F Mod - filter cutoff modulation attenuator

- CV
- PWM (square wave)
- Mix 1 in - input for external oscillator/sound source to replace saw wave
- Gate - gate in
- P Mod - pitch modulation, pre-patched to envelope
- F Mod - frequency modulation for filter cutoff, pre-patched to CV in
- Mix 2 in - input for external oscillator/sound source to replace square wave

- Saw
- Square
- Env - envelope output
- Out - out from VCA
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Cat: 553606 Rel: 19 Nov 14
Voltage controlled amplifier synth module
Notes: GERMANIA 241 is a germanium transistor voltage controlled amplifier simulating the crossing of the belt of asteroids Germania 241. The germanium transistor will add this particular distorted sound made by the speed of asteroids.

Germanium transistors stocks are limited and may have different origins. Note that this module is a limited edition and that the sound can differ from one module to to another.

signal 0>10: input level
gain 0>10: minimum output level
mod2: amount of gain modulation of mod2 input
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Cat: 553610 Rel: 19 Nov 14
Attenuation inversion & offset adjustment synth module
Notes: In our projet Orage Magnetique dedicated to the design of a sound spaciolab to recreate sounds from space, the module POLES enables to adapt the signal from magnetic polarisation to get the best sound simulation with dual amplification, attenuation, inversion and offset adjustment.

The module POLES offers 2 separate channels.

POLES enables to attenuate, invert & amplify a signal. It is very useful to adapt different signals to different inputs. It also enables to adjust the offset of your signal if you want to adapt it to +/- 5V or 0/+5 for example. If nothing is connected to the input, it will act as a fixed voltage source.
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Cat: 553616 Rel: 19 Nov 14
Audio mixer synth module
Notes: Very small 6 to 1 input audio mixer with linear Pots
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Cat: 614710 Rel: 20 Jun 16
Power supply eurorack synth module with 12V & 5V rails - 5HP wide
Notes: The Source D'Energie is a power supply module designed to power up to a 6U case with +/-12v and 5v rails. Wall wart plugs can be used for a skiff or case with few modules, but for anything more than that we recommend a 4A power supply such as this. The Source D'Energie has two 16 pin headers, perfect for powering two rows of your system. LED's on the panel indicate the health of each rail at a glance

Tech Specs
- 5hp Eurorack
- 13.5-15 VDC Input
- +12 @ 1.5A / -12 @ 1.5A / 5v @ 500ma
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Cat: 553623 Rel: 19 Nov 14
Discrete oscillator synth module
Notes: TITAN modules are elements from the Titan Capsule. They are sound generators built to recreate the sound of Titan haze. These transistors made oscillators have a wide range and a very particular sound. 2 TITAN modules will create deep and vibrant basses.

With the knob « densite des brumes », the sound will be shaped through Titan's haze from deep basses to high pitches. The titan transistors generate a very particular sound with a base frequency of +/-15 semi-tones from 1Hz a 6kHz.

Switch -2>0 : multiplies the density of the haze by -2. This will have a direct impact on the sound and make it 2 octaves lower.

Mod2 0>10 is the amount of frequency modulation of mod2 input
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Cat: 553624 Rel: 19 Nov 14
Dual low frequency oscillator synth module
Notes: The module ZONE B.F. is an element of the Capsule TITAN. Zone basses frequences stands for low frequency zone. This module is composed of 2 LFOs. Both LFO have 8 waveforms.

Vitesse : speed of the LFO, range from 0.1 Hz to +/-200 Hz

Forme (LFO1&2): Triangle , ramp up , ramp down, square, random, digital noise, random squares (variable pulse length) , random triangles (variable amplitude & length)
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Synth modules