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Mutable Instruments Veils Quad VCA Module (2020)
Cat: 794967 Rel: 09 Oct 20
mixer / quad / utility / VCA synth module
Notes: Veils provides four VCAs with an adjustable response curve and offset control.

Veils' outputs are daisy-chained, allowing adjacent groups of 2, 3, or all 4 channels to be mixed together.

The cornerstones of modular patches.

VCAs are absolutely essential in a modular system, for example for:
Shaping the amplitude or timbre of a tone with an envelope.
Animating a mixture of several oscillators.
Controlling the amount of filter modulation with a random source or a touch controller.
Applying an envelope on the linear FM signal hitting an oscillator.

An updated classic.

More compact footprint (10-HP), with sliders instead of knobs for the main gain/CV control.

Gain indicator LED.

Positive offset control (0 to 8V) for direct use of bipolar modulation sources.



All inputs DC-coupled.

All inputs handle audio-rate signals.

Input impedance: 100k for all inputs.

Gain scale: a +5V CV translates to a gain of 1 (0dB), both in linear and in exponential mode.

Large gains above +20dB (sufficient for amplifying line-level signals) achievable in exponential mode.

Offset control adding an adjustable voltage from 0 to 8V to the gain CV.
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Tangible Waves AE Modular 1-Row 16x1 Standard Case
Cat: 786523 Rel: 21 Aug 20
16x1 rack case for Tangible Waves AE modular
Notes: The 1-row rack for AE modular is 16 units wide; two of them are used by the MASTER module so you have 14U remaining for other modules.

Via a joint kit (not included) another case of this width (either one-row or two-row) can be attached at a free angle; the bus is connected via a short connector cable between both cases.

The sides are made of red acrylic, all other parts are of wood fibre board (MDF), black painted.

Dimensions:41.3 x 11.2 x 4.5 cm (width x depth x height)

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Teenage Engineering OP-1 Accessory Kit Incl. Antenna, Crank, Bender & Brick Shaft
Cat: 784900 Rel: 16 Sep 20
Accessory kit for OP-1
Notes: The OP-1 world is continuously evolving with new accessories and new OS updates adding more effects and functions with every release. With OP-1's modular architecture, all this new functionality comes without adding any complexity to the user interface or resulting in over-clustered screens. Your OP-1 will always be intuitive and simple to use.

Accessories included in the OP-1 Accessory Kit:

3.5 mm plug-in radio antenna for better signal reception when indoor or in remote areas.

Mount the crank accessory on OP-1's blue knob and press shift + rec. Your OP-1 is now in "hand-crank-recording mode". Use the crank to create some real vintage old skool recordings. It's also possible to crank counter clockwise, to record backwards. All in realtime. The crank also lets you use the endless sequencer as a hand cranked music box! Just enter the notes and crank the crank! The crank LFO lets you crank any parameter.

Bender mounts on the orange knob and comes with a rubberband that is attached around the blue knob for elasticity. By selecting the bender in the LFO browser, you may bend any parameter you like. Everything from pitch to filter or synthesizer parameters.

Brick Shaft:
Brick shafts are LEGOr compatible shafts that you put on any of the knobs. Now you may mount any lego part. Why not put on a big lego rubber wheel for that extra grip? Or build your own motor driven programmable LFO together with LEGOr MINDSTORMS? The brick shaft comes in four colors and lets you experiment with any parameter. It supports any idea you may have that involves LEGOr bricks.
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Synth accessories
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