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Microphone accessories

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New Jersey Sound Height Adjustable Steel Microphone Stand With Boom Arm (black)
Cat: 559395 Rel: 29 Jan 15
Adjustable steel microphone stand with pivoting boom arm
Notes: This entry level steel microphone stand is great value for money. It features an adjustable boom arm which can be height adjusted from 1000-1800mm, fitted also with a sturdy tripod base which offers great balance and equal weight distribution, the tripod legs can be folded inwards which allows easy transportation and storage.

This stand is ideal for schools, Teachers, solo-artists, musicians and bands.
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 6 in stock $14.37
Rode SC4 3.5mm TRS To TRRS Adaptor Cable For Smartphones & Tablets
Cat: 539298 Rel: 19 Jun 14
3.5mm TRS to TRRS adapter cable for smartphones and tablets
Notes: The SC4 is a high-quality shielded adaptor, designed to allow microphones with a 3.5mm output to connect to TRRS smartphones and tablets.

This is ideal for users wanting to connect their RODE VideoMic to their iPhone, and record using the RODE Rec app for iOS.

The gold-plated contacts are colour coded, with grey indicating the TRRS output.

While the SC4 was designed to operate with Apple iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad, it is compatible with the majority of Android devices on the market.

Note that the SC4 is compatible with stereo microphones, with both left and right channels combined to a mono signal to be compatible with TRRS.
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 4 in stock $10.77
Rycote Mini Windjammer For Rode Videomic Go Microphone
Cat: 693966 Rel: 21 Jun 18
Mini Windjammer specifically designed for the Rode Video Mic GO
Notes: The Mini Windjammer for the Rode Video Mic GO provides excellent wind isolation for capturing audio in high-wind environments. Made from high-quality synthetic fur specifically designed for wind isolation, easy-to-fit slip-on fur covers for use when recording outside with the built-in microphones found on portable cameras, external camera mics and handheld reporter microphones.
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 6 in stock $10.77
Rycote Overcovers Lavalier Microphone Wind Covers & Stickies (30 Stickies & 6 re-useable white fur covers)
Cat: 647985 Rel: 09 May 17
Adhesive pads & covers for use with Lavalier microphones in windy conditions
Notes: Overcovers have been specifically designed for use with small personal microphones in windy outdoor conditions.

Using stickies to affix the Lavalier Mic onto the skin or on top of clothing, Overcovers also include a fur Windjammer (Furry) to be adjusted on top of the Lavalier microphone for excellent wind-noise protection.
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 2 in stock $10.77
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Microphone accessories
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