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Headphones cases

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Headphones cases

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AIAIAI A02 Headphone Hardcase Protector
Cat: 620582 Rel: 22 Jul 16
Hard headphones case specifically designed to fit any AIAIAI TMA-2 headphone combination
Notes: Shell case:
A02 is designed to protect your headphones from bumps, dust and scratches during travel eg. The EVA case is covered by a matte PU and features a soft velvet interior. The case fits any TMA-2 Modular combination.
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Magma Headphone Hard Case (black)
Cat: 484281 Rel: 08 Mar 13
Universal-fit hard headphone case in black
Notes: Crafted from durable and lightweight Durashock molded EVA foam, the new Headphone-Case can hold any common foldable and non-foldable DJ or studio headphones.
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Pioneer HDJ-C02 DJ Headphones Case For HDJ-X10C / HDJ-X10 / HDJ-X7 / HDJ-X5BT / HDJ-X5 / HDJ-2000MK2 / HDJ-2000 / HDJ-1500 / HDJ-1000
Notes: Keep your headphones safe with the HDJ-HC02; the most protective and functional DJ headphones case Pioneer have ever made.

Your headphones are one of the most important pieces of gear you take on the road, so it's crucial you transport them safely. The HDJ-HC02 is our ultimate DJ headphones case, incorporating solid construction and reliable protection into a design that can help make your headphones last longer and make your life easier.

Outer Materials: Polyurethane (leather type), EVA foam
Inner Materials: Polyester
Compatible Headphones: HDJ-X10C, HDJ-X10, HDJ-X7, HDJ-X5BT, HDJ-X5, HDJ-2000MK2, HDJ-2000, HDJ-1500, HDJ-1000

The robust materials in the HDJ-HC02 guard your headphones against bumps and scrapes while providing a snug fit so they won't jolt around inside. Tough EVA foam with impact resistance runs all the way around the outside of the case and is designed with a central pillar that provides extra support.

The slim, surprisingly lightweight, HDJ-HC02 sits nicely in your hand and slips smoothly into any kind of bag, like a flight case or record bag. Includes a strap with a buckle that you can use as a carry handle or to attach the case to your luggage.

Get setup ASAP thanks to new design features. Pack your headphones without disconnecting the cable, and a leather-like coating around the case means it won't slip out of your hands. Store accessories like jack adapters in an inside mesh pocket.

Width: 224 mm
Height: 64 mm
Depth: 274 mm
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UDG Creator Headphone Hardcase Large (black)
Cat: 442105 Rel: 26 Nov 11
Protection case designed for foldable DJ headphones
Notes: The UDG Creator Headphone Hardcase Large is the smart solution for the professional DJ that knows they need to protect their headphones.

The case has been tastefully designed with a D-shape profile to compliment the folded form of the DJ headphones. Constructed from durashock EVA with a laminated nylon exterior, the case provides protection against drops, scratches & liquids.

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Headphones cases
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