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Effects pedals

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Cat: 661538 Rel: 17 Oct 17
Octave/Tremolo effects pedal
Notes: The 4ms Nocto Loco is an octave pedal capable of going as low at three octaves down in pitch. It can also function as a tremolo effect with the Pulse and Speed knobs.
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 1 in stock $205.81
4ms Tremulus Lune Pedal (effects pedal)
Cat: 661537 Rel: 03 Oct 17
Compact tremolo effect pedal
Notes: - Speed: Rate of the effect, from a steady swell, to a rapid fire arm
- Symmetry: From ramp-up sawtooth, to triangle, to ramp-down (pulse width when Smoothness is at square)
- Depth: Amount of effect from barely a shudder to full tremulation. Can achieve silence to blaring loud squarewave chop
- Spacing: Loud/quiet "balance" waveshaper... Adjusts spacing between volume pulses
- Smoothness: Blend between full on/off squarewave "chop" to smooth buttery sine-tri-round wave
- Gain: Overall boost/cut
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 1 in stock $184.03
Cat: 717553 Rel: 28 Mar 18
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

The AFA Baron Samedi Fuzz pays homage to the legendary Jordan Bosstone, but sounds nothing like one. Additional gain and a very strange tone control add aggression, fullness and bite to the sound. The interactivity of the top three knobs make this a raucous device that yields an entire variety of sounds, from a great vintage fuzz tone to synthier sounds with faux-portamento decay.

Guaranteed to summon harmonics from other worlds, the AFA Baron Samedi encapsulates the vulgarity, the madness and sheer joy of the electric guitar. Whether you're playing mellower brass sounds on a jazz solo from hell, gated faux-bass single-note riffs or all-out scooped mid riffs, this pedal will take every note to the afterlife and back.

Did we just say guitar? For those unafraid to experiment and stand out, the Baron is a devastating effect, live or in the studio, to use on drum machines, synthesisers and bass guitar too.

Hand-built with pride in Bombay, India.
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 1 in stock $183.58
Cat: 683903 Rel: 28 Mar 18
Versatile distortion effects pedal
Notes: Although the Godeater was designed for bass guitar, it might just be the most versatile Animal Factory pedal yet.

With extreme compression and saturation in the low end, this is a very unique circuit that is not a clone of any existing pedal.

The idea behind the Godeater was to be able to run the pedal 100% distorted and have a full, strong bass response without having to dial the clean signal back in.

The Godeater distinguishes between global gain and saturation with two stages of gain control.

The very musical EQ can thin out the sound or go deep into the subs.

From adding a subtle grunt, blending clean and dirty sounds to full doomy chords, this pedal does it all and more.

The extended bass response makes it an ideal choice for downtuned or baritone guitar, but also bass synths and drum machines.
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 1 in stock $245.00
Cat: 683890 Rel: 28 Mar 18
Overdrive effects pedal with Gain, Tone & Volume controls
Notes: The Pit Viper is a solid state overdrive which can go from a rather clean boost to a roaring "all controls to 11" sound.

It features controls for Gain, Tone and Volume as well as switches to alter the clipping behaviour.

The cases are made from distressed hand polished aluminium with hand etched graphics, every single one is unique!
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 1 in stock $173.14
ART L Switch Latching Footswitch Pedal
Cat: 719377 Rel: 01 Mar 19
Latching switch for effects or amps
Notes: The LSwitch is a normally closed (NC) latching footswitch for use with various effect units or amplifiers that have an external footswitch jack. The onboard LED is supplied power by the switching circuitry on the host device; not all host units will necessarily power the LED properly, but the footswitch will work in spite of this.
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coming soon $TBA
ART Loop Switch Effects Switcher & True Bypass Pedal
coming soon $TBA
ART Patch In Patchbay & Insert Point Pedal
coming soon $TBA
Cat: 493800 Rel: 14 Jun 13
7 band EQ pedal for guitar
Notes: Finding it hard to get the perfect sound from your guitar? Maybe your guitar gets lost in the mix? Do you have major feedback issues with your acoustic?

The problem's not your guitar - you need an equalizer! The Graphic Equalizer EQ700 provides total control over your tone and puts the brakes on annoying feedback, no matter what the performance situation. You can instantly improve the sound of your guitar with a little help from the Behringer EQ700.

With 15dB of available boost or cut per band (that's a lot!), the EQ700's seven frequency bands have been carefully optimised to provide the ultimate tools for EQing the guitar. Of course, to make full use of the EQ700's capabilities, it helps to first understand some basics about the frequency range of your axe.

The EQ700 covers the audio spectrum from below 100Hz to over 6.4KHz, allowing you to effectively cut or boost specific frequencies to help focus your sound. Special attention has been paid to the critical midrange frequencies, which can make or break your tone.
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 1 in stock $21.76
Cat: 493734 Rel: 27 Jun 13
Guitar distortion effects pedal with dedicated distortion, low, high and level controls
Notes: The Heavy Metal HM300 produces the huge, slicing guitar tone that, until now, was only available from high gain amps cranked to the point just before meltdown.

With its ultra high gain circuitry, the HM300 gives you rude and rowdy distortion for the fiercest rhythm chops and searing leads, with virtually endless sustain.

Its dedicated Distortion, low, high and level controls allow you to sculpt your own trademark metal tone, from deep and brooding to crisp and furious. A status LED tells you when this beast is activated, and a top quality on/off switch maintains incredible signal integrity in bypass mode.

You can power the HM300 with either a 9 V battery or a PSU-SB DC power supply (not included).
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 More than 10 in stock $21.76
Cat: 493745 Rel: 27 Jun 13
Guitar overdrive effects pedal with dedicated drive, tone and level dials
Notes: The classic sound of blazing, overdriven vacuum tubes never goes out of style. This sound is at your command when you put the Vintage Tube Overdrive TO800 in your effects chain.

In order to recreate the sound of real tube crunch, we put the original 4558 op amps and legendary MA150 distortion diodes in the TO800, putting rock's most powerful overdrive sounds at your disposal. The resulting output is extremely faithful to that of the vintage tone machines that made rock and roll history.

Dedicated drive, tone and level controls let you shape exactly the sound you want. The status LED tells you when this pedal is activated, and its top quality on/off switch gives you the highest signal integrity in bypass mode.

You can power the TO800 via a 9V battery or Behringer's PSU-SB DC power supply (not included).

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 7 in stock $22.60
Cat: 493751 Rel: 27 Aug 13
Guitar distortion effects pedal with dedicated distortion, level and 3 band EQ dials
Notes: In the churning, smoldering world of heavy metal, it's the middle frequencies that make all the difference between mush and muscle. With the UM300 Ultra Metal, you not only get control over the mids - you can micromanage them!

The UM300 effects pedal gives you the most extreme, sought after hard rock and heavy metal sounds with super thick, tube like distortion - plus virtually endless sustain.

Like most distortion stomp boxes, the UM300 comes with distortion and level controls. And the high and low controls let you dial in the amount of top end and bottom you desire. But the similarity to other stomps ends right there. Much like our world class mixing consoles, we've given the UM300 a mid freq control, allowing you to select a midrange frequency (from 200Hz-5KHz) and boost/cut it by up to 15dB (that's a lot!). What this means in terms of tone, is thick, tube like distortion with endless sustain, for everything from aggressive, traditional metal assaults to bone crunching mayhem.

A bright blue LED tells you when the UM300 is active, while a top quality on/off switch maintains highest signal integrity in bypass mode.

You can power the UM300 with Behringer's PSU-SB DC power supply (not included), or pop in a 9V battery.
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 7 in stock $21.76
Cat: 493794 Rel: 26 Jul 13
Guitar temolo effects pedal with dedicated rate, wave and depth controls
Notes: When you've got to have the classic tremolo made famous by vintage '50s amps, get the Behringer Ultra Tremolo UT300.

The classic surf music of the '50s and '60s might not have even happened if tremolo hadn't come along. Vintage amps produced this intriguing effect by pulsing the volume of the instrument signal at a user-adjustable rate. The UT300 pays homage to this legendary sound, bringing it up to date for modern surf freaks.

With its dedicated Rate, Wave and Depth dials, you can shape a pulsating tremolo that nails every sound from rowdy rockabilly and surging surf, to modern space rock.

A red LED tells you when the effect is activated, and you can power this groovy stomp box with either a Behringer PSU-SB DC power supply (not included) or a 9 V battery.

A top quality on/off switch maintains excellent signal integrity in bypass mode.
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 8 in stock $23.68
Cat: 486207 Rel: 11 Apr 13
Vintage analog delay effects pedal
Notes: From elastic delay to vintage slap-back echo, the Vintage Delay VD400 harnesses the authentic sounds of classic 1960s studio wizardry.

Though digital sound technology constantly evolves, nothing sounds quite like the old-school analog Bucket Brigade-style delay you get when you step on the VD400. With its dedicated Repeat Rate, Intensity and Echo dials, this amazing little stomp box evokes the spirits of some of rock and roll's most legendary heroes, and provides up to 300 milliseconds of true analog delay. Every type of classic delay, from a deep-space whisper, to an interplanetary battle cry, is at your command.

The bright blue LED tells you when the Vintage Delay is activated and the top-quality on/off switch maintains excellent signal integrity in bypass mode. You can power the VD400 with either a 9V battery or the PSU-SB DC power supply (not included).
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 9 in stock $21.76
Cat: 493712 Rel: 03 Jan 17
Overdrive pedal with hand selected 12AX7 vacuum tube
Notes: The VINTAGE TUBE MONSTER VT999 effects pedal has that full-tone roar of a tube engine under its hood, letting you take off with anything from warm blues overdrive to heavy distortion. Add to this the excellent build quality and true-bypass wiring, and you begin to see just how monstrous this pedal really is!

You can have it all:
This high-quality stomp box has the warm sound of a hand-selected 12AX7 vacuum tube. In addition, the VT999 offers an integrated and switchable noise gate with adjustable threshold that keeps your signal noise-free. The VT999 provides the ultimate in distortion-laced tone shaping, with an onboard 3-band EQ and dedicated Gain and Master output level control.

True-bypass Switches:
The brilliant status LED tells you when the VT999 is activated, and the top-quality on/off switch allows for true mechanical bypass when the effect is not in use, so your tone stays completely intact. VT999's dedicated power supply comes with it, so you're ready to rock right-out-of-the-box!

With the VINTAGE TUBE MONSTER VT999 defining the ultimate tube-distortion tone, your guitar playing will definitely be kicked into monster overdrive! Check out the VT999 at your local dealer today, or grab yours online.
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 1 in stock $52.52
Blaxx 5 Band Bass Equaliser Mini Pedal
coming soon $37.02
Blaxx 5 Band Equaliser Mini Pedal
Cat: 720568
coming soon $37.01
Blaxx ABY Switch Box Mini Pedal
Cat: 720598
coming soon $32.56
Blaxx Bass Limiter Mini Pedal
Cat: 720602
coming soon $34.83
Blaxx Booster Mini Pedal
Cat: 720589
coming soon $27.22
Blaxx Chorus Mini Pedal
Cat: 720590
coming soon $34.85
Blaxx Chromatic Tuner Mini Pedal
Cat: 720607
coming soon $31.58
Blaxx Delay Mini Pedal
Cat: 720592
coming soon $30.49
Blaxx DI Box Mini Pedal
Cat: 720604
coming soon $30.49
Blaxx Distortion A Two Mode Mini Pedal
coming soon $25.05
Blaxx Distortion B Three Mode Mini Pedal
coming soon $28.31
Blaxx Drive A Two Mode Overdrive Mini Pedal
coming soon $23.96
Blaxx Drive B Three Mode Overdrive Mini Pedal
coming soon $28.31
Blaxx Flanger Two Mode Mini Pedal
Cat: 720591
coming soon $25.26
Blaxx Fuzz Mini Pedal
Cat: 720582
coming soon $35.88
Blaxx Looper Mini Pedal
Cat: 720593
coming soon $52.27
Blaxx Metal Three Mode Mini Pedal
Cat: 720575
coming soon $31.58
Blaxx Phaser Two Mode Mini Pedal
Cat: 720587
coming soon $23.96
Blaxx Power Supply For 8 Pedals
Cat: 720608
coming soon $58.79
Blaxx Power Supply For 8 Pedals & Tuner
coming soon $52.27
Blaxx Reverb Four Mode Mini Pedal
Cat: 720595
coming soon $87.10
Blaxx Tremolo Two Mode Mini Pedal
Cat: 720597
coming soon $39.05
Cat: 712119 Rel: 28 Nov 18
High gain yet responsive distortion effects pedal
Notes: The CKK Electronic Design Select Anka Distortion Pedal is the fifth iteration of this design and provides even more dynamic response and frequency range. It is a wide-ranging distortion pedal with rugged build quality at an excellent price point. With a simple to use design and wide-ranging tonal response, it is ideal to gig with or use in the studio.

3 Gain Levels:

The Anka pedal has a clipping switch to access 3 different clipping ranges. This sets the primary tone of the pedal from vintage to natural, and then onto modern-sounding distortions. These gain levels are fine-tuned by the gain knob resulting in a very versatile pedal. While the Anka delivers high gain sounds, it still provides a dynamic response and will respond well to guitar volume control adjustments. The pedal will react to player dynamics and is designed to work well with both single coil pickups and humbuckers.

Tonal Control:

The overall tonality of the Anka pedal is designed to be transparent, letting the character of your instrument be heard. The pedal features a tone knob for overall frequency shaping, and a powerful mid-boost switch that comprehensively adjusts the tonal output. The Anka pedal provides an excellent solution to generating high-gain sounds, and it does this with a very high build quality at an excellent price point.
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 1 in stock $92.55
Cat: 712114 Rel: 28 Nov 18
Energetic, heavy distortion effects pedal
Notes: The Destruction Drive was developed to be an intense and heavy distortion effect. CKK Electronic designed a huge-sounding distortion with a 3-band active EQ for meticulous tonal adjustment - to meet the requirements of extreme music. Users can find the tone that they're searching for quickly and with ease. As well as standard volume and gain controls, the Destruction Drive features a 3-band parametric EQ with a selectable midrange character.
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 1 in stock $71.86
Cat: 712111 Rel: 27 Nov 18
Versatile overdrive effects pedal for electric guitar
Notes: Scream Drive is a classic overdrive with two gain stages. The pedal can produce high sound pressure and transparent overdrive tone. When the Disdrive switch is on, the distortion level is raised from normal overdrive to super drive distortion. Adjust the frequency point, and the tone sounds softer. The music style of the pedal is diverse, from low gain to SRV dual overdrive - the pedal easily copes.

In addition, the Scream Drive is also a boost overdrive, when it is placed in front of the amp, it will raise the picking attack of the tone, touch sensitivity of the bass strings and response speed. If you are a fan of the distortion tone of the amp, the pedal will become an essential complement to your amp tone.
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 1 in stock $71.86
Cat: 712115 Rel: 28 Nov 18
Versatile digital delay & reverb effects pedal
Notes: Designed to create amazing space effects, the SPACE STATION is a mixture of digital delay and reverb. Both effects can be used simultaneously or independent of one another. The combination of both effects take the space effect to extremes.

The delay module is equipped with 2 adjustable parameters, 'TIME" and 'REGENERATION". You can adjust reverb time with the "REVERB" module.

The SPACE STATION offers up to 2000ms of delay time. The delay sound is pristine and strong with no degradation. The SPACE STATION provides warm and organic sounding reverb, just like "HALL REVERB". The pedal is also equipped with a "VINTAGE" toggle switch to add a warm taste to the music.
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 2 in stock $116.50
Cat: 676316 Rel: 09 Mar 18
Spinning speaker/Leslie pedal with volume, treble & speed controls
Notes: Recreating the classic rotary cabinet sound has been a big challenge for years, but the 'Big Spender' Spinning Speaker finally nails this once and for all. Rich and sparkling, the ramp switch lets you initiate speed up/down, giving you glorious, swirling, mesmerising effects you'll love to use!
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 2 in stock $77.91
Cat: 676311 Rel: 09 Mar 18
Overdrive effect pedal for electric guitar
Notes: The 'Pride of Texas' recreates that 'holy grail' bluesy tone of one of the greatest and most influential guitar players to walk the earth, fattening up your signal without losing clarity or voice. Ideal for both single coils or humbuckers, the 'Pride of Texas' provides plenty of boost for crunchy rhythm or screaming lead solos.
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 1 in stock $70.46
Cat: 638958 Rel: 01 Jun 17
Speaker cabinet simulator for electric guitar & bass, with dual independent inputs & outputs
Notes: The new DigiTech CabDryVR Speaker Cabinet IR pedal features a selection of 14 all new great sounding guitar and bass cab impulse responses. Now you can run direct from your pedal board or preamp through the CabDryVR to your mixing board, in-ear monitors or DAW and get high quality cabinet emulation without the need for a real cabinet.

The CabDryVR features dual inputs and outputs, one of which has an optional dry path that can run to your on stage amp. The CabDryVR Cabinet Tuning Size control was developed for the venerated GNX Series and morphs the resonant peak of the cabinet to create custom cab sizes and tones. Individual output level controls let you balance each cabinet's volume in the mix.

The CabDryVR uses a 9VDC power supply to easily integrate into your existing pedalboard.

Included Items:
- CabDryVR Dual Cabinet Emulator Pedal.
- StompLock - This unique new device fits snugly over the Nautila's control knobs to protect your finely-tuned settings from drops, bumps and kicks that inevitably take place when you perform.
- Die cut Hook-and-loop Pedalboard Pad - This is a high-density mounting pad for stick and stay, semi-permanent mounting of the CabDryVR on pedalboards. It is also easily unmounted for pedalboard reconfiguration.
- Online Warranty Registration Information Card.

Guitar Cabinets:
Cab 1 - Vintage American 2x12"
Cab 2 - Vintage British 2x12"
Cab 3 - British Green Slant 4x12"
Cab 4 - British Straight 4x12"
Cab 5 - Heavy American 4x12"
Cab 6 - Smooth Custom 4x12"
Cab 7 - Small Combo 1x8"

Bass Cabinets:
Cab 1 - Flexy 1x15"
Cab 2 - Basic 1x15"
Cab 3 - Big Blue 1x18"
Cab 4 - AmeriTweed 4x10"
Cab 5 - Gold Diamond 4x10"
Cab 6 - Vintage Fridge 8x10"
Cab 7 - Blonde Basement 2x12"
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 1 in stock $123.78
Cat: 607452 Rel: 27 Jun 16
Synthesiser emulation effects pedal with two voices, synth & vocal formant - also features true bypass
Notes: The Dirty Robot is a unique synthesizer emulation pedal for guitar and bass. Two different synth voices are at your disposal for creating wild sound textures using a standard guitar or bass without the need for any special pickup. V1 gives you warm analog synthesis with subtle to extreme envelope sweeps just like classic synths from the undefined's and 80s. V2 provides a vocal formant synthesis effect that can be used for vocoder emulation or talk box style effects. Using the Dirty Robot's exclusive 360 degrees Drift knob, you can blend Square Wave with Octave, and Sub synthesis soundscapes. The built-in chorus and vibrato effects give Dirty Robot unparalleled versatility and make having one the next best thing to putting an actual guitar synth on your pedalboard.

The Dirty Robot's effects are complimented by stereo 1/4" jack inputs and outputs for routing flexibility, constant high voltage rails, a bi-color status LED indicator and true bypass circuitry. With its compact size, vacuum-style footswitch and striking graphics the Dirty Robot furthers DigiTech's evolution in pedal design.

The Dirty Robot uses a 9VDC power supply to easily integrate into your existing pedalboard.

*For audio demos, please visit - http://digitech.com/en/products/dirtyrobot
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 1 in stock $123.78
Cat: 548856 Rel: 06 Oct 14
Polyphonic drop tune pedal with range from 1 semitone to 1 octave
Notes: The DigiTech Drop is a dedicated polyphonic drop tune pedal that allows you to drop your tuning from one semitone all the way down to a full octave. Get down-tuned chunk without having to change guitars! The Drop also features a momentary/latching switch. With the switch set to momentary, you can turn the Drop into a true performance pedal. Fast trills and roller-coaster pitch dips are at the tip of your toes.

EFFECT SELECTOR KNOB- Selects which of the Drop effect settings is used when the effect is active.
MOMENTARY ON/OFF SWITCH - Selects how the effect footswitch will operate. Setting this switch to "ON" will cause the footswitch to act as a momentary switch (the effect will be enabled or disabled only as long as the footswitch is pressed and held). Setting this switch to "OFF" will cause the footswitch to act as a standard latching on/off switch.

Drop Effects Settings:
Setting 1 - Transposes guitar signal down 1 semitone
Setting 2 - Transposes guitar signal down 2 semitones
Setting 3 - Transposes guitar signal down 3 semitones
Setting 4 - Transposes guitar signal down 4 semitones
Setting 5 - Transposes guitar signal down 5 semitones
Setting 6 - Transposes guitar signal down 6 semitones.
Setting 7 - Transposes guitar signal down 7 semitones
Setting OCT - Transposes guitar signal down 1 octave.
Setting OCT + DRY - Transposes guitar signal down 1 octave and adds dry signal
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 6 in stock $107.52
Cat: 618091 Rel: 14 Oct 16
Chorus & Flanger effects pedal featuring "Stomplock" for locking down tone & true stereo I/O
Notes: Sing a song of stormy oceans and float upon the calming seas with the Nautila Chorus/Flanger. Create never before heard tidal swirls or soothing rhythmic waves with the Voice and Drift controls. These controls allow you to add up to eight chorus or four flanger voices and then blend and morph the waveforms in real-time with the Drift knob. Alter the modulation speed in real-time by holding down the momentary footswitch and then release to continue on your voyage through the currents.

Separate Speed, Depth, Emphasis, Voices and Mix controls shape your waves into clean curls or soupy foam. True Bypass, stereo inputs and outputs, silent switching, and rugged construction, make the Nautila as practical as it is creative.

The Nautila uses a 9VDC power supply to easily integrate into your existing pedalboard.

Included Items:
- Nautila Chorus/Flange Pedal
- StompLock; This unique new device fits snugly over the Nautila's control knobs to protect your finely-tuned settings from drops, bumps and kicks that inevitably take place when you perform.
- Die cut Hook-and-loop Pedalboard Pad - This is a high-density mounting pad for stick and stay, semi-permanent mounting of the Nautila on pedalboards. It is also easily unmounted for pedalboard reconfiguration.
- Online Warranty Registration Information Card

*For audio demos, please visit - http://digitech.com/en-US/products/nautila
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 1 in stock $123.78
Cat: 486126 Rel: 12 Apr 13
Guitar multi-effects pedal equipped with 11 amp models and 20 studio-quality effects
Notes: The DigiTech RP55 is a guitar multi-effects pedal equipped with 11 amp models and 20 studio-quality effects. Up to 8 effects can be used at once for unimagined tonal possibilities. The DigiTech RP55 pedal is the easiest DigiTech RP product to use; simply dial up your choice of amps and preset effects settings.

The RP55 uses DigiTech's AudioDNA DSP chip to produce studio-class effects and amps. 24-bit A/D/A conversion ensures that no frequency response is lost between inputs and outputs. A drum machine with 30 patterns and an easy-to-use 13-LED chromatic tuner are also included.

Whether you're just starting in your quest for tone or need many choices, the DigiTech RP55 is the multi-effects pedal to fit your needs.

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 1 in stock $38.44
Cat: 599334 Rel: 04 Mar 16
Band creator & looper pedal with 12 selectable music genres & 12 styles per genre
Notes: The TRIO+ is a simple-to-use guitar pedal that listens to the way you play and automatically generates bass and drum parts that match your song. Just plug your guitar into the TRIO+, press the Band footswitch to teach the TRIO+ your chords and rhythm, then press the Band footswitch again to start playing with your own personal band! Bass and drum levels can be adjusted for the perfect mix using the TRIO+'s Bass and Drums knobs. The TRIO+ also features a Simple Bass button lets you select between 3 bass line modes for busy or simple bass lines.

Pushing the Band Creator paradigm further, the TRIO+ also allows you to loop and custom sequence your looped guitar parts to create full songs on the fly. Press the TRIO+'s Looper footswitch to record a loop along with an unlimited number of overdubs. The Loop level can be individually controlled using the TRIO+'s Loop knob. Loops can be recorded by themselves, operating just like a traditional looper, or along with the band. You can also apply built-in effects to your guitar signal by enabling the TRIO+'s Guitar FX button, or connect your favorite effects to the TRIO+'s FX Send and FX Return jacks.

The TRIO+ provides 12 music genres to choose from including: Blues, R&B, Rock, Alternative Rock, Metal, Pop, Electronic Pop, Hip-Hop, Country, Folk, Latin, and Jazz. 12 song styles are available for each genre and can be selected using the TRIO+'s Style encoder, including selection between 3/4 and 4/4 time signatures. Multi-coloured LEDs around the TRIO+'s Style encoder indicate which styles best match your song.

The TRIO+ can learn up to 5 different song parts, perfect for creating an intro, verse, chorus, bridge and outro. Song parts can be recalled on-the-fly as the song plays back or pre-programmed as a sequence for automated playback. An optional DigiTech FS3X Footswitch can be connected to the TRIO+'s Control In jack for additional handsfree control with 3 modes of operation to select from.

Up to 12 songs along with loops can be stored to the TRIO+'s Micro SD Card (included). Need to create more songs? No problem. Just insert a new SD Card and you're ready to start teaching the band your new songs. To manage all your songs and loops on a computer, download the free Librarian Manager software from digitech.com, available for Windows and Mac.

The TRIO+ offers independent Tempo, Genre, Style, Loop Level, Bass Level, Drums Level, Headphone Output Level controls; Guitar, FX Return and Control Inputs;Amplifier, Mixer, FX Send and Headphone Outputs; Built-in Guitar Effects (relative to music genre); a Soft Click Footswitch and includes a 9V DC adapter.
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 1 in stock $246.04
Cat: 607451 Rel: 22 Jun 16
Pitch shifting effects pedal for guitar with "classic" and "chords" mode, also features true bypass in latching mode
Notes: The Whammy Ricochet lets you bounce your playing up or down in pitch in controlled or crazy shifts. A momentary switch and customizable independent rise and fall time ballistics, allow you to get the Whammy action you know and love without the use of a treadle. Just hold your foot on the footswitch and let the Ricochet do the rest.

Seven pitch selections: 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, Octave, Double Octave, and Octave+Dry, as well as a toggle to select up or down for the selected pitch.

The Whammy Ricochet also has latching footswitch mode so you can rise or fall to pitch and stay there, and an LED ladder that shows your shift trajectory at all times. All these controls combine to create classic Whammy pitch-shifting as well as new sounds never heard before.

*For audio demos, please visit - http://digitech.com/en-US/products/whammy-ricochet
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 1 in stock $123.78
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