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Gemini MXR-01BT 2 Channel DJ Mixer With Bluetooth
Cat: 789570 Rel: 14 Oct 20
DJ mixer with Bluetooth
Notes: Compact, affordable DJ mixer that focuses on the basics with minimal fuss. Includes a lot of professional-level features like three-band EQ, balanced outputs, separate booth output and adjustable crossfader.

Supplier's Notes:
Whether you're a beginner or a professional, this Gemini MXR-01BT 2 Channel Professional DJ Mixer with Bluetooth Input will meet your needs. Beginners will find its simple and user-friendly layout easy to understand while professionals will value its all metal construction as a durable and reliable back up mobile DJ mixer. It's packed with the features you want including Bluetooth input, 3-band EQs per channel, crossfader curve and reverse controls, and complete output section.
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Numark M2 2-Channel Scratch Mixer
Cat: 821156 Rel: 31 Mar 21
2-channel DJ scratch mixer
Notes: Pure professional power.

M2 is a two-channel DJ scratch mixer with all the essentials to hit the stage in Numark style.

Switchable phono/line inputs for turntables, CD players, and other line sources make M2 a superb choice for any DJ setting from weddings to clubs, parties to practice setups. A mic input with dedicated EQ and gain, and a headphone output with crossfader-style cueing complete the plentifully featured package.

Three-band EQ on each channel plus crossfader-reverse and slope controls give you all the tools you need to drive your audience from behind the wheels of steel. M2 is the perfect mixer for any scratch DJ.

Packaged Dimensions: 14.6" x 13.4" x 6.7"

Packaged Weight: 8.8 lbs.

Product Dimensions: 11.4" x 9.5" x 3.6"
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Numark M4 3-Channel Scratch Mixer
Cat: 821159 Rel: 31 Mar 21
Three-channel tabeltop DJ mixer with maximum flexibility
Notes: Bonus inputs for total performance.

M4 is a three-channel tabletop mixer designed for any DJ who needs maximum flexibility. It features a replaceable crossfader with reverse and slope controls, a 1/4" microphone input with EQ, and plenty of routing for phono and line level devices.

Where M4 really shines is its impressive input section. Two switchable phono/line inputs plus four more dedicated line inputs give you a total of SIX inputs! Add Master and Record outputs, and steep three-band EQ/rotary kills on each channel, and you've a powerhouse package that's ready to handle whatever the gig throws at you.

M4 has the inputs, controls, and features to turn what would be a problem for the average mixer into a simple plug-in. Don't get stuck without enough inputs at your next gig. Upgrade to M4.

Line: 10K ohm input impedance; 80mV RMS sensitivity for 0dB output
Mic: 600 ohm input impedance unbalanced; 1.5mV RMS sensitivity for 0dB output; 400mV RMS max input
Phono: 47k ohm input impedance; 1.3mV RMS sensitivity @ 1kHz for 0dB output

Line: 7V RMS max
Headphone: 0.5W into 47ohm

Signal to Noise Ratio:
(maximum output JIS-A weighted)
Line: Better than 100dB
Mic: Better than 95dB
Phono: Better than 85dB

Frequency response:
Line: 20 - 20,000 Hz i0.5dB
Mic: 20 - 15,000 Hz i0.5dB
Phono: i1dB; -3dB attenuation at 20 Hz to reduce rumble and feedback

Channel Equalizer:
Bass: +12 / -35dB at 20 Hz
Mid: +12 / -25dB at 1.3 kHz
Treble: +12 / -20dB at 15 kHz

Channel fader kill: Better than 90dB at 1 kHz

Crossfader kill: Better than 75dB

Crosstalk: Better than 80dB at 1 kHz

Distortion: Less than 0.05%
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Omnitronic PM311P DJ Mixer With Built In MP3 Player
Cat: 652254 Rel: 08 Jun 17
3-channel DJ mixer with built-in MP3 player
Notes: Cheap and cheerful DJ mixer from a reliable brand. Three-channel design with three-band EQ and built-in MP3 player option. Great option for beginners.

Supplier's notes:
DJ mixer with 3 input channels, switchable 2 x phono/line and 1 x USB/line. Features MP3 player for external USB storage media up to 32 GB, e.g. USB flash drives or portable players.

- All input channels with gain control, 3-band equalizer and cue button
- DJ microphone input with talkover selector, level control and 3-band equalizer
- Pre-fader listening (CUE) to the input channels and the master output via adjustable headphones output, with cue mix control
- Crossfader for crossfading between the phono/line channels
- 5-digit stereo LED level meter, switchable between master and PFL signal
- Additional recording output
- Operation via supplied power unit
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Reloop RMX-10 BT 2-Channel DJ Mixer With Bluetooth Connectivity
Cat: 755491 Rel: 28 Jan 20
DJ mixer with Bluetooth connectivity
Notes: Entry-level DJ mixer from the ever-trustworthy Reloop. Very simple two-channel design with three-band EQ and a Bluetooth option for convenience.

Supplier notes:
RMX-10 BT - a compact 2-channel DJ mixer, which facilitates wireless music streaming directly to the mixer via the integrated Bluetooth interface.

This way it is possible to use a smartphone or tablet as playback source and route the signal through the mixer. The Bluetooth signal can be routed to both channels. Moreover, the 45-mm crossfader is user-replaceable and the smooth linefaders make mixing more comfortable.

The RMX-10 BT has a 6.3-mm microphone input with separate volume adjustment, as well as a 6.3-mm headphones output with volume adjustment and cue-mix function. Master output volume can be monitored via an integrated LED display. The space-saving and sturdy construction is made of metal.
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DJ mixers
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