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Pioneer DJM-V10-LF 6-Channel Professional DJ Mixer With Longer Channel Faders
Cat: 802691 Rel: 28 Feb 21
6-chanel DJ mixer with long faders
Notes: Introducing the latest addition to its range of Pioneer DJ mixers: the DJM-V10-LF. This fresh unit features new, longer channel faders with optimized curves and a new custom-designed curve preset to enable you to perform smooth and accurate mixes.

The creative-style 6-channel professional DJ mixer features new, longer channel faders with optimised curves and a new, custom-designed curve preset to enable you to perform smoother, more accurate mixes.
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MRP:$4,197.64 SAVE 17%
coming soon $3,498.04
Reloop RMX-44 BT 4-Channel DJ Mixer With Bluetooth Connectivity
Cat: 799738 Rel: 28 Feb 21
4-channel Bluetooth DJ mixer
Notes: The RMX-44 BT - a premium 4+1-channel DJ mixer, which enables wireless music streaming directly to the mixer via the integrated Bluetooth interface. Whether at home, in the studio or in the club the RMX-44BT is a solid tool to master your mix.

A 'bigger brother' product to the hugely popular RMX-10 BT (or like an RMX-60 without FX) the RMX-44 BT features an assignable Bluetooth input as well as individual filters per channel.

Thanks to the Smart Connectivity Bluetooth input, Smartphones, laptops as well as iPad's and other devices can be connected quickly and easily.

In combination with its numerous other connection opportunities, the RMX-44 BT is up to any challenge and adapts perfectly to any application.

The Reloop RMX-44 BT is a 4-channel Bluetooth DJ club mixer in a classic design, including a Bluetooth input with cue function, which offers numerous application possibilities.

The intuitive Club mixer layout guarantees a simple overview and allows experienced artists to find their way around immediately.

For creative frequency mixing, the RMX-44 BT offers dedicated, bi-polar sound filters per channel to allow smooth low- and high-pass fading. The fully digital sound architecture enhances your sound to be clear and punchy in every situation.

With 9 inputs and 4 outputs, as well as a 3-band EQ and bipolar filter unit per channel, the RMX-44 BT is not only a full-fledged DJ club mixer, but thanks to Bluetooth compatibility and the 2-band EQ microphone section with talk-over function, it is also ideal for bars, mobile DJs and home setups.

The sturdy metal construction and scratch-resistant surface with a deep black metallic finish make the RMX-44 BT extremely durable, despite frequent use and transport.

The fabrication meets the industry's highest quality standards and is visually and haptically particularly attractive. In addition, the stylish and timeless design blends perfectly into any DJ setup.
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MRP:$515.02 SAVE 17%
coming soon $429.18
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DJ mixers
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