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DJ headphones

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Gemini DJX-500 Professional DJ Headphones
Cat: 775211 Rel: 07 May 20
DJ headphones
Notes: Good quality entry-level DJ headphones from a reliable brand. Specifically designed for DJ use with swivelling earpieces, comfortable padding and punchy sound.

Supplier's notes:
Stylish and comfortable are the two words that come to mind when talking about the all-new DJX headphones from Gemini. Each set of headphones bring you distinguished sound quality to ensure that any listening experience is trustworthy. The DJX series of headphones are also elite in comfort. Each pair is equipped with soft ear pads that fit perfectly. With a wide variety of selections, the new DJX series of headphones are sure to maximize your music listening experience.

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 2 in stock $31.43
IMG Stage Line MDH6300 Mono DJ Headphone (black)
Cat: 386835 Rel: 26 Mar 10
Mono hand-held DJ headphones
Notes: Retro lollipop headphone designed for single-ear monitoring. Comfortable padded handle and ear cushion, 50mm driver with punchy sound and removable cable.

Supplier notes:
Introducing IMG Stage Line's MDH-6300 mono hand-held DJ headphone, with a powerful neodymium magnet driver O 50mm. Supplied with transport bag.

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 1 in stock $38.28
Omnitronic SHP-2000 MK2 DJ Headphones
Cat: 663029 Rel: 08 Sep 17
Comfortable DJ headphones with single cable
Notes: - Closed dynamic stereo headphones for DJs
- 50 mm driver
- Distortion-free playback also at a high volume
- Optimal wearer-comfort due to single cable (L)
- Well-padded, adjustable headband
- Oversized earpieces for screening undesired noise
- Space-saving design with collapsible, rotating (180-) earcups
- Detachable connection cable with gold-plated 3.5 mm stereo jack
- Rugged workmanship for discotheque and stage use
- Incl. 6.3 mm jack adapter and bag

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 1 in stock $33.99
Reloop RH-2500 Professional DJ Headphones
Cat: 489052 Rel: 22 Apr 13
DJ headphones with 2 40mm drivers
Notes: Bargain headphones from a trusted DJ brand. Updated model based on the old RH-2400, with punchy sound, comfortable swivelling earpieces and good build quality. Great value.

Suppliers notes:
As consequent advancement of the popular RH-2400 series, the successor offers an even more precise bass sound thanks to the completely closed construction. Despite powerful kicks the sound characteristics remain transparent: brilliant mids and highs and high output make monitoring and mixing easy. Improved wearing comfort could be realized due to reduced weight and a new headband construction. The bordered Reloop sign on the ear cups top off the new RH-2500's appearance.

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 4 in stock $39.98
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DJ headphones
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