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Two Weeks: Disco/Nu-Disco

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EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: KF 012. Rel: 09 Dec 19
  1. Cabriodelic (7:00)
  2. On The Way (6:30)
  3. Tour De L'afrique (7:44)
  4. In Sands (5:34)
Review: The last we heard from Kinfolk was on the excellent "Mirage" by Kalidasa, but now the adventurous and chug-friendly label is back with this killer EP from Alterleo. "Cabriodelic" will have hips swinging at an easy tempo, not least thanks to the nagging throb of the bassline and the swaying drums shaking over the top of the track. "On The Way" takes things in a freakier direction, using ample samples and channeling a little industrial noir, while "Tour De L'afrique" focuses on craftily programmed drums and captivating melodic subtleties. "In Sands" finishes the set with a wigged out acid-trance rumination that should appeal to those who love the sound of European freak-beats before dance music got compartmentalized.
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Litmus Test (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: WPW 006. Rel: 09 Dec 19
  1. Road To Hana (7:49)
  2. 6AM Again (7:23)
  3. We Met At The Sun (7:18)
Review: It's been a hot minute since Scott Boutin graced us with his refined strain of electronic disco, but the Roam Recordings main man is back on Whiskey Pickle with more of his shimmering dancefloor delights. The lead synths on "Road To Hana" are pure joy, twinkling and bright like a well-lit disco ball. "6AM Again" switches the focus to some bassier synth lines with a warm Moog-y feeling, and while the name might suggest this is a wind down jam, really this track feels perfect for a smooth warm up too. "We Met At The Sun" completes the set with a house-oriented slant that could sit next to warmer strains of acid as much as Metro Area-esque disco.
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A Message From The Outpost (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AUTO 01. Rel: 25 Nov 19
  1. Ursa Minor (6:12)
  2. Exotic Matter (3:16)
  3. Exquisite Corpse (Zero Gravity mix) (5:38)
  4. Running To Paradise (6:03)
Review: From Robsoul and Tsuba to Is It Balearic? and Futureboogie, Craig Bratley can be many things depending on who's releasing his music. He launches the Automatism label in a flurry of cosmic disco finery with "Ursa Minor", a synth-rich escapade that could make Cerrone feel a little giddy on its course to the stars. "Exotic Matter" slows things right down and ramps up the rock drums to create a noirish soundtrack vibe. "Exquisite Corpse (Zero Gravity Mix)" changes tact once more with some plaintive piano tinkering over subtle arpeggios, and "Running To Paradise" slides down into a smooth Balearic groove that rounds out this wonderfully diverse EP.
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It's Hot (reissue) (12" repress)
Cat: AFS 034. Rel: 02 Dec 19
  1. Burnin' Beat (It's Hot) (11:00)
  2. Searchin' (10:21)
Review: It would be fair to say that the Afro Synth label has dug deep for this latest reissue. Little is known about Burnin Beat, an obscure South African disco outfit who released their sole 12", It's Hot, on RPM way back in 1979. They're a great example of an outfit that, for whatever reason, fell through the cracks. The title track, a lolloping, 11-minute disco workout rich in fluid synth lines, rubbery slap bass, sparring instrument solos and the powerful vocals of Olive Masigna, is something of a long-lost gem. Original flipside "Searchin" is almost as good, with Masigna adding a touching vocal to a backing track that pushes the band's favourite Moog synthesizer to the fore.
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Maudit DJ (12" + insert)
Cat: DISCOMAT 006. Rel: 27 Nov 19
  1. Maudit Deejay (version longue) (5:37)
  2. Maudit Deejay (version instrumentale) (3:32)
  3. Maudit Deejay (version 45 Tours) (3:31)
Review: Parisian crew Discomatin have come up with some little known boogie brilliance here from Belgian producer Jay Alansky, with lyrics by Jacques Duvall and falsetto vocals from Clara Capri. It's a fine fusion of Italo disco basslines, shimmering electronics and 80s pop and r&b, with more than a hint of early house vibes also thrown in for good measure. All remastered from the original tapes, the tracks are loud and crisp and are perfect dance floor hymns. The long version is the one DJs will reach for, with its sleek lines and hypnotic leads all finished with some elastic bass.
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Diana (red vinyl 7")
Cat: BB 45003. Rel: 04 Dec 19
  1. Diana (Caserta 7 The long Way mix) (6:00)
  2. Diana (Caserta Sing-A-long dub) (5:17)
Review: Bridge Boots main man Caserta has previously proved to be one of the most talented re-editors around, up there with higher profile artists such as the Reflex and Joey Negro. His latest offering, a red seven-inch single featuring new rearrangements of Diana Ross hit "I'm Coming Out", is another beauty. On the A-side he offers up a "Long Way Mix" that gives more prominence to Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards' killer backing track (partly via stripping it back to the groove at key points) while retaining most of Ross' vocals. On the flip you'll find a "Sing-A-Long Dub" that strips it back further during key instrumental passages to allow the Motown legend's vocals to shine.
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Outstanding (reissue) (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: AOTN 12007. Rel: 05 Dec 19
  1. Outstanding (5:54)
  2. Out (dub) (5:39)
Review: Athens of the North have turned their attention to a very special series of roots and lovers tunes that have been put together with the help of several different people in the scene. This one is a reissue of Al Charles' take on the Gap Band's "Outstanding". It's a swaggering number with extra bass weight layered in beneath the soaring vocal and some lush future-retro chord work. The dub is a more playful affair filled with space and time bending effects and laden with echo. Brilliant work as ever from this Scottish label.
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Automaton (140 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: PLA 037. Rel: 25 Nov 19
  1. Science & Industry
  2. Oooh Ahhh
  3. Automata 7
  4. Dream #630
  5. Dreams Of Tunnels
  6. Photocopy Cha Cha
  7. Liquid Shadows
  8. End Of Time
  9. Careening Towards The Sun
  10. Pensive
  11. Forest Song
Review: The new Platform 23 release speaks to the fun and freaky side of vintage industrial - all Fairlight CMI slap bass funk and madcap sampling that nods to Tackhead amongst other reference points. It's no surprise to learn Chel White was producing this music between 1985 and 1991, although it's impressive considering he was primarily busy as a visual artist. Behind the zany sound palette there are some serious chops too - a distinct flavour that's all his own which reflects the early days of sample culture opening up the language of electronic music production in immeasurable ways.
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Cat: TMS 05. Rel: 27 Nov 19
  1. It's Just A Feelin (7:55)
  2. The Way U Move (7:23)
Review: French edit maestro Chevals has been busy with releases on Whiskey Disco, Kolour LTD, Tropical Disco and Editorial over the past year. That should tell you all you need to know about how seriously rated this guy is in the scene, and it's no different as he lands on Masterworks with this tasteful 10" gem. "It's Just A Feelin" is an infectiously upbeat heater that brings out the best elements of disco and house in perfect synergy. "The Way U Move" is a dreamier affair with more overt funk stylings and a subtly cosmic tint to the keys - one to get starry eyed and sway to.
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  1. Czeslaw Niemen - "Zi Listu Do M" (10:43)
  2. Fleetwood Mac - "Keep On Going" (5:07)
  3. GB Experience - "Disco Extravaganza" (7:54)
  4. Bob & Pauline - "With Love In Your Eye" (7:36)
  5. Blue Magic - "Look Me Up" (10:28)
  6. The Impossible Dreamers - "Life On Earth" (5:24)
  7. Toto Guillame - "Diebna" (8:27)
  8. Kintone - "Song For Nelia" (7:42)
Review: If you're wondering what you'll find within the grooves of this vinyl double-pack from Joaquin "Joe" Claussell's Sacred Rhythm label, a cursory glance at the title should fill you in. As it states, what's on offer here is extended versions of some of the most popular unofficial "edits and overdubs" reworks. Of particular interest is his utterly insane 10-minute rub of Czeslaw Niemen's "Zi Listu Do M", a quirky chunk of experimental jazz that Claussell has magically re-imagined as a wonky, soft touch house track. There's plenty to set the pulse racing elsewhere, too, including a Balearic disco style take on Fleetwood Mac, a thumping revision of GB Experience's "Disco Extravaganza" and a wonderfully sweaty and percussive revision of The Impossible Dreamers' exotic "Life On Earth".
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Cat: BST X071. Rel: 09 Dec 19
  1. Paradise (vocal mix) (5:05)
  2. Paradise (Paradise mix) (4:56)
  3. Paradise (dub mix) (5:09)
  4. Paradise (Deep Jungle mix) (4:56)
Review: Best dig out a bona fide gem from the early days of Italian house music - a one-shot hit from the masterful minds of Alex Neri and Marco Baroni that originally surfaced in 1992 on Adriatic Club. This sunkissed classic has everything a deep house cut should - smooth piano, a splash of diva vocals, and feel-good vibes oozing from every pore. For our money the "Deep Jungle Mix" is the one - a smouldering swinger that will draw you in and keep you warm at night, but whichever twist on the '90s styles you prefer this record has got you covered.
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69 Bingo (12")
Cat: THANKYOU 005. Rel: 28 Nov 19
  1. 69 Bingo (3:41)
  2. 69 Bingo (Castro Anti Piano edit) (5:35)
  3. Fico So (3:48)
  4. 24 Rosas (DJ Fruhstuck Snare Abuse bonus beats) (4:43)
Review: Jacky Ferreira was a Portuguese producer who mixed up house, disco and boogie back in the late eighties and early nineties. He first came to most people's attention when Thank You reissued some of his work in 2018, and now they are back for another go. This time they kick off with the Italo piano house of "69 Bingo" and its squelchy synth bass with a "Castro Anti Piano Edit" that's more chopped up and loopy for extra dance floor destruction. Flipside "Fico So" switches it up with a downtempo balearic number before closing out with "24 Rosas", a lovably naff jam that will work particularly well in playful summer settings.
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Party Music EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SHIFT 006. Rel: 09 Dec 19
  1. Party Music (6:45)
  2. Keep On (5:56)
  3. So Tight (6:02)
  4. Everything (6:16)
Review: It feels like barely any time has passed since Javi Frias last set our bags alight with "Just Give It Up", but he's back once more on his own Night Shift with more of those oh-so-cool edits to share with the world. The strain of disco funk he's digging into on this record is just sublime, particularly on the A side with the self-explanatory "Party Music" and sweet string sizzle of "Keep On". On the B side there's a fiercer uptempo slant to "So Tight" and a more classic soul feel to "Everything" - one to bring a crowd together in a moment of heartfelt expression whether they know the words or not.

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Played by: 80's Child
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I Don't Care If You're Plastic (12" repress) (1 per customer)
Cat: SE 1010. Rel: 25 Nov 19
  1. I Don't Care If You're Plastic (4:32)
  2. Plastic Dub (Tom Noble remix) (6:13)
Review: The fact that Phil Gerus doesn't care if we're plastic should come as something of a relief to any Lego mini-figures or Playmobil people reading this review. In fact, such is the funk-fuelled, Clavinet-heavy brilliance of the Moscow producer's latest chunk of authentic disco/electrofunk fusion - fittingly coming out on Tom Noble's Superior Elevation imprint - that we could imagine those made of rigid, oil-based materials shaking a fabricated limb or two. If anything, Noble's accompanying remix - a bustling chunk of arpeggio-rich space disco that sounds like a cross between Lindstrom, Prins Thomas and French Euro-disco pioneers Space - is even better.
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Cat: 4GN3S 03. Rel: 27 Nov 19
  1. Autonomy (Medlar remix) (4:24)
  2. New Politik (Anna Wall remix) (5:50)
  3. Electric Light (Curses remix) (7:35)
  4. Infinity (Isolating remix) (5:48)
Review: The Golden Filter's "Autonomy" album has been a surefire highlight of the year for lovers of fresh twists on the coldwave tradition, and now the London-based outfit's music is undergoing the remix process with a stellar cast of sonic surgeons. First up is Medlar, who takes "Autonomy" and roughs it up into a decidedly freaky house diversion that keeps the edgy spirit of the original intact. Anna Wall takes "New Politik" into sparse, minimalist places, while Curses adds a seductive strain of post-punk gloominess into "Electric Light". Isolating completes the set with an icy industrial reduction of "Infinity" - a powerful atmospheric piece that does great service to the original.
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Cat: SNDW 12040. Rel: 06 Dec 19
  1. Colleen Grant - "Latin Parang" (6:36)
  2. Sandra Hamilton - "Parang Jam" (4:53)
Review: Expert reissue label Soundway look to 1980s Trinidad & Tobago for their latest rare gem. Two cuts of "Parang" - a sort of South American folk music originated from Venezuelan and Colombian immigrants and later infused with Caribbean rhythms, disco and soca vibes. As such both tunes are impossibly sunny, uplifting and loose groovers that will work dance floors into a spin at any time of year. Colleen Grant's take on the style is driven by a neat funk baseline coupled with her glorious vocals, while Sandra Hamilton's is more down and dirty with rump wiggling drums.
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Back Together Again (reissue) (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: AOTN 12008. Rel: 05 Dec 19
  1. Jean & Trevor - "Back Together" (6:37)
  2. IMF Players - "Dub Again" (6:35)
Review: It's back to 1988 as Athens Of The North reissues the impossibly good "Back Together Again" from Jean & Trevor, a golden lovers rock classic that is actually a cover version of Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway's original. It's a gorgeously hazy cut with some pretty advanced-at-the-time synths and effects on top of an organic rhythm section and sliding guitar work. IMF Players then offer up "Dub Again" on the flip which delves deeper into dub science with equally compelling results.

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Cat: TOYT 104. Rel: 04 Dec 19
  1. Give It To Me (edit) (8:03)
  2. Pump It (edit) (6:26)
  3. Grandmaster (edit) (7:21)
  4. Pleasure (edit) (6:14)
Review: Although it was established three or four years ago, it's only been in the last 12 months that Toy Tonics' edit offshoot Tonic Edits has really come into its own. The label's seventh missive is one of its strongest to date and comes courtesy of Berlin-based deep house stalwart Kapote. He kicks things off in style with the eccentric electrofunk brilliance of "Give It To Me" before diving into hybrid disco/P-funk pastures on the deliriously tongue-in-cheek silliness of "Pump It". Over on side B, "Grandmaster" is a fine rework of a strange, stripped-back early disco-rap tune laden with spacey synthesizers and clipped guitars, while "Pleasure" puts a new spin on a hazy, boogie-era cut by the band of the same name.
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Played by: Faze Action
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  1. Love Honey, Love Heartache (Larry Levan mix) (4:03)
  2. Love Honey, Love Heartache (Larry Levan mix - acappella) (0:50)
Review: Vinylmania was a Manhattan record store set up by Charlie Grappone that was one of the first to start selling records as 12" culture took off. It went on to supply Levan, Tony Humphries and many more and played the key part in disseminating early house music. It's now a revived label putting out some of those early pioneering gems once again, and here it is Man Friday, Levan's own production project, in the spotlight. This is exactly the sort of tune you would hear him play at Paradise Garage with a dark bass, dub echo and organs that bring a gospel feel to the stripped back grooves.
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Played by: Jac The Disco
 in stock $10.71
  1. Manwoman - "Pub Which Plays A Disco" (5:21)
  2. Manwoman - "It's Just" (Roland Nights mix) (6:35)
  3. Eddie Matos - "Hypnotized" (Rune Lindbaek & Frisvold remix) (5:44)
  4. Manwoman - "Love Song" (5:04)
Review: Belarus' Sergey Abramov, aka Funkyjaws, revives his Manwoman alias to produce a classy EP of deep house that speaks to his experience in the studio. "Pub Which Plays A Disco" is a catchy, funked-up affair that still manages to keep things cool and restrained at the same time. The Roland Nights mix of "It's Just" takes a slightly more uptempo approach without losing the overall deep vibe, while another of Abramov's original, "Love Song", locks into a raw, live feeling and rolls with it. There's also a track from Eddie Matos on this 12", remixed by Rune Lindbaek and Frisvold and turned into a shimmering, disco-licked immersion heater.
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Cat: WWSLP 29. Rel: 03 Dec 19
  1. Make It Last Forever (8:26)
  2. Do As I Do (10:21)
  3. It Ain't No Big Thing (6:41)
  4. Mr Blindman (5:14)
  5. I'm A Love Bug (4:24)
Review: Donna McGhee's "Make It Last Forever" has long been one of the most sought-after disco albums around, in part due to the quality of Greg Carmichael and Patrick Adams' production and the seductive nature of the superb title track. It's been reissued on vinyl a few times over the years; here it gets a rare outing on CD thanks to Wewantsounds. 41 years after it was released, the set still sparkles, with highlights including the dewy-eyed disco-soul bliss of "Do As I Do", the warm and super-sweet "Mr Blindman" and the total insanity of "I'm A Love Bug", which is a fantastic overhaul of Carmichael and Adams' earlier Bumble Bee Orchestra cut "Love Bug".
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Played by: Admin
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Quando Tu Dances (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: FAR 041. Rel: 25 Nov 19
  1. Quando Tu Dances (Willie Graff edit) (8:29)
  2. C'est Une Bombe (Faze Action edit) (6:21)
  3. Les Vacances On S'eclete, On S'evade (6:33)
Review: "Quando Tu Dances" was a hit for Micky Milan back in 1982 when it came out on Salsoul, and it has that seminal label's brand of disco funk spilling out of every bar. Now Faze Action have drafted a strong serving of remixers to bring a few deft touches to some of Milan's biggest hits, leading in with Willie Graff and his tasteful edit of the title track that lets the original vibe shine through in all its sunny finery. Faze Action themselves take on "C'est Une Bombe" - another slick '80s jam with plenty of boogie licks to complement the warmth of the guitar and Latin percussion. Finally we get an untouched original, the more spaced out cosmic pop jam "Les Vacances On S'eclete, On S'evade".
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 in stock $10.97
Cat: RSR 009. Rel: 04 Dec 19
  1. Let's Go Disco (3:43)
  2. You've Got That Something (Andrea Passenger edit) (4:47)
  3. Guitar Breeeeze (Andrea Passenger edit) (4:56)
  4. Let's Go Disco (Waxist Dubby Stem edit) (6:36)
  5. Let's Go Disco (Frank Booker instrumental mix) (5:42)
Review: Mixed Company were one of disco-era New York's most obscure bands, releasing just one track - the mighty "Let's Go Disco" - on a local radio station compilation in 1980 before disappearing from view. Amazingly, Rain & Shine has managed to find their master tapes, hence this first ever EP. Not only does it include "Let's Go Disco" - a lo-fi chunk of tropical disco-funk - but also fresh edits by Andrea Passenger of two previously unreleased cuts, the upbeat brilliance of "You've Got That Something" and the cheery "Guitar Breeeeze" [sic]. As if that wasn't enough to set the pulse racing, the EP also boasts two new multi-track edits of "Let's Go Disco": a smooth and dubbed-out revision by Waxist and a stripped-back, horn-heavy instrumental rearrangement from Frank Brooker.
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  1. The O'Jays - "Put Our Heads Together" (Joey Negro Re-Organised Master mix) (8:39)
  2. Doug Willis - "Dancin' 2020" (Joey Negro extended Rebuild) (7:47)
  3. Sunkids - "Rescue Me" (feat Chance - Joey Negro's In Full Swing mix) (7:36)
  4. Double Exposure - "Everyman" (Joey Negro's Salsoul Strut) (7:18)
Review: The latest volume in Z Records' essential "Attack The Dancefloor" 12" series draws together some killer recent rubs by Dave Lee AKA Joey Negro. He first delivers a "Re-Organised Master Mix" of the O'Jays' 80s electrofunk sing-along "Put Our Heads Together", wisely emphasizing the vocals and killer synthesizer motifs, before offering up an "extended rebuild" of his classic Doug Willis cut "Dancin' 2020" that smothers a soaring disco track with spacey synth solos and jaunty pianos. Side B sports an organ-heavy "In Full Swing" remix of Sunkids and Chance's U.S garage classic "Rescue Me", as well a scene-stealing rework of Double Exposure's Salsoul classic "Everyman". While the whole EP is impressive, the latter is particularly inspired.
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 in stock $10.71
Cat: WD 68. Rel: 27 Nov 19
  1. Space Love (8:51)
  2. Love Disco (6:15)
  3. Inside Lookin In (5:53)
  4. Waiting On Love (6:50)
Review: Whiskey Disco tap up Robert Ouimet, a man mooted as the godfather of Montreal disco. His DJ career may reach back to the '80s, but it's only in the past year he's been dipping his toe into the world of edits. Luckily the man has some serious knowledge on deep cuts and the right way to work them, so that's what you get in full force on this excellent 12". "Space Love" is a heavy instrumental workout with a surging rhythm section and some utterly deadly keys nimbly flexing over the top of the jam. "Love Disco" is a big and bold vocal, "Inside Lookin In" is a raunchy stomper and "Waiting On Love" takes things in a jazz funk direction. Whichever track tickles your fancy at any given time, these are all classily edited party favours for peak time hours.
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 in stock $10.43
Cat: POLR 006. Rel: 11 Dec 19
  1. Made In France (edit) (7:25)
  2. La Tortue (edit) (6:37)
  3. Soca Danny (edit) (6:59)
  4. Crossed Your Mind (edit) (7:24)
Review: Following a successful run of disco deviance on top labels such as GAMM, Basic Fingers, Barefoot Beats and Tugboat, Toronto's Patchouli Brothers are back with the sixth edition of their "Pleasure Of Love" edit series. The "Beam Me Up" hosts have a proven track record with the ol' razor and tape, distilling rare and underappreciated cuts and turning them into peak time dancefloor gems. These four cuts on volume six are no exception. Our picks: the joyous and sunkissed "Made In France" (tres bien!), followed by the carnival energy of "Soca Danny" with its powerhouse brass section and the classic Stateside vibe of "Crossed Your Mind" on the flip.
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 in stock $10.43
Community Disc #03 (hand-stamped 12" limited to 250 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: CDO 03. Rel: 10 Dec 19
  1. The Patchouli Brothers - "Where's Walter?" (7:18)
  2. Paulo Fulci - "Hold That" (8:09)
  3. Admin - "Get Up & Do!" (7:20)
  4. Island Times - "Penney's Finest" (5:23)
Review: After a break of almost a year, Admin fires up his Community Disc-O's imprint with another selection of all-star edits. Sometime GAMM and Whiskey Disco dons The Patchouli Brothers kick things off via the seductive, low-slung disco-funk goodness of "Where's Walter?" - a traditional style re-edit that proves that you don't need modern studio trickery to successfully re-imagine an old record - before sometime Situation man (and one half of Divine Situation) Paulo Fulci expertly rearranges a dusty chunk of rousing, horn-heavy dancefloor disco. Admin himself offers up the hot-to-trot, horn-sporting goodness of "Get Up & Do!", while Island Times draws things to a close with the hazy goodtime grooves of "Penney's Finest".
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 in stock $13.45
Vol 2 (7")
Cat: PINA 02. Rel: 10 Dec 19
  1. Do It (4:18)
  2. Dross (4:16)
Review: The small but already well formed Pina label comes correct with a second volume of edits. This time around offering two superbly vibey house and disco fusion tracks that are rough around the edges, littered with classic samples and freewheeling chords that's the sort of atmospheric jam Moodymann will make his own. After A-side "Do It" with all its The Blackbyrds references comes "Dross"; a more resolved, long legged stomper with fat bass and uplifting chords that comes finished with soul infused vocals. Either way, this is a destructive package.
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 in stock $11.53
Cat: IFHTNSL 01LP. Rel: 28 Nov 19
  1. We Can Be One (feat Quinn Lamont Luke) (3:56)
  2. Valley Of Paradise (9:39)
  3. Ghost Particle (feat Liam Magill) (3:53)
  4. Seahorse (feat Norma Winstone) (5:15)
  5. Above The Clouds (5:55)
  6. Cosmic Forest (6:06)
  7. Triumph Of The Gods (feat Renate Staal Nygard) (5:42)
  8. Chimera (4:08)
  9. La Paix Est Une Fleur (5:33)
  10. Something To Believe (feat Holly Go Lightly) (3:49)
Review: Psychemagik teased their debut album earlier this year with the smooth crossover single "We Can Be One", which opens up this hotly anticipated long player from the widely adored duo. There's plenty of pop leanings to this record, but of course shot through with the dreamy lilt of psychedelia and deep-digging Balearic charm that has defined Psychemagik from the beginning. At times it gets more bombastic, as on "Ghost Particle" with Liam Magill, and there's a cheeky party track or two (just check "Above The Clouds"), but the main focus here is on rich songwriting with a heavy emphasis on warm synth tones. Existing Psychemagik fans will be happy, but this record should equally land them a new legion of admirers as they take another step forward in their evolution.
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Played by: Manu•Archeo
 in stock $25.80
Good High (7")
Cat: FLEX7 001. Rel: 11 Dec 19
  1. Good High (5:15)
  2. Engine #9 (5:10)
Review: London-based Frenchman Nicolas Laugier aka The Reflex is back, here inaugurating his new vinyl series Flex7. Bringing this bunch of rare grooves (from the original tapes) for some edits that combine creativity and functionality - all with maximum dancefloor impact. On the A side, we've got the pitched-down slo-mo funk attack of "Good High" which is as low slung as you like it. On the flip, we have someone doing a half decent job of impersonating "the hardest working man in show business" on the addictive soul power of "Engine #9".
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 in stock $10.71
Cat: NEP 002. Rel: 04 Dec 19
  1. Change Your Style (3:20)
  2. Change Your Style (Prins Thomas edit) (5:20)
Review: Here comes the second release from Neppa, focusing on lost and overseen recordings. Following up that great inaugural release (a reissue of South African legend Don Laka), the Oslo-based label presents a golden oldie by Dutch pop outfit Renee. Originally released back in 1980 and taken from the album "Reaching For The Sky", they were in their element on "Change Your style" a groovy and lo-slung disco journey featured here with immaculate production held together by Anja Nodelijk's hypnotic voice. It's like it was made for hometown hero Prins Thomas, who delivers his midas touch on his edit on the flipside.
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Tropical Disco Records Vol 14 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: TDISCO 014. Rel: 04 Dec 19
  1. Sartorial - "So Much" (7:16)
  2. Moodena - "All Night Long" (6:18)
  3. Chevals - "Funky With Me" (6:33)
  4. Kikko Esse & Emanuele Del Carmine - "Departure" (9:10)
Review: There's little subtleties about the Tropical Disco crew's re-edits - think additional house drums, filter sweeps and occasional dub delays - but there's no doubting their effectiveness. If you're still unsure, check the collective's latest EP, the 14th in total. Sartorial steps up first with the rubbery, French Touch style disco-house thrust of "So Much", before Moodena sticks locked-in house beats beneath a deep disco groover on "All Night Long". Arguably even better is Chevals' "Funky With Me", a swinging revision of an organ-sporting boogie era funk wiggler, while Kikko Esse and Emanuele Del Carmine's "Departure" is a trumpet-sporting chunk of Latin deep house brilliance rich in electric piano solos and layered South American percussion.
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Mebsouta (reissue) (12" repress)
Cat: THANKYOU 004. Rel: 27 Nov 19
  1. Mebsouta (4:31)
  2. Al Eih (4:18)
  3. Rekka (bonus beats chant) (5:02)
Review: These days we're used to obscure dance records from around the world getting the reissue treatment. Even so, this previously CD-only Egyptian release from 1991 is a particularly deep pick. Happily, it's well worth the reissue treatment, particularly the breezy, colourful and deliciously groovy opener "Mabsouta", a bubbly and breathy synth-pop cover of Suzanne Vega classic "Tom's Diner" that wraps Simone's Egyptian vocals and sparkling pianos around a stunning synth bassline. You'll find more summery, almost Balearic synth-pop on the flip via the cheeky Hammond organ riffs, glistening guitars and dewy-eyed chords of "Al Eih". To round things off in style, Castro-Moore offers up a brilliant "Bonus Beats Chant" version of sparse but heavy drum machine and synthesizer jam "Rekka".
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Cat: SBEDITZ 007. Rel: 27 Nov 19
  1. Looking 4 U (6:10)
  2. Freak (5:38)
  3. B2B (6:20)
Review: SlothBoogie is one of London's most highly respected underground electronic music crews, encompassing a DJ collective, record label, radio show and regular party series. On the seventh edition of their Editz series, they take matters into their own hands with three club ready disco reworks - all chopped, trimmed and finessed for your dancing pleasure. On the A side we've got the funked-up peak time disco loops of "Looking 4 U", followed by the late night mood music of "Freak" - taking things down an emotive deep house route. On the flip, it's back to the (disco) program with the sexy lo-slung escapades of "B2B".
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Easier To Love (reissue) (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: AOTN 12009. Rel: 05 Dec 19
  1. Sonia - "Easier To Love" (5:48)
  2. Earth & Stone - "That's The Way You Feel" (4:43)
Review: From their base all the way up in Edinburgh, Athens Of The North have single handedly reintroduced a whole world of amazing soul, funk and disco sounds over the last few years. Some are well known classics that have been long out of print, some are gems that were missed first time round. Next up is a one sided ska 7" from Sonia that has been remastered and reissued for the first time since its original release. A firm favourite with roots lovers, this version of "Easier To Love" got a play by Floating Points on his NTS show and so immediately soared in popularity, and it's easy to see why.
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EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: HPNB 04. Rel: 03 Dec 19
  1. Track 1 (6:21)
  2. Track 2 (6:11)
  3. Track 3 (5:24)
  4. Track 4 (6:25)
Review: The edit and rework-focused Hot Peas 'N Butter series has never come clean about who is behind it, though so far each of its named editors has been based in the Steel City of Sheffield. Here two of the series' most prolific editors, thatmanmonkz and pal Simba, join forces to deliver four-more sneaky re-rubs. Check first the driving disco-soul funk of "Track 1", before diving headfirst into the two-step jazz-funk brilliance of "Track 2", a cut that contains some fantastic dueling horn solos. Over on side B, "Track 3" is a smoothed out, proto-house style take on a synth-laden early electro number complete with silly pitched-up vocal snippets, while "Track 4" sees the Sheffield duo put their own spin on a particularly spacey cut from the Prelude back catalogue.
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Limited EP (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: BK 024. Rel: 11 Dec 19
  1. Children Of Tomorrow's Dreams (4:09)
  2. No More Junk (4:14)
  3. Cool Out Your Mind (6:32)
  4. Searching For Ourselves (3:56)
Review: Backatcha Records continues to offer up excellent EPs full of rare and overlooked music. Their latest release delves into the vaults of Washington D.C band Theatre West, who recorded an album's worth of music for Black Fire Records in 1976 that eventually appeared on a limited CD in 1993. This, then, is the band's first ever vinyl release. There's much to enjoy throughout, from the gentle soul warmth of "Children Of Tomorrow's Dreams" and the feisty disco-soul goodness of "No More Junk" to the child-friendly sing-along that is Rhodes-laden disco-funk outing "Searching For Ourselves".
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Cat: BST X072. Rel: 09 Dec 19
  1. Sphinx (5:21)
  2. Welcome Back, Jolette (4:56)
  3. Underwater (6:05)
  4. Chicago (5:37)
Review: Taking a break from their usual Italian remit, Best turn their attention to an overlooked pioneer from the annals of German electronic music history. Harry Thumann was based in Munich, and primarily worked as a studio engineer, but his own recorded work was vitally important too. An early adopter of MIDI, and with a propulsive electronic disco sound that was right at the cutting edge of the times, the four "experiments" Best have gathered here represent some of the most potent dancefloor jams he created - full-fat technicolour fever dreams for the fabulous and flamboyant.
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Played by: Zukas, LEGO EDIT
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Cat: FLIES 42. Rel: 05 Dec 19
  1. Gianni Ferrio - "Classe Mista" (M17) (3:46)
  2. Gianni Ferrio - "L'infermiera Di Notte" (Seq 7) (2:48)
  3. Gianni Ferrio - "L'infermiera Di Notte" (Seq 12) (2:02)
  4. Pulsar Music LTD - "Taxi Girl" (M20) (2:03)
  5. Franco Micalizzi - "Scusi Lei E Normale?" (M33) (3:53)
  6. Alessandro Alessandroni - "La Professoressa Di Scienze Naturali Titoli" (3:48)
  7. Gianni Ferrio - "L'infermiera Di Notte" (3:23)
  8. Franco Campanino - "L'insegnante Viene A Casa" (2:57)
  9. Detto Mariano - "Cornetti Alla Crema" (Polymoog dance edit) (2:10)
  10. Franco Campanino - "Una Moglie, Due Amici, Quattro Amanti" (Tema Reggae) (1:52)
  11. Nico Fidenco - "La Sposina" (M36) (2:00)
  12. Fabio Frizzi - "Sette Ragazze Di Classe" (M6) (1:53)
  13. Gianni Ferrio - "La Settimana Bianca" (Seq 1) (3:05)
  14. Walter Rizzati - "L'insegnante Balla Con Tutta La Classe" (Seq 1) (1:45)
  15. Vittorio Pezzolla - "La Liceale" (Seq 2) (2:13)
  16. Alessandro Alessandroni - "La Professoressa Di Scienze Naturali" (M23) (2:38)
  17. Nico Fidenco - "La Sposina" (M16) (2:59)
  18. Enrico Simonetti - "Grazie Nonna (Ballando Con Maria Juana)" (1:47)
  19. Gianni Ferrio - "Classe Mista" (Seq 1) (2:03)
  20. Giacomo Dell'Orso - "L'infermiera Di Mio Padre" (M9) (3:53)
  21. Gianni Ferrio - "La Settimana Bianca" (Seq 1) (1:34)
Review: Apparently there's a history in Italian cinema of "sexy comedy", which we can only assume is a slightly more racy and explicit version of the innuendo-laden British comedy movies of the 1960s and 70s (think Carry On, Confessions Of A Window Cleaner etc). During the 70s and early '80s, many of these "sexy comedy" flicks boasted disco-centric soundtracks, which is where this superb compilation comes in. It's full of obscure, Italian-made disco workouts that veer between camp silliness and tongue-in-cheek fun to string-drenched brilliance, down-low disco-funk heaviness, synth-driven madness and the kind of Clavinet-happy goodness more obviously associated with US "Blaxploitation" films.
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Played by: Manu•Archeo
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We're Running Out Of Time (reissue) (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: FL 007. Rel: 12 Dec 19
  1. We're Running Out Of Time (7:31)
  2. Countdown (7:05)
Review: Certainly, in terms of the current state of the environment, the title of this Oscar Weathers gem couldn't be more true. While that is a sobering sentiment, the tune he serves up is far from it - dazzling disco synths, big horn leads and noodling fun bass keeps you moving nonstop from the first beat to the last drop. On the flip is the slightly lower slung "Countdown", this time with meandering lead synths that bring a retro-futuristic soul to his deep cut rhythm section. Well done Fantasy Love on another choice reissue of this essential slice of soul.
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