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This Week: Disco/Nu-Disco

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Disco / Nu-Disco

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Ubiquity (12")
Cat: SWEATSV 017. Rel: 07 Apr 21
  1. Ubiquity (3:29)
  2. Ubiquity (The Magician remix) (4:19)
  3. Ubiquity (Eric Duncan remix) (8:11)
  4. Ubiquity (Lubelski remix) (6:02)
Review: 'Ubiquity' really is an all-star affair, at least by nu-disco standards. It started out as a revivalist, boogie-era disco groove crafted by Nicky Night Time, which was then tweaked and turned into a vocal number, before Breakbot added some killer string and horn arrangements. The results are spellbinding, all told, coming on like a future disco classic full of addictive vocals, colourful synths and authentic turn-of-the-80s instrumentation. The superb original mix comes with a trio of re-rubs: a loopy disco-house revision from The Magician, a more cosmic and spaced-out revision from Eric Duncan that recalls some of his work as Still Going, and a Metro Area-influenced re-wire courtesy of Lubelski.
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Cat: BEATH 0. Rel: 06 Apr 21
  1. Satisfaction (3:50)
  2. Real Talk (3:57)
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Belpaese 09
Belpaese 09 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BELP 009. Rel: 07 Apr 21
  1. False Ipocrisie (8:23)
  2. Strumento Di Una Notte (6:43)
Review: The Belpaese crew is all about serving up big edits of big tunes form the rich Italian canon. They have plenty to go at and as such are putting out these useful EPs at decent speed. The next is another fine bit of studio tricker from the in house production team as they offer up the recognisable top lines and vocals of 'False Ipocrisie' but re-sung in Italian and replayed in Italo fashion. ON the fit is the more groovy and cruising jazz-funk-disco bomb 'Strumento Di Una Notte' that oozes silky grooves and nice icy hi hats.
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Black Sun
Black Sun (7")
Cat: OTS 237. Rel: 06 Apr 21
  1. Black Sun (Ryuhei The Man edit) (4:38)
  2. Le Love (Ryuhei The Man 45 edit) (3:10)
 in stock $21.26
Shout To The Top: Hifi Sean Mixes
Shout To The Top: Hifi Sean Mixes (140 gram vinyl 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: FAKE 122. Rel: 06 Apr 21
  1. Shout To The Top (Hifi Sean mix) (7:17)
  2. Shout To The Top (Hifi Sean House mix) (6:36)
  3. Shout To The Top (Hifi Sean reprise) (3:09)
Review: Fire Island was a project from UK house vets Terry Farley and Pete Heller, which went out with a bang in 1998 by collaborating with the mighty Loletta Holloway on the absolutely massive 'Shout To The Top'. Now Hifi Sean is getting to grips with the track and giving it a very tasteful re-rub which brings a little bit of Salsoul-speckled joy and passion to the original mix while keeping Holloway's vocal right where it should be out front and soaring. Sean's 'House Mix' is a dubbier, heavyweight affair that should go down well with the tech house crowd, but there's also a super sweet 'reprise' of the main mix which would be the perfect 'moment' in the midst of a set.

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I Wanna Be Like You
I Wanna Be Like You (orange vinyl 12")
Cat: IH 001. Rel: 09 Apr 21
  1. I Wanna Be Like You (5:21)
  2. Wakeup Call (5:59)
Review: Italo Hits does exactly what it says on the tin. This latest missive from Hammer is a perfect soundtrack to your lockdown home workout. It brings to mind spandex, aerobics, headbands and sweat socks with its tooting arps and future-retro casino keys. Fully hi-NRG drums and big vocals all add to the drama as you race along at one hundred miles an hour. And that's just the a-side. On the flip, 'Wakeup Call' is a little more dark and edgy, with rugged riffs and slapping hits powering you through the cosmos. These are both certified anthems.
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BONFIDO 003 (hand-stamped 140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BONFIDO 003. Rel: 06 Apr 21
  1. Hammond Classics - "Sarabi"
  2. Panama Cardoon - "Marisa"
  3. Fixed Angles - "Sisi"
  4. Chico & Bianca - "Echo Flight"
Review: Bonfido Disques is back with the third release of their exotic concept series, embracing the feel-good vibe of the 80's international disco scene whether it comes from the African continent, the Middle East or America, combined with heavy contemporary drums in order to stand out in modern DJ sets. Four reworks for the dancefloor on a limited edition 12" vinyl.
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I'm Gonna Love You
Cat: GCV 003. Rel: 07 Apr 21
  1. I'm Gonna Love You (Micky More & Andy Tee 12" mix) (8:08)
  2. Special Love (feat Jocelyn Brown - Micky More & Andy Tee 12" mix) (6:39)
Review: Italian soul legends Jestofunk released the classic 'I'm Gonna Love You' back in 1991, it was their first single, in fact. Comprised of northerners Alessandro Staderini, Claudio 'Moz-Art' Rispoli and Farias, they went on to release six albums until disbanding in 2005 after 'Mama Blues'. A zeitgeist of the early '90s acid jazz sound, featuring new jack swing styled beats, a killer sax and soulful vocals, it was the MC Turbo Sax Mix which undoubtedly gained the most popularity, and became an essential track on the playlist of many a hair salon throughout the rest of the decade. Some of you may even know the track from its inclusion on 2011's Knights Of The Playboy Mansion, mixed by French Touch icons Bob Sinclar & Dimitri From Paris. The version featured here is a nice modern reshape by Groove Culture heads Micky More & Andy Tee, taking the track into sensual and emotive territory with their deep house style remix. Proper mood music.
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Played by: Osmose
 in stock $13.77
Kaymany & Asestar
Kaymany & Asestar (limited 12")
Cat: DSND 007. Rel: 07 Apr 21
  1. Effimera (3:47)
  2. Digressione (4:24)
  3. Capao (3:51)
Review: Kaymany & Asestar hail from Rome, a city where many musicians spend most of their days producing sounds for the television industry and even shopping malls. That's part of the reason the country has such a reparation for great jazz-funk sounds and now adding to that cannon are Kaymany & Asestar. 'Effimera' is glossy and feel good disco with retro future chords, while 'Digressione' has a Bob James style energy to it with its high speed funky bass and incidental chords. 'Capao' closes in Latin fashion with manic keys and more plucked and funky bass slaps making you shake every limb.
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Standing Right Here
Standing Right Here (limited clear vinyl 12")
Cat: 12DAFIA 002. Rel: 09 Apr 21
  1. Standing Right Here (Mike Maurro remix) (13:07)
  2. Standing Right Here (DJ Friction extended remix) (9:08)
 in stock $15.51
Too Slow To Disco NEO
Too Slow To Disco NEO (limited 12")
Cat: HDYANE O4. Rel: 09 Apr 21
  1. Moods - "Vulf's Back Pocket Regroove" (3:02)
  2. Glamour Hammer - "Is It True" (Yuksek remix) (5:19)
  3. Diskobeistet - "Baner Vei" (extended dub) (5:39)
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I Got Your Love
Cat: OTS 233. Rel: 06 Apr 21
  1. I Got Your Love (T Groove edit) (4:40)
  2. I Got Your Love (7" version) (3:36)
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Hands On
Hands On (12")
Cat: GAMMBATTLE 004. Rel: 08 Apr 21
  1. Hands On (5:47)
  2. On The Word (6:02)
Review: For good time sounds, few labels are as constant and reliable as Gamm. Here comes more of those uplifting beats for happy dance floors courtesy of Ukokos & Jabco, who follow up from their huge 'Keep Rising All Night Long' with more massive gospel vocals and strong melodies. Of course, the production is always soulful production from these boys and ratter than the more hip hop leaning beats of their past, the lean on house frameworks for their rhythms here. On the flipside however it is more of a disco vibe with a big vocal sample primed and ready to get those hands in the air.
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Turn Me Loose
Cat: KMPN 008. Rel: 06 Apr 21
  1. Turn Me Loose (4:32)
  2. Into My Eyes (4:32)
Review: 'Turn Me Loose' effortlessly joins the dots between hazy deep house and nod-along disco, adding cute new musical touches to a chunky, sample-based groove. Flipside 'Into My Eyes' is arguably even better making great use of horn, vocal and synth loops from a bogie-era disco-funk number.
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Played by: Aroop Roy, Osmose
 in stock $11.21
Not At Home
Not At Home (2xLP)
Cat: STILLMDLP 016. Rel: 06 Apr 21
  1. Feels (6:49)
  2. Truth Acid (6:07)
  3. Let Love Shine (6:32)
  4. Travelin (5:59)
  5. Vacancy (6:32)
  6. Make It Hot (6:19)
 in stock $22.97
Sunday In June
Sunday In June (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: C56LP 018. Rel: 08 Apr 21
  1. Sunday In June (5:50)
  2. Trinity Strut (3:46)
  3. Walpole Days (7:48)
  4. Aguila Negra (5:06)
  5. For Daniel (5:33)
  6. Hidden Port (album version) (6:31)
  7. 1939 Grand Ave (7:09)
  8. Walpole Days (Joe Claussell Spiritual Healing mix) (7:03)
Review: Although the end is now finally in sight, we are still very much spending time at home, gazing off into the distance and dreaming of better times. Enter this sumptuous soundtrack from Hillside, whose Sunday In June album on the ever classy Claremont 56 is a perfect accompaniment to you lazy afternoons. The gorgeous record is utterly doused in sun, with sparkling keys, go-slow beats and lush strings all oozing cool yet bribing with warmth. It's the sound of perfect afternoon in the garden, or on the beach, with tropical grooves and Balearic bliss flowing freely from front to back.
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Answers 2 Trouble
Answers 2 Trouble (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PERMVAC 2191. Rel: 09 Apr 21
  1. Lil Forci Jr (4:52)
  2. Ghost (feat Jasnau) (4:49)
  3. Switec (5:15)
  4. SNNO (4:27)
  5. Make It Stay (feat Dena) (4:18)
  6. Valentino III (3:47)
  7. Altalenanti (feat Fabrizio Mammarella) (5:15)
  8. No More Push-Backs (4:39)
  9. Fait Accombli (2:52)
 in stock $17.52
Chromium Dioxide
Chromium Dioxide (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BAP 141. Rel: 06 Apr 21
  1. Telemark (5:52)
  2. Chevrolee (feat Nicole Jaey) (5:47)
  3. Orbit Anthem (5:31)
  4. Europa Supersaw (feat Jon Jon Foster) (5:55)
  5. Albatross (6:27)
  6. Long Lines (feat M1) (6:00)
  7. Girotti (feat Christina Mirabilis) (5:45)
  8. Kyoto Protocol (6:22)
  9. Swift Creek (5:32)
  10. White Tail (feat Jimmy Baker) (6:16)
  11. Sierra (7:02)
  12. Daylight Comet (5:45)
Review: Here is the debut LP by Austrian trio Leitstrahl. Stoff, Paul Raal and Boogaloo Steve are said to have been close collaborators over the last decade and a half, with Chromium Dioxide merging each respective member's love of the '80s - Hi-NRG, Italo, electro-pop and synth movie scores in particular - across a dozen tracks across two discs. From the neon-lit nite drive of opening cut 'Telemark', to moments of late night euphoria captured on VHS as heard on 'Europa Supersaw' featuring Jon Jon Foster of Bronski Beat. The sunset Balearica of 'Girotti' featuring Christina Mirabilis is for people watching at cafes on a boulevard in Rimini circa '88, while the slo-mo romantic pop of 'White Tail' featuring Jimmy Baker shows yet more diversity in their repertoire. Highly recommended.
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 in stock $24.11
Danse Cette Zik
Danse Cette Zik (LP repress)
Cat: PRD 1018. Rel: 06 Apr 21
  1. Danse Cette Zik (4:18)
  2. Atlas (6:19)
  3. Venus S'Endort Et Moi Avec Elle (4:04)
  4. Soweto (4:01)
  5. Pas De Saints Au Paradis (7:38)
  6. Le Chant Des Creatures (3:17)
  7. Port Royale (4:08)
Review: Danse Cette Zik is a debut album by Parbleu, an enigmatic group who craft energised fusions of disco, funk, jazz and plenty more including afrobeat, tropical and Latin. On this album they showcase a real breadth and depth that takes in sleepy-eyed soul serenades, mystical melodic chants, and expressive diva enchantments. Pianos and guitars give out rock solos and reggae riffs, cosmic funk flourishes and steamy jungle basslines that all suit a wide rang fo settings from the club to the pub, a cruise on the med to a late night on the beach. Kinetic yet cinematic, it is a fantastic work.
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Disco E Cultura Vol 1 (reissue)
Disco E Cultura Vol 1 (reissue) (limited hand-numbered 180 gram vinyl LP with obi strip repress)
Cat: MAR 035. Rel: 09 Apr 21
  1. Brilho - "Se Voce For A Salvador" (3:45)
  2. Lafayette - "Sol De Verao" (3:56)
  3. Paulo Jeronimo - "Vida Agitada" (3:31)
  4. Cornelius - "Deixa" (2:52)
  5. Franco - "Ei, Voce, Psiu!!" (2:36)
  6. Adriana - "Contigo" (4:06)
  7. Brazil Very Happy Band - "Brazil Very Happy Band" (3:41)
  8. Aloisio - "Tema R" (3:24)
  9. Os Carbonos - "Passaro Selvagem" (3:39)
  10. San Rodrigues - "Fofa" (3:01)
  11. Gay Vaquer - "Disco Pode Ser Cultura" (2:49)
  12. Grupo Natureza - "Pode Acreditar" (3:30)
Review: Portuguese label Mad About Records has dabbled with reissuing Brazilian music before, though this compilation from boss man Joaquim Paulo is by far and away their most in-depth dive into the South American country's rich dance music heritage. Disco E Cultura Volume 1 focuses on soul, funk, disco, boogie and jazz-funk released in the country during the 70s and '80s, offering up tons of colourful, floor-friendly jams featuring punchy, razor-sharp horn lines, MPB style vocals and grooves to die for. It's all excellent to be honest, though if you're looking for highlights we'd suggest checking Lafayette's brilliant 'Sol De Varao', the Barrio-funk of Franco, the hot-stepping breakbeats and mazy synth solos of Aloisio's jazz-funk gem 'Tema R', and the wonderfully smooth grooves of Grupo Natureza.
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This Week: Disco/Nu-Disco