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record store day 2022
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New releases last four weeks: Disco/Nu-Disco

Disco/Nu-Disco vinyl released in the last four weeks
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Let It Be Blue
Let It Be Blue (blue vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WARPLP 339B. Rel: 06 May 22
  1. Normal People (2:08)
  2. A Little Bit (More) (3:12)
  3. Storm Around The World (feat Maria Uzor) (3:19)
  4. Un Puente (feat Angelica Garcia) (3:19)
  5. Here's What I Need To Know (4:23)
  6. Panama Canal (feat Meah Pace) (2:51)
  7. Man On The Moon (feat Meah Pace) (3:40)
  8. Let It Be Blue (3:54)
  9. It's Grey, It's Grey (It's Grey) (3:15)
  10. Crazy Talk (4:08)
  11. This Is Pop 2 (4:29)
Review: 2019's Wallop was the last album we heard from !!! so fans will be delighted to check out this new full length, Let It Be Blue. The first single from it, 'Storm Around the World,' features Sink Ya Teeth's Maria Uzor and the band explained it was "originally an acid workout about parents who leave on tour," became much more. Expect the album to be a diverse affair packed with dance floor moments but also plenty of more spare sounds that allow the world play to shine through. Fittingly, this one - the band's ninth album - comes pressed on nice blue wax.
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 in stock $20.96
Let It Be Blue
Let It Be Blue (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WARPLP 339. Rel: 06 May 22
  1. Normal People (2:09)
  2. A Little Bit (More) (3:11)
  3. Storm Around The World (feat Maria Uzor) (3:20)
  4. Un Puente (feat Angelica Garcia) (3:19)
  5. Here's What I Need To Know (4:23)
  6. Panama Canal (feat Meah Pace) (2:43)
  7. Man On The Moon (feat Meah Pace) (3:40)
  8. Let It Be Blue (3:56)
  9. It's Grey, It's Grey (It's Grey) (3:15)
  10. Crazy Talk (4:13)
  11. This Is Pop 2 (4:30)
 in stock $19.92
Let It Be Blue
Cat: WARPCD 339. Rel: 06 May 22
  1. Normal People
  2. A Little Bit (More)
  3. Storm Around The World (feat Maria Uzor)
  4. Un Puente (feat Angelica Garcia)
  5. Here's What I Need To Know
  6. Panama Canal (feat Meah Pace)
  7. Man On The Moon (feat Meah Pace)
  8. Let It Be Blue
  9. It's Grey, It's Grey (It's Grey)
  10. Crazy Talk
  11. This Is Pop 2
Review: New York combo !!! has always been a hard-to-pigeonhole proposition, with their albums frequently joining the dots between punk-funk, no-wave disco, indie-pop, and the saucer-eyed energy of more purist dance music. As a result, there's a vibrancy and freshness to each new record they release, and Let it Be Blue - their first album for three years - is no exception. Freewheeling and highly entertaining, its' many highlights include the funky, acid-flecked, spoken-word sporting jangle of 'Storm Around The World', the alien-sounding synth-pop surge of 'Here's What I Need To Know', the sub-heavy electro stylishness of 'Panama Canal' and the flash-fried funk of 'Man on the Moon', a brilliantly thrilling R.E.M cover that sounds like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers jamming with Prince.
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 in stock $10.48
Stars Planets Dust Me
Cat: AMORE 004. Rel: 03 May 22
  1. Custards Last Stand (6:44)
  2. Black Apple Pink Apple (7:18)
  3. Make My Love Grow (4:16)
  4. Surrender (7:37)
  5. Dealer (8:53)
  6. Star (7:32)
  7. Stars Planets Dust Me (7:41)
  8. Soft Landing (7:23)
 in stock $25.69
Dance Dance Dance (Record Store Day RSD 2022)
  1. Dance, Dance, Dance (7" DJ edit - part 1) (2:35)
  2. Dance, Dance, Dance (7" DJ edit - part 2) (3:15)
Played by: LEGO EDIT
! low stock $13.37
Anikana O (Moplen remixes)
Cat: MS 503. Rel: 11 May 22
  1. Anikana-O (Moplen extended remix) (9:13)
  2. Anikana-O (Moplen Chant dub) (7:07)
Review: The legendary Salsoul Records served up this Afrika System track back in the 80s and it got an Italian remake in 1986 which got hammered on dance floors. Now the High Fashion Music label has secured the master tapes and passed them to Moplen who has taken his scalpel to the multitrack and doe some fine edit work. The tunes come with big melodic basslines and lovely percussion. The vocal chants are colourful and charismatic and with the lush melodies, the whole thing adds up to a killer groove.
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 in stock $16.77
Jukebox Babe (Record Store Day RSD 2022)
Cat: SBR 293. Rel: 03 May 22
  1. Jukebox Babe (4:43)
  2. Speedway (First mix) (2:45)
 in stock $16.77
More More More
Cat: CLOCD 2767. Rel: 29 Apr 22
  1. More More More
  2. NY You Got Me Dancing
  3. What's Your Name, What's Your Number
  4. More More More (extended mix)
  5. More More More (instrumental)
  6. More More More (Relight Orchestra & Joe vinyle remix)
  7. What's Your Name, What's Your Number (instrumental)
  8. NY You Got Me Dancing (instrumental)
  9. More More More (Relight Orchestra & Joe vinyle instrumental)
  10. More More More (acappella)
Tags: Soul Disco
 in stock $15.46
Sunday Kinda Love
Cat: MCWR 012. Rel: 26 May 22
  1. Don't Make Me Wait (5:21)
  2. Sinners (4:50)
  3. Rubin Samba (4:26)
  4. Sunday Kinda Love (6:55)
Review: Detroit mainstay Andres returns to MotorCity Wine Recordings with an anthemic 4 tracker entitled Sunday Kinda Love. For those that know, MotorCity Wine is the spot for Sunday parties, so we only thought it appropriate to have one of Detroit's most seminal producers highlight the vibe with this EP. On the A side is Andres's dusty house sound that we've all come to love, complete with bouncing basslines, slick vocal chops, and drums to turn out any dance floor. On the flip side Andres slows the tempo just a touch to highlight his chunky midtempo beatdown sounds, with "Rubin Samba" bringing a Latin flair and "Sunday Kinda Love" driving it all home. Essential Detroit music manufactured in Detroit and housed in a gorgeous vinyl package, TIP!
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 in stock $14.95
Just Remember
Cat: BBR 018. Rel: 03 May 22
  1. Just Remember (4:28)
  2. Just Remember (Magoo remix) (4:22)
Review: Following great releases by the likes of The Rickie Clark Company, Lord Funk & DJ Moar, here is French label Boogie Butt's latest mainstream '80s funk project pressed as a limited edition on 7'. They are pleased to introduce the talented Ella May, who the label is currently working on forthcoming projects with, and who has a grasp on funk, soul and jazz. This one features the sensual, late night boogie (naturally!) -down vibe of '(Just) Remember' produced and arranged by Ian Ash. The B side features a modern funk rework by French producer Magoo.
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Played by: Marc Hype
 in stock $14.42
Got The Look (Al Kent mixes)
Got The Look (Al Kent mixes) (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: DFR 001. Rel: 23 May 22
  1. Got The Look (3:15)
  2. Got The Look (Al Kent Feel Good instrumental remix) (5:10)
  3. Got The Look (Al Kent Feel Good remix) (6:29)
Review: AXNER are Disco Freaks' Chris Davies (Acid Jazz Records) and singer Julia Axner. Their debut 'Got The Look' is a self-empowered celebration of getting your glow on and heading to the club for a boogie. An all original production, featuring drummer Ralph Rolle (Nile Rodgers & Chic), Joel Sarakula on Rhodes, Paul Housden on bass and a super-tight Philly brass section to finish things off. Keeping things analog, AXNER called in Al 'Million Dollar Disco' Kent to give the track the extended remix reel-to-reel treatment. Stripping back the 'Feel Good' vocals, letting that beautiful Rhodes breathe and stirring the track into a dance floor focused crescendo of brass complimented harmonies that legendary Walter Gibbons would be proud of. The instrumental is trimmed down for maximum impact. Perfect percussion ammo for any groove obsessed DJ. Pressed at 45pm for added disco goodness, AXNER's debut is dance floor dynamite that's ready to explode.

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 in stock $15.20
Voyage: A Journey Into Discoid Funk (Record Store Day RSD 2022)
Voyage: A Journey Into Discoid Funk (Record Store Day RSD 2022) (limited gatefold blue & black swirl vinyl LP)
Cat: RLGM 13571PMI. Rel: 12 May 22
  1. Voyage (6:34)
  2. Solstice (6:27)
  3. Chain Reaction (6:43)
  4. Pendulum Force (6:32)
  5. Air Quake (4:16)
  6. Ocean Glide (6:45)
Played by: Manu Archeo
 in stock $28.62
Song For Ehi
Song For Ehi (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: CNPY 002. Rel: 25 May 22
  1. Song For Ehi (7:04)
  2. Song For Ehi (Bosq Disco dub) (7:03)
Review: You'd expect a collaboration between Columbia-based fusionist Bosq, Ibibio Sound System's horn section and vocalist Kaleta to be pretty darn good, and 'Song For Ehi' most certainly is. Inspired by a combination of classic Edo-funk, Afro-disco and reggae disco, the A-side original version delivers a near perfect mix of timbales-sporting dub disco grooves, reverb-laden lead vocals, Afro-funk guitar licks, Afrobeat-esque organ licks and punchy horns. The track's inherent dubbiness is further explored on the flipside revision, which adds extra layers of percussion and the kind of breathless dancefloor weight that marks out the greatest dub disco workouts. In a word: essential!
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 in stock $14.15
Remedy (white vinyl 12")
Cat: BEC 5610502. Rel: 27 May 22
  1. Remedy (4:29)
  2. The Light (4:49)
  3. The Less I Know (4:10)
  4. Disease (3:39)
Review: By now, we're not sure how battered up this robot can get; French electro-balearic duo Breakbot are back with their first single of the year, hitting up regular collaborator Irfane for a four-track EP modeled around our own vices. Plodding downtempo and achy, breaky heart-strings are tugged as we take our daily dose of 'Remedy', while electric bossa nova and cinematic strings help us see 'The Light'. A subdued new EP spelling exciting things to come from the mainstays.

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 in stock $14.15
Tribulation On The Land
Cat: PSTI 043. Rel: 26 May 22
  1. Al Brown & Inner Force - "Tribulation On The Land" (4:15)
  2. Dub On The Land (4:07)
  3. Tribulation Dub (part 1) (4:31)
  4. Tribulation Dub (part 2) (3:39)
Tags: Reggae Disco | Dub
 in stock $17.30
Get On Your Feet
Cat: CARDIOLOGY 13. Rel: 25 Apr 22
  1. Get On Your Feet (5:31)
  2. The Solution (5:52)
  3. Disco Gang (5:51)
  4. Doing The Boogie (5:59)
Review: Last year saw Greek edit wunderkind C Da Afro drop two joints on Cardiology amongst a whole load more discofied party fodder for the likes of SpinCat, Sound Exhibitions and more besides. Now he's back on Cardiology with even more goodies to share with the people in the place, leading in with intention through the rabble rousing 'Get On Your Feet'. He's working the filter hard on 'The Solution', teasing the funk until that sweet release on the drop. 'Disco Gang' whips up Backlash's classic '81 stomper 'Hang With The Gang' and gives it a gentle house injection, while 'Doing The Boogie' burrows deep into the groove for a simmering cut to keep the crowd loose and limber.
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 in stock $12.05
Watermelon Jam
  1. C Da Afro - "That Funky Horn" (5:42)
  2. Munky Fike, Alexny - "Acapulco" (6:14)
  3. Disco Endeavours - "So High" (6:26)
  4. Vagabundo Club Social - "El Misterio" (6:00)
  5. Pookie Knights - "Feelin's Mutual" (5:46)
  6. Nnatn - "Magia Du Samba" (7:01)
Review: Some V/As are dubious in their length, seeming to span both EP and mini-compilation length in equal measure, but not this one, which definitely seems to know what it's about. Moiss Music are no stranger to this format, here presenting their second vinyl release 'Watermelon Jam' after the first EP-length four tracker, 'Strawberry Jam'. Nu-disco, funk and house is the name of the game once again, and the tone is set by C Da Afro's 'That Funky Horn' via sample-filtering soul and raucous trumpets. The vocal cuts on this record are among its highlights; Disco Endeavours' 'So High' carries Brandy-esque chirps along a funking house backdrop, while the best of the bunch - 'Feelin's Mutual' by Pookie Knights - channels Carmen or Sylvester in its syrupy refrains and jet-set arps. Even a samba house bit closes it off - a swell all-rounder.
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 in stock $12.85
Cadillac Edits Vol 1
Cat: CAD 001. Rel: 12 May 22
  1. Track 1 (0:52)
  2. Track 2 (1:23)
  3. Track 3 (1:36)
  4. Track 4 (1:15)
  5. Track 5 (1:03)
  6. Track 6 (1:06)
Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $14.15
Cadillac Edits Vol 2
Cat: CAD 002. Rel: 12 May 22
  1. Track 1 (0:50)
  2. Track 2 (1:16)
  3. Track 3 (1:02)
  4. Track 4 (1:16)
  5. Track 5 (1:12)
  6. Track 6 (1:16)
Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $14.15
Alive (limited 12")
Cat: HR 009. Rel: 28 Apr 22
  1. Alive (Conrad instrumental) (5:22)
  2. Alive (Conrad D & B mix) (5:04)
  3. Alive (Conrad Vacant Lot remix) (6:18)
Review: Nine years has passed since Phil Mison's Cantoma project released 'Alive', a typically sun-soaked Balearic outing featuring contributions from Quin Luke under his alternative Bi Ji Ling alias. Mison has now decided to offer up a swathe of new reworks of the track, with his old pal Conrad McDonnell of the Idjut Boys at the controls. In typical Idjuts fashion, McDonnell delivers three wildly different variations on a theme. The A-side 'Conrad's Instrumental' version is a dreamy chunk of Latin-tinged dub disco/Balearic fusion that adds a hallucinatory shimmer to Mison's original production, while the 'Conrad's D&B Mix' is a killer, Idjuts-style drum dub built around bass, percussion and effects aplenty. Arguably best of all though is the 'Vacant Lot' remix, a dreamy, spaced-out, stretched-out chunk of wayward early morning dancefloor psychedelia.
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 in stock $12.05
Playa (7")
Cat: GH 7001. Rel: 05 May 22
  1. Playa (OG) (5:41)
  2. Playa (dub) (5:27)
Review: Rework specialist (and sometime Kon collaborator) Joseph Caserta has a strong record of breathing new life into classic cuts, sometimes taking them in vastly different directions. Ironically, 'Playa' - his latest revision of a blue-eyed soul/AOR favourite - is not as revolutionary as some of his reworks, but it is really good, re-casting the track as a chunky, two-step soul-meets-disco fusion full of quick-fingered bass, parping horns, spacey electronic effects, simmering synth strings and warming keys. The pick of the pair is the A-side vocal version, though the flipside dub - complete with echoing vocal snippets - is almost as essential.
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Tags: Soul Disco
 in stock $10.48
Look Into Yourself
Cat: PPU CEE 02LP. Rel: 20 May 22
  1. All Night (4:54)
  2. Le Jeu (3:47)
  3. Pantalon Brillant (3:52)
  4. Need (3:15)
  5. Pura Vida (2:47)
  6. Look Into Yourself (4:02)
  7. Moonshine (4:59)
  8. Ubersex (5:07)
  9. Full Of Love (3:23)
  10. Au Revoir La Terre (1:30)
 in stock $17.56
My Forbidden Lover (Dimitri From Paris remixes)
Cat: DGLIB 12B5. Rel: 26 Apr 22
  1. My Forbidden Lover (Dimitri From Paris 12" version) (6:34)
  2. I Feel Your Love Comin' On (Dimitri From Paris remix) (8:21)
  3. My Forbidden Lover (Dimitri From Paris instrumental) (6:33)
  4. I Feel Your Love Comin' On (Dimitri From Paris instrumental) (8:20)
Review: It was 2010 when Dimitri From Paris first got his hands on the parts to some of Chic's biggest hits, with some of the resultant revisions appearing on an expansive "Chic Organization" box-set. Glitterbox has been reissuing them all over a series of 12" singles, with this volume boasting the Parisian's vocal and instrumental versions of both "My Forbidden Lover" and "I Feel Your Love Comin' On". The latter is a deliciously dubbed out affair that pushes the track's heavy electrofunk-meets-disco-funk groove to the fore, with flashes of Nile Rodgers' razor-sharp guitar riffs and echoing vocal snippets rising and falling throughout the mix. It's the versions of "My Forbidden Lover", complete with stunning orchestral breakdowns and extended instrumental breaks, that really set the pulse racing, though.
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Tags: Disco House | Disco Funk | Dub
 in stock $14.15
Le Freak (Dimitri From Paris remixes)
Cat: DGLIB 12B1. Rel: 28 Apr 22
  1. Chic - "Le Freak" (Dimitri From Paris 12" version) (6:23)
  2. Sister Sledge - "Lost In Music" (Dimitri From Paris 12" version) (7:04)
  3. Chic - "Le Freak" (Dimitri From Paris instrumental) (6:40)
  4. Sister Sledge - "Lost In Music" (Dimitri From Paris instrumental) (7:52)
Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $14.15
I Want Your Love
I Want Your Love (12" repress)
Cat: DGLIB 12B2. Rel: 26 Apr 22
  1. CHIC - "I Want Your Love" (Dimitri From Paris remix) (8:35)
  2. Sister Sledge - "Thinking Of You" (Dimitri From Paris remix) (6:36)
  3. CHIC - "I Want Your Love" (Dimitri From Paris instrumental) (8:34)
  4. Sister Sledge - "Thinking Of You" (Dimitri From Paris instrumental) (6:10)
Review: There are very few editors who could give Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards revisions respectful enough to release but Dimitri From Paris most definitely has the credentials and class. As proved by last year's Chic Remix album on which 10 of Rodgers & Edwards got the precision Parisian kiss. Here are two of the many highlights in full 12" form. Chic's "I Want Your Love" gets a perky energy boost in the kicks while Sister Sledge's "Thinking Of You" retains all the smouldering emotion with a subtle nudge towards both the bedroom and the dancefloor. Loaded with the instrumentals on the B, Glitterbox have delivered once again.
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 in stock $14.15
No Money No Honey
Cat: PASTDUE 021. Rel: 23 May 22
  1. No Money No Honey (4:36)
  2. Mr LSD (3:57)
Review: Larry Akles' Chocolate Buttermilk Band have been doing their thing as a cover and backing band in the Southern USA and working with The Temptations for decades now. They're a local sensation rather than a widespread phenomenon, with a modest discography which doesn't reflect their long running service to the funk. Making the most of the pandemic downtime, Akles got his band into the studio and recorded a smoking hot joint, 'No Money No Honey', which is instant gold for any boogie head. Still Music offshoot Past Due are pressing up with rare old gem 'Mr. LSD' on the flip, a rocking cut for fans of early Funkadelic.
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Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $16.77
City Heat
Cat: REWARM 8LP. Rel: 06 May 22
  1. City Heat (London Kicks mix) (5:38)
  2. Rock Me (In The Cradle Of Jazz) (5:41)
  3. City Heat (Love Baby Love mix) (5:12)
  4. Strange How It Goes (4:10)
  5. What Must I Do (4:41)
  6. London Child (4:49)
 in stock $16.77
Like It
Like It (limited 7")
Cat: DIESS 071. Rel: 03 May 22
  1. Like It (3:47)
  2. Brain Speed (3:41)
 in stock $14.42
1st Step To Heaven (reissue)
1st Step To Heaven (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile gold vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: MOVLP 3059C. Rel: 25 May 22
  1. Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi (5:02)
  2. Opium (2:00)
  3. Brothers (3:49)
  4. Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi (part II) (5:14)
  5. Sex Up (3:34)
  6. Pure Joy (3:27)
  7. Party (3:19)
  8. 1st Step To Heaven (5:44)
 in stock $25.95
What Would You Do?
Cat: DFTD 635. Rel: 03 May 22
  1. What Would You Do? (4:13)
  2. What Would You Do? (Folamour remix) (4:25)
 in stock $15.20
Velour (limited hand-numbered 180 gram vinyl LP + autographed insert)
Cat: DRVEL 001. Rel: 13 May 22
  1. Velour (3:36)
  2. Falling In Love (3:42)
  3. Once In A While (3:34)
  4. Maliblue (4:06)
  5. Constance (5:16)
  6. Road Trip (4:00)
  7. Dans Tes Yeux (4:34)
  8. Velour (Exclusif demo 2011 - bonus track) (3:58)
Review: Darius, also known as Terence N'Guyen, is known these days for slipping out sophisticated club tracks on Roche Musique and working with Wayne Snow. Back in 2012 he was just starting out, and self-released the Velour album digitally, but such is the universal appeal of the album, it's finally getting a vinyl release so its infectiously warm tones can vibrate under the tickle of the stylus. There's a French touch spirit to the album, which goes some way to explain its universal popularity, with samples lovingly caressed through smooth but sprightly constructions which part the clouds and let the sunshine through, whatever the time of year.
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 in stock $19.40
Day Out Of Time EP
Cat: HH 002. Rel: 16 May 22
  1. Rising Tide (6:07)
  2. The Urge (7:04)
  3. Private Ay (6:37)
  4. When Love Beckons (6:30)

This second release on Heads High brings an EP from label owner Mike Misiu under the moniker Day Out Of Time. Four diverse tracks forged from a year of studio jams, road tested on airwaves and discerning dancefloors and now honed and available for your delectation.

Opening 4/4 cut 'Rising Tide' builds the atmosphere and tension with synth stabs, morphing arps and a throbbing sub-bass. 'The Urge' struts in on a hybrid electro-funk tip, twisting, chopping and vocoder-ing an 80's rock vocal and sax into a dance-floor detonator.

On the flip side 'Private Ay' chugs along on a mid-tempo Moog bass groove that re-imagines and re-works some infamous guitar licks, before the E.P. climaxes with 'When Love Beckons' - a pulsing electro-discoid ode to love, powered by moody analog bass, acid lines and an impassioned poetic vocal.

All tracks produced by Mike Misiu, mastered by Curved.

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 in stock $11.52
Sky's The Limit
Sky's The Limit (7" repress)
Cat: SDE 63. Rel: 25 May 22
  1. Sky's The Limit (short version) (4:16)
  2. Sky's The Limit (long version) (5:53)
Review: This sizzling new 7" from Super Disco Edits serves up Dayton's 'Sky's The Limit' which is a red hot slice of previously unissued 1982 soul.Hall of fun famers Dayton were a well established and popular group with a lush sound that was couched in soul but with funky grooves, boogie basslines and hints of disco shimmer and shine. This gorgeous single has all that and more including a big, buttery vocal. It is an epic, guaranteed floor filler which on the flip side has 'Sky's The Limit (long version)' for extra devastation.
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 in stock $11.01
Illegal Jazz Vol 2.1
  1. Phenomenon Rejam (6:31)
  2. Bomba Rejam (5:27)
  3. Maison Rejam (6:22)
  4. Garrett Rejam (7:12)
Review: Illegal Jazz Vol. 2 was a strictly limited edition drop that sold out in double quick time. Thankfully the Illegal Jazz label treats us to a second edition that is packed with just as much joyous disco, jazz and funk heat. All four of these joints from the 70ies are masterfully reworked by Delfonic & Kapote. The first cut is a bouncy one with big chords, the second has an irresistible samba shuffle, '
Maison Rejam' gets down and dirty and 'Garrett Rejam' layers up the silky house drums with warming Rhodes.
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 in stock $12.57
Eastside Edits 002
Cat: ESE 0027. Rel: 23 May 22
  1. Demuir - "WAP" (Demiur's Jacked Payboi edit) (5:06)
  2. Double A - "Oh My God" (Double A's Mid Tempo Rewor) (3:53)
Review: The EastSide Edits label outta Canada is here to provide big moments of fun for jobbing DJs. Their first EP sold out in quick fashion because of the irresistible nature of the mash-ups it contained. Now comes a second volume, this time in the form of a couple of edits. Demiur's Jacked Payboi edit of his own take on massive rap hit 'WAP' is smoothed out into a chunky house groove with all the controversial original lyrics from Cardi B and Megan the Stallion left in place. On the flip is a big, shimmering disco epic in the form of Double A - 'Oh My God' (Double A's Mid Tempo Rework).
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 in stock $14.67
East Village Edits 8
Cat: DSR 035. Rel: 17 May 22
  1. Heat Body (7:06)
  2. Believe (6:34)
  3. Dancing Love (8:32)
  4. You (5:49)
Review: Dailysessions has been rolling out its East Village Edits series for seven superb volumes up to now. The eighth keeps up the label's fine tradition and is another red hot four tracker from DJ Monchan that packs a big punch each and every time. 'Heat Body' opens up with the sort of lung-busting vocals that no one can ignore as well as a nice funky bass riff. 'Believe' then steps it up with some sixties strings and jazz-funk breaks that heat you right though and 'Dancing Love' then glistens and glows with a deeper and more seductive sound.
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! low stock $13.37
Party Life
Cat: PERMVAC 2291. Rel: 13 May 22
  1. Party Life (4:51)
  2. How Her Your Soul (3:43)
  3. Audrey (4:02)
  4. Show Me (3:29)
  5. Thought You Were The One (3:26)
  6. Anything (3:17)
  7. The Key (4:12)
  8. Party Life (dub mix) (5:08)
Review: Ed Upton's DMX Krew output as always been heavily rooted in electro, but he's not averse to turning his hand to vintage-sounding synth-funk and electropop when the mood takes him. It's that mode the Bedford-born producer is in on Party Life, his second album for long-serving Munich stable Permanent Vacation. Featuring his own spoken and sung vocals, pleasingly authentic '80s-sounding synths and bubbly basslines throughout, Party Life very much lives up to its title, delivering a swathe of catchy, ear-pleasing cuts that are more fun than, well, something extremely fun. Highlights include bubbly P-funk pop number 'Show Me', revivalist new jack swing number 'Anything' and wonderfully electrofunk jam 'Party Life', which is also presented in a deliciously delay-laden 'Dub' mix mode at the end of side two.

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Tags: Nu Disco
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Be Free (reissue)
Be Free (reissue) (orange vinyl 12")
Cat: DBR 15062COLOUR. Rel: 06 May 22
  1. Be Free (12" Disco mix) (6:21)
  2. Be Free (instrumental) (6:31)
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Sweet Magic
Cat: THANKYOU 008. Rel: 26 Apr 22
  1. Sweet Magic (club remix) (6:31)
  2. Sweet Magic (Midnight mix) (6:39)
  3. Sweet Magic (Not OK mixdown) (8:41)
Review: An anthem often heard at Mexico's Sonidos movement parties, "Sweet Magic" was originally released in 1989 at the tail end of Hi-NRG and when house music emerged. Produced by Los Angeles-based duo Michael J & Abbe Kanter, better known as Dreams Come True (aka Tyrants in Therapy) with singer Stacy Dunne, it has remained an underground hit ever since. Faithfully remastered from the original tapes, which Berlin's Thank You managed to find and digitise in Los Angeles, there's the inclusion of a new stripped down extended mix by Castro (Sound Metaphors) using the original stems.
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I Wonna Know
Cat: SCR 704. Rel: 04 May 22
  1. I Wonna Know (Eddie C 7 Inch Disco mixx) (4:03)
  2. Rendez-Vous (Eddie C 7 Inch Disko dubb) (4:02)
Review: Eddie C met fellow Berlin-based artist LJ Simon a couple of years back. The pair bonded over their joint love of "boogie-funk" (as Soul Clap put it) and soon the Canadian was in the studio remixing a couple of Simon's collaborations with vocalist Idriss. Now presented on this "45" as a vinyl-only release, those two mixes are well worth checking. On side A you'll find 'I Wonna Know' [sic], a delicious fusion of Soul II Soul style street soul, tactile boogie synths and grandiose orchestral disco samples topped off by a fine lead vocal. The flipside dub of 'Rendez-Vous' is arguably even better - a jaunty boogie-reggae affair piled high with colourful synth sounds, echoing vocal snippets and toe-tapping beats.
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Lovin' & Dreamin'
Lovin' & Dreamin' (limited 1-sided coloured vinyl 12" (comes in different coloured vinyl, we cannot guarantee which colour you will recieve))
Cat: EDITDUB 13. Rel: 11 May 22
  1. Lovin' (6:19)
  2. I Must Be Dreamin' (6:49)
Review: The people behind Japan's Edit & Dub series are understandably publicity-shy, while their periodic releases tend to appear without much fanfare or fuss. As usual, there's little info about the crew's latest single-sided missive, which has been pressed to a rather lovely slab of marbled purple vinyl. A-side 'Lovin' is a fine re-edit of an unnamed heavy disco stomper - all rubbery bass guitar, sweeping orchestration, twinkling pianos and dewy-eyed female lead vocals. Over on the flip the shadowy scalpel fiends take on Wanda's 1982 boogie classic 'I Must Be Dreamin', doing a terrific job of emphasizing the squelchy synth-bass, Evelyn 'Champagne' King style electronic squiggles (think 'I'm In Love') and razor-sharp disco guitars.
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Greatest Hits 1970-1983
Greatest Hits 1970-1983 (limited translucent red & green vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: FMB 00CV. Rel: 25 May 22
  1. Tonight's The Night (6:11)
  2. Keep On (6:49)
  3. Nighttime In The Switching Yard (4:15)
  4. Union Man (4:02)
  5. Five Mile Hike (4:53)
  6. Ten Foot Pole (5:44)
  7. Riders On The Storm (5:43)
  8. Mudbone (4:48)
  9. Southbound Again (8:25)
  10. Carry On (5:42)
  11. Do It Again (8:02)
  12. Gold Dust Woman (6:26)
  13. Area Code 303 (5:46)
  14. Arizone Desert (3:26)
  15. Swamp Rap '83 (5:01)
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Greatest Hits 1970-1983
Greatest Hits 1970-1983 (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: FMB 00. Rel: 25 May 22
  1. Tonight's The Night (6:05)
  2. Keep On (6:46)
  3. Nighttime In The Switching Yard (4:07)
  4. Union Man (3:52)
  5. Five Mile Hike (4:48)
  6. Ten Foot Pole (5:51)
  7. Riders On The Storm (5:35)
  8. Mudbone (4:48)
  9. Southbound Again (8:20)
  10. Carry On (5:34)
  11. Do It Again (7:06)
  12. Gold Dust Woman (6:23)
  13. Area Code 303 (5:14)
  14. Arizone Desert (3:56)
  15. Swamp Rap '83 (5:00)
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Thanatos Of Funk
Thanatos Of Funk (heavyweight vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: 180GRELP 02. Rel: 05 May 22
  1. Thanatopsis (6:42)
  2. In Praise Of Mitochondria (2:54)
  3. Shinzo-san (4:33)
  4. It Isn't Because Of Hemoglobin (6:19)
  5. Hensachi-sama (4:46)
  6. Foxy Lady (3:46)
  7. Gal's Blues (2:39)
  8. Panda Steak (3:32)
  9. Disco Thesis (2:50)
  10. Dompan (Private Funk) (6:27)
Review: Minoru Fushimi originally released Thanatos Of Funk in 1985, proving that boogie wasn't exclusive to the US. You can hear his Japanese culture coming through on this incredible album, not least reinterpreting traditional song 'Dompan', but in truth this is a faithful and on-point run at everything electro funk stood for in the mid 80s. There's that necessary streak of humour in tracks like 'Disco Thesis', but primarily this is all about how dope that Moog lines and slick bass slaps sound mixed up with the swathes of vocoder. If you're serious about boogie, you might have had this one in your sights for some time. Finally, your chance has come, so don't waste time snapping up this stellar boogie bomb.
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Let's Lovedance Tonight
Cat: NER 24790. Rel: 03 May 22
  1. Gary's Gang - "Let's Lovedance Tonight" (Danny Krivit 7" edit) (5:19)
  2. Convertion - "Let's Do It" (Danny Krivit 7" edit) (5:39)
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Home Skooling EP
Cat: TOYT 130. Rel: 20 May 22
  1. Teach You (4:02)
  2. Teach You (Erobique remix) (3:42)
  3. Come On (Piano mix) (5:08)
  4. Electric Boulevard (5:56)
Review: Stefan Lindblom made his debut as Gome last year, serving up a colourful and vibrant EP on Toy Tonics rooted in the 'Munich Machine' productions of Giorgio Moroder and shirts-off Italo-disco. He flips the script a little on this equally as impressive sequel, kicking things off with the pleasingly sleazy, P-funk fuelled electrofunk workout 'Teach You', whose risque spoken word vocals are as seductive as they come. The tasty original mix comes backed with the sparser, slap-bass sporting 'Erobique Remix' and two bonus flipside cuts: the rushing, old school piano house/acid house fusion of 'Come On (Piano Mix)' and deep, TB-303 and vocoder-sporting electro number 'Electric Boulevard'
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Super Spicy Recipe Vol 4
Super Spicy Recipe Vol 4 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SSPCYW 004. Rel: 23 May 22
  1. Igor Gonya - "Mirdza's Love" (5:18)
  2. Musta - "Where The Wild Things Are" (5:39)
  3. Prisma Deer - "Gotta Feel It" (6:06)
  4. Disco 86 - "Hagamos El Amor" (5:22)
  5. Jet Boot Jack - "Love Me Tonight" (6:44)
Review: The Super Spicy Recipe series comes with its 4th installment with a super strong compilation! A1 belongs to the always trustable Igor Gonya, who opens the record with a track that comes directly from the mid 70's, splashed with some new grooves. A2 is on charge of the amazing italian producer Musta, who delivers an astonishing jazzy track to heat the dance floor. Pisma Deer takes control on A3 with a loopy groove with heavier drums to keep the dance on! On the flip, B1 is entrusted to Disco 86 who delivers a sexy smasher track that has been tested in the dancefloor with sexy results. Finally, B2 welcomes Jet Boot Jack, with an awesome banger worth to close this amazing compilation.
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Can I Get A Soul Clapp "Fresh Out Of The Pack" (Record Store Day RSD 2022)
  1. Can I Get A Soul Clapp "Fresh Out Of The Pack" (7:36)
  2. Hey What's Your Sign, What's Your Name, What's On Your Mind (instrumental) (7:33)
Review: The Record Store Day drops are coming thick and fast right now. This is another one from the Soul-O-Wax Inc crew featuring a couple of potent early era-b-boy gems. Grand Wizard Theodore and The Fantastic Romantic 5 first offer up 'Can I Get A Soul Clapp Fresh Out Of The Pack' is a retro rap gem with lazy beats and hip swinging claps and some colourful rhymes up top. On the flip is 'Hey What's Your Sign, What's Your Name, What's On Your Mind' with a squelchy bassline and tumbling drum work that locks you in.
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Tags: Disco Funk
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Incivitas EP
Cat: MMD 020. Rel: 20 May 22
  1. Incivitas (7:16)
  2. Ceremony (7:06)
  3. Incivitas (Marvin & Guy remix) (5:53)
Review: The decorated Spanish producer and DJ Henry Saiz, who operates under the novel character moniker Hal Incandenza, has been in the scene for 15 years now. He comes to us this time with an EP under MM Discos, a 12" stringing together deep house, nu-disco and techno sensibilities mixed with classic vocal samples. The patchwork of genres is a floor filler, the sub bass sure to get heads rocking on 'Ceremony', the classic house references on 'Incivitas' being too perfect not to groove to. For something more retro futuristic and techno-house, Marvin & Guy punch in another fantastic remix for this record, giving their interpretation of 'Incivitas' a far more theatrical sound, less danceable and more thoughtful.
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