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Back Catalogue: Disco/Nu-Disco

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R!M!X!S (12")
Cat: WAP 359. Rel: 13 Feb 14
  1. One Boy One Girl (Maurice Fulton remix)
  2. Californiayeah (Anthony Naples mix)
  3. Slyd (Patrick Ford extended mix)
  4. Slyd (Alex Burkat remix)
out of stock $10.64
AM FM (12")
Cat: WAP 303. Rel: 01 Jul 10
  1. AM
  2. FM
out of stock $6.41
Oye Edits 004 (marbled vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: OYEEDIT 004. Rel: 27 Jun 17
  1. Celebrate (8:01)
  2. The Music (6:11)
  3. Dreams (7:59)
  4. Dance It Dub (7:09)
out of stock $10.43
Cat: SPEC 1384. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. 10 Speed - "Tour De France"
  2. Slingshot - "Do It Again/Billie Jean"
  3. Nighthawk - "Eye Of The Tiger"
Played by: Hristo
out of stock $8.55
Cat: PRED 014. Rel: 12 Jul 11
  1. 50 Elephants
  2. How To Groove
out of stock $8.55
Cat: ACRE 023. Rel: 03 Feb 11
  1. Before Sunrise
  2. Kaleidoscope
  3. Pocket Calculator (Steve Lynx & Hellrazor remix)
Played by: Jose Manuel
out of stock $6.41
Cat: AS 004. Rel: 19 Jul 19
  1. Love In Motion (12" version) (6:19)
  2. Love In Motion (instrumental) (5:37)
  3. Love In Motion (Vanzetti & Sacco edit) (6:45)
Review: For the latest missive on their reissue-focused Attic Salt Discs imprint, Dusty-fingered duo Colin Volvert and Otto Kraanen have snapped up the rights to a sought-after 1984 cut from Belgian new wave band 1000 Ohm. You'll find their original vocal and instrumental versions on the A-side, with both sounding like a delightful cross between bubbly Italo-disco, Bobby 'O' style Hi-NRG and the imperial synth-pop of the Pet Shop Boys. Arguably even better than both original mixes is Vanzetti and Sacco's more dancefloor-focused flipside edit. While this does make use of 1000 Ohm's Heaven 17/ABC style vocals and cheery melodies, there's far more focus on the druggy arpeggio groove and chunky drum machine beats.
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Played by: Jake Stellarwell
 in stock $13.90
Cat: HP 010. Rel: 08 Oct 18
  1. Sugamomma
  2. N'Gwode Disco Edit
Review: Hailing from Barcelona, the 12Tree crew fire up their own in-house label Hot Piroski with a sterling opening round that's already garnering support from the likes of Pete Herbert, Crazy P, Psychemagik and more. The original track on the A side, "Sugamomma," is a well-rounded, full-fat dancefloor burner that should sit comfortably with fans of Hot Natured et al, given an extra boost with a sample of a young soul legend in the making. On the flip, Afrobeat classic N'Gwode by Aleke Kanonu gets a respectful edit that injects just the right amount of extra groove without diluting the loose, infectious soul of the original.
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out of stock $9.08
Cat: MJ 1978. Rel: 29 Jul 09
  1. Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
  2. Workin' Day & Night
out of stock $7.48
Cat: BEARLOVE 002. Rel: 02 Sep 15
  1. Not This Time (Brennan Green remix) (7:49)
  2. Not This Time (Brennan Green dub remix) (5:20)
out of stock $16.58
Church (10")
Cat: BITCH 024. Rel: 23 Jul 11
  1. Church (Darkstarr Diskotek rub)
  2. Church (Darkstarr Diskotek dub)
Review: Given the clubby, fun nature of their music, it's not surprising 2 Bears have become the most popular off shoot of the Hot Chip phenomenon. Joe Goddard's project with fellow larger than life scene stalwart Raf Daddy see their Southern Fried classic "Church" get the Darkstarr treatment. It's an all round classy release - with the typically on point production from DJ Cosmo and Ashley Beedle across the Rub and Dub versions more than matched by the presentation. This 10 inch has hand silk screen printed artwork and label courtesy of artist James Morrison and represents the final instalment in Bitches Brew series of highly limited ten inches. Musically our favourite is the Rub, simply because the live sounding deep bump is the perfect backing for the rising crescendo of chorus harmonies.
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Played by: Max Essa, I Love Disco!
out of stock $8.55
Cat: VIS 196. Rel: 24 Jun 10
  1. Ocean (Ray Mang remix)
  2. Ocean (Ray Mang dub)
  3. Ocean (Ray Mang instrumental)
out of stock $8.55
Cat: KARAOKEKALK 86. Rel: 22 Oct 15
  1. Any Second (Moles For Fame & Honour mix) (6:04)
  2. The Scene Where The Car Was Blown Away (To Rococo Rot remix) (5:49)
  3. The Scene Where The Car Was Blown Away (Edward Judgement Jazz remix) (7:46)
  4. Any Second (Christian S remix) (5:10)
out of stock $10.69
Cat: SK 194. Rel: 24 Jul 08
  1. Junkyard Gods (Ingrid Etos Laughter In The Dark mix)
  2. Go (4 Hero/2000 Black mix)
  3. Queens Of Crows (Matthew Herbert's Golden Silence mix)
  4. Junkyard Gods (Tribute To Sadkin dub)
out of stock $5.88
Basic Fit (12")
Cat: LAB 32. Rel: 09 May 17
  1. Burpee Nation (6:33)
  2. FilthyFifty (6:58)
  3. Sally Up Sally Down (4:23)
  4. Sally Up Sally Down (Mugwump remix) (10:04)
Played by: Mimi, Ponty Mython
 in stock $14.44
Cat: DBEDITS 001. Rel: 13 Jun 08
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
out of stock $8.55
Cat: ITS 0336. Rel: 04 Mar 10
  1. Rette Mich Spater (Blake Baxter's Poetry & Rhythm remix - edit)
  2. Rette Mich Spater (Filippo Moscatello's Special disco version)
out of stock $8.55
Cat: WLB 07. Rel: 19 Jan 11
  1. 3 Channels - "I Can Understand"
  2. Cesar - "Who"
out of stock $7.48
Vol 2 (12")
Cat: TR 003. Rel: 28 Apr 06
  1. Searchin (Rob Rives remix feat Lydia Rhodes)
  2. Disco Four (Ray Mang's Mangled mix)
  3. Steal Blue (DJ Spun disco re-edit)
out of stock $8.55
Bura EP (12")
Cat: SC 003. Rel: 27 May 15
  1. Bura (5:32)
  2. Om (4:50)
  3. Syg (8:32)
  4. P-Tok (4:55)
Review: After completing a quadrilogy of Mecanica releases for ESP Institute inspired by "opium dens and whorehouses" earlier this year, Serbian artist Nenad Markovi? brings his 33 10 3402 project to Music From Memory offshoot Second Circle. If you indulged in anyone of those Mecanica 12"s for Andrew Hogge's label you will be all over this Bura EP with Markovic channelling similar depths of rhythm and texture across the four tracks. There's enough semblance of rhythm on display in cuts like the title track and the dubby machine funk of "Syg" to intrigue the more adventurous DJs out there whilst "P-Tok" could easily be mistaken for a forgotten Borft B side. A superb record.
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out of stock $9.62
Nightspot (12")
Cat: DD 0011. Rel: 16 Nov 11
  1. Nightspot
  2. Nightspot (Beg To Differ remix)
  3. Stephanie All Night (Ulysses remix)
Played by: Doc Martin, 33HZ
out of stock $9.62
Cat: DD 0007. Rel: 01 Apr 11
  1. Under The Sun (Prins Thomas diskomiks)
  2. Night Spot (Eli Escobar Darkside dub)
  3. Under The Sun (Trap Avoid remix)
Played by: Tal M. Klein, DiskJokke
out of stock $9.62
Cat: FIX 09. Rel: 20 Jun 08
  1. I Who Have Nothing
  2. Band Of Gold
  3. Doyouwannafuck? Do You?
  4. Baby, Let's Trip Out
out of stock $10.69
out of stock $8.55
Cat: PPU 010. Rel: 12 Sep 09
  1. One Life To Live
  2. Oh Lover
out of stock $6.95
Wandering (12" picture disc)
Cat: PR 04. Rel: 26 Jul 11
  1. Wandering (Conor edit)
  2. Telegraph
  3. Wanting For Lust (40 Thieves edit)
  4. Incredible Doobie (40 Thieves edit)
Review: The fourth in the Private Release series overseen with such artistic aplomb by the Public Release imprint arrives with Rong Music clique 40 Thieves at the helm. Once again continuing the food based theme, this picture disc depicts the before and after stages of what happens when a burrito is placed in front of a hungry soul - with this choice of dish worthy of the Bay Area crew. Across both sides 40 Thieves serve up three edits as well as an original arrangement with the former triplet set to get those disco beards twitching with regards to the source. From the cosmic meanderings of "Wandering" to the dubby proto warehouse flex of "Wanting For Lust" and the psychedelic cosmiche wanderlust of "Incredible Doobie" our own train spotting endeavours are exhausted and seeped in failure. What is important however is each track is killer, and bettered by "Telegraph" a towering melange of ever climbing squeaky synth modulations and urgent rhythms. Big tip!
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out of stock $10.69
Cat: PERMVAC 0231. Rel: 11 Apr 08
  1. Don't Turn It Off (feat Qzen)
  2. Theme From Nutrider
  3. Huffbochente
Played by: Atnarko
out of stock $8.55
Cat: LENG 019. Rel: 19 Jun 14
  1. The Sandpiper (Psychemagik remix)
  2. The Sky Is Yours (Cantoma remix)
Review: 40 Thieves long awaited debut album, The Sky Is Yours, was something of an epic; 10 years in the making, it stretched out across two CDs and four slabs of vinyl. Here, two tracks from the album get the remix treatment, with crate diggers-turned-party animals Psychemagik and Phil Mison's Cantoma outfit at the controls. Psychemagik's version of "The Sandpiper" is particularly good, delivering a heady, Arabic-influenced slice of chugging, eyes-wide-shut Balearica that benefits greatly from a rubbery groove and woozy chords. Mison takes a different approach on his rework of "The Sky Is Yours", laying down a version that sounds like T-Coy making late '80s Italian house. It is, all told, the epitome of Balearic house.
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out of stock $8.55
out of stock $9.62
Cat: ROAM 029. Rel: 20 May 16
  1. Take Me Im Yours (original mix) (6:52)
  2. Take Me Im Yours (Tronik Youth mix) (6:08)
  3. Take Me Im Yours (Simon Peter mix) (6:00)
  4. Take Me Im Yours (Praus mix) (7:07)
out of stock $12.57
  1. 5 Kings - "Girl You Need A Change Of Mind"
  2. Cores For Spin - "lt1 Unfiltered"
  3. 5 Kings - "J"
  4. XXX - "Sensuous Black"
out of stock $8.55
Cat: 6638. Rel: 07 Oct 15
  1. Disco Duck I (4:22)
  2. Disco Duck II (4:22)
out of stock $5.34
Cat: FW 32. Rel: 26 Sep 09
  1. Sisters Of Soul, Brothers Of Funk (Greg Wilson version)
  2. Paint The Toon
  3. Wanna Ride (feat Yarah Bravo)
out of stock $5.88
Cat: DOG 28. Rel: 27 Oct 12
  1. The Vibes
  2. The Vibes (Chicago Damn remix)
  3. Just A New Day
Review: Together as 6th Borough Project, Craig Mitchell and Graeme "The Revenge" Clark have been a fixture of Delusions of Grandeur from the off, regularly transmitting their trademark brand of chunky disco-flecked house over the label's ongoing duration. The Vibes EP marks the duo's first material for Delusions since last year's well received debut album One Night In The Borough and finds them in fine fettle. Lead track "The Vibes" sees Mitchell and Clark in dark yet playful mood, with slick drum edits melding perfectly with eponymous vocal samples and a thick analogue bassline laying down the warehouse worthiness, while the arrival of orchestral strings provides the emotive release. Chicago Damn takes the track somewhere else on the accompanying remix, possibly his favourite productions since that killer debut Merc emission, stripping it back to a battle between high and low elements that must sound epic on a big system. Those craving some classic 6BP will revel in the luxurious expanses of "Just A New Day" that waits an absolute age to drop a beast of a bassline - well worth it though.
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out of stock $7.22
Cat: DOG 35. Rel: 24 Jan 14
  1. In Your Arms
  2. U Know U
  3. Read My Mind (feat Paul Joseph)
Review: A long-awaited taste of what to expect from their forthcoming sophomore set Borough 2 Borough, this trio of deep, groove-laden treats from Craig Smith and The Revenge's 6Th Borough Project have been long-awaited. "In Your Arms" has Balearica stamped all over it; concentrated house euphoria with sun-splashed keys and a perfectly executed disco vocal sample, it will melt the heart of everyone in a three mile radius of the club. "U Know U" is just as slow and steady but comes with a more electronic make-up that's almost Italo in its delivery. Gradually developing momentum with classy drama, it's instantly timeless. "Read My Mind" closes this spectacular show with a nagging, hooky tech piece that drives with a sharply edited piano riff, hushed vocals and an ever-morphing rhythm. Beautiful.
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out of stock $7.22
  1. The Fool
  2. BURT (Inside) (feat Paul Joseph)
  3. Endless Nights
  4. Let Yourself Go (live mix)
  5. String-A-Lude
Review: Scottish duo Graeme Smith and Craig Smith aka 6th Borough Project release their first full length on Delusions of Grandeur. One Night In The Borough splits as three 12"s; this final vinyl edition kicks off with two surprisingly house dominated cuts. "B.U.R.T" and "The Fool", whose intro does indeed fool via a standard tech house first half. Abruptly, the music cuts and from nowhere an immense disco accapella cuts in - the beat returns as a disco fuelled funk attack, 6th Borough project as we know (and love) them! On the flip, three tracks of 6th Borough project's highest standard are on display. Warm, low slung, swinging and expertly executed disco house exudes. These guys know what they do best and by sticking to it they succeed time and time again. 6th Borough project - Juno salute you!
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out of stock $7.48
  1. 6th Borough Project - "Estranged Lover"
  2. Haku - "Rugo"
  3. Andy Ash - "Somehow"
  4. Deep Space Orchestra - "Erase Everything"
Review: The Use of Weapons imprint has mastered the easy to grasp, hard to master formula of matching clutches of (excellent) original tracks from Cottam and label bosses Deep Space Orchestra with well-chosen and even better executed remixes from the likes of Hunee, Neville Watson and Marcello Napoletano. The fourth release sees a change in tack, with the label opting to focus on original material from 6th Borough Project, Haku, Andy Ash and of course Deep Space Orchestra. Graeme The Revenge Clark and Craig Smith kick off proceedings with the suitable thick set slow burning "Estranged Lover", though it's "Rugo" by Haku that impresses most. The new project of Deep Space Orchestra's Chris Barker, the track is a superb kaleidoscopic concoction of fizzing uptempo live percussion, synths and drum machines that has more than a touch of the Carl Craigs about it. Andy Ash switches proceedings back to chunky mutant discoid dirt with the heads down, tops off vibes of "Somehow" while the Deep Space Orchestra head for the expanses of future tech jazz with the ten minute odyssey "Erase Everything".
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out of stock $7.48
  1. 6th Borough Project - "So Glad"
  2. Je Davu - "Jam" (Keep Me Warm edit)
  3. Nick Holder - "Welcome To Detroit"
  4. Bearweasel - "Macro"
out of stock $8.55
Shake It (12")
Cat: FVR 105. Rel: 14 Oct 15
  1. Shake It Dub (feat Alicia Blue Eyez Smith - extended 12" version) (7:32)
  2. Cosmic Jam (7:00)
 in stock $11.23
Love Said (Let's Go) (hand-stamped vinyl 12")
Cat: HVN 421R. Rel: 01 Feb 19
  1. Love Said (Let's Go) (Ashley Beedle North Street vocal) (5:10)
  2. Love Said (Let's Go) (Ashley Beedle North Street instrumental) (5:16)
  3. Love Said (Let's Go) (3:20)
  4. Chilli (Flying Mojoto Bros Refrito) (8:59)
out of stock $10.16
Cat: GVR 1217. Rel: 04 May 13
  1. Put Something Down On It
  2. I Am Somebody
Review: Pitched down and highway cruising disco edits are the name of the game in Glenview Sessions Vol 2. First up on 78 Edits' cutting table is Millie Jackson's "Put Something Down On It", a raunchy and looped up version of a grungy and sultrified groover, while "I Am Somebody" falls somewhere between a re-fired Fred Wesley & The JB's (James Brown) "Damn Right, I'm Somebody" and the late DJ Mehdi's "I Am Somebody", featuring pop-funk cranksters Chromeo.
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out of stock $10.64
out of stock $10.64
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Back Catalogue: Disco/Nu-Disco
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