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Back Catalogue: Disco/Nu-Disco

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Cat: ATL 524647. Rel: 15 Sep 10
  1. Hot Mes
  2. I'm Not Contagious
  3. Night By Night
  4. Don't Turn The Lights On
  5. You Make It Rough
  6. When The Night
  7. Don't Walk Away
  8. J'ai Claque La Porte
  9. The Right Type
  10. Grow Up
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Cat: 756786 5789. Rel: 15 Jun 18
  1. Must've Been (feat Dram)
  2. Don't Sleep (feat French Montana & Stefflon Don)
  3. One Track Mind
  4. Count Me Out
  5. Bad Decision
  6. Right Back Home To You (interlude)
  7. Just Friends (feat Amber Mark)
  8. Juice
  9. Slumming It
  10. Bedroom Calling (part 1)
  11. Bedroom Calling (feat The-Dream - part 2)
  12. Room Service
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  1. Wojciech Karolak - "Discopus Nr 1" (part 1&2 - If Music extended edit) (7:55)
  2. Alojz Bouda - "Random (Naslepo)" (2:31)
  3. Polski Jazz Ensemble - "Song For Ewa" (7:22)
  4. Prince Igor Yahilevich - "Double Sun" (7:19)
  5. Andrzej Korzynski - "L'Arme Du Milicien - Patkarz" (3:07)
  6. Binder Quintet - "Sirato (Dirge)" (feat John Tchicai) (6:42)
Review: If Music duo Jean-Claude Thompson and Adrian Magrys head up this fine six-track forage through the '70s and '80s archives of Eastern Europe. Stylistically, there doesn't seem to be an over-riding theme, it plays out more like a diverse selection of archival cuts spanning Poland, Hungary, Russia and Slovakia that will delight the more adventurous dancefloors. Thus you get infectious Polish disco grooves from Wojciech Karolak and Andrzej Korzyn?ski nestled alongside the break-laden jazz bustle of "Song For Ewa" of the Polski Jazz Ensemble. Similar styles abound with Russian-born "Prince Igor" Yahilevich and Hungary's Binder Quintet, whilst Alojz Bouda delivers our personal favourite in the shape of "Random," a suitably-titled oddball synth banger that originates from the Slovakian's 1980 album Synthesizer Sound
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  1. Rewind
  2. Into My World
  3. C Vitamin (take 3)
  4. Jungle Future
  5. Steel Jazz
  6. Eruku
  7. Ogum
  8. Nothing But
  9. In Spirit
  10. Bostich (rough mix)
  11. Pagliacci (Vamp edit)
  12. I Know
  13. Back Into Time
  14. Jesus Must
  15. Teapot
  16. Funky Reggae
  17. Going To The Disco
  18. Chant Wind
  19. Erase (short take)
  20. Hot This Is
  21. The Gift
  22. Ram Dub (take 6)
  23. Rhythmism (short take)
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Cat: CIRCUIT T SAMPLER 4. Rel: 26 Sep 17
  1. Night Angel
  2. Be Ready
  3. Life Another
  4. Fuego
  5. Gorgia
  6. If You Need A Change
  7. Dub Disco
  8. What For Time
Review: Like many DJs with production nous, Joaquin "Joe" Clausell has always made re-edits and remixes to play in his sets. From time to time, he releases these on CD under the Unofficial Edits, Overdubs & Unreleased Remixes header. This fourth volume in the occasional series boasts plenty of gems reflective of the producer's influences and inspirations. So, while "Life Another" sees him deliver an extra-seductive version of a D'Angelo modern soul gem, the track that follows, "Fuego" is a superb Afro-house interpretation of a forgotten Osibida cut. Elsewhere, you'll find a thrusting, peak-time revision of Giorgio Moroder, a thrillingly spacey chunk of dub disco, and a couple of rock solid disco-era soul revisions.
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Cat: PMG 019CD. Rel: 28 Jul 16
  1. Jungle Magic
  2. Mr Teacher
  3. Rain Sun & Love
  4. Love Forever
  5. Fireman
  6. Beautiful Continent
Review: Many African disco enthusiasts will already be familiar with the title track of Benis Cletin's 1979 debut album, Jungle Magic, thanks to the fine re-edit Sofrito released back in 2011. Few, though, will have heard the whole album, which here gets a well-deserved reissue on CD. Cletin's take on Afro-disco-calypso-funk fusion is undeniably sweet, with cuts such as "Mr Teacher" and "Love Forever" balancing the needs of dancefloors with a cheery looseness that's never less than intoxicating. Highlights include the urgent, synth-laden Afro-funk grunt of "Fireman", and the touching, down-tempo tribute to Africa, "Beautiful Continent".
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Cat: LP 4040LP. Rel: 16 May 16
  1. Jump, Jump (10:20)
  2. Funky Track (7:06)
  3. Happy Music (2:58)
  4. Stomp Your Feet & Dance (10:19)
  5. Music Funk (10:25)
Review: One of Patrick Adams' many aliases, and quite possibly one of the most carefree and funkiest, Cloud One allowed Adams to explore the instrumental disco landscape with no 'big hit' expectations or demands of featured artists. As a result, much of this 1978 album still sounds very current with its dubby FX and jazz-minded off-piste adventures on versions such as "Music Funk" and "Funky Track". Only five tracks deep - with a quick jaunt into straight-up disco soul with "Happy Music" - this will still knock a knowing dancefloor sideways to this day.
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Played by: I Love Disco!
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Everliving (3xLP)
Cat: DCLS 002LP. Rel: 11 Jun 15
  1. Big Wow (9:33)
  2. Phatic Communion (6:02)
  3. The Sirens Help Me To Sleep (7:05)
  4. Laniakea (7:42)
  5. Teleseme (8:50)
  6. Clams (6:50)
  7. The Sober Certainty Of Walking Bliss (7:41)
  8. Mahola (6:16)
  9. Fresh Blue Agave (13:13)
  10. Everywhere & Everywhen (4:16)
  11. Arroyo (5:48)
  12. May Flights Of Angels Sing Him To His Rest (4:57)
  13. Nit It Up Choppy (4:23)
  14. Oneiric (2:31)
Review: Steve Cobby has been part of the UK underground for longer than some of you collectors have been alive...no offence, it's just a simple fact! The man was running Pork Recordings back in the early '90s when 'outsider house' was simply what producers were making naturally, not a tag which contemporary musicians abide to. Known best for his role in Fila Brazilia, Cobby has kept his last two years busy by putting out material on his new Declasse label, and Everliving is his latest LP to surface from the depths of his studio. Calling it 'disco' would do it no favours because his music is filled with many different inspirations and styles; from dub to electronica and downtempo, this album is full of layers and breathes a life of its own, one which will go down a storm in the club or on your home hi-fi. Quality.
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Cat: DCLS 034LP. Rel: 08 Dec 17
  1. Jenkem (5:03)
  2. Rick James Dwells In The Abyss (5:13)
  3. Babylon On The Hudson (6:02)
  4. Fixing The Shadows (4:25)
  5. The Canyons Of Lower Manhattan (6:03)
  6. A Candle For The Moth (4:01)
  7. Heure D'or (5:00)
  8. Cherry-Skin Blanket (3:54)
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Cat: DCLS 034CD. Rel: 03 Nov 17
  1. Jenkem
  2. Rick James Dwells In The Abyss
  3. The Canyons Of Lower Manhattan
  4. Babylon On The Hudson
  5. Heure D'or
  6. A Candle For The Moth
  7. Cherry-Skin Blanket
  8. Fixing The Shadows
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Saudade (CD)
Cat: DCLS 1. Rel: 02 Jan 18
  1. Passerines
  2. Heeds
  3. Settling Days
  4. Rapelle
  5. Melismatic
  6. Clawfist
  7. The Golden Billion
  8. Why Sleep Through Your Dreams?
  9. Weekend World
  10. Green Limbs
  11. By Night The Forest Is Never Quiet
  12. The End Of A Perfect Death
Review: When Steve Cobby first released Saudade in 2014, the former Fila Brazillia man had largely been away from the limelight for some time. The album was rightly critically acclaimed, and arguably led to the late career renaissance he's enjoying right now. As this reissue proves, it remains a fine set. While it touches on his usual blazed downtempo grooves and pungent deep jazz-funk instrumentals, you'll also find hazy and life-affirming cuts that bear the influence of jazz, mellow deep house, Guru style hip-hop, electro and melodious, 1980s style new age ambience. If it's not already in your collection, it should be.
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Cat: 11928. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. I Love You So (5:04)
  2. You're So Good (3:48)
  3. It's Been You (4:51)
  4. Your Lonely Heart (4:44)
  5. The Winner (3:46)
  6. Oh, Daddy (4:02)
  7. Sorry (4:41)
  8. Stand By (4:15)
  9. Who Will Carry On (3:41)
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Teenage Color (140 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: INV 114LP. Rel: 06 Jun 13
  1. Can You Kiss Me First
  2. Teenage Color
  3. My Secret Romance
  4. The Drone
  5. The Scarlett Empress
Review: David Grellier, head of French label Valerie, and the creative force behind College has a lot to thank film director Nicholas Winding Refn for. Whilst the Nantes based label built up quite the cult following in the 2nd wave blog explosion thanks to their retro-futurist blend of electro inspired by the vivid aesthetic of 80s US pop culture, the fact the Danish director handpicked the College track "A Real Hero" as the main theme for Gosling vehicle Drive has opened up Grellier's work to a much wider audience. Here Geoff Barrow's Invada continue to invest their belief in the College sound with the issue of their 2008 EP Teenage Colour EP on vinyl for the very first time. If you loved 'that' track then you will certainly enjoy the colourful synth pop of this five track EP.
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Cat: HVNLP 152. Rel: 13 Apr 18
  1. Try Your Luck (3:37)
  2. Don't You Know I'm In A Band (3:23)
  3. Boyfriend (Repeat) (4:08)
  4. COOL Party (3:39)
  5. Out The Window (4:25)
  6. Catch My Breath (3:59)
  7. Bubblegum (3:27)
  8. Sailboat Vacation (3:24)
  9. Better Sit Down Boy (2:33)
  10. All The Way (3:43)
  11. Fascination (4:50)
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She's Hot With 2 000 Watt's (140 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: TF 001. Rel: 16 Apr 18
  1. Liberty City Jam (5:18)
  2. Another World (4:48)
  3. DJ Of The Year (4:23)
  4. I Need You (3:20)
  5. In Hollywood (3:45)
  6. Feeling The Fire Of Desire (3:52)
  7. She's Hot With 2,000 Watt's (5:25)
  8. Chocolate Stuff (4:13)
  9. More Chocolate Stuff (3:19)
Review: Terrestrial Funk is a new label promising a broad approach to music new and old, but they're kicking off in style with the rarest of funk LPs from Lang Cook, a little known Miami man who was active in the late 70s and early 80s. She's Hot With 2000 Watts is a joy to listen to, kicking off with the snappy cop show funk of "Liberty City Jam" and the blissful reverie of "Another World". There's a whiff of Rick James in the air when Cook sings on "DJ Of The Year", while "Feeling The Fire Of Desire" has an undercurrent of surreal dub processing that nudges this record into outsider territory. Proudly lo-fi and loaded with DIY charm, this is a holy grail brought back in reach for all dedicated funk heads.
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Cat: SED 0001. Rel: 11 Feb 10
  1. Lift Me Up (To The Sky) (feat Laura Jackson)
  2. Musiq (feat Jahah)
  3. Pullin' Me Back (feat Robert Walker)
  4. Damn Beautiful (feat Laura Jackson)
  5. Get Up On The Floor (feat Donald McCollum)
  6. Make Me Yours (feat Diane Marsh)
  7. Walk Away (feat Eleana)
  8. Going Out Tonight (feat Nathalie Dorra)
  9. It's Too Late (feat Karen Groth)
  10. Give Me My Love (feat CJ Anthony)
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Maskeraad (LP)
Cat: PPU 082. Rel: 24 Mar 17
  1. Dreamboy (Reserva 9th version) (5:08)
  2. I Don't Have To Cry (6:14)
  3. Emotion (First English Tune) (3:49)
  4. Dream A Little Dream (feat Jonnyboy) (4:18)
  5. Living Love (demo) (1:40)
  6. Wild Men (video version) (4:20)
  7. Maskeraad (instrumental Commercial Beat) (2:22)
  8. One Who Care (6:22)
  9. New Day (Added A Guitar) (2:42)
  10. Dreamboy (1st version) (3:31)
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Afternooners (gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: DE 185. Rel: 11 Oct 17
  1. Big Shot (4:27)
  2. Surfside Sex (6:14)
  3. Hot Beach (5:44)
  4. The Runner (6:55)
  5. Furlough (4:43)
  6. One Hot Afternoon (5:08)
  7. Leather Bound (4:45)
  8. Bore & Stroke (8:24)
  9. Cycle Tuff (4:10)
  10. Jungle Orchids (5:18)
  11. Take A Little Trip (8:33)
  12. Love Come Set Me Free (4:59)
Review: The final part of Dark Entries' long-running series of archival Patrick Cowley releases showcases tracks originally recorded for Afternooners, a late '70s gay porn film by director John Coletti. As with previous Cowley releases on Dark Entries, the double album also contains previously unheard material rediscovered from the Fox Studio archives. It's another essential collection of atmospheric synthesizer music in the producer's distinctive style, all told, with tracks ranging from the whistling cheeriness of "Hot Beach" and the sparkling, cowbell-laden throb of "One Hot Afternoon" to the dubbed-out, semi-ambient dreaminess of "Bore & Stroke" and the humid, upbeat "Jungle Orchid".
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  1. Volevi Una Hit (4:28)
  2. Questa Insostenibile Leggerezza Dell'essere (with Polosid) (3:23)
  3. Canzone Registrata (4:12)
  4. Incubo Assoluto (5:08)
  5. Restare Andare (4:05)
  6. Tubinga (with Alexander Robotnick) (5:29)
  7. Sciame (with Alexander Robotnick) (3:56)
  8. Miti Ellenici (5:53)
  9. Assolvi Lei (3:25)
 in stock $16.70
  1. Dance Lady Dance
  2. The Rock Is Hot
  3. Number One Woman
  4. Come Fly With Me
  5. You Don't Have To Say
  6. Empty Soul Of Mine
  7. You Gave Me Love
  8. I Don't Want To Change You
  9. Sure Shot
  10. You've Been Gone
  11. I See The Light
  12. Use Your Body & Soul
  13. Tell Me You Love Me
  14. Somenody Tell Me What To Do
  15. Love Rip Off
  16. Heart Unside Down
  17. Think Positive
  18. I Got Somethin' For Ya
  19. Wine & Dine You
  20. Your Love Makes Me Hot
  21. Le Me Ride On The Waves Of Your Love
 in stock $9.28
  1. Dreaming A Dream (Disco)
  2. Foxy
  3. Every Beat Of My Heart
  4. Na, Na, Hey, Hey
  5. Dreaming A Dream (vocal)
  6. I Am Me
  7. Feeling Tall
  8. You Smiled
  9. Picture Show
  10. Searching For Love
  11. Love Me
  12. Dacin'
  13. Music Is The World
  14. Far Out
  15. Sexy Ways
  16. French Way
  17. Galaxy Of Love
  18. I Love You
  19. Say A Prayer For Two
  20. Dream World
  21. Things Are Going To Get Better
  22. I'm Gonna Love You Forever
  23. Cherry
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Orquesta (140 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: ERC 027. Rel: 20 Mar 17
  1. Visiones Incomunicadas
  2. Juegos Confusos
  3. Uranio Enriquecido
  4. Programación
  5. Aproximación Dos
  6. Murmullo Atonal
  7. Sensación Melancólica
  8. Ella Baila
  9. Operativo
  10. Humanos De America
  11. Aproximación Uno
Review: Argentinian keyboardist Carlos Cutaia has been active since the early 70s, but diggers have long been fawning after his mid-80s LP Orquesta. Fusing catchy pop-rock workouts with truly madcap moments and glued together by lots and lots of synths, it's little wonder that the Emotional Rescue gang were enamoured with the release and resolved to put together a reissue. There is some really adventurous production going on here, with "Juegos Confusos" being particularly flamboyant and "Uranio Enriquecido" ramping up the oddball keys and splashy effects. Meanwhile the likes of "Sensacion Melancolica" nail that slow and seductive synthwave sound impeccably.
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Haiku From Zero (180 gram vinyl LP + poster)
Cat: 577825 4. Rel: 22 Sep 17
  1. Standing In The Middle Of The Field (5:31)
  2. Counting Down (3:51)
  3. Black Rainbows (4:07)
  4. Stars Last Me A Lifetime (3:46)
  5. Airborne (5:22)
  6. No Fixed Destination (4:14)
  7. Memories We Share (4:56)
  8. Living Upside Down (5:49)
  9. Tied To The Weather (4:31)
 in stock $18.05
Cat: 578640 1. Rel: 22 Sep 17
  1. Standing In The Middle Of The Field
  2. Counting Down
  3. Black Rainbows
  4. Stars Last Me A Lifetime
  5. Airborne
  6. No Fixed Destination
  7. Memories We Share
  8. Living Upside Down
  9. Tied To The Weather
 in stock $10.17
  1. Fish Liquor (6:52)
  2. Porte Doree (6:37)
  3. Ship From Rimini (6:29)
  4. Pieces Of A Sultan (7:14)
  5. Armazem (6:20)
  6. Canaille Bleue (5:05)
  7. Spanish Codeine (7:06)
  8. Racines Incertaines (6:15)
Review: Edit Service sashay into 2018 fashionably late with a near-album sized collection of refixed cosmic curios, deeply dug oddities and far out space jams. All spliced and repurposed by the vaguely anonymous CV (ahem), the vibes and experiences range from sultry Gainsbourg-style spoken word of "Port Doree" to the planet hopping Italo chuggery of "Ship From Rimini" and the sinewy slo-mo warehouse shaking acid house "Spanish Codeine". Yet another fine dispatch from the I'm A Cliche project, this really is a special delivery.
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Cat: ZYX 230072. Rel: 14 Jun 16
  1. Polaris
  2. Void Vision
  3. Doctor Faustu‘s
  4. Digital Signal Processor
  5. Polaris (club version)
  6. Void Vision (slow version)
  7. Doctor Faustu‘s (Razzmatazz version)
  8. Digital Signal Processor (dub version)
  9. Doctor Faustu‘s (Swedish remix 7" version)
  10. Doctor Faustu‘s (Swedish remix)
 in stock $8.47
Cat: TLV 070CD. Rel: 31 Jan 14
  1. Winter '98
  2. The Natural World
  3. You Are
  4. Empty Space
  5. The 5%
  6. The Fracture Of Age
  7. Like An Animal
  8. Erosion
  9. This City
  10. The End
  11. Call Me
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 in stock $9.30
Nohelani (LP)
Cat: BEWITH 008LP. Rel: 06 Aug 15
  1. Moon Of Manakoora (4:15)
  2. Livin' Without You (4:48)
  3. South Sea Island Magic (4:14)
  4. Island Boy (3:35)
  5. Dancin' In The Streets (3:35)
  6. Mystery Blue (3:22)
  7. Lihue (3:16)
  8. Havin' A Party (3:37)
  9. You Are So Beautiful (4:10)
Review: Nohelani Cypriano's 1979 debut album, Nohelani, has become something of an in-demand item since Athens of the North reissued two of the tracks last year. Here, it gets a handy reissue, so those without the desire to dig deep can revel in its' curiously unique mix of styles. Cypriano's Hawaiian heritage is represented by the strange sound of pedal steel on a number of tracks, which also feature easy listening, disco, boogie, soul and jazz-funk influences. It's a bizarre but entertaining melting pot of influences, and one that happily steers clear of kitsch territory thanks to the high quality of its' most notable moments, in particular "Lihue", "Island Boy" and the deliciously camp "South Sea Island Magic".
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 in stock $20.41
Cat: VRL 001. Rel: 27 Oct 14
  1. Astronomers
  2. Contemporary
  3. Vesna
  4. Waltz On The Run
  5. Raxxla (part 2)
  6. Velocity Of Dub
  7. Wed Bells
  8. Udmurtia
  9. Void
Review: A long awaited studio album of Saint-Petersburg based live-electronic music trio D-Pulse.
For the past few years D-Pulse has released their music on such established labels as Island, Tirk, Teardrop, Gomma, and Theomatic. Mostly known for their remixes, band decided to bring their debut studio album via their very own imprint - Vernal records.
The band's melancholic sound echoing from the numerous factories and forests of their homecity, Izhevsk, fused with exeptional production established D-Pulse as one of the most vivid and respected live acts on the contemporary Russian indie and electronic music scene.
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 in stock $6.76
Is This Love? (limited LP)
Cat: FG 002. Rel: 25 Jan 18
  1. Is This Love? (6:34)
  2. Give Them Your Love (5:09)
  3. Inspiration (5:03)
  4. After The Rain (4:47)
  5. Keep The Faith (instrumental) (5:40)
  6. Keep The Faith (6:04)
 in stock $23.85
Invite The Light (trifold white vinyl 3xLP)
Cat: STH 2358. Rel: 04 Sep 15
  1. Junie's Transmission (feat Junie Morrison) (1:39)
  2. We Continue (4:46)
  3. Somewhere, Someday (5:44)
  4. I'm Just Tryna Survive (In The Big City) (feat Q-Tip) (4:35)
  5. Surveillance Escape (6:15)
  6. Floating On Air (feat Flea & Computer Jay) (7:16)
  7. Howugonfuckaroundandchooseabusta? (5:00)
  8. The Hunt & Murder Of Lucifer (2:29)
  9. It Didn't Have 2 End This Way (3:45)
  10. Missing U (5:20)
  11. Acting (feat Ariel Pink) (2:19)
  12. OBE (8:29)
  13. Glyde 2nyte (feat Leon Sylvers III & Leon Sylvers IV) (5:23)
  14. Just Ease Your Mind From All Negativity (feat Snoop Dogg & Joi Gilliam) (6:46)
  15. Virtuous Progression (feat Jimi James, Jane Jupiter, Nite Jewel, Novena Carmel & Jody Watley) (5:46)
  16. Scatin' (Toward The Light) (2:37)
  17. Junie's Re-Transmission (feat Junie Morrison) (0:21)
  18. I'm Just Tryna Survive (In The Big City) (feat Q-Tip - bonus track) (4:40)
  19. Kaint Let 'Em Change Me (bonus track) (3:56)
  20. The Acceptance (bonus track) (9:20)
Review: Dam-Funk recently took to Twitter to bemoan the disparity between the positive feedback he gets from listeners, and the largely disappointing reviews from music critics. It's certainly odd that critics have been sniffy about Invite The Light, his fourth solo full-length for Stones Throw, because it's arguably his most varied, accessible and attractive album to date. Packed full of proper songs, cheeky dancefloor workouts, and high profile collaborations - pals Q-Tip, Snoop Dogg, Computer Jay, Jody Whatley and Nite Jewel all lend a hand - it's an album that still sounds hugely futuristic, despite Dam-Funk's reliance on vintage synthesizers, drum machines, and '80s soul, funk and boogie influences.
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Cat: STH 2225. Rel: 14 Dec 12
  1. Toeachizown
  2. Mirrors
  3. My Funk Goes On & On
  4. Latrifying
  5. Let’s Take Off, Far Away!
  6. Tunnels
  7. Searchin' 4 Funk's Future
 in stock $14.94
DJ Kicks (180 gram vinyl 2xLP + CD)
Cat: K7 332LP. Rel: 24 May 16
  1. Gaussian Curve - "Broken Clouds" (5:08)
  2. Index - "Starlight" (6:32)
  3. Gemini - "Log In" (5:47)
  4. Randell & Schippers - "Love Jam" (3:49)
  5. Moon B - "Oof" (5:20)
  6. Tony Palkovic - "True To Yourself" (10:42)
  7. Nexus - "Stand Up" (instrumental) (5:51)
  8. Nicci Gable - "Close To Who?" (5:34)
  9. Take Three - "Tonite's The Night (All Right)" (7:22)
  10. Brandon - "Suzy Hijack" (6:37)
  11. Henning - "Arrival/Departure" (4:22)
  12. Dam Funk - "Believer" (7:51)
  13. Moon Moon B - "Oof"
  14. Nicci Gable - "Close To Who?"
  15. Randell & Schippers - "Love Jam"
  16. Verticle Lines - "Theme From Beach Boy"
  17. Brandon - "Suzy Hijack"
  18. Take Three - "Tonite’s The Night (All Right)"
  19. Index - "Starlight"
  20. Uncle Jams Army - "Dial-A-Freak"
  21. Gemini - "Log In"
  22. Nexus - "Stand Up" (instrumental)
  23. Reggie B - "Poison Candy"
  24. L33 - "Keepin It Tight"
  25. Gaussian Curve - "Broken Clouds"
  26. Tony Palkovic - "True To Yourself"
  27. Henning - "Arrival/Departure"
  28. Nite-Funk - "Can U Read Me?"
  29. Dam Funk - "Believer"
  30. True Design - "I Wanna Break"
  31. Crystal Winds - "Funk Ain’t Easy"
Review: Dam Funk has been foundational in crystallising Stones Throw's undisputed leadership in the nu-school funk and boogie scene, and he's up there with the great J Dilla in our books. Naturally, he's been asked to mix up the latest series of DJ Kicks and, ladies and gentlemen, it's a real masterclass - one of those comps you can safely leave on and let it do its thing on you. The mood is personified by a fine blend of electronics and tougher, funkier rhythms by artists such as Index, Moon B, and Dam himself. There are also a few rare cuts by Chicago house legend Gemini that fit in perfectly, and a whole heap of wavy, Cali-inspired electronic funk. Badass.
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 in stock $23.06
Cat: KEY 001. Rel: 02 Jul 18
  1. Bring Out The Funk (feat Lovisa) (5:30)
  2. Gettin' Me Some Attention (4:41)
  3. Diamonds Are Forever (4:38)
  4. Electric Boogie (4:12)
  5. Singularity Event (3:48)
  6. Bring Out The Funk (instrumental remix) (6:07)
 in stock $20.41
Spy Thriller (limited hand-numbered heavyweight clear vinyl LP in die cut sleeve)
Cat: MW 010. Rel: 11 Mar 13
  1. Carousel
  2. The Cabinet
  3. Passionkiller
  4. Something's On Your Mind
  5. Next In Line
  6. The Evil Of His Kiss
  7. Spy Thriller
  8. Fudge It
Review: With Minimal Wave at their current celebrated level, it's nice of them to occasionally dig into their archives and reissue some of their earliest releases for those Johnny Come Lately's who might have missed out first time around. Having done the right thing with an all too timely reissue of Das Ding's HSTA late last year, Veronica Vasicka's label now turn their attentions to Blackpool and revisit Spy Thriller by Das Kabinette. Originally released back in 2008, this eight track collection brings together material the trio of Michael Hall, David Bracher and Craig Hemmings recorded in the early 80s including the cult hits "The Cabinet" and "Fudge It" which appeared on a 1983 7". Fans of Silent Servant mixtapes will probably be familiar with these tracks whilst the remaining six tracks are typically unreleased studio productions that paint a fascinating picture of primitive synth music that's subtley touched by the death throes of New Romanticism.
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 in stock $21.19
Cat: SHR 193. Rel: 17 Oct 17
  1. Sugar Daddy Candy Corn (5:26)
  2. We'll Teach Them How To Privatize (5:58)
  3. HFCS (7:34)
  4. King Piggly Wiggly (5:37)
  5. Vanilla Shake (2:59)
  6. Coca-Cola (4:29)
  7. Stock Up All The Prisons (5:49)
  8. Who Milks The Cow? (2:56)
  9. Contamination In The Grass (5:15)
  10. El Pulpo (10:41)
  11. Soja E O Rei (4:09)
  12. Bubbles (7:37)
  13. White Explosions (7:17)
 in stock $6.63
Cat: EXLPM 60. Rel: 08 May 17
  1. Walk Before You Run (7:26)
  2. It's Not The Same (5:30)
  3. All (6:02)
  4. You Dazzle Me!!! (6:13)
  5. Reaching (6:51)
  6. Slipped Disco (6:06)
 in stock $15.89
Voyage (clear vinyl gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: IL 2020V. Rel: 22 Apr 14
  1. Better At Making Time
  2. Moments
  3. I've Got To Make A Statement (No More Likes Or Ums)
  4. Love Is A Phase
  5. On The Day
  6. Make Space
  7. Sometimes Your Friends
  8. Brighter End Of Dark
  9. It All Works All The Time
 in stock $14.83
Cat: IL 2045C. Rel: 30 May 18
  1. 875 Dollars (6:01)
  2. These Are Of The Things I Think About (4:43)
  3. Smarter Harder Darker (feat Sal P) (3:55)
  4. Cause For Concern (4:56)
  5. Writing Music For Money, To Write More Music (5:04)
  6. Keyboards Cause We're Black & White (6:12)
  7. Music Snob (5:14)
  8. Guys Just Want To Have Pleasure (4:04)
  9. Stratosphere Girl (Feak Mark Stewart) (3:45)
  10. Poorn In The Nightmare (5:05)
 in stock $5.57
Cat: IL 2030. Rel: 26 Jun 15
  1. La Threshold
  2. 30
  3. Living In An open Place
  4. Center Of L.U.B.
  5. Simba Simba Simba
  6. No One Really Cares Who You Are
  7. Oh Man The Future
  8. Conditions
  9. When Your Life Feels Like A Loss
  10. It's A Combination
  11. Someday Now
$9.67 SAVE 35%
 in stock $6.28
Cat: PASTDUEDLP 03. Rel: 13 Apr 17
  1. The Morning After - "Get It" (5:32)
  2. The Right Direction - "Midnight Rhythm" (4:50)
  3. Devarne - "You Are Number One" (5:10)
  4. Grayship Daviz - "Get Up Get Down & Let Your Body Pop" (5:26)
  5. Tony Cook presents Vernon Cheely - "Get To The Point" (5:57)
  6. Destiny In Time Band - "Dance" (3:34)
  7. Destiny In Time Band - "You Bring Out The Best In Me" (4:48)
  8. The Fabulous King - "If You Like What We're Doing" (4:14)
  9. Devarne - "Kiss You Everywhere" (5:36)
  10. Visions Of Tomorrow - "Galaxy" (3:32)
  11. Monofide - "Party" (5:50)
  12. Lonnie Givens - "The Heat Is On" (4:42)
 in stock $20.41
Under Your Spell (heavyweight coloured vinyl LP)
Cat: IDIB 021LP. Rel: 19 Oct 15
  1. Under Your Spell (4:54)
  2. Don't Call (4:15)
  3. Mirroir Mirroir (5:21)
  4. Under Your Spell (vocal mix) (4:55)
  5. I Can Dream About You (5:28)
  6. Don't Call (vocal mix) (4:24)
Review: The Desire trio is made up of John Padgett, Megan Louise, and Nat Walker. Together, they've released a handful of EP's and an LP for the excellent Italians Do It Better, and they return to the label with a new six-tracker of off-the-wall, sultry synth disco. "Under Your Spell" is a soundtrack kind of tune, where Louise's vocals ride ever so well amid crunchy, mid-tempo drum machine beats, but there's also plenty of uplifting discotheque fun such as "Don't Call", and the supremely funky "Mirroir Mirroir". The B-side features a moodier vocal mix of the title track, the quirky bleeps and beats of "I Can Dream About You", and the beatless vocal mix of "Don't Call". Whether you're into synth pop, coldwave, or disco, Desire is sure to please your needs.
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 in stock $24.65
II (opaque baby pink vinyl LP)
Cat: IDIB 19. Rel: 27 Jul 09
  1. Montre Moi Ton Visage
  2. Mirroir Mirroir
  3. Don't Call
  4. Dans Mes Reves
  5. Under Your Spell
  6. Colorless Sky
  7. If I Can't Hold You
  8. Part II
 in stock $16.70
Salsoul Mastermix (2xCD (disc 1 mixed - disc 2 unmixed))
Cat: 405053 8310191. Rel: 15 Sep 17
  1. Double Exposure - "My Love Is Free" (Frankie Knuckles Classic remix)
  2. Inner Life - "I Like It Like That" (Shep Pettibone 12" version)
  3. Logg - "I Know You Will" (Larry Levan 12" remix)
  4. True Example - "As Long As You Love Me" (Walter Gibbons 12" remix)
  5. Loleatta Holloway - "All About The Paper" (album version)
  6. Bunny Sigler - "By The Way You Dance (I Knew It Was You)" (unreleased Larry Levan remix)
  7. Sparkle - "Handsome Man" (Larry Levan remix)
  8. Rafael Cameron - "All That's Good To Me" (Francois Kevorkian 12" remix)
  9. Skyy - "Show Me The Way" (Shep Pettibone 12" mix)
  10. Funk Deluxe - "This Time" (12" version)
  11. Special Forces - "Stroke It" (Timmy Regisford & Tony Birch remix)
  12. Instant Funk - "(Just Because) You'll Be Mine" (Shep Pettibone club version)
  13. Aurra - "When I Come Home" (Larry Levan 12" mix)
  14. Vaughn Mason & Butch Dayo - "Party On The Corner" (Shep Pettibone mix)
  15. Weeks & Co - "If You're Looking For Fun" (Shep Pettibone mix)
  16. The Jammers - "Be Mine Tonight" (Shep Pettibone mix)
  17. The Salsoul Orchestra - "Sun After The Rain" (Tom Moulton 12" mix)
  18. Skyy - "Here's To You" (Dimitri From Paris New DJ Friendly Classic re-edit)
  19. Loleatta Holloway - "Love Sensation" (Dimitri From Paris DJ Friendly Classic re-edit)
  20. Charo - "Hot Love Vs Stay With Me" (Dimitri From Paris vs Monsieur D Hot Breaks Re-cut)
  21. Love Committee - "Law & Order" (Dimitri From Paris DJ Friendly Classic re-edit)
  22. Double Exposure - "Ten Percent" (Dimitri From Paris original Classic re-edit)
  23. The Salsoul Orchestra - "Salsoul Rainbow" (Dimitri From Paris DJ Friendly Classic re-edit)
  24. Skyy - "First Time Around" (Dimitri From Paris DJ Friendly Classic re-edit)
  25. Inner Life - "Moment Of My Life" (Dimitri From Paris DJ Friendly Classic re-edit)
  26. Love Committee - "Just As Long As I Got You" (Dimitri From Paris original Classic re-edit)
  27. The Jammers - "Be Mine Tonight" (Dimitri From Paris DJ Friendly Classic re-edit)
Review: We can think of few more qualified to play around with the vast Salsoul Records archive than long-serving disco lothario and re-edit maestro Dimitri From Paris. On Salsoul Mastermix, he delivers two contrasting but equally essential CDs. On disc one, he takes on the role of original Salsoul and Prelude "mastermixer" Shep Pettibone, crafting a whirlwind tour through the legendary imprint's catalogue rich in original disco scorchers, electrofunk slammers and boogie dubs. There are familiar favourites included, but also lesser-known highlights that have previously only been championed by serious disco diggers. On disc two, he dips into his own vaults of DJ-friendly re-edits, offering up killer scalpel interpretations of cuts from Skyy, Love Committee, Charo, Double Exposure and Loleatta Holloway.
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Cat: ITHDIS 01CD. Rel: 10 Jul 14
  1. Sister Sledge - "Lost In Music" (Dimitri From Paris remix)
  2. Lindstrom - "Vos Sako Rv" (Todd Terje edit extended mix - dub version)
  3. Solumun - "Kackvogel"
  4. Luminodisco - "Ragazzini"
  5. DJ Rocca - "Pizza On Wednesday" (Dimitri From Paris Nightdubbin' remix)
  6. Escort - "Cameleon Chameleon" (Black Russian remix)
  7. Funn City - "All Night People" (Disco mix)
  8. Skream - "Rollercoaster" (feat Sam Frank - Dimitri From Paris Erodisco mix)
  9. Todd Terje - "Delorean Dynamite" (disco mix)
  10. Shit Robot - "Feels Real" (extended dance version)
  11. Rhyze - "Just How Sweet Is Your Love" (Walker & Royce Touch)
  12. Los Charly's Orchestra - "Feeling High" (classic disco vocal mix)
  13. Shuya Okino - "Give Your Love A Chance"
  14. The Berand New Heavies - "Sunlight" (A Tom Moulton mix)
  15. Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca - "Disco Shake"
  16. Chic - "Le Freak" (Dimitri From Paris remix)
  17. Ilija Rudman - "See" (Drop Out Orchestra remix)
  18. Tony Tatum - "Could It Be I'm Falling In Love" (Thommy Fallout dub)
  19. Diana Ross - "The Boss" (Dimitri From Paris remix)
  20. Hardrive - "Sindae" (feat LG - Kenlou dub)
  21. Inner City - "Pennies From Heaven" (Kevin's Tunnel mix)
  22. Disclosure - "F For You" (feat Mary J Blige)
  23. Artful - "I'm In Love" (feat Donaeo - deep mix - Dimitri From Paris edit)
  24. Deetron - "Rhythmn" (feat Ben Westbeech - Karizma's Kaytronik Wiv'em remix)
  25. Pleausure Pump - "Fantasize Me"
  26. Boston Bun - "So Special"
  27. FCL - "It's You" (Finger's Acid Jam vocal edit)
  28. Breakbot - "You Should Know" (feat Ruckazoid - Le Family club remix)
  29. Frankie Knuckles Presents Director's Cut - "Your Love" (feat Jamie Principle - Director's Cut Signature mix)
  30. Eurocats - "Black Hole Bass" (606 version)
  31. Gotsome - "Bassline" (feat The Get Along Gang)
  32. Rob Mello - "Fantasize" (feat Cecile)
  33. Alejandro Paz - "El House"
  34. Phortune - "String Free"
  35. The Fog - "Been A Long Time" (Gi's deep mix)
  36. Chasing Kurt - "From The Inside" (Lovebirds Forte piano mix)
  37. Hercules & Love Affair - "Do You Feel The Same"
Review: No one does contemporary disco like Dimitri From Paris. And no one has the compilation licensing clout like Defected. Naturally this is a match made in glitterball heaven as DFP spans 40 years of grooves with a spotless collection of his own edits and upfront jams. Ranging from his own twists on standard disco gems such as "Le Freak" and "Lost In Music" to the likes of Disclosure's "F For You" and Todd Terje's "Delorean Dynamite" this is, without question, one of Defected's most extensive, expansive and exciting collections to date - which really is saying something. A natural fit for all house, disco and funk fans young and old.
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Played by: Kojake, I Love Disco!
 in stock $10.59
24 24 Music (2xLP)
Cat: TEG 76530. Rel: 17 Sep 07
  1. #1 (You're Gonna Be Clean On Your Bean)
  2. #5 (Go Bang!)
  3. #2 (No, Thank You)
  4. #7
  5. #3 (In The Corn Belt)
  6. #6 (Get Set)
  7. Clean On Your Bean #1
  8. #5 Go Bang! (Francois K remix)
  9. Go Bang! (Thank You Arthur edit)
  10. In The Corn Belt (Larry Levan mix)
Played by: RUF DUG
 in stock $22.53
24 24 Music: The Definitive Arthur Russell (4xLP in silk-screened box)
Cat: GET 56002LP. Rel: 18 Oct 11
  1. #1 (You're Gonna Be Clean On Your Bean)
  2. #5 (Go Bang!)
  3. #2 (No, Thank You)
  4. #7
  5. #3 (In The Corn Belt)
  6. #6 (Get Set)
  7. Clean On your Bean #1
  8. #5 Go Bang! (Francois K mix)
  9. Go Bang! (Thank You Artur edit)
  10. In The Corn Belt (Larry Levan mix)
  11. Go Bang! (Walter Gibbons mix)
  12. 5 Minutes (B-B-B Bombing mix)
  13. Tiger Stripes (extended version)
  14. Chill Pill (Underwater mix)
  15. School Bell/Treehouse
  16. You Can't Hold Me Down (extended version)
  17. Treehouse/School Bell (extended bootleg edit)
  18. 5 Minutes
  19. You Can't Hold Me Down (Test Pressing version)
 in stock $42.39
Seven UP! (LP)
Cat: REY 002. Rel: 07 Dec 17
  1. Stay (4:01)
  2. Don't Keep Me Hanging On (4:23)
  3. Falling Out Of Love (6:03)
  4. Dreaming (5:55)
  5. Get On The Floor (4:58)
  6. Disco Time (4:05)
  7. Young Boy (5:25)
$17.76 SAVE 25%
 in stock $13.32
DJ Andy Smith Presents Reach Up: Disco Wonderland (2xCD (CD 1 mixed, CD 2 unmixed))
Cat: BBE 386CCD. Rel: 14 Nov 17
  1. World Premiere - "Shake The Night" (intro)
  2. Cloud 1 - "Patty Duke"
  3. Shot - "Main Thing" (feat Kim Marsh)
  4. Tamiko Jones - "Let It Flow"
  5. Freedom - "Get Up & Dance"
  6. World Premiere - "Share The Night"
  7. Advance - "Take Me To The Top"
  8. Sure Thing - "Holding You Tight"
  9. Don Laka - "I Wanna Be Myself"
  10. Neddy Smith - "Give It Up"
  11. Disco Dub Band - "For The Love Of Money"
  12. Joanne Wilson - "Got To Have You" (Whiskey Barons re-edit)
  13. Jimmy Young - "Times Are Tight"
  14. Jimmy Ross - "First True Love Affair" (Andy Smith & Nick Halke Reach Up re-edit)
  15. T-Connection - "Groove To Get Down"
  16. Don Laka - "I Wanna Be Myself"
  17. Freedom - "Get Up & Dance"
  18. Advance - "Take Me To The Top"
  19. Jimmy Ross - "First True Love Affair" (Andy Smith & Nick Halke Reach Up re-edit)
  20. Tamiko Jones - "Let It Flow"
  21. Joanne Wilson - "Got To Have You" (Whiskey Barons re-edit)
  22. Neddy Smith - "Give It Up"
  23. T Connection - "Groove To Get Down"
  24. Jimmy Young - "Times Are Tight"
  25. World Premiere - "Share The Night"
  26. Sure Thing - "Holding You Tight"
  27. Shot - "Main Thing" (feat Kim Marsh)
  28. Disco Dub Band - "For The Love Of Money"
Review: Given the depth of his record collection, you'd expect crate-digging hero Andy Smith to be able to put together a rather good disco and boogie compilation. That's exactly what he does here. Named after his disco-themed DJ collective, Reach Up does a great job in joining the dots between familiar anthems (Disco Dub Band's "For The Love of Money", World Premiere's "Share The Night", Freedom's break-diggin' fave "Get Up & Dance" and Sure Thing's modern electrofunk smash "Holding Me Tight") and slightly deeper, often overlooked selections (Advance's boogie killer "Take Me To The Top" and Jimmy Bo Horne's "Is It In" being great examples). Smith's mix on disc one is typically smooth, entertaining and on-point, while the unmixed second disco offers an opportunity to own the same cuts in full-length, DJ-friendly form.
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 in stock $12.19
Cat: BBE 361CLP. Rel: 26 May 17
  1. Clyde Alexander & Sanction - "Got To Get Your Love" (9:41)
  2. Esther Williams - "Last Night Changed It All (I Really Had A Ball)" (3:35)
  3. The Pasito All Stars - "Cosa Nostra" (3:52)
  4. Manfredo Fest - "Jungle Kitten" (3:36)
  5. The Manuel Azevedo Quartet - "Futebol De Bar" (4:35)
  6. Influx Datum - "Meant Love" (6:43)
  7. The Brand New Heavies - "Dream Come True" (feat N'Dea Davenport - Joey Negro Reality mix) (4:11)
  8. Maurice - "This Is Acid" (K & T dance mix) (4:52)
  9. Origin Unknown - "Truly One" (remix part 1) (3:53)
 in stock $19.61
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