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Four Weeks: Deep House

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Deep House

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Detroit Love Vol 5
Detroit Love Vol 5 (mixed CD)
Cat: PEDL 005CD. Rel: 16 Apr 21
  1. Underground System - "BOB"
  2. Pontchartrain - "Cirrus" (feat Javonntte)
  3. Shiro Schwarz - "Feel Your Body Move"
  4. Shaun Alan - "There We Go Again" (feat Javonntte)
  5. Juan Ramos - "Fahrt Im Himmel (Let It Go)"
  6. Biphonic - "Difficult People"
  7. Majorettes - "Never Sleep"
  8. Juliet Mendoza - "That Thang" (feat Jesse Smith)
  9. Francois Dillinger - "Lost Loops"
  10. Chuck Daniels - "Feel You" (feat Shaun J Wright)
  11. Soul Clap & The Martinez Brothers - "11211"
  12. Hiroko Yamamura & Dani Ramos - "Damn Right"
  13. Erika - "Xenon Moon"
  14. Ramiro Bernabela - "Windswept"
  15. Baronhawk Poitier - "Temperado Tornado"
  16. DJ Holographic - "Faith In My Cup" (feat Apropos - Detroit Love mix)
  17. Jaco Matthews - "Detroit Frequences"
  18. WeTurnToRed - "Synapse"
Review: Following fine outings from Stacey Pullen, Carl Craig, Waajeed and Mirko Loko, Planet E's Detroit Love mix series returns with its' first female DJ at the helm: Motor City rising star DJ Holographic (real name Ariel Corley). It's a stunning mix all told, with Corley doing her best to showcase artists on the up - from both Detroit and elsewhere - as well as long-established scene stalwarts. Musically, it's pleasingly diverse and mixed-up; Corley begins with revivalist Afrobeat (Underground System), slick deep house (Pontchartrain with Javontte) and revivalist '80s soul (Shri Schwartz), before taking in everything from broken house and nu-disco, to sci-fi techno, sleazy warehouse jams, sleazy acid, percussion-rich Latin house and much more besides. If you heard the mix in a club, you'd dance your socks off.
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 in stock $13.12
Deep Sound Learning 1993-2000
Cat: BBCD 366. Rel: 09 Apr 21
  1. Exotic House Of The Beloved
  2. Sambakontu
  3. Dub De Pablo
  4. Baby It Hearts
  5. Anna Menna
  6. Heinola
  7. Jameson
  8. Another Space Travel
  9. Salo
  10. Downtown
  11. Bondage
  12. Doin' Alright
  13. Walkie Talkie
  14. Espoo
  15. O-Sex
  16. Plan 9
  17. Travellers Cape
  18. Super Beat
  19. My Woman
 in stock $18.08
Rare Forever
Rare Forever (CD in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: ZENCD 272. Rel: 30 Apr 21
  1. Ecce! Ego!
  2. In Pin
  3. Mothra
  4. Alichea Vella Amor
  5. Snakeskin Has-Been
  6. Worm (& Closer & Closer)
  7. An Exhale
  8. Dumbo
  9. Farewell! Magnus Gabbro
  10. All I See Is You, Velvet Brown
Review: Leon Vynehall confounded expectations with his first album for Ninja Tune, 2018's Nothing Is Still. For the most part, it eschewed the celebratory dancefloor feel of his previous sets, instead opting for a more diverse, atmospheric, layered and thoughtful set of rhythms, sounds and melodies. He's at it again on Rare, Forever, opening with an almost symphonic chunk of electronic trip-hop (the cinematic and spacey 'Ecce! Ego!'), before variously offering up Afro-techno/neo-classical/IDM fusion ('Mothra'), bouncy but unusual house cut-ups ('Snakeskin Has Been'), sparkling and hard-to-pigeonhole electronic bliss ('An Exhale') and much more besides.
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 in stock $12.24
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Four Weeks: Deep House