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Deep House

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Soak Version 1.02 (CD single)
Cat: RICD 001. Rel: 05 May 07
  1. Dai Matsui - "Demo 2"
  2. Syu - "Never"
  3. Yosuke Ikeda - "Inside Down"
  4. Hide - "OKA" (demo edit)
  5. Ryo - "VA4B" (demo edit)
out of stock $7.53
Soak Version 1.04 (CD single)
Cat: RI 104. Rel: 08 May 07
  1. Hide - "Track 1"
  2. Ryo - "Track 2"
  3. Yosuke Ikeda - "You Can't Turn Me Away" (Get Money dub)
  4. Dai Masui - "Demo 4"
  5. Uhs - "Code 1"
out of stock $5.27
Soak (CD single)
Cat: RICD-004. Rel: 05 May 07
  1. Ryo - "JS-Line"
  2. Yosuke Ikeda - "NIB"
  3. Hide - "Since 1980"
  4. UHS - "Someday"
out of stock $5.37
Soak Version 1.03 (CD single)
Cat: RICD 103. Rel: 08 May 07
  1. UHS - "Time Sure Does Fly"
  2. Dai Matsui - "Demo 3"
  3. Yosuke Ikeda - "Travelling Billy"
  4. Hide - "Track 4"
  5. Ryo - "Track 5"
out of stock $5.27
Soak 03 (5 Track CD single)
Cat: RICD-006. Rel: 13 Dec 07
  1. Under Groove - "Sunset Yellow" (sample)
  2. Yosuke Ikeda - "Roots By Yab"
  3. Dai Matsui - "Mind Circle"
  4. Hide - "Wall" (sample)
  5. Ryo - "Running Wild" (demo)
out of stock $5.92
Luv Dancin 2010 Mixes (11 track CD single)
Cat: DVSR 09110. Rel: 05 Mar 10
  1. Luv Dancin (Harry Choo Choo Romero's Bambossa remix)
  2. Luv Dancin (Mike Dominico's Club Banger)
  3. Luv Dancin (In Deep mix (classic main mix))
  4. Luv Dancin (Harry Choo Choo Romero's B-Boy remix)
  5. Luv Dancin (Mike Dominico's Mikee Deep mix)
  6. Luv Dancin (Mike Dominico's Mikee Deep dub)
  7. Luv Dancin (extended vocal)
  8. Luv Dancin (Final Solution mix)
  9. Luv Dancin (Underground mix)
  10. Deep In My Mind
  11. Afterthought
out of stock $7.53
Balance EP (CD single)
Cat: CARDEEP 015CD. Rel: 16 Oct 08
  1. Blindness With Gleams
  2. Aquamarine
  3. Deepakott
  4. Paranoid
out of stock $5.92
Cat: JUNO 5CD. Rel: 18 Mar 08
  1. Alright (Jay Shepheard & R Davies main mix)
  2. Alright (Jay Shepheard & R Davies dub)
  3. Alright (Karizma Kaytronik Movementz Part 1)
  4. Alright (Karizma Kaytronik Movementz Part 2)
  5. Alright (Roland Clark original 1991 mix)
out of stock $4.30
Cat: ANTCS 01CD. Rel: 30 Jun 14
  1. Junior Boys - "Like A Child" (Carl Craig remix - Andrea Oliva)
  2. Deetron - "Can't Love You More"
  3. Tiger Stripes - "Sisters" (dub)
  4. Mr G - "Ben & Gerd (Killin It M Day)"
  5. Dario D'Attis - "The Good Old Days" (original mix)
  6. Andrea Oliva & DJ Le Roi - "Feel On You"
  7. El Prevost - "Allez Ally" (feat D Ham - Dan Ghenacia remix)
  8. Ilario Liburni - "Don't Tell Me What To Do" (original mix)
  9. Pitto - "You"
  10. Sante - "La Pek" (feat Soliman - original mix)
  11. Paul C & Paolo Martini - "Spunk" (NIKKY remix)
  12. Andrea Oliva - "Decomposing"
  13. Sable Sheep - "Redemption" (UNER)
  14. Nick Curly - "Wake Me Up" (Mathias Kaden Trippy remix)
  15. Poncho Warwick & Wally Callerio - "Who Will Comfort Me" (Guti Summer Loving remix)
  16. Subb-An & Tom Trago - "Time" (feat Seth Troxler)
  17. UNER - "Sorry You" (feat Negra)
  18. Agoria - "Scala"
  19. D'Julz - "Da Madness" (The Martinez Brothers remix)
  20. Detlef - "Symphony"
  21. Dennis Ferrer - "Son of Raw" (Loco Dice remix)
  22. Nick Curly - "Underground"
  23. UNER - "Trumpets & Flowers" (feat Kafele Bandele)
  24. Tim Green - "Helpless Sun" (feat Hayley Hutchinson - original mix - Los Suruba)
  25. Nick Curly - "Piano In The Dark" (Johnny D remix)
  26. Paul Mad - "Apple & Cinnamon" (original mix)
  27. Samu L - "Invitations" (original mix)
  28. Squire - "Follow You" (Dubspeeka remix)
  29. Jens Bond & Jacob Phono - "Saatzuchtgut" (German Brigante remix)
  30. Fur Coat - "Together" (original mix)
  31. Sid Le Rock - "Secret Sauce" (original mix)
  32. Frankey & Sandrino - "The Edge"
  33. Dixon & Guy Gerber - "No Distance"
  34. Los Suruba - "Fine" (feat Sutja Gutierrez - original mix)
  35. Michael Gracioppo - "Creep" (feat Wayne Tennant - Tale Of Us & Vaal remix)
out of stock $12.12
Lux (CD)
Cat: SK 266CD. Rel: 22 Nov 13
  1. Take The Fall (feat Pete Josef)
  2. Here Again (feat Paul Randolph)
  3. White Walls (feat Neve)
  4. Hold Your Head Up (feat Kasar)
  5. Euphoria
  6. The Way (feat Desney Bailey)
  7. Lux
  8. Bits Of Me (feat Pete Josef)
  9. Gloom
  10. Melancholia
  11. Flieg Los (feat Neve)
out of stock $12.90
Alborada (CD)
Cat: ZZK 039CD. Rel: 05 Jun 18
  1. Jenga
  2. Alborada (feat Anicca)
  3. El Colapso Suena (feat Sof Tot)
  4. Kiok (feat Barrio Lindo)
  5. Corina Lawrence - "La Descarria" (feat Miss Bolivia - UJI remix)
  6. Camino De Nacar
  7. Gondonga
  8. Familia (feat Cehache Respira)
  9. Maloka
  10. La Varita De Mariangola/Milagros (feat Petrona Martinez - UJI remix)
out of stock $7.87
Cat: BIGTREE 005. Rel: 04 Oct 12
  1. Umlbu - "Angel"
  2. Uku Kuut - "Main Funk" (TLL73 remix)
  3. Umlbu - "Fucking Bitch" (feat Diva Avari)
  4. Uku Kuut - "When Love has Gone Away"
  5. Uku Kuut - "You Are" (TLL73 remix)
  6. Adrian 2000 - "Beautiful Love" (feat Tiit Paulua)
  7. Sten Gun - "No One's Gonna Stand In Our Way" (feat Diva Avair)
  8. Uku Kuut - "Affinity" (Sten Saluveer Tokyo Unit remix)
  9. Uku Kuut & Maryn E Coote - "Long Time Ago"
  10. Uku Kuut - "One More Time" (Umblu remix)
  11. DJ Kashu - "Lainelaudur (Surfer)"
  12. Uku Kuut - "Funkdabass"
Review: Estonian musician-turned-producer Uku Kuut was recently the subject of a curious collection of unreleased 1980s demos on People's Potential Unlimited. Since he recorded those demos, Kuut has moved to the US, where he now resides. He still likes to champion Estonian music, however, and here curates a collection of home grown Eastern European soul, broken beat, nu-jazz and slinky electrofunk. It's mostly material he's recorded (some with regular collaborators), with a few surprises thrown in, but it's certainly pretty tasty. There's an authentic soulfulness that prevails throughout, even on the booming bruk moments (see Kuut's own "Main Funk").
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out of stock $9.67
  1. I Am UR
  2. Technology
  3. Sabotage
  4. Countermeasures
  5. Death Of My Neighborhood
  6. Kill My Radio Station
  7. Detonate
  8. Bastille Day
  9. Baghdad Express
  10. Tazumal
  11. Charlie Hotel 155
  12. Hunting The Program Director
  13. In Or Out
  14. Kut
  15. 4 Down
  16. Toxic Broadcast
out of stock $32.28
Cat: PF 066CD. Rel: 19 May 97
out of stock $13.99
Cat: SJUCD 004. Rel: 11 Dec 12
  1. Calor (Heat)
  2. For The Love Of Money
  3. Master Fuse
  4. Scenic Route
  5. The Band Played On
  6. DiscoSucks (interlude)
  7. Going Bananas (Gorilla Disco)
  8. Service
  9. AfterHours
  10. Reckless Art
  11. CVO Soul (outerlude)
Review: Amazingly, this is Chicago deep house don Glenn Underground's 15th album. Much has changed since he dropped his impeccable debut, Atmosfear, in 1996, but he still retains the capability to make beguiling house music. While there's little evidence of the chunky, occasionally booming grooves with which he made his name, 12 July 1979 is as musically warm and beautifully intricate as you'd expect. With extensive use of jazz keys and delicious guitar, there are echoes of his slick Lounge Excursions set on Guidance Recordings, while disco-flecked cuts such as "For The Love of Money" and "Going Bananas (Gorilla Disco)" have just enough dancefloor chops. Best of all, though, is "Service", a hazy exercise in horn-laden deep house soul.
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out of stock $15.88
  1. 7th Trumpet
  2. I Am not In Love (I Jus Wanna Dance) (feat Consuela Ivy)
  3. Spaced Out
  4. Memory Chant (Phaze I)
  5. Funky Disco Fusion
  6. Gotta Get High
  7. Legacy Of The Know
  8. Darlene (feat Consuela Ivy)
  9. Tribe Fusion II Project (Mello Rhodes)
  10. The Juke
  11. You Are Love (feat Consuela Ivy)
Review: Glenn Underground returns with his first album proper in some six years in a collaborative release between his own Strictly Jazz Unit imprint and the Circular Motion label. Whilst Glenn dropped a classic refix of Erykah Badu recently, his inclusion on Rick Wilhite's Vibes New & Rare compilation was let down slightly by some corny kung fu sampling. Underground Legacy Of The Know more than makes up for that with eleven tracks of vintage Glenn Underground productions. The opening jazzy leanings of "7th Trumpet" set the tone for what to expect with the sweeping piano melodies and searching pads that characterise the opening bars soon engulfed by a power sax! From here, Underground introduces vocalist Consuela Ivy on "I Am Not In Love (I Jus Wanna Dance)" one of three tracks featuring her soulfully deep delivery which fits the tight house leaning perfectly in each instance. What really impresses throughout is Underground's mastery of instruments, with the heavy Rhodes organs and string movements that pace out the vintage deep shimmer of the title track providing the album's most rewarding moments.
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Silent (CD)
Cat: SJUCD 003. Rel: 28 Jan 09
  1. Negro Muzic
  2. Abstracts
  3. Shake It
  4. CVO's Prelude
  5. 7 Minutes Of Funk
  6. What Glenn Thinks
  7. Blazed
  8. Thoughts Of Groove
out of stock $13.99
Cat: SJUCD 002. Rel: 24 Nov 11
  1. Strumming & Thinking
  2. Forgotten Art (Music)
  3. Gospel 1
  4. Robots & Bumblebees (A Tribute To Patrick James)
  5. Safe At Home
  6. Shiloh (A King's Return)
  7. Silent Pimp (Peace In My Place)
  8. Tabernacle
  9. We, The Party (Lets Get Down)
  10. What's Next
  11. Peace For Nippon (Japan)
Review: Given the success of his 20-year career in house music, you'd forgive Glenn Underground for the odd bout of self-indulgence. There's certainly the odd moment of jazz navel-gazing on Forgotten Art - his 13th full-length - but it's rather in keeping with the album's eclectic, soft-focus approach. The overall impression given is one of a veteran producer letting his hair down. Forgotten Art is packed full of slick, melody-driven deep house inspired by GU's early inspirations, from jazz-funk, boogie and disco to soul, samba and bossa. As a complete work, the results are impressive, with a high standard of musicality and emotional resonance taking precedence over cheap dancefloor thrills. The heads will love it.
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out of stock $15.60
  1. Deep Within
  2. Star Gate
  3. Mental Black Resurrection
  4. Soul Heights
  5. Look Inside
  6. My Little Ebonie
  7. Play Play Play
  8. Session Of The Soul
  9. Spiritually Speaking
  10. Out Of My Mind
  11. Star Gate (Star Gate Mystic Heard piano mix)
  12. Mental Black Resurrection (piano dub)
out of stock $19.65
Cat: EFA 556032. Rel: 15 Jul 00
  1. Society Rules
  2. Fly With Me
  3. City People
  4. 7th And Rhodes
  5. Head Of House
  6. Burning The Midnight Oil
  7. Return To Zion
  8. Funki Ghetto
  9. G&S Motion
  10. Translucent Blues
out of stock $13.99
Remixed: The Bells The Bells (CD + DVD + Book)
Cat: TRCP 34-35. Rel: 08 Jul 08
  1. Parc (remixes from The Album Ovlivion With Bells)
  2. Crocodile (Innervisions Orchestra mix)
  3. Boy Boy Boy (Switch remix)
  4. Beautiful Burnout (Pig & Dan remix)
  5. Beautiful Burnout (Mark Knight remix)
  6. Ring Road (Auto Kratz remix)
  7. Ring Road (Kris Menace remix)
  8. Holding The Moth (Audiojack remix)
  9. Crocodile (Simon Taylor - video)
  10. Crocodile Version (Simon Taylor - video)
  11. Boy Boy Boy (Simon Taylor - video)
  12. Beautiful Burnout (Dirk Van Dooren - video)
  13. Ring Road (Julian Bryant with John Warwicker - video)
  14. Ring Road Version (Ian St George Freeman with Graham Wood - video)
  15. Beautiful Burnout (live at the Oblivion Ball, Japan 2007, Simon Taylor with Justin Stokes - video)
out of stock $29.05
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