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Goodbye Miss Misanthropy (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MATE 010. Rel: 12 Jun 17
  1. Remind Me Of Dancing (feat Jyroscope)
  2. ITB Jam
  3. Love Letter
  4. Last Time
Review: The Marcel Vogel-fronted label Intimate Friends has already done sterling work releasing deep house from the likes of Roman Rauch and Reginald Omas Mamode IV, and now it's Simba's turn to step up and strut his stuff. The Goodbye Miss Misanthropy EP is loaded with curveball house music of the highest order, with "Remind Me Of Dancing" particularly standing out thanks to Jyroscope's inspiring vocal turn. There's some off-kilter jazz moods tumbling out of "ITB Jam", while a fractured soul vibe gives "Love Letter" its power. "Last Time" is a honey-coated closer that rides on the laziest of grooves with some added sample power from a titan of RnB.
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 in stock $6.69
Nemesis EP (12")
Cat: UTTU 083. Rel: 04 Apr 18
  1. Nemesis (5:10)
  2. Front Line (6:54)
  3. Oh Baby Now (5:00)
  4. Slave (4:58)
 in stock $11.42
Cat: THUG 019. Rel: 13 Nov 17
  1. Traxxx I (7:09)
  2. Traxxx II (4:26)
  3. Traxxx III (5:13)
 in stock $10.10
Cat: MND 31. Rel: 22 Jun 15
  1. Sands Of Time (7:29)
  2. Whispers In The Dark (5:22)
  3. 7 Trumpets (11:26)
Review: Chicago based producers Chicago Skyway, Taelue, & Chicagodeep come together to form the group "Simple Machines". Their debut release offers a peek into the group's world of sound, offering elements of deep and experimental house & techno
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 in stock $6.37
Internal Dialogue EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: 89GHOST 010. Rel: 05 Mar 18
  1. Pacificist
  2. Throat
  3. Plink
  4. Settle
Review: Todd Sines has been on an incredibly productive roll of late, and now he's been invited to lay down some of his incendiary machine jams for Nail's 89:Ghost label. The Internal Dialogue EP kicks off with the creepy, metallic tones of "Pacifist", matching Sines' trademark jerking grooves with almost industrial textures. "Throat" takes things in an equally curious direction, pinging deep house dynamics into a weird zone where discord and sound processing subtly infect the blueprint with stunning results. "Plink" is remarkably upfront in comparison, not least thanks to the huge monosynth lead blurting out at the front of the mix. "Settle" finishes the record off with a brilliantly crooked deconstruction built around off-kilter drum hits and wonky key stabs that could only come from Sines' distinctive sound palette.
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 in stock $10.89
Cat: TPL 007. Rel: 17 Jul 17
  1. Night Bird (5:35)
  2. Latin Club Style (5:05)
  3. Elevation (4:46)
  4. Voodoo Woman (6:59)
  5. Cyclic Code (5:46)
 in stock $12.49
Sanctuary (hand-stamped 12" limited to 175 copies)
Cat: HOS 002. Rel: 24 Feb 14
  1. Holy Water (feat The Golden Comanche)
  2. Western Wall
  3. Temple Skye
  4. Sanctuary
  5. Perpetual Faith
  6. Sanctuary (deep house mix)
$11.68 SAVE 60%
 in stock $4.67
Cat: CRM 184. Rel: 06 Jul 17
  1. The Blind Side (10:45)
  2. The Blind Side (Rodriguez Jr remix) (6:52)
 in stock $8.49
Cat: TIEF 012. Rel: 03 May 17
  1. Tunnels (Bicep remix) (7:13)
  2. Believe (Tin Man remix) (6:26)
 in stock $10.10
CULT 05 (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: CULT 05. Rel: 23 May 17
  1. Contditionel 01 (7:21)
  2. Contditionel 02 (6:39)
  3. Sweet Salt (6:37)
  4. Sweet Salt (DJ Dog & Jayda G False Indigo mix) (7:18)
 in stock $7.70
Cat: SOT 01. Rel: 05 Oct 17
  1. Session 01 (6:40)
  2. Session 02 (6:58)
  3. Session 03 (5:17)
  4. Session 04 (6:35)
Played by: Agnostic Rhythm
 in stock $8.77
Drift (12")
Cat: SOT 02. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. SJ Tequilla - "Drift" (7:31)
  2. SJ Tequilla - "House" (5:58)
Review: Japanese DJ in Berlin SJ Tequilla returns to his recently launched Shot Of T imprint with a feisty four piece between friends. Taking the lead on the A, SJT lays down two dense technoid jams. "Drift" rattles with ricochet percussion and harmonics over ebb and flow synths while "House" strips us right back to the bare elements and a little cosmic disco flurry or two. Flip for some hardcore Fett action as the Trushmix supremo rebuilds the whole planet with dizzying acid textures and life affirming chords on "Planet Earth Part 1" before donning his Dog guise for a jauntier take on classic acidic action. Bottoms up!
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Played by: Agnostic Rhythm
 in stock $8.49
Orion EP (12")
Cat: LF 002. Rel: 17 May 17
  1. Orion (extended) (4:45)
  2. Orion (Claude remix) (5:59)
  3. The Drums (4:56)
  4. Pastel (5:24)
  5. Pastel (Simon Weiss remix) (6:56)
  6. The Bonus Drums (4:09)
Played by: Secret Reels
$9.55 SAVE 30%
 in stock $6.69
Cat: FIT 008. Rel: 11 Mar 13
  1. Lowdown
  2. Trashd Funk
  3. Code Black
  4. Lumena
Review: Of all the delightful curveballs FXHE pulled last year, coaxing 90s Swedish techno producer Patrik Sjeren out of hiding to contribute to a Omar S release was the least expected. Detroit obviously favours the producer as Aaron Siegel's FIT Sounds operation now presents a full eponymously titled EP of new Sjeren material. The Swede's dalliance with Omar S on that 998 12" last year feels like it's inspired him as the four tracks here sound as diverse as a FXHE release and are held together cohesively by Sjeren's veteran production touch. Lead track "Lowdown" throws around a fractured female vocal edit and playfully shining keys over a smooth yet bumping house groove whilst the driving "Trashed Funk" adopts a similar approach but feels a whole lot dirtier. Flip over and Patrik switches the emphasis to techno, heading down the analogue wormhole on "Code Black" and pulling us sideways with the hypnotic warblings of "Lumena".
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 in stock $9.03
Danserytme (hand-stamped 12" in hand-painted sleeve limited to 100 copies)
Cat: MAKS 007. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Danserytme (6:23)
  2. Danserytme (drum tool) (6:21)
  3. Jammy (4:55)
  4. Edvardsens (4:33)
Review: Erik Skantze introduced himself to the world via a track on Full Pupp's tenth anniversary sampler series back in 2014, but has been made to wait four years for a debut EP proper. It was arguably worth the wait. Certainly, there's much to enjoy throughout the ultra-limited EP, from the darting, acid-fired bass and lo-fi synth stabs of opener "Dancerytme", to the meandering sunrise electronics and sweaty, ever-intensifying military drum machine hits of Scandolearic house workout "Jammy". Elsewhere, Skantze doffs a cap to fellow loved-up Norwegian Telephones via the colourful and dreamy bliss of "Edvardsens" and enjoys a humid percussion workout on the Sotofett-esque "Danserytme (Drum Tool)".
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 in stock $9.83
Daytime Hovering (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: MAYAK 0101. Rel: 27 Apr 18
  1. Daytime Hovering (12:25)
  2. Daytime Hovering (Kamran Sadeghi remix) (15:16)
 in stock $8.77
Knees (hand sprayed limited 12")
Cat: KIMOCHI 9. Rel: 14 Mar 14
  1. Knees
  2. Were Only Here For A Bit
  3. Knees (Multipara version)
  4. Knees (Spaced By Area)
Played by: M50, HVL, Shine Grooves
 in stock $14.61
Cat: FUFU 002. Rel: 29 Jan 18
  1. SKR - "Sampled Love" (8:10)
  2. SKR - "Detroit Ensamble" (8:17)
  3. Frank Spirit - "Withers" (7:13)
  4. Frank Spirit - "Bennie" (8:01)
Played by: Paul Starey
 in stock $12.49
RIV 001 (limited numbered hand-stamped 12" in screen-printed sleeve + insert)
Cat: RIV 001. Rel: 18 Jan 16
  1. Skuffface - "Laos" (7:09)
  2. Skuffface - "Paravent" (5:56)
  3. Caldera - "Meshugge" (6:21)
  4. Caldera - "Passing By" (7:34)
Played by: Caldera
 in stock $9.83
Cat: FW 001. Rel: 07 Feb 18
  1. Empty Dancefloor (6:17)
  2. Fracture (6:02)
  3. Empty Dancefloor (Jonna remix) (6:17)
  4. Fracture (Garrett David remix) (5:21)
 in stock $9.55
NSYDE EP (12")
Cat: NSYDE 005. Rel: 25 Mar 13
  1. Use Me (feat Lady Blacktronika)
  2. Honeymoon Ballad
  3. Destructive Poison Everywhere
Review: Stepping up to the plate for Germany's Nsyde imprint, Skymark reaches out to Lady Balcktronika to help him out with a wonderfully jagged approach to boogie infused house music, not least on the lead track "Use Me". There are synths flying all over the place in the loosest kind of funk, from cheeky Moog trills to unconscious chord stabs, all stitched together in an authentically soulful way. "Honeymoon Ballad" is a more techy affair, featuring more of the same bonkers synth action but in a more forward-thrusting and low-passing way. "Destructive Poison Everywhere" finds a space somewhere in between its two predecessors, although it's definitely still more catered to the linear dancefloor.
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 in stock $8.49
Automated Reasoning EP (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: DESVIO 0002015. Rel: 12 Jan 18
  1. Tranquil Horizon (7:30)
  2. Chromosphere (Wayne Gardiner remix) (7:09)
  3. Suenos De Sagar (Ambi Spa mix) (7:28)
  4. L (Visionary mix) (8:27)
 in stock $11.16
No Regrets feat Lexy Panterra (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SM 009. Rel: 20 Jul 15
  1. No Regrets feat Lexy Panterra (Original mix) (5:38)
  2. No Regrets feat Lexy Panterra (Simon Baker’s BKR Projekt remix) (6:42)
Review: For our second vinyl release of the summer, we see SLF and JAG (a.k.a Stephane Lefrancois and Jameson Gilvarry) team up with Lexy Panterra on "No Regrets".

The original mix is a beautiful, balearic, uplifting jewel. Lexy's pristine and evocative vocals ride over a bouncy, smooth backing track with plenty of dynamics and musical ear candy. This is a new school take on the classic love song, perfect for sunrises and sunsets. A dance floor filler with soul !

Simon Baker is on remixing duties, as BKR Projekt. He gives the song a complete techno twist, with a relentless, hypnotic groove. The distorted drums give it a driving, warehouse vibe, while the loopy layers of dubbed out vocals creep in, ghostly and haunting. This one is for the big rooms !

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 in stock $5.30
Cat: VIB 008. Rel: 01 Sep 14
  1. Party Over
  2. West Sonic Vibe
  3. Party Over (Inkswel remix)
Review: Slight Delay aka Tiago makes a welcome addition to the Vibrations camp with this supreme e.p of leftfield house. 'West Sonic Vibe' is a deep eastern infused tropical gem with 'Party Over' taking on a harder edge on the same mystical journey. Oz producer of the moment Inkswel takes on the remix duties and rocks 'Party Over' into a slower funked up, bass line heavy trip via Sugarhill.
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 in stock $6.64
Bedroom Jams EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: XK 005. Rel: 07 Nov 16
  1. Sampling Morning Jam (6:30)
  2. Sippin Beer & Rolling Joints (5:58)
  3. The Rotel Recorder That Keep Stopping (7:05)
  4. Finally A Good Jam With The New Sequencer (5:19)
 in stock $9.83
Cat: BMCT 002. Rel: 26 Sep 17
  1. Due V2 (5:54)
  2. Bus N53 (5:00)
  3. Another Random Morning (4:42)
  4. No Matter What You Think (5:30)
Played by: Evan Michael, Jock Club
$10.62 SAVE 25%
 in stock $7.96
Cat: EBEAMZ 013. Rel: 01 Aug 17
  1. If Your Girl Only Knew (5:17)
  2. Just Move Your Body (4:52)
  3. Bigger Than Me (5:04)
  4. Where To Begin (4:17)
 in stock $9.83
Tacotac EP (12")
Cat: MSR 009. Rel: 13 Mar 15
  1. La Gallite (6:24)
  2. Black November (7:39)
  3. Tacotac (8:31)
  4. Open Your Hands (Aaron Carl & DJ Mourad Warmth 313 mix) (7:38)
  5. Funky Brothers (7:15)
$9.30 SAVE 50%
 in stock $4.65
Lost In Space (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: BC 013303. Rel: 02 Oct 15
  1. Lost In Space (original) (8:15)
  2. Lost In Space (ML edit) (9:22)
Review: San Francisco's Dimitri LHP returned to action for the first time in a decade earlier this year, teaming up with folksy vocalist Elise Gargalikis under the Slope 114 alias. Their debut 12", a self-pressed, white label affair, was rather impressive. This follow-up for Monty Luke's Black Catalogue imprint isn't too shabby, either. The A-side original version is particularly beguiling, with Gargalikis' haunting vocals seemingly foating over a heavy, sub-bothering acid bassline, sparse electronics and a fizzing, cymbal heavy drum machine rhythm. Monty Luke provides a slightly tougher, heavier, locked-in dancefloor edit on the flip, wisely making the most of Dimitri LHP's killer bassline and hissing percussion.
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 in stock $10.36
My Jams (12")
Cat: PM 010. Rel: 15 Jun 16
  1. Wrong (5:40)
  2. Sleaze (4:42)
  3. Bang (DJ Honesty mix) (6:36)
  4. Bang (5:09)
 in stock $8.77
Tyranny Of Fun EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: FINA 018. Rel: 30 Mar 15
  1. The Skin Horse
  2. Cupboard Of Love
  3. Honey
Review: FINA Records presents 'Tyranny of Fun', the debut EP from Slow Learner. The coining of the new alias 'Slow Learner', marks a new chapter and musical direction for an already established artist who is by no means new to the game. Preferring to start afresh and steer clear from associations, the somewhat reclusive figure from the South Coast is now focused instead on allowing his new output to speak solely for itself. And his debut release under his new pseudonym achieves just that. 'Tyranny of Fun' is an accomplished sonic offering that reveals a versatile sound characterized by original combinations of samples, depth and range. The EPs opener, 'The Skin Horse' is surely one for the after afters - a dark and off kilter growler of a track whose prevailing bassline and waltz time beat provide a brooding backdrop and relentless rolling nod to its intricate fusion of dissident chords, dusty synths and jazz stabs. On the flip side, an unpredictable 'Cupboard Love' starts muted and deep but soon surprises, opening out into a warm and progressive feel-good groove. Mixing things up again, Slow Learner impulsively cuts up the flow 4 minutes in with a funk-filled refrain, leaving the track dancing in and around dirtier disco territories. Last up, a made for vinyl 'Honey' goes deeper still; a delectably crafted down tempo offering whose syrupy vocals stir and evocative cross-rhythm synths, coupled with the vintage analogue percussion, ooze an unmistakable old 90's deep house sound.

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 in stock $3.50
Samus (12")
Cat: S7G 002. Rel: 13 May 16
  1. Slufter - "Samus" (5:21)
  2. Ben Christensen - "Fasa" (5:51)
  3. Track 3 (5:41)
 in stock $11.42
  1. Omri Smadar & Obas Nenor - "Emotions" (6:15)
  2. Kali Boog - "Diminished State" (6:48)
  3. Kalbata - "You'll Never Find Love" (6:50)
  4. Obas Nenor - "Afternoon Walk" (7:11)
Played by: Kalbata, Obas Nenor
 in stock $10.10
Cat: LO 153. Rel: 22 Mar 17
  1. Ping Pong Love (3:46)
  2. Backstreet (5:34)
  3. Ping Pong Love (World Air Hybrid mix) (5:55)
  4. Message 045 (3:32)
Review: Simbad Stanislas has enjoyed a fine start to 2017, with copies of his first outing on Funkineven's Apron label simply flying off the shelves. Here he transfers to Lo Recordings to deliver another collection of eccentric, off-kilter, hard-to-pin-down dancefloor treats. Stanislas' stock-in-trade is combining dusty, MPC-powered house rhythms with quirky, left-of-centre sounds. This fusion can be heard loud and clear on "Ping Pong Love", where a soulful vocal sample is combining with weirdo electronics and thrusting analogue noises, and amongst the intergalactic synths, bubbly electronics and bizarre spoken word samples of ambient closer "Message 045". There's a slightly breezier, break-of-dawn feel to the overwhelmingly loved-up World Air Hybird Remix of "Ping Pong Love", while "Backstreet" is a jolly, jammed-out chunk of loose-limbed deep house positivity.
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Played by: Dave Aju
$9.83 SAVE 30%
 in stock $6.88
Summer (12")
Cat: GAMM 110. Rel: 10 May 17
  1. Bootsy - "Rather Be With You" (Alphabets Heaven X SMBD remix) (8:50)
  2. Mike Lowrey Vs SMBD - "Summertime" (4:14)
  3. Colonel Abrams - "Table 42" (SMBD Tribute) (4:25)
Review: SMBD aka Simbad is back on GAMM again after a longer break and said to be planning a few EPs with seasonal themes for the label. The first EP as you might expect delivers three tasteful season influenced reworks and remixes which the label claims will 'be your perfect DJ weapons over the Summer months.' If the Afro broken beat groove of Bootsy's "Rather Be With You" (Alphabets Heaven X SMBD remix) won't do it for you, or the super soulful Colonel Abrams tribute "Table 42" (SMBD Tribute) does not grab your attention, guaranteed that the stunning 4/4 rework with Mike Lowrey of Jazzy Jeff's Summer classic "Summertime" has the potential to be a huge tune in the coming months.
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 in stock $9.30
Smiley Virus EP (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: AAACID 001. Rel: 09 Oct 14
  1. Guantanamo Bay!
  2. Zombie!
  3. MOAB (Mothers Of All Bombs)!
  4. Shabari
$9.30 SAVE 25%
 in stock $6.97
 in stock $10.36
Cat: SOUTH 004. Rel: 09 May 18
  1. Love Endeavor (Maurice Fulton remix) (6:09)
  2. Love Endeavor (Maurice Fulton remix instrumental) (6:09)
Review: For lovers, for dreamers, for anyone who knows a beautiful remix when they hear one... Maurice Fulton adds his magic to Alice's gospel-level 2006 album finale "Love Endeavour". That lavish piano hook, those powerful layered backing vocals and Alice's striking, yearning lead are all paid full respect by Fulton as he colours in the spaces with his warm signature discoid soul. Quintessential remix business with an instrumental thrown in for good measure. Feel the love.
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 in stock $10.10
Cat: STILLM 004. Rel: 18 Apr 17
  1. A Message For The DJ (5:33)
  2. Inception Dub (7:48)
  3. A Message For The DJ (Jimpster Red Light remix) (7:27)
Review: Delano Smith's "A Message For The DJ" was first released in a distant 2005 haze, but the EP has remained a classic ever since. That's because it's a prime example of the combined powers of old-school Detroit techno and more contemporary waves of European deep house; Smith is a master of this artform, and this particular release, out on Detroit's own Still Music, has the ability to please all sorts of listeners and club-dwellers. The lead tune is full-bodied groove, taking inspiration from the US' heritage, but taking the percussion that one bit closer to what many would term 'minimal'. "Inception Dub" is just as classy and laid-back, a dreamy house assemblage with seductive jazzy nuances, leaving main man Jimpster to remix "A Message For The DJ" into a more driving, more charging tech-house monster that is perhaps the pinnacle of the entire subgenre. A piece of contemporary dance music history, right here...
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 in stock $9.30
1 (12")
Cat: 89GHOST 003. Rel: 08 Jun 15
  1. Bombay
  2. Fumo
Review: No fires were lit during the production of these tracks. 21 years BC. I don't need those defibrillators. Be kind, go vegan. 300 copies for the universe. Love is the answer. Nail x.
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Played by: ESB, NAIL, Sascha Dive
$6.64 SAVE 25%
 in stock $4.98
  1. The Absence Of Insects
  2. White Walls
  3. The Meguro River By Night
Review: repress of this sought after classic.
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 in stock $9.83
Cat: PMR 007. Rel: 09 Nov 17
  1. Something True (6:18)
  2. Love Groove (7:14)
  3. Ooh Baby (2017) (7:12)
  4. Vibe Me (7:16)
 in stock $10.10
  1. Andreas Henneberg - "AYD" (Lutzenkirchen remix)
  2. Andreas Henneberg - "AYD" (original)
  3. Andreas Henneberg - "AYD" (Elektro Ebert remix)
  4. The Glitz - "All The Ladies" (original mix)
  5. The Glitz - "All The Ladies" (Simon Baker remix)
  6. The Glitz - "Windy City" (original mix)
  7. Sneak Thief - "Body Militia"
  8. Sneak Thief - "Body Militia" (Maru & Comix 8mm remix)
 in stock $9.30
ORS 2400 (hand-numbered hand-stamped pink vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ORS 2400. Rel: 11 Jan 16
  1. So Late - "Mutin" (5:44)
  2. Savvas - "The Other Side" (8:08)
  3. Crooks & Lovers - "Yaiza" (6:10)
  4. Grizzly - "Juli Im August" (10:17)
 in stock $9.03
So Long 15 (1-sided stamped vinyl 12")
Cat: SOLONG 15. Rel: 05 Aug 15
  1. So Long 15 (6:47)
$6.91 SAVE 50%
 in stock $3.45
Jupiter Masterdrive Edits (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: WOTEP 018X. Rel: 14 Oct 15
  1. Flight Formation (Danny Krivit edit) (7:08)
  2. Flight Formation (Glenn Astro edit) (5:21)
  3. Step Overs (Danvers remix) (5:53)
Review: Brighton jazz/soul two piece Soccer96 get a makeover for their Jupiter Masterdrive release from 2014. NYC's legendary Danny Krivit gives "Flight Formation" a re-edit that only a true master of the artform truly can. He definitely emphasises the best parts of the track, not to mention all the uplifting soulfulness of it.. like he does! Berlin's purveyor of dusty hip-hop influenced deep house Glenn Astro also steps up to resplice the source material of said track too, giving it his Midas touch. Finally Danvers does a remix of "Step Overs" and does a fine job, remaking the track into a deep funky house jam that honours the late nineties sound, vaguely reminiscent of the French Touch style.
Read more
 in stock $9.55
Early Bird EP (limited 12")
Cat: EBEAMZ 023. Rel: 17 Apr 18
  1. Yellow Flower (5:13)
  2. Early Bird (feat Module One) (6:29)
  3. Notes From The Airport (5:01)
  4. Haze (5:27)
 in stock $10.10
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