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Back Catalogue: Deep House

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Jus Groove It 001 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: JUSG 001.
  1. West Feel
  2. Beyond The basics
Review: Jus Groove It is a new label launched by Rhythm&Soul where he'll release his own productions and collaborations with other House Chefs and friends. A record label focused on new grooves, tight beats, hypnotic sounds and modern House music. First release comes by himself, two tracks, one per side. Both combining west coast house flavors with modern and organic house grooves. West Feel and Beyond the Basics are both made to shake your body and warm your floor! Music made for Dj's and Groove lovers.
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Cat: BMX 2/50619. Rel: 22 Mar 06
  1. Lightning Storm (Francois K remix)
  2. Free For All (Soundstream remix)
  3. Let Jah Love Come (Sweet Substance remix)
 in stock $16.45
  1. Rhythm 2 Soul - "Soul Catcher" (5:48)
  2. Colkin - "Boston Illegal" (6:39)
  3. MHCrew - "I Remember Aus" (feat Krabah) (6:13)
  4. PTR Zoo - "Lombok" (5:27)
Review: A new concept here for Berlin based disco/house label founded by Deep88: 12Records. On Underground Is The New Upperclass EP, the title says it all: here are four emerging artists with their fresh and natural idea of house music that's keeping it real: no pictures, no posers. From Rhythm 2 Soul's tribute to 808 State on "Soul Catcher" and the gritty lo-slung acid of Colkin's "Boston Illegal" on the A side. The flip features the sensual and evocative deepness of Modena's MHCrew with "I Remember Aus" (featuring Krabah) and lastly PTR Zoo with the neon-lit "Lombok" taking its cues from hip-house and new jack swing.
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Cat: R 2026. Rel: 16 Apr 11
  1. Tribe (Atjazz remix)
  2. Tribe (Atjazz Assessment dub)
  3. Guitar Suite (Alton Miller remix)
  4. Fade Away (DJ D's dubplate mix)
 in stock $7.67
Dreams (12")
Cat: SMALLVILLE 53. Rel: 14 Dec 17
  1. Dreams (5:57)
  2. Into Your Eyes (5:46)
  3. Dreams (Cosmic Garden rework) (5:38)
  4. U (5:41)
 in stock $9.33
Lean (12")
Cat: PFTV 001. Rel: 09 Apr 18
  1. Lean Part 2 (original 2002 mix)
  2. Lean Part 1 (original 2002 mix)
  3. Lean (Rhythm Plate Leaner remix)
Review: REPRESS ALERT!!! Matlock's finest Rhythm Plate resurface brandishing a new label in Pressed For Time, and what better way to inaugurate it than revisiting one of their key tracks. Released back in 2002 on the Mantis label run by Atjazz, "Lean Part 2" was a wonderfully sleazy slab of deepness notable for the lascivious vocal hook that hung slinkily over the production throughout. It still sounds superb some 13 years on and is backed with an unreleased version that was done in the same period, along with deliciously freaky new "Leaner" mix from the pair.

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 in stock $7.67
No More (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PFTV 007PART1. Rel: 18 Jan 16
  1. No More (Rhythm Plate remix) (7:19)
  2. No More (Goshawk vocal Flight) (7:37)
  3. No More (HomePark Reach-Around reduction) (7:12)
  4. No More (Maad Maxx Traxxe Jaxx) (7:00)
Review: After a geographically imposed hiatus (the travel links between Nottingham and Hong Kong are intermittent to say the least) Pressed For Time label bosses Rhythm Plate are back with a new project featuring Massive Attack/Presence vocalist Sarah Jay. The original mix of 'No More' is a moody house roller with some trademark Rhythm Plate chord progressions and speaker thumping bass frequencies. Using chopped up licks of Sarah Jay's vocal to introduce the groove it subtly segues into the main vocal and then builds to a euphoric climax complete with strings and synth flourishes. The Goshawk (50% Rhythm Plate DNA) Vocal Flight treads a more New Jersey deep garage vibe with swinging hats, lush warm chords, bumping bassline and chopped up sax. One for the late night, locked in crew. Homepark (Ornate/Third Strike) go for a more party vibe with tougher drums and a Mr Fingers style bassline. A proper dub mix if you will. Finally, Mad Maxx Traxx are baxxx on PFT with a speaker damaging Dance Mania style drum track. No messing. Rumour has it there may be some more of 'No More' watch this space.
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 in stock $6.57
No More (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PFTV 007PART2. Rel: 15 Feb 16
  1. No More (Rob Mello No Ears vocal remix)
  2. No More (Goshawk Disco remix)
  3. No More (YSE Saint Laur'Ant remix)
  4. No More (Situation remix)
Review: "It's not often you get to work with vocalists of Sarah Jay's calibre (Massive Attack/Presence) so here at PFT we decided to enlist some heavyweight talent to make the most of this opportunity. Kicking off the second EP we have the one and only Rob Mello (Classic/Defected/Crosstown Rebels) on remix duties. To say we are excited about this is an understatement (we are very excited). The No Ears Vocal mix is a proper anthem with elements of deep house, 80s boogie and nu-disco to these ears. Matt RiVEM aka Goshawk is up next with a 110bpm disco mix complete with chunky drums, Chic style live guitar (thanks Martyn Bentley!) and signature chord progressions. Real nice warm up/calm down tackle with enough oomph to be played LOUD. Ant Plate turns in a phenomenal YSE Saint Laur'ant reversion that channels house (obviously), punk funk and dub disco into a floor filling underground monster. Some particularly interesting drum fills and percussion take the track to another level. Finally, Situation come complete with a delicious live broken beat number in radio edit format. Think Schmoov/Atjazz era DIY and you are there or thereabouts."
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 in stock $6.57
  1. YSE - "99% Invisible"
  2. YSE Saint Laur'Ant - "When You Love Me"
  3. Rhythm Plate - "I Think I've Dreamed This Before"
Review: Rhythm Plate's re-emergence through their Pressed For Time label continues apace on this second release, a split 12" that pairs a new cut from Matlock's finest with solo productions from Ant Plate as YSE and YSE Saint Laurent. Hissy warehouse beats, simple chord vamps and Rapturous oh-vocals characterise YSE's dryish yet muscular "99% Invisible", whilst Plate's YSE Saint Laurent contribution "When You Love Me" pairs some R&B vocal sampling with drawn out synths and wispy percussion placed on top of a grooving bassline similar to Bernard Badie's '09 Mojuba hit "Move To The Beat". Rhythm Plate's submission, "I Think I've Dreamed This Before" adds a warming calmness to the EP, allowing a spirited synth line to traverse its arrangement like a geisha float-walking through an Japanese garden of snowy arpeggios and moss covered basslines.

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 in stock $6.57
Cat: AS 001. Rel: 11 Oct 17
  1. Confidence Is An Illusion (5:17)
  2. I Know I Can Be A High Roller (5:16)
  3. I Want Your Love (5:47)
  4. Poor Eye Contact (5:09)
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 in stock $7.61
Cat: MET 006. Rel: 30 May 18
  1. Urania (4:37)
  2. Eroma (6:05)
  3. Lemuria (7:07)
  4. Ianoda (6:33)
Review: Metropolita recordings is a label based in London, founded as an outlet for the recordings of Riccardo Buccirossi - who also happens to run the Imprints label that has released work by legends such as 100Hz and Ivan Iacobucci. Riccardo himself clearly has a penchant for the old-school sounds of classic techno and electro, as heard on the All Things Are One EP. "Urania" features a nice contrast between the clang and clatter of analogue drum computers and sampled latin polyrhythms - all sandwiched between the blips and bleeps. Additionally on the flip, you can hop aboard the acid express for the tripped out "Eroma" or be hypnotised by some mad Juno 106 action on the wacky "Ianoda".
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 in stock $12.62
  1. Message From The Tribe (3:14)
  2. Goodbye (4:18)
 in stock $7.96
Duff Groove EP (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: DPTX 013. Rel: 16 May 18
  1. Come Real (6:10)
  2. U & Me (5:14)
  3. Nergi Flo (6:19)
  4. Gypsy Smith II (9:22)
Played by: SEELIE
 in stock $12.89
Break Free (12")
Cat: JOLLYJAMS 042. Rel: 29 Nov 17
  1. Break Free (6:48)
  2. Break Free (Organ) (6:49)
  3. Clear Water (Luke Solomon Body edit) (7:43)
Review: In case his chosen artistic moniker isn't clear enough, we can confirm that producer Richard Galling is from Milwaukee. All joking aside, his previous workouts on Jolly Jams have all been exemplary, so we're expecting big things from "Break Free". Thrillingly, his original version is something of a sweaty and sleazy peak-time treat, with Galling layering Denise Burton's classic house style vocals and meandering organ lines atop waves of TB-303 acid lines, sharp rave stabs and a particularly dirty, arpeggio style bassline. Speaking of organ lines, these are brought to the fore on the Mood 2 Swing-ish "Break Free (Organ)", while the flipside boasts a cheeky and rather good re-edit of "Clear Water" by sometime Classic co-founder and Freaks producer Luke Solomon.
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 in stock $9.33
Cat: BARN 010. Rel: 14 Dec 17
  1. Sad But True (10:11)
  2. Sad But Dub (7:42)
  3. Dub But Sad (4:29)
 in stock $9.33
Cat: DOWNBEAT 05. Rel: 17 Aug 11
  1. September Rain
  2. September Rain (Urtzi remix)
  3. Stage
  4. Ciclico
Review: Having shared duties with everyone's fantasy music tutor Mike Huckaby on a previous Downbeat release, Jose Rico returns to the label with a three track solo endeavour backed with an Urtzi remix. Reputedly the end result of self imposed exile with all manner of analogue equipment and MPCs, Yagoba Itzoiten impresses from the off. "September Rain" references the gentle key dynamics of Larry Heard, yet Rico's own warm chord arrangements and subtle drum placement lift the track beyond the realm of Mr Fingers pastiche. Urtzi's remix switches up the feel of the groove for a more dusty bottom heavy sensation, yet still retains the original's sense of melodic warmth. Check the flip for the restrained Hammond heavy vibes of "Stage" and the shimmering melodic brilliance that is "Cicilo".
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 in stock $9.87
Declaration Of Intent EP (12" + hand-stamped insert)
Cat: AMBIWA 1. Rel: 15 Sep 15
  1. Ghana (Africa) (6:53)
  2. Dela Loop (Fuck Space LB mix) (10:20)
  3. Tubucle (5:27)
  4. Bloody Warrior (10:40)
 in stock $9.87
Cat: OMR 09. Rel: 17 Nov 16
  1. Long To Nowhere (7:50)
  2. Community (9:57)
  3. Dreams With The Mirror Planet (10:28)
 in stock $8.77
Deja Vu (hand-stamped heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: DOWNBEAT 011. Rel: 12 Jul 17
  1. Creia (8:31)
  2. Consciously (6:40)
  3. The Cave (7:39)
  4. Analog (8:54)
Review: Jose Rico is part of the Madrid based Downbeat, Freebeat and Shubaka Records. In addition, he has also released on Semantica, Ambiwa and Off Minor Recordings in recent times. Deja Vu is the 11th Downbeat installment and continues to explore a similarly retro route like his recent works: calling to mind the zeitgeist of early '90s deep techno on labels like Peacefrog. Here we have four emotional and spacey tracks, made by old synths and samplers. Starting off with the soothing ambient tones of "Crei'a" and the deeply hypnotic groove of "Consciously", the B side also offers more slow motion delights in the form of the evocative "The Cave" until the EPs finest moment arrives in the form of groovy deep house closer "Analog".
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 in stock $7.82
Cat: FR 003. Rel: 13 Feb 17
  1. Jose Rico - "Orion" (9:27)
  2. Cygnuss - "Journey To Outertape" (8:28)
  3. Diego Perrison - "Restless Ride" (8:16)
Review: Spanish deep tech label Future Reactions are beginning to pick up serious pace. Now on their third release, it's a fully international affair with three superb constructions. First up is Madrid's Jose Rico with a relentless, progressive bed of atmospheres that majestically opens up with vibrant synths when you least expect it. Jose also appears with Leonid as Cygnuss whose "Journey To Outertape" adds roomy space between the star-gazing pad to fully hypnotic affect. "Restless Ride" flies us 6000 miles due south west to Buenos Aires for a classic Trax-style synth jam with just the right edge of sinewy acid. Powerful.
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 in stock $10.15
Cat: PPC 004. Rel: 25 Aug 17
  1. Doomsday (4:50)
  2. Shine (5:24)
  3. Perfect Day (5:00)
  4. Shine (Sonderr remix) (6:29)
 in stock $9.33
Walking Dad EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: WPTMWL 01. Rel: 22 Aug 16
  1. Walking Dad
  2. Last Horizont (feat Sinderesi)
  3. Walking Dad (S.A.M. Reshape)
Review: We Play The Music We Love is an Italian and Uk based party that after 7 years of activity has decided to start with its own vinyl only label. The first release comes from one of the founders and resident DJ of the collective: RILLS. He clearly stamping his mark on the label with two solid tracks to launch things with some claut.

The two original tracks, one featuring Sinderesi, explore some dubby house territory with mesmerising chords that will be appreciated on any demanding dancefloor.

The additional remix is from the producer of the moment: Samuel Andre Madsen a.k.a. S.A.M. (Oscillat, Delaphine, Mandar, Fathers and Sons).
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 in stock $8.77
Cat: MF 1603. Rel: 29 Jun 16
  1. Let Me Beat U (5:09)
  2. Werka 8 (5:23)
  3. Holy Flesh (4:40)
  4. Hold Up, Hold On (4:54)
 in stock $8.77
Houz Low EP (hand-stamped marbled blue vinyl 12" + sticker)
Cat: MFV 04. Rel: 05 Sep 17
  1. Howz Low (5:32)
  2. Track 2 (5:12)
  3. Listen Up (4:30)
  4. Why The Hype (4:23)
  5. 707020 (3:51)
Review: Rimbaudian aka DJ Seinfeld is back again on Meda Fury, with more lo-fi house sounds to truly bang the party! This will mark his third release in a year for the R&S sublabel, alongside releases on Ten Thousand Yen, Natural Sciences and E-Beamz: pretty credible really! Starting off the Houz Low EP is the title track: a hard hitting affair full of punchy, dusted down rhythms and evocative keys. Then prepare to get down to the retro rave of "Track 2". Pretty stomping this one was, with its ferocious breaks and classic rave stabs: where's the hoover? On the flip, the highlights were the unearthed speed garage anthem "Listen Up" and yet more neon lit retro '80's fare on "707020".
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 in stock $10.96
Cat: RB 058. Rel: 12 Nov 15
  1. Come Out Of Your Comfort Zone (6:01)
  2. Feel What You Want (6:34)
  3. Movement Is My Friend (6:19)
Review: For the latest audio missive on his largely impressive Running Back imprint, Gerd Jansen has turned to Berlin-based newcomer Bring Ring. As debut singles go, The Movements EP is pretty good, with Ring displayed a knack for producing atmospheric, slowly evolving deep house. He begins with the clattering, retro-futurist shuffle of "Come Out Of Your Comfort Zone", where snappy, jackin' analogue beats rub shoulders with sustained, one-note riffs and a bustling bassline. He goes deeper on "Feel What You Want", layering delay-laden spoken word vocal snippets and wavering, deep space chords over an unfussy groove. Finally, he doffs a cap to the disco roots of Chicago house with the chunky "Movement Is Your Friend".
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 in stock $9.33
XXX 005 (12")
Cat: XXX 005. Rel: 06 Jun 18
  1. Big Town Boy Small City Dreams (6:43)
  2. Crumbling Chasm (6:24)
  3. Big Town Boy Small City Dreams (Jason Kendig remix) (6:37)
  4. Safe Space (6:39)
Played by: SHMLSS
 in stock $11.52
  1. Brian Ring - "He's A Part-Time Player, She's A Full-Time Hustler" (5:27)
  2. Brian Ring - "Second Base" (6:38)
  3. Bridge Guy - "Thelma" (4:27)
  4. Bridge Guy - "Living There" (5:20)
Played by: DJ Raw Sugar
 in stock $10.70
Cat: LYO 005. Rel: 03 Apr 18
  1. Lacrima Rossa (6:31)
  2. Tromb Horn (6:12)
  3. MSH (6:12)
  4. Les Balearek (6:55)
Review: Since debuting back in 2013, Ringard (AKA Rennes-based producer Baptiste Leterte) has never strayed beyond the confines of his Dance Around 88 label. Until now, that is. Here, he pitches up on Parisian imprint Les Yeux Orange with a wonderfully deep and spaced-out EP. Interestingly, each of the four tracks comes blessed with oodles of intergalactic atmosphere, with drifting chords, pads and gentle melodies seemingly floating above incessant drum machine rhythms. This fusion is best regarded on opener "Lacrima Rossa", though the dreamier and more distorted "MSH" is almost as impressive. Also worth checking is slo-mo closer "Les Balearak", a pitched-down deep house number inspired by the White Isle that's more heart-breaking than Balearic.
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 in stock $10.96
Cat: DA 8814. Rel: 15 Feb 18
  1. Danse Avec Les Loops (8:38)
  2. Ryngar Est Chauve (6:16)
  3. Graviora Manent (7:50)
 in stock $11.52
Cat: TEAR 005. Rel: 01 Dec 14
  1. Marianne
  2. Naomi
  3. Beyond The Hills
Played by: Kid Who
$12.35 SAVE 50%
 in stock $6.17
Cat: DPC 0631. Rel: 29 Jun 16
  1. Friends (School Of 303 mix) (7:51)
  2. Seven Deadly Synths (5:58)
  3. Dirtee Groove (8:57)
  4. SP1 (300 Tool mix) (3:58)
 in stock $8.50
For You Are Be Free (reissue) (hand-stamped clear vinyl 7" (plays inside-out))
Cat: KRISTOFFERSON 0015. Rel: 18 Aug 17
  1. For You Are Be Free (club edit) (6:08)
  2. In My Heart Of Hearts (remix) (5:38)
 in stock $6.57
Message (reissue) (hand-stamped clear vinyl 7" (plays inside-out))
Cat: KRISTOFFERSON 0025. Rel: 18 Aug 17
  1. Message (Remind 7" edit) (6:05)
  2. Underground Yeah! (7" edit) (6:04)
 in stock $6.57
Live (reissue) (hand-stamped clear vinyl 7")
  1. TT#1 (6:10)
  2. TT#2 (5:16)
 in stock $6.57
Lost Memories (reissue) (hand-stamped clear vinyl 7")
  1. Lost Memories
  2. In My Mind (5:37)
 in stock $6.57
Bar 64 (hand-numbered orange vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: SCOOP 002. Rel: 05 Apr 17
  1. Bar 64 (6:36)
  2. Bar 64 (Samplecity dub remix) (6:08)
  3. Bar 64 (Ridney remix) (5:26)
  4. Bar 64 (Alain Ho's Otherside remix) (8:25)
 in stock $10.43
Cat: D6 205. Rel: 30 Jan 18
  1. Ugruvsteady (Rekanan 1) (2:55)
  2. Tayamum (1:31)
  3. Nightshift (They All Say That) (4:19)
  4. Karawitan Bubar (Rekanan 2) (4:30)
  5. Sains Dan Teknologi (3:18)
  6. Nohlamabad (3:03)
 in stock $10.96
Cat: NS 002. Rel: 08 Jan 16
  1. Spring Rain Soup (7:11)
  2. Hot GrapeFruit (6:25)
Review: Japan's Nice & Slow live up to their name. They aren't the most productive of labels - their first and last EP having come out back in 2013 - but what they do put out is quality, and we applaud any label who approaches the game in such a way. "Spring Rain Soup" is the leading track by ROA, an enigmatic house conjurer, and it's a gorgeous, sun-kissed deep house bomb carried forwards by a warm baseline, echoing chords, and stunning piano keys. Over on side B, "Hot Grapefruit" is more tropical in texture, and more broken in structure, but it's still as soothing and memorable as ever.
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 in stock $6.26
Cat: SMALLVILLE 31. Rel: 29 Aug 12
  1. Our Dream Of...
  2. Believe In Reflecting (Smallpeople remix)
  3. Believe In Reflecting
 in stock $9.33
Cat: NMR 008. Rel: 24 Jan 18
  1. Pain & Pleasure (8:41)
  2. Nope, Not Today (7:44)
 in stock $9.33
New Sensation (limited 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: SE 1009. Rel: 22 Nov 16
  1. New Sensation (7:11)
  2. New Sensation (Tom Noble remix) (6:04)
Review: Since making his debut earlier this year, Canadian producer Roberto Steenkamer has delivered vital material on Good Timin', No Bad Days and Red Motorbike. He rounds of 2016 with arguably his strongest single yet, the tactile, Balearic-minded dancefloor goodness of "New Sensation". Constructed out of dexterous, bouncy, Max D style drum machine rhythms and fluttering, new age influenced synthesizer melodies, it dozily floats between blissful breakdowns and crunchy, club-ready grooves. Label boss Tom Noble delivers the obligatory flipside remix, which effortlessly joins the dots between the spacey, far-sighted futurism of Motor City techno, and the tactile grooves of early New York house.
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$15.09 SAVE 30%
 in stock $10.56
Cat: COMP 436-1. Rel: 20 Jun 14
  1. The Game Is Now Over (Cocolores remix)
  2. The Game Is Now Over (original)
  3. The Game Is Now Over (Anushka remix)
  4. The Game Is Now Over (Lukas Bohlender remix)
$9.87 SAVE 55%
 in stock $4.44
Cat: MUR 001. Rel: 24 Apr 17
  1. 89's (6:26)
  2. Analogue Friday (6:45)
  3. Rose Malade (7:30)
  4. People (6:54)
 in stock $9.87
Worst Love (12")
Cat: OFF 0316. Rel: 10 May 12
  1. Worst Love
  2. Worst Love (Doctor Dru remix)
  3. Worst Love (Fritz Zander remix)
  4. Thankful
 in stock $9.60
Cat: KOR 044T. Rel: 29 Sep 17
  1. Hang With Me (Axel Boman remix) (6:01)
  2. Stars 4 Ever (Zhala & Heal The World remix) (3:51)
 in stock $10.15
Cat: KOR 47T. Rel: 06 Oct 17
  1. Indestructible (The Black Madonna remix) (8:30)
  2. Main Thing (Mr Tophat remix) (6:01)
  3. Indestructible (The Black Madonna dub) (8:30)
 in stock $10.15
Cat: AFR 07. Rel: 16 Oct 17
  1. L Gee's Stories (main mix) (7:57)
  2. L Gee's Stories (Piano mix) (7:43)
  3. It's Like That (5:49)
  4. Mars Ou Mars (5:53)
 in stock $10.43
Cat: COS 004. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Palta Con Crema (dubmasters Electro dub mix) (7:42)
  2. Palta Con Crema (6:31)
  3. Palta Con Crema (Eddie C remix) (6:59)
Review: Argentina's Cosmica welcomes Mexican duo Rocco & Esquivel for this deliciously fresh and fruity disco piece. Translating to avocados and cream, "Palta Con Creme" slaps and tickles with a succulent synth funk vibe that's not dissimilar to Silver City's 20/20 output in the mid 2000s. Playful and hooky, its freeform style lends itself both to the chugging deep space Dubmasters Electro mix and a darker, tech-laced twist from Red Motorbike-riding Eddie C. Full cream ahead!
Read more
Played by: Eddie C, ESQUIVeL
 in stock $12.06
  1. 'Cause Of Loving (Marek Hemmann remix)
  2. Lax Sax (Philipp Stoya remix)
  3. The Temple (Panthera Krause remix)
  4. 'Cause Of Loving (Talski remix)
Played by: Mystic Rock
 in stock $8.50
Cat: COMP 4901. Rel: 09 Mar 17
  1. Hold On (Deetron dub) (6:12)
  2. Dawn Of The Day (Snacks remix) (5:50)
  3. With Your Love (Quarion remix) (7:03)
  4. Hold On (M.ono & Luvless remix) (7:00)
 in stock $6.86
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