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Back Catalogue: Deep House

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Cat: 4 SE. Rel: 27 Aug 14
  1. Silon Noir
  2. Silon Noir (Professor Hades VMC 207 dub)
Played by: Agnostic Rhythm
 in stock $8.77
HTI 003 (12")
Cat: HTI 003. Rel: 03 Jan 17
  1. Program10 - "Madliberty" (6:03)
  2. Program10 - "Lax" (5:51)
  3. DJ Declerk - "No Sleep At All" (7:13)
 in stock $9.03
Kinks (12")
Cat: MERC 014. Rel: 15 Jan 13
  1. Kinks
  2. Boy In The Straw Hat
  3. Umbrella Creature
Review: Mark E's burgeoning understanding with keyboardist Nat Woodcock inspires a second release under the Project E banner in the shape of the three track Kinks EP, released on his own Merc imprint once again. Anyone who checked the debut release will know Project E comes imbued with a cosmic wanderlust, and this is most evident here on the soaring synth work that drives "Umbrella Creature". With humming pads, tender arpeggios and effervescent bleeps there's plenty of eyes closed transcendence to be enjoyed with that particular track, while the title number opts for a more seductive late night tone offset by the oddball vocal mantra from quaint English vocalist Greg Bird. "Boy In The Straw Hat" sits more in nagging Detroit house vein, full of roughly hewn drums and blue-note keys that would sit comfortably alongside Omar-S in a more mellow frame of mind.
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 in stock $7.70
Cat: TCLR 027. Rel: 06 Apr 18
  1. Napoletana (4:40)
  2. Remind Me Tomorrow (6:31)
  3. Last Day (2:29)
  4. Less & Less
  5. I Heard You Breathing
 in stock $9.30
Cat: TCLR 025. Rel: 18 Oct 17
  1. Is It Dry? (6:31)
  2. No Sweat (6:01)
  3. You Know (7:29)
  4. Oh Fer Sure (6:00)
Review: Having spent the last few years establishing himself as one of the world's most consistent makers of melodious, head-in-the-clouds deep house and blissful electronica, Project Pablo has secured a deal with Ninja Tune offshoot Technocolour. His first outing for the imprint is as colourful, hazy and tuneful as you'd expect, with glistening opener "Is It Dry?" setting the tone. The Montreal-based producer breaks up the beats a little on the cheeky but dreamy analogue funk of "No Sweat", before dropping a fistful of happy pills on the bustling, up-tempo dream house revivalism of "You Know". Finally, he explores his long-held love of breakbeat-driven tracks on the yearning but jaunty brilliance of closer "Oh Fer Sure".
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 in stock $9.03
Cat: RDV 01. Rel: 20 Jul 17
  1. Seek & You Will Find (6:34)
  2. Precise Timing (6:13)
  3. Heavens Gate (6:28)
 in stock $10.10
Cat: JUSTANOTHERBEAT 010. Rel: 22 Oct 15
  1. Take A Swing At Wind (5:44)
  2. Conundrum (7:27)
Review: The mysterious Prostitune from Gothenburg gives us some selections of finely tuned deep house grooves on the equally mysterious Just Another Beat imprint which has previously served up offerings by Sven Weisseman, Gunnar Jonson and Kim Brown. "Take A Swing At The Wind" is a summery feel-good groove reminiscent of Session Victim or Tornado Wallace. "Conundrum" is more of a dusty and romantic late night jam for the Sunday crowd and for fans of harbour city imprints Dial or Smallville.
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Memories EP (white vinyl 12")
Cat: HOV 004. Rel: 20 Oct 17
  1. Memories (5:28)
  2. Line Machine (7:03)
  3. Brighter (6:16)
  4. Brighter (Boo Williams remix) (7:01)
 in stock $9.30
  1. Keep On Climbin' (Deetron remix) (7:20)
  2. Keep On Climbin' (Kim Ann Foxman remix) (7:11)
  3. Keep On Climbin' (mix 2) (8:29)
 in stock $10.36
Slave (10")
Cat: VV 014. Rel: 15 Sep 14
  1. Slave
  2. Outside
Review: Publicist is longtime producer/performer/musician Sebastian Thomson. His tracks approach house music from a darker angle, adding processed vocals and noise to a raw foundation that also takes cues from New Beat, acid house, and Detroit techno.
When performing live Publicist sequences the synths and not the drums, preferring to play an electronically treated drum kit in the middle of the dance floor. This adds an element of sweat, excitement and virtuosity not found in most electronic producer's live performances.
Sebastian Thomson is also known as a founding member of post rock pioneers Trans Am and as the drummer of heavy metal innovators Baroness.
Living in Brooklyn by way of Buenos Aires, Washington DC and London, Publicist has spent the last four years touring Europe extensively.
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Played by: Elenacolombi
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 in stock $5.38
Solstice (12")
Cat: TSUBA 087. Rel: 25 Apr 18
  1. Serena (6:35)
  2. Solstice (6:08)
  3. Sunburst 73 (6:32)
  4. Solstice (Androo Re-work) (5:07)
Review: With label boss Kevin Griffiths running his Tsuba imprint out of sunny Adelaide down under, it still hasn't stopped him from seeking out the globe's finest house music. He sought out Argentinian producer Fernando Pulichino a few years ago and he's back with more emotive nu-disco business on the deep side. This follows up some great releases on Leng, Futureboogie and Is It Balearic. Starting out with the sexy neon-lit mood lighting of "Serena" that's perfect for the early evening. The lo-slung "Solstice" is perfect for watching a sunset on The White Isle . On the flip, there are two versions of "Sunburst 73" where the groove of the original follows in suit of the A side's style, but the remix by Swiss producer Androo (who had an impressive debut on Music From Memory sublabel Second Circle last year) delivers an impressive dub deconstruction in the vein of Adrian Sherwood.
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Played by: Jura Soundsystem
 in stock $10.10
Exu (12")
Cat: BIGBEAK 004. Rel: 17 Jul 18
  1. Exu (9:46)
  2. State 606 (6:05)
  3. Rollin (4:21)
 in stock $9.30
Denial EP (12")
Cat: DEEPR 003. Rel: 03 Oct 17
  1. Denial (6:24)
  2. U Got Me Burnin' (5:35)
  3. Finish Already (7:19)
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 in stock $7.17
Cat: MANUCCI 008. Rel: 15 Sep 14
  1. Never Knew
  2. Always
  3. High
  4. High (featuring Lisa D - Beatless reprise (vinyl exclusive))
Review: Purple Velvet is Chris James and Lee Dearn, two purveyors of deep and sensuous house music since forming in late 2011. Having gotten to know each other at various late night music sessions, the pair have increasingly honed their own house sound that's as suited to the dark confines of a club as it is the sunnier vibes of an outdoor terrace.
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 in stock $6.64
  1. Pursuit Grooves - "Love Hard"
  2. Jenifa Mayanji - "My Reasoning"
  3. Dakini9 - "Trail Markers"
 in stock $11.16
Cat: CDA 023. Rel: 14 May 18
  1. Thinking About You
  2. Thinking About You (Lauer remix)
  3. Thinking About You (Fort Romeau remix)
Review: Pushing Movies is a collaborative project from Jeffrey Sire and Dimitri SoEmotional that celebrates the vintage tones of Italo disco, synth pop and all things slick and 80s. "Thinking About You" does indeed sound like it could have been made 30 years ago - from the slap bass to the reverse drum fills, plastic FM synth lines and overall aspirational tone, it's the consummate extended 12" mix track. Lauer takes the original and smacks it up sharp with some tougher drums and a greater sense of urgency, and then Fort Romeau takes a subtle approach that keeps much of the original spirit of the track intact while honing the edges for maximum club play and using some cosmic synth flourishes to devastating effect.
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 in stock $9.55
Pure Amethyst (limited 12" + insert + sticker)
Cat: WOQD 01. Rel: 23 Feb 18
  1. Pure (7:09)
  2. Amethyst (9:20)
 in stock $9.55
QNQN 3589 (12")
Cat: QNQN 3589. Rel: 18 Aug 17
  1. CPSI (8:39)
  2. Rule (7:47)
 in stock $9.55
CFE (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: NP 001. Rel: 18 Jan 16
  1. Nightlyfe (5:32)
  2. 99% (Freeek) (5:57)
  3. Body Forms (4:59)
  4. Tango (3:26)
Review: After the late nite, neon-red funk of his last release 'The Digital Fantasy' (which picked up support from the likes of Benji B, Alexander Nut & Ross Allen), Quaid returns with a new ep: 'CFE'.AIn contrast to the strung out, hazy eroticism of 'The Digital Fantasy', here the heart rate has elevated and the signals pushed further into the red. 'Nightlyfe' best illustrates this with its rough hats, minor chords and irrepressible rhythm. 'Body Forms' is a nod back to the hydraulic, locked funk of Quaid's previous releases, whilst 'Tango' offers Huerco S style synths under subverted Prince Housequake-era drums.A'99%' weaves around a driving bass algorithm and the insistent vocal refrain supplied by longtime collaborator Dziko.A. There's a change in mood here, the night has passed and sunrise is moments away. Lights on tomorrow's horizon glint endless glass, dust and chrome...
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 in stock $3.82
Cat: HS 005. Rel: 08 Dec 14
  1. City Raw
  2. Series 3000
  3. Rachels Beat
  4. Caress
  5. Untitled Funk
  6. Future
  7. The Night Watch
Review: Metropolis- is it an actual city or a digital fantasy; a construct formed inside a synthetic brain? Either way this is the soundtrack to a city that exists somewhere. A place that comes alive at nightfall and breathes artificial light until dawn. Where millions of human threads interweave, and a machine conciousness drifts by on the periphery, searching for an intimate connection. Limited pressing. Vinyl, tape and digital.
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 in stock $5.18
Cat: DPC 0691. Rel: 19 Jul 18
  1. Cobblestone (7:58)
  2. Sunday Night (part 2) (6:37)
  3. Jamaican Morse Code (5:20)
 in stock $10.36
Lalo (12")
Cat: ROAM 037. Rel: 21 Mar 17
  1. Lalo (6:17)
  2. Lalo (JP & Vulinej remix) (6:45)
  3. Lalo (Magic Touch remix) (6:34)
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 in stock $8.55
EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: SH 006V. Rel: 01 Jun 17
  1. Male (7:38)
  2. Apulia (6:57)
  3. Friday Disco (7:42)
  4. Friday Disco (Freedom B remix) (6:06)
 in stock $10.10
The Middle Class (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ROOM 01. Rel: 17 Nov 14
  1. Le Sapeur
  3. Spinning In Your Wheels
  4. Machete
Review: Room Service, a new Brooklyn-based label, introduces itself to the world with a boisterous party-starter by Quell, a Grecian producer now residing in Berlin. The four originals included here are no-nonsense, high-octane jams that vacillate between deep house and garageiwith touches of techno and disco thrown in for good measure and depth.
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 in stock $4.98
Tomahawk (12")
Cat: M 2022. Rel: 08 Jun 15
  1. Size 7
  2. Monolame
  3. Hardhead
  4. Where Are They Now
Review: After releases on Saints & Sonnets and Stay Underground, It Pays, Berlin artist Quell aligns with the MIL label for the four track Tomahawk which further cements his reputation for no-nonsense, stripped back house and techno music. "Size 7" sets the tone, a dark, underground roller with a trilling bassline and acidy bleeps that sits nicely alongside the shimmering chords and deep dubby vibes of "Monolame". On the B-side, Harhead leads with fluid percussive rhythms and sequential kick drums to give an immediate groove-intrinsic melody. The energetic, groove-led tone continues into the last track, "Where Are They Now", a Dark, techno-fused stripped back rhythm track with an acid tinged-feel.
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 in stock $6.91
Freakqui (red vinyl 12")
Cat: OTBCK 1. Rel: 31 May 18
  1. Freakqui (3:26)
  2. Freakqui (Tori Fixx mix) (6:44)
Played by: Roland Realtime
 in stock $15.41
Cat: QR 004. Rel: 15 Mar 18
  1. Track 1 (3:00)
  2. Track 2 (3:17)
  3. Track 3 (6:35)
  4. Track 4 (4:41)
  5. Track 5 (5:40)
Played by: Lumitecc
 in stock $9.30
Cat: HOOTS 102. Rel: 27 Jun 17
  1. Nightside (5:46)
  2. You Can Get It (with Meilenstein) (5:51)
  3. Gonna Be (with Seismic) (5:17)
  4. The Walking Mess (with Robert Es) (5:32)
 in stock $9.30
Tribute EP (12")
Cat: PND 10. Rel: 03 Apr 14
  1. I Won't Hurt You (I Swear)
  2. Wild Child (feat Emanuel Pipen)
  3. Let's Work That Mutha F...
  4. On A Journey (Journey Mental mixx)
Review: For those with a passion for vintage Chicago house, this 12" should be essential listening. It does a great job at chronicling the largely uncelebrated work of QX-1, a rarely used early '90s pseudonym of Chi-town veteran Mike Dunn. All four tracks are essential, with the rolling, X-rated deep house sweatiness of "I Won't Hurt U (I Swear)" contrasting nicely with the Dancemania-inspired ghetto-house bump of "Let's Work That Mutha F..." The EP's most obscure moment is arguably Emmanuel Pipen hook-up "Wild Child", a thrillingly intense trip into Wild Pitch territory that originally appeared on a long-forgotten compilation. Arguably best of all, though, is "On a Journey (Journey Mental Mixx)", a brilliant fusion of bumpin' New York groovery and Mr Fingers style Chicagoan deepness.
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 in stock $9.55
Cat: RZONE 01. Rel: 17 Apr 13
  1. Houz Nation
  2. Rattler
  3. Smile Little Zoe
Review: R-Zone is an intriguing new label venture from Global Darkness, the Dutch DJ collective affiliated with Creme Organization and the Godspill mailorder site. The basic premise of R-Zone is to put out a series of anonymous 12"s from established artists, with the intent of shifting the focus away from namedropping and perception based on hype around individual artists and bringing it back where it belongs; in the lap of the music. It's an intriguing exercise for a label to undertake in the current climate and given the list of artists supposedly down to contribute - everyone from JD Twitch to D'Marc Cantu via Tuff City Kids - it will be interesting to see how people take to R-Zone. The debut release Houz Nation adopts a notably pitched down tone throughout with the detuned rave of the title track and "Smile Little Zoe" sandwiching the mulchy, insect crawling machine funk of "Rattler".
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 in stock $8.77
Ardcore (12")
Cat: RZONE 05. Rel: 05 Sep 13
  1. Jungle Raver
  2. Jungle Raver (Dawn E Rave)
  3. NRG Zone (Happy mix)
  4. NRG Zone (Moody mix)
 in stock $9.30
Cat: HFH 001. Rel: 19 Sep 17
  1. Raar - "You're Not On The List" (7:21)
  2. MP-57 - "ILL" (7:16)
  3. Devant - "25 To Her" (6:30)
  4. Entrave - "Brume Electrique" (Ambient mix) (6:59)
$10.62 SAVE 25%
 in stock $7.96
Cat: SUSAN 002. Rel: 28 Apr 17
  1. Raar - "All I Know All I See" (7:32)
  2. Raar - "When She's Alone" (5:58)
  3. Rick Sheen - "Sports Casual" (6:39)
  4. Rick Sheen - "Monk Nash" (6:35)
Played by: Tell, PIFF Records
 in stock $9.30
Halepenos (Seven Davis Jr Edits) (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: DOLFINRECORDS. Rel: 31 Jan 18
  1. Call This Something (Seven Davis Jr edit) (5:43)
  2. Take Tayke (Seven Davis Jr edit) (6:22)
  3. Plugged Up (Seven Davis Jr edit) (6:40)
  4. Socks Soxxx (Ben Hixon edit) (4:47)
Review: Dallas dudes Dolphin Records have largely impressed since launching at the tail end of 2016, largely by delivering releases that explore the outer reaches of jazz, funk, soul and psychedelia. On this 12", they present a slew of fresh re-edits of tracks from one of their finest LPs to date, Rache's eccentric, free-jazz-with-house-influences set Halepenos. Seven Davis Jr is the man at the controls for much of the EP, first provided a deliciously wonky, slipped P-funk meets-J Dilla-via-Mo Kolours take on "Call This Something" before unfurling a super-dusty, hypnotic deep house version of "Take Tayke". Arguably even better is the lo-fi, sub-heavy deep house soul of Davis's "Plugged Up" interpretation, while Rache member Ben Hixon's re-edit of "Socks Soxxx" is a skewed, mind-altering deep house bumper.
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 in stock $10.62
Cat: GMUF 006. Rel: 21 Nov 17
  1. D'simke Prti Mehiko (8:06)
  2. Danke Aamir (8:05)
  3. Big Daddy Keen (7:19)
 in stock $9.83
LSD Pt 1 (12")
Cat: DIV 001. Rel: 18 Sep 17
  1. Sunshiiiiiine (3:58)
  2. Moonsets (5:11)
  3. Egypt Whats Up (7:25)
  4. Lopotsaves (Daedelus Sevastopol remix) (4:00)
  5. Know Self (feat Lailah Reich of Dia.L) (5:15)
  6. Know Self (D81 Re-Werk) (12:10)
Played by: Dave Aju
 in stock $13.28
  1. Domenico Raffone - "All Me" (7:41)
  2. Alex Fuente & Joseph Krause - "Duznost" (6:54)
  3. Fly District - "Despi" (8:04)
  4. Cicuendez & Rhythm Box - "Bedlam" (7:26)
 in stock $9.55
Icone (12" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: VRTV 003. Rel: 17 Oct 17
  1. Rafiki - "La Fourche" (7:11)
  2. Monomite - "City Life" (5:20)
  3. Neue Grafik - "Moutons Electriques" (6:34)
  4. Lieu Saint - "Sale Paradis" (5:01)
  5. Mad Rey - "Travail De Porc" (5:17)
Review: The free spirited sound of underground Parisian house soul; Neue Grafik, Hybu and EVANS' new label hits release three with a new homegrown concept; "Icone" is a home for the city's kindred spirits to unite and share smoky, soft-focus narratives. The woozy horns of Rafiki's "La Fourche", Monomite's somnambulant soul on "City Life", Neue Grafik's broken-drum cascades on "Moutons Electriques", Lieu Saint's subverted Jersey-scented filtered house on "Sale Paradis" and the iconic drum machine technoid stutters and oceanic washes of Mad Rey's "Travail De Porc". Each cut unrestrained and hugely versatile; Vertv are not to be diverted from.
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 in stock $11.16
Dreadfully Nervous (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: MOSDEEP 029. Rel: 20 Sep 17
  1. Dreadfully Nervous (7:14)
  2. Dreadfully (Stoned version) (3:04)
  3. No Soul (Shallow String mix) (6:47)
 in stock $8.77
  1. Swinging To The Bass (Rahaan extended mix)
  2. Swinging To The Bass (Rahaan dub)
  3. Swinging To The Bass (Bruce Ivery remix)
Review: The music of London based collective Los Charly's Orchestra dips a 70s boogie sound with a Latin touch, and lends itself well to the exemplary mixing talents of Chi-town don Rahaan, who remixes "Swinging To The Bass" for Dopeness Galore Holland. Rahaan captures the funk that lies at the core of this track, using it as the base on which to manipulate and twist the music. It's a light footed disco cut, with a hook that slices clean through the spattering of jazz-licked murmurings. The dub mix overwhelms you with a driving bass line and tinkling piano solo, with Rahaan borrowing each epic element and composing a fresh and lively sound. Do check.
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 in stock $15.67
 in stock $8.77
Rockberry Jam (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: LHLT 009. Rel: 01 Mar 17
  1. Rockberry Jam (5:07)
  2. To All The World (3:49)
  3. Lay It On The Line (3:00)
  4. Opera Light (4:28)
  5. Black Dream Flower (5:16)
  6. Alone (3:20)
Review: Chicago's Tony Rainwater delivers a great full length after impressive appearances on Hamburg's Lehult last year. The Rockberry Jam EP is actually his solo debut for the label and is a 'thick, crunchy concoction of sweet and sample-heavy grooves'. Each track was recorded live, according to the American artist, who claims that his production methods involved realtime sampling of his music collection via iTunes, alongside additional loops ripped from vinyl; also employing a spontaneous methodology. "The record is really like my record collection randomly coming together above a kick drum."
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 in stock $8.77
Cat: RCM 024. Rel: 06 Apr 16
  1. Vodun (The Calling) (6:13)
  2. Smash The Silence (Afrobeat Power) (6:14)
  3. Snoop's Story (Ode To The Wire) (6:43)
  4. Manc Union (dub) (8:25)
Review: Under the tutelage of founders Irfan 'Rainy' Hussain and Cyril 'Rex' Lyons, Rainy City Music has been contributing to Manchester's vibrant music scene for two decades, essentially adapting with the times into the digital age. As part of their 20th anniversary celebrations the label have issued this new 12" featuring four tracks by Irfan and Rex Leon, all lifted from their previously digital-only album. "Vodun (The Calling)" is simply tribal house music for lovers of the old school Jovonn sound, whilst "Smash The Silence (Afrobeat Power)" is a brand new version of previous digital only release where afro-beat and house combine for a MAW style dancefloor groove. Flip to the B-side and we have "Snoop's Story (Ode To The Wire)," which merges samples of the cult HBO show with '90s style NYC house, whilst "Manc Union Dub" pairs up ghostly Brazilian Candomble vibes with Rhythm & Sound.
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Played by: Mike Misiu, Irfan RAINY
 in stock $10.36
Cat: MUSTIQUE 001. Rel: 14 Jun 17
  1. La Verdad (feat Guarjol) (6:36)
  2. Dirty Milkhouse (5:20)
  3. Asi Soy (8:19)
 in stock $12.22
Cameroon Massif! (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERC 061. Rel: 16 Jul 18
  1. Cameroon Massif! (Massive mix) (8:02)
  2. Cameroon Massif! (Massing mix) (7:48)
  3. Cameroon Massif! (live At The Brain 09 mix) (13:01)
Review: Hailing from the mists of the early 90s UK techno scene, Ramjac Corporation's "Cameroon Massif!" epitomises everything great about the anything goes spirit of the scene prior to firm genre boundaries being established. Emotional Rescue have done the right thing and brought the vintage curio back to light, and what a return it is. While it shows its age, it sounds in fine fettle, all rolling breaks, trancey zaps and mysterious vocal hooks that positively draw you into a transcendental rave headspace. Both the "Massive" and "Massing" mixes are essential, but then you also get the added bonus of a live version from a reunion gig back in 2009.
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 in stock $11.15
Not Gonna Let Remixes (limited 12")
Cat: MM 38. Rel: 18 Nov 16
  1. Not Gonna Let (Charles Webster mix) (5:29)
  2. Not Gonna Let (5:36)
  3. Not Gonna Let (Dez Andres mix) (8:36)
  4. Peace (1:56)
Review: Three years on from his last solo outing, former Innerzone Orchestra member Paul Randolph returns to action with a very special 12" on Moodymann's Mahogani Music imprint. In its original form, "Not Gonna Let" is something of a deep and soulful treat: a head-nodding, dancefloor-friendly modern soul gem full of twinkling piano lines and heart-aching vocals. It's accompanied by two fine remixes. The first, from Charles Webster, begins as a deep, ambient soul cut, before slowly flowering into a shuffling deep house treat. Dez Andres, on the other hand, emphasizes the track's organic instrumentation further, delivering a superb rework that sits somewhere between deep house, hip-hop and modern boogie.
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 in stock $6.69
Cat: MM 39. Rel: 06 Mar 17
  1. Heavy (Richard Dorfmeister remix) (5:39)
  2. Not Gonna Let (Rodney Hunter remix) (3:42)
  3. Wahoo - "Don't Take It Personal" (feat Paul Randolph) (6:02)
  4. Kirk Degiorgio - "I'm Down" (feat Paul Randolph) (3:43)
  5. Merse - "It's Up To You" (feat Paul Randolph) (3:35)
  6. Got Ur Number (Chips N Chittlins) (6:07)
  7. Shake House (Opolopo remix) (5:13)
  8. Dial 81 - "Luminous Stasis" (feat Paul Randolph) (5:01)
Review: Destination Detroit as Randolph brings together a series of collaborations, remixes and productions with European producers. Dorfmeister kicks off with a deeply dubby house twist on "Heavy" while Austria's Rodney Hunter amps up the jazz on "No Gonna Let You". Wahoo's "Don't Take It Personal" glides us back to 2007 in street soul shoes while Kirk brings us back to the future in the dreamiest of states. Other sublime highlights include Opolopo's Sneak-style house chugs on "Shake House" and Dial 81's sludgy slo-mo buzzes and shuffles on "Luminous State". A fine collection and great showcase of Randolph's broad range and versatility.
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 in stock $24.71
Cat: WACH 002. Rel: 24 Jan 18
  1. Bazonkonwaba (feat Korus) (6:45)
  2. Normalizo (feat Korus) (6:32)
  3. Indaba (feat Korus) (5:15)
  4. Reset (5:51)
  5. Vessel (5:46)
Review: On this fine EP, Alan Abrahams - best known for his releases as Portable and Bodycode - dons a new alias, Ranger, to explore his South African roots. In practice, that means fusing contributions from a range of guest musicians - township acapella vocal group Korus, Cameroonian bassist Stan, Parisian saxophonist Chisnea and plenty more besides - with warm and toasty rhythms that variously touch on Soutrh African house, jazz-funk, boogie and modern soul. It's a formula that results in a string of fine workouts, from the ethereal disco-soul warmth of "Normalizo" and organic deep house bliss of "Reset", to the rubbery broken beat brilliance of "Vessel" and sublime, saucer-eyed opener "Bazonkonwaba".
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Played by: Alan abrahams
 in stock $9.55
Continue (12")
Cat: CONTINUE. Rel: 31 Oct 16
  1. Ranko & Lootbeg - "Girl Vouchers" (5:35)
  2. Perel - "Money Back" (6:20)
  3. Braunbeck - "Holy" (7:12)
  4. Filburt - "The Way" (6:36)
Played by: Luvless
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