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Coming Soon: UK Hardcore

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UK Hardcore

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In My Life
In My Life (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: VIVID 06.
  1. In My Life
  2. Dead Drop
  3. Keep Steppin
  4. C'mon
Review: Since breaking through with the colossal 'Anybody From London' on Hotline Recordings five years ago, Boris English AKA Borai has proved to be one of British dance music's more cultured hardcore and jungle revivalists. He's at it again here, too, filling his Vivid label debut with a quartet of sub-heavy, breakbeat-driven bangers dripping in saucer-eyed, rave-style samples. He begins with the sharp riffs, pitched down Amen breaks and booming bass of 'In My Life', before upping the tempo on bustling breaks roller 'Dead Drop'. English doffs his cap to spacey early drum & bass on loose-limbed flipside opener 'Keep Steppin', while closing cut 'C'Mon' is an insanely weighty, pitched-down hardcore bomb.
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Played by: INSTINCT
coming soon TBA
The Trip To The Moon
The Trip To The Moon (5x12" box set)
Cat: KF 135139. Rel: 05 Mar 21
coming soon $91.66
HOOVER 1-4 (12")
Cat: HOOVER 1 4.
  1. Hoover1-4 A
  2. Hoover1-4 B
coming soon $18.39
Soothe My Soul (remastered)
coming soon $10.76
King Of Ironfist
  1. Welcome To Ironfist
  2. You Need More Crack!
  3. 100 Rounds
  4. King Of G's
  5. Agent Fonze
  6. Uptempians Must Die
  7. 100 Hammers
  8. Fist Law
  9. Planetary Deviant
  10. Iron Fever
  11. Plastic Demond
  12. Congacore
coming soon $35.08
Volume 2
Volume 2 (limited 12")
Cat: TUFF 12002. Rel: 29 Jan 21
  1. In My Mind
  2. Check This Out
coming soon $14.15
Too Much (remix)
Cat: ADV 002.
  1. Too Much (Ray Keith remix)
  2. Too Much (Acid Aston remix)
coming soon $11.04
Volume Two: Mollys Folly EP
  1. Don't Think
  2. Dream Science
  3. The Last Dream
coming soon $10.76
The Temp Of Violence
  1. Speedloader - "The Smell Of Your Dead Brain Cells"
  2. Autistic Ghost - "Petage De Front"
  3. Asmatik - "Destroyer 2"
  4. Scraft - "The Temps Of Violence"
coming soon $12.17
It's The Personality That Counts
Cat: PLINIAN 1. Rel: 01 Feb 21
  1. Should've Thought About It
  2. Eediyat Skengduck
  3. Lock Down
coming soon $10.76
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Coming Soon: UK Hardcore