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Coming Soon: Funky/Club House

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Funky / Club House

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REWARM 8 (12")
Cat: REWARM 8. Rel: 16 Jul 21
coming soon TBA
Electronic Music Anthology Vol 5
Cat: 338593 6. Rel: 26 Mar 21
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est. release 26 Mar 21 $27.16
Caracal (reissue)
Caracal (reissue) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl double 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: 354363 2. Rel: 19 Mar 21
  1. Nocturnal (feat The Weeknd)
  2. Omen (feat Sam Smith)
  3. Holding On (feat Gregory Porter)
  4. Hourglass (feat Lion Babe)
  5. Willing & Able (feat Kwabs)
  6. Magnets (feat Lorde)
  7. Jaded
  8. Good Intentions (feat Miguel)
  9. Superego (feat Nao)
  10. Echoes
  11. Masterpiece (feat Jordan Rakei)
  12. Molecules
  13. Moving Mountains (feat Brendan Reilly)
  14. Afterthought
coming soon $27.46
IIII (180 gram cooloured vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 505419 7094279. Rel: 26 Feb 21
coming soon $58.88
IIII (140 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 505419 7094262. Rel: 26 Feb 21
coming soon $30.86
Cat: 505419 7094170. Rel: 26 Feb 21
coming soon $16.41
  1. Joint4Nine - "Sisters & Brothers"
  2. Soul Bridges - "Check The Vibez"
  3. Last Nubian - "Gardens By The Bay"
  4. Donnie Moustaki - "Doobie Moustaffi"
  5. Donnie Moustaki - "Doobie Moustaffi" (Sofatalk XL Regular remix)
coming soon $13.57
VA SNGWAX 01 (green vinyl 12")
Cat: SNGWAX 01C. Rel: 25 Feb 21
  1. Joint4Nine - "Sisters & Brothers"
  2. Soul Bridges - "Check The Vibez"
  3. Last Nubian - "Gardens By The Bay"
  4. Donnie Moustaki - "Doobie Moustaffi"
  5. Donnie Moustaki - "Doobie Moustaffi" (Sofatalk XL Regular remix)
coming soon $14.72
Beyond The Stars (Glenn Underground mix)
Cat: OMWAX 1. Rel: 22 Feb 21
  1. Beyond The Stars
  2. Beyond The Stars (GU Moog dancers dub)
Review: Polish House Music veteran Aphreme is back on vinyl,
this time on his own label Octave Moods. He serves up a heartfelt warm analog vocal house track with a punchy moogish bassline and leads, & soothing chords, with American Vocalist Genevieve performing her engaging and sensual vocals. remixed by Chicago's very own, legendary House Music Composer, Glenn Underground who takes it to the next level with his beautiful interpretation featuring euphoric moog and piano solos, blended together with mysterious atmospheric chords.
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coming soon TBA
Cat: CRM 19. Rel: 12 Feb 21
  1. Mentalmismo
  2. Overture
  3. Suspira (5AM mix)
  4. The Secret
coming soon $11.32
Give U XTC EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: RANCH 008. Rel: 12 Feb 21
  1. Clap Yr Hands
  2. Give U XTC
  3. Give U XTC (Baronhawk Poitier remix)
  4. Clap Yr Hands (Nightwave remix)
coming soon $11.05
Relance (12")
Cat: SDE 001. Rel: 12 Feb 21
  1. Relance
  2. Relance (Hannes Bieger remix)
coming soon $11.89
Discipline Of Swing Vol 2
Discipline Of Swing Vol 2 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SSWVNLZD 002. Rel: 01 Feb 21
  1. Hotmood - "Seductive Look"
  2. C Da Afro - "Time To Move"
  3. Ziggy Phunk - "Space Ranger"
  4. Alexny - "Umbele"
Review: After an absolutely unforgettable wax-based debut, See-Saw is back with its second vinyl release, Discipline Of Swing Vol. 2. In at pole position is Hotmood with 'Seductive Look', a funk filled mover with lashings of percussion, sexy vocals and a brass section that'll have you jumping out of your seat. Combined with an uber funky bassline, 'Seductive Look' is bound to seduce the disco lover in you. Up at the A2 slot is 'Time To Move' by C Da. Afro, a filter-sweeping, soul-fuelled number with brass, bass and backing vocals aplenty.
First up on the flip side is 'Space Ranger' by Ziggy Phunk, a combination of scintillating synths, gyrating guitars and bouncing bass that make it feel like a disco in orbit. Indeed, like a satellite, this track will be orbiting your head for days to come. Last up, we have Alexny with 'Umbele'. Succulent sax permeates the track from start to end, interspersed with gnarly, 70s synths and a rhythm that won't give up. The perfect opening or closing track for any discerning Disco DJ.
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coming soon TBA
Azar EP
Azar EP (12")
Cat: JAZZEGO 001. Rel: 01 Feb 21
  1. Inner World
  2. Space Coconut Conspiracy
  3. Inner World (K15 remix)
  4. Inner World (Minus & MRDolly remix)
  5. Space Coconut Conspiracy (Esa remix)
coming soon $14.44
West End Girls (2020 remixes)
Cat: MS 500. Rel: 29 Jan 21
  1. West End Girls (Michael Gray Classic Sultra remix)
  2. West End Girls (Ben Liebrand 9 Course Suite)
  3. West End Girls (Ben Liebrand Bass mix)
  4. West End Girls (Moplen Classic West End mix)
coming soon $17.84
Higher Nature EP
Cat: OUTER 002. Rel: 29 Jan 21
  1. Craig Hamilton - "Back & Forth"
  2. Craig Hamilton - "Vibe"
  3. Craig Hamilton & Gourlay - "Higher Nature"
  4. Craig Hamilton & Gourlay - "Screw Loose"
coming soon $13.02
EP 1
EP 1 (12")
Cat: BZREC 004. Rel: 29 Jan 21
  1. Naked On The Dance Floor
  2. T' As Le Cul Qui Dit Oui
  3. Rock With U
  4. Sex With The Beat
coming soon $13.57
City Refund EP
Cat: FINE 14. Rel: 22 Jan 21
  1. Johannes Albert - "Party Time!"
  2. Johannes Albert - "Cowbell Retreat"
  3. Tilman - "Got Something Special"
  4. Tilman - "Your Face Or Mine"
coming soon $13.30
Original #202
Cat: ORI 202. Rel: 22 Jan 21
  1. Collision (Remixed)
  2. Droid
  3. Woman (vocal)
  4. Woman (instrumental)
coming soon $12.17
Devastating #1
Cat: JMB 3444. Rel: 22 Jan 21
  1. Not Love
  2. Queen Of The Night (instrumental)
  3. Time Of Peace (dub)
  4. Batida
coming soon $12.17
Dance Extra Mixes Vol 158: Remix Collections For Professional DJs Only (Strictly DJ Only)
coming soon TBA
DMC Monthly Club Hits 174: The Next Generation Of Club Anthems! (Strictly DJ Only)
coming soon TBA
That Sound EP
  1. That Sound
  2. That Sound (Anoraak remix)
  3. Peace
  4. Little Loving
coming soon $10.76
Floofy (12")
Cat: JAKI 004.
  1. Floofy
  2. Charlize
  3. Lezaki
coming soon $10.76
Let It Snow: Happy House & Dance Tunes 2021
coming soon $13.87
Ibiza Winter Moods Vol 2
Cat: 119542.
coming soon $17.84
Dance Extra Mixes Vol 157: Remix Collections For Professional DJs Only (Strictly DJ Only)
  1. Becky Hill - "Space" (Solardo remix)
  2. Cedric Gervais & Franklin - "Everybody Dance" (feat Nile Rodgers - extended)
  3. Distant Soundz - "Time After Time" (Lee Switch Deep Inside dub)
  4. Gok Wan & Craig Knight - "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" (feat Kele Le Roc - Mollie Collins remix)
  5. Jake Tarry - "Nobody (Can Love Me)" (feat Tongue N Cheek - extended)
  6. Milk Bar - "Don't Stop Now" (extended)
  7. Nathan X - "The Weekend" (Wh0 dub)
  8. Punctual - "I Don't Wanna Know" (Mason Maynard extended)
  9. Ross Alexander - "Getting Away With It" (7th Heaven club)
  10. Rozalla - "I Feel It Slipping Away" (G&T extended)
  11. Sam Holland - "Love Control" (extended)
  12. Silience - "I Don't Wanna Know" (Mark Knight extended remix)
  13. Steven Malcom & Shaggy - "Fuego" (Try Harder extended remix)
  14. Tom Budin - "Chicago" (extended)
  15. Topic & A7S - "Why Do You Lie To Me" (feat Lil Baby - KC Lights extended remix)
coming soon TBA
Ritmo Sinfonico
Cat: DWAM 2019.
coming soon $29.16
Deep Down In My Heart
  1. Deep Down In My Heart (vocal)
  2. Deep Down In My Heart (instrumental)
Review: It's straight back to church for Rahaan's 2nd release on LDF! Combining forces once again with Angel-A on vocals, the bluesy guitar and organ marry perfectly to bring a laid-back gospel vibe straight from the heart. The swinging drums, rumbling bass and fervent backing vocals of the choir fill out the track; evoking images of finger snapping, swaying and hands up to the sky - praise the Lord!
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coming soon $13.30
  1. Good Intentions
  2. The Tv Extra Band
Played by: Session Victim
coming soon TBA
Club Dimension
coming soon $13.57
Toy Toy EP
  1. Toy Toy
  2. In Tokyo
  3. Japan 82
  4. Brabazon
  5. Acidman
  6. Bronte Bye Bye
coming soon $12.75
NFRV 003
NFRV 003 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: NFRV 003. Rel: 13 Jan 20
  1. Saison - "Till The Day I Die" (6:37)
  2. Risk Assessment - "I Don't Understand" (5:57)
  3. Saison - "The Riff" (6:21)
  4. Natasha Kitty Katt - "Plenty Good" (6:47)
Review: Previous offerings on No Fuss have featured the likes of Saison, Crispin J. Glover and Dean Zepherin, and now the upfront house label brings together another selection of party heaters from a range of producers. Saison makes a welcome return with the feisty "Till The Day I Die", a richly produced vocal jam with plenty of uptempo shuffle in the drums. Risk Assessment lean on the keys to create a melodic mood on "I Don't Understand" and then Saison does it again with the bright and breezy "The Riff". That leaves it to Natasha Kitty Katt to finish things up with the heavy funking disco licks of "Plenty Good" - a get-down cut for all seasons.
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coming soon $9.62
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Coming Soon: Funky/Club House