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Coming Soon: Experimental/Electronic

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Experimental / Electronic

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Touching The Sublime
Touching The Sublime (limited gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: SSV 18. Rel: 05 Oct 20
  1. A Warm Place
  2. Pele & Surtr
  3. The Iliad & The Odyssey
  4. Hypoxia
  5. Tectonic Monument
  6. Idiis Mortii
  7. Entropy8
  8. Eyeless Through Space
Review: Tomas Jirku began his career in the golden era of minimal and glitch techno, helping to define the genres through releases on Alien8, Force Inc., Klang Elektronik, and Traum. Over the past two decades, Jirku has built a strong repertoire with his exploratory approach to music, experimenting across genres to develop a sound he can call his own.

"Touching the Sublime" is the culmination of this work, with material transformed through performance, experience and introspection. Inspired by his explorations of the remote wilderness that surrounds his home in Vancouver, Canada, Jirku evokes the philosophical concept of the sublime, where an overwhelming experience of awe confronts us with the limits of our rational minds. The album is a synesthetic auditory expression of Romantic era prose and stories of early alpinism. Bringing epic orchestral compositions and intimate guitar passages together with Jirku's unique sense of space and texture, "Touching the Sublime" draws from his most important collaborators and influences to create a uniquely personal result.

The album is accompanied by a limited edition photo book, where, as an accomplished photographer, Jirku has captured the landscapes and vistas that have been his inspiration.
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coming soon TBA
Point Of View
Point Of View (140 gram vinyl double 12'')
  1. Show Me
  2. Bloodhound
  3. Pistolwhip
  4. Sunstream
  5. Select
  6. Still Here
  7. Twister
  8. Ravin Crew
  9. Reaction
  10. Ripsnorter
  11. Hologram
  12. Operation
Review: Burnski has been as relentless as he has faultless in his work as Instinct. This second album in as many years is another on point garage offering that fuses just the right amount of UKG tradition with forward thinking invention. From sweet-as-chocolate vocal anthems like opener "Show Me" to more dark and twisted late night jams "Select", these are killer cuts with kinetic kicks that cannot fail to get you on your toes. Further highlights come in the form of hyper-speed jam "Twister" with reversed stabs that will melt your face, and the deep bass drills of "Hologram". Point Of View is some seriously heavy weaponry, then.
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Played by: Robert James, INSTINCT
coming soon TBA
Aged In Bronze
Aged In Bronze (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERS 045.
  1. Rave Digger
  2. Lavid Grinch
  3. Uhuru Glue
  4. Amaziac
  5. Silver Soarde
  6. Sethodone Recess Plant
Review: Following 2012's acclaimed Red Nails album, machine manipulator, DJ, collector and music auteur, Cherrystones has been consistently working - composing, producing, editing, educating, programming, soundtracking and performing.

Biding time, considering and now ready to present the latest instalment of his journey. After completing the Critical Mass compilation - with part 2 due late 2020 - he left London for Scotland for two years to isolate. An experiment to truly find himself, with no social circle or need to engage, the objective to alchemise and create.

Building an intensive, all analogue studio running to 1/4" & 2" tape, the majority of these recordings are the emotions and moods drawn from this detoxification. The widescream Rave Digger, horror-haus Lavid Grinch show a more expansive Cherrystones. The occult beats of Uhuru Glue lead to the anthem Amaziac, with it's organic AFX rising, before again down to future beats of Silver Soarde and closer, Sethodone Recess Plant.

A musical blacksmith, a magician, conjurer... "a part of me i knew existed but have never fully spoken to or back to, i saw the sun rise and the clouds swarm, i saw dark settle and as the process speaks for itself they were aged in Bronze, dawn of man-man of dawn."

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coming soon TBA
When The Sky Came Down: Live At The Bridgewater Hall Manchester (Record Store Day 2020)
coming soon TBA
Loop Research
Loop Research (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: TRM 002. Rel: 05 Oct 20
  1. Brood
  2. Disclosure
  3. Pollen
  4. Samsara
Review: Trauma Collective returns with four cuts of decidedly hypnotic and abstract techno from ever-prolific ASC. Rounding out the last decade with a string of stand-out releases on his own imprint, Auxiliary, the San Diego producer brings his cerebral sonic aesthetic to the fledgling Madrid label. "Loop Research" showcases a singular artist unbound by tempo and at the top of their game.

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coming soon TBA
Learn To Brew
Learn To Brew (140 gram vinyl double 12")
  1. Roy Of The Ravers - "Gnat Midi Test 12 Edit V1"
  2. Roy Of The Ravers - "Royal Brew"
  3. Myoptik - "Thorium Pack SK"
  4. Roy Of The Ravers - "Roy Of The Ravers Acid (Formerly Acid Gnat Test 14)"
  5. Myoptik - "These Are Your Bitz"
  6. Myoptik - "Civilian Flashlight: Roy Of The Ravers remix Kangaroo Loco (Part 2 Fast)"
  7. Roy Of The Ravers - "Emotinium (Myoptik's Liquified remix)"
  8. Myoptik - "Lovely Bit"
  9. Roy Of The Ravers - "Gnat Midi Test 18+ 99 edit v3"
  10. Myoptik - "Also This Bit"
  11. Myoptik - "In the Night Groove (vinyl edit)"
Review: A shared album from two acid mavericks. Listen in as they share all of their experience in brewing and consuming beverages (hic)...[Review by Pietro @ Igloo Magazine] "A double album from two acid mavericks Roy of the Ravers and Myoptik...85-minutes of acid-drenched braindance mayhem that is disjointedly playful.Myoptik's side of the platter stirs a myriad of distorted found sounds, vocodered samples, broken techno, and electro fragments into a proverbial sonic soup while Roy of the Ravers delves into early-era rave-infused acid techno and crackling breaks (as would be expected), only to balance each other out as a whole.Such a plethora of experimental and movement-based nostalgic electronics makes for an energy-packed collection that traverses a historical backdrop of early 90s warehouse raves.Listen in as these two musicians share all of their experience in brewing and consuming beverages, while somehow managing to record the results."
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coming soon TBA
Up In The Air (includes free download of album)
Cat: 99WAVE 003. Rel: 30 Nov 20
  1. Take 15
  2. Come On Home
  3. When You Come By
  4. Eagle & Swan
  5. A Girl Like You
  6. Misty
  7. Remove All Clocks
  8. Friends
Review: Tommy Garofalo aka Turbojazz is an Italian DJ and producer with a pedigree stretching back to the start of the millennium, including appearances on BBE, Defected and his own esteemed Last Forever label. Although his sound is typified by chunky house grooves, his impetus for getting into making music was hip-hop and he definitely wears the influences that fed directly into that genre - jazz-funk, disco and soul - on his proverbial sonic sleeve here. We get five tracks across two sides of vinyl, from the opening tune 'It's On (Kenny says)', which glistens with tinkling Rhodes piano, a subtle layer of strings and an atmospheric spoken word sample, through to the Latin-style percussion and hazy, lazy brass of 'Space Safari'. Also recommended are the spacier sounding 'Interstellar Legacy', the glitchier, more jacking 'Red Rack'em Threemix' and the slowly filtered thrills of 'Caos In Loop St'. Dependably dancefloor-filling tempos and feels, then, but with some fresh, unexpected ingredients contained within, all going to make this a must buy piece of wax for lovers of the soulful end of the house spectrum.
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coming soon TBA
Vienna 1990
coming soon TBA
Shouting At The Ground
coming soon TBA
Open Wide (reissue)
Cat: TBC. Rel: 30 Oct 20
coming soon TBA
Icky Flix
Icky Flix (limited orange & yellow vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: NRTLP 014D. Rel: 03 Oct 20
coming soon TBA
The End Of Nothing The Beginning Of Everything
coming soon TBA
Just An Illusion
coming soon TBA
Shadow Thief Of The Sun
coming soon TBA
Collusion (2xLP)
Cat: VOD 165LP11/12.
coming soon TBA
What Is Not True
coming soon TBA
Russian Heterodoxical Songs
coming soon TBA
Look Into Me
coming soon TBA
Climes Remixed
Cat: MESA 031.
  1. Zoombies (Frivolous remix)
  2. Climes (Brian Mayhall Gecko remix)
coming soon TBA
Further Collusion
coming soon TBA
coming soon TBA
Trip Hop Vibes Vol 2
Cat: 338185 6. Rel: 25 Dec 20
coming soon TBA
Final Hope
Final Hope (140 gram vinyl 12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: ALPENGLUHEN 05. Rel: 05 Oct 20
  1. Alpenrauschen
  2. Prehistory
  3. Restored Balance
  4. The Carillon
Review: The very talented Citty , is the responsible for "Final Hope", the 5th Alpengluhen vinyl.
The live modular techno project founded by Martini Vodecka offers us 4 tracks that fit perfectly with the sound of the label.

The subliminal and oscillating melodies, the percussions with reverbs from outer worlds and the hypnotic and deep sounds created by Citty go directly to our minds and feet. The optimism and the emotional vibes make us dance unavoidably with a smile in the face. The dynamic range control and the masterful mixdown create fluctuating layers and above all, deepness. Subtle acid lines merge perfectly with profound and progressive pads generating tension and again, depth.
If "Emotional" was the word that best defined Edit Select's Habitual ep, "Deepness" would be the right one for this "Final Hope"ep.
Only 200 copies pressed.
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coming soon TBA
Assertion (LP)
Cat: CBR 012. Rel: 05 Oct 20
  1. East End Boys
  2. Landstrasse 2020
  3. Humming
  4. The Guide
  5. Assertion
  6. Sweep Talk
  7. Crooked Roads
coming soon TBA
Nude (12")
Cat: BNR 198.
  1. Nude (feat Tommy Cash)
  2. Xpress Yourself
  3. Xpress Yourself (part 2)
coming soon TBA
Swimming Amongst The Dregs
  1. So Much Unlicked Air
  2. Makeshift Visions
  3. Where Are The Real Ones?
  4. Thousand Year Old Heart
  5. All Wretch, No Vomit
  6. It's All Gone Sideways
coming soon TBA
Disconnected/Gain On Gains (feat Shrinkwrap remixes)
Disconnected/Gain On Gains (feat Shrinkwrap remixes) (140 gram vinyl 12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: SSS 001. Rel: 14 Dec 20
  1. Disconnected (Shrinkwrap remix)
  2. Gain On Gains (Shrinkwrap remix)
  3. Gain On Gains (Shrinkwrap dub)
Review: A new label from Kinfolk records founder - and a 14 of a Soft Rock - Christopher Galloway is upon us.

This first release sees the beautiful sounds of Torn Sail/Huw Costin revamped by the mighty production force that is Mark Rayner and Matt Horobin, aka Shrinkwrap.

Shrinkwrap are a production team that have been in the wilderness for a number of years but are much lauded by The Idjut Boys - amongst others - which has seen them release on Discfunction and U-Star.

Being close friends with Huw Costin, they decided to get together and re-work the track Gain On Gains that featured on Torn Sail's 2017 long player, This Short Sweet Life.

These two re-works see Shrinkwrap take the original into an extended/after-hours bliss out of epic proportions and an ambient dub.

Added to the package is an unreleased on vinyl mix of Costin's Disconnected cut from 2015. This is a more folk-infused affair that once again ventures into epic territory thanks to the production skills of Rayner and Horobin.

A lovely EP to kick off this new label.

Watch this space...

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coming soon TBA
Howweryuu (12")
Cat: RESEARCH 001.
coming soon TBA
You Will Never Know Why
You Will Never Know Why (CD + 8 page comic book)
Cat: DRL 2222B. Rel: 28 Sep 20
coming soon TBA
In Harmony Of An Interior World
  1. Lunar Note
  2. Rang
  3. Hed Text Illuminated
  4. Haptic Boogie
  5. Followthru
  6. Dream Feed
  7. Lular
  8. A Drum In A Room
  9. Downgraded
  10. Our Sound
coming soon TBA
Thoughts (clear vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CAT 306560. Rel: 16 Oct 20
  1. Beautiful Life
  2. With You
  3. Lost Not Found
  4. Divide
  5. Wilderness
  6. Alone Again
  7. Gone
  8. Unknown
  9. Stronger
  10. Frequency
  11. Get Out
  12. Remedy
coming soon TBA
Nowhere Island
Nowhere Island (cassette)
Cat: NNF 364.
coming soon TBA
Wizardry EP
Wizardry EP (cassette)
coming soon TBA
Vortice Rosso
Cat: PJ 007. Rel: 01 Oct 20
  1. Vortice Rosso
  2. Cerchio
  3. Eutimia
  4. Riflessi Nell'uni (Versio)
  5. Orutra
  6. Dove
  7. Acqua Essenziale
  8. Obliquo
  9. Dodici Malinconie
  10. Nella Luce
  11. Sospendo Il Giudizio
  12. Arturello
coming soon TBA
The Planets
The Planets (180 gram vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code with obi-strip limited to 300 copies)
Cat: OPUS 4. Rel: 23 Oct 20
  1. Mars, The Bringer Of War (Allegro)
  2. Mars, The Bringer Of War (Allegro) (Continued)
  3. Venus, The Bringer Of Peace (Adagio)
  4. Venus, The Bringer Of Peace (Adagio) (Continued)
  5. Mercury, The Winged Messenger (Vivace)
  6. Mercury, The Winged Messenger (Vivace) (Continued)
  7. Jupiter, The Bringer Of Jollity (Allegro Giocoso)
  8. Jupiter, The Bringer Of Jollity (Allegro Giocoso) (Continued)
  9. Saturn, The Bringer Of Old Age (Adagio)
  10. Saturn, The Bringer Of Old Age (Adagio) (Continued)
  11. Uranus, The Magician (Allegro)
  12. Uranus, The Magician (Allegro) (Continued)
  13. Neptune, The Mystic (Andante)
  14. Neptune, The Mystic (Andante) (Continued)
coming soon TBA
Tortoiseshell & Strings
Tortoiseshell & Strings (cassette + MP3 download code)
Cat: PHXT 06.
  1. Catriel - "Detras Del Halo, La Piel" (feat Hellcrvck)
  2. Stranija Atbutinia - "The Forgotten DJ"
  3. Dissemblance - "Origine D’un Syndrome"
  4. Children Of Leir - "Eleven"
  5. Black Propaganda - "Let Your Light Return Upon Us"
  6. LFT - "No Boundaries" (Tape cut)
  7. Nick Klein - "Flea Bites"
  8. Randstad - "Empire Tactics"
  9. Privacy - "17 Seconds" (Disco mix)
  10. Huren - "Slim Margins"
  11. Vendo - "Graniola"
coming soon TBA
Aural Architecture
Aural Architecture (numbered clear vinyl LP + CD limited to 100 copies)
Cat: INFACT 043.
  1. Algorhythm (LP)
  2. Kimmeria
  3. Four Times
  4. Travelogue
  5. Drawings Of Liane
  6. Prohibit Canvas
  7. A Hub
  8. Deeper Layers
  9. About Nothing
  10. Things I Left Behind
  11. Algorhythm (CD)
  12. Kimmeria
  13. Four Times
  14. Travelogue
  15. Drawings Of Liane
  16. Prohibit Canvas
  17. A Hub
  18. Deeper Layers
  19. About Nothing
  20. Things I Left Behind
  21. Postscript (bonus track)
  22. Monologue (bonus track)
  23. Symmetry (bonus track)
  24. Corrupted (bonus track)
coming soon TBA
Burn The Night/Bruciare La Notte: Original Recordings 1983-1989
coming soon TBA
Preparations (cassette)
Cat: SNT 028.
coming soon TBA
Cat: OKS 003. Rel: 02 Oct 20
  1. Soilstretch
  2. Glitterer
coming soon TBA
Beyond The Pleasure Principle
  1. Side A
  2. Side B
coming soon TBA
Intelligent Arts
Cat: WSMEMFCD 088. Rel: 02 Oct 20
coming soon TBA
Happening (140 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: ABYLA 001. Rel: 14 Dec 20
  1. Happening 1
  2. Happening 2
  3. Happening 3
  4. Happening 4
  5. Happening 5
  6. Happening 6
  7. Happening 7
  8. Happening 8
  9. Happening 9
  10. Happening 10
  11. Happening 11
  12. Happening 12
  13. Happening 13
Review: Following on from his brilliant Point of View album, INSTINCT shows another beautiful side to his alias. The new LP 'Happening' offers some stunning ambient works. Over the course of the 13 tracks there are a variety of moods and melody's which really encapsulates the imagination upon listening.

Cinematic sounds mixed with electronica brings some of his best work yet. Many field and forest recordings used background noise really brings the music to life here complementing the lush musical elements.

'Happening' will be his third LP in just one year, showing an artist completely dedicated to his craft.

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coming soon TBA
The Miracle
  1. Eulogia
  2. Aforismos
coming soon TBA
Yo Bene
Yo Bene (white vinyl 12")
Cat: PFR 036.
coming soon TBA
Annual Sampler 2019
Annual Sampler 2019 (limited cassette)
Cat: KIN 2019.
  1. Maschine Brennt - "Bird Dance"
  2. Diskinesia - "Modularity Of Mind"
  3. Mr Clarinet - "The Cool" (Excerpt)
  4. Neural Network - "Sequence"
  5. Hope/Harrow - "Feel"
  6. Dataman - "Antitheticals"
  7. Troniknight - "Data Corpse"
  8. Petroza - "One"
  9. Santiago Cabrera - "Manfold"
  10. David Harrow - "Blu"
  11. Flowmotion - "Flow_1"
  12. Mr Clarinet - "Control"
  13. Neuro D - "In The Deep"
  14. Neural Network - "Perception 1.2.1"
  15. Shatterday - "In Absentia"
coming soon TBA
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Coming Soon: Experimental/Electronic