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Melchester Acid EP
Melchester Acid EP (140 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: ACIWAX 32. Rel: 19 Oct 20
  1. Melchester Acid (part 3)
  2. Melchester Acid (part 2)
  3. Emotinium
  4. Home Game Acid (edit)
  5. Away Game Acid (edit)
Review: After long lust, Roy's mega anthem Emotinium finally gets re-released into the wild, following its original inclusion on the lo-fi Acid Waxa cassette classic 2 Late 4 Love + the much sought after 12" EP version released in 2016. This time however, Emo finds itself playing up-front alongside the previously unreleased Melchester Acid Pt. 3 + two wonderful raw studio jams (Home & Away Game Acid) If Emotinium is the cute & cuddly festival fave played by the likes of Aphex Twin & Feel My Bicep et al, then Shirley this bonus disc of mutant acids are the evil Gremlin offspring, fed & watered after midnight; bubbling, fizzing, hissing and multiplying. 'It's been a rough night for Rockin' Ricky, but he's still on the air!'
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coming soon TBA
Manifold (140 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: VIS 320. Rel: 01 Jun 20
  1. Binary Worlds (8:24)
  2. Covert Ops (5:26)
  3. Shadow Union (5:15)
  4. Isotropic (6:15)
  5. Manifold (6:23)
  6. Mystica (6:12)
  7. Cyclical Pathway (5:36)
  8. Ambrosia (7:13)
Review: Versalife continues a prolific run of deep and dynamic electro soul with this double pack on 20/20 Vision. The scene is set early on with the smoky pads and crisp drums of "Binary Worlds" - equal parts deep-diving machine soul and body-popping 808 funk. Things get nastier with the strafing monosynth punctuating "Covert Ops" and the edgy creep of "Shadow Union" on to "Manifold"s luxuriant sound world. The quality level remains staggeringly high as we trip through classically informed electro of every shade, adding yet another accomplished payload to the formidable Versalife catalogue.

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coming soon $20.92
Daydreaming EP
Daydreaming EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CMR 002. Rel: 28 Sep 20
  1. Dance System
  2. The Dredwerkz
  3. Daydreaming
  4. End Theme
Review: Marco Lazovic has been burning up dancefloors for over four years with his potent blend of house grooves and feisty jungle breakbeats, and so it continues on this new drop for Craft Music. "Dance System" is predominantly shaped out by gorgeous Detroit-inspired synths, but there's also some seriously spicy breaks choppage going off throughout the track. "The Dredwerkz" is a tight and punchy electro jam with plenty of melodic delights fluttering around the 808 drums, while "Daydreaming" gets further up the tempo range to outright ambient jungle a la early Good Looking. "End Theme" stays in jungle mode for an acute exercise in classic rollage.
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coming soon TBA
Cat: EL 7771. Rel: 25 Sep 20
  1. Dmitry Distant - "Extinction"
  2. Lowfish - "Jagged Edged Scrap"
coming soon $9.15
Hypnotic Mindscapes Presents Vol 1
  1. TRO - "Meese En Garde"
  2. Fauna Extinta - "Window For Change"
  3. Chicaiza - "Andes Culprit"
  4. Payphone - "Where It Hertz"
coming soon $13.08
TOPP 014
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
  6. Track 6
coming soon $19.63
This Is The Way EP
Cat: ANR 02. Rel: 11 Sep 20
  1. Dial The Deal
  2. The Empress
  3. This Is The Way
  4. Second Sun
coming soon $11.50
Robotic Theatre
Cat: MST 044. Rel: 07 Sep 20
  1. Acting Faces
  2. Machinery
  3. Transistor Dances
  4. Practise
coming soon $12.03
Night Migrations
Cat: FR 053. Rel: 31 Aug 20
  1. Mutation Crossover
  2. Flight Cage
  3. Song Bird
  4. Internal Sequence Blaster
coming soon $9.68
Communion EP
Cat: FR 054. Rel: 31 Aug 20
  1. Communion (Arcade mix)
  2. Eltromat
  3. Glycon
  4. Temporeal
Played by: Billy Nasty
coming soon $9.94
FM Bass Trax
Cat: CSV 06. Rel: 31 Aug 20
  1. Unstable (DJ version)
  2. One More Time (feat Detroit's Filthiest)
  3. Corrupted Minds
  4. Physics (video Game version)
  5. Dataworld
  6. Algorhythmic Control
coming soon $11.25
Memoires D'elephant #3
Cat: CRACKI 055. Rel: 29 Aug 20
  1. Agar Agar - "I'm That Guy"
  2. GENTS - "Smoke Machine"
  3. Saint DX - "I Still Care"
  4. Menage A Trois - "Be Right Back"
  5. Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra - "Le Mekong"
  6. LeonxLeon - "Rokanbo"
  7. Folamour - "Skin U're In"
  8. Eliott Litrowski - "Hello Wave"
  9. Renart - "Drama Dance"
  10. Antonin Appaix & Juan Wauters - "Rigatoni"
  11. Chassol - "Music Is God My Love" (Menage A Trois Love edit)
  12. Yen Yen & David Numwami - "Likes"
  13. Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra - "Neptune" (feat Lord Apex - NxxxxxS remix)
  14. Schultz & Forever - "Anxiety"
  15. Saint DX - "Xphanie" (Myd remix)
  16. Agar Agar - "Lunatic Fight Jungle" (LeonxLeon remix)
  17. Eliott & Voiski - "The Friendship Spacecake" (long Story short mix)
  18. Trypheme & Renart - "Celeste Solution"
coming soon $19.36
When Cities Collide IX
Cat: RHR 009. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. Hadamard - "My Fucking Job"
  2. Hadamard - "City To City"
  3. DJ Overdose - "Log"
  4. DJ Overdose - "Warrior's Chant"
coming soon $8.89
656 281
656 281 (12")
Cat: SCAS 2. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. Solar Mechanics
  2. Seen Unseen
  3. Human Mind
  4. Human Mind (Syrte Re-Config)
coming soon $13.86
Claustrophobia EP
Cat: EUPA 001. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. Dawn Territory
  2. Illusions
  3. Propaganda
  4. Piece For An Odyssey & Some Hand Percussions
coming soon $12.03
Selected Transmissions From The Pyramid
Selected Transmissions From The Pyramid (140 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: KNOE 10/1. Rel: 24 Aug 20
  1. Lark
  2. Realignment
  3. Monday Night Blues
  4. Bomb Site
  5. Welcome To The Future 2012
  6. Spaceman
  7. Welcome
  8. Sub Aquatic Dialogue
Review: For Those That Know step up with another exquisite choice of underground hero to boost with a retrospective release - ADJ. Andy Jaggers has been a lynchpin to the UK electro scene since the 90s, and his Pyramid Transmissions label (run with Pathic) is rightly lauded and unsurprisingly hard to get hold of after release. This release gathers together some of Jaggers' finest work from recent years, including some previously unreleased tracks and highly sought after album cuts that have been out of reach for too long already. If you want high grade, forward thinking electro with a braindance tint, this is an album you won't want to miss.
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coming soon $15.68
In Vino Veritas
In Vino Veritas (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CRTL 012. Rel: 24 Aug 20
  1. Energize feat Le Loup (Sh-2 Invasion)
  2. Keep it Natural (No Mouse edit)
  3. Musique Sans Souffre (No So2 mix)
  4. Cuvee Milodou (Gran Cru mix)
Review: French old school head Seuil is next up on Cartulis Music. This man has been around for some time and
once again he hits the spot on this strong release on Cartulis Music. 4 cuts that fit into many moments.
From peaktime to after hours and everything im between. Special appearance by great friend of the label LeLoup
on one of the tracks too! Bonus!
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coming soon TBA
Sombras EP
Sombras EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ISLA 24. Rel: 24 Aug 20
  1. Confusion
  2. Copas
  3. Sombras
  4. Delirio
Review: **All proceed of this record will go to AFRORACK, a Chicago audio arts organization dedicated to providing modular synthesis education for African American youth.** The enclosure of night promises freedom of another kind. Subterranean fantasies are consecrated in flesh. The voice calls and is answered by a beating pulse. They swell and break in rapturous cycles. On Sombras, Dosis operates from this intimate space, conjuring electroid visions rooted in techno, zynth-pop and nuova-beat.
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coming soon TBA
First Impressions
  1. Svetlana Savitskaya
  2. Ultimatum
  3. Coll
  4. Spacecraft
Review: Alien Imprints has been created to showcase various artists from around the globe. Sub label to Alien Recodings. The fist release, titled First Impressions, brings you a collection of Electro breakbeat tracks.
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coming soon TBA
I'm Lost EP
I'm Lost EP (limited 12")
Cat: GTD 009. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. My Darling
  2. Hector
  3. El Bigote De Ballacid
  4. MNLTH Energy
  5. I'm Lost
  6. Always Together
coming soon $10.99
Exit Planet Earth: Nitrogen
Exit Planet Earth: Nitrogen (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: EPE 03. Rel: 17 Aug 20
  1. Radioactive Man - "One Out"
  2. Annie Hall - "Invisible Dust"
  3. Sansibar - "Tamagotchi"
  4. VC-118A - "Moss"
Review: "The third edition of the Exit Planet Earth vinyl series features four more exclusive intergalactic selections from Ralph Lawson.A

'Exit Planet Earth - Nitrogen' features a selection of pioneers and up and coming talent. First up is a true legend of the UK electro scene, Keith Tenniswood aka 'Radioactive Man', who creates a constantly evolving sonic trip called 'One Out'. Watch out for the surprise sting in it's tail too. Sharing the A side is the incredibly talented Spanish producer Annie Hall, arriving fresh from her stunning CPU releases. Annie creates melodic landscapes, layered with intricate string orchestration driven by deep bass.A

On the flip side Helsinki-based Sunny Seppa aka Sansibar shows exactly why he is fast becoming hot property following his immense debut album on FTP - 'Targeted Individuals'. ASansibar brings the record back to the 4/4 with a flowing yet subtle working of synths and pads. Also based in Finland yet hailing from Holland is VC-118A, who previously caught our attention with his track 'PCB' a firm favourite at Exit Planet Earth events. VC118-A delivers some deep space dub with expertly crafted production centring on low end theory.
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coming soon TBA
Enigma EP
Enigma EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: EYA 010. Rel: 17 Aug 20
  1. Too Big To Fail
  2. Beat Boxxx
  3. Boulevard Mystere
  4. Enigma
Review: EYA Records marks its 10th release with a solo work from French producer Master Flashhh.The opening track "Too Big to fail" is stripped back yet energetic, driven by 909 drums,atmospheric pads and drifting vocals.A2 "Beat Boxxx" is catchy electro workout with vocal samples from a Dominican Republic radio and 303 acid lines. On the B side "Boulevard Mystere' is an ode to Boulevard Barbes in Paris, the track is characterised by haunting melodies and a warm analogue bass.B2 is a dreamy and evocative number with the use of Juno 106 spacey sounds and 808 drum patterns.Enigma EP is contemplative, audacious and imaginative.

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coming soon TBA
Year Of The Rat
  1. Rat King's Walking
  2. Something Stronger (feat NVST)
  3. Working Rats
  4. T-Maze
  5. Apathy Eats You Alive
  6. Tricked The Ox
  7. Pineal Gland
  8. Food Of The Gods
coming soon $18.06
Barcelona EP
Cat: ISO 106EP. Rel: 14 Aug 20
  1. Barcelona
  2. Concept1
  3. Night Time Comes
  4. Me Not Need
  5. Alpha Omega Strings
  6. Depth Climbe
coming soon $10.72
Ego Tripping (reissue)
Cat: MRB 7165. Rel: 07 Aug 20
  1. Ego Tripping
  2. Funky Potion
Played by: Originals
coming soon $16.22
Onderwereld EP
Cat: CELTD 003. Rel: 07 Aug 20
  1. Cosmox - "Electrostress"
  2. 543FF - "Easy"
  3. Star Kid, Gamma Intel & 543FF - "Three City Firm"
  4. Star Kid, Gamma Intel & 543FF - "Three City Firm" (543FF remix)
coming soon $10.46
Betamax (LP)
Cat: CPU 01011001. Rel: 07 Aug 20
  1. Betamax
  2. Neon Shores
  3. Far From Home
  4. Fortress
  5. Helix
  6. Footprints
  7. Infinity Journey
  8. Business Class
  9. The Homestretch
  10. The NASA Beat
  11. Twilight Skyline
  12. Vindicators
coming soon $9.15
Drill'n'Voiron EP
Cat: AF 031. Rel: 07 Aug 20
  1. Voiron Flex Et Detente
  2. Crazy Voiron
  3. Drill N Voiron
  4. Hyper Voiron
  5. XD Voiron
coming soon $12.54
Please Play Again
Cat: PHLTRXXL 003. Rel: 07 Aug 20
  1. Skrippers & Skrimps
  2. Groove Junkie
  3. Most Expensivest
  4. No Mo Talk
coming soon $10.99
Brainwave (12")
Cat: EON 003. Rel: 07 Aug 20
  1. Brainwave
  2. Brainwave (Sync 24 remix)
  3. Possessed
  4. Creator
coming soon TBA
Turn It Off
Cat: LDDC 001. Rel: 07 Aug 20
  1. Turn It Off
  2. Hey Man
  3. Bombe Late
  4. Ride On
coming soon $13.35
Entropy EP
Entropy EP (12")
Cat: SPCL 006. Rel: 03 Aug 20
  1. Initial (live mix)
  2. Entropy
  3. Four
  4. Four (Reedale Rise remix)
coming soon $12.03
Thief Of Sanity
Cat: BT 45. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Ojo De Las Grayas
  2. Blind Submission
  3. Toque Mortal
  4. Thief Of Sanity
coming soon $10.72
A Sinner In The City
A Sinner In The City (limited 12")
Cat: ZORA 006. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. A Sinner In The City
  2. Sucker's Drive
  3. It Took A Minute To Realize
  4. Questions & Answers
  5. Silent Signs
  6. Farewell Sunset
coming soon $13.08
Freaky Friends Vol 1
  1. P Leone - "Parting Currents"
  2. Nasty King Kurl - "Lawless"
  3. Ole Mic Odd - "Hydro Anthem"
  4. Sentient State - "4 Tha Freaks"
  5. Dj Swagger - "The Phone Talky"
  6. Main Phase - "Get Higher"
coming soon $12.03
HEARSE 003 (screen-printed 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: HEARSE 003. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Exzakt & BFX - "Raw"
  2. Kluentah - "Jungle Juice"
  3. Luke Eargoggle - "Olympia"
  4. Amboss - "I Want To Live In My Car"
coming soon $10.72
Das Augas O Alen EP
Cat: N2MU 004. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Neidr
  2. Lugh
  3. Nauia
  4. O Pozo De Conem
  5. Reue
  6. Urco
coming soon $12.82
Semi Automatic
Semi Automatic (12" in silk-screen printed sleeve)
Cat: 777 22. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Semi Automatic
  2. When That Booty Drop
  3. Bees In My Trunk
  4. We Can Make U Bounce
  5. Got The Tang
  6. Till You Drop
coming soon $10.46
Attention Earth People
Attention Earth People (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: UA 1202. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Attention Earth People
  2. Attention Earth People (remix)
  3. Watch The Sky
  4. Fascinating
  5. Venus The Morning Star
  6. As High As It Can Go
coming soon $13.08
Moderated Lies
Moderated Lies (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: INFILTRATE 07. Rel: 27 Jul 20
  1. Moderated Lies
  2. The Least Resistance
  3. Propeller
  4. Logicphrenia
Review: Alex Jann comes to Infiltrate having already sown his febrile brand of electro around labels like Censor and Unknown To The Unknown. He's sounding fierce and fired up on "Moderated Lies", all slamming b-lines and strafing sound FX. "Least Resistance" is a slower, creepier number, while "Propeller" brings things back up to a seriously high tempo for the paciest electro spinners to get fresh with. "Logicphrenia" smacks somewhere in the middle, dropping the kind of hi-tech sound you'd expect from Silicon Scally. Classy stuff indeed.
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coming soon TBA
ZMNT 004
ZMNT 004 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ZMNT 004. Rel: 27 Jul 20
  1. Back Up
  2. Echo Park
  3. Flip The Switch
  4. Ice So Bright
Review:  The Next Number on Zement is by Ole Mic Odd (aka Michael Padgett). He is a hardware operator and DJ from Los Angeles. He runs the label The New U.S. Government. Two slow gfunkish tracks for the slow people and two fast acid booty tracks that will blast your shoes off.
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coming soon TBA
S V1
S V1 (12")
Cat: ACOLOUR 023. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. Peter Elflein - "S V1"
  2. Schneider & Radecki - "Chic"
coming soon $11.25
Inner City Force Field
Cat: WEM 31329. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. HoloSerum
  2. Sewage Brawl
  3. Crystal Flood Plains
  4. Confiscated Hardware
  5. Mutant Reality
  6. Unlawful Investigation
  7. Ending - Field Disruption
coming soon $12.03
The Third Mind
Cat: BAKK 017. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. Gen Y - "Cosmic Desert"
  2. Gen Y - "Earth"
  3. GF - "Sugarbaby"
  4. Gen Y - "Drunk On Ya Lips"
coming soon $11.50
Afro Gothic EP
Cat: RAT 18. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. Afro Gothic
  2. Unter Den Helmen
  3. Art Academy Talk (Vocoder)
  4. Art Academy Talk (vocal)
coming soon TBA
Surface (12")
Cat: AKO 12002. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. Sword
  2. Nomadology
  3. Burning Heart
  4. Sierra Nevada
  5. Equations (interlude)
  6. Equations
  7. Surface
coming soon $11.25
To The People
To The People (limited heavyweight vinyl 7")
Cat: ID 009. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. To The People
  2. To The People (dub)
coming soon $10.72
Thug Life
Thug Life (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: INFILTRATE 06. Rel: 20 Jul 20
  1. Trauma
  2. Phobia
  3. Thug Life
  4. Conflict
Review: Stojche is a Berlin-based veteran of labels ranging from Dogmatik right up to a.r.t.less and Tangible Assets, and he's already had a strong 2020 with drops on Sungate and Grounded In Humanity. Now he comes to Infiltrate with some electro-wired sure shots that keep the tempo up, the synth work bold and the moods intense. "Trauma" rides on rich pads and a harmonious monosynth lead, while "Phobia" takes things freakier with some rapid fire percussion and icy stabs. "Thug Life" keeps the pressure up on the flip, albeit with some dubby melodic flex to temper the rabid beats. "Conflict" completes the set with deep-diving top lines and a decidedly nasty low end squelch you could lose your shoes in.
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Played by: Burnski
coming soon TBA
TOPP 015
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
coming soon $19.63
Red Arremer EP
Red Arremer EP (coloured vinyl 12" limited to 100 copies)
Cat: RM 007. Rel: 20 Jul 20
  1. La Forge D'isengard
  2. Masters Of Steel
  3. Dark Mines Slave
  4. Track 4 (bonus track)
coming soon $14.92
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Coming Soon: Electro