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Coming Soon: Balearic/Downtempo

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Clones & False Prophets
Cat: RUSCD 8284.
  1. Enter The Etherics (2:00)
  2. Fire & Brimstone (2:00)
  3. Enter The Tomb Raider (1:56)
  4. Enter The Clones (2:00)
  5. The Circle (2:00)
  6. Battle Cry (2:00)
  7. Enter The False Prophets (2:00)
  8. False Dub (2:00)
  9. Waves Of Conflict (2:00)
  10. To Be Continued (2:00)
coming soon $13.71
Put The Shine On
Cat: MA 0232CD. Rel: 06 Mar 20
  1. High Road
  2. Mercy
  3. Restless
  4. Smash My Head
  5. Where Did All The Soldiers Go
  6. Hell's Gate
  7. Did Me Wrong
  8. Lamb & The Wolf
  9. Slow Down Sun Down
  10. Burning Down The House
  11. Ruby Red
  12. Aloha Friday
coming soon $10.69
No Angel
No Angel (CD)
Cat: 743218 02682.
coming soon $4.66
Concrete & Glass
Concrete & Glass (CD + poster)
Cat: BEC 5650114.
  1. Concrete & Glass
  2. Back To Your Heart (feat Kate NV)
  3. We Forgot To Love (feat Kadhja Bonet)
  4. What Makes Me Think About You
  5. Time On My Hands (feat Kirin J Callinan)
  6. The Foundation (feat Cola Boyy)
  7. Catch Yourself Falling (feat Alexis Taylor)
  8. The Border
  9. Turn Right, Turn Left
  10. Cite Radieuse
coming soon $14.81
Celestial Soundscape
coming soon $13.15
Myopia (CD)
Cat: 483717 3. Rel: 21 Feb 20
coming soon $12.89
Dreams Are Not Enough
Review: "Dreams Are Not Enough" is not only the first Telefon Tel Aviv album for a decade, but also the first since the accidental death of founder member Charles Cooper the same year. It's perhaps understandable, then, that the album is bittersweet and melancholic in tone, with surviving member John Eustis offering up a range of drowsy, dream-like songs and instrumentals - think layered ambient, gentle Balearic synth-pop and tear-jerking late night soundscapes - that seem more laden with feeling than anything he or Cooper released during the band's successful early years. It's a genuinely beautiful, poignant and picturesque set capable of stirring emotions in even the most steely of listeners, and a fitting tribute - if, indeed, it was meant to be - to Telefon Tel Aviv's missing member.
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coming soon $15.63
Buddha Bar Greatest Hits
Cat: 337422 2.
coming soon TBA
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Coming Soon: Balearic/Downtempo