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Coming Soon: Broken Beat/Nu Jazz

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Broken Beat / Nu Jazz

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Sankofa Season
Cat: KITTO 001. Rel: 04 Dec 20
  1. Low Ceilings
  2. Washed In You
  3. Eye Mo K
  4. Sankofa Song
  5. Learning Lessens
  6. To Your Heart
coming soon $15.25
Out In The Open (reissue)
Cat: MG 015. Rel: 08 Feb 21
  1. You're Still The Same
  2. Is It Cool
  3. Take Off
Played by: Carlos Nilmmns
coming soon TBA
Be (7")
Cat: AHS 34.
  1. Be (DJ Koco Re edit)
  2. Be (DJ Koco & Ryuhei The Man Re edit)
coming soon $21.34
Los Claveles
Cat: ISH 04345 06.
  1. Los Claveles 36
  2. Los Claveles 36 (Lexx remix)
coming soon $14.97
Figuring It Out EP
Cat: 2051 BLACK.
  1. Wake Me Up
  2. Spaced Out Summer Tours & Back Again
  3. For Too Long
  4. Here To Luv Myself
coming soon TBA
Fair Chance (Floating Points remix)
  1. Fair Chance (Floating Points remix)
  2. Fair Chance (album version)
  3. Fair Chance (instrumental)
  4. Fair Chance (acappella)
coming soon $10.26
Jazz Carnival: Space Jazz mix (Global Communication remix) (remastered) (reissue)
  1. Jazz Carnival (LP mix) (8:59)
  2. Jazz Carnival (Space Jazz mix - Global Communication remix) (11:15)
Review: We hear on the grapevine that there could be some seriously desirable Global Communication vinyl reissues on the way in 2020. To tide us over until then, Far Out has decided to reissue one of the legendary West Country duo's most celebrated and sought-after remixes: their 1996 "Space Jazz" remix of Azymuth classic "Jazz Carnival". Pritchard and Middleton's version is a spacey deep house epic of intergalactic proportions, with subtle elements of the Brazilian band's loose and languid '90s re-recording of the track (the B-side "LP Mix") weaving in and out of a warm, rich and hypnotic groove. It's one of the most dancefloor-friendly of all Global Communication remixes - many were straight ambient or downtempo rubs - but also one of Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton's finest.
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coming soon $12.48
Latin Dynamite
Latin Dynamite (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: AJX 556S. Rel: 11 Dec 20
  1. Latin Dynamite
  2. El Basement
coming soon $8.04
King Of Funk
King Of Funk (7" limited to 300 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: MUKAT 075. Rel: 29 Jan 21
  1. King Of Funk
  2. Give The Horns Some
Review: Russian producer LTF traces his days as a b-boy over a funk-drenched hip-hop beat. On the flip LTF pays respect to James Brown with this horn heavy workout after years of digging old crates of Soviet Jazz Records recreating samples into new compositions of downtempo beats, boom bap, funky breaks, analog synths, and jazz-heavy hip-hop beats. Only 300 hand numbered copies pressed & Juno exclusive !

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coming soon $7.76
Tangerine Dreams
Tangerine Dreams (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FR 001 BLACK. Rel: 29 Jan 21
  1. Tangerine Dreams
  2. Two Mile Hill
coming soon $12.19
Shapes EP
Shapes EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BHILL 005.
  1. People Floating
  2. Shapes (Dreaming mix)
  3. Up There
Review: Following a journey of releases via Morocco, Uganda and Kenya, Banana Hill look close to home for their fifth release and present an accomplished debut from Manchester-based producer Clay. Sounds of the city run through this record, from the ethereal synths, scattered percussion and driving low end of 'Up There' to the broken beat swing of 'People Floating' and the title track 'Shapes' that sounds like it was crafted for a specific moment at 5am in a Salford club.

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coming soon TBA
Imminent (12")
Cat: 087342 3.
coming soon $21.62
Soif Chameau Pinot
Cat: SG 073. Rel: 31 Dec 20
  1. Soif, Chameau, Pinot
  2. Eau Chaude (Voodoocuts remix)
coming soon $18.02
Midnight In Havana (reissue)
Midnight In Havana (reissue) (coloured vinyl 7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: OGR 799 COLOUR. Rel: 26 Feb 21
  1. Midnight In Havana (5:18)
  2. Kinky Afro Cuban (4:53)
coming soon $14.69
Rough & Beautiful
  1. Rough & Beautiful
  2. All The Way Around
coming soon $19.14
Disrupt #4
  1. Disrupt #4
  2. Disrupt #4 (Awkward Corners remix)
coming soon $8.86
SILR 008
coming soon TBA
Cat: f CB 130. Rel: 26 Feb 21
  1. Pointbreak
  2. Surfin' Summer
  3. Remember
  4. Breeze
coming soon $13.87
The Goodfoot
Cat: BB 7008LTD. Rel: 04 Dec 20
  1. The Goodfoot
  2. The Goodfoot (instrumental)
coming soon $10.82
The 3rd First Day
Cat: FP 01. Rel: 08 Jan 21
  1. The 3rd First Day
  2. Hikaye
coming soon $11.92
Summer Rains EP
Cat: TS 001. Rel: 04 Dec 20
  1. Summer Rains (feat Rara Zulu & Cazeux OSLO)
  2. Waves (feat Matthew Hayes)
  3. Stationed In The Sky (feat CD & Hayku Kyah)
  4. Find A Way (feat Rara Zulu)
coming soon $10.82
Itokori (7")
Cat: AHS 37. Rel: 25 Dec 20
  1. Itokori (Ryuhei The Man vocal Re edit)
  2. Itokori (Ryuhei The Man instrumental Re edit)
coming soon $21.07
coming soon $11.64
Taste Together
  1. Taste Together (feat Tomoki Sanders)
  2. Still In You (U Key Re edit)
coming soon $24.67
Time For A Renaissance
Cat: PHOPHOPHO 001. Rel: 04 Jan 21
  1. Time For A Reinassance (intro)
  2. New World Coming
  3. Heavenly Sweetness (Jazz version)
  4. If I May
  5. Fools Shuffle
  6. Haiku
coming soon $21.07
Jazzbois (12")
Cat: LHHV 829.
  1. Crumar
  2. Elvin
  3. HTC
  4. Bois
  5. Shabakh
coming soon $30.22
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Coming Soon: Broken Beat/Nu Jazz