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Coming Soon: Breakbeat

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In The House
Cat: 3TAL 1.
  1. In The House
  2. I Get A Chill
  3. You Bring Me Joy
  4. Tonight
coming soon $10.89
Sad But Ambitious EP
  1. He Said It
  2. Reach For You
  3. Sad But Ambitious
  4. In A Dream
coming soon $10.36
Groundwork 01
coming soon $9.60
Surrender: 20th Anniversary Expanded
Cat: 778504 0. Rel: 18 Oct 19
coming soon $100.62
2 The Wrld
2 The Wrld (12")
Cat: AXTX 010. Rel: 23 Aug 19
  1. Water Diving
  2. Aliens Dance
  3. Submarine Patois (My Girlfriend remix)
  4. Submarine Patois
  5. Mono Neon In Space
  6. Interceptorrage
coming soon $10.11
Slump DKD Toddler
  1. Slump
  2. DKD
  3. Toddler
coming soon $11.40
The Gospel According To A Soundbwoy
  1. The Gospel According To A Soundbwoy
  2. Drums Of Doom
coming soon $10.89
Can I Share My House With You?
  1. Can I Share My House With You?
  2. Track 2
coming soon $10.89
Love Inna Basement
Love Inna Basement (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: NE 001GH.
coming soon $10.11
Archives Vol 5
Cat: IR 20195. Rel: 16 Aug 19
  1. Rave In The Bedroom (part 1)
  2. Its Not Big & Its Not Clever
  3. Loves The Feeling
  4. Loves The Feeling (remix)
coming soon $10.89
Abraxas EP
Abraxas EP (12")
Cat: ASTRO 02. Rel: 26 Jul 19
  1. Abraxas
  2. Young Star Cluster
  3. How Can You Tell
Review: Earlier in the year Lone launched the Ancient Astronauts imprint via a single-track digital single that wrapped his usual sun-soaked electronics and kaleidoscopic synthesizer melodies around a ridiculously rubbery bassline and crunchy, club-ready breakbeats. Here he offers up the label's first vinyl EP, a three-track missive that's as loved-up as you'd expect. Check first "How Can You Tell", an ultra-deep, dreamy and rushing chunk of deep jungle revivalism full of psychedelic acid lines, slack-tuned breakbeats, yearning chords and bowel-bothering sub-bass. Equally as impressive is A-side opener "Abraxas", a delightful cut that fits between rush-inducing moments of loved-up bliss and the kind of intensely bustling breakbeats that were once all the rage on British dancefloors. "Young Star Cluster", a killer combination of hip-house style breaks and funk-fuelled acid lines, is also superb.
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coming soon $10.89
Vintage Vol #2
  1. Skin Teeth
  2. Mr Sulu
  3. 123 O'clock
coming soon $10.89
Superlux 001
Cat: SPLX 1. Rel: 12 Aug 19
  1. Superlux - "White Noise" (Mike Gill Noisy rework)
  2. Superlux - "Chupa Track"
  3. N Gynn - "Take One"
  4. N Gynn - "Take One" (Dawl remix)
coming soon $9.08
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Coming Soon: Breakbeat