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Coming Soon: UK Garage

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UK Garage

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Myron Refixes
Myron Refixes (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: DPR 035. Rel: 15 Jun 20
  1. Myron (2steppah Re:refix)
  2. Myron (2step Re:re:refix)
  3. Myron
Review: Noodles Groove chronicles & Dubchild release the Myron refixes, after numerous bootlegs & sampling of this classic uk garage track.

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Played by: Paul Starey
coming soon TBA
DRB 09
DRB 09 (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: DRB 09.
coming soon TBA
Apache (12")
Cat: INSTINCT 11. Rel: 29 Jun 20
  1. Apache
  2. Ignite
Review: Burnski's Instinct outlet continues to bring some serious firepower to the resurgent UK garage scene, and this time he's facing off with 0113 (otherwise known as Kepler.) for two rabble-rousing heaters packed with inventive twists on the 2-step formula. "Apache" is an intensely detailed roller that pivots around a killer vocal take, and uses all kinds of synth flourishes to create a wholly futuristic atmosphere - the garage of the future, but certainly not future garage. "Ignite" has a slightly more old-skool flavour that nods to past masters like Smith & Mighty as well as the pioneering work of El B et al. Classy stuff on both sides of this cool and deadly 12".
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Played by: Kepler, INSTINCT
coming soon TBA
Raw 3 EP
Raw 3 EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: COJ V003.
  1. Memories
  2. All I Think About
  3. Pressure Sound
  4. Bug-A-Do
Review: Club of Jacks

Club of Jacks come correct with the third and final installment of their RAW EP series - serving up another vinyl 4 tracker of essential House & Garage grooves primed for the dancefloor.

Track 1 'Memories' opens the EP with creamy Rhodes pads leading into a pulsing deep house groove flecked with soulful vocal lines, jazzy piano arps and filtered sax riffs.

The second track 'All I Think About' is a soulful groove built around an emotive vocal hook and chugging analog pads for that end of the night vibe.

On the flip side, 'Pressure Sound' switches style to a bassline roller with vintage reggae vocals, swinging garage drums and dub fx combining into a bouncy party starter.

Finishing off the EP is 'Bug-a-Do', a tough and bumpy hybrid acid-garage-house banger. Filtered synth pads merge with a 303 and M1 piano line - a hands in the air new school / old school workout.

All tracks are produced and mixed by Club of Jacks and made to be played loud wherever you like to jack your body!
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Played by: Paul Starey
coming soon TBA
Operator (12")
Cat: TRULE 006.
  1. Levi
  2. Teresa
  3. Operator
  4. Franz
coming soon $9.76
Groovin' EP
Groovin' EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RNV 05. Rel: 20 Jul 20
  1. Groovin'
  2. Not Because Of You
  3. Teedra
Review: London Underground garage artist "Highrise" joins the ever expanding and highly regarding Rhythm 'N' Vibe label.
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Played by: Paul Starey
coming soon TBA
Still Life Remixes
Still Life Remixes (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: INSTINCT 12. Rel: 27 Jul 20
  1. Can't Run Away From Yourself (Holloway remix)
  2. Can't Run Away From Yourself (Holloway dub)
  3. Badman (0113 remix)
  4. Can't Run Away From Yourself (Desert Sound Colony remix)
Review: Burnski laid out one of his most impressive artistic statements to date late last year with the Instinct album "Still Life", where his love of UK garage reaches into intriguing and experimental realms. Now he's invited a host of artists to turn in remixes with some stunning results. Holloway is up first, delivering an essential remix and dub version of "Can't Run Away From Yourself" that rides a crafty breakstep groove and places plenty of moodiness into the mix. On the flip, "Badman" gets the treatment from 0113, who keeps the 2-step flex up and matches it with some tasteful atmospheric drops in all the right places, plus plenty of bass of course. Desert Sound Colony completes the set with another highly developed take on "Can't Run Away From Yourself" that locks into its own ethereal groove.
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Played by: INSTINCT
coming soon TBA
SNS 002
SNS 002 (12")
Cat: SNS 002.
  1. Need U
  2. Need U (4X4)
  3. Movin' On
  4. Now Found
Played by: Paul Starey
coming soon $13.46
Want You Back
Want You Back (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PPLTD 04. Rel: 06 Jul 20
  1. Want You Back (Highrise mix)
  2. Want You Back (Marc Cotterell mix)
Review: Underground garage music from U.K artists, Highrise & label boss Marc Cotterell
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Played by: Paul Starey
coming soon TBA
MJ Cole Presents Madrugada
Cat: 851749. Rel: 19 Jun 20
  1. A Visit To Lolita
  2. Far Closer
  3. Cathedral
  4. Knocking
  5. Sonoran
  6. 90 Miles
  7. Solo Waltzer
  8. Strings For Jodie
  9. Reimagination
  10. Psalm 892
  11. Dizzy New Heights
  12. Resolution
coming soon $21.10
The Worker EP
The Worker EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BEEY 005. Rel: 24 Aug 20
  1. Le Louche & Mehlor - "Beat Back To"
  2. ADMNTi - "E3 Shaolin"
  3. Casey Spillman - "Just A Sip"
  4. Joey Jackson - "Made This Wearing One Slipper"
Review: The Beeyou crew are back again with another 4 tracks. This time round a selection of UK Producers, Le Louche, ADMNTi, Casey Spillman & Joey Jackson. With each track bringing its own piece of originality to the table this one is set to be a keeper in your record bag.
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coming soon TBA
Full Circle EP
Cat: FMR 002. Rel: 29 Jun 20
Played by: Paul Starey
coming soon TBA
Madrugada (remixes)
Madrugada (remixes) (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: RSD 2032. Rel: 27 Jun 20
coming soon TBA
Practical Rhythms Vol 1
  1. Sky Joose - "Garage Bunnies"
  2. Sky Joose - "Garage Bunnies" (Holloway remix)
  3. Ease Up George - "Eternally"
  4. Ease Up George - "Eternally" (El-B remix)
coming soon $16.36
Some Bad Days EP
Some Bad Days EP (limited 12")
Cat: TIN 003. Rel: 19 Jun 20
  1. Hold U Close
  2. Bad Days
  3. Homage To Claro
  4. MFCC
coming soon $11.60
Hylian Jams EP
Cat: CRECS 003.
  1. Tru Luv
  2. Tru Luv (Ben Hauke remix)
  3. Broken Boat
  4. Rave In Kokiri
coming soon TBA
Point Of View
Point Of View (140 gram vinyl double 12'')
Cat: INSTINCT LP02. Rel: 14 Sep 20
  1. Show Me
  2. Bloodhound
  3. Pistolwhip
  4. Sunstream
  5. Select
  6. Still Here
  7. Twister
  8. Ravin Crew
  9. Reaction
  10. Ripsnorter
  11. Hologram
  12. Operation
Review: Burnski has been as relentless as he has faultless in his work as Instinct. This second album in as many years is another on point garage offering that fuses just the right amount of UKG tradition with forward thinking invention. From sweet-as-chocolate vocal anthems like opener "Show Me" to more dark and twisted late night jams "Select", these are killer cuts with kinetic kicks that cannot fail to get you on your toes. Further highlights come in the form of hyper-speed jam "Twister" with reversed stabs that will melt your face, and the deep bass drills of "Hologram". Point Of View is some seriously heavy weaponry, then.
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coming soon TBA
Brixton 2 Croydon
Cat: GD4YA 05. Rel: 29 Jun 20
coming soon TBA
21 Seconds EP
21 Seconds EP (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: CR 00308. Rel: 27 Jun 20
coming soon TBA
Blue Cookie EP
Cat: GAT 002. Rel: 29 Jun 20
Played by: Paul Starey
coming soon TBA
3FD 002
3FD 002 (12")
Cat: 3FD 002. Rel: 12 Jun 20
  1. Pepe Elle - "We Ain't Taking Orders"
  2. Main Phase - "Alright Then"
  3. Ollie Rant - "Tony's Box"
  4. ZeroFG - "Heavy Rain"
coming soon $12.40
Le Point 16 EP
Cat: DT 01. Rel: 12 Jun 20
  1. Mean Track
  2. Mean Track (RV Hard dub mix)
  3. 40 And Counting
  4. Ring The Bell
Played by: Paul Starey
coming soon $12.13
Locked In EP
Locked In EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PPR 21. Rel: 31 Aug 20
  1. Marc Cotterell - "The Way You Hold Me"
  2. Marc Cotterell - "Ease Your Mind"
  3. Gavin Dista - "Fantasy"
  4. Gavin Dista - "Funk House"
Review: Cotterell & Dista join forces on a split EP of 90's house & garage music.

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coming soon TBA
Wake The Neighbours
Cat: tbc. Rel: 06 Jul 20
coming soon TBA
CONCH 004 (12")
Cat: CONCH 004. Rel: 15 Jun 20
  1. RF1
  2. RF2
coming soon $11.08
Tryna Take My Man Away EP
  1. Tryna Take My Man
  2. Don’t Be Shy
  3. Unwind Yr Mind (Change Yrself)
  4. Slapcrack
coming soon $11.60
Original Bad Bwoy EP
Cat: TIN 001. Rel: 29 Jun 20
  1. D Jason - "Orginal Bad Bwoy"
  2. D Jason - "Function"
  3. Baby J - "I Wanna Tell U Something"
  4. Baby J - "Unity (National Anthem)"
coming soon $11.60
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Coming Soon: UK Garage