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Juno Recommends Leftfield: June 2022

Juno Recommends Leftfield

Juno Recommends Leftfield

Juno Recommends Leftfield: June 2022
Cat: 454421 4. Rel: 16 May 22
When The Party's Over (3:14)
Atmosphere (3:59)
Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer (2:39)
Godspeed (2:54)
When We're Older (3:04)
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (4:02)
Review: Tender-voiced crooner James Blacke dropped this EP of cover songs back in December 2020, but in time for Record Store Day it now gets a wax reissue. Lovers of sad songs rejoined at their mopey here tackling some of these tunes from artists such as Frank Ocean, Billie Eilish, and Beyonce. "It's been a joy to discover new music and new ways of playing songs I've already heard," he said at the time and it's just as nice for us to hear him working with different than usual source material.
out of stock $12.75
Cat: PITPV 052BLUE. Rel: 30 May 22
Porcelain (5:54)
Gold (5:03)
Amber (4:12)
Violet (4:16)
Indigo (4:28)
Emerald (4:18)
Shadow (4:21)
Midnight (4:03)
Review: 'Symmetry Systems' is the new LP by Dennis Huddleston AKA 36. Inspired by Warp's 'Artificial Intelligence' releases from the early 90's, it's a melodic, synthesiser-driven record, with a wink to the past and a nod towards the future. "I have a deep love for those early Warp albums, particularly the Artificial Intelligence compilations. It was a wonderful time for UK electronic music. That beautiful, warm machine sound, with an optimistic (if somewhat naive) vision for the future. I found the whole thing incredibly inspiring and wanted to revisit those memories, albeit with a 36 twist" Like 'Wave Variations' before it, this record explores various approaches to the theme, with each track directly inspiring the next one. All tracks are sequenced in the order they were made. 'Symmetry Systems' is a collection of hypnotic machine music, made with a delicate human touch.
...Read more
 in stock $28.71
Cat: RSD2022 012. Rel: 16 May 22
Getting Away With It (extended mix) (7:32)
Get The Message (DNA Groove mix) (5:27)
Gangster (FBI mix) (8:01)
Feel Every Beat (12" remix) (6:48)
Idiot Country Two (6:04)
Disappointed (12" remix) (4:28)
out of stock $17.82
Cat: MTR 122DLX. Rel: 16 May 22
Fast Land (5:06)
Easy Prey (4:25)
Drum Glow (4:44)
Neon Rats (7:33)
Soft Edit (1:28)
Numb Bell (5:18)
Undo Redo (4:37)
Doom Hype (4:07)
More Love (4:37)
Copy Copy (4:24)
Review: Moderat performed what they knew would be one of their last concerts in 2017 - at least, for a while, anyway. Having been in need for a hiatus, COVID restrictions kicked in and the pressure to juggle performing and music-making was off. Thus came 'MORE D4TA', an album that strove after connection and collaboration in an era where the potential for such was stunted. Now finally finished and polished, the album comes for all to enjoy, demonstrating some of the duo's most focused and pop-structured production and modular chops.

 in stock $20.21
Cat: HIGH 1980. Rel: 23 May 22
Super Mario Bros (Course Clear Fanfare - NES - 1985) (0:06)
Space Harrier (Sega - 1985) (0:24)
Arkanoid (Amstrad - 1987) (3:20)
The Legend Of Zelda (NES - 1986) (1:20)
Castelvania (NES - 1986) (2:55)
Shinobi (Sega - 1987) (1:15)
Prince Of Persia (NES - 1992) (2:25)
Shatterhand (intro - NES - 1991) (0:23)
Shatterhand (Final Area - NES - 1991) (2:09)
Double Dragon (NES - 1988) (1:34)
Cauldron (Amstrad/C64 - 1985) (2:00)
Wonder Boy (main Round - Sega - 1986) (1:21)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES - 1989) (1:17)
Sonic (Bridge - Sega - 1991) (0:57)
Sonic (Invicibility - Sega - 1991) (0:28)
Out Run (Sega - 1986) (2:08)
Pac Man (Arcade - 1980) (0:17)
Super Mario Bros (main Theme Overworld - NES - 1985) (1:47)
Captain Tsubasa (Toho Team - NES - 1988) (1:30)
Ghosts'n Goblins (NES - 1986) (0:55)
Barbarian (Amstrad - 1987) (2:30)
World Cup (NES - 1990) (2:22)
Robocop (Amstrad - 1987) (2:27)
Tetris (NES - 1988) (1:26)
International Karate + (Amstrad/C64 - 1987) (1:33)
Solstice (NES - 1990) (2:00)
Giana Sisters (C64 - 1987) (1:31)
Golden Axe (Sega - 1989) (1:50)
Super Mario Bros (Underworld Theme - NES - 1985) (1:09)
out of stock $18.08
Sofie Birch - "Willness" (3:41)
Hollie Kenniff - "Embers" (3:24)
Clariloops - "Today" (3:01)
Drum & Lace - "Felt" (3:46)
Sachi Kobayashi - "Scent Of Roses" (3:34)
Belly Full Of Stars - "Charlie Day" (2:33)
More Eaze - "Better" (3:36)
Marine Eyes - "Doorways" (3:46)
IKSRE - "You Will Find" (3:13)
Inquiri - "Ruminating" (3:11)
Clarice Jensen - "Getting Lost Is Okay" (3:59)
Christina Giannone - "Decor" (2:55)
Patricia Wolf - "Cognitive Distortion" (3:29)
Penelope Trappes - "Possession" (3:57)
Claire Deak - "Dampen The Waves" (3:25)
Ami Dang - "Cerulean" (2:58)
Pechblende - "Glacial Lake Lullaby" (3:48)
Karen Vogt - "I Know It Is Hard" (3:24)
Zoe Polanski - "Liu" (3:55)
Nailah Hunter - "Yaellan's Grove" (3:50)
Caminauta - "Endless Tide" (4:05)
Ai Yamamoto - "Yamaha To Yamamoto San" (3:37)
Cat Tyson Hughes - "Almonta" (3:54)
Review: Healing Together is a benefit compilation for mental health recovery featuring 23 ambient-electronic artists from around the world. Recognizing that music is a bridge to normalizing conversations about the challenges people are going through, each artist was prompted to create a song that would help someone with mental health struggles know they're not alone. This sprouted into a collection of ambient music holding space for the many emotional landscapes we experience as humans. Healing Together features new compositions specially prepared for the compilation from the incredible line-up of women artists Nailah Hunter, Penelope Trappes, Clarice Jensen, Drum & Lace, Sofie Birch, Hollie Kenniff, Clariloops, more eaze, Ami Dang, Karen Vogt, Patricia Wolf, Zoe Polanski, Sachi Kobayashi, Christina Giannone, Ai Yamamoto, Cat Tyson Hughes, IKSRE, Inquiri, Belly Full of Stars, Claire Deak, Pechblende, Caminuata and marine eyes. Net profits of the compilation will go to Sounds of Saving, a non-profit fueling hope for mental health both by celebrating the power of human connection to music and directing people towards the resources they need before it's too late.
...Read more
out of stock $33.78
Cat: DE 287. Rel: 30 May 22
Atfalouna (5:43)
Atfalouna (instrumental) (3:56)
Ibini (4:48)
Ydouchababe (5:16)
Review: Hassan Ideddir's 1989 single "Atfalouna" sees an expanded repress courtesy of Dark Entries. Born to Berber parents in Morocco, Ideddir began making music at the age of 10 after being discovered singing in the stairwell by his school's headmaster. Encouraged by his peers, he began playing concerts, and his status grew. In 1987, he played a string of sold-out concerts in Casablanca, Rabat, and Marrakesh, in support of a children's charity. The success of these concerts secured him a record deal, and he went to Paris to record his debut single "Atfalouna" in 1988.
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 in stock $13.30
Cat: BRIDGE 1. Rel: 16 May 22
Attack Decay (3:44)
Monochrome Days (4:01)
Day Breaks, Night Heals (3:57)
Connotations (4:03)
Fade Away (6:24)
Interferon (7:56)
Six AM (3:13)
The Hard Way In & The Easy Way Out (4:38)
Perpetual (5:01)
Review: Ever since its release in 1974, Thomas Leer and Robert Rental's The Bridge has never been reissued. Rental passed away in 2000 and this was their only record together, but boy what a record it is. It first came on Throbbing Gristle's legendary Industrial Records and immediately showed off the artists' unique musical visions with its avant-garde synth-pop sounds and evocative electronic landscapes. It comes just after the end of a vital exhibition in London, 'From The Port To The Bridge' which shared the story behind the making of this cult classic album.
out of stock $19.95
Cat: 875025 6. Rel: 30 May 22
Derezzed (The Glitch Mob remix) (4:25)
Fall (M83 vs Big Black Delta remix) (3:51)
The Grid (the Crystal Method remix) (4:27)
Adagio For TRON (Teddybears remix) (5:35)
The Son Of Flynn (Ki:Theory remix) (4:55)
CLU (Paul Oakenfold remix) (4:35)
The Son Of Flynn (Moby remix) (6:31)
End Of Line (Boys Noize remix) (5:53)
Rinzler (Kaskade remix) (9:37)
Encom (part 2 - Com Truise remix) (2:03)
End Of Line (Photek remix) (5:21)
Arena (The Japanese Popstars remix) (6:08)
Derezzed (Avicii remix) (5:04)
Solar Sailer (Pretty Lights remix) (4:33)
TRON Legacy (End titles - Sander Kleinenberg remix) (5:08)
Review: It was big news when Daft Punk were enlisted to record the soundtrack to Disney's remake of Tron. While the film has perhaps faded from view slightly, the soundtrack remains a popular notch in the French duo's latter-day legacy. Here, we get treated to a reissue of the big budget remix collection which came out in 2011. It's a neat snapshot of the electronic music landscape at the time, ranging from The Glitch Mob to M83, Moby to Paul Oakenfold, Boys Noize to Photek and the late, great Avicii. You certainly wouldn't get the same cast of characters together for a similar package now, making this a document of the era as well as an essential collection of premier league dance music.
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 in stock $30.84
Cat: 875025 7. Rel: 30 May 22
Overture (2:28)
The Grid (1:30)
The Son Of Flynn (1:35)
Recognizer (2:38)
Armory (2:04)
Arena (1:34)
Rinzler (2:17)
The Game Has Changed (3:25)
Outlands (2:41)
Adagio For TRON (2:16)
Nocturne (1:51)
End Of Line (1:42)
Derezzed (2:36)
Fall (3:07)
Solar Sailer (2:41)
Rectifier (2:14)
Disc Wars (4:12)
CLU (4:35)
Arrival (2:01)
Flynn Lives (3:20)
TRON Legacy (End titles) (3:18)
Finale (4:21)
Sea Of Simulation (2:40)
Encom (part 2) (2:14)
Encom (part 1) (3:50)
Round One (1:35)
Castor (2:26)
Reflections (2:33)
Sunrise Prelude (2:58)
Review: Fervent Daft Punk fans will be all over this collector's edition of the French duo's soundtrack for the Tron sequel! Spread across two heavyweight 180g slabs of vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve, this edition features two previously unreleased tracks and a code to grab all thirty tracks on vinyl. Naturally, fans will already know that 'Derezzed' aside, this is strictly Daft Punk doing soundtrack material as opposed to Daft Punk doing new Daft Punk. Perhaps the most important thing about this release is the lack of any of those somewhat risible remixes that Disney insisted on releasing.
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out of stock $40.67
Cat: DR 45. Rel: 23 May 22
The Treasury Of Puppies (2:31)
Sapfo Livin' (2:49)
Kristi Bruds Gildskap (3:30)
Ett Tredje Vakuum (5:23)
Ljug Mig Ut (3:15)
St Bernard (1:53)
Tvangs Fantasi (5:15)
La Diabolique D'arboga (2:03)
Review: Gothenburg-based duo Treasury of Puppies are back with their third album, and once again Charlott Malmenholt and Joakim Karlsson serve up superbly alluring downer music that might have a gloomy aesthetic but is also weirdly uplifting. This record has a more refined finish that previous works but still gas playfulness and lyrical poetry throughout. 'Jag sag ditt ljus' and 'Rotten Apples of Love' are two tunes that showcase the band's signature sound while the unique aesthetic of the sounds are a result of using old devices made for recording talk rather than music.
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out of stock $30.05
Cat: MW 009. Rel: 28 Jun 21
Aware Of Something (4:48)
Look Or Look Away (3:56)
Both Feelings (3:13)
Chest Of Drawers (3:04)
Shelter (3:43)
Something Inside My Body (8:07)
Clearly The Memory (5:05)
Far Away (4:44)
Somewhere Else (3:06)
out of stock $22.33
Cat: XL 1222LP. Rel: 23 May 22
Bruja (3:55)
Incendio (2:47)
Morbo (2:08)
Fiera (4:30)
Skullqueen (2:31)
Electra Rex (2:11)
Ripples (2:13)
Rubberneck (2:29)
Senorita (2:19)
My 2 (3:16)
Intimate Flesh (3:33)
Joya (3:49)
out of stock $19.95
Cat: KRANK 232LP. Rel: 16 May 22
Swimming In A Western Motel (2:46)
Outskirts, Dreamlit (6:20)
Corniel (2:43)
The North Line (4:00)
Baitshop (0:28)
Harmony Conversion (3:07)
Memorizing, Memorizing (2:30)
Just A Story (4:49)
Nightwater (2:31)
Wooster, Ohio (1:30)
Almost Grown (4:52)
Grounded (3:35)
Review: Mark Nelson is the vocalist and guitarist for post-rock outfit Labradford but also releases as Pan America, which is the alias he assumes for this new album on Kranky. The Patience Fader takes in 12 tracks of archetypal acoustic Americana and immediately transports you to the planes of the northern states. It is made of solo guitar instrumentals accented with lap steel, twilit atmospherics and harmonica and is truly elegant and emotive with highlights such as 'Corniel' and 'Grounded' making this some of his best work yet.
out of stock $26.59
Rhythm & Sex (1:58)
Step By Step (2:50)
Review: We've been served a good banquet of dance reissues from classic Italian film soundtracks of late, and Gianni Ferrio's 'La Poliziotta' is one of the best of the bunch. Combining two choice cuts from mysterious film director Stefano Vanzina's aka. Steno's sexy detective film 'La Poliziotta', this 7" reissue is a finger-clicking, jazz-swinging foray through instrumental funk.
 in stock $17.82
Cat: XL 1212LP. Rel: 23 May 22
Dona (1:45)
Prada (2:45)
Rakata (2:29)
Tiro (2:19)
Luna Llena (3:18)
Lethargy (2:03)
Arana (4:18)
Femme (1:40)
Munecas (3:41)
Confianza (1:42)
Born Yesterday (feat Sia) (3:17)
Andro (4:36)
Review: If you're new to Arca then it's time to catch up. The Venezuelan instrumentalist, rapper, composer, singer, producer and DJ is nothing short of a tour de force, and has been blowing crowds away with a blend of experimental dance and electronic music since emerging in 2011. Packing beauty, attitude, and wild ideas into a seamless blend of noises, in live format you can expect sets to run the gamut from Neo-gabber to sleazy Latin trap, and we really do recommend experiencing that.

Kick II is the second instalment in a four-album odyssey that defines exactly what we're talking about, albeit stopping short of the breakneck beats she can unleash on stage. Nevertheless, the combination of avant-garde, reggaeton, pop, cumbia, smoky downbeat, and deconstructed club music is powerful and impossible to ignore. Not that anyone would ever want to.
...Read more
out of stock $19.95
Cat: TLV 147LP. Rel: 23 May 22
Post Rock/Experimental
World Inside The Ocean (4:06)
Obscene (3:47)
Whorl (4:07)
Crimson Crush (5:40)
Three Herons (3:52)
Loose (3:47)
As Horses (4:51)
Untombed (4:28)
 in stock $21.27
Cat: TLV 146LP. Rel: 23 May 22
Post Rock/Experimental
Waves On Waves (3:55)
Slow Diamonds (3:23)
Sunlight On Dry Grass (3:59)
Night Bloom (4:31)
Shorebirds (3:15)
Open Air (5:23)
Under The Bloom (2:51)
Eucalyptus (4:32)
 in stock $21.27
Cat: DA 019. Rel: 23 May 22
Miriam (3:52)
Blood Oath (4:22)
Gretchen Bender (4:58)
Boundless (feat Jennifer Touch) (4:19)
Smoke (4:10)
Coma (3:40)
Deja-Vu, Inc (5:15)
Malice (interlude) (2:14)
Ghost Of Amrs (feat Terr) (4:38)
Made In Shade (4:13)
Review: Incarnadine marks the third studio album from New York-based darkwave artist Luca Venezia (aka Curses!). Borrowing heavily from EBM and Gothic Rock structures that emerged in the 70s and 80s, Venezia is creating an authentic version of how post-punk and darkwave music would sound using modern recording equipment. Don't think that this takes any edge off of the style however, with tracks like 'Blood Oath' still retaining that classic sound. 'Boundless' featuring the vocals of Jennifer Touch is like a Coldwave time capsule opening after 40 years, and features impeccable synths and drums. Think of Taylor Dane in her goth phase. Incarnadine is a pocket of 10 timeless tracks, housed on an incredible double LP. A compulsory listen for those who long back to a Cocteau Twins era of Jangly processed guitars and echoed vocals, Curses! Is a transformative listen.
...Read more
out of stock $26.86
Cat: 383827 2. Rel: 23 May 22
The Night (6:00)
Chasing Utopia (5:22)
Beauty Is The Truth (5:26)
Only Human (3:06)
Don't (You Mess With Me) (3:12)
No Ordinary Girl (4:41)
The Wolves Are Returning (4:56)
Ribbons Of Steel (9:32)
Review: West German duo xPropaganda formed in Dusseldorf's avant-garde and post-punk scenes in the early '80s. While seemingly operating as common form of band - the industrial electropunk duo - they've always managed to upend the trope. 'The Heart Is Strange' is their latest cold factoryscape, scoring just 8 tracks of proto-transhuman gush. Clock choice cuts 'Beauty Is The Truth' and 'No Ordinary Girl' on this sprawling cyborg of an LP.
 in stock $21.04
Pink Elln - "Human Perc" (4:09)
Karen Marks - "Cold Cafe" (3:03)
Disque Omo - "Toujours L'Amour" (2:08)
Vorgruppe - "Mensch Im Eis" (2:29)
Iham/Echo - "Eagle" (3:12)
Perfect Mother - "Dark-Disco-Da-Da-Da-Da-Run" (3:10)
Arvid Tuba - "The Seasons Are Sitting On Chairs" (3:43)
Subject - "Don't Be Blind" (2:56)
Denial - "California Dreaming" (3:10)
Unovidual - "Dit Is Pas Het Begin" (4:19)
Aural Indifference - "Park" (3:31)
Autumn - "You Are You Are" (1:30)
Review: Over the last two or three years, New York's Minimal Wave outpost has focussed on releasing plenty of new music that fits in line with their unashamedly 'cold-wave' approach, and this has opened them to a whole variety of listeners and DJs. However, in our opinion, where they truly shine is in providing the underground masses with compilations such as this latest The Bedroom Tapes: A Compilation Of Minimal Wave From Around The World 1980-1991, a glorious snapshot of all the very best slices of lo-fi that has largely gone unnoticed to the modern eye. Of course, the majority of these tunes are now expensive in their original formats, but we're taking about a small crew of Discogs sharks who are upping the prices. Here, you're able to properly - and peacefully - enjoy some of the very best minimal machine-drum soul from peeps like Karen Marks, Vorgruppe, Perfect Mother and Aural Indifference, among others. This truly is a feast for the modern digger. Excellent.
...Read more
 in stock $26.59
Cat: UNSEENRE 006. Rel: 23 May 22
Nothing It Can (6:21)
Your Zenith (2:51)
In Everything Was Given (5:37)
Nature People (1:47)
Bold Advances (4:05)
Equal Ourselves (5:21)
Ours Everyday (4:16)
Ideals Or Hopes (5:00)
Review: Moiety is a great example of what makes Helios so special as an artist. The ambient hero wrote at the time of its original release that he had made it "as a gift", explaining "it is my thanks to you for the support I've received over the years." That was 2012, and it's taken another decade for the producer to make what was a limited edition freebie more widely available, a decision that's more than understandable.

Having made ambient greatness since 2004, there's plenty in the Keith Kenniff back catalogue that we would recommended exploring, but this outing is easily up there with the most beautiful and emotive. Focusing on refrain-based tracks, it's a staggering example of how gradual developments of notes and tonality can be truly transportive. So sit back, close your eyes, and allow these eight pieces to take you where they want.

...Read more
 in stock $16.49
Cat: XL 1224LP. Rel: 23 May 22
In The Face (0:42)
Pu (2:36)
Chiquito (3:09)
Estrogen (2:43)
Ether (4:05)
Amrep (2:52)
Sanctuary (feat Ryuichi Sakamoto) (3:17)
Tierno (4:39)
Musculos (4:39)
La Infinita (4:39)
Fireprayer (4:39)
Crown (4:39)
out of stock $19.95
Cat: PITPZD 011CD. Rel: 30 May 22
Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3
Variation 4
Variation 5
Review: "Sound Space Variations" is a delicate and restrained sound bath. A mix of atmospheric, suspenseful drone sounds and meditative aspects. It is an album made for those moments when we just are.

zake has managed to capture the moments that lie between sounds; the unagitated murmurs and atmospheric hisses. The artist connects this in-between-world and our earthly one with calm and sonorous scores, making us think about everything and nothing.

The six pieces on the record do not seem heavy-headed or overloaded but much more airy, wide and open for interpretations. They stimulate the imagination - in a wonderfully unbiased way. In the last track. James Bernhard mixed and mastered the album, written and produced by drone artist zake, at Ambient Mountain House Studio. zake himself provided the artwork and photos himself."
...Read more
 in stock $14.36
Cat: MTR 122LP. Rel: 16 May 22
Fast Land (5:07)
Easy Prey (4:24)
Drum Glow (4:43)
Neon Rats (7:32)
Soft Edit (1:29)
Numb Bell (5:18)
Undo Redo (4:40)
Doom Hype (4:05)
More Love (4:37)
Copy Copy (4:24)
 in stock $13.30
Cat: FRLP 004X. Rel: 30 May 22
The Village Headman Pleading With The Old Ferryman (4:21)
Salt-wind Rises At The Waterfront Promenade (2:43)
Til Dusk, At Devran (5:02)
From 23 Views Of Sai Kung Hoi (Day One) (7:38)
Fairbairn's Floating World (7:27)
Bora Boro (2:36)
Overmorrow, Monchan (4:38)
Gokarna To Hampi, After Dark (5:36)
out of stock $27.65
Cat: XL 1223LP. Rel: 23 May 22
Whoresong (2:15)
Esuna (feat Oliver Coates) (2:18)
Xenomorph Girl (2:53)
Queer (feat Planningtorock) (3:29)
Witch (feat No Bra) (3:32)
Hija (2:40)
Boquifloja (5:18)
Alien Inside (feat Shirley Manson) (2:02)
Altar (3:36)
Lost Woman Found (4:12)
Paw (4:06)
 in stock $19.95
Cat: ERC 030R. Rel: 06 Jun 22
Djamileh (4:46)
Tik & Tics (3:30)
Le Nenuphare (2:47)
Narme-Air (4:06)
A Cup Of Tea For Suzuki (4:15)
Zen-Dub (3:20)
Allo Rechte (3:28)
Homo Religiosis (7:41)
Akasha (2:18)
Herrvoragende (0:42)
Narguile Toundra, La Grande Plante Fibreuse (5:01)
Review: Cult French outfit Vox Populi! have already put out a subversive and superb album this year back in April on Touch Sensitive. Here it is the good folk at Emotional Rescue who snap up another one in the form of Aither, which has been remastered and repackaged 30 years after it first landed. We're told it is the first of many to come in 2022 and that's good news because it's class - numerous musicians played as part of the band and traditional instrumental paired with folklore vocals make for a majestic melting pot of sound from the world of dub, funk, soul, psyche and oriental.
...Read more
 in stock $16.76
Cat: FRIM 88767. Rel: 16 May 22
INXS & Jimmy Barnes - "Good Times" (3:50)
Lou Gramm - "Lost In The Shadows (The Lost Boys)" (6:33)
Roger Daltrey - "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" (6:07)
INXS & Jimmy Barnes - "Laying Down The Law" (4:17)
Echo & The Bunnymen - "People Are Strange" (3:38)
Gerard McMann - "Cry Little Sister" (Theme From The Lost Boys) (4:41)
Eddie & The Tide - "Power Play" (3:53)
Tim Cappello - "I Still Believe" (4:50)
Mummy Calls - "Beauty Has Her Way" (3:52)
Thomas Newman - "To The Shock Of Miss Louise" (1:25)
Review: Where do you start with this one? If you've never seen The Lost Boys we insist on you opening a new web page and immediately finding either a stream or DVD version (we'd actually recommend VHS for authenticity's sake but not sure anyone still has a player?) and doing some clearly long-overdue homework by watching one of the archetypal 1980s movies. If you have, then this vinyl release of the original soundtrack will probably be in you shopping cart already.

All that said, it gives us enormous pleasure to describe just how good this is. If the movie defined the era in terms of 'young adult entertainment', a hybrid of coming of age and vampire movie with thick black comedy running throughout, and some of the era's coolest stars (Corey Haim, Kiefer Sutherland, Corey Feldman, Dianne Wiest), the score is every bit the match. Power ballads, high rolling rock 'n' roll packing snares on every second beat, all present, correct, and hugely enjoyable.

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Cat: PAN 118. Rel: 16 May 22
Part I: A Raving Still (9:22)
Part II: A Found Lament (12:48)
Part III: A Tender Accent (17:03)
Part IV: A Deafening Hum (15:18)
Review: Following on from its first incarnation as an 'exhibition-performance' at the Tate Modern in 2019, Pan Daijing's 'Tissues' finally gets a physical and digital release in music-only form. A strange, hour-long, operatic dirge in four movements, the album hears Daijing's main modus operandi - her voice - breathe and expand through several ambient and modern classical movements. While the original performance saw Daijing's opera weave through a libretto sung in both English and Chinese - and deployed stange, glitchy visual elements made up of ballet dancers stationed against the brutalist backdrop of the Tate's Tanks - the music itself is foreboding and strange, blending unprocessed monk's mantras and droning ragas. A radical play on the opera form, set in a new electronic context.

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Cat: UNSEENRE 005. Rel: 23 May 22
Hope Valley Hill (5:18)
Come With Nothings (5:02)
Fourteen Drawings (4:33)
Backlight (4:47)
The Red Truth (4:39)
A Mountain Of Ice (4:22)
Shoulder To Hand (5:18)
Hollie (4:25)
Review: If you're not familiar with Helios by now clearly you need to pay more attention. Keith Kenniff has been recording quiet music from studios in Maine and Oregon under this moniker since 2004, and to date has put out dozens of releases that define the ambient genre, relying on a mini-cassette recorder as a basis for much of the work, preferring the imperfections of the sounds it captures rather the over-produced gloss that often defines electronica.

A graduate in percussion from Boston's acclaimed Berklee College of Music, the first Helios release arrived when he was still studying, and was meant to be a simple outlet with which to experiment beyond institutional teachings. Almost two decades on and little has changed about that design - Caesura still feels like someone trying out new ideas and seeing what sticks, listener on the insider of an inner circle comprising just them and the producer. Nothing feels rushed, nothing feels pre-determined, despite the fact it has clearly been conceived through careful thought.
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Cat: CDBRIDGE 1. Rel: 16 May 22
Attack Decay
Monochrome Days
Day Breaks, Night Heals
Fade Away
Six AM
The Hard Way In & The Easy Way Out
Review: Throbbing Gristle's Industrial Records originally released Thomas Leer and Robert Rental's The Bridge in 1979. It was the Glaswegian duo's only album but was one that had a looming influence over artists such as Art of Noise and John Foxx. At the time of its release it was utterly unique, a completely new starting point of a DIY electro pop sound that was made in a bedroom with synths and reel-to-reel tape machines and full of experimental ideas and fresh takes on punk. The whole record is run through with haunting vibe and a tinny aesthetic thanks to the cheap gear it was made on.
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