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Juno Recommends Jazz

Juno Recommends Jazz

Jazz Recommendations August 2014
4 Aug 2014
Cat: SC7 10. Rel: 28 Jul 14
  1. Sandalia Dela (feat Heidi Vogel)
  2. Baltimore Oriole (feat Bridgette Amofah)
 in stock $7.72
  1. The Janet Lawson Quintet - "Dreams Can Be"
  2. Seawind - "He Loves You"
  3. Stanley Cowell - "I'm Tryin To Find A Way"
  4. Grupo Medusa - "Ferrovias"
  5. Kathryn Moses - "Music In My Heart"
  6. Paz - "Yours Is The Light"
  7. Dimenzio - "Bamba (The Fool)"
  8. Byron Morris & Unity - "Kitty Bey"
Review: Last year saw BBE call on Kev Beadle, a well respected digger, selector, radio host and label boss, to dust down his curation hat and put together Private Collection, his first compilation in almost two decades. Given the critical reception to that twelve track selection of independent jazz from the '70s and '80s it's little surprise to see BBE invite Beadle to dig through his personal archives for a second edition. Many of the tracks included here are the epitome of rare, given the fist airing outside the legendary club sessions that Beadle played back in the day and focuses more on the modal, spiritual and cosmic end of the jazz spectrum. A most enlightening collection from Mr Beadle.
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out of stock $16.77
Cat: OEP 1002. Rel: 28 Jul 14
  1. Maiden Voyage
  2. Orotunds
  3. People Make The World Go Round
  4. I Say A Little Prayer (For You)
  5. Where Is The Place?
  6. Unknown Track
  7. Maulawi Spoken (outro edit)
out of stock $42.58
Cat: 060253 7814381. Rel: 28 Jul 14
  1. Chitlins Con Carne
  2. Mule
  3. Soul Lament
  4. Midnight Blue
  5. Wavy Gravy
  6. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You
  7. Saturday Night Blues
 in stock $23.96
Cat: MM 104. Rel: 28 Jul 14
  1. Moving Along
  2. Toi-Toi
  3. Evil Spirits
  4. Sister
out of stock $11.45
Cat: VOT 012CD. Rel: 14 Jul 14
  1. Start Growing Up Now
  2. The Set
  3. Thoughts Of Regret
  4. You'll Love It
  5. Love Me
  6. Night Ride
  7. Suicide
  8. That's Pegs Affair
  9. Touching Hands
  10. Opus
  11. The Fate Of Life
  12. Come & See
  13. That's Pegs Affair
  14. That's What I'm After
  15. The Youngsters
  16. Where The Daring Go
  17. To The Maestro
  18. Partytime In Bronski's
  19. Start Growing Up Now (instrumental)
  20. Unsophisticated Little Innocent (vocal version)
Review: Based on the novel written by Australian actor Roger Ward ("Mad Max", "Stone", "Turkey Shoot"), "The Set" was a highly controversial film upon its release in 1970, its attitudes towards sexuality challenging the traditional mores of the mainstream society. The film, now regarded as a lost piece of Australian genre cinema, is considered the precursor to the Oz Sex-Wave films of the following decade such as "Fantasm", "Libido", "Naked Bunyip" and "Felicity". Scored by the highly respected and unique jazz original Sven Libaek, the music has also been unjustly overlooked from any recent focus on Australian cinema.

After scoring several television scores and documentaries in the 1960s ("Nature Walkabout", "To Ride A White Horse", "Man And A Mural"), "The Set" was Libaek's first commission to score a feature film soundtrack. Incorporating elements of baroque and sunshine pop as well as moody mod jazz, "The Set" is an incredible time-piece of Swinging Sydney. Featuring Libaek regulars and top rank Australian jazz players Don Burrows, John Sangster and Errol Buddie, this long forgotten but classic soundtrack has now been fully restored and presented again in all its original glory.

Including rare photos, original newspaper cuttings and extensive liner notes from Australian cult cinema expert & Mu Meson archive curator Jaimie Leonarder.
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 in stock $19.84
  1. Afrodisia
  2. Lotus Flower
  3. Minor's Holiday
  4. Basheer's Dream
  5. KD's Motion
  6. The Villa
  7. Venita‘s Dance
out of stock $22.63
  1. Nature Walkabout (Main Theme)
  2. Bush Theme
  3. Water & Waves
  4. Nature Waltz
  5. Excitement (Three Moods)
  6. Desert
  7. Peaceful Landscape
  8. Danger
  9. Lonely Australian Landscape
  10. Dancing Penguins
  11. Birds In Flight
  12. Snake Danger
  13. Budgerigars Fantasy
  14. Danger Elements
  15. Peaceful Landscape
  16. Fun Music
Review: Scored for Vince & Carol Serventy's 1966 Australian Television series "Nature Walkabout", Sven Libaek's pioneering soundtrack has long been considered the landmark recording of the unique genre eco-jazz - impressionistic modern jazz composed for television documentaries, library music, educational and travelogue films. Creating a singular vision of his adopted homeland, Libaek composed conceptual themes and moods depicting the magnificence, the mystery and the sometimes brutality of the Australian rural environment. Similar to his legendary score for Ron and Valerie Taylor's TV series "Inner Space", "Nature Walkabout" stands as an important recording of modern jazz used in film.

Featuring many top Australian jazz musicians including Don Burrows, John Sangster and Errol Buddie, his deeply evocative style of jazz waltz, hypnotic flute/vibraphone rhythms and gorgeous bossanova conceptually represent the grandiose of the Australian landscape as well as the whimsical sound of animal behavior. "Nature Walkabout" is similar in approach to other notable nature scores such as Edward William's "Life on Earth", Francois de Roubaix's psychedelic score to Jean Painleve's "Transition De Phase Dans Les Cristaux Liquides", and the specifically Australian strand of visionary 'nature jazz', John Sangster's score to the Australian Museum's wildlife films (compiled on the 1971 album "Australia And All That Jazz").

Remastered from the original master tapes and presented with rare photos from the Serventy archive, plus extensive liner notes by jazz writer Francis Gooding.
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out of stock $21.28
  1. A Shade Of Jade
  2. Mode For Joe
  3. Black
  4. Caribbean Fire Dance
  5. Granted
  6. Free Wheelin
out of stock $22.63
Cat: RW 152LP. Rel: 14 Jul 14
  1. Quartetto
  2. Soft Winds
  3. Night In Tunisia
  4. Estate '61
  5. Gabry
  6. Blues Fopr Carole N2
  7. Like Someone In Love
  8. Quartetto (CD)
  9. Soft Winds
  10. Night In Tunisia
  11. Estate '61
  12. Gabry
  13. Blues Fopr Carole N2
  14. Like Someone In Love
  15. Lullaby Of Birdland
  16. West Blues
  17. Estate '58
out of stock $24.22
  1. Jabberwock
  2. Which Dreamed It
out of stock $3.99
  1. Marie Christie
  2. As We Fight (Willie Penrose)
  3. Our Basement (Ed) (feat Becca Stevens)
  4. Vartha (G. Learson)
  5. The Beauty Of Dissolving Portraits
  6. Asiam (Joan) (feat Theo Blackmann)
  7. Bubbles (John William Sublett)
  8. Memo
  9. Ceaseless Inexhaustible Child (Cyntoia Brown) (feat Cold Speaks)
  10. Rollcall For Those Absent
  11. JE Nilmah (Ecclesiastes 6:10)
  12. Inflatedbyspinning
  13. Richard (conduit)
out of stock $35.40
  1. Run The Voodoo Down
  2. Traveling Miles
  3. Right Here Right Now
  4. Time After Time
  5. When The Sun Goes Down
  6. Steps
  7. Someday My Prince Will Come
  8. Never Broken
  9. Resurrection Blues
  10. Sky & Sea
  11. Piper
  12. Prancing
  13. Voodoo Reprise
 in stock $29.01
Cat: DOK 226. Rel: 14 Jul 14
  1. Marcha Da Quarta-Fiera De Cinzas
  2. Diz Que Vou Por Ai
  3. O Morro (Feio, Nao E Bonito)
  4. Cancao Da Terra
  5. O Sol Nascera
  6. Luz Negra
  7. Berimbau
  8. Vou Por Ai
  9. Maria Moita
  10. Requiem Para Um Amor
  11. Consolacao
  12. Nana
  13. Marcha Da Quarta-Fiera De Cinzas (CD)
  14. Diz Que Vou Por Ai
  15. O Morro (Feio, Nao E Bonito)
  16. Cancao Da Terra
  17. O Sol Nascera
  18. Luz Negra
  19. Berimbau
  20. Vou Por Ai
  21. Maria Moita
  22. Requiem Para Um Amor
  23. Consolacao
  24. Nana
out of stock $21.56
Cat: WAHCD 026. Rel: 21 Jul 14
  1. "Afro-Funk" Groove
  2. Latin Feeling
  3. Back Home Sweet Home
  4. Will Come A Day
  5. Roller Skate Rhapsody
  6. Funky Spider Dance
  7. Joy To Me
  8. AM - PM
  9. Step (Fan)
  10. Dialogue
  11. Proud To Be
  12. Bluesy Mood
out of stock $9.57
Cat: STE 7420. Rel: 14 Jul 14
  1. Introduction
  2. Contradiction
  3. Black Experience
  4. Nia
  5. The End Of The Butterfly King
  6. Black Unity
out of stock $12.51
Cat: MOVLP 1145. Rel: 14 Jul 14
  1. B Minor Waltz (For Ellaine)
  2. You Must Believe In Spring
  3. Gary's Theme
  4. We Will Meet Again (For Harry)
  5. The Peacocks
  6. Sometime Ago
  7. Theme From MASH (aka Suicide Is Painless)
out of stock $20.76
Cat: B002043 201. Rel: 30 Jun 14
  1. Back At The Chicken Shack
  2. When I Grow Too Old To Dream
  3. Minor Chant
  4. Messy Bessie
out of stock $23.96
Cat: DOL 815. Rel: 14 Jul 14
  1. Times Are Gettin' Tougher Than Tough
  2. How Long
  3. Corina, Corina
  4. CC Rider
  5. Roll Em Pete
  6. Everyday
  7. Outskirts Of Town
  8. Goin To Kansas City
  9. Trouble In Mind
  10. St Louis Blues
out of stock $9.57
  1. Shadow Dancers
  2. The Sweet Alice Blues
  3. I Don't Know
  4. Just Another Sunday
  5. Will You Still Be Mine
  6. Easy Living
  7. Rock-A-Bye
out of stock $19.77
  1. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
  2. For All We Know
  3. Ginza
  4. Crown's Nest
  5. Liz Anne
  6. Big Bear
  7. My Buddy
out of stock $20.76
Cat: 723577 8. Rel: 28 Jul 14
  1. Caravan
  2. Sweet 'N' Sour
  3. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
  4. This Is For Albert
  5. Skylark
  6. Thermo
out of stock $11.70
Cat: 741157 176711. Rel: 21 Jul 14
  1. Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend
  2. Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend (Swing Cats remix)
  3. A Little Girl From Little Rock
  4. The River Of No Return
  5. Some Like It Hot
  6. Bye Bye Baby
  7. Kiss
  8. I Wanna Be Loved By You
  9. A Fine Romance
  10. My Heart Belongs To Daddy
  11. She Acts Like A Woman Should
  12. Happy Birthday Mr President
  13. I'm Thrpugh With Love
out of stock $53.23
  1. Arahi (Storm)
  2. Ondo No Huna-Uta (Rower's Song Of Ondo)
  3. Dora
  4. Fukushima No Ima (Fukushima Now)
out of stock $18.09
Cat: 771831. Rel: 14 Jul 14
  1. Desafinado
  2. Samba Dees Days
  3. O Pato (The Duck)
  4. Samba Triste
  5. Samba De Uma Nota So (One Note Samba)
  6. E Luxo So
  7. Baia
  8. Samba De Uma Nota So (One Note Samba) (Big Band version)
 in stock $14.11
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