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Jazz Recommends Jazz March 2023

Juno Recommends Jazz

Juno Recommends Jazz

Jazz Recommends Jazz March 2023
1 Mar 2023
Wesley Music (Danny Krivit edits parts 1) (9:31)
Wesley Music (Danny Krivit edits parts 2) (7:55)
Review: Legendary edit specialist and New York's Body & Soul party man Danny Krivit turns his hand to a famously spiritual house classic by Manchester band RSL that has more than a hint of gospel magic to it. Frankly that makes it perfect source material for the man and he doesn't disappoint: His work is subtle but classic, with some extra gorgeous vocal chants layered in over chunkier beats on the never before released a-side. The jazzy notes from the original and sprinkled percussion all remain next to mad drum fills. This 12" also features a 'Part 2' mix that unfolds in glorious fashion to a rapturous peak.
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Cat: CR 00382. Rel: 27 Feb 23
You'd Be So Nice To Some Home To (3:14)
Red Pepper Blues (4:32)
Imagination (4:58)
Waltz Me Blues (3:50)
Straight Life (5:24)
Jazz Me Blues (4:50)
Tin Tin Deo (3:54)
Star Eyes (6:38)
Birks Works (6:58)
Review: Art Pepper was regarded as one of the world's greatest alto-sax players by the time of his death in 1982. This album, Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section, is widely regarded as one of his finest works, although legend has it he was only informed about the session the morning of recording and arrived unprepared. He was playing with a strong band - at the time they were Miles Davis' rhythm section no less. Red Garland on piano, Paul Chambers on bass and Philly Joe Jones on drums, and Art Pepper out front giving his all on a sax that was reportedly in bad shape. Such scenes are iconic music made of.
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 in stock $35.09
Cat: FNR 218. Rel: 20 Feb 23
Meteor (4:23)
Fragments (5:06)
Electronia (3:30)
Jogo (4:06)
It's Gone (3:19)
Amphibian Girl (3:08)
Coral Song (3:35)
Levada (5:36)
Review: In 2022, modern-day Estonian jazz superstar Misha Panfilov dropped 'Momentum', one of six albums by the composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer to be released. Themed after the gothic image of Panfilov and his band playing in an abandoned mois (manor), this is a twilit spiritual jazz opus, backed by a troupe of percussionists (Leonid Galaganov, Madis Katkosilt, etc.) eager to accompany Panfilov's instrumental avarice; the master musician plays a grand total of twelve instruments on this dubious dream of an album, including, besides your typical jazz band inclusions, a waterphone and a Mellotron.
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out of stock $21.27
Small Stars (6:21)
Joyful Gentleman (6:15)
Rainbow (4:18)
Small Stars (Ron Trent remix) (9:25)
Small Stars (feat TPO) (7:04)
Review: Individuality, Harmony, Wit.
Originating from the heart of Asia - Taipei, Taiwan, Zy The Way is a fusion collective spear-heading a new musical movement in a digital age. As the offspring of a film director, entertainers and multi-genre musicians, Zy The Way aims to create artistic content that will rock your socks. We believe that true balance is achieved not through the uniting of different social groups, but when we come together with our stories as an individual. Voices and vision, musical styles, personalities, and our own beliefs, Zy The Way is the fabrication of our collective imagination, where no one is left out.
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Cat: CLMN 12053LPC1. Rel: 27 Feb 23
Runner Up (5:31)
Field Museum (3:19)
Old Friend (1:55)
Dark Moon (3:01)
Song For My Sister's Son (4:38)
Walking To A Home (3:35)
Sunday (6:41)
Review: Steve Okonski is the leader of his eponymous Okonski trio and for his new album, he set time aside in the winter of 2020. His background is classical piano and for this one, he collaborated with Michael Isvara "Ish" Montgomery and Aaron Frazer with the aim of making a record driven by beats but entirely instrumental. Recording sessions were full of improv and spontaneity which comes out in the final cut with all its rich, triumphant yet pensive melodies and variation in tempo from calm late-night walks to more upbeat workouts.
 in stock $34.03
Night Train (4:52)
C Jam Blues (3:26)
Georgia On My Mind (3:42)
Bag's Groove (5:41)
Moten Swing (2:54)
Easy Does It (2:50)
The Honey Dripper (2:24)
Things Ain't What They Used To Be (4:38)
I Got It Bad & That Ain't Good (5:07)
Band Call (3:55)
Hymn To Freedom (5:32)
Review: Here's a classic from The Oscar Peterson Trio - a coll-headed slice of traditional jazz from 1963 which is enjoying its 60th anniversary as the clock ticks over to 2023. It's an understated masterpiece, made up short performances written with commercial radio broadcast in mind, but even within tight time frames Peterson creates subtle, elegant movement which has rendered this record an enduring influence on successive generations of jazz musicians. Repressed on heavyweight wax and presented in a gatefold sleeve, it's sure to inspire a new wave of jazz artists as it gets a fresh airing.
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 in stock $38.83
My Girl Shirl (11:54)
Soulful Kiddy (9:58)
A Portrait Of Jennie (7:08)
Cecile (12:51)
The Theme (1:44)
Review: Donald Byrd is one of our favourite trumpeters to adorn the Blue Note hall of fame; once more, the eminent label bursts open our doors with a fresh LP documenting an obscure live appearance. This time chronicling his appearance in November 1960 in New York venue Half Note, it hears Byrd feature alongside Pepper Adams, Duke Pearson, Laymon Jackson and Lex Humphries. With inclusions of such Byrd standards and favourites as 'My Shy Girl', 'Cecile' and 'Soulful Kiddy', this is as uptempo yet bluesy a live album as you can possibly get.
 in stock $29.78
Cat: P10 6465. Rel: 20 Feb 23
Deja Vu (short version) (5:08)
Deja Vu (9:25)
Feelin' Mellow (3:43)
Watergate: Don't Bug Me! (7:10)
Review: The impact of Weldon Irvine's music across a wealth of genres cannot be overstated with his jazzy piano playing and compositions regularly passed down to newer generations. Artists like Q-Tip and Mos Def are noted admirers of the jazz-funk artist, and the distinct sounds of Irvine echo across the ages in samples etched into hip-hop history. The album version of Time Capsule was originally released in 1973, and this 10" features two versions of 'Deja vu' on the A-side and 'Feelin' Mellow' and 'Watergate --- Don't Bug Me!' on the B.
 in stock $22.07
Painted Paradise (6:53)
Funky Motion (5:50)
Breeze (4:32)
Scratch (5:25)
Funky Stuff (4:27)
One For Jiroh (4:47)
Gentle Wave (5:13)
Four Up (6:39)
Review: Jazz collectors rejoice, as this incredibly rare and sought after 1975 release is finally getting its first western release. Previously a Japan-exclusive with soaring resale prices, now everyone can enjoy the bumping bass and clean brass of this Jazz-rock classic. The instrumentation is as crisp as they come from the very first note on 'Painted Paradise' with its head bumping saxophone solos. Inagaki's Soul Media crafted a soulful masterpiece at the height of Japan's obsession with American music in the 70s, with this record even including a cover of Kool & The Gang's 'Funky Stuff', turning the disco-jazz into a slow funk-filled jam. A much-needed repressing of a must-listen record.
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out of stock $29.86
Cat: 485954 9. Rel: 20 Feb 23
Bluesnik (9:25)
Goin' 'Way Blues (6:27)
Drew's Blues (5:45)
Cool Green (5:14)
Blues Function (7:11)
Torchin' (6:07)
Review: Widely regarded as one of Jackie McLean's finest, not to mention most accessible albums, Bluesnik gets the reissue treatment on Blue Note to bring it to the attention of a fresh swathe of jazz fans. Originally released in 1961, it's touted as an early peak for the saxophonist, but let's not overlook the sidemen. Freddie Hubbard absolutely rips on trumpet, while Kenny Drew on keys, Doug Watkins on bass and Pete La Roca on drums all more than match up to the standard for this seminal six-track set.
 in stock $23.93
Cat: BEWITH 119LP. Rel: 06 Feb 23
Latin Leitmotiv (3:37)
Red Medium (6:27)
Dead Slow (3:30)
Royal Shuffle No 1 (3:07)
Royal Shuffle No 2 (3:09)
Rock 73 (9:28)
Bass In Action No 1 (3:33)
Bass In Action No 2 (3:30)
Pepper Rock (2:36)
Review: The first fruits of Be With Records' recently announced partnership with Tele Music is a reissue of one of the legendary library music label's most far-sighted and sought-after releases: Tonio Rubio's 1972 collection 'Rhythms'. Offering the best in deep disco-breaks, laidback Blaxploitation funk and killer groove-based instrumentals, the album now comes accompanied by extensive new liner notes from Rubio and many of the crate-digging DJs who have been inspired by the album. Highlights include - but are in no way limited to - the wonderfully cosmic and otherworldly 'Dead Slow', the low-slung delights of 'Bass In Action' parts one and two, and the Pierre Henry-esque brilliance of 'Latin Leitmotiv'.
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 in stock $18.08
Wadin' (6:09)
Up In Cynthia's Room (6:22)
Borderline (6:12)
Rastus (6:46)
Oh So Blue (7:41)
Speakin' My Piece (6:08)
Review: Horace Parlan struck out in style as a bandleader in 1960 with a swathe of albums for Blue Note, amongst which was this dazzling display with his quintet. Parlan was notable as a pianist with a handicap in his hand which gave his playing a distinct cadence, and it certainly never held him back. With Tommy and Stanley Turrentine on trumpet and tenor sax respectively, George Tucker on bass and Al Harewood on drums, Speaking' My Piece' breezes through six light and mellow pieces, faithfully repressed by one of the most important labels in all of jazz history.
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 in stock $21.01
Cat: ND 012. Rel: 27 Feb 23
Dawn Chorus (2:17)
Music Is Healing (8:04)
Charlie's Tune (5:44)
Rivers Of Gondor (10:07)
Mamour's Tune (7:56)
Review: British pianist Charlie Stacey's first solo project comes in the form of a one-take direct-to-disc live recording of his improvisational genre-bending sound. The Charlie Stacey regulars are present on drums, bass and trumpet, though this time vocals are courtesy of Vula Malinga of Basement Jaxx fame. The opener 'Dawn Chorus' is a 'Legend of Zelda'-esque gentle key ballad, that blends into the mellow jazz 'Music is Healing' where the brass of Jay Phelps is on full display before giving way to a free for all acid jazz race to the finish on the tail end. A sure favourite for many will be the 10-minute epic 'Rivers of Gondor' - based on the worlds of Tolkien of course - and its twisting, experimental composition.
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 in stock $19.13
Cat: FARO 235LP. Rel: 20 Feb 23
Porao Da Teodor (1:40)
Onze Por Oito (4:51)
Organica (4:52)
Suite Orquidea Negra (5:33)
Jardim Candida (3:33)
Cortejo Dos Reis Negros (5:12)
Review: Brothers Lelo and Ze Eduardo Nazario formed Grupo Um in 1976, creating a visceral, experimental fusion project which remains a critical peak for leftfield music from Brazil. Now Far Out Recordings present the first album the group recorded, half-hidden from history due to the avant-garde nature of the music struggling to find a market in the 70s. It's absolutely daring, from the skittering musicality to the wild time signatures, but with the benefit of hindsight it's also incredibly engaging. Rescuing the master tapes from Lelo Nazario's archives, we're now able to savour this incredible work 50 years after the fact.
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 in stock $27.65
Genesis (6:50)
Open Eye (3:29)
Running With The Tribe (3:59)
Fire In Detroit (4:58)
Ursa Major (3:33)
Metropolitan Blues (5:20)
Black Census (4:03)
Review: It can't ever be overstated what Phil Ranelin and Wendell Harrison did in founding Tribe as a community enterprise and record label in Detroit in the 70s. The musical legacy speaks for itself and both players continue to inspire and uplift their communities while evolving as ever-inspired musicians. The Jazz Is Dead series has been invaluable in bringing some true greats of jazz through to work with Ali Shaheed Muhammed and Adrian Younge on new compositions, and so it goes on this incendiary 16th volume - one for the new wave of jazz fans and old heads alike to get into.
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 in stock $22.33
Cat: LLR 220. Rel: 27 Feb 23
Vertical Stripes (2:46)
Rising Steam (2:53)
Parallel Diamonds Or Crossed Cords (2:16)
Seven Treasures Of The Buddha (2:49)
Interlaced Circles Of Two Birds (3:39)
Counterweights (3:05)
Checks (7:05)
Fishing Nets (3:53)
Fish Scales (5:07)
Diamonds (3:00)
Woven Bamboo (3:50)
Plaid Design Of The Nakamura Family (3:32)
Bamboo Fence (3:44)
Horizontal Stripes (4:40)
Review: Sam Gendel's prolific spell continues apace on his regular home of Leaving Records as he widens the net beyond the stark saxophone work he's best known for. This LP is ostensibly based around 14 different patterns within traditional Japanese embroidery, and these configurations have proven to be a strong jump off point for Gendel's delicate, acoustic compositions. There's minimalism and frailty around the sound palette, but equally a captivating warmth and some genuinely stunning musicianship. Gendel does indeed wield his sax plenty on the album, but it feels here like the emphasis is on guitar rather than woodwind, resulting in a captivating, understated listen from a true modern master.
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out of stock $29.78
Cat: DOT 003LP. Rel: 13 Feb 23
Namas Karam (3:58)
Nilgiri Hills (3:50)
Goa (3:29)
Blue City Busker (4:38)
Road To Munnar (6:23)
Udaipur (4:26)
Prayer (4:31)
Review: Nick Walters is a composer, trumpeter, producer and bandleader who drops a second full length of the year here for DOT Records. It is jazz with a rich and worldly array of influences from the Indian subcontinent and they are fused over seven tunes with contemporary electronic elements. A portable recorder was used to capture some found sounds and the whole thing was put together in his East London studio with contributions from Tenderlonious on flute, amongst others, while Walters took care of the trumpet and synthesisers. It makes for a unique new world of jazz.
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out of stock $27.65
Kippie Moketsi - "Umgababa" (11:10)
Pat Matshikiza - "Dreams Are Wonderful" (10:36)
Tete Mbambisa - "Umthsakazi The Bride" (8:44)
Dick Khoza - "Lilongwe" (8:07)
Mike Makhalemele - "Spring Is Here" (6:46)
Black Disco - "Night Express" (11:16)
Lionel Pillay - "Blues For Yusef" (9:29)
Harari - "Musikana" (6:30)
Movement In The City - "Blue Sunday" (4:56)
Sathima Bea Benjamin - "Music" (8:51)
out of stock $30.58
The Ground Of Peace (5:33)
YipPie (4:00)
Pure Heart Guy (3:02)
Free Rock (4:30)
Freedome Jazz Dance (4:05)
Oh Happy Day (4:14)
Spinning Wheel (4:29)
You've Made Me So Very Happy (5:54)
Review: Nippon Columbia continue to explore the work of Jira Inagaki and his band Soul Media, or indeed here in their Soul Big Media incarnation for their first album Jazz & Rock Out, a live recording originally released in 1970. The clue's in the title, and there's plenty of fusionist action going on here, with guitarist Ryo Kawasaki bringing some sweet, dexterous blues-rock solos into the mix over the more trad blast of the brass section. This is the first time this classic piece of Japanese jazz has been repressed since its original release, so don't sleep.
out of stock $42.55
Tigers Are Better Looking (6:47)
At The Villa D'Or (4:33)
Wide Sargasso Sea (7:23)
Let Them Call It Jazz (7:19)
Till September Petronella (5:51)
Temps Perdi (7:11)
out of stock $28.71
Niemand Tanzt (6:04)
Pink Rhythm (6:41)
Review: The Advanced Cookbook Of Mr Selig And Kanzler Z was a short-lived experimental jazz act also known as Cookbook. They put out one EP and two albums, with this 12" being taken from the debut. It came in 1989 and German label the Zoo In You initially and has the vocals of Mr Selig on the A-side, and guitar by Wolfgang Bokelmann and words by Dieter Pougin on the flip. An original will cost you more than a night at the pub and even finding samples online can be hard. Rest assured it is future jazz that still sounds futuristic today.
 in stock $18.61
Hardy's Jet Band - "Sorry, Doc!" (3:15)
Hardy's Jet Band - "Wind It Up!" (2:55)
Hardy's Jet Band - "Safari Track" (3:01)
Hardy's Jet Band - "Look At Me" (2:29)
Hardy's Jet Band - "Blue Butterfly" (2:45)
Hardy's Jet Band - "What You Call To Be Free" (3:06)
Orchestra Klaus Wuesthoff - "Lady In Space" (2:28)
Orchestra Klaus Wuesthoff - "Big Beat" (2:49)
Jan Troysen Band - "A Blue Message" (3:32)
Jan Troysen Band - "Pop Happening" (2:30)
Orchestra Gary Pacific - "Ghetto Gap" (2:46)
Orchestra Gary Pacific - "Soft Wind" (2:06)
Orchestra Gary Pacific - "So Far" (1:39)
Review: For their latest deep dive into the world of library music, Be With Records has plundered the catalogue of German outlet Selected Sound. Comprising cuts in a variety of related styles recorded by a string of in-house outfits, 'Blue Butterfly' was originally mailed to subscribers in the film, television and advertising industries way back in 1971. It has largely stood the test of time brilliantly, with our picks of a very strong bunch including the fuzz-fuelled, flute-sporting car-chase heaviness of Hardy Jet Band's 'Sorry, Doc!', the 'Relight My Fire'-inspired big band funk-rock of 'Safari Track' by the same combo, the spaghetti western-on-the-moon flex of 'Lady In Space' by Orchestra Klaus Wuestoff' and the appallingly titled but utterly joyous 'Pop Happening' by the Jan Troysen Band.
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 in stock $23.14
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