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CD Album Recommendations Best Of 2010

Juno Recommends CD Albums

Juno Recommends CD Albums

CD Album Recommendations Best Of 2010
3 Dec 2010
Cat: SYMMCD 002. Rel: 29 Nov 10
Drum And Bass
  1. Don't Look Down (feat Calyx & Teebee)
  2. Hold On (feat KYO)
  3. All That's Left
  4. Scanner Dub (feat KYO)
  5. Martyr (feat SpectraSoul)
  6. Too Much
  7. Slow Down (feat Die)
  8. Salvage (feat Nico)
  9. Between The Lines (feat Sp:Mc)
  10. Conference Call (feat Silent Witness & Survival)
  11. Recycler
  12. Heal Me
  13. Time After Time
  14. The Only Way
  15. Hold On (feat KYO - club mix)
  16. Everything Counts
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Cat: MATHEMATICSCD 08. Rel: 29 Nov 10
Deep House
  1. Space Voodoo (original)
  2. This Moment Must Be The Moment
  3. Im Sorry But Im House Ur Not
  4. Ottantotto
  5. Like Black
  6. Miles Man
  7. The Calm Before The Storm
  8. Twin Jazz
  9. Mood Jane
  10. Double Identity
  11. About Us
  12. From The Land Of Groove
  13. My Brothers - Spoken Word: Iamthatiam
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Cat: TEMPACD 017. Rel: 29 Nov 10
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Rain
  2. Mexican Slayride
  3. 22
  4. Water
  5. Kingstep (LP version)
  6. 18th Special
  7. Damn It (extended LP version)
  8. Lee 'Scratch' Perry - "Exercising" (Horsepower remix)
  9. Poison Wine
Review: Notorious dubstep progenitors, the once eight-strong, now four man Horsepower collective return to the airwaves ten years since they first emerged from the murky depths of Croydon in 2000. Benny Ill, the long-serving lynchpin of the group, teams up with Nassis, Lev Jnr and Jay King for the third Horsepower album, Quest For The Sonic Bounty. Much has been written on their enduring legacy and the recent re-emergence of Horsepower Productions after a five year hiatus has reminded us all of dubstep's origins at a time when perhaps we most needed to be reminded. From listening to cuts from the album such as "22 and "Water", you can see these genes passed on into the DNA of Skream's Human Traffic sampling "Rutten" and the work of Benga, Mala, Coki and more. Elsewhere the beautiful, atmospheric intro, crisp percussion and dubbed out soundscape of entree "Rain" sets the tone for the journey, with ricocheting beats recoiling from the sheer pressure of the bass. A moody malaise seems to hover in the background throughout the album which is strangely enthralling. Quest For The Sonic Bounty reaffirms once again, that Horsepower remain one of the most important and genre defining acts of our generation. A must have album to add to your collection.
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Cat: STRUT 065CD. Rel: 22 Nov 10
  1. Desmond & The Tutus - "Kiss You On The Cheek"
  2. Ritual - "Sore Lip" (club mix)
  3. Kabbala - "Ashewo Ara"
  4. The Piranhas - "Vi Gela Gela"
  5. Essential Logic - "Brute Fury"
  6. Basement 5 - "Silicon Chip"
  7. The Dread Flimstone Sound - "Ghetto Life"
  8. Wunmi - "Message In A Bottle"
  9. Chris & Cosey - "Exotika" (12" remix)
  10. Propaganda - "(Echo Of) Frozen Faces"
  11. Indambinigi - "Zimba"
  12. The Unknown Cases - "Mas Imba Bele"
  13. George G - "Hot Lovers"
  14. Can - "Halleluwah"
  15. Richy B Melodia - "Keep It Moving On"
  16. Brian Eno & John Cale - "Spinning Away"
  17. The Countach - "My Oasis" (feat Rosenda - dance club version)
  18. Ritual - "Sore Lip"
  19. The Piranhas - "Vi Gela Gela"
  20. The Unknown Cases - "Masimba Bele"
  21. Basement 5 - "Silicon Chip" (extended edit)
  22. Essential Logic - "Brute Fury"
  23. Chris & Cosey - "Exotika" (12" remix)
  24. Indambinigi - "Zimba"
  25. The Countach - "My Oasis"
  26. George G - "Hot Lovers"
  27. Richy B Melodia - "Keep It Moving On"
  28. Chris & Cosey - ""
Review: Iconic label Strut have really hit their stride in 2010 with a veritable slew of retrospectives, compilations and artist albums covering everything from disco to Sowetan Jazz. They round off a fine year with the auspicious introduction of a new series of mixes called Disconnect with Leo Zero at the helm. The concept behind this series is to invite Strut's favourite DJs and producers to explore the darker, more extreme corners of their record collection. Armed with this creative freedom, Leo Zero has delivered 75 minutes of delightfully subversive music that sets the standard high for subsequent volumes. Commencing with the lilting afro beat of Desmond & The Tutus - surely Tigersushi's most underrated act? - Leo draws on his fifteen years experience as a DJ and producer with a Balearic mix in the truest sense, veering effortlessly between spiky 80s punk funk, reggae that sound tracked Zero's Soulsonic parties, a Sting cover version, nu beat chuggers, kraut rock and EBM throbbers. This is an invitation to consume the lesser broadcasted reaches of a record collection you should not turn down. Golf claps to Strut for including a bonus CD that has eleven of the tracks in unmixed format!
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Cat: TRUCD 216. Rel: 06 Sep 10
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Quantic & His Cobo Barbaro - "The Dreaming Mind" (part 1)
  2. Kylie Auldist - "In A Week In A Day" (Asley Beedle's Street)
  3. Flevans - "Lay Back" (feat Sarah Scott - Regal mix)
  4. Belleruche - "The Itch" (acoustic version)
  5. Bonobo - "Kota"
  6. Quantic - "Time Is The Enemy"
  7. TM Juke - "Pencils For Dolphins"
  8. Nostalgia 77 - "Quiet Dawn" (feat Beth Rowley - Bonobo remix)
  9. Natural Self - "The Rising" (feat Andreya Triana - The Broken Keys remix)
  10. Kinny - "Afro Love Forest" (feat Hint)
  11. Milez Benjiman - "Chop That Wood"
  12. Lizzy Parks - "Forever & A Day" (Eric Lau remix)
  13. The Bamboos - "I Don't Wanna Stop" (feat Kylie Auldist - acoustic version)
  14. Alice Russell - "Sweet Is The Air" (feat Natureboy)
  15. Stonephace - "Yellow Brick Road" (feat Adrian Utley)
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Cat: MERC 004. Rel: 12 Jul 10
  1. Often Think To Myself
  2. One Way - Your Way
  3. For Love
  4. Happenin
  5. Darker
  6. Formed
  7. Scared
Review: To draw a line under the last five years of superlative edit work, Mark E has compiled this second volume of the Selected Tracks & Edits series which will please the edit obsessives no end. Both tracks from Mark E's debut release, the 2005 Scared EP on Jiscomusic, are present here in all their glory and it's a mark of the producer's talent that they sound just as fresh some five years later. "Scared" in particular is pretty much the blueprint for a successful slo mo disco house edit, with the groove of Womack & Womack's "Baby I'm Scared of You" being extended over some ten minutes Theo style, with Mark E adding elements of instrumentation with a guile not matched by some of today's edit cowboys. "Formed" occupies the space marked "End of night set killer" on this CD that "Sun Shadow" the superlative reimagination of Labelle's "Moon Shadow" did on the first volume. Elsewhere unreleased secret weapons such as the opening "Often Think To Myself" or "Darker" where the brooding chug is transformed into a glorious piano led 80s soul instrumental make this a worthy conclusion to some four years of edit dynamite.
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Cat: NONPLUSCD 001. Rel: 12 Jul 10
Drum And Bass
  1. Midnight
  2. Absent Mind
  3. Fade Away Seasons (feat Consequence)
  4. Lost For Words
  5. The Depths
  6. Textura
  7. Losing You
  8. The Ubiquity Incident
  9. Yatta
  10. Matter Of Time
  11. Opus (feat Vaccine)
  12. Conversations
  13. Microsia
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Cat: DEDISC 003CD. Rel: 12 Jul 10
  1. At Claudja's
  2. My Gang
  3. Wishing
  4. Counting Down
  5. Berro (Reverso 68 re-dub)
  6. Don Quixote
  7. Street Dub
  8. Body Working
  9. Rock That Body
  10. Macumba (Spacemachine version)
  11. Magic Orchestra
  12. Spaced
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Cat: OSTGUTCD 14. Rel: 30 Aug 10
  1. STP 2
  2. Keep Time
  3. The Bot
  4. Atmo - Action
  5. 44A (Hard Wax Forever!)
  6. ...Can't Feel it
  7. Mayday
  8. No Way!
  9. HDRTM
  10. My R-Class
  11. Final Experiment
  12. The Traveller
  13. Hello Bleep!
  14. Leave Things
Review: One of Ostgut Ton's most interesting characters, Shed returns with his second album The Traveller. Our impression is that Shed had lots of fun making this album - his love for everything from UK hardcore and jungle to techno and dubstep seeps through the tracks and resonates with the listener. "M R Class" for example is proper Berghain tackle - a seriously thumping dub techno bomb. Elsewhere "Final Experiment" sounds like Shed has been listening to Werk Discs chief Actress, all bleeps and sonic squiggles submerged deep beneath layers of compression, while "Hello Bleep" has a cheeky "Spastik"-esque drum roll. Much like his debut opus Shedding The Past, this album successfully flows as a continuous body of music, despite (or perhaps because of) the sketch like quality of many of the songs. Undoubtedly one of the most important albums of 2010.
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Cat: FABRIC 105. Rel: 30 Aug 10
  1. Location Recording From Kuramae Subway Station, Tokyo, Japan
  2. Scuba - "Glance"
  3. Surgeon - "Bad Hands" (Drums Only)
  4. Marco Bernardi - "Giro" (Exium remix)
  5. Instra:mental - "Forbidden"
  6. Forward Strategy Group - "Applied Generics A"
  7. Reeko - "Agile Movement"
  8. Surgeon - "Bad Hands" (part 2 - Drums Only)
  9. Robert Hood - "Superman"
  10. Planetary Assault Systems - "X Speaks To X" (Al Tourettes & Appleblim remix)
  11. Ritzi Lee - "Black Star Ritual" (Ben Sims remix)
  12. T-Polar - "Crab People"
  13. Ital Tek - "Spectrum Falls"
  14. Surgeon - "Klonk" (part I - drums only)
  15. Subeena - "Picture"
  16. Fran Harnett - "It Was Written In Vapour"
  17. Mark Broom & James Ruskin - "Hostage"
  18. Stephen Brown - "Stress Free"
  19. Ancient Methods - "AM04B1"
  20. Surgeon - "Compliance Momentum"
  21. Greena - "Tenzado"
  22. Starkey - "Spacecraft"
  23. Starkey - "Stars" (feat Anneka - Slugabed Did A remix)
  24. Cari Lekebusch - "Spindizzy" (Luke Slater's L.B dub Corp remix)
  25. Surgeon - "The Crawling Frog Is Torn & Smiles"
  26. Orphx - "Threshold" (Substance remix)
  27. Gatekeeper - "Blip"
  28. Mark Broom & James Ruskin - "No Time Soon"
  29. Russ Gabriel - "El Juan"
  30. DJ Overdose - "What"
Review: The techno deity that is Anthony Child, aka Surgeon, compiles the 53rd instalment of the vaulted fabric mix series and my, isn't it something. Fusing tough, raw techno and dubstep, Child takes us on a relentless journey that unites the work of Scuba, Ital Tek and Instra:mental with Mark Broom, James Ruskin and a healthy slew of his own productions. The pounding, bone shattering drop into the Al Tourettes & Appleblim remix of Planetary Assault Systems "X Speaks To X" sums up what Surgeon is all about on this mix - the interbreeding of two genres into one serious workout. Indeed, his chosen moniker has never appeared so apt, cutting and slicing seemingly disparate beats into one flowing narrative. This mix is easily as essential as any of its predecessors, and that's saying something.
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Cat: OSTGUTCD 13. Rel: 28 Jun 10
  1. 154 - "Apricot"
  2. DVS1 - "Pressure"
  3. Junior Boys - "Work" (Marcel Dettmann remix)
  4. Martyn - "Miniluv"
  5. STL - "Loop 04"
  6. Levon Vincent - "The Long Life"
  7. Jonas Kopp - "Michigan Lake"
  8. Act - "Rohd"
  9. Mikhail Breen - "Veracity"
  10. DVS1 - "Confused"
  11. Rolando - "De Cago"
  12. Kevin Gorman - "7am Stepper"
  13. Ben Klock - "Compression Session 1"
  14. Roman Lindau - "Keppra"
  15. Tyree - "Nuthin Wrong"
  16. Echologist - "Dirt" (Ben Klock edit)
  17. James Ruskin - "Graphic"
  18. Ben Klock - "Elfin Flight" (feat Elif Bicer)
  19. Rolando - "Junie"
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Cat: VTGCD 001. Rel: 05 Jul 10
Drum And Bass
  1. Comfort Zone
  2. Bring Back The Love (feat Version)
  3. Could You Handle It (feat DRS)
  4. Take No More
  5. Bunny Boiler
  6. Avoiding Puddles (feat Chelonis R Jones)
  7. Relaxation (interlude)
  8. Skyward Bound
  9. Dreaming (feat Jonny L - remix)
  10. Enter The Jungle (feat The Ragga Twins)
  11. Angels (interlude)
  12. NRG '93 (feat BMK)
  13. Burnt Out
  14. Existence
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Cat: ESP 002. Rel: 26 Jul 10
  1. Pescador
  2. Piedra
  3. Sanjiku
  4. Zyklope
  5. Wustenregen
  6. Verliebt
  7. Mateki
  8. Khoi Khoi
  9. Mensa
  10. Yuku Yuku
  11. Rocks In Me
  12. Medianoche
  13. Pariah
  14. Gomibako
  15. Matador
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Cat: INSTABIL 022. Rel: 04 Oct 10
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Fischerle - "Podgladalem Jak Sikalas"
  2. Smiling Faces - "1111"
  3. Planet Beyond - "Caked" (remix)
  4. Time For Trees - "Sad Livin' In The City" (Roy England's No One Will Cry Over Me dub)
  5. Dubatech - "Paranthesis"
  6. Ozka - "Renegade Host"
  7. Gathaspar - "Wglebiduszy"
  8. Teemu T - "Opto02"
  9. Pandemrix 202 - "Gloryfield"
  10. Nakoradiomies - "Teardrops"
  11. P Laoss - "Small"
  12. Joergmueller - "Rise Or Shine"
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Cat: BWOOD 060CD. Rel: 08 Nov 10
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Great Weekend - "Let's Do It Again (Over & Over)"
  2. Raphael Gualazzi - "Reality & Fantasy" (Gilles Peterson remix)
  3. Javelin - "Intervales Theme"
  4. Grooveman Spot - "Happy" (feat Kissy Asplund)
  5. MdCL - "Hope" (feat Rahel)
  6. Quadron - "Average Fruit"
  7. Pursuit Grooves - "Pressure"
  8. Elou Elan - "Sunday Times"
  9. Half Seas Over - "Here On The Plains" (Iambic remix)
  10. Nick Rosen - "Ancestral Echoes"
  11. Taylor McFerrin - "A Place In My Heart" (feat RYAT)
  12. Pedestrian - "Hei Poa"
  13. Submotion Orchestra - "Finest Hour" (Planas remix)
  14. Gang Colours - "No Clear Reason"
  15. Ghostpoet - "Liiines" (demo version)
Review: A nice little stocking filler from the Brownswood camp here, presenting the 6th in their increasingly influential and musically varied Bubblers series. Proceedings open with a killer contemporary disco funk bomb from Great Weekend, who will be familiar to fans of the Wurst imprint. "Let's Do It Again" is characterised by heavy sunshine synth action and some truly harmonious vocals, and sets the tone for the 14 tracks that follow. Brownswood boss Gilles Peterson delivers a rare remix, adding some vintage Herbert esque clicks n cuts to Raphael Gualazzi more of this please Gilles! Elsewhere there's the brilliantly rickety snap of Javelin's "Intervales Theme" interspersed with bass heavy bumps like the Kissy Asplund featuring Grooveman Spot track and atmospheric future garage flex from acts like Pedestrian and Gang Colours. Another stellar chapter in the ongoing Brownswood story

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Cat: PERMVAC 055-2. Rel: 14 Jun 10
  1. Intro
  2. Reverso 68 - "Piece Together" (Todd Terje remix #2)
  3. M - "Pop Muzik" (Todd Terje remix)
  4. Chuck Norris - "All That She Wants"
  5. Simon Baker - "Plastik" (Todd Terje Turkatech remix)
  6. Chaz Jankel - "Glad To Know You" (Todd Terje edit)
  7. Duliatten Disco Dandia - "Surat Surfin"
  8. Jose Gonzalez - "Killing For Love" (Todd Terje acoustic remix)
  9. Feliz LaBand - "Whistling In Tongues" (Todd Terje remix #2)
  10. Percussion Break & Shit Robot - "Simple Things (Work It Out)" (Todd Terje remix #2)
  11. Mungolian Jetset - "Moon Jocks N Prog Rocks" (Todd Terje's Schlong Tong vocal version)
  12. Fox N Wolf - "Claws Against Knives" (Todd Terje Night version)
  13. Todd Terje - "Ghostbuster"
  14. Gichy Dan - "On A Day Like This" (Todd Terje edit)
  15. Rogue Cat - "Magic Journey" (Todd Terje remix #2)
  16. Kacic Kullmann's Five - "Terjelator"
  17. New Mjondalen Disco Swingers - "Eurodans"
  18. Antena - "Camino Del Sol" (Todd Terje remix)
  19. Jose Gonzalez - "Killing For Love" (Todd Terje Brokeback mix)
  20. Dolle Jolle - "Balearic Incarnation" (Todd Terje's Extra Doll mix)
  21. M - "Pop Muzik" (Todd Terje remix)
  22. Lindstrom - "Another Station" (Todd Terje remix)
  23. Studio - "Life's A Beach!" (Todd Terje Beach House mix)
  24. Shit Robot - "Simple Things" (Todd Terje version)
  25. Mungolian Jetset - "Moon Jocks N Prog Rocks" (Todd Terje's Even Stiv-En dub version)
  26. Rogur Cat - "Magic Journey" (Todd Terje remix)
out of stock $15.87
Cat: KOMPAKCD 83. Rel: 14 Jun 10
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Cortney Tidwell - "Don't Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up" (Ewan Pearson's All This Has Happened Before version)
  2. Closer Musik - "Departures"
  3. Ben Watt - "Guinea Pig" (vocal varioation with Julia Biel - DJ Koze remix)
  4. Tim Paris - "Edges Of Corrosion"
  5. Smith N Hack - "Falling Stars"
  6. Raudive - "Slave"
  7. Massive Attack - "Paradise Circus" (feat Hope Sandoval - Gui Boratto remix)
  8. Popnoname - "Hello Gorgeous" (Terranova remix)
  9. Charlotte Gainsbourgh - "The Operation" (Superpitcher remix)
  10. Culoe Se Song - "The Bright Forest"
  11. Kinky Justice - "New Day"
out of stock $11.69
  1. Rudi
  2. Another Saturday Nite
  3. Keep On Doing Your Thing
  4. Feel It Baby
  5. What A Feeling
  6. Got Gear
  7. Salvation
  8. Saw You Rock
out of stock $10.57
Cat: SUICIDE 008. Rel: 26 Jul 10
Drum And Bass
  1. Knowing How To Get There
  2. Will You Still Love Me?
  3. Media
  4. Strange Dinner
  5. Fools Love
  6. Interlude 13_1
  7. Autumn Stone
  8. Black Pony
  9. Make It Stop
  10. Buy More Now (with Dom & Roland)
  11. Ashram
  12. Always Dreaming
  13. Hypocrite
  14. Give A Lil Luv
  15. No Mistake
  16. Avoiding People
  17. Melt
  18. Because You Can
  19. Pancakes
  20. 3rd Patch
  21. Bleeding Sun
  22. Son Of Sam
Review: From there on the mood ebbs and flows nicely, taking in some of Zero T's own work, such as his remix of the Slam classic "Positive Education" and the Steo collaboration "Walk Away". We're not talking Villalobos levels of self congratulatory mixology here though, and there are plenty of highlights. The moment where the dread vibes of System's "Speed Of Light" gloriously melds into the crystalline light of "Heaven" by Lemonade for example. The intermittent usage of vocal tracks the heavy bass rollers keeps it interesting for non drum and bass fans - something Zero T made a conscious effort to ensure when tasked by Fabric with this mix.
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out of stock $15.28
Cat: DEDISC 007. Rel: 13 Sep 10
  1. You Can Do It
  2. Tonight
  3. Gettin High
  4. In Your Eyes
  5. Stone Love
  6. Baby
  7. Brotherson
  8. Give It Up
  9. I've Been Trying
  10. Head
  11. Lovemaker
out of stock $11.69
Cat: NHS 167CD. Rel: 31 May 10
Drum And Bass
  1. Escape (feat Darrison)
  2. Iron Heart
  3. Moving With You (feat Jenna G)
  4. Secret Agent
  5. Mellow (feat Terri Pace)
  6. I Can't Hold It
  7. Storm Clouds
  8. Gravity
  9. Let's Leave Tomorrow (feat Bev Lee Harling)
  10. Rise & Shine
  11. The Magic Russian Bottle
  12. Endless Search
  13. Lost Without You
  14. Pirate Bay
out of stock $9.40
Cat: K7 262CD. Rel: 21 Jun 10
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Lone - "Once In A While"
  2. Aardvark - "Revo"
  3. Kode9 - "Blood Orange"
  4. Kode9 - "You Don't Wash" (dub - DJ-Kicks)
  5. Cooly G - "Phat Si"
  6. Ill Blu - "Bellion"
  7. Ikonika - "Heston"
  8. Scratcha DVA - "Jelly Roll"
  9. Mr Mageeka - "Lekstrix"
  10. Grievous Angel - "Move Down Low"
  11. Sticky - "Look Pon Me" (feat Natalie Storm)
  12. Sticky - "Jumeirah Riddim Sequel"
  13. Mujava - "Pleaze Mugwanti"
  14. DVA - "Natty"
  15. Aarvark - "Re Spoken" (Nubian Mindz released mix)
  16. Morgan Zarate - "MAB" (feat Sarah Ann Webb)
  17. Rozzi Daime - "Dirty Illusions"
  18. Zomby - "Spiralz"
  19. Kode9 - "It"
  20. J Davey - "Mr Mister"
  21. Digital Mystikz - "Much Chat"
  22. Terror Danjah - "Stiff"
  23. Digital Mystikz - "Mountain Dread March"
  24. Zomby - "Godzilla"
  25. Digital Mystikz - "Mountain Dread March" (reprise)
  26. Addison Groove - "Footcrab"
  27. Kode9 vs LD - "Bad"
  28. MAddslinky - "Cargo"
  29. Ramadanman - "Work Them"
  30. Terror Danjah - "Bruzin (VIP)"
  31. The Bug - "Run" (feat Flo Dan)
out of stock $15.28
Cat: METHCD 013. Rel: 04 Oct 10
Drum And Bass
  1. Japanese Electronics (Instra:Mental Moog remix)
  2. How You Gonna Feel (feat Steve Spacek - Pangaea remix)
  3. Change (A Made Up Sound remix)
  4. Belleview (dBridge Belle Reviewed remix)
  5. Be True (Burial remix)
  6. Strictly (Kassem Mosse Needs To Feel edit)
  7. Spectacle (Two Armadillos 'Rhythm Of Life' remix)
  8. Emily's Smile (Sigha 'She's Still Smiling' remix)
  9. Satellite Type 2 (Marcel Dettmann remix 1)
  10. Satellite Song (Underground Resistance remix)
Review: Oxford Dictionary have just confirmed that the new definition of heavyweight is simply a photo of this ridiculously impressive Commix remix album. Both Metalheadz and the Cambridge duo deserve a golf clap for selecting the cream of the techno and dubstep crop to rework tracks from their seminal album Call To Mind. Burial's remix finally sees release after two years of lurking in the Metalheadz archives, but the droning atmospherics of his rework is more than matched here. Kassem Mosse drops a heavy techno throb atop the oscilatting rhythmic stutter of "Strictly" whilst Steve Spacek's voice is married to abrasive half step syncopation that punches through the mid frequency bass of Pangaea's remix of "How You Gonna Feel". Dave Huisman delivers another superlative turn as A Made Up Sound transforming "Change" into a mind bending industrial techno/dubstep cross pollination. Underground Resistance equal this in the impressive stakes with a remix of "Satellite Song" that ripples with futuristic menace. Essential!
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Cat: STRUT 067CD. Rel: 13 Sep 10
  1. Patrice Rushen - "Music Of The Earth"
  2. Milton Hamilton - "We Have All The Time"
  3. Midnight Movers - "Follow The Wind"
  4. Black Blood - "Chicano"
  5. Rare Pleasure - "Let Me Down Easy"
  6. Blue Moderne - "Through The Night"
  7. Philadelphia All-Stars - "Let's Clean Up The Ghetto"
  8. Sound Experience - "Don't You Know You've Broken My Heart"
  9. Fatback Band - "Spanish Hustle"
  10. Chairmen Of The Board - "Life & Death"
Strut re-kindle their involvement with one New York's most revered DJs and re-edit pioneers, Danny Krivit, with a fresh album of essential new, rare and classic re-works, past and resent.

As a producer, Krivit is the acknowledged "King Of The Edit" and has been a major influence on today's re-edit culture. From early classics like the 'Feelin' James' and 'Rock The House' JB cut-ups during the mid-'80s, he has released over 300 unique versions, often under the mysterious 'Mr. K' moniker. After releasing a batch of his finest edits on the 'Edits By Mr. K' compilation in 2003, Strut now delve back into the tape cupboard for an all-new edition, bringing together some of Krivit's secret weapons in a wide-ranging selection covering soulful disco, funk and jazz.

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Cat: CD 001/SWDECD 001. Rel: 10 May 10
  1. Light (unreleased)
  2. Love Extra
  3. They Call It Edit
  4. Cry
  5. Khoro (unreleased)
  6. Hearbeat (unreleased)
  7. At The Disco
  8. Spirit
  9. Must Love (unreleased)
  10. Do It (unreleased)
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Cat: EXITCD 001. Rel: 19 Jul 10
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. For Real
  2. Mountain
  3. Juiced
  4. Field
  5. Sta Simonez
  6. Sta Simone
  7. Other Magic
  8. Amplifly
  9. Bartn Groov
  10. Hamgin St
  11. Vandlance
  12. Al Softly
  13. Thank You & Credits
  14. Thankyou & A Bit More Credits
  15. Look Over Honey
  16. Cyborg
  17. Boungie
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Cat: HURTCD 100. Rel: 06 Sep 10
  1. Ultra High Frequency - "We're On The Right Track" (feat Ben Aiken)
  2. First Choice - "Armed & Extremely"
  3. The Delfonies - "I Told You So"
  4. First Choice - "This Is The House"
  5. Nat Turner - "Ruby Lee" (feat Major Harris)
  6. The Philly Groove Orchestra - "Let Us Entertain You" (feat First Choice)
  7. Finishing Touch - "Second Best (Is Never Enough)"
  8. First Choice - "Gotta Get Away"
  9. Tapestry - "Big Stone Wall (Around Your Heart)"
  10. First Choice - "Gonna Keep On Lovin' Him"
  11. Finishing Touch - "Don't Put Me Down" (bonus track)
  12. Heaven N Hell - "Whatcha Gonna Do" (bonus track)
Review: In commissioning the legendary Tom Moulton to remix the Philly Groove back catalogue, Harmless have chosen a truly fine concept to commemorate their 100th release. Philly Groove was one of the labels that ushered in the disco era thanks to a brace of hits from The Delphonics and subsequent smash releases from First Choice and The Philly Groove Orchestra (aka MFSB). Crucially though, the majority of the Philly Groove output was released prior to the invention of the 12 inch format that Tom Moulton himself was inadvertently responsible for. Through a series of fortunate circumstances legendary Disco remixer Tom Moulton was granted full access to master tapes of the Philly Groove back catalogue with truly stunning results. Across twelve tracks the brilliantly craggy Moulton subjects the aforementioned bands and more to his unique mixing down process, rearranging the tracks, placing emphasis on certain melodies and arrangements, whilst retaining that distinctly orchestral sound throughout.
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Cat: REKIDS 007CD. Rel: 05 Jul 10
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Blessed
  2. Firewater
  3. Dark Town Orchestra
  4. Platonic Solids No 5
  5. Get On Down
  6. Space-Bassed
  7. Lord Have Mercy
  8. Light N Shade
  9. Stolen Moments
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