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Minimal / Tech House Recommendations April 2015

Juno Recommends Minimal Tech

Juno Recommends Minimal Tech

Minimal/Tech House Recommendations April 2015
10 Apr 2015
Cat: MTRZ 004. Rel: 30 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Acid Sunday (7:50)
  2. Rhythmico (6:49)
  3. Justa (10:24)
Review: Romanian label Metereze may not be as prolific as some of its peers but you can't argue with the quality of music they've issued since first surfacing roughly two years ago. A fourth release introduces a new face in Melodie who's Echo Rhythm EP veers away from Metereze's previous house focus into more techno flavoured territory and it's a good look. As you might expect from the title, "Acid Sunday" is rife with lysergic tweakery, and it's augmented by an overall deep feel which seeps into the next cut "Rhythmico" which gives off the sensation of steam rising superbly. B side hogger "Justa" is a melodic techno number in a similar vein to Gui Boratto.
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Cat: AOS 4. Rel: 23 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Le Loup - "New Era" (6:57)
  2. Le Loup & Monsieur Georget - "Elixir" (7:10)
  3. Le Loup & Monsieur Georget - "Dame De Coeur" (8:02)
Review: It's been a while since we last heard from Le Loup, but now the French producer is back in action on Adult Only with this collaborative EP, where up and coming producer Monsieur Georget joins in on two tracks and the vibe is decidedly stripped down and unusual. "New Era" finds Le Loup going it alone, working up a playful, mellow strain of deep techno peppered with samples from Jim Henson's The Paperwork Explosion. Monsieur Georget lends a hand on "Elixir" and the result is a much more patient, spaced out track driven by a simple shuffling beat and occasional displaced bleeps, before the pair warm proceedings up with the more house-orientated "Dame De Couer", as fine a slice of slender house music as you're liable to hear all year.
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Cat: EKLO 031. Rel: 30 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Al Capote (7:49)
  2. Do The Left Thing (Tribute to TM) (6:53)
  3. The Jungle (Frask) (10:54)
Review: Hold Youth man Seuil maintains his fairly regular appearance rate on his own Eklo with the Chocolate Gangster EP, arriving soon after he shared sides with Rene Audiard on a 12" for the label. The two A-side cuts find the Frenchman paying homage to the micro house sound that dominated the previous decade, so both "Capote" and "Do The Left Thing (Tribute to TM)" revolve around fluid basslines, swinging 909 rhythms, hypnotic chords and odd samples. Of the two it's "Do the Left Thing" that really hits the spot, whilst B-side track "The Jungle (Frask)" finds Seuil veering off into trippier territory.
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Cat: APO 015. Rel: 16 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Right About Now (6:39)
  2. Manitu (6:55)
  3. Dreams (6:57)
Review: Any Diego Krause fans out there wondering when the Berlin producer and co-owner of Beste Modus was going to hook up with the Apollonia crew can rest easy, it's Right About Now! So goes the title of this three track 12" and the lead cut which finds the K man on simple and wonderfully groovy form over its 7 minute duration. A perfect DJ tool for the house music selectors out there, and there is more of the same on the B side though "Manitu" offers a more stripped back and techy side to the Krause palette. And what to say about "Dreams" other than it lives up to its title and then some!
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Cat: OM 005. Rel: 16 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Drum Technology (8:10)
  2. Dutty Drum Skin (7:39)
  3. Squiggle & Flam (6:30)
Review: Following a various artists release that featured the likes of Loopdeville and Innominate, OdD are back in the saddle for the fourth release on their label as they spread their wings within the busy world of minimal house music. On "Drum Technology" the concept sounds complete, from the ethereal pad tones to the impeccably crafted beat, packing enough movement to let the insistent jam roll on blissfully for as long as it pleases. "Dutty Drum Skin" meanwhile revels in a more sinister headspace, keeping up the finely chiselled beats but letting a more ominous brand of drone linger in the background of the mix. "Squiggle & Flam" lives up to its name and gets all wriggly around its slickly shuffling beat, while the looped up synth refrains maintain the twitchy feeling perfectly.
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Cat: TVIR 001. Rel: 23 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Vostok 1 (original mix) (6:59)
  2. Vostok 1 (Patrick Klein remix) (7:13)
  3. Vostok 1 (Voigtmann remix) (7:11)
  4. Vostok 1 (Leo Pol's Gang De Louis Blanc remix) (8:15)
Review: Hailing from the Ukraine, KIM are a duo who make their debut on the equally fresh Tvir label, and their first release comes backed with a strong range of remixers. The original track is devoutly minimal, keeping the drums steady in the mix to allow plenty of space for unusual sounds to dart around in a playful fashion, while Patrick Klein has a whale of a time injecting some colourful synths and a crafty 2-step shuffle into the track. Rising star Voigtmann offers up something more restrained and experimental with his own remix, and Leo Pol takes the sublime deep house route for his "Gang De Louis Blanc" version.
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Cat: PLZ 015. Rel: 23 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Fum Lenes (6:39)
  2. Far Away Far Away (6:34)
  3. Fum Lenes (Ada Kaleh remix) (10:57)
Review: In the rampage of Romanian breakbeat minimal productions, Pleasure Zone always manages to stand head and shoulders above the rest with a keen ear for forward-thinking production and unique atmospheres. Adjustment Bureau make for a logical fit in that regard, even with just one previous record on Hypertone last year. The title track "Fum Lenes" moves with limber percussion but it's the sensual pad tones and spooky piano trills that really mark the track out as something special. There's a moodier flavour to "Far Away Far Away", but the production is no less crafty, while things get really freaky on the B side as Ada Kaleh drops a lengthy remix of "Fum Lenes" for the more devoutly minimal heads.
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Cat: EKLO 030. Rel: 16 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Instruments (7:45)
  2. Do You Like Puppies (5:57)
  3. Do You Like Puppies (Birdsmakingmachine remix) (7:30)
  4. 91358 (5:16)
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Cat: METHODW 001. Rel: 23 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Wolfsbane (extended version) (7:30)
  2. Wolfsbane (radio edit) (4:05)
Review: The honour of inaugurating the new Method White endeavour from the Disclosure lads falls on the shoulders of Scandinavian producer Jonas Rathsman. A core member of the French Express crew, Rathsman has been knocking out breezy accessible club house cuts since 2011 but has really come to the fore of late thanks to remixes for Tensnake and the Duke Dumont. He's pretty much a perfect candidate for Method White then, and you have probably heard the Mylo-style chunky electro meets tuff garage swing of "Wolfsbane" heating up the airwaves in radio edit form. The full 8 minute track is granted A side glory here. How Disclosure advance the label will be interesting to see.
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Cat: UNTLDSTORIES 003. Rel: 16 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. The Beat Circle - "Istra Melting" (14:38)
  2. Cleymoore & Marx - "The Make Ups" (14:32)
  3. Syud - "Mrassoo" (15:07)
  4. Sobamonk - "Maida Vale" (7:38)
  5. Ztrl - "Hipnopedia" (7:45)
Review: Chapter II of the The Untold Stories, begins with The Beat Circle, a new project of Denis Kaznacheev and Ol, an epic work of attitude, an anthem for a new beat generation, filling the whole Aside with groovy sliding bases, crisp clean cut claps, eccentric electric interactions, rich moments of imagination: decaying tones come as if some great engine then arrives to take the dancers further on their journey. B1 by Cleymoore & Marx a much deeper darker sounding track, again reminiscent of railroads, a great unstoppable motion, this time through a dense dub sounding atmosphere, a slow strong swing, grooves and rattles with a great momentum. The second record begins with another new collaboration coming out of the UNTLD project this time Laurine Frost with Denis Kaznacheev, together to be known as Syud, another extended work, rich in plot, mysterious tones lay constant behind a highly charged percussive performance, to and from moments of great serene beauty. The Dside begins with a Sobamonk track of strong rolling bases, warm and light tones, and intricately arranged percussion. Finally the Chapter comes to an end with a work by Ztrl in which we are lead by a dark and shifting force in a track of similarly shifty character.
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Cat: TRAFFIC 004. Rel: 09 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Edge Of Infinity
  2. Dune
  3. Disander
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Cat: LESPOINTS 005. Rel: 23 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Barbir - "Never Trust A Snake" (7:49)
  2. Barbir - "Witchsabbath" (8:20)
  3. Barbir - "Sabbathorange" (STL loop 1 remix) (0:21)
  4. Barbir - "Girlwithanorange" (9:51)
  5. Barbir - "Englishred" (7:07)
  6. Barbir - "Englishclockpumas" (STL loop 3 remix) (0:17)
  7. Nicola Kazimir - "Clementinejam" (7:43)
  8. Isherwood & Nicola Kazimir - "Zurichsunrisedub" (6:13)
  9. Nicola Kazimir - "Zurichspace234" (STL loop 2 remix) (0:23)
  10. Nicola Kazimir - "Space234" (7:10)
  11. Nicola Kazimir - "Thule" (8:18)
  12. Nicola Kazimir - "Ethernalthuledub" (STL loop 4 remix) (0:16)
Review: With a great emphasis placed on presentation and artistic statement, Swiss label Les Points has already established itself as a serious operator within the bustling minimal house and techno scene. This split release from Barbir and Nicola Kazmir is yet further proof of the ambitious intentions the label has in delivering the most creatively inspired music possible, and there is certainly plenty of music to get your teeth into here. There's twitchy house constructions aplenty to enjoy from both artists, as well as some intriguing remixes of STL loops at the end of each side in a nod to the inspirational power of the German producer, whose own leftfield leanings fit into the lineage of this release.
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Cat: AUS 1575. Rel: 23 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Smoke Stained Ivories (6:48)
  2. Guilty Measures (6:36)
  3. RIP Vogel (6:05)
  4. Beckett's Racket (6:11)
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Cat: RORA 009. Rel: 16 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Ngen (11:53)
  2. Bipolar (7:53)
  3. Pleura (8:01)
Review: The emergent Swiss label Rora label has thus far built up an identity around a core of lesser-known artists committed to exploration within the realms of functional house and techno, and this time around U-More has been drafted in to deliver the goods following turns on Cabaret and Chelsea Hotel. The tones are quite diverse, reaching from the bouncy submersion of "Ngen" through to the more upfront techno loops of "Bipolar", while "Pleura" takes a path less travelled into restrained and hypnotic minimal. In each case U-More takes to the task of lean and mean dancefloor tackle with a distinctive, slickly-produced style.
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Cat: CROISIERE 003. Rel: 09 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Unus Mundus
  2. Fractal Mind (Barbir remix)
  3. Appeartobe
  4. Prima Materia
Review: It's been a while since any new French label picked up the mantle for the fine heritage of minimal house and techno the country possesses, but now Croisiere Musique is on hand to present a fresh wave of producers that pick up on what was achieved by artists such as Cabanne and Ark. "Unus Mondus" is the perfect seductive micro house track, deploying playful samples subtly in the mix and letting a haunting melodic refrain set the mood. "Appeartobe" has a more devoutly stripped down approach that calls to mind the most patient of Perlon records, while "Prima Materia" heads into luscious oddball house realms mixed with dubby sensibilities. The Barbir remix of "Fractal Mind" has a more purposefully unhinged flair about it, but sounds all the more French for it.
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Cat: BCR 043T. Rel: 09 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Mass Majestic (1997 Gerd remix) (9:54)
  2. To Reach (10:54)
Review: Always ones to look for a worthwhile reissue in amongst the newer deep house fare they put out, Bass Culture this time turn to an old gem from E.G.D., one half of which was Gerd of 4Lux fame. "Mass Majestic" has secret weapon written all over it, with this 1997 mix of the track coming on gritty and moving all at the same time thanks to some crunchy drums and a plaintive melodic lick that echoes throughout the core track. "To Reach" has a bouncy techno spirit about it that sits somewhere between the psychedelic overload of Model 500 and the early European trance sound, coming off sounding like a perfect soundtrack to the sunrise at an open air rave.
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Cat: GROW 006. Rel: 09 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Isotelus Rex (original mix)
  2. Isotelus Rex (Daze Maxim remix)
  3. Proetida (original mix)
Review: Grow returns with the record Isotelus Rex by Denis Kaznacheev, complete with a remix by Daze Maxim. The title track Isotelus Rex, a 14 minute work, true to grow's eccentric nature, a track at once playful and deeply neurally stimulating, sure to shake one's body and intrigue one's mind. Wonderful decaying tones, subtly jazzy, intricate electronic communications interrelate over an irresistible bass and percussive performance, a groove which will make your swing. B1 is Daze Maxim's remix, with a more ethereal approach to Isotelus Rex, it begins through a beautiful synth. Then grows a fast and intricate bass arrangement, providing a confidently vibed way though the cosmic landscape, also another great track for the dance floor, as the same physical swing as in original is felt strong. B2 Proetida, the second original work by Denis Kaznacheev of the release, is of raw, almost rude, attitude, a strong bass descends in steps, a determined momentum, the driving force of an industrious process.
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Cat: RMS 006. Rel: 30 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Evangelion (7:05)
  2. Evangelion (Jonson & Siminski remix) (7:20)

Just over a year since its launch, Guy Gerber's RUMORS imprint continues to blend the world of music and art with a series of highly sought after releases and events. Following on from Guy & Puff Daddy's remix EP of their stand out album track; 'Tourist Trap', RUMORS welcomes Seth Troxler to the label with his debut, 'Evangelion'.

Scheduled for release on March 30th, 'Evangelion' follows Troxler's recent collaboration with Phil Moffa for their 'Rogue Music' EP, and also features a remix from Matt Jonson & Jesse Heartthrob - marking the label's sixth offering.

Delivering Seth's inimitable blueprint of boundary pushing techno, 'Evangelion' leads with a hypnotic bassline that's topped with eerie bouts of spoken word and haunting piano keys - whilst Jonson & Siminski's remix softens the warped construction to provide a welcome dose of funk-induced techno.

With a shared passion for promoting authentic dance music - Seth and Guy have always been solid ambassadors for underground sounds that consistently change the musical landscape. 'Evangelion' finds a natural home in RUMORS and paves the way for another hugely successful year for the two innovators.
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Cat: AK 004. Rel: 30 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Cautare (10:20)
  2. Contemplare (11:18)
out of stock $11.15
Cat: ROUND ONE. Rel: 16 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. El Rudo Del House (4:29)
  2. At The Gate (4:45)
  3. Bay A Sali Bolando (4:18)
  4. Elefante (4:06)
Review: 2014 was a relatively quiet year for Matias Aguayo with just one 12" released on Kompakt, but he makes a welcome return to his own Comeme label with the snappy El Rudo Del House Round One four-tracker. The title track is marked out by a dirty synth hum which seems to bleed into every element of the track, while the beats come on cloying and claustrophobic, which sits in stark contrast to the lighter fare of the stripped down groover "At The Gate". "Bay A Sali Bolando" pushes into a more repetitive kind of techno nag for the most disorientated part of the night, while "Elefante" brings a more limber set of drums and sharply sliced vocals.
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out of stock $10.60
Cat: BLABLANATION 001. Rel: 16 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Jtar (11:06)
  2. Don't Stump (8:46)
  3. Baffling (11:52)
out of stock $10.32
Cat: AC 003. Rel: 23 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Burning (6:31)
  2. 99.9 (5:04)
  3. End Zone (5:46)
  4. Content (4:48)
out of stock $7.80
Cat: KOMPAKT 324. Rel: 23 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Jupiter George (5:56)
  2. Ritter Sport (6:37)
  3. Take Four (4:48)
out of stock $8.65
Cat: LMD 014. Rel: 23 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. The Liker (8:04)
  2. Loop A (1:01)
  3. Fluffy's Empire (9:39)
  4. Loop B (1:01)
Review: A new record by Stephen Laubner is always a cause for celebration, and on this occasion he's making a rare outing beyond the comfy confines of his Something label and moonlighting on Lick My Deck. The lead track "The Liker" is as rowdy as you could expect STL to get, with a seriously gnarly lead synth line that packs the potential to decimate many a dance. The drums piston-pump all kinds of grottiness in the process, which plays in neat contrast to the B side jam "Fluffy's Empire". While there may be a certain roughness to the beats, the calmer key lines are much easier on the ears giving you a handy option for any part of the night, while as ever a couple of off-kilter loops linger in the inner grooves of each side.
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out of stock $8.37
Cat: GPM 293. Rel: 23 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Spayce (8:32)
  2. Domplatte (7:46)
out of stock $8.65
Cat: CADENZA 100. Rel: 23 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Grace Of An Art (13:51)
  2. Rickson Trephala (10:05)
  3. Timeless Songs For Lovers Of The Morning Enlightenment
out of stock $11.15
Cat: MATERIAL 082. Rel: 16 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Give A Feeling (Wehbba remix) (7:02)
  2. Give A Feeling (Emanuel Satie remix) (6:07)
  3. Give A Feeling (Paul C & Paolo Martini remix) (5:52)
  4. Give A Feeling (System2 remix) (6:46)
out of stock $8.65
Cat: HXT 006. Rel: 09 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Raider (6:49)
  2. Raider (Jamie Jones remix) (5:42)
out of stock $7.54
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