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Juno Recommends Hip Hop / R&B Best of 2021

Juno Recommends Hip Hop/R&B

Juno Recommends Hip Hop/R&B

Juno Recommends Hip Hop/R&B Best of 2021
Cat: MMS 044LP. Rel: 08 Mar 21
Hip Hop/R&B
There Is No Time (Prelude) (1:08)
The Call (2:04)
Theme De Crabtree (2:17)
Road Of The Lonely Ones (3:32)
Loose Goose (2:21)
Dirtknock (2:14)
Hopprock (3:26)
Riddim Chant (1:52)
Sound Ancestors (2:49)
One For Quartabe/Right Now (2:42)
Hang Out (Phone Off) (2:16)
Two For 2 - For Dilla (2:50)
Latino Negro (3:35)
The New Normal (2:29)
Chino (1:54)
Duumbiyay (3:06)
 in stock $29.78
Cat: DG 001WP. Rel: 23 Aug 21
Hip Hop/R&B
La Di Stepper (Wally Puma edit) (4:15)
Step Into A Break (Jim Sharp edit) (2:22)
Something In The Way (Jim Sharp 10/9 Tribute Blend) (2:01)
Review: DRPN GEMS is a brand new label on the block and it is here to serve up crowd rockin' block party joints. This opening gambit is a real show stopper with Wally Puma and Jim Sharp mashing up myriad different R&B and hip hop sounds into popping new jams. Label boss Puma takes care of the A side with a hybrid blend and crafty remake of two old school anthems that are deep cut and groovy. On the reverse are a couple of super sharp DJ tools and body-popping breaks that cannot fail to move a club. This is a red hot debut 7" from what looks like a promising new label.
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out of stock $12.23
Cat: 45K 05. Rel: 27 Sep 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Gravel Pit (4:19)
Uzi (Pinky Ring) (4:32)
Review: The legendary Wu Tang Clan has got a peerless discography when it comes to golden era hip hop. Part of that is a number of essential long players that go deep on the art form, but of course they will always be best known by many for their standout singles. 'Gravel Pit' is one of them and is dropped on the limited edition 7" with 'Uzi (Pink Ring)' on the flip. It's a floor-filling tune with a bump n grind beat, slick rhythms and the seductive female response. The b-side hits harder, with big horns and molten chords next to some raw verses that bring the attitude.
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out of stock $12.23
Cat: SIL 015LP. Rel: 07 Jun 21
Hip Hop/R&B
The King & Eye (feat DMC Of Run DMC) (2:27)
Czarwyn's Theory Of People Getting Loose (feat Kendra Morris) (3:19)
Mando Calrissian (2:14)
Doom Unto Others (2:46)
Jason & The Czargonaut (feat Del The Funky Homosapien) (3:50)
Break In The Action (2:31)
A Name To The Face (1:49)
This Is Canon Now (2:06)
So Strange (feat Godforbid Of THD) (2:31)
Young World (3:16)
Review: CZARFACE & MF DOOM's newest team-up record Super What? is an all powerful outing. Doom's famous wordy wizard is unleashed with wicket wordplay tying your mind in lots for the first to the last beat. CZARFACE's production (with help from Wu-Tang Clan's Inspectah Deck and Esoteric) is on point, with golden age beats, cosmic thrills and spills and killer bars all lock-in you in.
 in stock $26.33
Cat: WACK 19. Rel: 27 Sep 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Smoove - "Queensbridge" (3:55)
Herma Puma - "Brooklyn" (Smoove mix) (4:18)
Review: Big week for Jonathan 'Smoove' Watson this week, with a reissue of his 2009 classic 'Beggerman' he created with regular partner in crime John Turrell, with whom since 2007 he has headed up a funk/soul/jazz band from North East England. Now he serves up this wicked funk edit on UK label Wack Records, a label he's very much synonymous with. On the A side we have the strong lyrical delivery of Biz Markie on 'Queensbridge', followed on the flip with the block rocking beats of Herma Puma's 'Brooklyn' (Smoove mix).
out of stock $16.49
Cat: 5BB 026. Rel: 12 Jul 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Kool G Gap & DJ Polo - "Road To The Riches" (4:42)
Billy Joel - "Stiletto" (4:38)
Review: The 5 Boroughs label never misses and here comes another sure shot of rare and classic hip hop and soul on tasty 45rpm vinyl. This time out, 'Road to the Riches' by Kool G Rap & DJ Polo is in the headlights. It's a tune that sampled Billy Joel's 'Stiletto' and layers up woody beats, big piano energies and slick vocals with some of the stylish scratching that defined this era. O the flip side is the original sample source played out in full - a soul offering with wandering piano work and prickly drums that has plenty of swing to it.
out of stock $12.23
Cat: 45K 02. Rel: 12 Apr 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Work The Angles (4:01)
Worst Comes To Worst (3:12)
Review: The 45 Kings are back with more of that boombap goodness that we hip hop heads can never get enough of. This time they have unearthed two previously unavailable tunes from Dilated Peoples on this today 7". There is a timelessness to 'Work The Angles' that makes it immediately easy to love: those dusty drum breaks, the DJ scratches, the gnarly riffs. On the reverse, 'Worst Comes To Worst' slips into a deeper, more reflective vibe with romantic melodic motifs and a rolling beat that you hope never ends. These are two gens that very much need to be heard.
out of stock $12.23
Cat: IMP 005. Rel: 01 Feb 21
Hip Hop/R&B
2 Pac - "Keep Ya Head Up" (4:28)
King Tee - "Played Like A Piano" (4:21)
Review: West Coast Classics brings the heat on this latest super 7" with one fo the biggest name sin the game taking care of the a-side. 2 Pac's 1993 gem 'Keep Ya Head Up' features R&B singer Dave Hollister. The tune was dedicated to his godson Elijah and Latasha Harlins and also points out the abuse black women face in society. It's a cut that brims with warmth and a beat sampled from Zapp's 'Be Alright.' Flip it over for King Tee's slow motion, deep cut funk jewel 'Played Like A Piano' which is another vital tune.
out of stock $11.17
Cat: STH 2085. Rel: 26 Apr 21
Hip Hop/R&B
The Illest VIllains (remix)
All Caps (vocal)
All Caps (instrumental)
Scene Three
Curls (vocal)
Curls (instrumental)
out of stock $12.50
Cat: GFY 45001. Rel: 19 Apr 21
Hip Hop/R&B
I Like It (4:19)
The Jam (4:52)
Review: Flip The Script Radio is a place those in the know head to hear the to new MCs and hip hop acts before they blow up. To celebrate their six year anniversary, they have joined forces with Good For You Records and legendary MC and lyricist Grand Puba for this red hot new special edition 7". It finds the icon's classic 'I Like It' replayed by a n eight piece band but with some new verses delivered from the rap legend himself. He lays down in fine style and makes this a great new version of a classic that is filled with heart warming soul.
 in stock $11.44
Cat: 5BB 027. Rel: 22 Nov 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Fat Joe - "Bronx Tale" (feat KRS One) (3:53)
Sammy Nestico - "Shoreline Drive" (3:26)
Review: 5 Borough Breaks always serves up the working DJ with the sort of vital tools they need to get beat loving floors jacked up and moving. Here a load more iconic of the ages are chawed up and spat out on a new two track 7 " that features none other than legendary MC KRS One as well as American champ Fat Joe and Sammy Nestico. 'Bronx Tale' goes first with a nice laid back beat, funky bass and some edgy breaks that build a vibe while the KRS One rhymes come hard. Flip it over for 'Shoreline Drive' which is a soul led tune with soaring wind sounds, big cinematic drama and a hint of 60s style.
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out of stock $12.23
Cat: SSR 226. Rel: 14 Jun 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Push Em Up Now (vocal)
Push Em Up Now (instrumental)
Review: When it comes to tasteful mash-ups and club-ready re-edits, DJ Soopasoul's Soopastole Edits series is always a reliable source of fresh dancefloor heat. He's in predictably fine form on this latest volume - the 26th in total, fact fans - which sees him re-animate an already killer Fatman Scoop cut. On the A-side, he places energy-raising snippets of the Harlem-raised, gravel-voiced rapper's 'Put Your Hands Up' atop a funky backing track crafted from loops lifted from a classic disco-funk workout. That fresh, sample-heavy instrumental re-edit can be heard in full on the flip, offering is a chance to wallow in the killer groove and tight, clipped guitar licks.
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out of stock $11.17
Cat: 358387 9. Rel: 27 Sep 21
Hip Hop/R&B
The Number Song (Cut Chemist party mix) (5:11)
Endtroducing: Drums, Drops & Scratches (4:41)
out of stock $13.35
Straight Out Of The Jungle (4:03)
Black Is Black (3:42)
Review: After selling out their red hot 2020 Record Store Day Special, Idlers return with another one for 2021. This time out the label offers up the title rack from Jungle Brothers's acclaimed debut album Straight Out of The Jungle. It has never before made it onto its own 45rpm but its hard to know why: 'Straight Out Of The Jungle' is crisp boom bap with funky samples, big, strident horns and characterful raps that will get any party popping right off. On the flip is a second slice of golden era hip hop with 'Black Is Black,' a tune that is as lyrically relevant now as it was all the way back then.
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 in stock $14.36
Altered Tapes - "The Break Down (Eazy Goes To Memphis)" (3:59)
DJ Platurn - "King Penguin" (Funky beats edit) (4:01)
Review: Chicago's Altered Tapes crew offer up their own unique take on a West Coast gangster rap classic with the A-side of this one on US label Heat Rock. It's the label's seventh outing and places focus on Memphis soul and funk territory. 'The Break Down' is a big, horn led jam with funk beats and crisp rhythms. Reverse this limited 7" to find Oakland's own DJ Platurn. He smashes out a drum heavy, break-heavy edit that pays homage to a cut and paste great. It's funky, filled with vocal samples and mad keys and packs real heat.
out of stock $14.88
Cat: SSR 227. Rel: 01 Nov 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Real Hip Hop (vocal) (4:08)
Real Hip Hop (instrumental) (4:15)
 in stock $12.23
Cat: PL 7025. Rel: 26 Apr 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Intro (4:14)
Jappy Jap (3:44)
Suite For Beaver (part 1) (4:26)
Suite For Beaver (part 2) (4:47)
OST (Original Soundtrack) (4:40)
Empty Bottles Of Water (3:21)
The Outrage (4:31)
The Hang Loose (3:51)
The Double K Show (3:31)
Tales Of Kidd Drunkadelic (3:00)
Keepin It Live (4:38)
The Dig (3:45)
The Heat (0:57)
Montego Slay (4:14)
The LA Song (4:30)
8 Is Enuff (3:07)
Acid Raindrops (4:38)
The Joyride (4:19)
The Breakdown (5:03)
Review: Longtime hip-hop mainstays People Under The Stairs have a wealth fo great material but their 2002 album O.S.T. is one fo their best. It now finally gets a long overdue reissue after the group disbanded in 2019, a full 25 years after first hooking up and making a name with their inventive styles. This third record furthered their sample heavy sound and gave rise to one of their best known and most loved hits, 'Acid Raindrops.' Elsewhere the languid beats flow freely as the verses and the whole thing was produced in Thes One's home by him and pattern in rhymes, Double K.
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 in stock $22.33
Cat: MRB 7188. Rel: 15 Feb 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Just Hangin' Out (4:14)
Live At The Barbeque (4:36)
Review: Mr Bongo has been shining a light on the work of Main Source (aka Queens native Large Professor and Toronto's Sir Scratch and K-Cut) for a while now. Their latest reissue - after plenty of other 7"s last year- is Just Hangin' Out, which is an ode to the simple pleasures of relaxing with friends. The a-side is made from two huge samples (Vanessa Kendrick's '90% of Me is You' and Sister Nancy's 'Bam Bam' ) to make for a stone cold and swooning groove. On the flip, 'Live at the Barbecue' is often said to be one of the finest posse cuts of all time.
 in stock $14.36
Cat: TNT 003. Rel: 08 Nov 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Lapdance (3:30)
RunTo The Sun (3:59)
Review: It's time for a third drop from the TNT Rap Classics label, and this time they focus on an early 2000s hip hop gem from Nerd. Led by ageless front man Pharrell, they served up plenty of killer, catchy and hooky joints and two of them make the cut here. There are the gritty, sleazy sounds and grinding beats of 'Lapdance' with its iconic riffs and rhymes, and the more sunny and summery 'RunTo The Sun' which has woody breaks, natty chords and some smooth vocals from Pharrell himself. Two bombs for sure.
out of stock $12.50
Cat: SIL 003LP. Rel: 07 Jun 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Take Your Medicine (0:52)
Meddle With Metal (3:24)
Badness Of Madness (2:57)
Close Talker (0:49)
Forever People (3:18)
Captain Crunch (4:08)
Don't Spoil It (1:31)
Phantoms (feat Open Mike Eagle) (4:24)
Bomb Thrown (4:32)
You Masked For It (1:22)
Astral Traveling (feat Vinnie Paz) (3:51)
Nautical Depth (3:30)
Stun Gun (2:04)
MF Czar (3:22)
Captain Brunch (2:27)
Sleeping Dogs (1:13)
out of stock $23.14
Cat: BD 240. Rel: 25 Jan 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Run The Jewels (3:32)
Banana Clipper (feat Big Boi) (2:54)
36" Chain (2:54)
DDFH (3:06)
Sea Legs (3:44)
Job Well Done (feat Until The Ribbon Breaks) (3:04)
No Come Down (3:27)
Get It (3:02)
Twin Hype Back (feat Prince Paul As Chest Rockwell) (3:11)
A Christmas Fucking Miracle (4:17)
Pew Pew Pew (feat DJ Qbert) (3:10)
Sea Legs (Dave Stiek remix) (4:03)
36" Chain (BSBD remix) (3:58)
Pew Pew Pew (feat DJ Qbert - instrumental) (3:04)
Sea Legs (Dave Stiek remix - instrumental) (4:02)
36" Chain (BSBD remix - instrumental) (3:53)
out of stock $20.74
Cat: MRB 7190. Rel: 08 Mar 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Fakin' The Funk (remix) (3:37)
Fakin' The Funk (instrumental) (3:40)
 in stock $14.36
Cat: HR 007. Rel: 18 Jan 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Bounce Castle - "Made You Look" (Bengaluru Bounce remix) (3:04)
Altered Tapes - "Tiger Styles" (36 Chambers remix) (3:40)
Review: Hardcore funk and breaks lovers rejoice - the latest Heat Rock is a real winner. This 7th and final entry into the first series has a pair of world music-influenced bangers on it. The first tune is produced by Bounce Castle from Chicago and is primed for the dance floor with its Bollywood-flavoured vibes and big beats. It's a fresh take on a big tune from QB's Finest. And if you reverse it, fellow Chicagoan Altered Tapes mixes up a Cumbia slash dancehall slash breakbeat version of an iconic song from legendary Wu Tang album 36 Chambers.
out of stock $14.88
Cat: FNSD 619. Rel: 22 Nov 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Your Old Droog & MF Doom - "Dropout Boogie" (3:10)
Your Old Droog - "The Glitch" (2:55)
out of stock $21.80
Cat: HR 008. Rel: 26 Apr 21
Hip Hop/R&B
The Mighty PTA (Lewis Of The New School edit) (4:12)
The Mighty PTA (Lewis Of The New School edit - instrumental) (4:16)
out of stock $13.03
Cat: GSC 4529. Rel: 14 Jun 21
Hip Hop/R&B
That Richard & Karen Funk (3:43)
Wake Up! (3:33)
Review: DJ, skateboarder, cyclist and sneaker-head Strictlybutchers is a deep digging vinyl head, dad, and brilliant bedroom beat maker. He hails from the same small place that gave us Lyman Woodard and now gifts us with a super sweet pair of instrumentals. 'That Richard & Karen Funk' is a woozy, sax laced number with slouching drums and an after dinner feel. 'Wake Up!' raises the tempo a little, with steamy horns and nice jazzy keys lighting up the drum work with a hint of 60s charm and subtle, sensuous little vocal stabs.
out of stock $11.97
Cat: BBE BG001SLP. Rel: 15 Feb 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Y'all Ain't Ready (2:39)
Think Twice (Faded) (1:57)
Y'all Ain't Ready (instrumental) (1:29)
Think Twice (instrumental) (3:07)
The Clapper (feat Blu) (2:09)
Shake It Down (Faded) (3:00)
The Clapper (instrumental) (2:01)
Shake It Down (instrumental) (2:59)
Come Get It (feat Elzhi) (4:00)
Come Get It (instrumental) (4:26)
Pause (feat Frank N Dank) (2:55)
BBE (Big Booty Express) (2:12)
Pause (instrumental) (2:47)
BBE (Big Booty Express) (instrumental) (2:08)
Beej N Dem (part 2 - feat Beej) (2:54)
Beej N Dem (part 2 - instrumental) (3:05)
Brazilian Groove (1:32)
It's Like That (feat Hodge Podge & Lacks - edit) (3:08)
Brazilian Groove EWF (instrumental) (1:30)
It's Like That (instrumental) (3:06)
Give It Up (3:12)
Give It Up (instrumental) (3:13)
Rico Suave Bossa Nova (1:28)
Azymuth (Rico Suave Bossa vinyl edit) (4:50)
Track 17 (feat Phat Kat) (3:45)
Track 18 (feat Phat Kat - instrumental) (2:48)
African Rhythms (2:43)
One (0:25)
African Rhythms (instrumental) (1:37)
One (instrumental) (1:33)
It's Like That (alternate version) (3:10)
Beej N Dem (0:55)
African Rhythms (No Drums) (0:47)
EWF (No Drums - No vocal) (1:28)
Give It Up (acappella) (1:37)
Think Twice (DJ Muro KG mix) (3:51)
Think Twice (DJ Muro KG mix - instrumental) (3:48)
Review: There are an awful lot of great records in the J Dilla's catalogue, but few can match the consistent quality and coherent construction of Welcome 2 Detroit, his 2001 breakthrough album. Designed as a love letter to his home city with a sample palette and blend of styles to match, it saw the late producer and a string of then largely unknown local MCs showcase their vocal talents over some of his best ever beats. This lusciously expansive 20th anniversary box set does a brilliant job in expanding on the original album, with the 12 included "45s" pairing vocal mixes with instrumentals, unreleased cuts and occasional remixes. The included hardback book is brilliant, too, and packed with first-hand accounts of the creation of a now iconic LP.
...Read more
 in stock $97.86
Cat: 340810 1. Rel: 30 Aug 21
Hip Hop/R&B
95 South (3:17)
Amari (2:30)
My Life (3:31)
Applying Pressure (2:59)
Punchin' The Clock (1:54)
100 Mil' (2:45)
Pride Is The Devil (3:40)
Let Go My Hand (4:26)
Interlude (2:14)
The Climb Back (5:00)
Close (2:33)
Hunger On Hillside (4:04)
 in stock $27.93
Cat: 539453 6. Rel: 08 Nov 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Yuletide Throwdown (Cut Chemist remix) (4:50)
Yuletide Throwdown (Cut Chemist radio edit) (4:46)
Yuletide Throwdown (3:32)
"Hahahahahahaha, everybody, check it out. It's that time of year, get ready to funk it up. Fly girls, fly guys, punk rockers, natty dreads... It ain't the wack, for a definite fact - it's Christmas, Jack." Cue Debbie Harry quizzing Fab 5 Freddy on whether he's actually St. Nicholas because she's never seen Santa Claus wearing sunglasses. Suffice to say, fun seasonal breaks this is, serious retro hip hop it ain't. Originally recorded in 1981, 'Yuletide Throwdown' was only released on a special Flexi-disc given away with now-defunct UK music magazine Flexipop the same year. Skip forward four decades and the tracks was 'rediscovered' by Blondie in the archives, and has now been selected for a forthcoming boxset slated to land next year. In the meantime, the single version - along with Cut Chemist remix - is arriving in good time for the forthcoming festivities. Think Christmas-related rhymes set to the classic track 'Rapture' and you're pretty much there.
...Read more
out of stock $17.54
Cat: TB 51691. Rel: 05 Jul 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Can't You See (feat The Notorious BIG) (4:50)
Can't You See (feat Keith Murray - Bad Boy remix) (4:21)
Review: American R&B girl group Total penned the original 'Can't You See' in 1995 as part of the New Jersey Drive soundtrack. By then, the duo had already appeared on classic joints by Notorious BIG such as 'One More Chance' and 'Juicy,' so he returned the favour with an intro rap verse to this one. IT made it a huge success n the US Billboard Top 100 and also hit the Top 50 of the UK chart. On the flip is the Keith Murray Bad Boy remix which is that bit slower and more sensuous
out of stock $12.75
Cat: LEX 099LPRX. Rel: 21 Jun 21
Hip Hop/R&B
First Day Of Class (2:19)
Om (feat MF Doom) (2:30)
Omterlude (part 1) (0:26)
Means The Most (3:00)
Omterlude (part 2) (0:36)
So Alone
Coming For You
Darkness (3:40)
Caskets (feat MF Doom) (2:45)
Great Things (feat MF Doom) (3:48)
Disastrous (feat Madvillain) (2:23)
Review: The late MF Doom's 2014 collaboration with mic man Bishop Nehru, Nehrudviandoom, remains one of the strongest releases in either artist's catalogue. It was recorded at a time when Nehru was on the cusp of wider success and acclaim, and when Doom was crafting some of the tightest, most adventurous and ear-catching beats of his career. Should you need a reminder of its greatness, check the clips of this "Redux" addition, which cuts out some of the original's numerous short, mixtape-style skits to create a much tighter and on-point mini album. Should you need more persuading to part with your cash, this fresh vinyl edition has been pressed to a superb-looking picture disc in limited numbers.
...Read more
out of stock $15.94
Cat: 060349 7843343. Rel: 11 Oct 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Intro (3:20)
Things Done Changed (3:58)
Gimme The Loot (5:07)
Machine Gun Funk (4:15)
Warning (3:44)
Ready To Die (4:39)
One More Chance (4:36)
#!*@ Me (interlude) (1:29)
The What (3:59)
Juicy (5:01)
Everyday Struggle (5:23)
Me & My B*tch (3:57)
Big Poppa (4:12)
Respect (5:29)
Friend Of Mine (3:31)
Unbelievable (3:48)
Suicidal Thoughts (2:46)
Who Shot Ya (5:19)
Just Playing (Dreams) (2:36)
Review: Decades after he died, pioneering rapper Christopher Wallace aka Biggie aka B.I.G remains a hip hop giant, not least for us here at Juno HQ. He had the flow, the character, the lyrics, and showed all of it on his masterclass album The Notorious BIG. It is now getting a well deserved reissue on double vinyl, with all the original tunes included. There are uber-hits like the ubiquitous 'Juicy', tracks that make astute social commentaries about the black experience such as 'Everyday Struggle' and then some darn right killer grooves like 'One More Chance' and 'Big Poppa.' RIP to the greatest to ever do it.
...Read more
 in stock $27.93
Cat: FWM 7002. Rel: 16 Aug 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Simon Says (feat Lady Luck, Redman, Method Man, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Busta Rhymes - remix) (6:18)
Simon Says (instrumental) (2:57)
Review: Somewhat surprisingly, the infamous 'remix' version of Pharoahe Monch's 1999 classic 'Simon Says', featuring verses from Method Man, Redman and Busta Rhymes amongst others, has only previously appeared on promo CDs and compilations. Here the track finally gets its vinyl debut, 22 years after it was recorded. It's a superb crew cut, with all involved making an impact on the mic over a stripped-back but heavy beat full of deep bass, spy-funk horn blasts and raw rock guitar riffs. This time round, it comes backed by the instrumental version of 'Simon Says', which is simplicity personified.
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 in stock $14.09
Cat: FS 04RMX. Rel: 19 Mar 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Paul Sitter - "Money Boovin'" (3:46)
Tony Lavrutz - "Arctigalactic" (4:03)
Review: Russia's Paul Sitter is next up on the latest Funky Shit Edits and he serve sup a hard hitting tribute to New York rappers on 'Money Boovin'' and 'Arctigalactic'. This is the artists first venture on to wax and both of these prove he is surely one to watch in 2021. They are twisting, turning, full flavour sonic collages that take the forward looking beats of Beastie Boys into energetic new realms. 'Money Boovin' is all mad scratches and hard hitting bars and Tony Lavrutz's 'Arctigalactic' then brings some tripped out sci-fi sounds, mad melodies and rolling beats.
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out of stock $15.42
Cat: RUB 008. Rel: 12 Jul 21
Hip Hop/R&B
New Status (Goce MPR mix) (3:52)
Lovin' The Game (Goce Hook Up) (4:00)
Review: The RUB label continues to grow in stature with another hot serving of hip hop from the genre's New York City home. For this eighth offering, DJ Goce brings you his own fresh licks as he reworks a standout 90s joint. His take on 'New Status' is awash with glorious string sweeps and rolling funk bass that takes you to a higher place. The flipside 'Lovin' The Game' is a then remake of Jigga's original statement that is mixed to perfection and bumps along at a perfect inviting tempo.
out of stock $14.88
Cat: SSR 221. Rel: 19 Jul 21
Hip Hop/R&B
It Ain't Hard To Tell (mix 1) (3:48)
It Ain't Hard To Tell (mix 2) (3:46)
Review: Currently in the throes of a serious reissue mission, bringing many of his old funklets back to life on wax, Jalapeno mainstay Danny Soopasoul lets these very cheeky takes on Mr Illmatic out into the ether. Side-A is pure laid back west coast vibery while the B lays Nas's famous bars down over a Bill Conti-style horn arrangement where the feel of a montage and a triumphant stair-run is imminent. Limited to 300 copies, it ain't hard to tell you how quickly this will fly.
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Boogie Down's Got The Flavor (4:00)
Head Over Heels (4:33)
Review: Second time around for Dondi's sneaky reissue of two sought-after vintage hip-hop bombs, which quickly sold out on its initial 200-copy run in 2019. On side A you'll find 'Boogie Down's Got The Flavor' by Foundation and Rezidue, a delicious slab of deep conscious rap that first slipped out in 1996 and has been extremely difficult to find ever since. Turn to the flip and you'll find another rare number from '96: G-Depp's incredible 'Head Over Wheels'. Built around a sumptuous loop from Tom Browne's ultra-smooth, slo-mo 1981 jazz-funk gem 'Charisma', it's another wonderfully deep and blazed rap excursion.
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Cat: 359319 7. Rel: 22 Nov 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Save Your Tears (3:42)
Blinding Lights (3:20)
In Your Eyes (3:57)
Can't Feel My Face (3:32)
I Feel It Coming (with Daft Punk) (4:31)
Starboy (with Daft Punk) (3:49)
Pray For Me (with Kendrick Lamar) (3:32)
Heartless (3:19)
Often (4:09)
The Hills (3:59)
Call Out My Name (3:54)
Die For You (4:24)
Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey) (4:32)
Love Me Harder (with Ariana Grande) (3:53)
Acquainted (5:59)
Wicked Games (5:22)
The Morning (5:08)
After Hours (6:10)
Review: After his last album incorporated neon and darkwave stylings into his ever-expanding musical fold, we unanimously agreed back at the beginning of 2021 that it was high time The Weeknd put out a 'greatest hits' album. In February, our wish was granted in CD form, and now, 'The Highlights' has seen an official rerelease on double gatefold ultra-heavy vinyl, doing thorough justice to The Noise's cosmic collabs with Daft Punk, Kendrick Lamar and Ariana Grande. Spanning cuts all the way through from 'Thursday' to 'After Hours', this album does a remarkable job of unifying the best tracks from this devlishly suited, R&B hitmaker's career.
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Cat: COLD 2. Rel: 02 Aug 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Cloud Nine (3:40)
Make It Ruff (3:32)
Review: New label Cold Diggin has taken a whole year to get from release number one to number two. This one again comes from The Duke Ya Love To Hate, which is one of myriad aliases of an artist who gets by the name of Stefan Senf. Cutting, chopping, editing is his game and here offers the nice and soulful roller that is 'Cloud Nine' with its crisp boom bap, leggy drums and languid riffs. 'Make It Ruff' is a pile of ramshackle loops that feel like they could collapse around you at any time. As long as they hold together though they mark for a dark beatsrumental.
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