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Juno Recommends Brokenbeat / Nu Jazz: Best of 2023

Juno Recommends Broken Beat Nu Jazz

Juno Recommends Broken Beat Nu Jazz

Juno Recommends Brokenbeat/Nu Jazz: Best of 2023
Cat: MUKAT 084. Rel: 06 Mar 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Trip To Brazil
Review: Presto (who you might recognise from Names You Can Trust and Plug Research) is in the spotlight again, not long after Mukatsuku dropped two highlights from his unreleased album Basement Beats, which was recorded in 2020 while he lived in New York. The 7" collects two more essential tracks that first surfaced in 2002 on Concrete Grooves and sticks the excellently jazzy hip-hop instruments on a limited edition 7". 'Trip To Brazil' is as sweet as sugar with heat damaged chords and excellent jazzy melodies over a lazy beat. 'Pianoscape' is a more traditional hip hop sound with some dusty piano keys and nice vocal stabs that keep it deep.
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Cat: BWOOD 310LP. Rel: 18 Sep 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Black Classical Music (feat Venna & Charlie Stacey) (5:18)
Afro Cubanism (2:41)
Raisins Under The Sun (feat Shabaka Hutchings) (4:32)
Rust (feat Tom Misch) (3:59)
Turquoise Galaxy (3:13)
The Light (feat Bahia Dayes) (5:38)
Pon Di Plaza (feat Chronixx) (3:47)
Magnolia Symphony (feat Early Dayes) (1:37)
Early Dayes (4:46)
Chasing The Drum (1:24)
Birds Of Paradise (4:08)
Gelato (4:47)
Marching Band (feat Masego) (4:41)
Crystal Palace Park (feat Elijah Fox) (1:53)
Presidential (feat Jahaan Sweet) (3:22)
Jukebox (2:28)
Woman's Touch (feat Jamilah Barry) (3:29)
Tioga Pass (feat Rocco Palladino) (7:49)
Cowrie Charms (feat Leon Thomas & Barbara Hicks) (3:44)
Review: Black Classical Music by Yussef Dayes is another exceptional bit of work from this revered artist. It is a 19-track trip into his own past and present that also explores themes of home and the family. It is inspired by Hayes's musical heroes Miles Davis and Rahsaan Roland Kirk, as well as his own endless travels around the world, all of which have helped to deepen his understanding of rhythm. Plenty of top features add to the richness here including Chronixx, Tom Misch, Shabaka Hutchings, Nathaniel Cross, Theon Cross and the Chineke! Orchestra, amongst many others.
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 in stock $43.28
Cat: JAZZR 024. Rel: 20 Feb 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Lady Day & John Coltrane (4:37)
Serengeti (4:53)
Review: For the latest offering on his jazz-dance friendly Jazz Room Records imprint, Paul Murphy has decided to mine the back catalogue of Japanese jazz-funk trio Nautilus, and specifically the organ-loving combo's 2015 album Nautiloid Matter. Kicking things off on the A-side is the band's version of Gil Scott-Heron's 1972 classic 'Lady Day & John Coltrane'. Featuring fine lead vocals from Kei Owada and plenty of the band's trademark electric piano solos, their take on the track is far more dancefloor focussed than Scott-Heron's original, with much more energetic drumming and fast-fingered bass guitar. Turn to the flip for their take on Jessica Lauren's acid-jazz era fusion classic 'Serengeti', which sees Nautilus add infectious, life-affirming Fender Rhodes solos to another killer jazz-funk groove.
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Cat: BWOOD 310IN. Rel: 11 Sep 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Black Classical Music (feat Venna & Charlie Stacey) (5:18)
Afro Cubanism (2:41)
Raisins Under The Sun (feat Shabaka Hutchings) (4:32)
Rust (feat Tom Misch) (3:59)
Turquoise Galaxy (3:13)
The Light (feat Bahia Dayes) (5:38)
Pon Di Plaza (feat Chronixx) (3:47)
Magnolia Symphony (1:37)
Early Dayes (4:46)
Chasing The Drum (1:24)
Birds Of Paradise (4:08)
Gelato (4:47)
Marching Band (feat Masego) (4:41)
Crystal Palace Park (feat Elijah Fox) (1:53)
Presidential (feat Jahaan Sweet) (3:22)
Jukebox (2:28)
Woman's Touch (feat Jamilah Barry) (3:29)
Tioga Pass (feat Rocco Palladino) (7:49)
Cowrie Charms (feat Leon Thomas & Barbara Hicks) (3:44)
Review: This is a special white vinyl version of the new album from Yussef Dayes. His Black Classical is another superbly classy work from an artist who rarely misses. The 19 track opus finds him heading deep into his own past and present while also covering themes of home and the family. It is inspired by his own heroes Miles Davis and Rahsaan Roland Kirk, and takes cues from his worldly travels while on tour, which he says - and clearly have - helped to deepen his understanding of rhythm. The likes of Chronixx, Tom Misch, Shabaka Hutchings, Nathaniel Cross, Theon Cross and the Chineke! Orchestra, amongst many others all feature to add further quality to this essential record.
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Cat: JAZZR 026. Rel: 31 Jul 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Rush (5:38)
4 Caminos (5:13)
Danza Eterna (4:59)
La Tomatina (4:50)
Time (4:26)
Matador (4:27)
Raindance (5:24)
Descarga (5:46)
Review: Indigo Jam Unit is a jazz dance fusion supergroup from Japan that has a seriously heavy sound. For the first in the UK, they now release an album that has been specially put together to showcase their sounds on the world stage. It's been assembled by Colin Curtis, who hosts the Worldwide FM show Jazz Dance Fusion and has long been introducing these sorts of sounds to us mortals in the West. Colin's jazz Ally Paul Murphy of Jazz Room Records was also involved in the project and all eight cuts are dense fusions of broken beat and jazz that challenge convention but are also accessible and hugely enjoyable.
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out of stock $25.22
Cat: BCR 139. Rel: 03 Apr 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Hotline Bling (3:29)
Murkit Gem (2:36)
Review: Bjorn Wagner's Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band have put out several fresh albums and many great 7"s on Big Crown and 'Hotline Bling' is another one. The mysterious Hamburg outfit brings their famous steel pan sound and reaches new heights here as they again cover songs that span genres and range from mega-hits to album cuts. Their own unique approach is to mix up the traditional sounds of Trinidad and Tobago with the original source material to leave you ready to dance all night long.
 in stock $8.49
Cat: EVO 9052. Rel: 09 Oct 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
That Bop (4:46)
Shamboozie (5:15)
Review: Bob James continues to innovate and remain revealing decades after first serving new standards in jazz funk. His latest album is another one that will connect with fans from across the ages not least because it features a rather prominent collaboration with the legendary hip-hop turntablist and producer DJ Jazzy Jeff who is best known for his partnership with Will Smith both in music and the hit US TV sitcom the Fresh Prince of Bell Air. Here Bob and Jazzy join up for 'That Bop' which is a thumping dance cut with big pano hooks that comes all those years after Jeff first samples James in something of a lovely full circle moment.
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out of stock $19.92
Cat: JS7S 368. Rel: 08 May 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Voo Sobre O Horizonte (4:51)
Why (4:26)
Review: In cahoots with legendary Japanese record store Jet Set, Freestyle Records has decided to offer-up a 45 featuring two tidy cuts from Lance Ferguson's Rare Groove Spectrum 2 album, a second set of inspired cover versions from the multi-instrumentalist, bandleader and producer. On side A the Melbourne-based musician gives his take on Azymuth classic 'Veo Sobre O Horizonte', re-imaging it as a starry, vintage synth-laden shuffle through sun-baked South American jazz-funk complete with woozy horns, Herbie Hancock keyes and eyes-closed female vocalizations. On the reverse Ferguson turns his hand to Carly Simon's 'Why', adding gorgeous horn solos and sunset-ready flourishes to a faithful re-recording of the reggae-influenced number's familiar groove.
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Cat: FMPLB 003. Rel: 25 Sep 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Blackbird (Emma-Jean Thackray remix) (4:27)
Collage (Greg Foat remix) (4:04)
Review: Foundation Music take two of the standout tracks from Lady Blackbird's critically acclaimed debut album 'Black Acid Soul' and enlist the expertise of some of jazz's finest talents - Greg Foat and Emma-Jean Thackray - to step up and remix these absorbing cuts. Jean-Thackray delivers a casual, hypnotic, broken-beatific dream-imagining of the track 'Blackbird', replete with bustling piano backings and amphitheatrical echo. Foat, meanwhile, pulls out the smoother-edged, slow-jammed stoppers on his version of 'Collage', in what amounts to a deeply sensuous downtempo funk head-nod.
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 in stock $16.46
Cat: 2055 BLACK. Rel: 22 May 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Uniquely Fresh
Earth Is Not For Humans
Seeing Is Believing
Review: Contemporary broken beat great Kaidi Tatham treads new ground as Shokazulu, a new alias. Tatham's M.O. is to add extra verve and groove to the often rigid broken beat sound, a trend that shouldn't have proliferated, given the ostensible rooting in ideas of freedom that jazz should have. 'Uniquely Fresh' sums this up to a T, mixing in all-live-performed funky basslines, jazz chords, intricate drum patterns and augmented melodic ornaments, while getting at something extra-transcendent and space-age. The slap-funk of 'Earth Is Not For Humans' is our highlight here.
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 in stock $14.60
Cat: CCP 06. Rel: 24 Apr 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Black Samba (4:48)
Musa (Cumulative Collective rework) (5:23)
Cla Samba (feat Josue Ferriera) (5:05)
So Da Manha (7:05)
Review: Colin Curtis Presents is dropping some real heat this month with a pair of fine fusion EPs including one from GeeW and now this one from JuJu. This is another excellent transmission from the forefront of the contemporary British nu-jazz scene by Roderick Stewart. 'Black Samba' is one of those nimble and ass-wiggling rhythms the is punctuated by big horns, funky chords, busy percussion and a cool sense of style. 'Musa' (Cumulative Collective rework) keeps the life-affirming Roy Ayers melodies going over more effortlessly funky bass and 'Cla Samba' (feat Josue Ferriera) and 'So Da Manha' bring more Brazilian vibes to this superb EP.
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Cat: TV 020. Rel: 09 Oct 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Bossa Nova Rico Suave (3:10)
Bossa Nova Rico Suave (King Most remix) (3:25)
Review: Coming to Trad Vibe, French music production duo Boar & The Badlibs impress us to no end with their 7" singles, of which their latest 'Bossa Nova Rico Suave' now becomes a part. The track is a clean nuevo-bossa-nova exercise, underlaid by a pumping backbeat making it equally as worthy of an eclectic hip-hop or downtempo mix. We're sure the nominal pun on 'Madlib' isn't without its inspirations. The King Most remix on the flip side is just as neat, drawing on samba while pinning down a bustlingly percussive groove.
 in stock $16.73
Cat: DR 0002. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Remind Me (feat Patrice Rushen) (4:00)
Chameleon (3:58)
Review: Dippin' Records second release hears a new project from multi-instrumentalist Yuki Kanesaka, Monolog, taking on two classics from Patrice Rushen and Herbie Hancock respectively. First up and featuring the legend herself on vocals and synth lead, comes a re-performed version of the undeniable Patrice Rushen hit 'Remind Me', with a new twist. The flip, meanwhile, comprises a cover of none other than Herbie Hancock's 'Chameleon', this time hearing Julian Dessler on trumpet and with remaining live instrumentation played and produced entirely by the one-man band Yuki Kanesaka.
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Cat: ZEN 59XX. Rel: 17 Apr 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
All That You Give (feat Fontella Bass) (6:08)
Burn Out (10:06)
Evolution (feat Fontella Bass) (6:43)
Man With The Movie Camera (9:13)
All Things To All Men (feat Roots Manuva) (10:52)
Flite (6:50)
Everyday (10:15)
Oregon (3:54)
Horizon (feat Niara Scarlett) (4:46)
Semblance (2:45)
Flite (7:04)
Review: It's astonishing to think that two decades have now passed since the Cinematic Orchestra first unveiled Every Day. While not their debut studio set - 'Motion' appeared three years before - it was undoubtedly the album in which Jason Swinscoe and company perfected their widescreen, string-laden and ultra-atmospheric blend of neo-jazz and downtempo. As this re-mastered and lightly expanded anniversary edition proves, the album remains a timeless classic. It's peppered with genuine highlights, with our picks including Fontella Bass hook-up 'All That You Are' (a slow-burn, emotive, downtempo jazz gem), the jazz-funk influenced dancefloor workout 'Flite' (also featured in bonus 'original mix' form), head-nodding hip-hop-goes-jazz gem 'All Things To All Men' (featuring Roots Manuva in his pomp) and 'Man With The Movie Camera', which started life as a new soundtrack to a classic silent movie.
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Cat: BJ 737. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Tambor De Cura (with Guinu) (4:02)
Devotion (4:04)
Review: Daniel David (FKA Trailer Limon) makes a great impression on Bastard Jazz with his first solo record. This 7" finds him link with the Jazz Mafia for a feature after he has done plenty of work with the legendary San Francisco duo the Pendletons. Because of that he is credited with helping to kickstart the Bay Area's modern funk resurgence but here he shows he has plenty of his own skills too. 'Tambor De Cura' (with Guinu) is bustling jazz that is vibrant and vivacious with big horns, steamy jungle atmospheres, humid pads, bird calls and many other great details that form a hefty groove. 'Devotion' is then a funky jazz fusion with cosmic pads and lush vocals.
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Cat: GAMM 171. Rel: 27 Feb 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Samba Do Marcos (Koichi Toyama edit) (6:19)
Santa Monica (Koichi Toyama edit) (4:36)
Grama Grass (Koichi Toyama edit) (7:54)
Samba Chimba (Koichi Toyama edit) (4:09)
Review: For its last few outings, Gamm has rather been heading back to its roots. But now the label reverts away from hip-hop and back towards the Latin and disco sounds it has become best known for. And that's no bad thing as Koichi Toyama turns on his machines and gets the scalpel out to serve up some distinctive edits of four fiery broken beat and nu jazz gems. There are playful sax leads on the opener, muted vibes on the shuffling samba stylings of 'Santa Monica' and busier Rhodes chords on 'Grama Grass' before the jazz dancer that is 'Samba Chimba' offers another golden moment to close.
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 in stock $15.92
Cat: FW 261. Rel: 27 Feb 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
These Times (feat Allysha Joy) (5:34)
Stand (feat Mike City) (6:36)
Hope (feat Allysha Joy & NSM Fusion Starship) (6:10)
HEAT (feat Natalie May) (5:35)
Bless (feat Mike City) (6:12)
Review: For those with intimate knowledge of the original West London broken beat scene of the late '90s and early 2000s, the return of IG Culture's New Sector Movements project is big news. Remarkably, 'These Times' contains the first new 'NSM' material in 15 years and sees IG Culture joined by a swathe of guest vocalists and musicians including Allysha Joy, Mike City, Natalie May, Wonky Logic and Alex Phountzi. Musically, it's as on-point as you'd expect, with IG Culture and his merry band confidently striding between rolling, horn-sporting future R&B ('These Times'), jazz-funk-flavoured breakbeat soul (the incredible 'Stand'), head-nodding, Latin-tinged 21st century street soul ('Hope'), Kaidi and Dego style business ('H.E.A.T') and hard-wired, sub-heavy, peak-time ready broken beat (the infectious 'Bless').
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Cat: BF 7135. Rel: 02 Oct 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
No More Lies (5:20)
Review: Thundercat hasn't released any new music in some three years. This first new tune in a while comes alongside fellow cult favourite Tame Impala and is a limited edition, single-sided cheetah screenprint 7". The song is a perfect coming together of the two with lyrics musing on a doom relationship and real melodic synchronicity elevating the tune. A slew of new and much anticipated new live dates follows the release of this tasty new single and will see Thundercat play with the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Strokes.
out of stock $18.85
Cat: JNP 07. Rel: 15 May 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Vamonos (8:13)
Con Alma (7:26)
Tiburon (7:14)
Guirnaldas (4:58)
Review: Any new tune drop the Jazz N Palms label is something worth getting excited about and this, the seventh, is another fine example of that. It is a label from an Italian beat maker and deep-digging DJ who lives in Ibiza and taps into the new Balearic sound. This one kicks off with the lively jazz stylings of 'Vamonos' then moves onto 'Con Alma', a broken beat dance floor viber layered with tons of percussion. 'Tiburon' brings more sunshine with florid flutes and big horns then 'Guirnaldas' closes with a steamy sax lead and funky breaks for good time sun-kissed fun.
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 in stock $15.39
Cat: FW 271. Rel: 24 Jul 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Reason We're Here (3:56)
The Most Wanted Puffin (Lukey Dukey) (4:00)
Criss Ting (interlude) (0:24)
The Only Way (feat Uhmeer) (4:23)
Windus McGuntus (0:42)
Confidence With Attitude (5:52)
Feels Like I'm On My Own (4:03)
Fricassee (5:06)
Alien (feat Trian Kayhatu) (3:36)
It's On (3:23)
Not Suffering (feat Matt Lord) (4:04)
Review: Kaidi Thatham remains one of the truest artists in the field of broken beat and modern jazz, and his fifth album for First Word shows no signs of slowing down. There's a certain signature you know belongs to him when those nasty Moog synth lines start flexing around the groove, but there's such depth and variety to his expression at this point in time, it feels like the possibilities are endless. From rattling neo-funk get downs to blissful downtempo reveries and on to the killer hip-hop of 'The Only Way' featuring Uhmeer on mic duties, this is an album bursting with invention at every turn.
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 in stock $29.21
Cat: FUR 7414. Rel: 30 Jan 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Vamo Vive (4:30)
Ed E (4:40)
Review: Mistura Pura is an alias for Italian jazz funk artist Federica Grappasonni, who first came to light via the 2018 album Hollywood Spritz on Ubiquity. After a follow-up two years later, finally Grappasonni is back with this classy 7", which we can only assume precedes another long player for Ubiquity soon after. 'Vamo Vive' and 'Ed E' are everything you could wish for from her welcome return, bursting with infectious groove and exquisite musicality. Cop this smoking hot single now and be the first to spread the good word about this stellar artist and her latest sounds.
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 in stock $14.07
Cat: CPT 6171. Rel: 17 Jul 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
The Matheus Combo - "Aderico" (3:25)
Christian Knobel - "Sambomambo" (8:16)
Wutrio - "Hallo Hoppel" (3:34)
Midnight Gigolos - "Brother Samba" (5:54)
Marcia Maria - "Brasil Nativo" (5:03)
Debbie Cameron & Richard Boone - "Stop Foolin' Yourself" (3:14)
A Bossa Eletrica - "Sob A Luz Do Sol" (5:06)
Guillermo Reuter - "Mr Jenkins" (3:37)
Jean Marc Jafet - "Offering" (5:47)
Jon Lucien - "Come With Me To Rio" (4:13)
Sonzeira - "The Mystery Of Man" (Rainer Truby & Corrado Bucci presents Truccy remix) (8:23)
Grupo Ebano - "Pe No Chao" (3:31)
Review: This is a new compilation album by the German DJ and producer Rainer Truby, coming as the sixth installment of the Glucklich series, which aims to showcase the best in contemporary jazz and jazz-adjacent music on an international scale. It's the latest to top up a longstanding series, which has been going since 1994. What one might call nu-jazz, broken beat and nu-soul appears across as string of contributions from the likes of Kyoto Jazz Massive, Nicola Conte, Jazzanova, Quantic and more on this slinky curator's gem.
 in stock $28.82
Cat: BBE 690SLP. Rel: 23 Jan 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Creative Musicians (feat Sean Haefeli) (3:40)
Creative Musicians (Waajeed remix) (6:12)
Creative Musicians (Henrik Schwarz remix) (4:37)
The Lyman Woodard Organisation - "Creative Musicians" (2:40)
Creative Musicians (Waajeed remix instrumental) (6:11)
Creative Musicians (Henrik Schwarz remix dub version) (4:38)
Review: Jazzanova remains one of the most musically astute and adventurous acts in the electric scene. Their sounds never seem to age and fuse everything from jazz to funk to soul. That makes them perfect for remixing by more dance floor-orientated producers and that is what we get here. Alongside an original tune 'Creative Musicians' Detroit talent Waajeed brings his warm machine soul and deep grooves, Henrick Schwarz's signature melodic majesty and serene sounds are on display and further dubs and instrumentals are also included. This one really packs a punch for fans of broken beat.
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 in stock $23.89
Cat: TLM 7004. Rel: 06 Mar 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Barra Nova (4:14)
Partido #2 (4:03)
Review: Dreamy house hooks from Stefano De Santis here, the house musician and multi-instrumentalist whose chops on the synth hear him blast through several difficult-to-master bits of gear, including Rhodes, Moog, Prophet 5, Solina Strings Ensemble, Juno 6, Upright Piano and Percussion. Musically, 'Barra Nova' contains interpretations of uplifting soulful house and bossa nova, producing a backstreety, neon-soaked mood.
 in stock $14.07
Cat: 453639 9. Rel: 20 Feb 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Soccer96 - "Visions" (feat Kieron Boothe) (4:23)
Byron Wallen - "Closed Circle" (7:17)
Jake Long - "Crescent" (Swamp City dub) (8:26)
Eloquence, Miryam Solomon - "Matters Unknown" (3:41)
Isa, Noah Slee - "Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange" (5:48)
Black, Brother Portrait - "Neue Grafik" (2:44)
Resavoir - "Plight" (7:30)
Review: Total Refreshment Centre was a fabled jazz spot for London's urgent wave of young jazz artists bringing fresh vigour to the genre - so fabled in fact its legacy rings out way past the time the doors were closed. This compilation on Blue Note cements this idea by capturing just a little of the electricity buzzing round the place, with a vital spectrum of sounds which ping the very idea of jazz into new, exciting and crucially modern directions, with the likes of Soccer96, Byron Wallen, Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange and Neue Grafik all bringing the heat.
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 in stock $26.02
Cat: HOLP 007. Rel: 03 Apr 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Nujabes - "Voice Of Autumn" (1:33)
Nujabes - "Sky Is Falling" (feat CL Smooth) (4:38)
Uyama Hiroto - "Waltz For Life Will Born" (4:51)
Clammbon by Nujabes - "Imaginary Folklore" (5:25)
Substantial - "Hikari" (4:22)
Nujabes - "Counting Stars" (4:01)
Nujabes - "Another Reflection" (3:48)
Nujabes - "Fly by Night" (feat Five Deez) (4:02)
Pase Rock - "Old Light" (Voices from 93 Million Miles Away remix) (4:19)
Emancipator - "With Rainy Eyes" (5:05)
Shing02 - "Luv(sic)" (Modal Soul remix) (4:53)
Uyama Hiroto - "Windspeaks" (4:27)
DSK - "Winter Lane" (Nujabes remix) (5:10)
Nujabes - "After Hanabi-Listen to My Beats" (5:10)
Review: Renowned for being one of the many albums out there that blurs the lines between solo artist project and compilation, Hydeout Productions: 2nd Collection is a stunning V/A release that mainly showcases the best of the renowned Japanese record label's brightest star Nujabes, while also looking at the work of fellow artists such as Emancipator and Uyama Hiroto. Packed with samples and rap features from the likes of C.L. Smooth and Five Deez, this is a ultimately Nujabes' curatorial vision despite the collaborative outlook and is an instrumental album in laying down the blueprint for 'jabes style of minimal, tearjerker hip-hop.
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out of stock $35.58
Mami Wata (Joaquin Sacred Rhythm version) (14:04)
Mami Wata (extended album version) (12:11)
Mami Wata (Joaquin House dub) (5:49)
Mami Wata (Joaquin Sacred Arts Story version) (16:40)
Mami Wata (Joaquin Deep dub) (6:02)
Mami Wata (Joaquin Cosmic Arts Future instrumental) (9:24)
Review: This new Brian Jackson package 'Miami Wata' brings together traditional African sounds and modern Latin house music in a captivating fashion. Jackson's rendition of a traditional African song draws on the sacred lands of the Dogan in Mali and the rich rhythms of Ghana, paying tribute to all the different African cultures that have made for such a diverse tapestry of world music. The original comes with serval remixes, dubs and cosmic reworks from the one and only Body & Soul man Joe Claussell who takes it into all new but equally spiritual realms. It makes for an epic double 12" from BBE.
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 in stock $29.47
Cat: JAL 395V. Rel: 22 May 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Green Light Go! (feat Andy Cooper) (3:20)
Mash Up The Sound (3:34)
Stanky Funk (feat Bootie Brown) (4:06)
Tear The Place Up (feat Andy Cooper) (3:34)
Hypnotise (3:26)
Reconcile (feat Charles Morgan) (3:40)
Never Gonna Let Go (3:45)
Interpretacion De Mama (1:02)
Vamonos (feat Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith) (3:12)
Sometimes I Wonder (3:25)
Push Right Through (feat Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith) (3:26)
Treat You Right (3:22)
Take Another Look At It (feat Marietta Smith) (4:32)
Review: This is the sixth album by the Bristolian production duo The Allergies (DJ Moneyshot and Rackabeat), widely known for their funky, hard-hitting hip-hop originals. With cameos from the likes of Bootie Brown, Andy Cooper, and Dele Sosimi, their latest album 'Tear The Place Up' is a rollicking whirl, and has rightfully been touted as "hip-hop meets Tarantino", with many a cheesy thriller film reference and floor-shaking beat in tow.
out of stock $21.23
Cat: DJREM 23. Rel: 13 Nov 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Rocket Love (Jimpster dub)
Little Bit (Sean McCabe remix)
Our World (Kaidi Tatham remix)
Rocket Love (Jimpster remix)
Gorgeous (EVM128 remix)
Peace & Harmony (Kaidi Tatham remix)
Review: Detroit Rising's A Cosmic Jazz Funk Adventure album from back in 2018 was a superb coming together of some of the Motor City's finest talents. Now tracks from it get remixed by an equally fine mix of artists. Freerange label head Jimpster goes first with his silky and jazzy deep house version of 'Rocket Love'. Sean McCabe brings his signature soulful sound, broken beat don Kaidi Tatham keeps it lush with his rework of 'Our World' and and bristling new take on 'Peace & Harmony'. Last of all, EVM128 mixes up soulful vocals and shuffling drum breaks on his remix of 'Gorgeous.'
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Cat: HR 7003. Rel: 02 Oct 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Rolling On A High (3:22)
Looking Back (3:46)
Review: Bristol's soul jazz kings The Jazz Defenders land on the Haggis label here with a new jazz rap-cum-hip-hop single featuring Doc Brown. It is a melange of all things great about jazz, funk and instrumental hip hop with some of a big swing feel. The arrangement is fulsome on 'Rolling On A High' with woodblock hits, big horns, warm chords and free flowing bars. Things get more deep and reflective on the B-side tune 'Looking Back' which is slower, more vulnerable, more seductive.
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Cat: 2054 BLACK. Rel: 27 Mar 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Resonance (6:23)
Within Reach (3:55)
Resistance (7:52)
Review: K15 has never let us down ever since he emerged with a brilliant double pack on Kyle Hall's Wild Oats several years ago. The thoughtful London-based beat smith turns up here on 200 Lack, the acclaimed also London-based outlet for broken beats. 'Resonance' is a gorgeously shimmering and summery opener with pensive chords and lush drumming, while 'Within Reach" then brings some playful funkiness with the majestic squelchy bass work and free-spirited melodies that dart about up top. 'Resistance' closes down this superb EP with more thrilling drum patterns and lithe synths.
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Cat: FLRS 155. Rel: 08 May 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Come With Me (feat Baku Furukawa) (4:41)
Come With Me (Self rework) (4:28)
Review: Cruisic are a Tokyo-based two piece dealing in electronically-charged jazz fusion. Ryusuke Kakizawa and Yukinari Iwata kicked the project off in 2019 with a cover of 'Inspector Norse', while last year they did their own rendition of 808 State's 'Pacific-707'. This time around they've invited Baku Furukawa to lend some smooth singing to a cover of Tania Maria's classic 'Come With Me', taking the song into dreamy bossa nova territory and providing they can handle vocals just as delicately as the instrumentation with their on-point covers series.
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Cat: AJXLP 661. Rel: 30 Jan 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Samba Do Sueno (3:41)
Firebird (4:03)
Dinamita (4:12)
Ritmo Picante (3:33)
Sambara (5:01)
East Coast (4:04)
Bam Bam (4:49)
Kitchen (3:52)
Circuit Break (4:33)
Lifetimes (4:43)
Review: Chris Bangs is widely, albeit not so, known for coining the term 'acid jazz'. If it weren't for him it's likely we wouldn't have modern day future jazz pushers like Soul Jazz or Brownswood. This new compendium, 'Firebird', charts the DJ and producer's latest sonic explorations, blurring the boundaries between every influence from contemporary jazz, UK electronic dance, and Latin dance styles from bossa nova to salsa. It also contains several examples of what is known as his 'East Coast' sound, which pays homage to the fusion of jazz and funk and which spread throughout UK nightclubs as far back as the early 80s.
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Cat: UR 7417. Rel: 21 Aug 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Mah 'Wah' Funk (5:14)
Love Is Full Of Colours (3:30)
Review: Mistura Pura has a playful sound that results from the fact the artist behind it, Federica Grappasonni, has spent 25 years as DJ, singer and vinyl collector exploring all different genres, eras and scenes. She brings all that together on this new 45rpm for Ubiquity: 'Mah 'Wah' Funk' is a colourful gem with deep disco drums and plenty of bendy guitars full of psyched out magic. Expressive vocals and boogie bass complete a vibrant and vivid picture. 'Love Is Full Of Colours' is a kaleidoscope of tumbling melodies and twinkling synths with a more far-sighted cosmic feel.
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Cat: MILS 001LP. Rel: 31 Jul 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
And (2:27)
Hulet (2:20)
Sost (2:03)
Arat (2:00)
Amist (1:39)
Sidist (1:55)
Sebat (2:04)
Simint (1:21)
Ze Ten (1:17)
Asir (2:58)
Parmigiano (0:26)
Orecchiette (1:55)
Vindaloo (1:58)
Spaghettini (2:14)
Strozzapreti (1:59)
Buttoni (1:47)
Ziti (2:26)
Farfalle (2:53)
Maccheroni (3:31)
Review: JJ Whitefield's Ethio Meditations / Drama Al Dente album inaugurates a new series of music library releases. It comes on the Madlib Invazion label and will see future editions assembled by DJ Muggs, J-Zone, and Karriem Riggins, among others. The series was born in the pandemic and allows artists to "stretch out and indulge in whatever type of music they wanted for release on the label." It works as both a treasure trove for use in film and television production as well as a standalone listen that hooks you into its lush beats and catchy melodies in an instant.
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Cat: MSR 039. Rel: 20 Nov 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Moto Moto (3:38)
Zebra Talk (feat Kabanjak)
Review: Metasuna Records have secured the rights to this exclusive re-release of 'Moto Moto' and 'Zebra Talk' by Renegades of Jazz, now on 45 rpm for the first time ever. The music was first used originally on a critically acclaimed album called Moyo Wangu back in 2016 by David Hanke. That album soon attained cult status and these are two of the standouts from it. First up is 'Moto Moto,' a percussive dancer with great Afro guitar lines bringing the funk before the horns add the fire. 'Zebra Talk' (feat Kabanjak) is a slower cut with more raw and precise drum breaks.
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Cat: CCP 05. Rel: 24 Apr 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Deeper Than Black (7:32)
Alzira Vida (8:23)
Ocean Drive (6:21)
Difi The Hifi (6:50)
Review: We're not sure who GeeW is but since 2021 they have served up three super fusion EPs, one on Ten Lovers Music and two on Colin Curtis Presents, which is where they return now for the third time. Their Deeper Than Black EP is a magic one that draws on all forms of jazz, soul, Latin, bossa, funk and house to cook up broken beat explorations doused in sunshine and with one eye on the stars. The title cut is a lively and vibrant jam with layers of percussion and mad Rhodes jams, 'Alzira Vida' is a little more chill but no less expertly arranged and 'Ocean Drive' then gets more dance with its prickly broken beats and lush horns. 'Difi The Hifi' is high-paced fusion brilliance.
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Cat: PIASR 1435LP. Rel: 13 Nov 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Run (feat Andreya Triana) (3:45)
Subway Lover (3:18)
Stand Up (3:59)
Unconditional (feat Rationale) (3:22)
Get In The Ride (feat Connie Constance) (3:18)
Brooklyn Heat (feat Andreya Triana) (4:19)
Emeralds (2:26)
Morning Light (feat Andreya Triana) (3:29)
Tikurin (3:26)
Where The Flowers Grow (feat Andreya Triana) (3:41)
Review: Will Holland's career as Quantic has traversed many different areas, most notably immersing himself in many aspects of Latin American music culture through collaboration, but on this new album he's taken a different approach. What started out as an intention to experiment quickly flipped to become a love letter to disco as a powerful emotional tool for a huge swathe of people. Given disco's affinity for percussive rhythms from elsewhere, you can be sure Holland's put his prior research and talent to good use and once again connected with some incredible artists to shape out his sound, including Andreya Triana singing on four tracks as well as Connie Constance and Rationale.
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Cat: URDC 81. Rel: 04 Sep 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Virtual Insanity (feat Mizuki Kamata)
The World Is A Ghetto
Review: Japanese jazz trio Nautilus return for their blitzingly fast jazz fusions, laying down two new ones, 'Virtual Insanity' and 'The War Is A Ghetto'. The former track - originally a Jamiroquai hit - comes as a mega-fast-drummed vocal version with Mizuki Kamata on beltings. The B-sider, meanwhile, comes as a broken-beaty nu-jazz version of War's 'The World Is A Ghetto', providing a clever titular reference and a nice instrumental slinker to match.
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