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Techno Recommendations November 2015

Juno Recommends Techno

Juno Recommends Techno

Techno Recommendations November 2015
6 Nov 2015
Cat: OTON 93. Rel: 19 Oct 15
Falling For You (9:12)
U1-U8 (6:21)
Ahmadiya (6:38)
Review: Dutch techno maestro is back and delivers a fine four track EP for Berlin institution Ostgut Ton. On the A side: "Falling For You" is deep soulful techno with a nod to Detroit with its funky synth bassline and melancholic piano notes leading you fully into oblivion over its nine minute glory. On the B side we have "U1-U8", possibly a reference to the Berlin underground routes and quite fitting really. A stomping epic warehouse techno cut that could match anything Shed or Mike Denhert have done of late. Finally "Ahmadiya" gets back on the soulful side with its dreamy bell melody and entrancing stabs, dancing on top of a vicious broken beat shuffle.
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Cat: SSV 09. Rel: 19 Oct 15
Deep Freeze
Raging Seas
Review: Long-serving Brit in San Diego James Clements dons his familiar ASC guise once more, for a typically atmospheric trip into deep, ambient-influenced abstract techno for Canada's Silent Season imprint. As usual, there's much to admire, from the sparse percussion, glacial electronics and icy melodies of "Deep Freeze", to the minimalist, modular-sounding hum of closer "Raging Seas". Arguably best of all, though, is "Immersion", which sees Clements expertly combine early '90s style dreamy ambient chords, textures and melodies - think Pete Namlook or early Irresistible Force - with scraped metal textures and impeccable IDM beats
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Cat: SSV 08. Rel: 19 Oct 15
Enter The Jungle
The Jungle Is Thick
We Arrive
The Ritual Begins
Through The Spirit Realm
Exit The Jungle
Review: Through The Spirit Realm is Refracted's first LP to date, and it comes Canada's excellent Silent Season, a home to Rasmus Hedlund, Quantec, and ASC, among others. "Enter The Jungle" quickly gives a picture of what's to come thanks to the track's abstract blend of animal sounds, a myriad of noises which is swallowed up the warm and dubby swings of "The Jungle Is Thick" - a Donato Dozzy kinda lick. The whole LP follows a similar string of thought, one that binds stripped back techno together with deep ambience and slow-moving plates of drone; "The Ritual Begins" is simply hypnotic and we could keep it on for hours on loop. It's tribalism at its most cutting-edge, and an altogether fantastic debut performance from this growing techno personality.
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Cat: HANDSV 071. Rel: 19 Oct 15
Guided By The Force Of Compassion (5:44)
Protection Had To Be Given (6:29)
This Is All I Could Do (6:18)
My Ice Baby (5:09)
Review: It certainly has been Michael Wollenhaupt's year. Since going solo with the Ancient Methods project without Conrad Protzmann, collaborating with Regis as Ugandan Methods and remixing everyone from Powell to Bourbonese Qualk; he's more active than ever and the music speaks for itself. For his latest release on the Hands imprint, Wollenhaupt unleashes more of his epic war techno which collides head on with gothic, industrial and extreme metal aesthetics. "Guided By The Force Of Compassion" has all the hallmarks of his sound: buzzing, distorted melodies, pounding tribal beats and doom-laden atmospherics. "Protection Had To Be Given" and "This All I Could Do" are similar to his Pogo Im Saurebad/Korpersaure '91 remixes for Powell with their oddball compositions stuttering and crashing about the place before some demonic synth roars, executed amazingly well. Finally "My Ice Baby" takes things down a notch but comes across even more sinister as it glitches and scrapes back and forth, dancing in its own filth and static, accompanied by a disturbing, pitch shifted
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out of stock $9.25
Cat: MDR 018. Rel: 02 Nov 15
Calm Down (5:54)
Dust 0.2 (4:56)
Modal (4:46)
Feel (rework) (7:04)
Review: The second of MDR's surprise batch of 12"s, Answer Code Request's "Calm Down" sees the German artist go back to doing what he does best; the beats are sparse and filed with short breaks, while the sonics circling above them exude that familiar sci-fi feel. "Dust 0.2" is more of a minimal techno piece - pads and effects still firmly in place - while "Modal" flickers its strain of distortion over lo-fi acid bleeps, and "Feel (Rework)" is all about the tune's cascading synths and slow-morphing low-ends. Quality gear, as expected.
out of stock $9.25
Cat: RTTD 002. Rel: 12 Oct 15
Solution (7:21)
Take All (5:41)
Up In Flames (8:55)
Review: For the second release on her Return To Disorder label, Helena Hauff taps into the dark underbelly of the Athens techno scene and presents the undoubted talents of Greek producer Morah. A resident at Athens party Phormix, Morah has clearly been crafting his productions skills in private for some time as this three track 12" is a powerful display of techno at its dankest. "Solution" sets the tone, dipping into gnarled acid electro that seems to teeter on the brink of all out chaos with fellow A-side track "Take All" similarly nasty. Morah gets a chance to show his more experimental side with "Up In Flames", a scorched exercise in freeform electronics with some particularly haunting vocals.
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Cat: SRTX 008. Rel: 22 Feb 16
Outer Space (6:25)
End Of Line (6:38)
Review: In the space of just a few years, Luca Lozano has made a busy schedule for himself. Managing Klasse Records and Grafiti Tapes, he has released a load of music both form himself and a number of artists, such as Kris Wadsworth and DJ Fett Burger, among many others. This time he's up on the excellent Super Rhythm Trax with a little vintage flavor; "Outer Space" makes up the A-side and it's a gorgeous, break-ridden dance stepper in the same vein as stuff from the likes of Horsepower Productions, back in their day. On the flipside, "End Of Line" is a certified UK swinger, a grimey beast of a tune with a heavy percussion march and that inimitable London feel. Recommended.
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 in stock $11.11
Cat: NUMM 02. Rel: 12 Oct 15
Street War Success (8:05)
The Golden Age (5:45)
Downtown Breukelen (4:40)
Review: After impressing with a couple of unrelenting EPs of raw analogue house and techno on Going Good and Peur Bleue, French duo Nummer decided to launch their own label earlier this year. Here, they follow-up their debut release for that eponymous imprint, To The D, with a second dose of clattering dancefloor fare. Opener "Street War Success" is unflinchingly punishing, with industrial textures and wild electronics riding a muddy but bombastic, bass-heavy groove. They try their hand at dancefloor-focused IDM on the tuneful and enveloping "The Golden Age", before "Downtown Breukelen" draws proceedings to a close via ghostly pads, Drexciyan textures and bubbling downtempo beats.
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out of stock $8.73
Cat: DC 144. Rel: 05 Oct 15
Love Siren (6:38)
U Said U (6:37)
Rumours (7:31)
out of stock $9.51
Cat: NONPLUS 032. Rel: 19 Oct 15
Overpass (9:23)
Wayfinder (6:51)
Dromolaxia (7:03)
Review: Boddika's Nonplus continues to impress us with its ever evolving direction and surprising array of recruits that still remain in harmony with its modus operandi. After equally surprising yet undoubtedly great releases by Shlomi Aber and Eduardo de la Calle, Berghain and Infrastructure NYC regular Ed Davenport aka Inland steps up; and delivers the goods as always. "Overpass" is a full frontal peak time weapon that reflects his experience playing in the worlds best techno club and brilliantly executed in all its nine minute glory. The title track is more suited for the pre peak time moments; a hypnotic slow burner but still retaining some intensity. Finally "Dromolaxia" is a sturdy and slowly evolving stomper with some real sinister dub chords lurking in the background. Tip.
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Cat: COTF 009. Rel: 12 Oct 15
Volumes (8:38)
Volumes (Willie Burns remix) (6:16)
Volumes (Drvg Cvltvre remix) (8:32)
Who's There? (8:48)
Review: Fresh off introducing the Bulb project from William Burnett and Crimes Of The Future bosses Tim Fairplay and Scott Fraser, the label adds to its growing roster of artists with the introduction of Tapan. Steeped in Belgrade's club scene as residents at Disco Not Disco, Tapan are evidently well equipped to the Crimes cause on the basis of the two productions presented here; both "Volumes" and "Who's There?" are creeping, slow techno numbers rich with psychedelic qualities with the latter featuring some fine guitar work from Vladimir Djordjevic. Willie Burns and Drvg Cvltvre have been collared to remix the title track and both opt to up the tempo whilst taking "Volumes" in distinctly different directions. The former reimagines the track as heavily processed shoegaze techno that could feasibly have surfaced during the Hacienda's pomp, whilst the latter mutates "Volumes" into an exercise in dank acid.
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Cat: TOKEN 057LP. Rel: 02 Nov 15
Specialize (6:15)
Orbitron (7:41)
Increment (6:50)
Blind Eye (6:35)
Nep-tune (6:41)
Alone In Time? (6:02)
The Maze (9:50)
Remote (6:29)
Mo_del (4:34)
R-Mash (8:10)
Astryx (5:41)
Blind Eye
Alone In Time
The Maze
Review: It's some 15 years since Ashley Burchett first donned the O (Phase) moniker to lay down some surging London techno for Cosmic Records. A decade and a half on, he continues to impress with the moodiness and atmospheric intent of his hypnotic dancefloor concoctions. There's much to enjoy on this second full-length - his debut album, Frames Of Reference, dropped in 2013 - from the intergalactic electronics and Drexciyan beats of "Remote", and the looped marimba melodies and sludgy pulse of the title track, to the bleak, ghostly hypnotism of "Increment", and hustling broken techno of "Nep-Tune". This is proper techno for the dancefloor, with enough subtle variations and neat ideas to please all but the pickiest of listeners.
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out of stock $22.74
Cat: 50WEAPONS 042. Rel: 02 Nov 15
Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka - "Kansas" (8:25)
Bicep - "Closing Sequence" (6:03)
Review: Modeselektor always promised that their 50 Weapons imprint would cease operations once it hit a half-century of releases. Given that this is the much-admired 42nd release, it would seem that the end is nigh. Naturally, they'll keep dancing till the bitter end, and here present two tried-and-tested floor-fillers from Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka, and Bicep. The latter's "Closing Sequence" naturally doffs a cap to rave-era sweatiness, but boasts beats, melodies and electronic textures more reminiscent of the short-lived progressive breaks sound (look it up, kids). Damage and Daneeka, meanwhile, lay down a deliciously dubby, hypnotic chunk of Germanic tech-house built around bustling, bouncy beats, relentless organ loops and shimmering, swirling synthesizers.
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Cat: OSTGUTLP 20. Rel: 02 Nov 15
S/D - "The Launderette" (4:50)
Norman Nodge - "Beastmode" (5:37)
Boris - "Lock" (10:00)
Marcel Dettmann - "Encode II" (6:57)
Efdemin - "Unten Links" (5:19)
Kobosil - "Saldae" (6:06)
LB Dub Corp - "Roller" (feat Function - Len Faki interpretation) (6:24)
Function - "DX3 Analog Bass Seq" (6:36)
Substance - "Keine Angst" (5:48)
Dinky - "Planes" (Matthew Styles dub mix) (6:52)
Nick Hoppner - "Double-Cross" (5:06)
Virginia - "Never Underestimate" (6:31)
DVS1 - "[Ecks]" (6:10)
Answer Code Request - "Zeitspielraum" (5:36)
Doms & Deykers - "Whirling" (7:47)
Barker & Baumecker - "Love Is A Battlefield" (10:05)
AtomTM - "Stromlinien" (5:50)
Anthony Parasole - "Heartbeat" (5:16)
Martyn - "Jah Bedouin" (7:33)
AtomTM & Tobias - "Physik E7532" (5:34)
Planetary Assault Systems - "Hama Static" (5:18)
DIN - "Mono" (5:03)
Fiedel - "Probe-806" (6:28)
Tobias - "Like A Drug" (8:32)
Ben Klock - "Sirens" (8:21)
Ryan Elliott - "Smith Lake" (6:00)
Len Faki - "Rainbow Delta" (ambient mix) (4:48)
Marcel Fengler - "Fallin'" (feat Elif Bicer) (6:51)
Etapp Kyle - "Nolah" (6:15)
Steffi - "Loweborschtel" (5:47)
Review: You have to admire Ostgut Ton's ambition. While celebrating a decade in dance music with a compilation of exclusive, previously unheard music is now standard practice amongst leading underground labels, few would have the balls to release it on a box set that boasts no less than 10 slabs of wax. Unsurprisingly, the track list is like a who's who of left-of-centre techno and deep European house, with Marcel Dettmann, Boris, Virginia, Steffi, DVS1, Martyn, Tobias and Ben Klock all featuring. Highlights naturally come thick and fast, from the spacey electronics, heady textures and hypnotic rhythms of Function's "DX3 Analog Bass Seq", and the rush-inducing, string-laden house warmth of Matthew Styles' remix of Dinky's "Planes", to the picturesque intelligent techno of Doms & Deykers.
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out of stock $124.80
Cat: BH 022. Rel: 05 Oct 15
The Dancing Clowns (15:34)
The Dancing Clowns (Specter remix) (9:04)
Review: Scottish techno legend (now based in Bristol) Marco Bernardi has had a consistent run of great releases recently and this one certainly does not disappoint. His latest release is a label debut for Berceuse Heroique with "The Dancing Clowns" a soulful and melancholic epic that proudly wears its Motor City influence on its sleeve, but it still unmistakeably Bernardi. The remix on the flip by Andres Ordonez aka Specter is equally as brilliant, but deeper and more atmospheric with its sombre pads and sublime melody given the right amount of momentum by that sharp and buzzing bassline.
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out of stock $11.37
Cat: OMR 07. Rel: 12 Oct 15
Mad Dealer (6:03)
We Let Go (5:28)
out of stock $7.67
Cat: KIMOCHI 18. Rel: 19 Oct 15
Tea (6:11)
Smoke (4:40)
343 (3:25)
Roughness (6:05)
Old Radio (6:27)
Review: There's much to enjoy about Shine Grooves' first appearance on Kimochi, not least his seeming fascination with the humid, melodious positivity of classic '90s ambient house, Japanese deep house and the cheerier end of intergalactic intelligent techno. For those of a certain vintage, parallels can be drawn between "Tea", in particular, and the often-overlooked work of Mr YT, or - for a more contemporary reference - the new age influenced bliss of Hashman DJ. There are plenty of reasons to be cheerful elsewhere, too, from the rush-inducing ambience of "343", to the dense tribal-inspired stickiness of "Roughness", and the atmospheric warmth of "Old Radio".
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out of stock $16.13
Cat: TPT 069. Rel: 02 Nov 15
Hang Dawg (5:20)
The White Horse (5:11)
Garrison (6:19)
Dave The Rave (5:37)
Review: For those who like their techno banging but springy, 2014 was the year of Ansome. The South London producer - real name Keiran Whitefield - followed up a decent debut on Mord with five more EPs during the year. While he's been a little less active in 2015, Whitefield has still found time to deliver material on Mindcut and PLS.UK. Here he makes his Perc Trax debut with a quartet of no-holds-barred techno smashers. For the most part, his sound is distorted and industrial-influenced, but with enough funk and spacey electronics to please those who prefer a more Motor City influenced sound. Of the four tracks on offer, it's the buzzing title track, intense "Dave The Rave", and slightly more cosmic "Hang Dawg" that impress most.
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out of stock $8.99
Drone Strike (5:51)
Computer Controlled (5:32)
Drone Strike (Specter remix) (8:03)
You Will All Die Alone & Unloved (5:59)
Review: Mord affiliate Charlton and one half of legendary 65D Mavericks Nick Dunton inaugurate their new Poverty Is Violence imprint with a release by man of the moment Vincent Koremann aka Drvg Culture. He does something different for a change on this release; gritty, analogue, slow-mo electro jams he's usually known for are replaced by some stomping techno workouts. "Drone Strike" is exactly that; layer upon layer of analogue synths resonate and modulate on top of each other endlessly atop of a stomping 909 beat while the relentless and cavernous beat of "Computer Controlled" is the kind of track you could expect playing peak time in an abandoned warehouse. The Specter remix of "Drone Strike" on the flip is indebted to early Plastikman (not a bad thing at all!) and finally he confirms all our fears with the charmingly titled "You Will All Die Alone & Unloved" which sounds more like the Koreman we all know on this rusty, dusty, slow techno groove.
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out of stock $7.93
Cat: MONNOM 007. Rel: 02 Nov 15
Orlok's Symphony (2:29)
Beyond The Planets (5:57)
Renegades Of Conflict (5:54)
Devine Right (5:44)
In The Shadows (3:37)
Protect The Prophecy (5:49)
Requiem Souls (5:50)
Black Pegasus (6:18)
Sempa (5:29)
Afterlife (2:25)
out of stock $26.44
Cat: 399 YTIVIL. Rel: 19 Oct 15
Amor Fati (Peverelist remix) (6:13)
Tilikum (Hodge remix) (6:07)
Review: Ahead of the release of the Ytivil Dnuos compilation, Peverelist has opted to turn out a 12" that revisits two tracks from the recent past and sheds some fresh light on them. The label boss himself takes "Amor Fati" by Hodge to task, and turns out a delicately poised but satisfyingly weighty version replete with twinkling synth lines and jagged rhythmic incantations. Hodge meanwhile gets to have some fun with Bruce's "Tilikum", and weaves an emotional techno variation out of the component parts that stands amongst his most impassioned works to date, thanks in no small part to the heart-rending sweeps of chord that blanket the peak of the track.
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out of stock $8.20
Cat: HYB 028. Rel: 26 Oct 15
Funkhaos 1 (7:01)
Funkhaos 2 (6:11)
out of stock $9.51
Cat: BARN 033. Rel: 19 Oct 15
Death (3:20)
Moment (6:44)
Sex Life (2:24)
Doom (4:54)
out of stock $9.51
Cat: RS 1511. Rel: 12 Oct 15
Let Down (5:24)
STFN (5:43)
Gel (4:35)
Blind (5:35)
out of stock $6.61
Cat: OUTIS 009. Rel: 26 Oct 15
Beginning (Claudio PRC remix) (5:01)
Beginning (Giorgio Gigli remix) (5:54)
Beginning (Donato Dozzy remix) (6:34)
out of stock $9.79
Cat: VV 018. Rel: 12 Oct 15
Locusts & Lions (9:34)
Brave (9:46)
Review: Having debuted on Valcrond Video label last year with the Immured 12" under her familiar Xosar alias, Sheela Rahman now returns to the platform for some "shared make-believe" with founder Luke Wyatt for new project Body Tools. Taking a catalogue number as its title, this two track 12" follows a succession of Body Tools radio broadcasts on Berlin Community Radio and showcases a softer, more hypnotic side which in the case of lead track "Locusts & Lions" hits hard when the poignant piano makes its presence felt. "Brave" channels a strange, modern kosmische vibe that will really hit the spot deep in the mix.
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out of stock $7.40
Cat: SUBWAXBCN 1203. Rel: 05 Oct 15
Panamericana (9:34)
Panamericana (Norm Talley remix) (8:11)
out of stock $10.57
Cat: LIES 067. Rel: 26 Oct 15
Virtuality Continuum (5:12)
Arrival Into Uncharted Territory (5:48)
Neutralize & Eliminate (4:58)
Phenomenalist (6:46)
Conjectured State (4:53)
Nearing Obliteration (4:33)
Bound & Broken (feat Janina) (6:36)
My Theme Song (5:55)
Anxious Solitude (5:18)
Mystical Ascent (6:02)
MGM_41-85 (3:42)
Review: For their latest foray into the world of the ghostly, intense and unusual, L.I.E.S has turned to fellow New Yorker Adam Mitchell, a man whose career as a techno producer stretches back to the 1990s. Here, though, he's appearing under his lesser-known Admx-71 alias, a pseudonym used for his more experimental endeavours. Sitting somewhere between unsettling ambience, horror-influenced IDM, analogue electro, industrial and out-there experimentation, the album's 11 tracks bristle with bright ideas. While there are undeniably dark and hard-to-handle moments, Mitchell's default setting is more quietly melodious, resulting in a set that impresses with its' alien melodies, spacey electronics and fuzzy, distortion-soaked rhythms.
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out of stock $21.14
Night Of The Inflatable Muscle Heads (5:38)
Creatine Cretin (8:20)
Deep Vee Douche (5:44)
M8, Do You Even Squat? (5:17)
out of stock $8.20
Cat: FRAGILE 016. Rel: 12 Oct 15
Earth Shift (6:58)
To 4th Dimension (1:18)
Cosmic Love (7:03)
Circulation (6:19)
Review: Having spent the last 12 months ploughing their own furrow via a number of self-released EPs, techno misfits Nummer pop up on France's Fragil Musique imprint. Arguably, Life Shift III is a little less robust, ragged and intense than previous EPs, with the London-based duo wrapping their typically bombastic beats and long-slung grooves in all manner of attractive chords, pads and hazy synthesizer motifs. That's particularly evident on the dreamy, '90s ambient house revivalism of "To 4th Dimension", but can also be heard on the floor-friendly thump of deep techno outing "Earth Shift". Flip for the bouncy, out-there throb of "Cosmic Love", and the sweaty beats, swirling chords and heart-aching electronics of "Circulation".
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out of stock $8.99
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