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Techno Recommendations November 2014

Juno Recommends Techno

Juno Recommends Techno

Techno Recommendations November 2014
31 Oct 2014
Cat: AX 065. Rel: 20 Oct 14
  1. Entering (The Crystal Universe)
  2. Phantom Stars
  3. Stellar Black Connector
  4. Crossing The Inner Threshold
  5. Common Space
  6. Planet Receptors
  7. The Advent
  8. Hexigons, Chants & Light
  9. Mass Elliptical Orbits
  10. Reversing The Cosmic Theory
Review: Loaded in conceptual background and forming a follow-on to last years The Jungle Planet, Jeff Mills continues his Sleeper Wakes series with this highly developed album of forward thinking electronics both ambient and energized. "Stellar Black Connector" certainly hits upon his style of techno, albeit in a more cinematic and patient way, but much of the album is more concerned with atmospheric vistas that play out like richly realised incidentals that do a fine job of projecting the accompanying imagery into your cerebral cortex. With its masterful production and unapologetic forward focus, albums don't come much more techno than this.
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Cat: SHEWORKS 006. Rel: 27 Oct 14
  1. Summer
  2. Nelly
  3. Ballast
Review: Blawan and Pariah's Karenn project has remained very much a compelling fixture within the contemporary techno community largely off the back of their live hardware performances in clubs and festivals and a smattering of remixes. This has allowed the pair to gloss over the fact it's been some two years since we saw some original Karenn material, but you shouldn't fault artists for choosing to work at their own pace. This three track return, the sixth 12" issued on their own Works The Long Nights label, retains the trademark hardware-produced approach of previous Karenn material but does feel somewhat lighter and more playful in tone. No where is that more evident than the trumpeting synths that fluctuate with intensity throughout the barrelling abstract techno rhythms of "Nelly".
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Cat: ITX 04. Rel: 20 Oct 14
  1. Cylo
  2. Torpor 12 (Session)
  3. Reduct Live
  4. Serum (Session 1)
  5. Serum (Revive)
Review: The minimal manner in which Ilian Tape issue their material makes it hard to decipher their exact intentions for the ITX series but it has thrown up some great music so far. Inaugurated last year with some archival material from Dario Zenker, the ITX series has seen Kowton remix Jonas Kopp in ambient mode and ushered in the debut of Italian producer Schiahri. This fourth ITX issue retains the focus on emergent talent with a quite excellent five track 12" from the superbly named Skee Mask called Serum. Described simply as a producer of "Off-road swingin' herbal jams" by Ilian Tape, whoever Skee Mask is they deserve this debut with all five cuts the sort of tripped out techno that will work on any self respecting dancefloor.
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Cat: ORN 020. Rel: 13 Oct 14
  1. Meanwhile In Ridgewood
  2. Sophie
  3. Through The Fog
  4. Visage
  5. Visage (Leif remix)
Review: Operating from the heart of Brooklyn, NY, the latest artist to sign up to Ornate is Jordan, whose plush deep house sound has already surfaced via a collaboration with Fred P on the Deep Explorer compilation Far & Beyond.

Living on the border of the Bushwick and Ridgewood neighbourhoods, the title of the EP is a nod to the difference Jordan sees between his own spiritual, detailed work and the trend for rougher analogue sounds that have been sweeping the city he calls home. With a focus on expressive, richly melodic synths and delicately balanced rhythms, his music stands apart from the wave of guttural lo-fi sonics, and yet this is still house music with that East coast punch where it counts.

With an imminent release for the noted Finale Sounds imprint establishing Jordan well within the remit of high-end house and techno, it gives us great pleasure to present these exercises in soulful immersion, from the three 4/4 driven pieces to the ambient vignette "Visage". With the door open for more experimental interpretations, it made perfect sense to invite former Ornate guest Leif back to turn out a remix of the track, his own hushed tones having recently graced a critically-acclaimed debut album for Fear Of Flying. It's the ideal complement to an EP of highly developed musicianship that spells another exciting step forward for both Jordan and Ornate.
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Cat: PC 001. Rel: 06 Oct 14
  1. Sinister (1st mix)
  2. Sinister (Undisputed mix)
  3. Wiggin (Master Reese mix)
  4. Freestyle (Bongo mix)
Review: When these Mayday tracks were first released, techno as a genre was still in its infant stages and Detroit techno was about to hit full swing. This 2014 repress of the 1998 classic is the third repress in its 26 year lifetime and first since 2005. Just like the original, this repress comes with a bolstered Master Reese remix of "Wiggin", a dancefloor favourite, while the stripped back Bongo mix, chimes and all, finds itself to the B2 again. But really this record is about the A-side's "Sinister" mixes with the Undisputed mix and bona fide classic.
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Cat: SELF 01. Rel: 20 Oct 14
  1. Psyko Bath (club mix)
  2. Dead Skateboarders
  3. Caveman Islands
  4. Feist
Review: The proud Scandinavians that Martin Skogehall and Thomas Jaldemark, aka Fisherman, are, it's no surprise to see the duo surface on the Swedish Electronic Liberation Front, a label claiming, "We don't have customers. We don't have followers. We only have members." "Psyko Bath" is a creepy, downbeat club cut that ventures between EBM and Chicago house, while "Dead Skateboarders" is slower in tempo, with a gnarly arpeggio fans of Bunker Records will love. "Caveman Islands" is stripped-back, booming and percussion heavy - an EP highlight - and for some chomping industrialisms fit for Berghain look no further than "Fiest".
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Cat: FP 006. Rel: 06 Oct 14
  1. 124
  2. ACIDz x2
  3. Satin
Review: A sixth release on Jurg Haller's excellent Forbidden Planet sees the focus swerve back to lesser known talents after that coup in a 12" by Mono Junk, with Berlin-based newcomer Annanan at the helm. There's a paucity of information on the artist from the label (intentional or otherwise) which ensures the focus remains squarely on the music, and those inquisitive soles not put off by a lack of yarn spinning will be rewarded with three sublime cuts. Lead track "124" booms and bristles in all the right places, with an intoxicating dub techno pulse at its core which resonates brightly with sonic intensity as the A side run out groove draws ever closer. On the B side, "ACIDz x2" fluctuates superbly between grizzled acid and saturated deepness, whilst the appropriately named "Satin" reins in the madness for a supple, widescreen journey into techno loaded with atmosphere.
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Cat: PAN 60LP. Rel: 27 Oct 14
  1. Agnes Revenge
  2. One Fell Swoop
  3. Ratchet
  4. Strays
  5. Agnes Apparatus
  6. Dogma
  7. First Witness
  8. Interlude (Whodunnit?)
  9. Second Witness
  10. One Stitch Follows Another
  11. Cataracts
Review: After the meteoric impact of his self-released singles and spots on Hessle Audio, Power Vacuum and Bleep, the electronic music world has been waiting patiently for TJ Hertz to step up and share a wider vista of his sound world. This debut LP for PAN does not disappoint, channelling the electronica quality of his most crushing club music and giving it a chance to roam that bit more freely. The beats still hit hard on the likes of "Ratchet", but that's not their only purpose. With sound design and general production fireworks at the forefront, whether you can dance to this or not is unimportant; what matters is how completely edge-of-your-seat thrilling it is to listen to, from every space age sweep to each grubby reverb impulse. We always knew he had it in him, and Objekt has more than delivered on that promise.
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Cat: MPM 23. Rel: 13 Oct 14
  1. Protein Valve 1
  2. Analog Track (Ghost)
  3. Protein Valve 2
  4. AM Track
Review: M Plant's 20 Year anniversary celebrations are set to end on a high with a triple CD compilation featuring a wealth of new, remastered and unreleased material alongside some classics from the Robert Hood canon. Before then, the latest in an ongoing series of celebratory 12" releases sees Hood look to the classic Protein Valve, which was the first 12" issued on M Plant back in 1994. The title track has already been subject to some edits as part of this M Plant 20 series, but it's nice to see three tracks from that original 12" reissued here as a reminder how Hood's pioneering minimal approach first took shape. Look out for new Hood production "Analog Track (Ghost)" wedged in amongst the protein too!
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Cat: BEK 021. Rel: 13 Oct 14
  1. Borders
  2. Red
  3. BC5
  4. Grounded
Review: Dubby, industrial big room techno; that's the name of the game for Gary Beck's Bek Audio. For this 21st release Mark Broom joins in on the fun and together the two deliver a power four-track EP of mechanistic techno. "Borders" sounds like a cross between early an early Stroboscopic Artefacts release with the stretched/twisted synth sound of Geeman's "Rubberband 2" (released on Clone's Jack For Daze label), while "Red" (hopefully a reference of its ability to max-out a mixer) is as booming as Speedy J's "Armstrong". "BC5" is linear and dubby with a slight Sandwell District theme thanks to stony thwacks of percussion, whereas "Grounded" is a loopy, tribal and '90s styled techno banger.
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out of stock $9.17
  1. Rrose - "Drowned By Sight"
  2. Perc - "Tri-City"
  3. Pfirter - "Atman"
  4. Lakker - "Pier"
Review: Has it been five years already? In 2009 Stroboscopic Artefacts revealed itself with label founder Lucy's Why Don't You Change // Dub Man Walking release. In the following years artists like Xhin and Dadub became label faithfuls while others like Perc, Pfirter and Donor helped Stroboscopic Artefacts develop into the techno power house it now is. The recent introduction of artists like Rrose, Lakker (and Eomac), Sendai and Donato Dozzy have further established the label's dominance. This first chapter of various artist EPs Stroboscopic Artefacts will release to celebrate five years of existence brings together the old with the new. Rrose delivers a typically droning "Drowned By Sight" which fans of Sandwell District will love, while Perc's "Tri-City" is a rolling barrage of stiff and rigid drums and industrial atmospheres. Pfirter delivers something more subdued and dubby than his normal peak time fare while Lakker's "Pier" is haunting as always.
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Cat: NE 13. Rel: 20 Oct 14
  1. Arke Fiene
  2. Stortorget
  3. Kattarens Dom
  4. Askan Fran Balet/I Evigheten I
  5. Begravd Under Is
  6. De 92 Vita Stenarna
  7. Midvinter
  8. I Evigheten II
Review: Even if they do release obscure drone from time to time Northern Electronics continues to up hold its reputation as record label worthy of the tag: 'buy on sight'. That can definitely be said about Varg and Abdullah Rashim's second full length as Ulwhednar and across its seven tracks not only are there traces of Mike Parker, Svreca and at a stretch early Regis, but the duo's own distinct style. For some dirty Rashim loops look to "De 92 Vita Stenarna" while for some Nordic drone splashed with Varg's trademark space echoes check out "Kattarens Dom", and if you want to experience what the crash landing of Star Trek's USS Enterprise sounds like there's "Askan Fran Balet".
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Cat: LIVITY 014. Rel: 20 Oct 14
  1. Pev - "Aztec Chant" (Tessela remix)
  2. Pev & Kowton - "End Point" (Stenny & Andrea remix)
Review: And so the Livity Sound Remixes 12" Programme comes to a close, ending on a high note with two storming revisions by Tessela and Ilian Tape duo Stenny & Andrea. There have been plenty of highlights in the series so far (which is due to be collated on a forthcoming CD release) with Dresvn and A Made Up Sound efforts particular favourites here at Juno HQ, but this final edition may prove to be the most memorable. Tessela's remix of Pev's "Aztec Chant" commences in relatively understated fashion before quite literally exploding with dancefloor menace in a manner that should come with a health warning. Stenny & Andrea take a less thunderous approach with their refix of Pev & Kowton's "End Point" with the results an intoxicating blend of rolling drums and softer euphoric rave synths.
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Cat: DNAM 001. Rel: 06 Oct 14
  1. Call 1
  2. Call 2
  3. Call 3
  4. Call 4
Review: Dominic Fernow dons his Prurient hat for this split release with Karl O'Connor as Ugandan Methods. As you might expect, it's not for the light-hearted; "Call 1" features the Downwards boss' dense, grainy broken beats mixed with Fernow's wounded screeches amid bursts of white noise. "Call 2" is built on a similar approach, but this time the churning noise and dense drums are interspersed with dramatic, dark synths that spiral and twist. The third "Call" provides a surprise, heading back to the loopy techno of early Downwards, but it's only a temporary deviation and the fourth and final "Call" sees the duo deliver a drum-led, droning rhythm.
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out of stock $9.99
  1. Out Of Control
  2. Code Urgent
  3. For Only You
  4. Battle For Space
  5. Inner City Circus
  6. All Together
  7. My Own Shadow
  8. All Of A Sudden
Review: Terrence Dixon's announcement of plans to retire from techno with immediate effect earlier this year have typically gone without any further explanation, though it's been heartening to see his final round of projects surface over the course of 2014. Having already committed a killer Population One 12" to Metroplex, Dixon delivers another fitting parting shot in this LP for Rush Hour, who took their name from his classic Pop One production "Rush Hour". Theater Of A Confused Mind is a powerful statement from Dixon, expanding on the sci-fi themes of previous Population One material and posing several cryptic questions. Dixon's own voice introduces the album on "Out Of Control" and as matters progress those trademark queasy lines of melody begin to take control - "Inner City Circus" being a stand out of this set.
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Cat: SRTX 002. Rel: 20 Oct 14
  1. Paper Bag Acid (2:00)
  2. Dustbin Acid (2:00)
  3. Bulley Beef (2:00)
Review: Getting things back to basics and ramping up the ravey qualities in his productions, Jerome Hill is clearly having fun with these Super Rhythm Trax releases, letting go of anything too deep and focusing on loud and lairy bangers that make all the right moves in the biggest way possible. "Paper Bag Acid" positively masters delivery of 303 nastiness, ramping up the filter and firing off the drum fills with abandon and yet never sounding pastiche as opposed to straight up jacking. "Dustbin Acid" is a masterclass is working the drum machine for the ultimate energy rush in the time-honoured tradition, and then "Bully Beef" drops a much dirtier kind of sound full of guttural kicks and distorted vocals for the more deviant players in the acid game.
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out of stock $8.37
  1. Anhedonia
  2. Partial Print
  3. Blank Frames
Review: Following recent releases from Randomer, Svengalisghost and Person of Interent, another L.I.E.S affiliate makes his debut on the shadowy Russian Torrent Versions imprint. This time it's Confused House man Steve Summers' turn to throw down some dust-encrusted techno fuzziness. A-side "Anhedonia" is particularly potent, with warped electronics, cold war textures and industrial chords providing bittersweet backing for the track's sludgy, house-tempo groove. "Partial Pint" presses the button marked "jack", drilling down into the darker depths of Chicago influenced techno-jack with a typically tipsy swagger. Finally, "Blank Frames" sees Summers go deeper, with gently throbbing sub bass and relentless cymbals wrapping themselves around a sparse, no-nonsense groove.
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Cat: SGLP 01. Rel: 20 Oct 14
  1. Interchanges
  2. Catenary
  3. Binary Possession
  4. On The Verge Of Decimation
  5. Sheer Insanity
  6. Irreformable
  7. In A Race Against Time
  8. Tornado Warning
  9. It’s All Relative
Review: Always one to charge into more interesting corners of the techno world, Adam X is in fine fettle as he drops his latest album for Sonic Groove, the first on his own label since 1998's Audiobiography. The tone is very much stout and stern, from the industrial-tinged drum hits to the cold and eerie synth content, but of course it's in the rhythmic department where X really shines. At every turn there are intriguing grooves to latch onto, from the drunken lope of the title track with its anthemic hip hop vocal rip, to the opening broken techno drama of "Interchanges". There are more stripped down moments such as the restrained cycles of "Catenary", and some piston pumping bangers like "On The Verge Of Decimation", making this an engaging listen as well as a great collection of techno tracks.
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Cat: FRV 016. Rel: 13 Oct 14
  1. Penance
  2. Western Monk
  3. Trapped Angels
  4. Canon 8
  5. Bishop Fulk
  6. Moments Of Extremis
Review: Limited Collector's Vinyl Edition - 125 Hand Numbered Copies. Hand made serigraphy print and detais. Few newcomers have created that stir that Italy's Alessandro Parisi has caused. Following releases on Lux Rec, Minimal Rome and Flight Recorder this young producer has captivated audiences with his textured electronics and vivid soundscapes. It is to this bright talent that Frigio Records have turned to proudly introduce the label's first full vinyl full length: Cathar Rhythms. Soundtracks have always been a focal point for Parisi, a core of his inspiration. This love of the analogue movie score permeates the six track album, fortified with a new toughened rhythmic edge. Claps and snares ricochet against rising arpeggios and rich chords, as in the building tide of "Wenstern Monk." Darkness is never far from the Parisi palette, the blackened alleyways and leaden grandeur of the cathedral peppered Italian capital. But now that ashen aspect has been further blotted by bolstered beats.
This nightsky is combined with one of the cores of Italian society, Religion. Spiritual motifs festoon the LP. "Trapped Angel" shatters drum patterns against sweetened choral vocals for an intoxicating blend of ethereal electronics. The divine is balanced with the base, heavenly with the human. Percussion peals, bruising the lofty "Bishop Fulk" before the final confession. Strung-out, haunting bars are pierced for "Moments of Extremis," Parisi finding equilibrium between saintly synthlines and sinister slicing snares. Cathar Rhythms marks a new musical venture for this talented Italian. His well-honed, brooding electronics are further fortified with full rhythms and an even darker countenance. "Something wicked this way comes..."
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out of stock $21.06
Cat: SRX 002. Rel: 27 Oct 14
  1. Badger Bite
  2. Electric Chicken
  3. Reptile Mess
Review: It is some 19 years since Surgeon dropped Pet 2000, arguably the most successful of his early forays into rambunctious, hard-wound techno. Here, it gets a reissue in newly remastered form as part of Surgeon's series of SRX releases. Despite its vintage, the EP still bristles with raw energy, a facet that makes it sound particularly relevant right now. Opener "Badger Bite" is typically uncompromising, with looped steel drum melodies and pulverizing rhythms being whipped into a dense, dancefloor frenzy. If anything, the kick drums and distorted stabs on "Electric Chicken" are even more intense, a feeling exaggerated by Surgeon's full-throttle production. There's a little relief in the shape of "Reptile Mess", which sounds positively dystopian in its freakish combination of undulating bass, cymbal-heavy percussion and psychedelic electronics.
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out of stock $6.47
  1. Only Wanted To Be (unreleased acid version)
  2. Rabbit Trax I (The Next Generation)
Review: Chicago staple Still Music is back in action with this highly sought after gem of obscure acid house from the original era of the sound. Tragically James 'Jack Rabbit' Martin passed away in 1990 which left his career just a few releases deep, and the Acid mix of "Only Wanted To Be", which takes up the A side of this reissue, remains one of his most distinctive tracks. It's a slow and fevered cut rich in the lo-fi nastiness of the time, with distorted vocals that add to the overall freakiness of the jam. "Rabbit Trax I (The Next Generation)" is a tougher cut that ramps up the squelch to a great, paranoid end result.
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out of stock $8.63
Cat: MORD 012. Rel: 27 Oct 14
  1. Mixtion
  2. Second Life
  3. Anxiety
  4. Supertronic
  5. Zakaje'n
  6. Five O
  7. Psilo'za
  8. Cardiff Luv
Review: Bass Mooy's Mord project has been steadily growing since its first EP last year, and this is thanks to a collective of new names and talents largely emanating from Holland's Rotterdam. This time it's Sebastien Michel aka UVB who churns out the goods for the imprint, and after already two EP's for Mord, he's basically become a regular. "Mixtion" is a jittery techno bomb filled with minimal melodies, wheras "Second Life" is almost orchestral thanks to its Population One-stylled sounds. On the flipside, "Anxiety is another slice of oddball noise futurism, and "Supertronic" is the militant bomb for total floor pulverisation. Gnarly as hell and shouldn't be missed.
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out of stock $17.82
Cat: SLAM 002. Rel: 27 Oct 14
  1. Tin
  2. Tin (Clouds remix)
  3. Cold Harbour
  4. Cold Harbour (Joefarr remix)
Review: With a label entitled South London Analogue Material, you know that there won't be any slick studio polish on this release, and on the second release for the label Ansome is busy once again wrenching all kinds of ungodly techno noise out of the boxes at his disposal. Of his original tracks, "Tin" comes on grinding and industrial in extreme, with all kinds of mechanical noises embellishing the solid rhythmic thrust to make for a stand out workout, while "Cold Harbour" plies a dirty twist on bleepy techno. Clouds drop a remix of "Tin" that shakes up the beat into a fractured stagger lavished with crunchy decoration, while JoeFarr sizzles "Cold Harbour" into a taut and supple broken techno ripper of the highest order.
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out of stock $9.99
Cat: FOCUS 001. Rel: 13 Oct 14
  1. 78 (original)
  2. 78 (Exium remix)
  3. My (original)
  4. My (Takaaki Itoh remix)
out of stock $7.55
Cat: DRH 047. Rel: 13 Oct 14
  1. Elka
  2. The Shuffle
  3. Aviatic
  4. Slingshot
Review: Is it fair to say that no one really saw Dj Deep's Deeply Rooted label releasing a record by Terence Fixmer? The EBM and industrial loving Fixmer doesn't hold back however, and the Frenchman delivers one of the label's heaviest EPs. A standout highlight is "Slingshot" which sounds like a smudged out version of Silent Servant's recent bassline driven music, while "Aviatic" and "The Shuffle" are deep and throbbing pulses of CLR techno, with pandemonium inducing synths added to the latter. Fixmer certainly goes full force on this release, so if you haven't done so before: Embrace the power.
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out of stock $8.63
Cat: 50WEAPONS 039. Rel: 20 Oct 14
  1. Attack
  2. The Wind
  3. Curious
Review: According to their label, Fjaak live and sleep in their studio, but whatever about their methodology, it is clear that they are doing something right. The title track is a monstrous affair, based on a gargantuan stepping rhythm and tough breeze block beats as the trio shoot out Landstrumm-esque grating noise. In stark contrast is "The Wind". Deeper and groovier, it centres on breezy chords but retains dance floor clout thanks to the shards of hissing percussion. "Curious" sees Fjaak back to the same kind of territory as "Attack"; the only difference is that this time, the groove is straighter, but the grainy drums are just as relentlessly unforgiving.
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out of stock $7.55
Cat: DESOLAT 039. Rel: 20 Oct 14
  1. LFO
  2. Delusion
  3. Sphere
  4. Tone 2.0
out of stock $9.99
Cat: LTECH 009. Rel: 06 Oct 14
  1. Nine
  2. La Cucaracha
  3. The Brick Burner
  4. Born In Bosnia
Review: It's been quite some time since Lukid graced our ears with his gnarled techno abstractions, most commonly found lurking around Actress' Werkdiscs imprint, but the London-based producer is back on the scene with a new EP for Liberation Technologies. The sound is as wild and abrasive as you would hope for, from the red-lining paranoia of "Nine" with its staggered groove to the soft-focus scuff of "La Cucaracha". "The Brick Burner" is a fractious beast with distorted blurts of melody clashing with sampled vocal in a stoutly leftfield configuration, while "Born In Bosnia" represents perhaps the most balanced of all the offerings with its more tangible song structure and warming (though still positively dishevelled) chords.
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out of stock $11.34
Cat: NL 016. Rel: 06 Oct 14
  1. Strontiumdog 2
  2. Armchair Psychiatrist
Review: It's entirely indicative of the manner in which [NakedLunch] is run that the Irish label's first release in the best part of a year arrives with little prior fanfare, despite the fact it features two vicious electro cuts from Detroit's DJ Stingray. The Drexciya affiliate is of course no stranger to [NakedLunch] and some would argue Sherard Ingram reserves his best work for the label operating under the Stingray313 alias (see last year's NKKtwo_2 / NKKK4_2 for compelling proof) and the Armchair Psychiatrist 12" is likely to strengthen such an opinion. There's a malevolent feeling to the growling, unpredictable bassline of "Strontiumdog 2" that wills you into desiring the chance to unleash it onto an unsuspecting dancefloor, whilst the title track is effectively a dub version with Ingram implementing an insectile wash of noise.
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out of stock $7.55
Cat: RS 003. Rel: 06 Oct 14
  1. Rays Of Saturn
  2. Baby Nostradamus
  3. Rays Of Saturn (Robert Hood remix)
  4. Baby Nostradamus (Jus-Ed remix)
out of stock $8.63
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