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Juno Recommends Deep House: July 2022

Juno Recommends Deep House

Juno Recommends Deep House

Juno Recommends Deep House: July 2022
Cat: ALNLP 68X. Rel: 27 Jun 22
Deep House
Cool Water (feat Ivan Conti (Azymuth) & Lars Bartkuhn) (4:28)
Cycle Of Many (4:17)
Admira (feat Gigi Masin) (5:10)
Flowers (feat Venecia) (5:12)
Melt Into You (feat Alex Malheiros (Azymuth)) (5:16)
Flos Potentia (Sugar, Cotton, Tabacco) (feat Khruangbin) (5:35)
Sphere (feat Jean-Luc Ponty) (5:30)
WARM (4:38)
On My Way Home (3:46)
What Do The Stars Say To You (2:42)
Review: We all know and love Ron Trent as a house music maestro, but as his elevated productions have betrayed over the years, his chops reach well beyond the simple demands of functional club stuff. In line with his more eclectic output, What Do The Stars Say To You heralds his WARM project in a frankly stunning burst of musicality that harks back to the glory days of 70s and 80s studio prowess. This is still music driven by a groove, but it's certainly not a house by numbers affair. Instead you get soaring violin solos (from Jean Luc Ponty no less), infinte threads of nimble keys work and enough downtempo, slinky grooves to buffet a yacht from the Balearics to the Florida Keys and back again. Featuring members of Azymuth, Gigi Masin and Khruangbin amongst others, this is a return to the craft of exquisite album making, as handled by a true master in his field.
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Cat: AJX6 71S. Rel: 04 Jul 22
Deep House
Promised Land (4:35)
Promised Land (instrumental) (4:34)
Review: For many of us, 'Promised Land' is a life-defining anthem. A house track that will never be bettered and one of the genre's most important cuts. It set a standard for proper lyrics and song structure that has never been better in the 40 odd years since, so Gloria Scott is brave to take it on. But she does a fine job. The whole thing becomes a little more jazzy and instrumental, with flashy strings and natty chords, but all powered by the great vocals. An instrumental is also included making this well worth picking up.
out of stock $11.42
The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) (Massivedrum remix) (5:47)
The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) (Massivedrum dub mix) (4:15)
The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) (14:58)
Review: There can't be many house records that are as instantly recognisable as Bucketheads' 'The Bomb', a killer, mid-'90s Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez production that mixed his own sweaty, bombastic, loose-limbed house beats (chopped and edited to provide instant dancefloor satisfaction) with snippets from Chicago disco classic 'Street Player'. You'll find that epic original version tucked away on the flipside of these reissue, with two previously unheard 'Massivedrum' remixes on the A. The EP opening 'Remix' places the original Chicager a chunker bassline and contemporary house beats, while the accompanying 'Dub' concentrates on the beats, bassline and the producer's own sneaky samples. Both new versions are decent, but Gonzalez's original mix is still hard to beat.
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Cat: ALNLP 68. Rel: 27 Jun 22
Deep House
Cool Water (feat Ivan Conti (Azymuth) & Lars Bartkuhn) (4:28)
Cycle Of Many (4:17)
Admira (feat Gigi Masin) (5:10)
Flowers (feat Venecia) (5:12)
Melt Into You (feat Alex Malheiros (Azymuth)) (5:16)
Flos Potentia (Sugar, Cotton, Tabacco) (feat Khruangbin) (5:35)
Sphere (feat Jean-Luc Ponty) (5:30)
WARM (4:38)
On My Way Home (3:46)
What Do The Stars Say To You (2:42)
Review: Over the years, Ron Trent has released some fine albums, all of which have subtly expanded on his trademark soul-flecked, percussion-rich deep house sound. On What Do The Stars Say To You, his first new full-length excursion in 11 years, the Chicago native has taken a different approach, utilising his occasional WARM alias on a stunning set that abandons dancefloor-pleasing in favour of immersive, evocative and ultra-deep blends of ambient, downtempo, jazz-funk and electronica. It's a genuinely brilliant album all told, with a string of impressive guest musicians - including Ivan Conti and Alex Malheiros of Azymuth, electric jazz pioneer Jean-Luc Ponty, psychedelic Balearic specialists Khrungbin and Italian ambient maestro Gigi Masin - all making brilliant contributions. In a word: exceptional!
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Cat: LWKMUS 013. Rel: 27 Jun 22
Deep House
Untitled 11 (4:19)
Untitled 1 (4:21)
Untitled 4 (4:22)
Untitled 6 (4:20)
Untitled 13 (4:16)
Untitled 5 (4:19)
Review: Though 420 was originally recorded and released in April of 2020, Galcher Lustwerk's pandemic project is an exercise in counting and patience. Originally from a 16 track, 69 minute release only available for Bandcamp for $69 (or $4.20 per track), the 420 project brings us practically brand spanking new Galcher EP, just under a different name. Finally at an accessible price (and including signature Galcher vocals in a majority of the tracks to boot) this vinyl release hopes to bring more fans who missed the original release to the 420 club.
 in stock $9.02
Cat: BOOM 1R. Rel: 08 Aug 22
Deep House
Thank You (6:26)
Badadu (6:11)
D-D-D (6:32)
The Paper (feat K-Tel) (5:15)
Review: Cardiff's Che Ahmed produces under many aliases such as Chesus, Earl Jeffers and Metabeats, but had only one release as Earls BOOOM!!!l It was widely sought after, leading to another much needed repress here - now the third since its original release back in 2016. 'Thank You' is a thumpin' disco house monster that's looped to perfection, and its vocal is just epic throughout. The dusty, late night heads-down stomp of 'Badadu' follows, while over on the flip he remixes some golden oldies you'll for sure know from the first beat, in the form of 'D-D-D' and 'The Paper'.
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Cat: SS 087. Rel: 27 Jun 22
Deep House
It's Out Of Your Control (feat Maurissa Rose) (9:34)
It's Out Of Your Control (instrumental dub) (10:24)
Review: The new Parrish single appears on vinyl in the form of two mixes differing in vibe but consistent in quality and suitability for DJ use. The original rides along on a shuffling, almost Afrobeat version of house, with Maurissa Rose's gorgeous vocal floating above the gloopy, hypnotic bassline which gets the full filter treatment. The instrumental dub places that b-line very much at the centre of the mix, starting from a single kickdrum before building up to a more techno-edged, vocal free climax. all throbbing bass, solid bears and minimal, glitchy keyboard interjections.
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out of stock $15.14
Cat: KTLP 001V2. Rel: 08 May 23
Deep House
Change Your Mind (feat Troy Denari - Full vocal) (9:28)
Subbie (Rattle The Subbie vocal mix) (7:00)
See The Light (original long Vocoder vocal mix) (8:19)
Tenacity (feat Bluey Robinson - No Drums mix) (6:12)
Tenacity (feat Bluey Robinson - Full vocal mix) (6:22)
See The Light (dub) (8:26)
Subbie (The Jackpot mix) (6:58)
Change Your Mind (feat Troy Denari - instrumental) (9:24)
Review: On this second, more expansive sampler for his forthcoming album Spaces & Places, Kerri Chandler treats us to tracks inspired by - and by the wonders of mobile recording technology, produced inside - clubs including Dublin's District 8, Glasgow institution Sub Club, Lux of Lisbon and NYC's Output. Of course, the standard is uniformly high throughout - it's classic Chandler from start to finish - but our picks of a very fine bunch include the soulful piano house shimmer of 'Change Your Mind', the thrusting, bass-heavy pump of 'Subbie (Rattle The Subbie Mix)', the effortlessly slick and soulful 'Tenacity (Full Vocal Mix)' and the ludicrously sub-heavy snap of 'See The Light (Dub)'. To borrow an old cliche, this is very much, 'all killer, no filler'.
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Cat: HEIST 061. Rel: 20 Jun 22
Deep House
Body Control (5:30)
The Break Up (Emma-Jean Thackray remix) (5:25)
64 Ways (feat Mayer Hawthorne - 2022 mix) (4:43)
All I Want (6:18)
Review: Dam Swindle have been on a roll, dropping an epic release on Aus and being invited to remix classic cuts from the Salsoul archives no less last year. Now they're back on their own Heist with an EP of that infectious, feel-good house music they do so well. 'Body Control' leads the charge with a subtly shuffled funk to the drums and a plethora of starry-eyed synth rushes tapping into that soulful mood the Amsterdam duo nail so well. For something a little different, leading London jazz luminary Emma-Jean Thackray remixes 'The Break Up' and then we get an updated remix of the Mayer Hawthorne-featuring '64 Ways'. 'All I Want' completes the set with another slice of dancefloor magic from a pair who can do no wrong.
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out of stock $14.34
Cat: 2053 BLACK. Rel: 20 Jun 22
Deep House
Galaxy (feat Lola) (4:01)
Galaxy (Upbeat mix) (4:01)
A Message From Above (4:45)
Ergonomic Structures (Elyssia) (3:33)
Review: Kaidi Tatham back on 2000BLACK needs little explanation really, does it? Anyone who takes broken beat and neo soul seriously should already be slipping this on in their cart, but for the uninitiated this is one of the grandmasters of the sound in full flight. 'Galaxy' is a beautiful, uplifting soul-boogie jam with a stunning vocal turn from Lola Violet, and it comes in two different twists depending on the energy you need to bring to your set - for us the 'Uptempo Mix' is a perfect shot of joy in the arm. 'A Message From Above' cools things down with gorgeous keys, a characteristically snagging beat and sultry horns, and 'Ergonomic Structures' slinks into the sweetest of downtempo funks that'll have you head nodding hard and keeping you chill all in the same beat.
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 in stock $13.80
Cat: ANGIS 555. Rel: 27 Jun 22
Deep House
Integrated Circuit (7:01)
Wesley Shuffle (7:18)
Heavy Barrel (7:15)
Review: Samuele Pagliai's Angis Music is thoughtfully curated with deep and groovy electronic music in mind that will test time; sporting a young yet impressive portfolio, Angis Music returns faithful and strong with a new EP from the lush imagination of Chicago veteran Specter. Entitled Ironside, and inspired by a late 60s crime drama- you will Embrace a dense 3 track journey catered to premium vibe lovers of deep house and deep techno grooves spanning from jazzy and romantic to funky and dark moods. Pressed on vinyl with love and exclusive artwork by Serbian talent Floating Bastard, electronic music selectors and checkers should not hesitate on this beautiful wax presentation.
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out of stock $23.89
What Is Love? (vocal mix) (4:45)
What Is Love? (dub mix) (6:12)
What Is Love? (instrumental) (5:30)
What Is Love? (Snad Loveless Rmx) (6:47)
What Is Love? (Damien Rausch Rmx) (7:34)
What Is Love? (acappella) (3:26)
Review: Hot on the heels of 2021's stellar release of The French Connection's "Speechless" LP, Balance head honcho and legendary producer and DJ Chez Damier teams up again with Camille and Adeen Records for another trip around the the world with Lima, Peru's Surco's Groove, "The Lima Project." This beautiful release titled "What Is Love?" delivers hard hitting versions of the track in the original, dub, instrumental, and an acapella with stellar remixes from Snad and German producer Damien Rausch. Be it France or Peru, Balance and Adeen knows how to take you on a musical journey. We can't wait to see where they go next!

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 in stock $10.09
Cat: SAT 050. Rel: 20 Jun 22
Deep House
Dream Vibration (7:27)
Stretch Out Like The World (feat Eliana Glass) (8:15)
Stretch Out Like The World (Timmy Regisford vocal mix) (5:40)
Time Out Of Mind (5:53)
Review: Frank & Tony return with their new Dream Vibration EP, five years after their last collaboration, the critically acclaimed 'Odes' EP. Lead track 'Dream Vibration' begins with a sluggish breakbeat and drifting, barely-there chord washes before gradually revealing a heavy, low kick and deep sub to propel the track forward. Eliana Glass, meanwhile, sings on Frank & Tony's original version of Stretch Out Like The World.
out of stock $15.14
Whisper (5:30)
Aerotek (5:05)
Solitaire (TokyoLove) (8:27)
Running Thunder (5:52)
Magalenha (6:42)
Magic Melody (9:11)
Cornelius (edit) (7:59)
Children Of The Rainbow (6:28)
Review: London-based label Mysticisms follows up great releases by Nail, Afrobuddha and Persian with a 2 x 12' release of music by Tokyo Offshore Project. Comprised of veteran producers Simon Lovejoy, Frankie Valentine and Kiyoshi Myaura, they produced a bunch of EPs between 1990 - 1994 recorded in London and Tokyo. Featuring some of their best and unreleased tracks, spanning the spiritual and soulful sounds of second wave Chicago house ('Whisper' / 'Solitaire' (TokyoLove)), Afro house ('Magalenha') and balearic ('Magic Melody') - the compilation brings a step in the evolution of electronic music back on to vinyl for a new generation of DJs.
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out of stock $25.47
Lose Control (Micky More & Andy Tee vocal mix) (6:55)
Lose Control (Micky More & Andy Tee dub mix) (6:22)
Lose Control (Micky More & Andy Tee Rhodespella) (3:27)
Review: San Francisco meets Italy, as Groove Culture founders - and remix specialists - Micky More and Andy Tee offer-up their takes on Miguel Migs' 'Lose Control', a largely overlooked cut featuring regular vocalist Lisa Shaw that was first featured on the Bay Area stalwart's 2011 album Outside The Skyline. The headline attraction is undoubtedly the A-side 'Vocal Mix', which pairs Shaw's sublime lead vocals and Migs' warming chords with the pair's disco-influenced house drums and jazz-funk style bass guitar. Over on the flip they first deliver a killer Dub - check the bonus piano motifs, bubbly synth sounds and more driving, beefed-up groove - and a dreamy, ambient style 'Rhodesapella'.
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out of stock $15.39
Cat: DSO 006. Rel: 13 Jun 22
Deep House
Everyday (6:41)
But A G (5:49)
Review: We still don't know who DSO is even though he, she, they or it have been turning out tasty, party starting house edits for a couple of years. This is the sixth offering from the DSO label and it opens with a pure bit of funk-laced house bait. Classic bass riff prop up the hip house vocals and the whole thing rolls on in catchy fashion. ON the flip, Snoop's classic 'Aint Cuttin But A G Thang' gets a hip house rework that is just as effective and enticing with that trademark low riding Cali-style synth line.
out of stock $13.80
Cat: SNFLP 008R. Rel: 13 Jun 22
Deep House
How Do U Spell That Spell (8:30)
Wes (2:26)
She Will Come (4:29)
The Colombian Excursions Of House Music (feat Toro Moratto) (9:07)
Momma, It's A Long Journey (7:49)
Howl! (2:48)
Away (6:21)
Das Nuyorican Vibes (4:36)
Brazil (1:43)
A Landscape Onomatopeya (5:13)
Walking Into The Unknown (9:11)
Wake Up (1:49)
Review: After landing digitally late last year, Felipe Gordon's sophomore set, A Soundascape Onamatopeya, has finally made it to wax. This is undoubtedly a good thing for us vinyl enthusiasts, because it's arguably the strongest collection of cuts that the Colombian has assembled to date. In keeping with the personal production style that he's been developing over the last few years, the vibrant, colourful and atmospheric 12-track set does a terrific job in fusing elements of deep house and jazz-funk (particularly warming live instrumentation) with subtle nods to jazz, Dilla style instrumental hip-hop, Latin house, late-night club workouts and the bumpin' swing of New Jersey garage. In other words, it's a hugely entertaining affair that sounds as good on headphones as it does in the club.
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out of stock $29.21
Cat: KNOE VV/LP 1. Rel: 27 Jun 22
Deep House
Vermillion (4:43)
Incubation Theory (5:54)
Laminar Flow (5:38)
Empty Your Mind (6:04)
Oort Cloud (5:21)
Fluke (3:48)
Catalyst (6:50)
Tailwind (6:12)
Dusk By The Bay (2:21)
Silver Linings (5:44)
Shifting Sands (5:27)
Alluvion (4:59)
Review: London-based label For Those That Knoe returns with a terrific release by underrated Slovenian producer Vid Vai. He's been slowly yet steadily honing his craft over the last 12 years with releases on respected labels such as Assemble Music, Tvir, Gilesku and Oskar Offermann's White to name but a few. Laminar Flow also happens to be his first full-length, taking in a wide variety of moods and grooves along the way. From the evocative and acid-laced flow of 'Incubation Theory', the sci-fi electro of 'Oort Cloud' to the sublime ambient offering 'Dusk By The Bay' and the saucer-eyed sunrise breaks of 'Shifting Sands' - the result is a timeless piece of liquid-smooth sonic art.
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 in stock $16.99
Cat: FJM 02. Rel: 04 Jul 22
Deep House
The Rhythm Of Life (6:30)
Deep & Acid Things (5:57)
Review: Sergey's second release on his own Funkyjaws Music label ready for summer, vinyl only limited pressing!
 in stock $9.54
Cat: SA 001. Rel: 04 Jul 22
Deep House
Dubbyman Feat Dan Piu - "You Keep Me Waiting" (8:37)
Dubbyman Feat Ras Vadah - "Never Know" (6:17)
Dubbyman Feat Arturo Sanchidrian - "It's Downtempo" (6:51)
Review: Dubbyman jumpstarts Sole Aspect's fortified imprint with 3 mesmerizing cuts. 'Assemblage' represents the prominence of Dubbyman and his widespread decadence to the deep house music community.
 in stock $14.86
Cat: FR 279. Rel: 04 Jul 22
Deep House
Everybody Talks About It (Cody Currie remix) (6:07)
Everybody Talks About It (4:56)
I'm Easy (Crackazat Mana dub) (5:24)
I'm Easy (4:57)
Review: Crackazat is a master deep house shaman who lands on Freerange here, which is one of the finest labels for such sounds. First off is Cody Currie with his mix of 'Everybody Talks About It' which is a silky effort with soulful vocals and nice warm chords. The original is a little heavier and more sedate for late night seduction while 'I'm Easy' layers up funk bass noodles and loose drums into something lead by big horns. 'I'm Easy' closes down with a super steamy vocal house sound that is perfect for good time sessions.
out of stock $13.28
Cat: PHONICAWHITE 025. Rel: 20 Jun 22
Deep House
The Hurt Inside (6:51)
Don't Bus My Aux (5:07)
Music People (5:16)
Review: Following a succession of releases on his RBJ imprint back in 2020, Ron Basejam resurfaces with a new release this week on London's Phonica White. The Music People EP features three disco-infused jams that you've come to know and love the British producer for. On side A there's the powerfully emotive soul-funk of 'The Hurt Inside' and over on the flip you've got the low slung back room dub of 'Don't Bus My Aux' followed by the moody tribal beats of the title track taking you deep into hypnotic territory.
out of stock $13.28
Cat: CC 02. Rel: 27 Jun 22
Deep House
Fly Fly (11:01)
Eargrind (7:51)
Light Up (7:58)
Unlike Dislike (9:31)
For their second installment, the Chateau Chepere crew brings on board legendary producer Stephan Laubner under his STL moniker, with four time warping pieces of music. With his distinctive and intricate sonic palette, Laubner extracts from his hardware different musical colors and shapes to produce singular atmospheres. Opening up the EP is Fly Fly, an epic 11 min minimal house trip full of tension and excitement, followed by Eargrind, an eerie, laid back Detroit leaning ballad. On the flip is Light Up, a spaced out, playful and bittersweet number that will revitalize any hazy after-hours dancefloor. Closing up the EP is Unlike Dislike, a quirky, jacking and mischievous techno workout for the packed club. This diverse ep will pull the listeners and dancers into Laubner's multifaceted, low key but captivating universe.

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 in stock $14.86
Cat: BMM 70. Rel: 27 Jun 22
Deep House
Distant Land (extended vinyl mix) (7:58)
Living Waters (7:17)
7 Days (7:41)
Review: A new one this week on Boo Moonman by none else than the inimitable Boo Williams himself. There's three cuts of sublime electronic soul on the Living Waters EP; on side A you've got the mesmerising journey of 'Distant Land' (extended vinyl mix) awash in layers of elaborate melody making the perfect basement jam for those heads-down moments on the dancefloor. It's followed on the flip by the title track which is something more straight ahead - perfect deep house if we've ever heard it - and finally the euphoric '7 Days' reaching near spiritual moments.
out of stock $15.66
Cat: MULEMUSIQ 280. Rel: 27 Jun 22
Deep House
Moabit (feat Jimi Tenor) (8:12)
Dub 5 (7:57)
Review: Two jazz house hip-swayers from Freestyle Man and Henrik Schwarz, strongmen of the style who have yet to collaborative until now. 'Moabit' comes to Mule Musiq, and features the living legend Jimi Tenor on sax on the eponymous A-side; a must for anyone seeking out an expressionist edge to their blue-noted party-starters. 'Dub 5', meanwhile, steps backwards into steam-stacked fogs and city backalleys, a dub techno take on neo-noir. An impressive exercise in style from the German pair.
out of stock $15.92
Cat: LRR 016. Rel: 20 Jun 22
Deep House
Inifinite Wait (5:59)
EverybodyEverybodyEverybody (6:36)
Review: Those who've studied the dance music that's emerged from San Francisco over the last three decades will happily tell you that it's invariably dubby, atmospheric, deep and sun-spleashed, with more than a few nods towards the city's psychedelic music heritage. It's this vibe that Eddie C has tapped into on his first outing for Bay Area imprint Lips & Rhythm. Check first A-side 'Infinite Wait', where drifting, delay-laden flute lines, spaced-out sonics and chiming, morning-fresh melodies ride a thickset bassline and rolling dub disco drums. The Canadian producer switches things up on pleasingly wild and intoxicating flipside cut 'EverybodyEveryBody', a TB-303 heavy slab of mid-tempo acid/electro/dub-disco fusion that's as trippy and eccentric as they come.
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out of stock $13.80
Cat: THANKYOU 012. Rel: 13 Jun 22
Deep House
S-Mile (6:01)
S-Mile (bonus beats) (5:29)
Joy (4:31)
out of stock $17.79
Cat: MAKEM 021. Rel: 20 Jun 22
Deep House
Dha (4:39)
Pa (5:18)
Ga (4:16)
Ma (2:56)
Ni (6:28)
Sa (3:53)
Review: Always a worldly traveller in his musical quests Brian D'Souza aka Auntie Flo has now teamed up with Sarathy Korwar, an accomplished US-based percussionist with Indian heritage. Their collaborative album Shruti Dances is described as 'an explorative journey through South Asian tonality and diasporic identity', and it finds Korwar laying down dense tabla rhythms and drumming. D'Souza responds in kind with a varied pitch of sonic ingredients, largely synthesised but charged with a spiritual energy which feels perfectly matched to the captivating rhythms Korwar lays down. Boiled down to six tracks but hopefully with more to be unearthed in the future, it's a highly successful crossover which should appeal to everyone who loves outernational fusions.
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out of stock $18.32
Cat: CHIWAX 036. Rel: 04 Jul 22
Deep House
Bugemini #1 (5:42)
Bugemini #2 (5:32)
Review: Well here's something no one expected from the annals of house music history. Back in 2000 a chance link up took place when Steve Bug invited the legendary Chicago producer Spencer Kincy, aka Gemini, to his studio in Berlin. Two tracks were laid down, and now after all these years they're finally seeing the light of day as Chiwax got the blessing from all relevant parties to press them up for our grooving pleasure. They're crisp, unfussy tracks which are perhaps less wild than a lot of Gemini-related projects, which no doubts speaks to Bug's well-known style, but there's a whole lot of vibe in these cuts whichever way you look at them.
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 in stock $14.34
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