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Juno Recommends Bass

Juno Recommends Bass

1 Apr 2014
Cat: ZEN 12378. Rel: 31 Mar 14
  1. Back Seat Ho
  2. Back Seat Ho (Rustie remix)
  3. On My Mind
  4. Neujack
Review: Continuing the geographical theme of his Vapor City LP, Machinedrum is back on Ninja Tune with more of his dreamy hybrids that sit at the nexus of juke, electro and jungle, expanding on the groundwork of the album with the choppy funk of "Back Seat Ho". Rustie is in a fearsome mood as he reworks the original into a drum-heavy stomper, before "On My Mind" staggers out with its wild-eyed arpeggios and slow-rushing snares. "Neujack" has a futuristic juke lilt to it, precision-engineered for maximum nag. Do seek out the digi only remix of "Back Seat Ho" from Pinch and Adrian Sherwood too!

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out of stock $9.14
Cat: LDN 044. Rel: 17 Mar 14
  1. Galactic
  2. Lunar (feat Blackdown)
  3. Swingin' (LDN mix)
  4. In
  5. Persian
  6. Time (feat Parris)
  7. Play Your Corner (feat Riko)
  8. Nightcrawler (Devil mix)
Review: Keysound continue to act as a platform for bustling new talent within the realm of contemporary grime and dubstep, with their latest album length project coming from 22 year-old production prodigy Wen. Much like recent Keysound LP alumnus E.M.M.A., Wen is a relative newcomer, with just a few 12? releases last year and an appearance on the Keysound compilation This Is How We Roll to his name. Coming through with a debut album so soon is a bold move then, but there's a confidence to Wen's productions demonstrated throughout the twelve tracks on Signals that keeps you coming back for more. Heavy usage of coded samples of dense London slang and live pirate radio throughout help broadcast the album's themes of "power, locale, identity, intent, inequality, sexuality, gender, diversity, energy", whilst Wen can call on some high profile collaborations with label boss Blackdown and grime legend and "original Don Dada" Riko both featuring.
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out of stock $31.08
Cat: LDN 043. Rel: 10 Mar 14
  1. Dizzee Rascal - "Strings Hoe" (Wen refix)
  2. Wen - "Signal"
Review: With Wen's debut album Signals due on Keysound soon, the promising London grime producer serves up this tasty limited white label 12" to whet our collective appetites. The B-side sees standout album track "Signal" delivering the producer's signature blend of pirate radio samples, '03-era grime strings and suffocating subs, but it's all about the A-side for us. A refix of Dizzee Rascal's 2004 white label "Strings Hoe", it slows the original right down and steeps it in contemporary atmosphere. Don't sleep on these - they won't last long.
out of stock $7.31
Cat: TTY 012. Rel: 24 Mar 14
  1. I Need You
  2. WUH
  3. Soul Seeker
out of stock $8.35
Cat: NHS 248EP. Rel: 24 Mar 14
  1. Sprite City
  2. Unexist
  3. Pulse Code
  4. Break 'Em
Review: After shattering the world's dancefloors on Civil Music, Reso returns to Hospital with four more incredible journeys to the furthest realms of the bass cosmos. "Sprite City" is 100 per cent drama as we ride the crest of the Hudmo synth rainbow well into the next century. "Unexist", meanwhile, flips back to the mid 90s D&B jungle heyday thanks to its sharp two-step rhythm and Metalheadz-style tears and sneers. Elsewhere "Pulse Code" jitters with footwork flavoured funk and "Break Em" hits hard with a sizzling glitch hop groove. Four contrasting jams all packed together with muscular production consistency, Reso has smashed this well and truly out of the Hospital parking lot. Essential!
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out of stock $13.06
Cat: AMB 1403. Rel: 10 Mar 14
  1. Cagney XOR Lacey (part 1)
  2. Vacuform
  3. Helvetica Calcium
  4. Cagney XOR Lacey (part 2)
Review: While things may have been quiet on the Datassette front lately, the artist once signed to much-missed UK electronica label Ai Records is back in action with this release for Apollo. It's another wise step in broadening the reach of the ambient R&S spin-off, and at the same time the plush melodic tones of the artist sit comfortably alongside other recent material from the label. The first part of the title track lilts and bumps its way through a broken rhythmic template somewhere in the region of 2 step, while "Vacuform" channels the spirits of electro and coldwave to a slow but heavy pace, and "Helvetica Calcium" whips up a dreamy, glitched out electro funk message.
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out of stock $5.74
Cat: 2NDRP 12030. Rel: 17 Mar 14
  1. Dam (Akkord remix)
  2. Dam (Felix K reinterpretation)
Review: After his Seven Lies LP cemented him as a producer with some forward-thinking ideas about bass music, Djrum is back on 2nd Drop with a pair of timely remixes that build on the original ideas within "Dam" with some satisfyingly modern results from distinct outfits. First up Manchester collective Akkord drop a bassy techno stalker that keeps plenty of space in the mix, equal parts serious and playful in its measured execution. Felix K meanwhile takes the less direct approach, amping up the reverb and lifting the roof off the track with a blissfully spaced out interpretation that demonstrates the great patience and poise the artist has.
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out of stock $8.10
Cat: FCL 95. Rel: 24 Mar 14
  1. Versatile
  2. Secret Secret
out of stock $10.19
Cat: ALT 16. Rel: 17 Mar 14
  1. Strings Of Death
  2. What Time Is Hate?
  3. Apathy Flash
  4. Set Adrift On Memory Abyss
  5. Lower State Of Unconsciousness
  6. Music Sounds Better Without You
  7. Full Moon Revenge Rainbow
Review: With a wealth of modular techno and experimental sounds to his name, Ralph Cumbers is a prolific producer by anyone's standards and he seems to be going through a particularly productive spell of late. As well as records on PAN and Public Information being announced recently, last year's excellent Acid Tracts cassette has now been reissued on vinyl thanks to the Alter label overseen by Luke 'Helm' Younger. Fans of Bass Clef's under rated Punch Drunk LP Reeling Skullways are encouraged to investigate here, as the potential shown on that album is opened up in glorious fashion across wider stylistic spectrum. Already an album filled with witty track titles, this vinyl edition comes packing an extra previously unreleased one in the shape of "Music Sounds Better Without You".
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out of stock $13.06
Cat: WDNT 008. Rel: 17 Mar 14
  1. Can't Stop Playing
  2. Spot Scene
  3. Force
  4. This Goes On
Review: Those still coming to terms with the dense, morose nature of the recent Actress album will be pleasantly surprised by the contrast provided by his label's latest signing. Giganta's Werkdiscs debut is full of brightly lit musical textures and twisting rhythmical complexity. It's little surprise to hear that Giganta, the production alias of Athens-based Eleni Adamopoulou, also counts sound design on her list of talents with the four tracks here presented as "her fight against the negativity and violence that has surrounded her in her city since 2008." The former RBMA graduate makes very smart usage of processed vocals (perhaps her own) on lead track "Can't Stop Playing" with the element a crucial aspect of the rhythmic momentum rather than accompaniment, whilst "Spot Scene" and "Force" will appeal to Luckyme advocates.
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out of stock $9.14
Cat: RH 025. Rel: 10 Mar 14
  1. Dot Matrix
  2. Work It Work It
  3. Do It (Just Do It)
  4. You & Me
  5. Them Rats Know How 2
  6. Guess Who's Back
  7. Get Down To Tha Floor (extended mix)
Review: So it would seem that after an eighteen year hiatus Rockin' House is back in action with as authentic a representation of the raw Chicago juke sound before footwork as you're likely to find. For those who love the loopiness of footwork but struggle with the bonkers rhythms and wild tom flurries, DJ Lil Tal may be just who you're looking for. It's primal, stripped back jack track business from start to finish, which is no surprised with Lil Tal's roots on Dance Mania back in the mid 90s. If you need a fix then this EP has everything you need, not least the brilliantly tongue in cheek "Them Rats Know How 2".
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out of stock $9.67
Cat: WOTEP 015. Rel: 31 Mar 14
  1. Emeralds
  2. A Little Kiss
  3. Octavia
  4. Perky
  5. On The Other Side (interlude)
Review: Croydon crusader Deft continues to flourish in the future beat hinterland with two more startlingly crisp and distinctive jams. "Emeralds" sparkles with diamond-like distinction as deep-seeded harmonies provide the ideal bedrock for a breath-taking arpeggio. "A Little Kiss" shows Deft's darker side as the lolloping beats slur across the rich bass amidst an array of unpredictable FX and processes. Elsewhere we pop and pump to the timeless house groove of "Octavia" and unleash our inner junglist to the footwork fused "Perky". The grass is always greener? Not on Deft's lush lawn it's not.
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out of stock $8.35
Cat: HTH 017. Rel: 24 Mar 14
  1. The Tempest (feat Adda Kaleh)
  2. Caedis
  3. Pathfinder
  4. Summus
Review: The many monikered Ross Tones is no stranger to Houndstooth, with his Snow Ghosts project with Hannah 'Augustus Ghost' Cartwright offered Fabric's in house record label some poppier contrast to the club fare proffered by Special Request, Call Super, Akkord et al last year. Best known for his work as Throwing Snow, it's little surprise to see Houndstooth have also scooped up this project for a forthcoming album which is heralded by this rather tasty 12". Although full details of that album are still forthcoming, the four-track Pathfinder EP is being presented by Houndstooth as a taste of what to expect from the LP and is intended "to be listened to on journeys". Do check the Dilla does lullaby bump of "Caedis" and the frenetic stutter beat of the title track!
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out of stock $9.67
Cat: 50WEAPONLP 16. Rel: 10 Mar 14
  1. Warped
  2. Rzor (feat Sam Binga & MC DRS)
  3. Space Apples
  4. One Fall (feat Josefina)
  5. 167 Blast (feat DJ Die)
  6. Lue (vinyl exclusive)
  7. Bad Seed
  8. Ain't It Love
Review: Stepping up with his second album for 50 Weapons, Addison Groove is once again mining the rhythmic excitement of juke and footwork and working it into his blue-hued melodic headspace. Standout vocal cut '"Just You" is a prime example of the upbeat flavour across the album, while "11th" matches the plush harmonies with moodier switch-ups, and "The Spirit Level" drops the tempo into a house bump that lends itself to the illustrious synth sweeps. Typically though the beats are in that twitchy middle ground between dubstep and footwork, leaving plenty of space for razor-sharp constructions and dazzling edits as best demonstrated on the dynamic acid roll of "Space Apples". Chaos abounds on the B Side where Developer's frantic side is shown via "Promiscuous" whilst the tightly wound "Pulstar" is quite hypnotic.
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out of stock $21.93
Cat: ANUS 003. Rel: 31 Mar 14
  1. Feel My MF Bass
  2. Shngn (remix)
  3. Jukin Bird
  4. As U Hear It
Review: This sly white label offering from The Duke Of Juke takes on the juke genre with the tongue-in-cheek humour intact, but also injects some patience and measured production into the mix across four club ready cuts. "Feel My MF Bass" is actually quite a sweet natured track with its dreamy synth line, offsetting the razor sharp drum arrangement to great effect. "Shngn (remix)" presumably uses the African Shangaan Electro sound as its jump off point, and so it's no surprise that a percussion-focused workout ensues, but there's no prizes for spotting the inspired and somewhat nonsensical sample source for the lead hook on "Junkin' Bird". "As U Hear It" has its fair share of old skool rave sensibilities in amongst its bubbling beat, mostly manifested in a maddening rush of a lead synth line.
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out of stock $9.67
Cat: LEGS 004. Rel: 31 Mar 14
  1. Telo
  2. Shiftin
out of stock $5.49
Cat: EE 007. Rel: 10 Mar 14
  1. Brockwild
  2. Arphouse (feat Arp101)
  3. Elephant Large
  4. Press Continue (One For Challis)
out of stock $9.14
Cat: LOVE 093. Rel: 10 Mar 14
  1. Low Glo
  2. Stash's Theme (feat Stash Marina)
  3. Kerosene
  4. Radium dial
  5. Stash's Theme (instrumental)
out of stock $15.94
Cat: CR 010. Rel: 31 Mar 14
  1. Burt
  2. Climax
  3. Suzanna
  4. Crooked
  5. Switches
  6. Naked
  7. Crooked (Julien Mier remix)
  8. Switches (Kelpe remix)
  9. Naked (Slugabed remix)
out of stock $14.62
Cat: ALLEY 014. Rel: 31 Mar 14
  1. Something We Lost (remastered version)
  2. Evenings (remastered version)
  3. Can't Be Loved (remastered version)
  4. Nothing (remastered version)
out of stock $10.39
Cat: KCMTLP 800. Rel: 17 Mar 14
  1. Swimming Slow (Throwing Snow remix)
  2. Swimming Slow (Gang Colours remix)
  3. Swimming Slow (Sweater Beats remix)
  4. Swimming Slow (Citizen remix)
  5. Swimming Slow (original mix)
Review: London singer Py lays down her darkest, most reflective vocals to date on this smoky, electronic lullaby. Coming across with a touch of Massive Attack, it showcases Py's versatility on a whole new level. Remix-wise past collaborator Throwing Snow unleashes a gritty, industrial strength warehouse version, Gang Colours get all Balearic with a lolloping beat, drifting keys and woozy guitars, Sweater Beats experiment with classic electro ingredients and contemporary dynamics while slap down a bold reverberated 4/4 idea. Each remix writes a whole new chapter for an already exciting book where Py plays the consummate lead role.
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out of stock $8.35
Cat: EA 04. Rel: 24 Mar 14
  1. Her
  2. Her (Poolboy92 remix)
  3. Her (Distal remix)
out of stock $8.63
Cat: PSM 010. Rel: 17 Mar 14
  1. Molecules
  2. Rhythm 38
  3. You Don't Get It
out of stock $8.10
Cat: TWRK 005. Rel: 10 Mar 14
  1. Huntington Yayo (intro)
  2. Orange Miami
  3. Eyespygypsy
  4. Palm Tres
  5. Savage Beach
  6. Bugatti Waves
  7. Elos - "Balcony" (Gypsy Mamba Crack Den remix)
  8. Kuwaii Blakk Tar (outro)
out of stock $10.07
Cat: CCBCD 002. Rel: 31 Mar 14
  1. Program
  2. UM-An
  3. Machine
  4. Forward Action
  5. Organic Recreation
  6. Bug Noticed
  7. This Kind Of Setup
  8. This Kind Of Setup
  9. Change The Past
  10. K62 (feat Bambounou)
  11. Journey To Kepler
  12. Reality System
  13. Explore
Review: The first artist album on the Parisian label ClekClekBoom fittingly comes from French Fries. After debuting on the 'French' electro label YounGunZ Entertainment (alongside Bambounou) in 2010, Valentino Canzani Mora has remained central to ClekClekBoom since he co-founded the label back in 2011. The Kepler LP comes after a string of bass-heavy tracks and bootlegs, but there's no denying this LP is the South American-born artist's piece de resistance. At 13 tracks long, the album explores hissing cosmic ambience, experimental drum tracks, industrial bass-techno, broken beat rhythms, and some dubbier excursions on a classical tip. Special mention going to the album's club-geared highlights "Bug Noticed" and "Change The Past". Highly recommended.
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out of stock $14.11
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