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Ending 2014 - Heading to 2015 !

Waxist (Red Stripe Disco)

Waxist (Red Stripe Disco)

Ending 2014 - Heading to 2015 !
Waxist is a French, Lyon-based record collector & DJ, passionated by ‘rare grooves’ in its broad acceptance.

He began buying vinyl records as a young teen, heavily influenced by reggae & other Jamaican music styles. Since then, his interests expended to the fields of disco, modern soul, brazil, soul, funk, island & tropical music or boogie.

With a clear preference for obscure / under the radar records, he also plays strong classics & edits that balance his DJ sets, adapting himself to the crowd mood.

Recently, he has also been proposing to his audience a serie of selections called ‘Red Stripe Disco’, with the purpose to select Jamaican only disco / modern soul / funk records. This has led him to release two very limited vinyl records with edits from these rare tracks, both releases being quickly sold out & remarked by some nice DJs. Also, Red Stripe Disco has been recently underlined by famous magazine Wax Poetics in its web version by proposing an exclusive Waxist mixtape along with an article.

He is currently collaborating with different labels to release back some musical treasures from the past, either under edits format or through compilations.

Waxist has been spinning records alongside people like Sadar Bahar, John Morales, Al Kent (BBE / Million Dollar Disco), Sacha (Macadam Mambo), Rahaan, San Proper, Marcel Vogel, Mr Mendel, Rickard Masip, Jared / JBX, Touchdown or Jeremy Underground Paris to name just a few, in various places (New York, Paris, Lyon, London, Bristol, Amsterdam, Oslo, Madrid…)

Finally, Waxist also hosts a Rare Grooves radio show on the famous parisian web radio Le Mellotron. This monthly show, called “SERENDIPITY MUSIC” is aired once a month & all podcast are available on Le Mellotron website.
Cat: FVR 099. Rel: 07 May 18
  1. Feel So Good Inside (extended Waxist edit mix) (6:51)
  2. Feel So Good Inside (4:19)
  3. Take Me To (New York City) (4:18)
out of stock $11.78
Cat: EDR 023. Rel: 17 Nov 14
Deep House
  1. Time
  2. Let's Spend Some Time
  3. Keep On Pushing
  4. Plantigrade
 in stock $9.94
Cat: ZEDDLP 032. Rel: 08 Sep 14
  1. Jean Adebambo - "Say The You Love Me" (DJ Nick The Record re-edit)
  2. Katunga - "Palo Bonito" (DJ Nick The Record re-edit)
  3. Blackway & Helene - "Music For Us" (instrumental)
  4. Betty & Beverley Prudhomme - "Tut Tut Twins" (DJ Nick The Record re-edit)
  5. Skye - "Ain't No Need" (DJ Nick The Record part 1 & 2 re-united re-edit)
  6. Boogsie - "Can't You See Me"
  7. MC Roscoe - "Feel The Beat" (Nick The Record Minor Tweek edit instrumental)
  8. Santth - "Do You Want Me Baby, Like I Want You"
  9. The Family Tree - "150th Psalm"
out of stock $19.36
Cat: ATH 005. Rel: 23 Mar 20
  1. Watchin' Out (3:17)
  2. Dazed (3:44)
 in stock $10.46
Cat: BLDT 007. Rel: 01 Sep 14
  1. Here's The Sound (Twice & Volvoc edit)
  2. Think About It
  3. It's True You Do
  4. Motion
out of stock $10.99
Cat: FVR 098LP. Rel: 17 Nov 14
  1. Cristina Camargo - "Moral Tem Hora"
  2. Solange - "Quero Um Baby Seu"
  3. Sandra De Sa - "Negra Flor"
  4. Rabo De Saia - "Ripa Na Xulipa"
  5. Claudia Telles - "Um Momento Qualquer"
  6. Carlos Dafe - "Escorpiao"
  7. Famks - "Labirinto"
  8. Painel De Controle - "Relax"
  9. Paulo Ramos - "Gosto Amargo De Vida"
out of stock $18.06
Cat: CH 008. Rel: 04 Aug 14
  1. Nite Lite
  2. Too Bad
out of stock $10.99
Cat: COS 010LP. Rel: 30 Jun 14
  1. Odessey One - "Dance With Me"
  2. Levi John - "Feel Like Dancing"
  3. Joanne Wilson - "Got To Have You"
  4. Merchant - "Instant Funk"
  5. Trinidad Troubadours - "Disco Music" (with Tony Ricardo)
  6. Mighty Duke - "Be Yourself"
  7. Wild Fire - "The Rebels"
  8. Wild Fire - "Living On A String"
  9. Ronnie Butler & The Ramblers - "Peace Without Love"
  10. Mavis John - "Use My Body"
  11. Prince Blackman - "Rockers Delight" (Waxist Selecta edit)
  12. Joanne Wilson - "Got To Have You" (Whiskey Barons' rework)
  13. Odessey One - "Dance With Me" (Al Kent version)
out of stock $25.90
Cat: CH 007. Rel: 19 May 14
  1. So Right (feat Amalia)
  2. Call Me Up
out of stock $10.46
Cat: RMB 01. Rel: 07 Jul 14
  1. Feel Free
  2. You Belong To Me (Remiribe Smooth edit)
out of stock $7.85
Cat: FH 03. Rel: 25 Aug 14
  1. These Are The Good Times
  2. U I Remember
out of stock $10.21
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