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june 2008 chart

DJ Nobu (Future Terror / Japan)

DJ Nobu (Future Terror / Japan)

june 2008 chart
DJ Nobu, a rising star of Japan's dance music underground, who built his style and reputation by throwing his Future Terror parties in his home town of Chiba city, just outside Tokyo.

2008 has been a big year for Nobu so far with his Moods and Grooves Edits CD release (http://www.juno.co.uk/ppps/products/305306-01.htm) and his own artist album scheduled for release in Aug 2008.

In the past few years, DJ Nobu has been opening for the acts like Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Theo Parrish, Octave One and Ian Oâ??Brien in Japan. He has also been inviting guest DJs such as Mike Grant himself, Mike Clark, and Terrence Parker to play at Future Terror. He has visited Detroit many times, and got invited to play at Moods & Grooves and Detroit Beat Down club nights.

His home town Chiba is about 25 miles away from Tokyo. Its inner city is often compared to Detroit for its industrial cityscape and its predominantly working class community.

Chiba is not a big musical city like Detroit is, but thereâ??s definitely a strong thirst for quality music among the young people - and DJ Nobu was there to save them. Instead of trying to become a part of the scene in Tokyo, which he found boring anyway, he decided to build his own scene in his home town. He started Future Terror with three other local DJs in 2001.

Future Terror is running now in its 7th year, and half of the crowd come from other cities mainly from Tokyo and Yokohama area, but some of them from Nagoya, Osaka and even Fukuoka. Itâ??s a very intense, wild party, and itâ??s addictive. Thatâ??s why people take a journey to an anonymous club in the middle of (pretty much) nowhere.

So DJ Nobu is a very unique and skilled DJ.
Cat: MDR 004/56539. Rel: 26 May 08
  1. Clime
  2. Lattice
  3. Shatter Proof
  4. Corebox
out of stock $7.97
Cat: AER 007. Rel: 23 Jun 08
  1. Rubber Doll
  2. Panic In Detroit
  3. Rubber Doll (Xpansul remix)
  4. Bubbling Custard
out of stock $8.49
Cat: CLINK 013. Rel: 09 Jun 08
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Sweep The Leg
  2. Foundhaus Ltd
  3. Hang On Tight
out of stock $8.49
Cat: RB 009. Rel: 28 Apr 08
Deep House
  1. Slave 1
  2. Pulse Friction
  3. Human
out of stock $8.49
Cat: SD 1026. Rel: 23 Jun 08
  1. Renaissance
  2. Mam' Mai
out of stock $10.62
Cat: MM 23. Rel: 05 May 08
Deep House
  1. About Time (feat Nengue Hernandez)
  2. Love Heals (feat Traci Vox)
  3. Must Be Organized
out of stock $8.49
Cat: LOVE 047. Rel: 12 May 08
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Drone
out of stock $7.43
  1. Mr Fingers - "Slam Dance" (unreleased extended version 1987)
  2. Mr Fingers - "Waterfalls" (original 1987)
  3. Phortune - "Jiggerwatts" (original 1988)
  4. Le' Noiz - "I Am Scared" (original 1985)
out of stock $8.49
Cat: SPECTRAL 060. Rel: 19 May 08
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Billy Says Go
  2. Snap Into It
  3. Against All Odds
out of stock $8.49
Cat: SRDP 003. Rel: 09 Jun 08
  1. Black Magic
  2. This Is Our Big Noise
  3. Jingo Huh?
  4. Is This The Best Step For Father Africa
out of stock $8.49
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